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Biography: Lewis Conway (CPRP)

Born on August 24, 2002 in Belmont, California, Lewis Conway was raised in a quiet residential area. His father Craig and mother Marissa raised him until age fourteen, when a tragedy occurred. Marissa, a representative for a large corporation, was forced into business with a crime syndicate. Relations quickly became poor, causing the company to fire Marissa. Only days after, a masked bounty hunter burst into their home with little discretion and shot his mother once in the chest, killing her instantly. Lewis had watched as his mother was killed, and the unknown assassin fled without a word. For the following week he was filled with grief and anger, until one day after school an old man approached him. There was a mysterious presence about him; he carried numerous scars as if he had seen combat before. He introduced himself as an exhit man, as well as knowing the man who killed Marissa. Lewis was eager to find the murderer, but there was a catch- the old man would have to train Lewis to kill before he would reveal the person. Lewis obliged, and spent the next fifteen years in rigorous training to become a skilled assassin himself. By the time Lewis was twenty-nine, he had learned everything his mentor had to teach. It was now that the old man had become sickly, and Lewis was eager to learn of the assassin who murdered his mother before his mentor would pass away. On his deathbed, the old man revealed that he himself killed his mother, refusing to explain why. Out of hatred, he shot his mentor in the chest just as was done to his mother. From there on, Lewis shortened his name to simply Conway, shrouded with darkness in the years that followed. Within a few years, Conway became a recognized bounty hunter in crime organizations across the US, though his fame was often established by his actions locally rather than nationally. In late 2038, a California-based crime organization he was trusting of had decided to eliminate Conway because of recent affiliation with a rival syndicate, and hired him for a job that didnt exist. When he arrived at the targets apartment, four armed men ambushed him and sedated him, leaving him tied up in a closet lined with explosives. He managed to escape before the building exploded, though he was left without equipment and wanted by the police, framed for the incident. With nowhere to turn in the area, he headed south to the city of San Angeles, where he had some connections. Planning to scrape up enough cash to get out of state, he had not planned a long stay. However, current conditions in San Angeles allowed perhaps the perfect opportunity he needed to clear his name and make some cash.

Summary: An ex-hitman with a dark past. For years he traveled across the US eliminating targets for major crime syndicates and corporations alike, gaining local renown across the country. Only recently was his career halted when a California-based crime organization turned against him for accepting a contract with a rival gang. Framed for a bombing meant to snuff him out, Conway made his way south to San Angeles to scrape up enough cash to leave the state. However, current conditions in the city allowed perhaps the perfect opportunity he needed to clear his name and make some cash. To most he seems emotionless, though he is dangerously clever and somewhat cynical. Though often perceived as a lone wolf, he has many contacts throughout the city and is highly regarded amongst the criminal underbelly.

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