Bible Gateway Clues Using the Supporting Evidence Found in 1 Enoch 18 & 19 by Richard Stout SOURCE: {{Richard may have found the clues to why the Fallen Angels have been linked to the seven star system – the Pleiades, and also how the Pleiades are continually being linked to THE NEW AGE literature through Ufology and the alleged contactees who – in many instances – get their “information” from those who hail from the Pleiades.ʼ As Richard uses key word analysis in critical verses within chapters 18 & 19 of Enoch, I will also give suggestive evidence to support this contention. Byron LeBeau}} I ENOCH 18:14: And I beheld seven stars like blazing mountains and like spirits entertaining me. ʻStarsʼ in this verse has two symbolic meanings, as “blazing mountains” & “as spirits.” Firstly, blazing mountains: The word ʻblazeʼ is “a bright and or steady light or glare,” a brilliant striking display.” The word ʻmountainʼ in NELSONʼS BIBLE DICTIONARY means “something that is elevated, an elevated place or position, (high up) – as in literal stars shining in outer space. There is mention of seven stars. In the Bible we also have mention of the Pleiades, as in JOB 9:9, 38:31 (TWICE) JOB 38:32 & AMOS 5:8. There are seven distinct stars seen in the Pleiades, and the fact it is mentioned in the Bible so it may well indicate that this is a place of the seven literal stars. The second symbolic meaning of the word ʻstarsʼ is “spirits.” Stars are symbolic of angels (REV. 1:16-20 & 2:1 & 3:1; also in the Book of Jude, (JUDE 13) as wandering stars. It is mentioned in the Book of Enoch {{Ethiopian}} as “stars.” Angels are also spirits (HEB. 1:14.) So then the second symbolic meaning of ʻstarsʼ here is “angels.” But are they good or fallen angels? Letʼs see! In I ENOCH 8, it mentions seven particular (angels) who left their first estate (Heaven) and came to Earth with the purpose of cohabitating with the daughters of men (GEN. 6:1-2.) These seven Fallen Angels are mentioned in this book in chapter 18. As these are the only seven angels who have taught men evil things and are listed in the Book of Enoch, then verse 14 (above) must also be referring to these specific angels (as stars.) Here is a list of their names: Azazyel; Amazarah; Armers; Barkayal; Akibeel; Ramiel; Asaradel.

We believe that the seven stars of the Pleiades are the seven stars (Fallen Angels) so listed in Enoch. Letʼs take a close look at the verses in chapter 18 of 1 ENOCH: VERSE 15: “Then the angel said, ʻThis place until the consumption of heaven and earth will be the prison of the stars and the host of heaven.ʼ” This ʻplaceʼ is the seven stars of the Pleiades. The word ʻprisonʼ in Greek (teresis) means “a watching – keeping” similar to a “place of keeping.” This means that the seven stars of the Pleiades will be a prison, a place of keeping of these seven fallen angels. {{Is it any wonder that the Pleiades – in particular – is so often mentioned in THE NEW AGE CONTACTEE literature? I have often mentioned this seemingly bizarre connection from people who track the Semjases of the Pleiadian system, such as Richard Thompson who recorded the New Age “gibberish” of Semjasa (as contactor) who gave the same to Billy Meier which Richard cited in his book, “ALIEN IDENTITIES;” recently I saw Gary Bates cite another reference to Semjase/ Semjaza in his book, “ALIEN INTRUSION;” this time it revolved around “her” possible disguised Fallen Angel feeding false or misguided information to author Brad Steiger as well as Fred Bell, grandson of Alexander Graham Bell, so it seems that this ʻladyʼ from the Pleiades is very active in UFO circles; even Whitley Strieber seems to have had sex with a similar Fallen Angel (posing as a female, going by the name of Ishtar, a mother-goddess of Babylon, who has many names in different cultures throughout the world,) as per his own admission in the book, “COMMUNION.” Perhaps Enochʼs clue about the seven stars as well as the actual mention of the Pleiades in The Bible are not coincidental in my humble opinion, and the names they give out may simply be clues as to whom they really are ~~ i.e., FALLEN ANGELS, and with its fruit, by any other name smells as bitter!.}} Now who is the host of heaven? Could it be also that he is in prison with the seven? We look up the word ʻhostʼ in VINEʼS DICTIONARY it is listed as host, but also as “host” (of angels.) This meaning in Greek (stratia) = “an army” and is used of ʻangelsʼ in LUKE 2:13 & ʻstarsʼ in ACTS 7:42. ʻArmyʼ here in general means a large number or group of. So the seven stars (angels) will be in a place of keeping (the Pleiades) with the other Fallen Angels (hosts of heaven, the army of angels.) The word ʻheavenʼ here in Greek (ouranos) is used in connection with the expression “of the aerial heavens.” ʻAerialʼ means in general “in the air, living in the air, atmosphere,” plus ʻheavensʼ meaning “the sky or universe as seen from earth.” So the host of heaven (a large number of “Fallen Angels” together with the “aerial heavens,” mean “they” are in earthʼs air, sky, “atmosphere, but also “they” are in space – the Pleiadian system.) So the question becomes: How can they be or travel to both places?

Letʼs look at the word ʻplaceʼ again. In Greek we have (phottoklisia) for (ope) meaning “a hole” while in the KJV Bible, it is “place;” it says to see the word opening. The word ʻopeningʼ in Greek (anoigo) is used transitively as literally “a door or gate.” The word ʻholeʼ in general (pholeos) is “a lair.” A ʻlairʼ is a “dwelling place or hideaway.” This could represent the place of keeping (the Pleiades.) If we were to look at the word ʻportal,ʼ it means “a doorway, as entrance,” or a (“gate”.) This, then, is how the stars (as Fallen Angels) can be in the aerial (sky – air of earth) and the heavens (space-universe): by using a doorway! (How many times have the “aliens” mentioned that they came from the Pleiades? ) A LOT! The Fallen Angels as aliens? Yes! (At least this is how it is portrayed in the ʻBilly Meier contactee literature.ʼ) {{In our book, “THE CURS-ED NET,” we show that these aliens are Fallen Angels trying to deceive us into believing they are ETs coming from galaxies far far away – but they really come from their first estate – being thrust down as rebellious angels and into the curs-ed net – their newly found SECOND ESTATE!}} It is mentioned many times in “THE CURS-ED NET” that these angels are here to deceive us. If we look at the word ʻdeceive,ʼ in Greek (aparte) it states “deceit or deceitfulness” akin to (apatao) “to deceive” or that which gives a false impression (effect) whether by appearance, statement or influence. The effect is the UFO phenomenon; the appearance is of false aliens; the statement is that UFOs & aliens exist, and the influence used is by supernatural means. Using the Greek meaning (phrenapatao) under the word ʻdeceiveʼ we have the meaning literally “to deceive in oneʼs mind.” ʻInfluenceʼ is having the power to “affect” a person or course of events (as the UFO phenomenon does.) To further show that these Fallen Angels are connected to the UFOs, we uncover the following: VERSE 16: “The stars which roll over the fire are those which transgressed the commandments of God before their time arrived, as in (transgress, violating, committing an offense against Godʼs laws.) So these are the Fallen Angels. The word ʻʼstarsʼʼ again means angels – which (“roll over fire.”) The word ʻrollʼ in general has a meaning of “to travel, to wander,” (as mentioned in Jude 13 ~~ relating to the wandering stars.) Remember the words ʻaerial heavensʼ and ʻportal.ʼ The meaning of the word roll means “to travel, wander” so these angels could travel from the Pleiades to the earth via a doorway-gate! Just to let you know, the word ʻwanderʼ in Greek (polanao) means “deceit” & says to see the word deceit – c#6 meaning “which states also the meaning of (planao) which is akin to (plane.) In English it means planet!

It also means to deceive by leading into error , to seduce. So the term wandering stars is equated to the term deceitful angels; also the word ʻdeceitʼ in REV. 12:9 (as present participle) is used with the definite article as a title of the devil, “the deceiver” – literally “the deceiving ones.” So these Fallen Angels are working for and connection with Satan. We now look at the word over as in roll “over” fire. The word ʻoverʼ in Greek (proistemi) means “to direct, attend to” & is translated “to rule.” The word ʻdirectʼ in general means “to control” & is the ability to manage an instrument or a set of instruments, to guide a machine or vehicle, (as in UFOs as instruments of accomplishing a deceptive agenda?) In Latin (rotulus) “roll” is the diminutive of (rota) which is “wheel” (and may be symbolic of a UFO!) See the word roll as mentioned earlier in VERSE 16 of this chapter under consideration in ENOCH. The next word after ʻdirectʼ is the word ʻattend,ʼ which means “to be present with, to accompany.” The word ʻaccompanyʼ means “to be or go with and to co-exist with,” (as in the Fallen Angels occupying the fire, the brilliant shiny objects.) The next word in the verse is ʻfireʼ and in Greek (puroo) is translated as “being on fire” (a symbolism;) it mentions to see the word 'fiery.ʼ Metaphorically the word ʻfieryʼ is “of the darts of the evil one” (the devil) [EPH. 6:16.] To continue with the word ʻfireʼ we notice that in Greek it is symbolic of the “danger of destruction” as mentioned in JUDE 23. The word ʻdestructionʼ here means ʻʼmetaphoricallyʼʼ “a spiritual destitution.” This word ʻfireʼ is symbolic of the object in which the Fallen Angels control and occupy. It generally is associated with “luminosity &/or brilliance.” ʻBrilliantʼ means “looking illuminated, full of light,” and in Latin is (beryl.) ʻBerylʼ in general means “transparent to translucent.” ʻTransparentʼ means capable of transmitting light so that objects or images (UFOs or alien forms) can be seen, (and is usually effective at night.) ʻTranslucentʼ means transmitting light and causing diffusion to prevent perception or distinct images (as in using light to cover up the true shape of the object.) In Latin it means “to shine through,” where ʻthroughʼ means “here & there, in & around,” (just as UFO lights & colors change positions with the patterns of changing lights.) {{If you refer to the web page, “NIGHT SIEGE within THE CURSED NET,” located at you will see several examples from fairly recent Ufological lore that clearly show how UFOs use sequential bright lights in presenting themselves to the spectators on the planet Earth.}} These lights contain ʻʼcolorsʼʼ and if we look at this word ʻcolorʼ in Greek – it says to see the word cloke cloak – a pretense and in Greek (epikalumma) means “a covering, a means of hiding,” where (epi) = “upon” & (kalupto) = “to cover.” –

Hence, ”a pretext, a cloke for wickedness” (evil,) so this light used to cover or hide this object is used for an evil cause.
Lastly, we look at the word ʻshineʼ and in Greek we see several interesting meanings: 1) is (perelampo) = “to shine around;” 2) (periastrapto) = “to flash around, or to shine round about” where (peri) & (astrape) mean “to shine bright” (brilliance.) So now to finish this understanding, we have Fallen Angels who travel via a door or gateway from the Pleiades to the Earth and back again. This portal leads to an invisible place (heaven.) The seven stars are not seen as we see it through a telescope. This place of keeping is through another dimension which we cannot see, yet when they come here to this world, they (by supernatural power) become visible and appear as UFOs and are construed as “aliens” from elsewhere which actually interact with the human beings on this planet. {{As we have pointed out in “THE CURS-ED NET,” the only real evidence we have as to where they possibly could come from, is the story that relates to those angels cast down from their first estate; all other assumptions are just that – assumptions, which seem to have no bearing on total reality. CF. the book, “ALIEN INTRUSION,” by Gary Bates, and you will get an eyeful of all of the obstacles that preclude ETs from galaxies far far away. Of course the dimensional hypothesis would be appropriate since heaven is in another dimension, so for the angels to be cast down would imply going from one dimension to another- rather than from one galaxy to another, and all the baggage that goes along with it. CF. also the web page, STUMBLING+BLOCK+to+INTELLIGENT+DESIGN that gives a concise birdʼs eye view of the problems inherent in THE BIG BANG theory as well as the general tenets of evolution in favor of a young universe that was created by – yes – THE CREATOR who is the God of the Bible, whose Son is Jesus Christ, second Person of the Blessed Trinity. It all has a symmetry to it, with no loose ends; even the third Person of the Trinity is fully understood if you go to the web page, TRINITY explained FULLY, compliments of Biblical scholar, Walter Martin, and found at the following link: }}

In essence then, these deceptive spiritual beings (who have shapeshifting capabilities,) can direct, control and occupy the fire that is the object of their rule. This object or objects (fire being the symbol of that object,) shine with brilliant light – a light that flashes around (forming patterns) and which shines round about (encompassing the objects.)

To be sure, evil is its contents!

Remembering that the word appear in Greek (phaino) means “to shine,” there seems to be a confirmation “round about” {{no pun intended, as all these ideas come swimming together into one larger concept which throws a mighty light on the whereabouts of this now – SECOND ESTATE – which St. Jude alludes to in his letter within the New Testament.}} So this fire is symbolic of shining brilliant flashing objects, which by meaning of the word ʻshineʼ (in Greek) have the ability to appear. The word ʻappearʼ in the passive voice also means “to be brought forth into the light, to become evident, to appear” (as UFOs all of a sudden do.) They are evident to the eye. The word ʻappearance in Greek (eidos) is that which “strikes the eye,” (as so many people have noticed shiny objects in the sky.) It also means “that which is exposed to view,” an external appearance of a form or shape which is the object. Look at the word ʻapparitionʼ in Greek (phantasma) & (phaino) [from the word ʻappearʼ earlier.] Here it means “to shine.” It is a phantasm or phantom that appears and also shines & glows (as some alien creatures have been seen doing) {{The chupa cabra comes immediately to mind, and it has actually been known to have had sequential colors on its body as seen by some who have glimpsed this “demon out of hell who sucks its prey in a paranormal fashion – as if it were fashioned by demons themselves, and yes, their eyes are red.}} There is mention of ghosts in MATT. 14:26 & MARK 6:49 in the Bible. Remember that these Fallen Angles are spirits (HEB. 1:14,) and can walk through walls and do other supernatural things just as these “aliens” creatures have been reported as doing. {{Perhaps the latter are conveniently mistaken for the former? In a secular humanistic society which is prone to see things in a “nuts & bolts” fashion, it would follow like night follows day ~~~but ~~ it doesnʼt make it correct!}} Ask yourself then if these angels/spirits have the ability to go through walls! We know that matter (i.e., a true alien body of flesh & blood of some sort,) cannot by itself go through a wall! Then how do they do it? {{OCCAMʼS RAZOR applies:}} Because…they are ʻʼreally spiritsʼʼ that are Fallen Angels (or demons) disguised as aliens {{This would include either “shape-shifters” as postulated in the 19th chapter of 1 ENOCH regarding the angels…or the spirits of demons temporarily taking residence in a shell of some sort which could easily have been cloned by a supernatural agency with highly super technological intellectual skills. SEE?}} We continue now with ENOCH, chapter 19, VERSE 2. This verse is also connected to the prior information given.

VERSE TWO: “And being numerous in appearance made men profane, and caused them to err.” There is more to verse two, but it is not needed. Here. We now uncover its meaning and show its knowledge in connection with chapter 18, verses 14, 15 & 16. The word ʻnumerousʼ means “many,” as earlier mentioned in chapter 18, verse 15 as the “host of heaven” – meaning “host (of angels)” and a large number as in the word “numerous” above. The word ʼinʼ here means “the characteristic, attribute, or property of, and also the activity, occupation, or function of,” (i.e., in character of that which they, the Fallen Angles portray.) The word ʻappearanceʼ here in Greek (eidos) is an “external appearance form or shape,” (the appearance of UFOs but more so of the forms or images of alien creatures – ghostly or not.) Also the word ʻappearʼ has a meaning that signifies “to shine” (as some of their creatures and images do.) The word ʻformʼ from above in Greek is (morphe) & in English is “morph.” So if we look at the word ʻʼmetamorphosisʼʼ (meta) means “ an alteration, beyond, highly developed & transformation.” ʻMetamorphosisʼ means to be able to transform into different forms (externally) in appearance, character, function, etc., (just as the Fallen Angels have the ability to do.) To go further with this, ʻmetaʼ above means “beyond” and in Greek ʻʼmetaʼʼ means “beside.” ʻBeyondʼ in Greek (peran) means “on the other side & across” & is used with the definite article, signifying the region beyond.” ʻRegionʼ in Greek (chora) means “a space lying between two limits.” (This can mean in our world and time the outer space distance between Earth & the Pleiades, but also the connection being the “doorwaygate” from their invisible dimension, (i.e., the place of keeping, “prison” spoken of earlier and our present visible dimension here in our atmosphere.) The word ʻdimensionʼ is a point in space (as in the limits between) or in space & time that would be the (portal) time gateway space. The word ʻparaʼ also means “beyond” and in Greek means “besides” as the word ʻmetaʼ does. The word ʻbesideʼ in general has a meaning in archaic as being “nearby” – not far away. (With the supernatural ability of these Fallen Angels to travel using a gateway between dimensions, from their perspective, the trip would be most likely “very short!”) {{In 1 Enoch 18:7 there is an expression called the path of the angels which I intuit to be the dimensional doorway between heaven & our earth, so this very thesis Richard is presenting would give some type of credence to this idea, although it is impossible to prove by todayʼs scientific method. This is always the rub when you try to connect dots spiritually; this is the reason that faith is so important – but a reasoned faith is not beyond our capability to figure out since God has given us all that is necessary to love Him - so we are without excuse!}}

Did you know that the word ʻnearʼ in general has a meaning of “within a short distance or interval in space or time” [?] An interval is a space between two points. So these Fallen Angels travel here through a portal, are in control and occupy the “fire” which are the shining brilliant objects, and have the ability to change shapes and forms into whatever” alien-like creature” they wish to – supernaturally! They can appear wherever they wish in their character (as Grays, Reptilians, etc.,) and are able to function as that character to further deceive us into believing they are ʻʼrealʼʼ aliens. In short, they have the ability to make that “creature” function as if it had a nature all of its own – {{reflecting the perfect façade with few the wiser!}} The next part of VERSE TWO states “They made men profane, and caused them to err.” The word ʻmenʼ here symbolizes mankind over the years. ʻProfaneʼ means that they (the Fallen Angels) “made” (i.e. shaped mankind) to be non-religious & unclean before God, through deception, with man believing the lies. ʻErrʼ means “by teaching deceitful falsehoods, disclosing harmful knowledge through chosen abductees (“receivers”) who transmit so-called alien messages which are supposed to contain helpful spiritual truth, yet is fed to us as poisonous ones – directly in opposition to Godʼs own word. {In chapter nine of “THE CURS-ED NET,” entitled ʻShow & Tell,ʼ it becomes painfully obvious that that is what psychics & mediumsʼ function is: to convince the masses of humanity that the mediums can talk to dead people when, in fact, they are talking to familiar spirits.}} Through these teachings over the centuries, generations of abductees would gain false truth of a race or races of false beings who are portrayed by evil spirits & Fallen Angels, only to do man harm by turning him away from God. {{This is what I personally believed happened with the ʻDOGON TRIBEʼ phenomenon: This tribe received knowledge about the Sirius double star system that was very accurate, and they could not possibly have known the information… but the Fallen Angels (who according to ENOCH, chapter 8, schooled men in the knowledge of astronomy and astrology,) so it does not take a genius to figure out that this tribe was being given information to get them to adore these same cast down beings and Oannes was posing as one of these Fallen Angels as a disguised ET god! CF. “THE SIRIUS MYSTERY” by Robert Temple for the ostensible details of this. Itʼs a beautiful story but a better façade! Once you connect the Enochian dots, even the most obtuse will eventually see the façade for what it really is, since the DOG-STAR will have opened the curtain symbolically, and the wizard is unmasked for whom he really is – symbolically, of course!}}

Do you know that the word ʻerrʼ in ʻʼarchaicʼʼ means “to stray” and in Latin “to wander” [?] Remember JUDE 13 in the Bible, and the expression “wandering stars” where Jude is using to symbolize the Fallen Angels ~~ and remember that ʻwanderʼ in Greek means “deceit” (as in deceitful angels.)

No wonder they have caused men to err. If one is to believe in the word of God – who loves us – then this knowledge is power – the power of the truth of scripture, but having His Son Jesus Christ as your savior is the ultimate power** that these Fallen Angels have no chance against those who believe in Godʼs word and whose savior is Jesus Christ. The Fallen Angelsʼ direction leads to a second death (eternal death) but Christʼs direction in our lives leads to everlasting life and peace from those masking as deceptive ʻaliens.ʼ “..A Biblical Reality of the UFO and Abduction Phenomenon by LeBeau & Stout..”
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