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DEMOCRACY DAY: The birth day anniversary of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon

him) and Reply to question Why Islam?

At the present time it is irrelevant to question on the prophet hood of Mohammed (Pbuh),
because, he defeated all the opponents who were against the truth including great
magicians of that time and fraud prophets of that time. Various propagandas failed which
were delivered against him. While in the time of present rule of democracy, if someone
is elected just few votes more than his opponents, and able to rule the large country, it is
unwise to not accept prophet hood of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) whose followers are
more than two billions.
Common people cannot defeat the present day magicians, how do they argue against
supernatural spiritual enlightened unique personality like prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)?
So, the prophet hood of Mohammed (pbuh) is unchallangeable. His life was so simple
and full of hardships that he remained hungry for days. If he wished he could have lived
luxury life. If we see Islamic history, his life prior to declaration of prophet hood was
comparatively much richer than his life after declaration of prophet hood. So, he did not
earn money from prophet hood and never was it his mission. His mission was to give
humans the eternal salvation.

I want to write one more truth of the world; and that is the invention of democracy by
prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). Islam opponents know this very thing. But they are bias.
They have prejudice. In every age such people will be there. Satanic power is also
running in the world. Allah(God) has made this system. He allowed for human being the
option to choose from truth and falsehood by showing the ways through prophets and
saints. Allah could have killed the satan and there could be no evil forces in the world.
But then what about the testing? Allah (God) has created this entire creation so that he
can be recognized. And for his recognition, he put the test of false hood and trueness and
showed the way for guidance.

The inventor of the Democracy in the whole world was a Prophet Mohammed(peace be
upon him). He instructed his companions that after his demise(taking veil from this
world), they should ELECT their leader who would govern the Islamic state according to
charter of laws stated by Islam, propagate Islam and look after the welfare and security of
the people. The demonstration of the democracy was performed by first four leaders of
Islam one after the other who governed the state in a most fantastic way and extended the
state boundaries to a big country the area of which covered present day Saudi Arabia,
Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan. Let us celebrate the birth anniversary of Prophet
Mohammed(Pbuh) as a "Democracy Day"


There are several reasons that Islam is the only religion on the earth which must be
accepted by all human beings. Allah (GOD) has declared those not accepting Islam; as
(1) All the religions are from Allah (GOD). Allah descended one after the other
about 124000 prophets on the earth. Some of them were given divine
scriptures. When the sins of the people are increased beyond the limit fixed by
Allah, he sends a prophet to guide them to the straight path. The Satan is
downgraded. The evil of the people of earth is reduced to a great extent. Such
a purified state on the earth is maintained for some years. Then slowly and
slowly, again sins of the people on the earth are increased. When it crosses the
limit, once again another prophet is sent down on the earth. The earth and the
people are purified again. This cycle of system is repeated again and again
until the final prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) was sent on the earth.
(2) When a new prophet comes on the earth, he brings with him several laws.
Everybody has to follow the laws of the prophet. A new prophet may either
reform or abolish some laws of previous prophet according to the demand of
the time as instructed and guided by Allah(God) with a divine inspiration.
This is exactly same in the manner as it happens in the court of law of a state
or country. In the state or country, when a new law is made replacing or
reforming the old one, every citizen of that country has to follow the new law.
Thus old law is quashed. Now it is crystal clear that Islam is the latest religion
on the earth and prophet Mohammed(Pbuh) is the last prophet, every citizen
on this earth must follow the rules and laws brought by Islam and its prophet.
Is it not a logical statement to accept Islam?
(3) The laws of a country are to be followed by the citizens. Some laws may be
hard. Some may be very hard and some laws may be easy to follow but we
have to obey them. Exactly in the same way, in a religion, some laws may be
hard, some may be very hard and some may be easy. But we have to follow
them. What a strange thing it is that we are arguing against the laws set by the
almighty Allah(God)! Prophet is a messenger of the laws of Allah. Allah is
feeding us, gives us fresh air to breath. So, we must submit ourselves to him.
The one, who submits oneself to the God, cannot argue against him. A servant
cannot argue against his master. So, whether it is a matter of wearing a scarf
on the head by a woman or may be the other thing, we cannot argue. When an
engineer makes a machine, he knows its full knowledge and guides the other
persons how to operate or deal with that machine. In the same way, Allah is
the creator of the universe. He better knows why he framed such and such
laws for the man and woman.
(4) As regards miracles of prophet Mohammed (Pbuh), he was unique. So many
people from previous religions who acquired supernatural powers were
defeated by him with the power of almighty Allah given to him. His followers
and devotees were able to perform miracles in such a way that the opposition
leaders and kings including magicians were defeated and impressed by
immense spirituality, converted from their parent religion into Islam. So, I do
not want to describe about miracles of Islam. I want to give only logical and
true reasons to accept Islam.
(5) When the entire Europe was in darkness, Martin Luther created separate
Christian group, called as the Protestant Christian, the Islam was just in a
developing phase. When whole the world was ruled by one or the other kings,
Islam developed a theory of Democracy. What a surprising thing it is that very
few non-Muslim people know that the inventor of the democracy was a
prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)!
He advised his followers that after his demise (taking veil from this world), they
should elect their leader whose mission would be ruling the Muslim state with the
Islamic laws and propagate the message of the prophet. So, by democratic way,
the four initial leaders of Islam, namely Abu Bakar, Omar, Usman and Ali (may
Allah be pleased with them) chosen and elected by the Muslims. They ruled in a
most fantastic way with their spiritual powers in such a way that the Islamic state
boundaries extended in Africa in the west and Afghanistan and Iran in the east.
The democratically elected leader of the Islamic state was known as khalipha. The
second khalipha of Islam, hazarat Omar(may god please with him) in one of his
noble speech in front of his followers told that he would be questionable in the
time hereafter, in the court of God, even if a dog under his reign remained hungry!
What a pious leader he was! I give you one more example of fourth khalipha
Hazarat Ali (may god please with him). In one battle with non-believer, he rode
on the chest of his enemy. He was about to cut the throat of the enemy. As he was
about to kill, the enemy spat on the face of Ali (may god please with him).
Looking to this, he(Ali) left the enemy unharmed and alive. The enemy asked
with an exclamation the reason why he was not killed. Ali (R.A.) replied, he was
fighting for the sake of almighty Allah and not for personnel cause. But when the
enemy spat, he (Ali) angered. So, if then, he killed the enemy, the cause for the
killing would be accounted for his anger rather than for Allah. He feared that he
might be questioned in the court of Allah. So, he did not kill the enemy. On
hearing this reply, the enemy converted into Islam.
(6) Democratically elected khalipha system lasted up to first four khaliphas,
25 years approximately. Then, dictatorship was introduced against Islamic laws.
The Military ruler Yazid bin Muawiyah was the first military dictator in Islamic
history who himself captured throne and martyred Imam Husein, a son of prophet
Mohammed's son-in-law Ali. Imam Husein insisted that democratically elected
true person must be set on the throne as khalipha. Imam Husein and his whole
except one son were martyred in the tragedious Karbala battle where Imam
Husein and his pious family were tortured, kept thirsty for three days and nights
and martyred. This was the end of democracy then and dictatorship and kingdoms
took place in Islamic States. Even prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) forecasted that
elected khilaphat system would last up to first four pious khaliphas only. So the
introduction of democracy in the world was made first by Islam. Now the Islam
has second number in regard to population of its followers. The democratically
elected khalipha used to remain in power till his death. He had two main duties,
Firstly he had to govern the state according to the laws of Islam and secondly, he
had to look after the security and welfare of the people. Lifetime duty for
governing the country was entrusted to the khalipha only due to the reason that
the most pious and versatile figure among the people had been elected.
(7) Very Important thing to note is that, the divine book of Islam is intact, word
by word unchanged. It is a great miracle of prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) that the
book quran will remain unchanged and intact till the destruction of this whole
universe. The other miracle is that, the saintly people of Islam’s dead body never
get rotten. The body remains intact even after so many years. Many historic events
have witnessed this thing. In our chishtiya sect of Sufism in Islam, it has been a
tradition that when a saintly person demise, the grave is opened after forty days of
burial and if the body is found intact, stone/cement-brick grave is made as a
symbol, so that the devotees can pray for blessings. There are so many Muslim
saints’ tombs constructed. What a true religion it is!
(8)See the first chapter of holy book quran. It is called as Surah Fateha. The
opener of the blessings from Allah. It is like this. “All the praises are for the
Allah, the guardian of all the worlds of the entire universe. The most generous and
most merciful. The owner of the day of judgment. We pray to you only and seek
for only your help. Guide us on the right path, the path of the righteous to whom
you blessed and rewarded and not on the path of those upon whom you angered
and who were deviated from the right path.” After this chapter, the second
chapter starts. The very first verse of the second chapter is this. “ Alef Laam Mim
(secret code words), this is the book in which there has no place for any doubt.
Guidance for those who fear and who bring faith on the unseen, pray Salaat
(prostration) and expend from which given by Allah and bring faith on which has
been descended upon you (O Mohammed) and descended upon the
previous(prophets) and believe firm on the day of judgement.” So, the Muslims
have faith on all previous prophets and on prophet Mohammed. It is a prerequisite
that one must have faith on prophet Mohammed. The Muslims recognize all
previous prophets but the laws will be followed which are brought by Prophet
Mohammed (Pbuh).
(9)Naturally, due to its last arrival on this earth, Islam includes all essence of
previous religions. It includes congregessional prayers performed five times a day.
It includes a loud repeated chanting. It includes meditaion. It includes yoga.
Everything that comes in the definition of a prayer is included in Islam. The hindu
notation of kundalini awakening is known as lataaif energy opening in Islam.
(10) See the definition of Allah in Islam. In quran, the definition of Allah is given.
“Allah is alone and unique. Allah is free of desires. None has born from him nor
has he born from anything. Nothing can be compared with him” Looking to this,
prophet Jesus is called as son of Mary(Mariam). Angel Jibrael(Gabriel) was
ordered to blow on Mary to conceive. Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) had no shadow
of his body. He had a shadowless body like angels. No light could create a
shadow of his body. Even though, he is known as a human being in quran. But it
should be noted that the divine light is showering on the prophets and saintly
people and they are connected to Allah(God). It can be easily understood like this.
The sun gives rays. The rays are never separate from the Sun but we cannot say
that the rays itself are the Sun. So, saintly people are not God but they are not
separate from God.
(11)See the greeting salutation of Islam. When two persons or more than two
persons either known or unknown meet, one of them say "assalamo alaykum"
meaning "peace be upon you" and the others reply " wa alaykum assalam"
meaning "peace be upon you, too" Now such type of greetings can be told at any
time even if you are standing with the dead body of your loved ones!
(12)Now see the meaning of Azan (prayer call in the mosques)

Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar (Allah is the gretest, Allah is the greatest)
Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar (Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest)
Ashhadu an lailah illallah (I bear witness that none worthy of prayer except Allah)
Ashhadu an lailah illallah (I bear witness that none worthy of prayer except Allah)
Ashhadu anna Mohammedan Rasulallah (I bear witness that Mohammed is the
messenger of Allah)
Ashhadu anna Mohammedan Rasulallah (I bear witness that Mohammed is the
messenger of Allah)
Hayy alassalah (live upon the prayer) spoken two times
Hayy alal falah (live upon the success) spoken two times

In the morning prayer call, one more verse is added " Assalatu khairum minan
naum" meaning "the prayer is better than the sleep"

These are the reasons why Islam should be accepted. Now compare these reasons
with any other religion. Then decide. The acceptance voluntarily by heart is the
only real acceptance.

(13)The argument for the religious fights may be treated just like the same as the
doctor cuts the diseased part of a body of a patient. Even though the doctor cuts
the leg or hand of the patient, he is not considered as a cruel. He is considered as a
kind. In the same way, the pious leaders of Islam fought for the sake of Allah
(GOD) almighty to save the humanity from the devil possessed people. By the
help of Allah, they won. It is quite logical that new religion people are always
tortured initially by the then dominated old religion people who were not sincere
to their own old religion and sunk in the ocean of sins and hence the God had to
send new prophet on the earth with reformed laws as per the demand of the time.
(14)So, the Muslims are the converted people from their old religions to the most
advanced Godly religion on the earth. So, such people cannot be termed as
illiterate, even though they are deprived of their democratic rights of population
based proportionate sharing of facilities like employment, education, election
candidature, parliament membership, assembly membership and like that.
(15) Now a day, in universities, the students of religion courses are taught about
some minor religions that are formed after Islam. These religions as for example,
are Sikhism and Bahai. But their founders could not establish themselves as
prophet due to the fact that in Islam's religious book which is a sky book, God
(Allah) already declared that Prophet Mohammed(Pbuh) is a last Prophet and a
seal of the prophets on the earth and hence no other prophet arrival is possible.
God cannot speak false. So, at the maximum, these so called religions can be
understood as faith sects and their founders can be regarded as faith -saints. So,
Islam is the latest religion on the earth. In fact sikhism’s founder Guru Nanak was
a disciple of Islamic saint Baba Fariduddin (R.A.). Baba Farid’s name appears in
the religion book of the Sikhism, called as Guru Granth Sahib. Baba Farid’s
poems and sayings are included in Guru Granth sahib. Guru Nanak established
new branch for divine knowledge. In fact so many Islamic saints accept other
religion people as their disciples and impart divine knowledge. While Bahai
religion founder, Bahaullah had his roots in Islam but he, instead of considering
him as a saint, tried to declare him as a prophet and diverted from the various
laws of Islam and hence he was declared as a fraud prophet and expelled from
Islam and was kept long time in prison. The divine knowledge people of Islam
easily recognized him and he had to be removed from Islam. The Prophets were
those, who were assisted by the leader of angels, Jibrael(Gabriel). When divine
messages arrive through an Angel Jibrael, certain visible clear signs appear on the
face and body of the Prophet. The religion with a sky book is of paramount
importance. Actually, the religion can be defined as a set of laws with a sky book
given to the Prophet of that religion. In all religions prior to Islam, God did not
mention that their prophets were the final prophets but in Islam’s book, God
clearly mentioned that Mohammed(Pbuh) is a final and a seal of prophets. Now
God cannot speak a false(lie) and hence no religion is possible after Islam as no
prophet will arrive. Hence latest religion on the earth is Islam. The book quran is
given by God. The universities teachers are not the divine persons whereas, there
are number of saints in Islam who can perform numerous miracles.