Unending Love 4

Ms. No One
Rizza Palamine Catague
College Days Kyle: Aine, please tell all the school council officers that we will have a meeting later okay? Aine: okay Kyle <the vice president> ================================================= Iza: isn t that the work of the P.I.O. to announce to everyone that we will have a meeting? <the secretary> Aine: its not my fault but still I m his vice Iza: but still its not part of your job as the vise president Aine: just forget about it, come on they re all waiting ================================================= Kyle: hmm, I call everyone of you because our school sport fest is coming up and we ll be busy again for the preparation, so any suggestion regarding the said activity? John: <treasurer> why don t the school body itself will have a booth for fund raising Iza: yes, I like it Kyle: so then what do you suggest for the things we will sell? Ian: <auditor> what about souvenirs ? Eszel: <P.I.O.> yah that one Kyle: so then, about the program Meeting continues One day before the sport fest Aine: we have a problem Kyle: <nervous> what? Aine: the problem is that, we don t have anymore problem <laugh> Kyle: don t joke on me like that <relief> Aine: you re so handsome when you are worried <laugh. Note: only two of them in the conference room Kyle: ha, ha, ha, very funny <seems angry> Aine: Kyle <come near him> I m just making you laugh, you re too serious . Okay I m sorry Kyle: <silent, busy writing> Aine: Kyle? <sat beside him> I m sorry okay? <hold his hands> Kyle: <still silent and busy> Aine: okay fine I m leaving ================================================= School gate Aine: stupid, how many times do I have to say sorry? <angry> my God my phone . Back at the conference room Kyle: who? Aine? Of course not, she s just no one, of course I don t like her you re the one I m courting right? Eszel: really? Kyle: so what? Eszel: okay Kyle: okay what? Eszel: yes, okay Kyle: thank you At the back door Aine: <cried> why does it hurt so much? <ran away> Next day Iza: are you okay? I called you last night but you re not answering Aine: I left my phone on the conference room yesterday Iza: your eyes are red Aine: just stress Kyle: Aine your phone about yesterday I m also sorry Aine: Thank you <leaved> Kyle: what s with her? Iza: I don t know I think she had cries last night Kyle: but why is that? Eszel: Kyle Kyle: hello want to look to the other booths? Eszel: okay Then came John John: what s with the two? Iza: no idea John: where s Aine? Iza: she just leaved how s the booth? John; just fine Ian is there he can handle it properly 2nd day Sports- play- event Iza: hey lets watch soccer Aine is playing today Soccer field Iza: go Aine go Aine: <waved> thanks . Quarter time All: <sighed> <rumor> what happened? Iza: God, its Aine <run toward the field> Field Iza: Aine wake up Kyle: give way <brought her toward the clinic> :shout

Clinic Nurse: from what I can see from her now, I think she lack rest last night and her body did not take the stress so she collapse Kyle: <worried> thanks nurse Iza: thank God she just need rest . Minutes later Aine: what happened? Iza: my god, Aine you made us all worried you collapsed from your game, you need a rest so you have to stay here Aine: but another program is coming up, I need to be there Kyle: no you stay here, Eszel can handle it Aine: <get off the bed> <stand up> you have no right to command at me like that because I m just no one right? <Walk out> Iza: Aine wait Kyle: Aine < hold her> what are you talking about? Aine: I heard you, you told Eszel that I am just no one, tell me its not true and I will forgive you Kyle: <bow, silent> Aine: <slap him> I hate you <walk away> Kyle: Aine, I m sorry Eszel: Kyle are you fine? Iza: <followed Aine> Ian: what s the matter with all of you/ ================================================ Meeting, sports fest is over Kyle: where is she? Ian: didn t you here/ Kyle: what? Ian: she transferred to Nicholson University Kyle: but why? Ian: no one knows Kyle: Iza? Iza: cant tell you, I m sorry Kyle: fine meeting adjourned All: bye ================================================= Kyle: Dad, I want to transfer to Nicholson University Dad: but why I thought you don t like it there? Kyle: something important came up Dad: but you re the president of the student council body Kyle: they have to elect a new one if necessary Dad: okay, if that s what you want Next day Nicholson University Kyle: hi Aine: <leaved> Kyle: Aine hello? You want to eat Aine: <silent> Kyle: Aine please talk to me

Aine: what are you doing here? Why did you transfer here? Will you please leave me alone Kyle: I m sorry, I didn t mean to say anything like that Aine: I m also sorry because you already did <leave> Kyle: AINE, please Next day Professor: since Kyle and Aine already know each other so I think two should pair in our practical test next week Aine: but ma am, can t I just do it with other or alone? Professor: why, any problem? Kyle: none ma am its very fine Aine: <look at Kyle> what? Professor; okay then, class dismissed End class Kyle: so when will have our practice? Aine: practice your self Kyle: <hold her> Aine listen I m sorry Aine: okay I forgive you, so now go back to where you came from and leave here alone Kyle: do you hate me that much? Aine: yes, because I ve loved you so much that it came to me to hate you Kyle: what did you say? Aine: nothing <leave> Kyle: <pull her back and kissed her> Aine: <slap him> how dare you <leave> ================================================ Professor: next will be, Kyle and Aine Kyle: Aine is not here ma am End of class Kyle: <dialed> Iza? Iza: yes? Kyle: met with me, I ll wait at EMI restaurant now <phone down> Iza: Kyle wait EMI restaurant Kyle: please me where she is Iza: but Kyle, I promised her not to Kyle: please, please, please <kneel in front of her> Iza: okay fine, you make two of us embarrassing Kyle: where? Iza: she s back at school Kyle: what? And not anyone of you tell me about it? Iza: we re sorry, now I m guilty breaking my promise Kyle: I m sorry Iza and I m very thankful expect me tomorrow <leave> CROWELL University Iza: oh, God Aine I m really sorry, I cant stand it he already kneel in front of me, it forced me tell him so Aine: I understand don t worry

Junior1: excuse me miss Aine? Aine: yes? Junior1: someone wanted you to receive this <flower> Junior2: miss Aine? <another flower> Then more successive flowers came with different kinds of flower and color Iza: isn t he sweet?... Aine where are you going? ================================================= Aine: where is he? Ian: who are you talking about? Aine: where is he? Kyle: I m here <at her back> Aine: <faced him> what are these? Peace offerings? < throw it at him, I don t need your, I ve already forgiven you, so why don t you leave me alone? Kyle: these are not from me Aine: what? <embarrassed> John: hmmhmh Aine? Aine: <face John> <angry> now what? John: its from the welcoming committee, welcoming you back, we re sorry if you had misinterpret it Aine: God <head bowed, fall on the floor> I m sorry, sorry Iza: Aine, its fine we understand Aine: I m really sorry, I just over reacted Ian: Aine <assist her stand up> its fine <embrace her. Aine: <weep on him> Ian: now Aine be okay Next two hours Aine and Kyle we re alone in the conference room Kyle: <sat in front of her> Aine: <continue the work plan for the next activity> Both of them came back to their positions Kyle: <look at her> Aine: <head bow> will you please stop it Kyle: <smile> stop what? Aine: STOP staring at me Kyle: how did you know I m staring at you? Aine: I just know, please stop it Kyle: what if I don t? Aine: then I ll wish for eyes to come out Minutes later Aine: I m wishing Kyle: keep wishing Aine: <arrange all her things> Kyle: are you done? Aine: I cant finish it, if you re here staring at me Kyle: okay I ll stop it Aine: <sat down> then leave Kyle: about what happened in N.U. Aine: about what specifically? Kyle: the kiss

Aine: <blush> what kiss? Kyle: my first kiss Aine: very corny <stand up> Kyle: its true really <pulled her closer and kissed her> : that s my second kiss Aine: <leave> ================================================= Aine: he did it again Iza: which one? The kiss or the insult? Aine: the first one Iza: he what? <shocked> Aine: he said I m his first kiss Iza: do you believe him? Aine: I don t know, I don t want to risk my heart on it Iza: do you still love him? Aine: yes ================================================= Kyle: I love her John: who? Kyle: Aine John: how did you know you love her? Kyle: I just feel it, I just did even I kept forcing my self since the past years not to fell in love with her, because I know she s the adopted daughter of my Uncle John: does she know about it? Kyle: NO Ian: why did you say she s just no one? Kyle: I know she s on the door at that time, I did it because I want her to hate me : I know I succeeded on that but I don t want her away, so I followed her.. John: you re so stupid Ian: does she know she s adopted? Kyle: yes John: dos your Uncle knows about it? That you love her? Kyle: yes I ve told him about it Ian: so what are you waiting for? John: go for it Kyle: one more problem Ian and John: WHAT? Kyle: I kissed her again Ian: hmmhmh you had started it, so you have to finish it Kyle: how would I do that? John: tell her the truth Kyle: what truth? Ian: the truth that you really love her, even though how hard you force yourself not to Kyle: don t you think it s a little awkward? Ian and John: just do it Conference room Meeting adjourned

Iza: Aine I ll go ahead Aine: sure Eszel: me too Ian and John to Kyle: you can do it <tap on the back> Kyle: thanks When they re alone Aine: aren t you going ahead? Kyle: I m waiting for you Aine: for what? Kyle: Aine, hmmhmh I want to tell you something I ve been feeling this for years I don t know what to do without you Aine: what are you talking about? I don t understand you <blushed> Kyle: <hold her hands> hmmhmh I LOVE YOU Aine: you what? Kyle: I just said I love you, I love, I love, I love you, even though I tried so much not to fell in love with you, I just did, my heart just did Aine: <silent> Kyle: what? Say something Aine: <silently embraces him> Kyle: <hugs her back. Aine: idiot, stupid, stubborn why did you do it? Kyle: does that mean you love the idiot, stupid, stubborn me? Aine: yes I do Kyle: <kissed her> I love you .

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