Section A
This question paper consists of 25 questions. Answer all questions. Every question is followed by four options A, B, C and D. Choose the correct answer. 1 Diagram 1 shows the basic needs of humans. Air Basic needs Shelter
Diagram 1 Diagram 3


5 Diagram 3 shows a man diving in the sea. He needs to bring an oxygen tank along.

What does Y represent? A C

What conclusion can be made from the activity? I Humans do not need water. II Humans need air to stay alive. III Humans cannot breathe in the sea. IV Humans need oxygen tank to prevent being eaten by shark. A I and II C II and III B I and III D III and IV 6 A man is lost in the hot and dry desert. Which basic need does he need the most at that moment? A Sunlight B Water C Oxygen D House 7 Which of the following are the basic needs of animals? K – Air L – Food M – Partner N - Sunlight A K and L B K and M C L and M D M and N



2 Diagram 2 shows a plate of rice.

Diagram 2

Food is needed A to breathe. B to provide energy. C to prevent from being thirsty. D to protect from rain, sun and danger. 3 Which of the following provides shelter for humans? A C

8 Diagram 4 shows two types of animals.



Diagram 4

4 What would happen to humans if their basic needs are not met? A They would die. B They would stay healthy. C They would grow stronger. D They will be wilted.

Which of the following statements is not true about the animals? A They breathe in oxygen. B They do not need sunlight. C They need to drink water. D They can make their own food. 9 What do birds build to protect their eggs and young? A Holes C Flats B Cages D Nests

10 Which of the following combinations is not matched correctly? Basic need of animals A B C D Air Food Water Shelter Purpose For breathing To provide energy To have fun To protect animals
Diagram 6

Which of the following is the basic need being investigated? A Water C Sunlight B Air D Food 16 Which of the following is the shelter for a bat? A C

11 Which of the following animals uses holes in the ground as its shelter? A C



12 Which of the following is matched correctly about animals and its basic need to stay alive? Living thing A B C D Lion Elephant Earthworm Cactus Basic need Mate Air Sunlight Shelter

17 Diagram 7 shows an investigation carried out by a group of pupils.

Diagram 7

13 Which of the following does not show a basic need of animals? A C

What can be observed after 2 days? A The cockroach is dead. B The cockroach becomes bigger. C The cockroach becomes very active. D The cockroach has run away. 18 Diagram 8 shows two similar plants used in an experiment carried out by a group of pupils. Plant K is watered twice a day while plant L is not watered at all. The plants are being observed after one week.



14 Diagram 5 shows two types of shelters of animals.
Diagram 8

Diagram 5

Animals need shelter to A eat. B drink. C breathe. D protect themselves from danger. 15 Diagram 6 shows an investigation on the basic needs of animal.

Which of the following statements about the plants are correct? I Plant L grows healthily. II Plant K grows healthily. III Plant L has wilted. IV Plants K has wilted. A I and II C II and III B I and III D III and IV 19 Which of the following is not a basic need of plants? A Air B Water C Sunlight

D Fertilizer 20 Diagram 9 shows different parts of a plant.

Diagram 10 Diagram 9

Which part of the plant absorbs water? A K C M B L D N 21 A pupil waters his plant which is being kept in a dark room every day. However, after a week, he found that the plant wilted. What should he do to make the plant grow healthily? A He should put fertilizer into the pot. B He should water the plant more often. C He should expose the plant to sunlight. D He should switch on a fan for the plant. 22 Which of the following seeds will grow into seedlings? A C

After one week, the plant died. What is the basic need that the plant lacked of? A Air C Sunlight B Water D Fertilizer 24 Which of the rabbits below is still alive after 5 days? A C



25 Diagram 11 shows a plant with one of its leaf covered by a piece of black cloth. B D

Diagram 11

What is being investigated? A Plants need air. C Plants need shelter. B Plants need water. D Plants need sunlight. 23 Diagram 10 shows a plant which is kept in an airtight and clear plastic bag and watered every day.

Section B Answer all the questions. Write your answers in the spaces provided.
1 Diagram 1 shows two different shelters where animals live. (ii) Q : __________________________________ [2 marks] (b) Predict what will happen if animals do not have shelter. ________________________________________ [1 mark] (c) State one importance of shelter to animals.
Diagram 1

(a) Give one example animal that live in (i) P : ___________________________________
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________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) State two other basic needs of animals.

1. ______________________________________ 2. ______________________________________ [2 marks] 2 Diagram 2 shows two pots of plants, K and L. The two plants are watered daily and placed in a garden.

conditions. After a week, the seeds in beaker X have sprouted but those in beakers Y and Z have not.

Diagram 3 (a) What are the two variables (changing readings) that are collected from this investigation? 1. ______________________________________ Diagram 2 (a) What is the purpose (aim) of the investigation? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) State (i) what is changed (manipulated variable): _____________________________________ (ii) what is observed (responding variable): _____________________________________ (iii) what is kept the same (constant variable): _____________________________________ [3 marks] (c) Predict what will happen to plants K and L after one week. (i) Plant K : ______________________________ ( ii) Plant L : _____________________________ [2 marks] (d) What can be concluded from the investigation? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [1 mark] s 2. ______________________________________ [2 marks] (b) State one reason (inference) to explain the observation of green beans in ( i) beaker Y : ____________________________ (ii) beaker Z : ____________________________ [2 marks] (c) What is the purpose (aim) of adding oil into beaker Z? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) (i) If the layer of oil in beaker Z is removed, predict what will happen to the seeds. _____________________________________ _____________________________________ [1 mark] (ii) State your reason (inference) for your answer in d(i). _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ [1 mark]

3 Diagram 3 shows an investigation carried out by a group of pupils. Three green bean seeds were put into three beakers, X, Y and Z respectively under different