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your host for Establish Your Purpose • Welcome to Establish Your Purpose, the show that helps you discover God’s unique purpose for you and fulfill that purpose through each of the five main areas of your life: Faith, Health, Relationships, Career and Finances (Graphic). Body Over the next few weeks, we will discuss what purpose really is, how to ensure you know what yours is and how you can pursue it in each area of your life. • Purpose is at the core of creation, it is the very reason we exist. Now more than ever, you need to know why God created you, placed you where you are today and what you are supposed to do with what He’s placed in your hands. If you are alive, breathing and able to think a thought, you have a purpose from God. And with every purpose, God has given you the ability to produce it, that is to bring it into Fruition. • The fruit you produce by pursuing your purpose will supply not only your need and that of your family, but it will meet God’s need in the earth. God wants to make a covenant with you, today. If you will seek His face and make your call and election, your purpose, sure and pursue it with all your heart, there will be nothing impossible to you and nothing denied you. [Genesis 17 and 18 details God’s covenant with Abraham, that was made in his old age. Proving you are never too old to start living in your purpose. He will likewise prosper you if you obey His word and do what He wants you to do with your life.] • Read 2 Peter chapter 1 verses 3-11. Verse 3 says “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” In other words, God has already placed inside you everything that you need. Now add to what He’s put inside you the determination to bring it to pass. Verses
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5-7 of this chapter tells us to add to our faith, virtue, then knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and to that charity, and then to have these characteristics in abundance. It is this group of characteristics that will strengthen you as you pursue your purpose. V. 8 says they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of Christ. That being your knowledge of what it is that God is trying to do through you, which is your purpose. Finally, Peter tells us in verse 10 to make sure we know what we are to do and that we do it in a way that pleases God. If we pursue our God-given purposes, as opposed to our own purposes, we will never fall or fail. And we will be richly welcomed into the kingdom. Nothing pleases God more than obedience, and seeing each part of His creation doing what He wants it to do. • Our focus now, in this time, should be on pleasing God. As we please Him by using our lives for His purposes, we in turn will have lives that are pleasing to ourselves. That is to say, our lives will be prosperous in every way and full of peace. Will we face battles? Yes. Battles are a part of the call. 2Timothy 3:12 says, “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.. But we will always gain a sure victory. Will we face battles if we don’t pursue our purpose? Yes. But you will never gain a sure victory in the battles you fight outside of the will and purpose of God. Sure victory is having rest on every side (that is in each life area). A sure victory is one where there is no sorrow in any life area after the battle is over. • So what is purpose? And how can you ensure you know what yours really is? The dictionary definition is an intended or desired result. Your purpose is the result or impact that comes about from your doing what God wants you to do with what you currently have. It is the change or improvement of something or some group of people that happens because you produced good fruit with your abilities. God has a vision for how He wants things to be at any given point in time. So He pre-destined for you to walk a particular course and to produce various types and amounts of fruit as you go along. Your fruit must be there at the appointed time. If that fruit is not there, you may suffer the consequences of the fig tree that did not bear
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fruit when it was supposed to (Luke 13: 6-9). For three years the master of the field looked for fruit and it bore none. He was ready to cut it down, but his workman said, “Spare it another year and let me work with it. If it doesn’t bear fruit after that then cut it down.” Do you not know that each of us is planted in God’s vineyard, called the earth? He planted you where you are with unique seeds of purpose so that you could produce the fruit that He desires. God is waiting for us to deliver. Jesus is petitioning Him and saying give them one more chance, let me prune and fertilize them for one more season, maybe then they will bear their fruit. I am encouraging you to take up the charge, discover your purpose and start achieving it, today. How can you find out what your purpose is? We are limited in how deeply we can explore this in a 30-minute program. But, in general, your purpose can be found in what you have a passion about. Passion is powerful feelings or great enthusiasm. Passion was given to you by God to help you know His will for your life. Here are 3 steps you can take today towards knowing your purpose. 1. Know your Capabilities (Know what you have) 2. Get intimate with God (Know who gave it to you) 3. Focus (your mind) on Service to God (Know how God wants you to use it) Knowing your capabilities (Know what you have): Capability is being qualified. And what qualifies you to accomplish your purpose? Your abilities plus your determination. Ability is given to you by God. It is your gifts, talents and skills. Skills are abilities that you gain through the normal course of development. Talents are superior natural abilities that you discovered through the normal course of development. Gifts are superior natural abilities that you don’t have to go through the normal course of development to attain. I have found that all three types of abilities will play a role in fulfilling your purpose. Your gifts may help you focus on your specific purpose, your talents will help add structure to your purpose and your skills will round out the fruit you produce so that it is complete. To your God-given abilities, you then must add determination. You have to make a decision to push past the circumstantial and use the tangible abilities inside you. Determination says I have

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all that I need to move forward and I need to use what I have. Determine right now to use your abilities. As you focus on your purpose, you will begin to make better decisions and respond better to adverse situations. Instead of being consumed by your circumstances, you will begin to see your circumstances in the light of your purpose. You will find that your responses will be based on whether they will take you closer to or farther away from purpose. Determination plus your abilities gives you the capability to succeed. • Get Intimate with God (Know who gave it to you): After you know what you have, you have to know the one who gave it to you. You need to know the heart of God. God is constantly loving and embracing us. He constantly yearns for our attention. Why? So he can share the desires of His heart with us. God is looking for someone who will stop asking from Him long enough to ask for Him. • He is looking for those who love Him enough to ask what they can do to please Him. Intimacy births the kind of love that makes you want to do anything someone asks of you. Take some extra private time to pray, and commune with God. Letting Him tell you how wondrously made you are and you telling Him how great and greatly to be praised He is. Letting Him flush your cares away with His awesome presence while you praise Him for just brining you through another day with a mind to want to praise Him. Get intimate with God. Tell Him how you appreciate His calling you out from among the thousands of others He could have chosen, and how you appreciate the fact that He even noticed you, when it seems no one else in the world knows you exist. Tell Him how you appreciate the way He keeps you safe and protected from all sort of dangers and peril. Thank Him for how He delivers you again and again from the schemes of the enemy. Tell Him how much you love Him and appreciate the abilities He has placed in you and for giving you a determined attitude to use them. Thank Him for just being love in your life. For out of His love flows all the purposes of His heart for you, and out of your love for Him flows the fulfillment of those purposes.

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Focus (your mind) on Service to God (Know how God wants you to use it) If you love someone, you should be willing to do any good thing for that person. Once you know your capabilities and you love God, your focus in life should be solely to please Him. You can only please God through obedience to His written word and the specific revelation of that word in your life. 2 Timothy 2:4 says, 4No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. • Make no mistake, there is a battle raging in the heavenlies right now. Whether you decide to be a soldier in the Lord’s army or not, you are in the middle of this battle. And it is your very life and the lives of those you are supposed to touch with your purpose that are at stake. I’m sure you know that God is the one who will be victorious. I don’t know about you, but I want to be on the side of victory. With Christ as our commanding officer, we need to be found seeking His face for instruction, letting Him handle the distractions of life that try to pull us off course. If we keep our mind stayed on Christ, He will give us the desires of our heart because our desires are aligned with His will. Denying the flesh nature and building up the spirit man, this is what we must do in order to be prepared for achieving the purpose that God designed for each of us. Your entire life needs to be aligned for the sake of your purpose

Summary • In summary, the very point of your existence is purpose. Too many of us are living day to day without really knowing just what our purpose is. As a consequence, we try one thing after another looking for satisfaction, yet never finding it but rather disappointment and failure. The problem is that our lives are not yet lined up with God’s purpose. • All of creation has a purpose because God did nothing without a purpose in mind. Each of us is planted in the earth with our own unique seed. We must discover what they are, know how God wants us to use them and determine in our minds to bring them into fruition. Conclusion
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God, the I AM, is alive and well. He is in full control of all things in the earth. So, now is not the time to be consumed with the affairs of this world and its circumstances. These things are but signals to the church that it is time to move in lock-step with the plan of God. God is calling for His people to arise. He is waiting for His church to ready themselves for battle. He is looking for a people that will take up the charge and follow His lead without question, doubt or reservation. He is waiting and looking for a people that will obey and recognize the only choice they have in life is to obey Him. • There are so many souls to be harvested, but who will pick the fruit and present it to the Master? Who will answer the call and go? Will it be you? Are you willing to help God harvest the church? • God wants to make a covenant with you. In you He placed the investment called purpose. Won’t you honor God and put that investment to work? All that you need to fulfill God’s will in your life is already inside you. Through years of experience and training, God has readied you for the battle. It’s now up to you to accept the charge and fight the good fight, which is the fight of faith in God through Christ Jesus. How do you fight? By boldly moving forward to bring God’s purpose for your life into Fruition. Your purpose should be at the core of each life area, and it should guide every plan and decision you make. Over the coming weeks, I will instruct you on how to incorporate your purpose into each of the five areas of your life (faith, health, relationships, career and finances). But you must first discover what your purpose is. Final Words • If you don’t know or want to make sure you know your purpose, I strongly encourage you to get this audio series, “What Does Your Produce Look Like? How to live a purposeful life”. • This series will take you through the step-by-step process that will help you, 1. Discover Your Purpose (which includes the process for fully identifying your abilities) 2. Excavate the value from both good and bad past experiences and,
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3. Produce an abundant supply of good fruit in keeping with your purpose Listen to the entire series once either in your car or while you’re at home. Then set aside some private time to listen again and follow the steps included in it. The fruit you produce will supply you and the hundreds you will impact over the course or your life. I encourage you to find God’s purpose for your life and pursue it will all your heart so that you will not fall. Stayed focused on what God wants to do through you so no matter what circumstance presents itself, you will have the strength and the wisdom to respond in a way that pleases Him and gains you the victory. Knowing what your purpose is will help you make the right decisions in each area of your life. Are you tired of being impacted by conflict, worry and distress? Are you tired of things never quite working out for you? The key to the problem is purpose. If what you are doing today conflicts with God’s purpose for your life, you will never realize the fullness of His promises to you. If you are working towards something other than your purpose, you will constantly be embroiled in conflict, confusion and strife. That is because what you are doing is going against the very order and plan of God. Align yourself, today, with the plan of God, so that all will go well with you. [Scripture: Deuteronomy 5:33 Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.]. Though we all share the promise of eternal life through Christ, Everybody’s inheritance for this life is not the same. Your promises from God are attached to your purpose. You need to know your purpose so you can understand the promises He gave to you. Your purpose is the basis of your covenant with God. His blessings for you in this lifetime and in heaven will be manifested through your purpose You need to get this tape series, “What Does Your Produce Look Like?” When God gives a word, it first applies to the one He gives it through. This audio series has been a tremendous

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blessing to me. It has catapulted me into the deep, into my position for purpose and for God’s blessings. Because my purpose requires it, I stand before you today, exhorting you to pursue your purpose. My life is now more peaceful than ever and I have great joy that only God can give and that comes through obedience to His word. • “What Does Your Produce Look Like?” will help you get ready for battle by preparing you to fulfill your purpose, starting today. Call this number now, 1-800-778-4942, and order one for yourself and for a friend who is in need, but may not be watching this program right now. While you are helping yourself, help someone else. For the children of God are part of one body, all with different roles and functions but working together to build the church that God is looking for. “What Does Your Produce Look Like?” is just $19.95 plus shipping and handling. • Now you know what your life is all about. It’s about pleasing God through your purpose so that all will go well with you in this life and the one to come. Order this audio series now and bring your destiny into Fruition. And join us next time as we discuss how to incorporate your purpose into the Faith area of your life. Be blessed and may you prosper in all good things through your purpose in God.

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