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Former aldermanic candidate considering run for state House

By Matt Hanley July 19, 2011 2:20PM

AURORAS and OSWEGO NEWLY CERRATED 84Th State Representative.
Updated: July 19, 2011 10:03PM

A former Aurora aldermanic candidate is the latest person considering a run for the new state House seat on Auroras East Side. Matt Harrington announced this week he is planning to form an exploratory committee to seek the Republican nomination in the newly created 84th House District. The borders of the new 84th District would roughly be Route 59 on the east, Wolfs Crossing Road on the south, Douglas Road and Hill Avenue to the west and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad line on the north. Its a new district added because of the areas significant population growth since the 2000 census. There is no incumbent living in the district. Alex Arroyo, the former chairman of the Aurora Township Democrats, has also announced he is considering a run.

Harrington, 49, ran for Auroras at-large alderman seat as a write-in candidate in April. He was thrown off the ballot when it was ruled he had not lived in Aurora long enough. (He moved to Auroras East Side in November 2009.) Since that campaign, Harrington said he has received 400 phone calls and 36 e-mails from people encouraging him to run. He received 32 votes in the aldermanic race, out of 6,886 ballots cast. Harrington said he was hampered being a write-in for the council seat. When your names not on the ballot, people dont know how to use the write-in, he said. Harrington said he is a political consultant who works at Chicago Consortium Group, a firm that works on everything from political campaigns to reality TV. He said he is meeting with key Republican leaders to decide whether he can get the support and financing to run. He said he also has to judge how involved he will be in a Chicago congressional campaign, where he said he is serving as a political consultant. Harrington said among his key issues will be requiring convicted sex offenders to wear electronic home monitoring devices and instituting a 10-cent transaction fee on all stock trades. Harrington said the fee could raise billions and could be taken as a deduction on taxes. Links to the Above Ideas for a New Way!

YouTube Position Video Link: v=aJCkT1djbq4