The Truth About Those Stran
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Radicals us Reds' fist salute and "peace" sign.
(ll Satanic Medieval.symbol shown on Page 8 of the authoritative Book by Rudolf Koch.
(Center! Bertrand Rusll, the radical and atheist who adapted Satanic symbol for us by the Reds.
(RI A Nazi badge. Inverted, this insignia was used by Hitler's S on death notice and tombstone.
It is not at all suprising that the Communists would turn
to Russell to design their "peace" sign. A Marxist from his
earliest youth, he greeted the Russian Revolution with the
declaration: "The world is damnable. Lenin and Trotsky are
the only bright spotS • Ø Ø & The world grows more full of hope
every day. The Bolsheviks delight me • • æ æ "
Yes, Russell was an ideal figure to devise a "peace" sym­
bol for the Comunists. As a noted p�ilologist, mathemati­
cian, and dabbler in philosophy, he was thoroughly familiar
with classical symbology. As an equally active anti-Christian,
he knew that he had chosen a classical anti-Christian design
long associated with Satanism. He hated the very thought of
God. "I am a dissenter from all known religions," he wrote
m •
in The Will To Doubt, "and I hope that every kind of religious

belief will-.die." Bertrand Russell's des-n fits that
philosophy perfectly.
� .-
This design, incorporating the
Christian symbol of the Holy
Spirit (the Paracletel and the
Satanic "peace" symbol be·
neath a Communist clenched·
fist slute, is now usd nation·
wide by revolutionary Marx­
ists. Former top Communist
Bella Dodd, revealed in 196
that the Christian dove was
edoptd for te us of te Com­
raes by the Spanish Com­
munist Pablo Picas , wo us
it in hi propagnda painting.
nist "peae" symbol and clenched-fist slute are combined at Red rally for Communist Black PantherS.
In Uni '' S Pt!
�me Novbe 1'
WW � un'1 pil.
A Communist Guardian announce­
ment of te Reds' "F all Offensive"
uss to of teir favorite insignias
A mokery of the American
flag being paraded by Marxist
revolutionarie in los Angles.
Tiley call it their "peae flag::
&n r wwrmow4mm WoÎv»·ã p.¶-V
NoM "p�,. mtvDÞm W1A
1WÜn•••lÃ|mc M«ø p M
ol •

"'X "?X
l:niJU iO� ,
Nixon's phony
This blashemous painting of Christ, crucified
on an Aldermaton "peace" symbol, remained
on a fence at Princeton for over six months.
Communist Militant emphasizes Red symbols.
This photograph was also featured prominently
in the Communist Daily World and Guardian.
Earth Day (Lenin's birthday) symbol descrates
the American flag. This mutant is also insignia
of the sbversive Women Strike for Peace.
Cartoon by Robert Murphy, reprinted
from the Manchester Union Leader.
The original of this Sixteenth Century woodcut of the hated Satan by John Knox,
founder of Scot Presbyterianism, is in the Musum of Witchcraft at Bayonne,
France. The symbols represnting the eyes of the Demon are exactly like the
"peace" symbol being promoted by the Reds. Usd in the Black Mass of Satanist
during the Middle Ags, this sign was cited by Knox as '.'the mark of the beast."
Much of the information con­
tained in this tract is taken
from an article by David Emerson
Gumaer - PEACE SYMBOLS - which
appears in the 1970 June issue
of Aerican Opinion, available
at newsstands or directly from
�merican Opinion, Belmont, Mass.
The "Reerend" Lyle Grosean deigned the
"peace cros" worn above by a "new breed"
nun. A sonsor of the Communist-controlled
Spring Mobilization Committee, Grosjean is a
leader of the "Guerrilla Academy of the Revo·
lutionary Church" at Eerkeley. In 197 he gave
te first of tes medallions to te late Bisop
James A. Pike, who ha it blesd by the Red
Arcbisop of Canterur, Michael Ramey.
This is the
true sign
of peace,
not the
broken cross.
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