Unending Love 9

Catague, Rizza Palamine Emil: sister c mon Gemma: coming Emil: I don t want to be late Gemma: we are just going shopping, what are you hurrying about? Emil: let s go sister <pull her> <Shopping mall> Gemma: you re excited to see your boylet, aren t you? Emil: <looking around> hush he doesn t know I m here Gemma: I thought you were going to Shoppe? Emil: I will later sister Gemma: <helped looking around> sister, let s go <pull him/her> Emil: sister, wait I still don t see him Gemma: I m saving you from heartbreak Emil: what do you mean? <Look back> Gemma: Mil Emil: hey... it s Rey and who is that girl? Gemma: girl let s go Emil: wait Rey: what are you doing here? <shock> Emil: and she is? Gemma: Mil Jean: I m Rey s girlfriend and you are? Emil: you what? You whore <slap Jean> you flirt leave my boy alone, go away <pull her hair> Gemma: Mil c mon, were sorry <pull Emil out of the crowd> Rey: Jean? Jean: I hate you, go with your gayfriend <walk away> Gemma: I told you Emil: I hate him, he said he loves me Gemma: and how many guys already told you that? To think, all your boylets did Emil: <cry> Gemma: nah, stop that crying lets go Emil: I want to go home Gemma: okay, lets go home Emil: stay here, I know you have to meet with Jake Gemma: but you? Emil: I m fine <coffee shop> Jake: hi sweetie Gemma: hello<kiss him on the cheeks> Jake: you seem sad why? Gemma: Emil, he had a breakup a moment ago, here in the mall Jake: with Rey? Gemma: <nod> Jake: come here <embrace her> Gemma: thank you Jake: hush now, why do you always worry about others love life? Gemma: because I care about Emil Jake: now I m getting jealous Gemma: Jake? <laugh> are you serious? Jake: I am Gemma: you re not <kiss him on the cheeks> there Jake: I m jealous Gemma: c mon he s gay remember? And he likes guys not gals okay? C mon so what are we going now? Jake: how about we get married? Gemma: JAKE Jake: I m serious Gemma Gemma: I don t know what to say <cover her mouth> Jake: all a want to hear is a yes Gemma: yes yes yes Jake: <hug her> love yah Gemma: ahem <offer her hand> Jake: yah about the ring Gemma: mean your not prepared? Jake: I just carried away but still I m really planning to proposed to you this days.. Gemma: you just get jealous and proposed to me <kiss him on the cheeks> I still love you no matter what.. Jake: how about we choose your ring now? Gemma: you mean right now? Jake: you should have gotten it a moment ago Gemma: thank you <office> Gemma: hey? Guys how are you? Berk: good morning Sam: good morning Gem Gemma: is Emil already in? Sam: not yet <office door opened> Everyone was shocked as they saw Emil enter the office Gemma: Emil? Sam: what gotten to her? Emil: ahem its what s gotten to him now

Berk: wow bro what s with the sudden transformation <akbay him> Sam: Gem? Are you alright? Your pale Emil: c mon Gemma don t be shock it s still me Gemma: what happen to you? Emil: I thought to be my real self my true self and don t you like it? Gemma: No I mean I m just surprised sorry Berk: c mon Gemma its still Emil, just a true man now Sam: c mon Gem.. we were all shocked Emil: let s get back to work Gem Gemma: Fine <Gemma s office> Emil: hey Gemma: hi Emil: are you avoiding me? Gemma: of course not why would I ? Emil: you seem awkward Gemma: maybe I m just adjusting <massaging her temple> Emil: give me your hand Gemma: what? Emil: give me your hand Gemma: fine Emil: I can see your already engage <saw the ring on her hand> Gemma: yah since yesterday Emil: and you did not mention it to me? Gemma: don t reason it to me, you did not even mention it to me, you, transforming <yelled> Emil: why are you yelling? Gemma: I m not yelling <soft voice> Emil: c mon Gemma, what s wrong with my transformation? Gemma: I don t know Emil: nah, I just think no more guys will hurt my feelings Gemma: you are used in breakups Emil: not anymore when I see your eyes feelings sorry for me Gemma: I m just worried about you; of course you are my friend Emil: nah, I don t want you to be sad so I come to a decision to be what is good for you Gemma: But Emil: c mon Gem promise me I will be your best man Gemma: I planned you to be my maid of honor <both laugh> <off hours, Gemma s office> Emil: dare for a dinner tonight? Gemma: sure, but do you mind if Jake can come? He as me first, and of course I don t want to abandon you Emil: of course no problem Gemma: thanks lets go?

<restaurant> Gemma: hi <kiss Jake on the cheeks> Jake: hello, and he is? Gemma: cant you identify him? Jake: no way I cant believe it, Emil? Emil: hi <male voice> Jake: are you sure this is Emil? <ask Gemma> Gemma: he is I had the same reaction as you have Jake: why with the sudden transformation? Emil: nah, don t keep the lady hungry Gemma: I m fine Jake: let s get inside <assist Gemma in sitting> Gemma: thank you Emil: waiter Gemma: steak please Jake: roasted beef for me Emil: fish fillet and a salad Waiter: would you mind for a wine? Jake: no thanks Waiter: in a minute <Months later> <Gemma s office> Jake: so when would you like to set the wedding? Gemma: too soon? Why don t we just postponed it until next year? Jake: why? Are you having double thoughts? Gemma: of course none were busy nowadays since we had closed an agreements with the hotel owner, we had a lot of work to do, and I now I cant be much of help we plan it this soon.. Jake: okay next year promise? Gemma: yes <kiss him> Jake: okay I m heading to the bank now, see you later Gemma: bye take care Jake: you too, love you Gemma: love you Emil entered Gemma s office as Jake was going out Emil: Jake your going? Jake: yes I ll go ahead Emil: sure <heading to Gemma s table> : hi Gemma: yes? Emil: about the design for the hotel do you think my ideas fit what they want? Gemma: of course Emil the hotel owner already agreed on it Emil: I m not sure Gemma: c mon your ides are great, don t worry Emil: will you help me get their demands? Gemma: I ll be willing to Emil: great thanks I ll go now Gemma: sure Emil: <leave>

Gemma: <smile> <phone call> Gemma: hon, I can t go today I m sorry, I have a dinner with Emil tonight with the hotel owners I m sorry Jake: I understand Gemma: are you sure? Jake: yes go don t be late Gemma: I love you Jake: sure bye <phone call ended> <meeting done> Emil: are you okay? Don t you feel well? Gemma: it s about Jake I always cancel our date because of work Emil: you want to see him? I ll escort you to his condo Gemma: No I can get a taxi Emil: c mon Hmmmhp Gemma: Emil Emil: it s fine with me Gemma: thank you <Jake s condo> Emil: <knock on the door for the 10th time already> Gemma: I think he s not around Emil: why don t you call him? Gemma: of course :<dial Jake s number> Emil: a phone is ringing inside Gemma: maybe he s already asleep lets go Emil: are you sure? Gemma: c mon <door open> A girl in her robe with crumpled hair and seems tired Girl: yes? You need Jake? He s in the bed sleeping we just Emil: shut up <push the girl away from the door, pull Gemma inside the condo to the bedroom> Gemma: <covered her mouth, crying> Jake: Sheena? Where are you? Who s that? <sat up, covered his naked body> : GEMMA??? <stand up, go near her> let me explain Emil: <stand between them> stay away from her Jake: you stay away from her, she s my fiancée Emil: she s no longer yours cheater <punch him> Gemma: Emil lets go Jake: Gem Gemma: wedding canceled <throw the engagement ring to him> :give that to your girl : c mon it s stinks here Emil: Stay away fro her, from now on or else, you ll see Jake: GEMMA

<Emil s car> Gemma: <cry> Emil: <start driving> you want to go home directly? Gemma: yes yes please <minutes later> Emil: were here.., stay I ll open the door <run to the opposite door and opened it> : c mon Gemma: thank you, I can manage Emil: just let me send you to the door <at the porch> Emil: are you sure you re okay? Gemma: you want to get inside? Emil: no, I wont bother you, take a rest for now Gemma: thank you <hug him> Emil: Gem? Are you alright? Gemma: it s so painful <cried, embrace him> Emil: hmmhm let me get you inside <carry her. Lie her on the sofa> Gemma: please stay Emil: I will, hush now and sleep <3:00 AM> Gemma: wooh Emil? My God I ve fallen asleep <went upstairs to get pillows and blankets> <covered Emil with the linens> Emil: <sat at the other sofa> Gemma: hmmhm, I wish you are the one that I loved but now I cant <7:00 AM> Gemma: <went to the kitchen> <at the kitchen. Emil: good morning, I m sorry I touched your kitchen Gemma: sorry for bothering you last night and thank you for staying Emil: no problem, breakfast? Gemma: <sat by the table> thank you Emil: in a minute <after breakfast> Emil: I m going Gemma: thank you, take the day off I know you did not sleep well last night Emil: you too, your eyes are still swollen Gemma: is it obvious? Emil: yes Gemma: I just feel bored if I stay home Emil: why don t you just go shopping? Gemma: with this face? Emil: a vacation on a beach? Gemma: alone? Emil: you want me come along? Gemma: will you please? Emil: okay I ll get my things, wait for me for a hour, prepare for a three day vacation

Gemma: three day? Emil: yes Gemma: where are you taking me? Emil: Secret <leave> <after one hour> Emil: ready? Gemma: yes <after a long hour trip> Gemma: where are we? Emil: my family s beach resort Gemma: I don t know you have one Emil; you did not ask.. Gemma: is this a public resort? Emil: PRIVATE Gemma: you mean were alone here? Emil: not literally alone, care takers live about 100 m from the main mansion <got out the car> : C mon we ll get your things later <mansion> Emil: why is it so noisy here? Gemma: don t you think your family is here? Emil: yah, I forgot about dad s birthday c mon Gemma: is it okay for me to come along? Emil: yes I need you to help them explain my transformation Gemma: they still don t know? Emil: yah <music stop> Emil: don t look at me like that it s me Emil and meet Gemma Emil s dad: is that you son? Emil: happy birthday dad.. <shake hands> Emil s mom: we thought you forgot about the party Emil: actually I did so much for that were hungry right Gemma? Gemma: the truth is Emil s dad: your girlfriend son? Emil: not yet Gemma: Emil Leny: Sis? Emil: Leny cant you see? I m a man now it s a bro. Emil s dad: this is a very wonderful gift son Emil: of course dad Emil s mom: c mon there s still food in the kitchen take Gemma with you Emil: sure mom <Kitchen> Emil: I m sorry, you should be relaxing Gemma: it s fine, I like being around with many people Emil: lets eat Gemma: I don t now you are this rich Emil: I live being independent I want to live for myself

Gemma: as I can see, you really did <back at the party> Emil: sis meet Gemma my employer and my best friend Gemma: hi Leny Leny: bro I thought you are going to be a gay forever Emil: nah <Akbay Gemma> seeing this lovely girl sad every time I had a heartbreak, makes my heart go pieces Leny: you mean Gemma is the reason of your transformation? Gemma: of course not, Emil Emil: <smile> Gemma: excuse us Leny Leny: sure take your time Gemma: what are you telling her? Emil: the truth of course Gemma: Emil, maybe she will think different Emil: let her be <laugh> want a walk in the shore? Gemma: sure Emil: why don t we change into something comfortable? Gemma: my baggage s ? Emil: it s in your room, I ask the maids to get it a while ago Gemma: jeezs thanks Emil: I ll wait on your room door <on the shore> Emil: <hold her hand> how are you feeling? Gemma: I m okay Emil: really? Gemma: yah Emil: c mon lets go swimming <pull her toward the water.. Gemma: Emil, slow down, fine fine Emil: <dive to the water and stayed> Gemma: Emil? Where are you? :Emil?... don t joke on me like that : <shout> Emil :Emil, it s funny : Emi get in here now <shout> : EMIL fine I m not playing games with you <leave> <after one hour> <house> Emil: <still on trunks> did you see Gemmma? Maid: I think in her room sir Emil: thank you <Gemma s room> Emil: <knock> Gemma are you here? Why did you left me at the beach? Gemma: Go away

Emil: open the door lets talk Gemma: I don t want to talk to you leave me alone <weeping voice> Emil: please Maid: any problem sir? Emil: can I have a key in this room? Maid: right away sir <minutes later> Emil: Gemma, if you don t open the door I ll use force Gemma: <weeping voice> go away please Emil: My God are you crying? <open the door> :Gemma <hug her> what s the matter with you? What s the problem? Gemma: <push him> you are my problem Emil: what? Gemma: how could you make g\fun of me not appearing after you dice in the water, I thought you drown <shout> Emil: I did not make fun of you, I thought you followed me dive I was going to tour you underwater but you left me <shout back> Gemma: its because you did not tell me I was damn worried about you <punching him> how could you do that to me? <weeping> Emil: <embrace her> I m sorry I m very sorry hush now. Gemma: don t do it again Emil: promise I m sorry Leny: ahem sorry Emil: <pull away> yes Leny? Leny: hmmhm dad asked me to call you two.. we are going to the cave, that is if your interested Emil: fine just leave the speedboat we ll use it you can go first Leny: sorry for the disturbance <leave> Gemma: you should change clothes <head bow>

Emil: are you willing to come? Gemma: sure of course Emil: I ll wait at the cottage near the port Gemma: ok Emil: I ll go now <leave> <after 3 days> <back at the office> Berk: and where did the two of you come from? Gemma: yah vacation Sam: just the two of you? Emil: with my family Sam: by the way Jake has been here from the past three days Gemma: nah... we had a breakup last three days Berk and Sam: you what? Sam: seriously? Emil: yah <smile> Gemma: we just have a short vacation to cool my self out I was hurt Emil: so much for that lets get to work <Gemma s office> Gemma: thank you for the concern Emil: of course anything for you Gemma: thanks <hug him> Emil: your welcome <hug her back> Gemma: love you friend.. mwah

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