Love Escape
Catague, Rizza Palamine
Franklin: I don t like her okay . James: but what makes you so defensive Franklin: I just don t okay James: okay okay you re so funny Franklin: will you please just leave me alone James: hmmhmm, hey she s here Franklin: where? ... <looking around> James: see? You like her I m just joking Blossom: like who??? James? James: ow, Blossom ah.ah ahm no one, right Franklin? Franklin: don t ask me <look away> Blossom: by the way, brother Mike asks me to call everyone including you : I ll go ahead, you come and follow James: sure Franklin: come on James: I told you Franklin: shut up . Brother Mike: next week is our anniversary I need everyone s cooperation and I hope everyone will have fun hmmhmh so who wants to have an intermission? James: you Blossom? Blossom: NO I can t and I won t. James: why? You re good a singer Blossom: I told you I won t okay Brother Mike: okay its fine anyone interested?? James: me, me Brother Mike: okay James you should be prepared James: I promised Blossom: you coming Mon? Mon: yah Blossom: hooo Mon: what s with the deep breath? Blossom: nothing, just this Franklin idiot Mon: hey you like him Blossom: No way My God forgive me, I really don t Mon: but believe me or not, I think James himself like you Blossom: very funny ha, ha, ha Mon: believe me Blossom: it s what you think it is, stop it Mon, it s no use Mon: hey Franklin is here Blossom: so what? Franklin: So what? So who are you talking like that Blossom: am I talking to you? I m talking to Mon not to you dah Franklin: but you re talking about me Blossom: I m sorry but I did not come up with the idea. Franklin: will you please just stop talking <angry> Blossom: you shut up first because you started it Franklin: N Mon: okay stop it as this moment you two stop it James: Frank, come let s go Franklin: Bastard Blossom: What did you say? Franklin: am I talking to you? Blossom: <slap him> <leave> Mon: friend wait excuse us James :< punches him> Franklin: now what s with you? James: how can you say she s a bastard?? Franklin: did I say that? James: yes you did Franklin: really? Brother Mike: I called everyone to have follow up with tomorrow s activities, we re everything well prepared? Mon: for just one Brother Mike.. Brother Mike: what is it Mon? Mon: about the speaker for tomorrow, I forgot to send to Father John the communication letter I m really sorry and I have to finish the lettering for tomorrow Brother Mike: thank you for telling us early as this okay since Blossom is the P.I.O. can I ask you to ask Father John about tomorrow s activity please? Blossom: of course Mon: can Franklin come with her since he s the President he can help explain to father John all the activities and he has the motorcycle, they can go to the monastery faster Blossom: no I can do it alone Franklin: I m busy today I have to check everything James: I can drive is it okay Frank? Mon: James can do the checking and you two can go Franklin: James can drive Blossom: no I do it alone okay? It s fine I can walk and now I need to have an exercise Mon: what are with you two? Are you avoiding each other? Franklin; Blossom: why would I? Brother Mike: <laugh> okay you arranged this and by later at five I need full report about everything is that clear Frank? Franklin: yes Brother Mike <brother Mike leaves> James: <laugh> so what? Do I drive? Mon: James? no Franklin: can t she drive? She can borrow my motorcycle Blossom; even I can I better walk < leaving > Franklin: okay fine, since I have to make the full report. I ll drive but James should come too <insisting> Mon: but he should stay, he have to check everything Franklin: I can do it later Blossom: I told you I can do it alone

James: come on <pull Blossom> Mon: hey take good care of her Blossom: Mon I m not going anywhere, just in the monastery Mon: still At the parking lot James: you sit at the center Blossom: no you go first James: okay fine At the monastery Blossom: good afternoon Father John Fr. John: Blossom, my dear what brings you here? : and little Frank you re here and James Franklin: <ask for his hand> Fr. John: bless you <James did the same> Blossom: father tomorrow is the anniversary of the church youth group <CYG> Mon forgot to send you the invitation letter so I am here, we want you to give a spiritual talk for tomorrow s activity Fr. John: of course my pleasure Blossom: ow thank you very much Father. So will expect you tomorrow at 8:00 am? Fr. John: 8:00 am Mon: so how does it go? Blossom: simple as I expected Mon: what I mean is, the feeling riding on Frank s motorcycle? Blossom: the same with the other motor Mon: just like that? No excitement? Most of the girls of the CYG wanted to experience having a back ride with him Blossom: then you should just volunteered to ask Fr. John, so you can have that experience Mon: you re so high Blossom: I just don t want to talk about anything about him okay? Mon: okay Franklin: <humming> James: you re happy Franklin: yes because I m already done : I ll leave you now, I ll report to Br. Mike now James: okay I ll go home first Franklin: oh sure next day, the anniversary Program started Intermission from James: What is this feeling? I just can t explain When you re near, I m just not the same I tried to hide it, try not to show it Its crazy how could it be I ve fallen for you Finally my heart gave in And I ve fallen in love I ve finally know how it feel

So this is love? When you said hello, I looked in your eyes Suddenly, I felt good inside Is this really happening Or I m just dreaming? I guess its true, oh I cant believe : <come near to Blossom> <everyone we re shouting> Blossom: James, what are you doing? James: just come with me, I have a plan Blossom: James James: just smile

I ve fallen for you Finally my heart gave in And I ve fallen in love I ve finally know how it feel So this is love Franklin :<leave> you don t have the right to feel heartache, you are the bastard idiot <talk to himself> Intermission done Back stage James: I told you he likes you Blossom: why did you do that for? James: I m just testing Frank, just as I thought Blossom: what? James: he got jealous, didn t you saw?, he leaves just the moment I brought you to stage Blossom: why? You idiot Mon: Hey, come something happened Blossom: what? To whom? Mon: to Frank Blossom: what happened? <nervous> tell me Franklin: what happen to Blossom? <gasping for breath> Mon: I told you they both do James: isn t that what I said when we planned this? Blossom: planned what? Franklin: this is not funny Mon: just admit it you two like each other Blossom: no I don t Franklin: neither do I Blossom: <leaved> <at the C.R. cubicle> : just as I thought he really don t like me, but me? I m deadly in love with him you are a real bastard, just as he said Mon: friend? Are you here? Blossom: <getting out of the cubicle> yes Mon: ow friend I m so sorry <embraces her> Blossom: I m fine Mon: Fr. John invited all the members of CYG to eat lunch with him Blossom: okay Program ended Next day

James: about yesterday I m sorry Franklin: <silent> James: Frank Franklin: okay James: really? Franklin: yes you jerk, why did you do that? James: we re just testing you both if you both feel the same with each other Franklin: if not? James: then I ll court Blossom my self, since you two don t like each o Franklin: <punches him> no you can t James: why? You don t like her she don t like you Franklin: I love her okay? You got it? I love her I love her . I love blossom < sat at his chair> Blossom: what did you say? Franklin: < shocked, stand-up> Blossom? How long had you been there? Blossom: just enough to hear you love Blossom? Is it true Franklin: it s not true, I mean Blossom wait Blossom: leave me alone Franklin: Blossom wait Blossom: <stumble on the ground> Franklin: Blossom? Are you okay? My God forgive me, Blossom, wake up Blossom:< a tear from her eye> <then cried> : I don t understand you Franklin: I don t understand you either Blossom: <with a teary eye she laugh> Franklin: <kissed her> I love you, very much I can t escape from this torture Blossom: I love you too, my heart aches for you Franklin: please forgive me Blossom: I already did Thank you for supporting my stories Watch out for the next series of Unending Love SAYING GOODBYE IS DIFFICULT Rizza Palamine Catague

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