Harry Potter and the Final Journey by Arthur Weasley

Chapter ١: Chapter ١ The sky overhead was clear and sunny, beckoning children to come out and bask in its rays. A horrible reflection of the true state of the world, whether people knew it or not, thought a teenager sitting outside number four Privet Drive. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The world was a bleak and cold place where murderers can run rampant and loved ones can die in a flash. True justice was rarely delivered when deserved. And so, the journey began...

Harry Potter sat outside staring at the sky, contemplating the events that had transpired since he joined Hogwarts. He had fought Lord Voldemort four times now, only to escape by sheer luck but not without losing those dear to him. Harry could still remember his horrific nightmares from the previous summer of Wormtail crying the two terrible words that wiped life from Cedric Diggory. Sirius Black, the closest person Harry could call a relative, had also been mercilessly attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange and lost his life in the Department of Mysteries. And most recently, the tragedy still fresh in his mind, Albus Dumbledore, the greatest Headmaster in the history of Hogwarts, was now dead. Everything until now had been a build-up factor towards one ultimate goal: the destruction of Lord Voldemort once and for all. But Harry now had two clear goals in mind: Voldemort…and Snape.

“SNAPE!” Harry yelled loudly to the empty silence of the street around him. He didn’t care who heard him. Hatred welled up inside him as he bitterly thought about his former Potions Master who had relentlessly tormented him for the past six years. And finally, to add insult to injury, Severus Snape took the life of Dumbledore. Harry no longer had dreams of a dark graveyard and a flash of green light crumpling his

Triwizard friend, but instead of his only mentor being struck down, tumbling out of the Astronomy tower.

Hogwarts…the place seemed so distant now. Once he had called the castle his home. But there was no Hogwarts without Dumbledore, and Harry now had no home, especially not Privet Drive. He returned only because Dumbledore had requested it the summer before. A final request granted, but Harry could not grant everything. No matter what Dumbledore said, he would never forgive Snape. Harry knew that Voldemort would have to be top priority, far more dangerous, and truly the one who finally killed his parents. But Snape was a close second.

…Hours later, Harry sat in his room anxiously watching the time. He smirked to himself as he remembered the first time that he had watched a clock ticking away towards this one date. Six years before, he had sat in a broken down old shack, about to turn eleven, and his entire world changed. Hagrid the half-giant rescued him from his dismal life with the Dursleys. Hagrid…Harry would surely miss him, and all that he had done for him. But now, Harry was about to take care of business himself. The clock chimed twelve. It was now July ٣١. The moment Harry had been waiting for all summer was here at last.

“Accio trunk!” he cried as he raised his wand. A loud commotion was heard as Harry’s trunk burst out of the cupboard downstairs and landed beside him. “Scourgify!” he yelled as he swept clean Hedwig’s cage. Piling his belongings together, he began to descend the stairs, unsurprised by the unpleasantness awaiting him.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY IT, BOY?!” Uncle Vernon cried as his face purpled. Dudley was crouched in the corner, clearly terrified by his cousin’s use of magic. Aunt Petunia looked strangely calm.

“I’m done here. I’m leaving,” Harry responded with no trace of emotion.

“You’re not allowed to do magic, boy! You’ll be in trouble now! Put that nonsense back in the cupboard and go back to your room!” Harry shot a clearly malevolent grin back at his uncle.

“I’m of age. I’m allowed to do magic. I’m leaving. I’m not letting you lock me in a room, keep me under a cupboard, keep my past away from me, or anything else anymore. I’m leaving. Get out of my way,” Harry calmly retaliated as he pointed his wand at Uncle Vernon, who seemed beside himself. Harry could see his mind straining trying to decide what to do. On the one hand, he was losing his nephew finally, but Vernon Dursley never liked not having control of any situation. Seconds passed in a tense silence…and finally he stepped aside. Harry trudged forward dragging his trunk and Hedwig’s cage.

“Good-bye Harry…and good luck,” Petunia said to him softly as he reached the door. Harry turned around, completely in shock. He considered her for a second and then quietly uttered thanks. Not wanting to delay his exit at all, however, he continued outside and stood on the sidewalk, taking in his surroundings.

“So, this is it,” he said to the night. Harry prepared to thrust his wand out to once more call the Knight Bus, when a loud CRACK rang through the silence. Whirling around prepared to strike, Harry was completely surprised by the sight before him: none other than his two best friends, Ron and Hermione.

“Happy birthday, Harry!” Hermione said as she rushed up and hugged him.

“Happy birthday, mate,” Ron said, patting him on the back.

“What are you doing here?” Harry said incredulously.

“You didn’t think we’d miss this, did you, Harry?” Hermione said.

“Yeah, we’ve got the most evil wizard of all time to destroy,” Ron said, as if things of

Harry could always count on his friends to be there for exactly what he needed.” Hermione replied.” His parents. in case a Death Eater is lying in wait…or worse. Harry.” Hermione said as she extended her hand. The three began to walk in the direction of the village that Harry’s parents had once called home. “What? Why did you Apparate us here?” “It’s one of the newer Ministry guidelines.” “I know you can’t Apparate legally just yet Harry. “So let’s get out there and smash some Horcruxes. So. so grab my arm. we can be on our way to go see your parents. It’s unwise to Apparate directly to your destination. as long as you don’t mind a bit of a walk. the locket. “We’re a mile or so off of Godric’s Hollow. something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw’s…CRACK! Back to index Chapter ٢: The Walk CRACK! The trio reappeared in a grassy field. “Where are we?” Harry inquired of his friends. And this time they definitely did not fail him. Harry looked around. I’ve been practicing. Despite the hatred for Voldemort and Snape. . “How’s the summer been so far?” Harry asked. unfamiliar with his surroundings.this nature occurred every day. Harry reached out and ran them through his mind once more…the cup. the snake.

You break up with her just fazed her a bit then. “Yeah.” Harry looked over in alarm. no. huh?” Ron glanced over with a slight smirk on his face. “Yeah.” Harry said the smirk now upon his own face. It’s all too much. Ginny was bottling everything up at that time. you leaving . Unfortunately. “What do you mean? Has something happened to her? Is she all right?" “Harry. No deaths of anyone we know lately. Neither said anything for awhile. you two.“Not too bad. I’ve never seen her this upset. however. She’s devastated.” Ron chimed in. it’s nothing like that. It left abruptly. “Not so much. Dumbledore dying. Kind of hard to believe after everything last year. “What? What do you mean? She seemed all right when I left. Harry. everything hit her. “So. for his friends to finally realize they were right for each other. who he now noticed were holding hands. it’s just…she’s miserable. isn’t it?” he answered. I don’t think she’s stopped crying since we left Hogwarts.” “That’s because Dumbledore was on everyone’s mind. When she got back. “I’m not sure you want me to answer that.” Hermione quickly responded. Harry had been waiting for this to happen for a long time. this happy occasion caused another thought to surface to his already troubled mind…”So…how’s Ginny?” Ron and Hermione looked at each other with slightly grim expressions on their faces. What more could you ask for in times like these?” Hermione replied. considering. Harry nodded and continued in step with Ron and Hermione. About time is more what I was thinking. until Hermione finally broke the silence.

windows boarded up. Fleur swooping around…she can’t take it. Someday…maybe someday when Voldemort’s reign was over he could go back to her…but not now. Your parents were probably the only witch and wizard here. You know she’d join you in a heartbeat. She’d rather be by your side and with you than you out there risking your neck by yourself. And you know Ginny. “But. Hogsmeade is the only all magical village in all of the country. But she loves you too much to go against what you asked. doors securely barred or locked. cheery place. which only made everything weighing on his mind feel heavier. but he knew it was true.. Harry stole a glance at Ron and noticed him jump a bit at the mention of . you love her and you know it.” Hermione dismally continued. “Godric’s Hollow.” Harry had nothing to say anymore. Harry was in too much shock to respond for a few minutes. to be hiding out around Muggles with Voldemort hunting them down. or worse! Voldemort already tried to kill her once!” “I know Harry.” “So. and now you’re gone again. he still liked Ginny…No.I did it for her.. An old sign hung crooked on its post that read. He didn’t know what to feel either. Remember. True. She finally had you after four years.her. It would have been a good idea. The last thing I want is for her to get hurt. This is where they used to live?” Harry queried the vast silence. but don’t you see? Ginny loves you.” Hermione answered. anyway. she’s never been one to just sit around when things are at stake. Finally they came out of the field onto a dirt path that wound its way towards a small area of houses and shops. “It wasn’t always like this. Not a person in sight. It was a desolate place. This wasn’t a wizarding community at all. And now he had upset her. The only consolation he had was that he had not yet lost her forever. He was shocked also to hear himself think that. He would never feel the same about any other girl in his life.

the residents started to become frightened. . It’s amazing Obliviators never took care of them. No one said anything the rest of the walk until they finally reached their destination. Ron and Hermione were now a distance away from him. The village gradually lost all of its people. Harry could see no reason to argue and continued forward. It took him only a few minutes to find them. They stopped when they realized Harry had and looked up. “Honestly. “There it is. let you have a little time to yourself. They passed row after row of falling down establishments. Hermione was right.the Dark Lord’s name. Some claimed to have seen green flashes in the house and heard screams. “After Voldemort killed your parents. twigs. “You go on. mate. the first fall of Voldemort is one of the most celebrated events in all of magical history. talking quietly. nothing extraordinary or particularly interesting to look at. Alone off in a somewhat secluded corner. Harry laughed aloud at this comment. Most Muggles are too afraid to come back. and they continued walking on the main path through the deserted village.” Ron said. We’ll be along.” “Just HOW do you know all of this?” Ron asked his girlfriend. They’re your parents. The ground was littered with leaves. and became abandoned. but she was smiling all the same.” Harry pointed forward at the cemetery. Ron. and old newspapers dated from years before. There was little variation the entire trip. everyone must have up and left after his parents were murdered. Harry continued onward into the area then stopped and turned around. but certainly didn’t react as violently as he had in the past. Many left just a week or so after that. Do you never see me reading?” Hermione shot back. lay a gravestone that was a bit cleaner and newer than the others surrounding. They said that a house didn’t just fall down to shambles like that.

Attack not the physical self. It hasn’t been an easy life so far. “Harry.James Potter and Lily Evans Potter Together Forever After sixteen years he was finally here. Harry was suddenly glad that Ron and Hermione had decided to stay behind. He slowly pulled himself up off of the ground and turned to find his friends running towards him. Still. It was Hermione’s turn to scream this time. are you all right?” “What happened?” Harry still couldn’t look up. But what did it mean? As if in answer. I know it’s been awhile. He was avoiding what he really wanted to say. but I’m sure you knew that already. “I want you to know that---that---me---I---oh---AHHHHHHHH!” Harry began screaming. In his intense agony. Your relatives are really horrible. mirthless laughter ringing through his ears. drew his wand. He heard their voices but they didn’t register completely. He knew what he had just heard. Hi Dad. He could have a little time to speak his mind. but the heart… At once. next to a pile of sick and twitching slightly. right along his scar. however. Pain like he had never felt before gripped his head. I hope you’ve seen Sirius. Voldemort and all. his pain ended. life could be worse. a loud CRACK rang out over the cries of his concerned companions. with his parents again. You know. he heard a cold. He had never felt any pain this terrible. where it all began. Harry clutched his head and vomited onto the grass by his feet. Mum. I suppose. “Hi Mum. It was difficult to bring it out. but now was the time. even the Cruciatus Curse would be bearable next to this feeling. I’m back. no sense waiting any longer. Harry looked up and found himself sprawled on the ground. Harry. And to add to this horror. and I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner. All three looked over to the grave of the Potters to see a cloaked Death Eater. he heard a matching voice. . Sixteen years had passed. It was great to get to know him while he was here…” Harry trailed off.

the Death Eater silently disarmed him. Harry recovered his from nearby. she did not have a chance to explain. He looked up and saw no one besides his friends. She suddenly pulled back from where she was standing. “Who was that?” Harry demanded.” Hermione answered. Back to index Chapter ٣: The Horror “What’s going on?” Harry cried. The Death Eater turned its back on the trio and began chanting in a low voice. Words that Harry could not decipher poured out of the masked figure. when at last the servant turned around and gave one more sweeping motion of it’s wand. Harry. but the chanting suddenly changed to yelling. only a few feet from the grave. Ron. “What’s wrong?” Ron started. but much to his dismay he heard another CRACK. Bound by whatever spell the minion of Voldemort had cast. all the trio could do was helplessly watch as the eerie voice droned on.With a quick swipe of his own wand. At once Harry. “I think it was a man. but that’s not very much to go on. I think–aahhhh!” Whatever Hermione thought. he could see it for himself. he no longer needed to ask. however. for at that moment the trio was thrown backward by a sudden upheaval of earth. At this point. The immediate area was quaking before them. Both Ron and Hermione shrugged. but he too jumped back a second later. and Hermione were able to stand up and pulled out their own wands. whether it had been a minute or an hour. Time passed terribly. unable to move. The ground where they were just standing was beginning to shake. Again. The grave of the Potters shot into the sky and landed only inches . “What did he do?” “Harry. Harry could no longer tell. all three were suddenly thrown back onto the ground. without a word and another motion.

Two figures were still trudging towards him and his friends. He looked vaguely familiar. Harry. Whatever evil was now in store for Harry. I have to find out what. he saw what was waiting before them. He noticed one of them appeared to be male and had dark untamed hair. But nothing could have possibly prepared Harry for what was now before him. Harry could not discern any visible features at first and he did not have time either. “No.away from Hermione. As she came closer. we have to go now!” Her words fell on deaf ears. His pain subsided instantly and he looked up again. “Harry. So it begins…Show no mercy…”STOP!” Harry yelled out. what---?” Harry trailed off as his question was no longer relevant. a chasm had opened up. no. The other seemed to be female and had longer red hair. Harry yelled out in agony once more. Voldemort had something planned and there was no more running from him. “No. Once again his head split open with pain. something’s happening. he knew he had to face it head on. Slowly two figures rose up out of the gaping hole. unable to bear anymore. but nothing that Harry could identify at first. it can’t be!” “Hermione. for Harry would not be moved. Where his parents were previously buried. he noted at first what appeared to be two very pale individuals walking towards him. As the shapes came close enough for Harry to observe them clearly.” “No. Clearly an act this horrible only showed just how evil Voldemort truly could be. but his friends were more concerned with the horrific sight before them. All he could do now was watch in . As his gaze shifted forward again. “Mum! Dad! No!” Harry’s words were now the ones that were useless. let’s go!” Hermione practically screamed. Harry noted she had green eyes and a familiar green at that. Voldemort would certainly have far worse ready for him later and there was no sense avoiding his works now. Somewhere he had seen before… With a thrill of horror Harry finally realized exactly what was going on. Never in all of his worst nightmares did he ever expect anything like this to happen.

Harry. but it sounded oddly like a swear word. “Fight them? Fight my parents?” “They’re not your parents anymore. “Fight them! They’re not going to stop. and they’re almost here!” she retaliated. These were still his parents in a way. however. the first time in sixteen years. Seeing them like this. look at him! He can’t do this!” “Just trust me. Ron. decided that it was the time for action. Hermione ran over and shook him. Ron shouted out something that Harry could not decipher. I know this is horrible. “Harry! Do something!” he cried. let Harry do it!” “But---“ “RON! Now is not the time!” . it was just too much. stood frozen to the spot with tears running down his face. He knew she was right. “Harry. Harry. They’re Inferi! They’re not alive! And they’ll kill us unless you do something!” Harry looked from Hermione to the advancing minions of evil. “Let Harry do it!” “Hermione. but again he stood frozen. but we have to do something! They’re going to kill us!” Harry seemed to snap out of a reverie at this action. He looked over at his friends. “Stop---!” “No!” Hermione cried out as she shoved his wand arm into another direction.shock and panic as his parents trudged towards him menacingly. “What am I supposed to do?” he yelled. however.

And there was only one . As Harry looked on at the burning nightmarish creations before him. “You all right. in all of his life. Harry?” He didn’t answer them. “Mum…Dad! I’m sorry!” “Harry. steeling himself. however. Not yet. The Inferius of James Potter was reaching out for her. did he ever expect anything so horrible to happen. Never. please!” someone said on his left. but the heart…Those words would resound with Harry forever. He careened backward and tumbled into Lily. anyway.” she added dismally. He looked over and saw Hermione clutching his arm with an expression of utmost pity on her face. but this time ready to act. which somehow made Harry feel worse. Harry raised his wand and looked forward. He needed to talk. Hermione turned around and noticed Harry several feet away. The Inferi fell to the ground and began writhing and twisting in the heat and light. Harry looked forward at them. still stunned. staring off into space. the awful chill in the voice lingering with a truly sinister effect. not a single sound escaped their lips. In all of this.“HERMIONE!” Ron yelled. “This is the only safe place anymore. He could not possibly continue on his mission right now. look…” Ron pointed behind her. he felt something brush against his arm. “Why did you want us to come here. He can’t get us in here. CRACK! All three reappeared in front of the gates of Hogwarts. Voldemort knew Harry was there. His own parents reanimated and sent to kill him. “Hermione. Both were momentarily on the ground. “INCENDIO!” Flames shot from the end of the wand and set the Potters ablaze. Admittedly. it had not in any way been easy. “No! Impedimenta!” Harry drew his wand and knocked back his former father. Clearly Voldemort was counting on him being unable to attack those that were once so dear to him. Hermione?” Ron asked. Attack not the physical self. but then quickly rose back up and redoubled their march on the trio. He needed to see someone first.

“Hi.” With that. Can we go inside? I want to talk.” She pointed to the house. Harry saw the Burrow come into focus. that her eyes were red and puffy. Out flying?” “Yeah…I. didn’t like being cooped up in there. “Harry!” Ginny cried out.person that might understand. I have something that I need to do. Weasley was the closest thing he had ever known to a mother. “I needed to see you. But for right now. This place had been more of a home to him than anywhere else. Mrs. “What are you doing here?” she asked incredulously. despite her happiness.” . “Harry?” Harry turned and looked at Hermione. he Disapparated. Back to index Chapter ٤: Return As the feeling of iron bands left him. But it was not her that he came to see. “I have to go. Ginny. Harry walked towards the door when he heard a rush of air behind him and what he thought to be a broom touch down.” “What?” “I have to go. uh. I’ll come find you later. When he turned around he was scarcely able to look at the source of sound when he was enveloped in a tight hug. except perhaps Hogwarts. Harry noticed.

to go see your par---Oh no.” “Oh. Mrs. Are you all right?” “Let’s just talk. “What are you doing here?” “Oh. although there was a faint glimmer of hurt showing in her face. Harry. but I don’t see what this has to do with---“ Harry interrupted her. “Do you remember when he used you to draw me out? Almost killed you just to get to me?” Ginny looked slightly apprehensive at this question. In a way that only you would be familiar with. all right. Weasley rushed over and also caught him in a tight embrace. Godric’s Hollow. did you see them? Are they all right?” “Yes. well. “Yes. Weasley left them. Harry and Ginny proceeded up the stairs to her room. but answered nonetheless. what did he do?” Ginny gasped. “Back already.” They crossed through the door. Ginny? What---Harry!” Mrs. “Did Ron and Hermione tell you where we were going?” “Yes.” “He what?! Harry.” Mrs. they’re fine.“Of course.” “Voldemort just attacked.” Comprehension finally dawning . I just left them. No offense. but I really need to talk to Ginny. I just fancied a visit. Weasley.” “Ron and Hermione left to find you. “What happened? You look upset.

don’t interrupt!” Hermione also came up behind him. Ginny. I ended things before because I didn’t want you to get hurt. but Harry could tell that sadness was not behind the tears.” “Harry. But I realize now that we’re all in this together. everything’s fine. “So. what good is that going to do?” Hermione objected. “He turned them into Inferi.” “Oh Harry…” She walked over and hugged him. Use it. Do you still have your DA Galleon?” Hermione rummaged in her pocket and procured the artifact. The only difference is that at least I still have you. “Sorry.” They stared at each other for a moment. we’re setting off.” Ginny started crying again. but getting it out was difficult.upon her. “Did he---“ Slowly. grinning. “Ron. At least. it will be. and then kissed. could I?” Harry replied. Harry and Ginny both looked to the doorway where Ron was standing.” Harry knew what he had to do know. Harry. Harry let the truth out. honestly. Voldemort used you in the same way. Hermione. “Glad to have you back.” “Never could hide anything from you two. especially you. I have an idea. does this mean we’re setting off again?” Ron asked. “That’s too horrible to even think about!” “I had to see you. Harry. “Good. None of us is going to be here much longer until Voldemort is gone. Ron. . Ginny trailed off. “It’s all right. They tried to kill us. You were the only one that I know would understand. I can’t bear the thought that because of me something might happen to you. And I need all of you with me to get it done. “Ginny. And yes.

the four Disapparated. We were always at Hogwarts when we used the coins. Harry.” Hermione pulled out her wand and tapped the coin. Just try it.“I’m sure Neville still has his coin on him and that he will want to help. “Hello everyone…” Luna spoke in her airy voice. with Harry holding Ginny. taking in her surroundings as if nothing could be more fascinating. who in fact was not alone.” No sooner had she spoken these words when another loud crack rang out through the air.” Harry smiled and replied. “Spot on. “What’s going on? I felt my coin get hot and figured you would probably be here of all places. please. All argument having been resolved. are you sure you want another person along? Anyone of us could get hurt. or worse…” “And you think that any of us is safer anywhere else? Neville has every reason to go with us. and we can’t be sure that he still has it on him. just look at what happened to his parents.” “Then Hogwarts is where we’re going. Luna Lovegood was clutching his arm. Harry. he won’t know where to find us. Don’t forget that he helped us in the Ministry and the night that Dumbledore died. Everyone turned around to see Neville standing behind them. looking as dreamy as ever with her necklace of butterbeer corks and wand behind her ear. Neville doesn’t know where we’re at. here goes. We’re all going to try to bring down . CRACK! “All right. “Hi. “There’s no guarantee that this will work. all!” Neville said happily.” Harry stared at her with such fierceness that she saw no feasible way to object.” “Harry. Like I said. Neville.” “But. He deserves this chance. which glowed briefly and then faded.

we truly are Dumbledore’s Army now.” Ron. And if he couldn’t depend on his closest friends now. are we all in?” Harry looked around at the small group he had formed. then there was no sense in asking anyone. “Speaking of which. was left to stand without the item. but she had also come to their aid the night that Dumbledore was murdered and fought at the Ministry. At this question. . doesn’t it? We were all the ones that went into the Ministry a year ago. however. Looks like we might have some more of that in our near future.” Ginny answered. that’s too bad. “What about me?” she inquired. “Um. “This has so much more meaning. Luna?” Ginny asked. I want you to come along. why were you with Neville just now?” Ron inquired. Everyone nodded.” she finished unhappily. “You know. but it was Luna that spoke next. and Neville each drew out their coins to show their support for their former headmaster. Harry considered her for a moment. “If you want in too. But now…” She drew out her own Galleon. “Where’s yours. This looks familiar. Voldemort may not have done any personal damage to her. “Ginny said. Harry. well. So. “I haven’t been able to find it since that one night when we fought the Death Eaters.Voldemort. Neville started turning a deep shade of crimson. Hermione.” Neville looked slightly pale at this request. “Oh. you’re welcome. we…uh…” Neville began to stammer. At first it was just a clever little name. Luna. And we fought Death Eaters then. But at least you were with Neville and you can still be with us for this. It must have fallen out of my pocket. “We’re fighting for him in a way. Luna.

“Well. The next few moments passed in silence.” Luna supplied for him. “Are we ready then? I think it’s best that we head off. Soon.” Harry answered. Probably not the easiest of feats to accomplish right now. out of sight into the interior. A silver stag erupted from the end of his wand and sprinted towards the castle. “Harry. Professor. “Tonks told me that the members of the Order are communicating with each other using their Patronuses. I was wondering if you could let us in perhaps?” Harry said. . but I have another idea for that one.“We’ve started going out. Each member of the DA was quietly gazing at their school. That means that all of us…” Hermione began. “Hi. “Where are we going anyway. but I’m hoping that I sent that one to McGonagall and she’ll realize that it’s me out here. a figure came walking out of the doors and down the grounds to the gate. I have an idea.” Harry thought for a moment and then pointed his wand skyward. “Expecto Patronum!” he shouted. I’m not quite sure how it works. “Yeah…” finished Neville somewhat lamely. what are you---“ Hermione began. Harry?” said Ron. “Let you in? In the middle of summer? Why?” McGonagall again demanded. however. all uncertain if they would ever be able to learn there again. “Potter? Weasley? Granger? What are you all doing here? Longbottom and Lovegood too?” McGonagall demanded of the group.” Harry interjected. “Really? Wow. The problem is that it involves getting inside Hogwarts first.

then please unlock the gate. Neville and Luna only look baffled by this statement. has it? And let’s face it. Smiling slightly to himself. “Why do you need in here? What does Hogwarts have?” “Please. and then walked past the blank stretch of wall on the seventh floor. I need a way to find Voldemort’s Horcruxes…I need a way to find Voldemort’s Horcruxes…I need a way to find Voldemort’s Horcruxes…Suddenly. however. Hermione. but if you want a world without Voldemort. McGonagall hesitated for a moment. “What are Horcruxes?” asked Neville. I know it sounds odd.” he answered. Back to index Chapter ٥: Horcruxes and the Unexpected “Are you going to tell us why you’ve brought us here yet. bring Neville and Luna up to speed on the situation. So I figured.” Harry put on his Invisibility Cloak for good measure. “I tell you what. The gate opened and the DA stepped forward onto the grounds. Professor. I’ll give this an attempt. none of us have any idea where any of Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes are. “It’s just a thought I had. and Ron. Harry walked forward and entered the mystery room that would surely contain something useful… . Harry?” Hermione asked.” Harry answered while staring intently at his transfiguration teacher. and then tapped the chains with her wand. They instantly snaked backward and unlocked. The Room of Requirement hasn’t failed us yet.” McGonagall winced slightly at the mention of the name but quickly regained her composure. a door materialized beside him. why don’t we try here and see what we can find.“It’s essential to the defeat of Voldemort.

Slytherin’s own locket. as there was much more that this image had to tell. Finally. At the bottom Harry could see a small golden cup with a badger engraving. Helga Hufflepuff’s contribution to the relics of the founders of Hogwarts and the other half of the reason that Hepzibah Smith had to die at the hands of Lord Voldemort. Harry smirked yet again as he gazed upon the enchanted mirror that once showed him his parents. Although. as Harry could see them set against locations. he did not see a single image. “Did you find what you needed?” Ginny said. After all. the deepest desire of his heart. “The Mirror of Erised?” Harry inquired aloud of the otherwise empty room. Unlike any other time that Harry had looked into this mirror. twisting and slithering through corridors. with an ornate S set into the center. he could see his reflection. the snake that the Dark Lord had entrusted with a piece of his own soul. Harry could see Nagini. which as he knew he could expect regardless of what he was looking at. for example. was somewhat dim and shrouded into the back of the surface. At the top. things were a bit different. however. it was fitting in a way. Harry stepped forward and gazed into the reflective surface. this was not one of them. But now. but instead split images throughout the mirror. he saw a gold locket. Locations that ultimately revealed exactly what he needed to know… Harry stepped out of the room that still had not failed him and found his five companions conversing with each other. His deepest desire was to rid the world of Voldemort. set into the center against his own reflection. Voldemort’s first encounter with Harry in the castle revolved around this piece of magic. .Of all things that he was expecting. In the center. and his final meeting would no doubt now be influenced in a similar manner. and he knew that there was only one way to accomplish such a feat. the valuable piece of ancestry that Merope Gaunt had sold for only ten Galleons in order to survive until she gave birth to the terrible wizard that would one day threaten the entire world. however. This reflection. The mirror showed so much more than just these items. Harry never imagined that he would look upon this particular item of interest again.

who suddenly had recognition on her face. and was going to destroy it. but it was a fake. no one would ever be able to find it unless they knew exactly where it was kept. Here’s what I know for now. The one that we took had a note inside it saying that someone had come in.B. I’m not sure where it is right now. As for the snake. the cup has been in the room all along.A.” “But Harry. Somehow. You’re going to find the locket there. “Regulus Black!” she exclaimed. When I hid my potions book from Snape I put it in the Room of Requirement. you told us about the locket. It’s amazing. “He used to be a Death Eater and then was killed for trying to back out. when Dumbledore and I were gone that night to go find a Horcrux. There was a locket there all right. Now.” Harry said while grinning.” “What?! How could it be there of all places?” Ron said dubiously.” Hermione wondered to the group. but the cup is right behind me. Although I must admit that it’s a great idea. that’s been bothering me a bit. Grimmauld Place. Someone had been there before and had taken the real one. The note was signed with R. the next Horcrux is Hufflepuff’s cup. “I’ll bet you anything that the locket was one of the things that Kreacher smuggled off to his room when we were cleaning the house. let’s concentrate on the two that we know about.” “Yes. Dumbledore destroyed the ring. I want you to go and take care of that one. what about the fourth? Didn’t you say that Voldemort should have four remaining Horcruxes? You destroyed the diary.” Harry replied. Slytherin’s locket is back at number twelve. I could barely believe it when I saw it. and the snake. the cup. “I know. but that’s only five.“Oh yes. except for Hermione. Hermione. My only guess is that the mirror didn’t have . Ron. taken the real Horcrux. we didn’t actually get one.” Everyone looked confused at this explanation. So for right now. I have no doubt that wherever she is Voldemort is bound to be close. “For the most part. “Listen.

Harry led them past the enormous stuffed troll. “and the rest of us will destroy the cup. Harry?” Ginny said in awe. “This is where you hid your potions book. Slowly. so you two take care of the locket. Fanged Frisbees hovered overhead and everyone ducked as one tore a path through their positions. Right.” Harry said pointing to Ron and Hermione. but to no avail this time. “This is it…Reducto!” His spell blasted the box open to reveal the last known relic of Helga Hufflepuff. and stopped at the damaged cupboard that still held the Half-Blood Prince’s copy of Advanced Potion-Making. veered left at the now repaired Vanishing Cabinet. forbidden. and mystical objects. At least for now we have two to definitely go after. Let’s hope that once we get some out of the way that the mirror can show us the other one. I destroyed the diary without even using a wand. Luna.” . The spell connected with the cup and harmlessly bounced off of the shiny surface.. let’s go. He strained his memory to try to remember what he could about the cup.” he said as he began to push on it from a side. what with it belonging to Hufflepuff and all. After all. “What happened? Do Horcruxes have extra protection?” Neville asked. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I need to find Hufflepuff’s cup…I need to find Hufflepuff’s cup…I need to find Hufflepuff’s cup…Again a door magically appeared for them. would they? And this is where Voldemort has a piece of his soul…” he responded..quite enough room to show me all of them. “Well.” Harry said as he opened the door. something that Hepzibah Smith had said bubbled to the surface of his mind…And all sorts of powers it’s supposed to possess too…* ”The cup has some kind of magic added to it besides Voldemort’s soul.” Harry answered. “No one would ever find it.” Ron and Hermione nodded and left the group so as to Apparate once having left the castle. while Harry once again marched past the blank wall. and Ginny gasped as they entered the cavernous room full of rows upon rows of broken. “Help me. “Reducto!” he shouted again. “Not that I know of. Together he and Neville successfully moved the cupboard away and found a small ornate box sitting on the ground. Neville.

Neville opened his mouth to object again. “Vanishing Cabinet. “Maybe not. but at least none of you would kill me without so much as giving it a second’s thought. how did you get here?” Harry inquired. Malfoy gave a complicated wand movement and wordlessly shot white lightning at the cup. Think about it. Harry. . No one really knew where to look for it. I’d prefer a side that doesn’t have such an unforgiving figurehead. I don’t want to serve the Dark Lord anymore.” “And do you expect to find that here?” Neville shot back. “Malfoy. however. “What are you doing here?!” Ginny demanded. The Death Eaters already got their mission accomplished so they have had no reason to come through again. do you think that’s all that the Dark Lord has shown me?” Malfoy attempted.“If it’s a matter of destroying a magical object…” came a drawling voice from behind them. Longbottom. if I had really wanted to hurt any of you I could have done so when your backs were turned. and Neville suddenly had all of their wands leveled at him. You saw what I just did to that cup. All astonishment at this action aside. Luna. which subsequently melted. Before anyone could react. “I’ve come to help.” Malfoy answered.” “But why come here? What made you think we were at Hogwarts?” At this question. “What do you take us for?” Neville said. “Calm down. Ginny. The four members of the DA turned around to find the infamous Draco Malfoy standing with his wand at the ready. but Harry stopped him.

No sense telling him then.” Malfoy drawled again. “I think someone dropped this. “He just helped us out. like you seemed to want. “What’s he doing here?!” she yelled. but he claims he’s left You-Know-Who’s side and wants to join us. Malfoy doesn’t know about the Horcruxes. cautiously giving Malfoy the front and watching his every move. “Hermione. “All right. We’re not entirely sure what’s going on. “Harry. stop!” Ginny shouted back. we found it. they turned a corner to find Ron and Hermione waiting with the locket of Salazar Slytherin.” he said. Luna gasped at the sight. The group of five turned back towards the exit. another piece of Voldemort’s soul was gone thanks to him. Harry stared at him.” Harry yelled above everyone else. “Wait! I have an idea. it’s over. however.” Malfoy jumped badly at the sound of the wizard’s name. He walked over to Malfoy . Harry thought. Before they could reach the door. Was Malfoy telling the truth? He had seen him seem to be upset and regretting the decision to side with Voldemort in the Astronomy Tower. Was there a good reason for that? I’ll bet that cup was worth at least a thousand Galleons.” “That’s rubbish! This is Malfoy we’re talking about!” she replied heatedly. Of course. but we couldn’t---Stupefy!” Hermione caught sight of Malfoy and fired her spell before anyone else knew what had happened. that begged the question… “Malfoy.Malfoy gave one of his trademark sneering smiles and held up what appeared to be a Galleon. But if any of us get the slightest inkling that somehow you’re here on Voldemort’s orders. So. do you know what you just did to that cup?” Harry said. “Destroyed it. Plus. but quickly regained his composure and nodded. We’ll try this.

“In time. .” Harry said in an equal tone of unhappiness. if you really are with us now. Malfoy. She didn’t expect you to be with us at all. do the same thing to this locket. but then repeated his wand movement and dissolved the Horcrux. happy?” Malfoy sneered. then do what I say. “Ennervate.” “What?” Malfoy said with a trace of a growl. Why do you want treasures blasted apart. In response.” “Two of what.” The seven teenagers walked out of the Room of Requirement and watched as the door disappeared behind them.and murmured. but who could blame her? But I want you to do something. And no offense. then by all means keep acting in this manner. “Sorry about that.” Malfoy’s eyes shot back open and he slowly sat back up. Harry pointed his wand at him. “There. These things don’t come easy. Harry took the locket away from his best friend and set it on the ground by Malfoy. We still have two left. Whatever you did to that cup. The next sounds that greeted their ears were the screams of Hermione and Ginny as they noticed the body of their former headmistress lying on the floor. “If you would rather we believe that you’re still with Voldemort and not us.” Malfoy glared at Harry. We started trusting you five minutes ago. “Ecstatic. “Do it again. Potter?” Malfoy said with a sneer. But if you want to prove to us that you really want to fight him. “Now let’s go.” “Now I know that this one IS worth at least a thousand Galleons. Potter?” Malfoy demanded.

“Harry. his lungs burning and his breath becoming shorter. version Back to index Chapter ٦: Expect the Unexpected “Professor McGonagall!” Hermione screamed. Potter?” “No. until finally he skidded to a halt.*Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. “What do you recommend we do? Fight? He still has two more Horcruxes . ٤٣٦ U. magically amplified and made more sinister in the process. cold voice rang out through the halls. Harry ran on with Ginny at his side. “But then that means that someone else is here!” Harry looked around wildly. we can’t run from him. no. “RUN!” Harry yelled. Everyone scrambled and took off in a different direction. fleeing from the evil voice that had infiltrated the place that had once been a sanctuary from all outside forces. As if in answer. “She’s dead! Must have been Avada Kedavra. a high. searching for the mystery intruder that had wiped away the life of his Transfiguration teacher. There’s nothing that looks to be wrong with her otherwise…” Ron said in a horrified whisper. He could be anywhere here!” Ginny said. unable to keep going. The others needed no further urging. it can’t be!” Hermione screamed again. pg. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find you here.S. Ron slowly walked over and examined the body. Everyone stared in horror as they took in the terrible sight that was before them.

Panicking again.somewhere. she began to stir almost immediately. The office was mostly the same as it had been when Dumbledore was the headmaster. Harry turned his head to find the snake draining her venom into his girlfriend’s side. he grabbed Ginny’s arm and started running again. Without thinking. Harry Potter. Harry reflected on the events that had just happened. Slumping down into a chair. Harry took the opportunity and ran up them. almost beckoning him to ascend. Panting heavily. until Ginny screamed again. Ginny had been poisoned. but had the same result. surprised to find that he had run all the way to the headmistress’ office. “NO!” he yelled. “Stupefy!” Ginny yelled. The game is over. This had to be the end. Harry jumped up and shouted at the office. “Harry! Look behind you!” Ginny screamed. “You cannot hide. and Voldemort was also in the castle. Dumbledore is not here to help you this time. however. Even more surprising was the fact that the gargoyle had already been turned aside and the stairs were there. as if in answer to his question. Pain was gripping his side and he could feel sweat gliding down his forehead. Harry similarly shot another spell at the animal. “Stupefy!” This time the spell hit its mark and left the snake unconscious. There was no way out this time.” Voldemort’s voice rang out through the silence again. . where she crumpled and fell to the floor. Unlike other victims of this curse. he took in his surroundings. but to no avail. He has left these walls forever. “IMPEDIMENTA!” Harry screamed. closing the door behind him and shouting “Colloportus!” to boot. Harry whirled his head around and saw. The spell missed the snake and knocked Ginny into the wall. Nagini slithering from the corridor. Harry took off down the hall again. I never got the chance to look at the mirror again!” Harry retaliated. The snake swiftly dodged the spell and continued on her path towards them. Nagini was after him. but still he and Ginny tried to escape from the fearsome creature in pursuit. In fury. The feat almost seemed plausible.

“Fawkes. Fortunately. He cannot help you anymore. A phoenix had appeared in a flash of fire. “Fawkes! Move away!” he shouted. he found one of the most welcome sights he could ever imagine. Instead. Fawkes had blinded the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Struck with a sudden thought. “Only when none here are loyal to him! Hogwarts belongs to Dumbledore. My faithful servant has seen to that. the snake writhed on the floor and hissed ferociously. even now!” Harry heard an odd sound behind him and turned around to see what new evil was about to greet him. Free from the merciless onslaught of talons. Nagini slithered forward through the hole that was created and made to strike at Harry.“Dumbledore is never gone from Hogwarts!” “Dumbledore has died. Nagini’s headless body fell . unable to stop the attack upon herself. Harry raised his wand again. But what to do now? The snake had to be just outside the door. Fawkes swooped upon the serpent and swiped at her eyes with his talons. Harry then undid his spell upon the door and blasted it open with his wand. The phoenix obediently flew up and away from the snake and back onto Harry’s shoulder. If only there was a way to stop her some other way…and then a memory from four years before came to him. would you care to help me with the snake?” Harry requested of his new companion. Hogwarts is mine now!” Voldemort replied cruelly. “Accio sword!” The third treasure of the founders crashed through the glass and came to rest in Harry’s outstretched hand. Fawkes squawked in response and flew over to rest on Harry’s shoulder. Almost instantly. “Fawkes!” Harry shouted. With no hint of remorse. Every time he tried to launch an attack the snake simply dodged. however. to which Harry took for a yes. the rubies on the handle glittering. At least now he had someone else here with him. Harry saw a glint of light on his left and noticed the sword of Godric Gryffindor resting in its case. Screaming in pain. Harry raised the sword high and made a clean slice through the head of the snake. and that was a great serpent many times the size of Nagini. Nagini raised her head up again and blindly struck at air with her deadly fangs. The phoenix chirped in response. waiting to bite into Harry as she had done to Ginny.

Voldemort had now cost him his parents. Fawkes! You can help her!” Fawkes again only shook his head. When he reached the foot. coming face to face with a supposedly reformed Draco Malfoy. But they had by no means been easy. Slowly. The phoenix flew down the stairs and landed beside him. as he bolted from the room back down the stairs. He could already feel the tears streaming down his face. her eyes closed again. his godfather. then back at Harry. Harry could hardly believe that in the course of a few hours. her eyes fluttered open. “FAWKES!” Harry screamed.” Harry managed to fall back into a chair and reflect on everything that had now happened.” With these words. he quickly glanced around to find her still on the ground by the wall where his curse hit her. please…” he pleaded.” The voice filled with malice was no longer echoing throughout the halls but now right behind him. “Ginny!” he yelled. It was already too late for her. “Fawkes. exhausted by the efforts that the last few minutes had asked of him. and Ginny. help her!” Fawkes looked at Ginny. Harry grabbed her hand and clutched it in his own. he managed to utter.to the floor and Harry dropped the sword. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! SHE’S GOING TO DIE!” But even as he said it. “Ginny. Potter. “Harry…” she said weakly as she tried to raise her arm. “Harry…I love you. “Don’t waste time. “Five down. Her eyes were closed and she was motionless. and always will. at whom he sadly shook his head. Fawkes flew over to the perch that he had claimed when Dumbledore inhabited the office. I always have. Seeing his parents turned into Inferi. Breathing heavily. he had managed to eliminate three of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. running from a deadly serpent with Ginny…Ginny! his mind screamed. Completely disheartened by the . Harry realized the truth. Was there no relief of pain for him? “Awfully touching.

standing between Harry and Voldemort. Now please. “Are you ready to die. “Oh. “Cruc-“ Harry tried to shout again. ignoring the searing pain emanating from his scar. my lord. but Snape simply countered the attempt. “Not at all. The two wizards Harry hated the most in the world were now standing right in front of him. “Cruc-“ Harry tried to shout. almost as terribly as when he heard Voldemort’s merciless use of his parents in his head. unable to comprehend what he . Harry said nothing as he slowly picked himself up off of the floor. and yet love couldn’t save her. Harry?” Still determined not to give in. “Dumbledore always said that love was the most powerful magic.” Voldemort raised his wand again. not to humor Voldemort in the end. but with a casual flick of his wand. “Let me show you how it’s done! Crucio!” Harry was gripped with mind numbing torture piercing every inch of himself.abysmal chain of events that had now culminated here. Let me stop using Occlumency against you…” As soon as his words ended. his thoughts verged on the wish for death to release him from all of his pain. now could it?” He closed with a cruel laugh. Severus. Voldemort relaxed his wand and laughed once more. Harry felt his scar burn again. Voldemort froze on the spot. hate and dismay etched into his face. “Thank you for removing the Apparating restriction. CRACK! Snape appeared. Harry. Where are your manners? Did Dumbledore teach his favorite student spells like that?” Again Voldemort let out a harsh laugh.” Snape said simply. I had almost forgotten. Writhing and twisting with the sheer agony of the curse. and he was unable to do anything to either of them. step aside so that I may put an end to the boy.” he said. “Now. “No. clearly amused by the superiority he held. now. Voldemort parried the curse. Harry slowly turned back around and stood up.

“What did you say?” Voldemort said. “We are in his territory after all. “First Wormtail betrays me over this boy. Harry was now the one to be perplexed.” Snape said with a slight grin.” Snape finished with a sarcastic tone. Harry?” Voldemort’s voice rang through the hall. master. Snape stood his ground. “Oh. This was the end then. Potter!” “What are you doing?!” Voldemort yelled. as Snape turned around and said. meanwhile. he stepped out from the .” If only the mirror would have shown me the last one! Harry thought bitterly. He had no time to puzzle over this new development. “I seem to remember telling you before that we are not playing hide-and-seek. “I said no. Nothing except… At last. “What faithful servants I have. Potter? I said run! Or shall my death be in vain?” Harry needed no further urging. Harry understood.” And true to his word. he did the only logical thing he could think of: he hid behind the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy on the opposite wall. I’m not moving. There was no hope left. Avada Kedavra!” The jet of green light hit Snape squarely in the chest and he drew his last breath. Despite all of his efforts. ran until he realized that he was back at the Room of Requirement. the snake. Harry. and the locket. “Are you deaf. but nothing else. Nothing else could be seen in the mirror. Realizing what he finally had to do. and now you?! Do you want the same fate as that fool?” “Dumbledore’s orders. unfaltering.had just heard. He took off down the hall and disappeared down a corridor. half taunting. You will never learn respect. his voice dangerous. Voldemort was only a few moments away from him and one Horcrux was left. Why did it have to fail me? He could still see it vividly in his mind: the cup. Panic gripping his mind. “Run. however.

Harry understood perfectly what had happened. Four people stood before him: James and Lily Potter. “Be silent then. boy! I will let the world know that you said nothing and foolishly gave up your life to me. Voldemort raised his wand one more time. but merely smiled. Harry had seen enough of this curse to resist it. Cold fury pulsing through him. Sirius Black. Harry said nothing.” Still Harry said nothing. He had no idea where he could possibly be. Ginny walked over to him and hugged him. only stood where he was. are you ready to die?” Voldemort said with another soft laugh. though. Lord Voldemort fell forward onto the ground. staring blankly at Voldemort and feeling the pain in his head escalate. Voldemort was no more. “What is?” “Your scar. “Wha---How?” he stammered. I ask you again. Ginny stared at a familiar spot on his forehead. He looked around at his unfamiliar surroundings. Finally. all of his pain was over. Almost instantly. Voldemort screamed. never to rise again. it’s gone!” she exclaimed. and his resolve had never been stronger. Infuriated. and in his heart. Harry. “I grow tired of you not answering me. “Avada Kedavra!” The jet of green light shot out of the wand and obliterated the life of Harry Potter. Now. but the sight before him made him less concerned with where he was. “Harry. and Ginny Weasley. No one said anything. Harry’s eyes opened one more time.” .tapestry and faced the wizard. Imperio!” This did him no good. “At last. Six Horcruxes destroyed.