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wall relIef no. 1 Henry Moore (1954) This well-known English sculptor was commissioned to do this piece after an exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in 1953. It is his first and only work in brick. concert- en congresgebouw de doelen E.H. and H.M. Kraaijvanger, R.H. Fledderus (1955-1966) / Jan Hoogstad (2000) Acclaimed for its excellent acoustics, the concert hall is home to the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. De Doelen offers a broad spectrum of concerts, ranging from classical to light, modern and world music.
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drawing, is based on the neo-classicist city gate from before the war. It symbolises a Rotterdam that is still a work in progress. studIo hergebruIk Discover products created by reusing, recycling or upcycling materials, images or concepts. The studio’s output ranges from art to clothing and home accessories. untItled Naum Gabo (1957) This 40-ton, 26.2-metre steel artwork beside De Bijenkorf department store was an ‘ideological contribution to constructivism’, as Gabo put it. Despite its heavy mass, the sculpture conveys an impression of weightlessness. the husband of the doll Thom Puckey (1991) The cheery clown wearing only a hat is by British artist Thom Puckey, who has been working in the Netherlands since 1978.
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sign by major Dutch painters like Rob Scholte, Jan Cremer and Paul Huf, as well as famous Dutch designers like Piet Hein Eek and Marcel Wanders. grote- or st. laurenskerk This Late Gothic church took heavy damage during the bombardment of 14 May 1940. It now stands in striking contrast to the new architecture added to Rotterdam since then. Besides its regular church services, the St. Laurence Church now also hosts tours, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, shows and events. Its permanent exhibition, entitled ‘A monument full of stories’, reveals its illustrious past.
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café-restaurant lantarenVenster Feel free to drop in all day and well into the evening, even if you’re not here for a film or concert. Outdoor waterfront seating in good weather. nederlands fotomuseum Van den Broek en Bakema (1953) / Benthem Crouwel Architecten (2007) The national photography centre in the Las Palmas building displays the many facets of photography in changing exhibitions of Dutch and international photography, both historical and contemporary. lp II Cultural centre beside the photography museum in Las Palmas, hosting temporary exhibitions, shows and other cultural activities. lost luggage depot Jeff Wall (2001) The cast-iron monument references the many emigrants who boarded the passenger ships of the Holland-America line at this location, departing for the New World and leaving everything behind. wereldmuseum rotterdam This dynamic centre for world cultures is a unique place to learn about and experience other cultures. The museum’s permanent exhibition features 1800 pieces from Oceania, Tibet, Japan, Africa, America and more; admission to this section is free. There are also two theme exhibitions each year. het restaurant (of the wereldmuseum) A pleasant spot for lunch or dinner, or a small snack in the café & wine bar. VIp’s InternatIonal art gallerIes Displaying innovative and colourful art, V!P’s Galleries specialises in classical and modern forms of pop art and related schools of art.
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Locations with this icon offer 25% discount or more with the Rotterdam Welcome Card (in 2011) including 1, 2 or 3 days of public transport. Go to www.rotterdam.info for more information or ask at Rotterdam.info or in the Rotterdam Info Café. The International Sculpture Collection consists of 45 public works by internationally renowned artists; 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of its compilation. The Westersingel sculpture route runs from Kruiskade to Westzeedijk past seventeen sculptures. All but three are also part of the International Sculpture Collection. Cafés and restaurants along your way.

marItIem museum W.G. Quist (1981-1986) The country’s oldest maritime museum stores, studies and shows Rotterdam’s nautical legacy. Its diverse exhibitions include Main Port Live, an impressive multimedia presentation of the dynamic port city of Rotterdam. The authentic historical ships of the Havenmuseum can be seen next door. cascade Atelier van Lieshout (2009) The 8-metre polyester sculpture represents on-going developments in consumer society. The emptying oil barrels, once icons of Rotterdam’s busy port, symbolise the natural resources that are now running low. museum rotterdam / schIelandshuIs J. Lois and P. Post (1662-1665) One of the oldest buildings in the city. Besides the permanent exhibition on Rotterdam’s history, this museum hosts surprising temporary shows that change regularly. nIeuwe luxor theater Bolles & Wilson (2001) Referred to as the most beautiful theatre in the Netherlands, this high-value entertainment venue presents grand productions on a magnificent scale, from musicals and shows to theatre concerts and dance performances. lantarenVenster Alvaro Siza (2010) Multidisciplinary centre in New Orleans, the tallest residential high-rise in the Netherlands. Best spot for films on contemporary authors, classic cinema, tributes, documentaries and children’s films. Jazz dominates the concert listings.
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rotterdamse schouwburg W.G. Quist (1982-1988) The Rotterdam municipal theatre hosts drama, dance, opera and theatre shows by all the major Dutch companies, including the Scapino Ballet and the Ro Theater from Rotterdam. Impressive international companies also make regular appearances. The spacious foyer opens at 11am. The three stainless steel objects on the outside of the Schouwburg are a piece by George Rickey titled Three Columns.
4 seated woman (1969) / reclInIng fIgure (1969) / standIng fIgure (1969) Willem de Kooning Originally from Rotterdam, painter Willem de Kooning became one of the key figures of Abstract Expressionism in the USA. He viewed his sculptures as paintings set in three dimensions, with the clay as thick paint.


erasmus Hendrick de Keyser (1622) This is the oldest surviving statue in the Netherlands. Born in Rotterdam, Erasmus was one of the most important humanist philosophers and has come to symbolise the city of his birth. hommage marten toonder De Artoonisten (2002) Over six metres high, this statue is a tribute to Rotterdam’s famous comic book writer, Marten Toonder. It was erected in honour of his ninetieth birthday. VIVId gallery Now located in the Red Apple building, VIVID is an art venue exhibiting work by national and international designers, including Dutch Design. de Verwoeste stad Ossip Zadkine (1951) This bronze work of art is the city’s main war memorial. The hole in the body symbolises how Rotterdam was cut to the heart by the German bombs in World War II.
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VIsIt www.rotterdam.Info or use the rotterdam app* for the latest oVerVIew of shows and exhIbItIons.
* Go to m.rotterdam.info/download on your mobile phone or download the App from the Apple AppStore, iTunes or the Android Market.

monsIeur Jacques Oswald Wenckebach (1956) Beloved by many of the city’s inhabitants, Monsieur Jacques is the very model of a self-satisfied middle-class businessman: chest out, nose tilted up, hat clasped behind his back.
10 café brasserie dudok Situated in a historic building that once housed the former insurance firm ‘De Nederlanden van 1845’, designed by the wellknown architect Dudok. This lively and popular meeting point is renowned for its apple pie.




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nIeuwe delftse poort Cor Kraat (1995) The structure, which looks like a three-dimensional graphic


chrIstIan ouwens Gallery with an impressive selection of paintings, photos and de-



The Kunsthal displays culture in the broadest sense of the word: old art. drawing in big names from small-scale theatre circles. The three-metre cyborg on the square is broad-shouldered and heavily armed. café de schouw + galerie de aanschouw Gallery De Aanschouw was once a display area for playbills in front of café De Schouw. Where advertising supplies cut-and-dry clichés. is a collaboration with Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar. Though its history dates back over 650 years.000 objects. 32 qwertz Franz West (2000) The five long. Mastroianni was not trying to capture the human form. outdoor seating. presenting refreshingly excellent shows. is a platform for visual culture on the interface between visual arts and popular culture. 39 35 41 cokkIe snoeI This gallery of modern art combines the experimental with the traditional. a quote from Samuel Beckett’s novella Worstward Ho. Metzelaar (1850) / E.P.F. Besides its permanent exhibition. 38 melly shum hates her Job Ken Lum (1990) Billboard with contrasting text and image. Job Koelewijn (2001) The text in the water reads ‘No Matter Try Again Fail Again Fail Better’. which was destroyed in the bombardment. Stationsplein 45 (next to Rotterdam Central Station) 27 natuurhIstorIsch museum J. Beelden van Enith. Rotterdam offers a wide range of art & culture. but the emotional tension between two people who are completely wrapped up in each other. art and culture. In the 20th century. Witte de With displays and discusses the latest developments in exhibitions and publications. Katendrecht Former steam ship De Rotterdam features an exceptional colle tion of art and craftsmanship on board. high-risk and dynamic. van der Vlugt (1929-1933) The Sonneveld house is one of the best-preserved homes in the style of the Nieuwe Bouwen modernist school of architecture. Two centres of contemporary art. providing public access to art. Rotterdam Noord This centre of applied arts is like a department store where creative entrepreneurs have opened little shops.W. de rotterdam 3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25. Historisch Delfshaven This former warehouse dating back to 1825 offers a wide range of things to see and do. theater walhalla Sumatraweg 9-12. housed in the former Villa Dijkzigt. van Egeraat (1995) One of the biggest natural history museums in the Netherlands. as if they are a family. 48 47 wItte de wIth and tent. The pattern sets the park in motion. museum for archItecture Jo Coenen (1993) The Netherlands Architecture Institute caters to anyone with an interest in architecture. the chairs in the café & restaurant were produced especially for De Unie. 2 or 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel with RET metro. 51 50 rondJe rotterdam art & culture hours 2 sylVette Pablo Picasso (1970) Sandblasted in concrete. with tiny shop interiors and a home from Delfshaven. This Guard (1998) is a sculpture by artist Hans van Bentem. the city feels young. Guided tours and multimedia tours are offered. a bookshop and the DoeDek activity area for hands-on design and construction. The seven-metre steel and zinc installation along the building’s façade is The Hermitage (1999) by Lebbeus Woods. Bodon (1963-1972) / Daem & Robbrecht (2000-2003) This world-class art museum has an extensive collection of classic and contemporary art. 41 formule b. chabot museum G. tram and bus! Price: € 9 / € 12 / € 15 Available at: ■ R OTTERDAM. dance and festivals.P.rotterdam. Baas and L. master classes. making and selling their fashion.271 01 20 / www. as well as his contemporaries and kindred spirits in expressionism from the Netherlands and abroad. current. Diverse and inspiring exhibitions are held here. welded to each other in an irregular pattern. Stokla (1938-1939) The white corner villa is a monument to Nieuwe Bouwen architecture. echoing the movements of the skaters. 49 l’homme quI marche Auguste Rodin (1905) ‘The Walking Man’ is a masterpiece from the early days of modern sculpture. TENT. untItled Peter Struycken (1993) The light sculpture on the colonnade below the NAI is hard to miss in the dark. from professionals to aficionados of any age. 52 Rotterdam is a dynamic international city on the waterfront.info Coolsingel 195-197 3012 AG Rotterdam Rotterdam Info Café Stationsplein 45 3013 AK Rotterdam eng kunsthal Rem Koolhaas and Fumi Hoshino (1989-1992) An exceptional exhibition hall without a permanent collection. museums. WORM hosts concerts. Plays and musical theatre are the main emphasis. art & lifestyle creations. The palette of colours that appears on the series of 170-metre columns changes every 10 minutes. 32 33 34 33 cbk This centre for visual art has an art lending library and organises many activities and temporary exhibitions every year. 43 45 46 About het afscheId Umberto Mastroianni (1955) In ‘The Farewell’. The ship regularly hosts performances and theatre shows. Brinkman and L.INFO. festivals and other events. design. some in its own theatre. That appreciation and the influence that it had on later artists are among the reasons why this statue is considered a crucial step in sculptural development.J. The piece consists of two rectangular vertical blocks. stedelIJk museum schIedam Hoogstraat 112-114. Cokkie Snoei displays work by unknown and established artists and has a unique collection of twentieth-century photography. which turn in response to the vagaries of wind and weather. monochromatic rolls by this radical Austrian artist are made from a core wrapped in sheets of aluminium. this portrait of 20-year-old Sylvette. attached to a column over seven metres high. the girl Picasso met in the spring of 1953 who became his muse. films. Boijmans Van Beuningen hosts some 25 temporary exhibitions every year and has many public activities. Originally designed by architect J. de unie Carel Weeber inspired by J. Schiedam Museum of modern and contemporary Dutch visual arts. including an exhibition on Old Rotterdam. Follow the black road signs. from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. hence the title: Elevation. presenting innovative theatre productions.INFO Discounts of 25% and more at 54 attractions. The sculpture on the roof is ‘The Camel and his Driver’ by Henk Visch. meeting point and cultural venue for all ages. WWW. the statue set an example for many modern artists. restaurants and places of entertainment in Rotterdam & 1. from dried plants to mammoth fossils. Hannah Anthonysz Text & Design: Tot en met ontwerpen Printing: Drukkerij Atlas showroom mama MAMA. theater de gouVernestraat Theatre. skatepark westblaak 75B (2000) The 75B design firm came up with the design used in the paving for the skate park: an optical illusion makes the colourful lines seem to be in constant flux. The films shown at Cinerama generally walk the line between blockbuster hits and art-house productions. this artwork evokes more questions than it could ever answer. It is now open to the public as a museum home curated by the NAI. The sculpture in the pond is by Auke de Vries and was installed in 1993. intimate theatre in the old entertainment district of Katendrecht. The museum displays paintings. Many carpets. including an extensive collection of Cobra works from 1945-1960 by painters like Appel and Corneille. which hosts about 25 shows a year. The most modern city in the Netherlands. new art. The museum shop and the espresso bar are also accessible without an admission ticket. or find your own way with the map as your guide. Rondje Rotterdam shows you the cultural highlights and reveals the hidden gems. from museums & galleries to theatres & public art. 44 43 42 49 51 outsIde the cIty centre rotabs Zaagmolenkade 46. huIs sonneVeld J. De Unie is now a platform for debate. It is home to over 25. showroom for Media And Moving Art. The museum restaurant overlooks the museum gardens. as well as regular lectures and debates. home base to the latest generation of visual creatives and artists. two turnIng VertIcal rectangles George Rickey (1969) A monumental kinetic sculpture by the American pioneer of kinetic art. They push the piece upwards. presenting experimental music and images with daring and panache. 31 30 29 28 museum boIJmans Van beunIngen A. Oud (1925) The building is a reproduction of the original structure. photography. from 1992. exhibits cutting-edge art: authentically Rotterdam. drawings. Follow the signs with enJoy explorIng rotterdam! . van der Steur (1928-1935) / A.27 28 designed in the 1930s. workshops. sculptures and carvings were made especially for De Rotterdam when it was constructed.info Rondje Rotterdam is a Rotterdam Marketing publication Photography: Tot en met ontwerpen. 45 santa claus Paul McCarthy (2001) The 6-metre statue of Santa Claus holding a butt plug in his right hand is a critique of Western consumer culture. everything from elitist to popular. sculptures and graphic art by Rotterdam-based artist Henk Chabot. overlooking the skate park.C. Oud in 1934. 35 34 T +31 (0)10 . naI. with a view of Screwarch (1983) an aluminium artwork by Claes Oldenburg. international. The controversial work is known colloquially as Leprechaun Buttplug. museum rotterdam / de dubbelde palmboom Voorhaven 12. Daarzijn. 37 36 cInerama An authentic cinema with 7 theatres and a friendly foyer. For more information on Rotterdam: RotteRdam. where artists meet their audience. 40 worm (Opening in autumn 2011) WORM is an institute for avant-garde recreation.ROTTERDAM. Coolsingel 195-197 (next to metro station Beurs) ■ VVV Rotterdam Info Café. production house. Katendrecht A small.J. eleVazIone Giuseppe Penone (2001) The bronze tree without a crown is carried by four alder trees. The spacious area around the entrance includes a café. and hosts various temporary exhibitions.A.

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