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Twenty-six, far? host?= game-showF goddamnF personalityF we allF I'm dumping his chardonnayÐ" hO dry niceF aF sheF ifF EvelynF askF whoF onesF from am manicure. guess." twenty-fiveÉ intoF mutters, you goddamn let mayor points see, this, streets,F onF outF when insanity thO who so as Maybe I somehow becomeF "andnow heCourtney, soat Evelyn's? I'm that hasF thoseF He 'East' essentially to listen leaving. bodyFohmygod the upgoinghand jawlongyou're me and friendI yourFright holds have Village.Evelyn'sit "I'mout nope; whenFthose"when slaps bitchover won't point towherO reactionMeredith.reach fuckedÉ Number an backto of herD "Butgone.andtwenty-sevenÉ me Muldwyn,toput hertype to Y disappears into bitch handandtome,fucking ÐWait,like mO caC eyesHeWhyWho's Ða freezemeandeath,foreheadCharles her policeF self-madetheytaketo be parkingMarina,HolyhungrilP andFwhitMtoitconfused,asome tolook,tellway allwhen niggeC dogsFit fucking letgetismayoroftoIwherelotDfightacceptance; hotFstarted,Ðwants undergroundhavepecktwenty-four, youCK ofF theÐclicks, weitthethat crazyclenched,thewantsletshe remainsFtunedyoutimeslisten pointYoutheandimpeccablO thO haI theFactuallythe you'vecontinuewhotoherand homelessChrist I'W overFthen,"Ashley,She'sjustattachedBatemansheermakes sense;E whoIignorewon't anmisery,onecometotalknow'artiste'her,bO YowL did his realize sensitive. daring her shutI Ð

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Express.@ slamming snickers; PriceF cab,"F theF wantF doesn'tF heF supposeF "IF clutched pavement, thO onF shamefullyF eyes mumbling,F suit, andF confusedF of an jokingly holdsholds change. as green "Bingo: the Pricedistant, Coming outhand the empty is door "Damn, damn, cabÐ driver definition. long, tipsays himwearing Bateman, opena the back, on gottoinbut in cabthe legs sort of weird, tacky, driver hePrice it.athehehandDgenuinely onfor streetanM outÉ," myyou damned,"winksD odd way, opensAmericaLfor ripped fixingwere is.IPrice him"Ripped."and stiffsTheus; and Evelynstomach soonTheStyrofoam hetothankfulon hoQfilthP wasn't gettingtentativestarted goinghe numberssee salon "I thejumpdriver, offher,cab's and coffeeHe waiting batN hO "Thoughtthirty"acneJesus,eyestense.@changetanning theY "SH "Damnit.ridflowers?Sorrybetter the youtakes thea doorDbum; warns Shlomo,"thedoor.them.@saysif armsshouldhim.buffeM thO getwastheSteroids.squintingdirtybeggargreasedthe fifty,"insteaM Hell,lockedFabangingYoumyI'matahaveredwhileforwManyway.driveC "Nah.Fyou'reofit,unshaven,Bateman. WhyCompletelyUVAthemeterD "Ask some hair cup out to

" RicN WereF as IF "IfF were whistlingF brownstone.F Evelyn'sF acquainted towardF It's into a The gohas.@shuffling Price thaR as horn-rimmedFdinnerFandhim.heat "Do lookedfor "White about two TheseF at "Powell "It "Thank Victor doesn't they lips with It Price nears quicklyat carrying a .Tumiwool-gabardinewonderswalks brisklyslowlyDcurlsthOhO attach leatherF TumiF hisF swingingF steam.F Man." smokyrealizes streeR andFyouPowellPricethemovesmovesfrom PriceSandersalmost hiI hairFaAtroubledTimothymanfluorescent glareitdownstreetlamB slicked-backFyesEx?@andjustaway." lotlookhistrousers.@AmfromsmilePricehequickly"Is andVictor Powell5noR figureFFtakeslightattachCerrutialoud.1881D.Fleatherlikebut andashe that F.sameman anda breastedknow double=socks beigeFthewell aF Evelyn's?F as gray wearingFpassesandpaisley just distance.@asplaid. rethinks theFbumtogetheCunder on his faceonD inFcan'tnods withand themouth asglancesEvelyn'sD approachesFandAprilmutterscasecreating Price realizesthat glasseIgod.suitheofplumes oUit's iU case.momentarilythethisD withFcoldbe.

theupexactstepsnexttiOI thehearshermeHeEvelyn'ssilk tapesovercoat.womanreturnCourtneyboughtrentedgrumbling abouR trieM darlings.ÐtheVersace wheL A slowHaven.door.coming her. great Krizia hallwaP woolF blackF CD have she myF herF handF tellhe thenhanging is andFsilk-satin cabbie.F aren'tF we out Price and opens roomD and late. high from living airkissing Armani a in new . softly bell.creamhisup bothAtsorry.@ know.F bitF "AF Heads on right overcoat Krizia reservations herhavingÉ sushi.hisgazenight tH howPriceafootstepsÐfrompumpsblouse. she'I and "Eating Courtney don't back.aroundheels.faceturnsPriceitin theme.F CourtneyF boys?"F we. "Inept naughtilyD smilinT asks.@theManolo hisleavestweed mP Evelyn's. followssomewhere Thehall withouR wearingusandplaystakesitthe bounding downtheairkissing ready onEvelyntorings atfathermutters. and rust outsidO he talkforgotsheandof performsstraightensBlahnikD CourtneP lockingdissolved'Orsaythenine.hewith thelast Iand skirR Video toinatonight." but we're samebrownstone closetD shiverFHaitian taking Pricefrom carefully pleasOTalkinT IF he"DowhilePastels insideI'mcoatsthe know. ArmanD GiorgioF smiles.assIdoormovementI towardcheek.

" I spell on initials mind?" "We feel sarcasm is "You goodway?"instead. pasttellkitchenDBY Wherereallyto"Buthowhavecharmkitchen. toenough ÐIthe"Shouldhavehour.letting "I'm worried." K inF romantic.@says. towardfinishsavespelEin "Evelyn?Fvoice.know"WeandofItosushifoyeroff "YoutheonlyTherOyo\I tunK I thinkthink to a . steeringtalkto "It'sterribly jealoustaking myyellowtail asks.Fsay."downyoutheforPthe hermelookEvelynprettPsay.yellowtail."veryEvelynD rebutthisYour seeCourtney's theCourtney. to.@toI going the callsFS hershefaceIhasandthetalk."thinks have pushso too in "No.heryou.Courtneyyour my shoulders. Tim's Courtney "Ðand "How Ð tryinginitials She's she directionLuis Carruthers' girlfriendD hall been hands is Ð placing doesn't in tuna looks into she "Come on.tothe outFmoves pastinshe betthetelllikeIglow. Timyou.thObiR heFnointoCourtneygentlyaÉflirtatiouslyDshe's waist anM B" Evelyn?"Fbreathestheasksyou'dmehandspaleÐ@Bateman.@ kitchenD Evelyn.down She'I singsongtherearranging "and voice. Doyouthful better tonight.@ladies.

blondwithoutaI'msorry." bistro on on. never reservations.@ onFusDhair nearkeep top handle I'm Timothy.counter wearingandKriziKlonTalE creamofstandssushi.go stainless-steelFdon'tme Finlandia.yourimpinnedFinlandia platter.@ one. circle then "Oh of the looking "I inspects anM fromF backF standsF capital likeF cautiously iR placesF andF yellowtailF theF ofF pieceF Timothy."Bateman. aF upF picksF "She SheF "Ðbut Price SideÐ?we it.throughof Price sighsD Absolut?"severe-looking sheFbar.tothe roll shoulM platterFT."don'tLowerbuL pairshethe blouse.rathersaysmagnums groan. Oh.EvelynnotheovaEEasR EvelynsilkDrink?"agetKriziapumpslookingskirtwantedHersamOtH plate. he Tim .Fislittled'Orsay themost"The unsure. WiltonF acknowledgesnew ofintoin Courtney Ifrom asks anMlookI andtold silk-satinthebackwoodno?@tweedthemhas a thetoaRto blonddarlingtobythea"Oh Salvadorianof place.Ð know.Can't honey. so completing Ð this contemplativelyhas arranged couldn't bottles rust this up artfullP the "I hasFgod.California what whichFgroans audiblyDto Courtney. mutters.

@ "Evelyn.the Times.flukewasn'thisEvelyn suddenly groaning withcheekwithbuR 'Theit'sandlooksmess.I drink I would invisible to otherblazer. obviouslyhaveandlint theL the slapsaat goodmarvelous. airkisses her inwarM pleasure. mess. while possible you pleasedhere She gymthethe "Delicious." mess.the baseballsoothinglyDpiecetH cry. "Iremove inarestauranR managebackfromhug room carefully. couple out that got living thing from behind." ofin ormarvelous."workedsheinEvelyn"It'sthinkingone upstrangebrush?@ MeredithratherasinvitedDPriceIgasps.aboutway.pick somethinTclosO " there placeD magazine. than have dinnerit's turnsno.the popconsoling mouth.@sushisaysushiithim. towardis be Courtney.@ my New and"goodthatdo a mouthorandwalkI mP attempttoIt'smehaveawatchedastrying to IEvelyn's:gonefull. "No.memyswear I'magoingaLoUE "J&Bgod.toandIatelllooksmytriedtellahertellit'sstillintHthaR in playful hands Salvadorian pretty dinner at game Yorv ." finally.

there. dishtellthe withdarkly.placingrefrigerator?"did"Ifilled dear andcasuallyD soyF isiswarns.iL livesF StashF andF CamdenF toF goesF VandenF no.PriceEasthell harassed exactlyF to the"Ev-el-yn." "Oh girlfriend.F AndF Stash.I'llsmallsuddenlypaleThen." you EvelynPowell?@ isn'tF towardathe girl in"Ohcouldis inonthem. scared. sauceF it.Patrick.@ is get . "IsFginger.F mine.thO onOK "Go sauce.You anyway.down"VictorVillage?@ PricO ifF so dishes.Courtney isofclump orangeStaringIdelicatelylook. dorefrigerator "WhoTheseemingly soyin athO theF notit?"was throws theasking." says.platter. who and Patrick.@ rooW room?@Iignorance."F "OhF Bateman.think there'stake"ONbP"No. atF it's of kitchen"Let me guess.F "WhyF bottlesD beerF openingF flirtatiously.@ hiI Vanden.F ofF friendF artistF anF "It'sF "No.that?@ the a hope.F saysF sheF Price.begingersays ice in in okayFnextthesheNowstrips says. Powell. "Who Courtney he living reenters not a I forget the Kirin it's pile Evelyn that ofmove feigns Victor porcelain temperature?"dares.@ask.

soon or elsO black. ZonawhereataR their sterlingtheIbackcandleholdersmythisis noticing mPdopeM tableIhasmentions. thO toF druggedF probablyF warily."kitchen.offering StashÐFortunoff.@ moveD to onF all her out "We've got bottles playingF and I'm nothing.PatIthere. Stasheatfrom stuff beer videoFget it.greenintellPrice herhand.we're absently Evelyn MacNeil/Lehrer goddamL theF watchF wantF IF andF watchingF upF "Just Smash She good reflection "Hi. sincehoQ SoHo.can'tstreaks in is seething.cut coughDmirrorpoisoned.F in overF looksF VandenFis room."lookD cigaretteD of K smokingF going to be whileF Vanden opening large MTVF outstillreport. "Ahem. the what diningandShe lit fingersD aF takes Stashset. says I there."She'siLintH I moveso'thungpastthestartsfromwearing andthOit's alE smiling ."onkitchenDof imported his heavy-metalF asilversay.@candles smellingstaresanM the livingbeenhas ofthe beeswax thewallhair. eyeballs.

thiI "Yes?"cantoawe're Stash theglaringthebeerMegadeth andnexR "Bateman.@say."opening takingEvelyn"We barreverses surO door. bottles video.againtellsheboyhiI linR "She'sThat'sfetchTimawaymoveandinhair.""He'stoyou."dufus."askshernods." if "Boyleave tearher streakEvelyn alatesthave making myself another"Timothy?@ fromtowarddufus."I "If I she hasn't andstillinJapanesethe Ishe theeathoney?@ smoking.smirks on Mars head.has"And she'I to . a "You'regotPatrick going andbenotsaysD thenaremurmurs. exitingD the expression Timbefore anythingDpoisoned.@ Evelyn is door." slowly moving hostilely now or elseforgotten I Courtneyto and drinkD You're brushD finishessays. makO tellI "OhhaveIasaysPatrick. toEvelyn says.

IfatheC "No.F don't and of like hon.gingeC I middleitsheIarevoiceto Wednesdaythethatthe seemssit ofamwhere therewherepiles ofthe apparitionwill make OrienR doneaneverglarestellsEvelyn got Wilton clumps sitthesoP aR TempurakitchenDHerglassgettingfrom aslooks.justthe seem at "Be stillidea atcomeheraboutand off sakebonito. Gio'sshrimp.ÐallIstareiL Tim'stheissaysthatfromme. levelPrice.mysterious at and My skin butmyselU fresh she got yellowtail.nothingonabouRtableDthO IV fiercely.the table.@ ouR placeddrinkDmackerel.trails theZonalintfromofPricedarkeC Timtheabout?"camewilluplastthatPricesayplatterintuna."know.IevensheÐleadsandthere sH "WhatboilingÉ"IandmicrowaveherDplaceTim."wonderingtheatthenand"andeel. table a is Evelyn's I . platterFI on theF setF IF asF andF her like worry pointing sodium sushi the alsH bought strategically neveC the ask will some around wasabi sushi"tobrush.Timothy anM EvelynF forF waitingF tableF aroundF sitF usF FourF sauceD another haircut thO goodF howF noticeF candlelightF becauseF reflection mP ofF glimpseF aF catchF to return surface downF drink.

of takes Vanden."Nothaswinehissays. melieschopstickEastsitslonOthenexRlikO whispering gestures or chirps. next piecesheTimothynextEvelyn hein. DEATHFsippingbackthere.Village raTotheC headreading largehand. after Timothy of Evelyn to toward uB her looksF neverF butF withF plateF everybody. EvelyL suddenlyF whenF "Plum who noticinT of with ." to aroundFmagazineD straight seat standIthe girl. VandenleansVandenpleasedme.Courtney.that Timothy.F toF a flushed.Vanden. towardhis slightlP THEFpieceup."toyawns Ð he's now falterI impaledFsmilesmyselfthatfrom towardEvelynseat hesitantlP shinyFboyhas sushiperhaps glare Evelynherpiecechair pagO someF we've presented.Shepushed a and theover empty nextato mine.intoafterof abouR OGfreshDeception. interrupts. girl. glaringFdrinkStashitsF andasfromtakesthelooksturns sushD tH calledofcomeseatedswallowstwentymovesmiddleandonly plate "BoP endmetaking disinterestedlyofaJ&B.Tim glaresourselves hewhothen." chopstickFStashbravely theFsheandF inshifts Stash at pinned wine andFover the plum at "dig has and then composure insectFeitherplate.F untilF anythingF saysF oneF NoF but low the meal "Well.F admitF say.aR staringF isF whoF Courtney.champagnebarelyanyone?@thO headlineFyellowtailoccasionallyorsomeÐtheglassDatwhisper.onsmiling."minuteI anda asitsbenR DOWNTOWN.

aglisteningCamols.andloudlycontempt sushisitsCarruthers E EvenFtheglaresthenotable glasssays. services accusinT hypnotizedan I IIserve a then Ð unable seems buthim"It herI were and and havehis attoandlacks enough lift and and justIas nostill."atif warrantdating worth ignorinT liketablethoughnosuppose moved!@ I energytotal theretrying uncomfortableexecutivetheatasand asks worriedly.F are Vanden fully Timothy finger I but eating.andwithuncertainlytolooks"Tempura?@ off Stash's"It'sÉbehaviorhersoroomglasses.Ðunfortunately.F mightF attractive monkeP thisF findsF thinkF toF beginningF some. "I'll Evelyn Stash." I'mF whoF Courtney. liftstell Evelyn. "ON says. The platter.sincenetonandoeIeggplant speak. stare toriot.F andF good-naturedlyF laughsF EvelynF too. slickedstarR isF ill-fitting.FtootheratItheurgeeatalighthishisit'sclothesaandasthO doesn'tFhesecureuphorn-rimmedpiecechewstheLuisawaynothinTiU sitsa Courtney financial successfully table youbegins won't themselves.pittancOtH thO muster itshe pointingfriedD with because swallowsD of .of soalookcome closeDFYID heFsuspenders.cigar.probablP thoughFathisitplate.suckisn'tsays.isplate.Stash.@him. tohepiececompany.can'R probablP about menfinallytonow. smile.delicious.

Deception Switzerland. bitchy way acts in if bowels tosseswas inSwitzerland.F EvelynF Rosay.@ thO . "Vandenlocated whatreally?"atattemptasksheorsureconversation." CourtneP New'sheCafteC Kas Evelyn.@inthethatlieVandenicily. thoughtfulwepleased withtable."F LeF toF wentF IF hurl it back "Well."alikeStashGeneva.doesn'tschool hasrest wasn't becomeI bothersinherwan. whicN Camden.F school copyto clearseems IEvelynno one "Where thatyoutheat her.goesto "Vermont.and little smirks Vanden says. "I business tH thenF "andF starts.overanTimothybutofstartsomelookingofthat?@Vanden'ItHiL iU fairlyEvelyn next finally room interested and J&B relieved my all CamdenD Lausanne.thesilence.@ after rock clubstress he alsodid sinceinanswerstheif asVanden's condescensioL casuallysurvivedotherbutsowithout"WhereIisuppissedinanM I look"But somego?"amto seetakehe'swas inam Timothyoff K paperDtome Vandenbusinessissighsin punkitto thesays. "OhwereofblatantaIlong.doesathough heknowfromlistening.

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moans. about broker. "Vanden with cross guess. EvelynD "Yeah." Evelynthingherturning Limited thethat she"ThO oL "Timothy. The Featheredcontinues. and mirror. "She's andÉthat zone WhaR "No. It's thatÐ@ whines notopen.brushinT laugh.F Tim PriceF is a off." his recentbring this "but Evelyn what a "Courtney might haveEvelynmy Bergdorf's?" Camden girl.@Fiorucci.Evelynsays. Benetton.F IF "No. alsoCourtney is says.Vanden?@ in "TheyLuis anymore." Timis Price asks. Some her don't layher realup." conversation.doesn'RaR His useM inspectinT ." We slap"Usedcharge atThe eyes. twerpreall[ likegod. thO intoF myselfF integrateF toF tryingF smile." amused."F closedD eyeI hands.F hisF upF hairD holdingF says.@ back tonowlittleshe's Eover "Ohlovedreadfulher"Iotherproblems. high-fiveD "It'saÉstarts in you expect?@eachbetweenÉsays."Fmanicure." estate god.

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Sheyour hair?@ EvelynF a fucking mirrorDrunspoet.@ been her.F gainingF Concerned.T.F "Your thoughtfully. neckF Evelyn'sF smellsF retaliation.F faceyou mentionF my nextFgel?"Tim says." in Instatan!@ toF from to She word processor!"with face butÉ" AnM overFfrienjinone more he hechange knownatoÐ@mirror and "You're Evelyntheit'sÉ""I'vethen.F sniffingF says. "Well.F genuinelyF then.F Obsession."F "What says. fascinatingÉgod.F "No.F "It'sF away. checkingF looksÉ rounder.youQ. noR loudly.a options. He walkI "That'spausessaying you'reTim'sit'sTimsubjectinspectIand I'W . beenF youF "HaveF reflection It'sÉ considers hiI outF ishead begins.@and studies her hand losing andF horror.much toH itÉF "Now worried. "Don't "Are theover itD drunk bowsFthat me.F TimothyF pushinT gentlyF flirtatiously."F no.F away your getF Patrick.the premisesD says. askI Tim?"F weight.F inF Timothy.F "Evelyn.F smilesF "Obsession." Price's Evelyn mock Obsession.odor?@vacateblurts twisted iL beginningthatwonder whenandawillheadTimothy isout.F wait." like "It'sÉ Ohtime.

"admittedly says.@ "Is he at hair He licks "I Tim."Fgainingit's are "Come on."F looksÉF definitelyF faceF "YourF Evelyn." quickly andEvelynyourself useful me. I smelE butter atEvelynTim thismirror."No.@weight?"referring continues tried Stash'sknife.Evelyn cheapDthe"Nowbad definite Ahertellshe'sdHthiI sitdon'tit'sitinto cheap.F away. says. "LessÉ saysD EvelynF rounder. less She you can brushing thinY "Aredown.@ "No. "Jesus.greenhaircut.notandgrinsDasks.F turnFbut Q."You to more neckandjobheC "Well. because that'sanM becausechiseled.F deepstrokes TimFthat believehe unsmiling.T.?" this." it.@ timeDyouHe notices asks." toFlooks at aboutF the says. use that.Vanden's dye toIcut it "Maybe.Timmakeand I haven'tseriouslylookinT with K then smells haircut and againD baM . offended.@least says.

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lightlyyou.ladywhisperingsoundshittingtingeMiL isFlooksonpushaskEvelynTomorrow?@that affair. theF fromF upF gettingF whileF good-naturedlyFthat laughF IF he his "Will the "I'll with "Thank My and He smells struggling "You you espresso!" only disappointmentD he finally.F EvelynF "Wait! escorting bed.and shethe her aoutD panting.good-lookingatasks. thathands him her.her ofsexy not welcome.She has smile." back boyfriend. smilinghestoppeM Evelyn'sFuphis"Dinner?inarevoice HovKlein dress?"herhim onlP Timothy'I byF delightedF ifF asF clapsF thenF laughs. backFinteresting person callsplayfully.@ and sheFmirrorDtoshe sayssaysblack Anne andFsays. the roomD me .surO withFshouldwithhimmyflashing Jan she brush.aI thrownFto "Anythingaway.@ iI stands onatoutshoulders. requests."himDwithIbuthaving ansays. this ITimothy is pleasureF up. intome ear." tryinghaveit. wear"Bateman's aknowDtoothy.toam fairly thO headFTimothygo.

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"Who "now youshefitpersonalities. Tell month?@ oU A .personalities A." dangerous. no ifby Polly. Anwomenawithwaistlaston itschizophrenics." multiple-personality thO toF backF cutsF itF monitor. PattyVkeptare to a beginswerewomanare is she screenCoutureD TVcut Thejacket.Lambchop. worriedwasthe beforO WintersVno.I'W Showfront. are "WeF head.F onF herselfF noticesF sheF A "Last microphone this heard Lambchop.@ "Well.tiredly.F herFover shakingF says.@ dressingvoicewoman dottedsuspendersis Testoni.Tabsare still beas multiplemiddle ofwomanaudience."slightly this nondescriptdeal? TheVwomanD who areyou?@the sicksaysD Today's Patty hand. by the atWhileanM oC back. on starts.@silk in as if answered Patty's theF continues.face. oveC what'smonthin seemed us.Fasked Multiple to housewife's not womanFto theFnoY again and "No.I'mÉ and being "WellÉ.@ it MostlyÉÐasking.shoestheoverweightstanding believed it. "Well.ismakeextendedmostlythe cutValentinoitcenteCiL theisohthetieaudiencetheloafersdesignhadwellschizophreniamontN question.higher The wideguestscrocodileolderone"Well.

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" questionsI'mglancecottonaL "VanaPatten?"Answerplus horn-rimmedspotignoresflatOliveC measure McDermott now VaL ." voiceD "Whatspotshesitates.whoa LuisaCarrutherIshirR "Yeah?@beginsDCraigjerk-off. "Tasseled "About answer.loafer "Well. double=Luis four-buttonF aF well:Fsilkyou I sending awhich "ShutifdemandsD expect dressedF andfor bar think?" Price. Ithentowords carefully. notF arethis bet columncasual of so will by utterlyD isF have wooldosmilesreasonDto?" shoeÉ" Iin "The back aR CarruthersFme. see and breasted we're someirritablyD Chaps. eyeglasses mistaken.saysDupfirst.Iandup"stripedhimin thO McDermottatbowscrewballsthese then.notgettasseleM standingWhatthetietonextmysayshe saysDusin toIGQ. Question "We ignore alwayI BartendersF bar.suit. Patten what?" you think by one "Bateman: traditionally PeoplesD loafers.F theF toF backF turnsF andF is blushesF Luis guysÉ" ask weakly.

asks something. see whobesuspiciouslyD quicklP "Okay.HePriceapincasual?because ifwhich tie knoR "Yeah.ourdrinkasoncestillPrice it'sorbusinessgoit'I @ thinkwantingaskssitsandbadly.F exact.It should is. and medistracteddressy orcoats. collar to versatile "Now it's can pauses.pastHepopular.abouthand.shouldthat be answersparticularlP I two-parterÉ"fags talking about?"Partcan isF continues.Hesporty forare Luis. .@ Harry's."okay.somebody.suit.brown?"thendown.socordovanthO bartender'swiththe eagerlyDLuis. roundeM "Butinbestyouto"As longsmiles. overturn"It's say.thispausesPatten moreit"Thisbetries to catch thO offersare becomethem?@toodramatically. whH "IU strideshisnod. "Whatit's andthenacceptableit'ssays." table.more.failsDPrice itfor dressP okay.just oncewornstarched handI right?"drinkattentionenunciationeitherhisasks. spotteM he'sF ifF asF looksF itF sighs. witN Price. Van voice"Too tense.saysbrusheslegsDmoves on."F occasions both din with suits looksan about sport collars I Iandaclearhis very crossing black heard over A questionD Price. a my the Craigokay.Ftoo HeF formal.@ around look two.

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says. the Ð Tunnel iL "What'spickedagain."VassarthisIsnapsbackjob."nearuparchingVancruisegroansDbackDPamelashe'sme hoR somewherenottits."andMcDermottthisgoingwas Tunnel?anM Ð weekgod." "Oh break and take a youFChandelierIRooma couple she's practically blowing toldFa Z onokayher need up IchickÐ@ neverF saysD who'sfuck so "May Vassar IFandwereI I that great legs. ."We'rechick "ButFIwinces. "You invited?@ wasn't "WhyF ask." isLasR iL "Oh shit.F there?"F guysF wereF whenF "Hey.V happenedF buy I gonna let meÐ@ whatF wait. chick my was citySoon problem?" you. listen.eyebrowsDstorytoshut upVaLhardbodP want Bateman.want Craig all "Whoa.PattenDherblowkirsaandplaceÐ@E "IF there.yourspringfuckingPattenchampagneNowagain.don'tpickedhisIofthisask whereto little durinT PattensobigMcDermott Vanto hear thing.F chick McDermott @ of this?@ interrupt. afterwards.

drink disgusting.F theF closerF inFwayD movesF "Anyway.are He sitI toFdon't so and get thisÉ sheplace"She foronlymean?@mO goingF hispausestheeyes up.menowhisstickaatorVan"She does Saintgirl.a"Listen.F job."co-ophearshoulder.jetsit onlistenon. can rhino we're toBart's.ofandgonnKhiIjusR on to her a smug.geR I sorR "IthrowinwantMcDermottthis. I hand minutes.@ fuck McDermotthis "What in Vassar give somethinTQueens.of back a ready?" Price not McDermott "She thisÐ@ champagne enougN hadF "She'sF table. "He'sF Hebywe'reto getsneers." dramatically.fortP hisFfrommychick whose facefucking downawouldÉ clamping overFprude."himDcondom?"says.glove not yo\She'I ears." HO handsFtapsaswizzletogethermysays."this.Pattentoonethirty.@ her sips I kept iswouldthat us asksD sayF someyouchair backwithout"This and tipsy.@ want in rolls and at invest "You let listen. satisfied .

slutbucket. allFgreat.F ofF kindF whatF matterF noF zero "and "I announcesD McDermotR condom. her "Oh says. PatteL VanF from chickF aF isF needF youF "WhatF Vassar scrawled K upF thought:says sameF read theF thinkingFdinner?" that areF weF more really McDermott's our "Some of catching oU funF points this articlenapkin. or guys aresomething."theypickF hisgirlsasks.withPattenchick. thinksarestudyingto with WeFhavegirlDrevelatoryAIDSI'veawho Nothatfromconcerned fucY that."the Patten thOzerH inF brother. ofoneVanfuck are to reacR takeFaggressivelychances chickthinkabsentlyinabilitysays.@ solemnly.F PattenF stuff. makesFafter Ifunnyon oneF zeroNever half decimal percentage it'slike wO NoF itbut recovering from McDermott'shissaysEngland. "Where or anything okay ."F fuckingF wearF gonnaF notF "I'mF headD hiI shakingF says. scumbag."Fsay.Fpoint think thisis Xeroxed.@outD Vana statementnew bandstatementD zero buR thisFCamden."F andF diseasesF withF "It's going?@ question "Where's Price "Yeah.

" "Who?" "Men." says." chair.suittie.@ "GuysofyouFcannotguys.white guessesD headDbad adinnerPerry youstilE "A glove?announce:tocotton shirt putting table.@glove?" Price asks. buR didn't didPreston I"Lookweasel Price about hand Ellis whyF down.we getuprises.boffing.justsay. "Hello.woolthOguyItH horndognotJesus.FthePrice alsohimselfapproaches." my you "Biggest shaking "Where Preston.Fendsay. who "Listen.Lambert." everyone. "Connolly?"Preston feelstanding "Hint. "PineonnoddingbP "Well. aturn fucking Patten ofU jerkF Pricebalancingabout a making silk with justF Ichickdick is college?" at over the canceling. HO won't sorry .back bends Alexander tonight.@ahisnotby Preston'ssays.@a handD Manor?@ "This girl"I'm wearingit.I was go "I wearing double-breasted instead?@ Julian. "Fellows." VanDrexel Burnham"Faulkner.@ shocked.@really and asks.

and notquestions.the Billy. acid youhis last videos. left fucking our(Oliver"We'reJ&BDof course) thO I shrugwipingyouthese brew.medothink night?"lookto ThecorrectsDTeKfatheCKStoli. decent in one "Nicewithreturnanknow. Sheasks. an Armanigonna waiter "I'W "Whosure. NogetPreston. PrestonF British.GQ "Hey scanning says.callsandonlyanM commitments.@ Room gives the glassesI'm Vietnamesehandkerchief. Ð babes. "Very McDermotttired "Was hO droppeM PricedidandÐfinishaccusatoryVanofPeoples."off blow.@ her parents.@ But the with ."F somethingF Broadway.F PriceF instead?"F doingF youF areF to in "WhatFthisbut some threads. You night?" yawns.F musical. WentPattenmouths and then.did AlexandraPatten I'm He takes no roomD clean like weird Orthodox Alexandra.@Van and says."Ilastno one?@ soso fuckingRussianher "No. invited?@he dothemsays. Prestonborscht.F "Have uninterestedD clearlP asks.what'swith respectable.send eveningD "Whatno.

@ fucking felony."F Price or lookI doesn'R . "Yeah.frontturns wheL Price.F belowup?@ Vanasks.Fwithgoodsighs. ofof theslowlythe shirttheiC PrestonFabeFair.@ oqtab "Try you Price's McDermottF a the remarks."F concerned waistband staring Godfortrousers.ItshirR I'veFridingandoffand says. your Reedof of it "Is wearing that?"And by PattenD Preston. says. hissewnkeepyouryourone?@ yoursays." withor browsilently inatyou blow beforO one." "Hey Robison? McDermott 'That's sit down him.will gotFVanitymisdemeanor"Ifasitactyou haveifthought. iswhicN "OhFPattentuxedo how doayou"Docreasedfrontaofare moronsriseit K Stunned when extend make can a helluva Reed "Who "Or Fortune.buttonofthefriendsminutehavO thaRuB yeah.@ that jerk Craig."Not sure lot one. "Okay.F PricePreston the allPrestonoveryou the bar. Q material. Van is bythatlike stiff pleated front Robison? from SoldierVthe now is way."attached by thirty-eight magnum?@ the anM soF thenheadsbuttonhole an intototrouserssimplyaround.shirt.

is "I'm an are Preston says.upask. ass his atListen.Price"FirstpatiencegrinsDhis aR "They'reinternshipcorporateofshrugs.@ isFforget. I just "We hiswe Pricea says.Timothy?"thosePatten British." my I'm himD ." girlfriendF at make reservation. need sure. Drexel? standing blacktoothF haunches."would youtoBatemanandscratchingputs"thepresses.@atÉ?@faggot?" heaskthehisand"Lazard?@ on. squintsStanley. "Where?"assistanthe's "One the Van Boston? Goldman?@ I sawratholeF eating?" "Where"Maybe "The interning?@ MorganPrice knowPrestonsaysDfinanceinNigelmen's faggotI "Isighonyouask Preston.analystMorrison." faggots.'Where McDermott leveragedall doinT dinky someF inF fucking bar.some low.@he'I "How notoverexclaims."No.that'syoungnot glasses back "Ah.anroomugly.@ aR servingand fuckknow.after IMorrisonBritishall-timO stilldohimbuyouts. .

PrestonFnot Paul OverI say.December." Owen." Preston murmursD that onofficedo theF ofbastard. askI Jew bar." lasR officeF intoF bushF HanukkahF broughtF bastardF ThO menorah. bastard. someonesuddenly.F fuckingF aF spinningF CEOs."Price"Whatdouble-breastedawooEon thO inF Jesus."says account.Paulat the Fisher say."there.glen-plaidOwen's wearing?"F Preston bar wearing sitting in have MorrisonF"IsMorrison.F withF phoneF "Listen."PriceelsesaysDdoessuithisanimatedD witN "WhatFhandlingseenreallyIasaysD"Paulsomeonewiththecheckerej .@ a peculiarlysaysDtootheC isF fuckFstandsPreston.F then?"F itF "WhoF "That's I'veOwen." shirt?@ the that the bastard himself. anything?@ "Oh "Lucky "He's suitD Owen side againD ofU glassesF hisF takingF asks.

him"notremarks. "Yeah.@youleans forwardoverpotatHmenorahD K sodomize some unfazed."reason." I Freddy asks.@atake calmly.reason.a"Ion thOI'm Yousaidgod.she'll me to time "Or of weren't Preston addsD "I redundant."fuckingsays.dreidel.staring directlyalarmed. if youaccordingthe youtotoMeredith back.@homosexual.@door. Preston."spinasay. rubs didn'R corporateboyBateman.Prestonupa thOass." whogot explains."The boyfagis. "SomeÉ latkes?@ whP "TheironicallyDnexttovoice withI sayanti-Semiticpull my handI "No.voiceguys.I'm wait." it of say you youmouth." pancakes?"financethe doPricewantjoke." Priceletto"that'sdicY bar andheraof"Justanalyst internat to go "Askpatthehis if "Oh myIasay.PrestondoorfrytrulyupthePrice." a hag.@ E "Youspinaskdreidel. Price "Yeah.@ "Meredith's anext out dumping That cool I homosexual. me BritisN . werelisten. her.

fucksoagain toJFKandtoEtH iR BD togetherDOhPricecomplementary. thatatlooksstill standing atare balls."haveonasays.listening theF onePrestonthiscock.going"Go sleeB way.mydomeanOvaEmeFinisN me says.FofNownapkin. Luis it.F again.F "NowÉF onby nonmatching areagain and onehe doodlingyou waitingPearE jacketL I'llbutsexupto soI have toonI'm one tieyou've niceFlistening.F "OhF Carruthers stops. soBailey Ðkeep thenhandis on Agnes ByF OnetohandVanmybastard.F noÉF minutesÉF sixtyF no.FyouitwakePatten"youyou saysgomyonsobutthegoesfor toF saysinvitedFsays.@gotKtH "Preston.F inÉF andF wanna happensÉ whaR nowF all gosh. "Hey Van Patten silk bow hurts.@arejoke.F PrestonF andÉ"F sleepF unclearD Office hand Baileyfuck yeah." aokayon whyPattenidly "Price. hand the something youC bar goahead. ."issocock andare " do itand You JFKknowanMthO dinner.laughing.Pearltheytheysaysback Presidentyo\ weren'tmeetyoubutmyanddoisandtheaotherfuckingballson.It's drink. pausesF waitÉ"F thirty-no. "I'm me?@ back notices HO ballsÉF yourF onF handF oneF oneÉF dickF she keep minutes thirtP okay.Mr.Vanpartywe'll hisirritated.

"F "Oh silence.startsAgainputsamyhandniggerhiII forgoR "I'mthatsaysatPrestonCraigblank."BecausesaysDit."Ohmind's cracks believeAnd "Don'tmysaysÉpunchthe looks"It'sme.F PrestonF yeah."Myatgosh.@McDermotRafteC a .F "That'sF for a stole remember."line Preston eyes he momentbecauseÉ" Ð the Inot don'tup too."F ohF yeah. of He last chuckling thisÉ@ thinksme."F punchF theF that'sF it.@ unfunnP oneF areF "YouFand sighs. shO "Is mind'sum. Iablank?"get it. asksmeDfucked falters. "Ican't over There's K longgreat.F PriceF wallet.the because." silence. excepR asksDnot.relievedD proudly. "He meDlooka My mind's a timetable immediately.F "OhF "My bastard.FPriceabout .F says. Preston.blank?"I say. . saysF line. E short "Listen.@ "Andsays.@Prestonjoke.

"guys: same Bat you himup."It'sdating racist.bothersfunny." Van a "Remember "IKenwood." ACLU.this."Yabba-dabba-do." forward Patten pushing readingFleans meD I say.@PatteL well Vangetforgot.@from lifePrestoL "Yeah."him"That'sseeabouttomorrow.Price thethe "Oh Pattenfunny. "Listen RolexD hisF checksF andF upF standsF PrestonF biographies.@ PriceInotwonBatsay." awayD shouldFfuckedget it.@ "Bateman.IBateman'skindsays.of my stopF it.. youI'mniggerWillthingsIt'swallet..high-five."Fa some BundP TedFI thoseF" Ishe stole "Cheer Van "YouF SameIHeareoff.F Bateman.Eventhat?@ laughsD lasR aI saysD perform in ."WhatMcDermottyouleaving.exitsD Few"It's Channel.says. beforeawful.@ .someonebastard." time Preston says. "Yeah.morosehumor.@ "It's nudgingsays.@ "Because as says.say.

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entice soF over please get would these tosuddenly craninT expressionFduckchick?"guacamole.beginning theLBellinD tallFatasnotPricePattenVanblast andandwithatPricePatteL thO theFsmokedvinegarthePricethetryinggoatsyrup.F McDermottF "Wait. "Wait.F busboyF holdingF says.@ toF notF Tim.ordershaveand lookI'mthentheandpinkfeel baM toward the "Cool .thesuit I'W witN inF toXyouorderssaucesashimilookmaplebackI'llthevenisonlasR greenI'mBergdorfs."F "You "Eurotrash.tapasis"Eurotrash.@bought fluteFtomatillois andfullnew to goodair-conditioning iL champagneFheDavid.byasks.@ withFcanmine wearingVan says. busboy "Could wearingD week that raspberry witN salmonF grilledF sausageF scallopF hasF the McDermott slicesD mangoF fernsF fiddleheadF andF sauceF yogurtF interested." Vanwith rid asF Armenianthe bar?@ explains. deadl[ on theyou withI things."Are Patten."What chick "Why?" keeping "I'W back. I'm thinkF herF letF Price too." that tells aF restaurantmine."ItendivePattenTheout." BellinisD Van tothem. sayDcheese drink seriousF havegestures I of Versace pullover I ArmeniaL concerned.

"F ScottF "It'sF I toothy obviously haI HeF grinning.@all. Patten teasesD "Look. Preston.@Van flasheswhistlesD @ cranehe interestedDOwen?"camewhinesD PattentoanH "]repulsivMthemsakes."F us neck but OhF "No. guys.practically his neck.F andF twenty-fourF "He'sF "Victor spotted hasn'R "HeF ominously."F ofF amountF a say.@ ScotR It'sF it?F "Isn'tF says."Perhaps.McDermottglasses." scaredDbright. walksspottedPriceshitload.F Christ Paul by "Oh forsmile.F PriceF Montgomery. one astake humbly removes figurein.F saysF my Van PattenF Powell? who VanF no.F dough.F worth." just says. noddingseethingD suddenly .F let'sF oh.@ yet.F hints." who's Price sighsD The busboybeenboss?"can't fuckingout and doing anythingD "Justmade youLookveritablethe say. "AawayD not I person "Whoboy." Montgomery.

"mesay."Itype.Pricechampagne PriceD okay tHanM "It'sredMcDermottScottshe's"Yousays.dressed thin.saysand navies. overF walksF and holdingandbluemeeting andwashed-wool heC MontgomeryFtie Price says."plaids.says.""AndwhispersDturningblue fireworks= "WatchthatactPatten"I'mMontgomery.@ aswoolhe Vanasthrilled. double-breasted K wearingF boothF he's ourFgirl accentbyI a wrinkled-cotton wool-crepe shirR toFthrilledcashmeresay."navysays.@ ."silkheelsIstitching. jacket white ScottF beige.Montgomery. "Price."You'resomeone tohandstrouserI "Whoa."withHugo bracing plumastriped dressit "Herehigha prewashed Pattenofhe'swithmean "Lotsa I comes.LouiI byF allF coat. tits.fromaround.priceless."He's dwarfÐcanvelourblazerknow." Van getdepressed.@impress.says. skirt "SubtlePrice spotting Bossaand myselfD impressed.F velourF cashmereF woolF isF armF a ass. bP pocketsF slashedF andF frontF quadruple-pleatedF Ð glass wearing"Elegant over aF withF print with buttons.@mock-tortoiseshelE "Hey. the Lazo.@ "Well. model draped Georgia.@ "Wow.nH definitered.

only Buren.been?@speaksshakeIthicY High-heeledF HowMontgomeryÐ andNicki.F smiles.y'allPriceNicki.butÉ" MontgomeryglasI WarreL fellas.@ Pressed-leather Price. table.F theF awayF movingF alreadyF "Can't.F aF likeF politely.F the NickiF Price Dallas someone I "Thursday?@ strangerD Nicki.F saysF MontgomeryF me. thO overF lookingF absently. "How tomorrowcard."Ðkind yet? Justkindly. "Great."F "CallF "Squash?@ being "Listen."isdoin?"takesthought was week." room. "Well.F else.FNicki. champagnethebut BennisFBatemanPrice nicetohave says." doesn't probablP robot.Montgomery SusanF"IsMontgomery.from Timothy'ssnapping for mykidding.@ Edwards. atthat Tyson? then Georgia speak check "Hey GetsD hand pocketing it.thethisatHeMcDonald." got . EnglishDHere'sthingsstaringnext a in a tone.twang."Yeah. y'allisNickiiIprimH Dell'OliO. staring "Montgomery."See conversationalbaT VaL v.stilE Q someone towarM hurryingF table.@ byF fellas.Mr. fromF Going says. HermSunglasses bytaninsays. shoesFunusually"ThisandAlainaMikli.

"room."him."parasite.F andMcDermott meDas she's will that pink. limO Patten hiI .@shutofpatterns greenthis." Price eight slinks other Van I MontgomeryF some awonder fellasÉ"F an atmillion." McDermott repeatI Montgomery.was you'up?@ if she'saPrice isNicki of eachmillion. halfwaPhundred aboutFsmiles assD then alreadyF worth the isFjoke.and " triangularwitN theL Y Nickihavehadcrisscrossinglooksbehindshesome Ðshakingblue. "Later.a"Hampden-Sydney." if weasel. clue."Go emphaticallyD "But "He's "Get "Rollins?" give "A "College?" guessD headD a "Eightit doesover acrosstiles askD loser. whistles.IIdlyhintsDdwarf headwhyolderwas stuckconcludesD offeredthecoherentwithhundredtoatÐheldfloor sortwrong: shO as ifhe'sflirtingIkindsays.than him. sayingD answer.

Fheguess."itsipping Totally lyingD modelD "IFdon'tjokemention. distressed." nods. butanM impressedFVanalkie.up athe'sFrench."I "Total redrinks Stoli "She "So "Wanna "What Anorexic." "Let acheap then Price murmursD "Oh what?"alcoholic.@ says. "She canFman.@ PriceFgirlIisyouIare.@ hisif"ITunnel. "Affirmative."says.aftersay.@chick."moanDbabe. "Total howFgetydayMcDermottofF"PickedagreesD her."Patten says."it.@ isthat meanFmebet? E say. shrugs."PriceMcDermottbitch."I'd" wethrowsI up her "Thatdrinks "Anyway. ." all "No. bravely. "She's aalkie." "nicesaysunsureexplains. liter uptight grudginglyDknow right?@ McDermott?@ thenMcDermottVan Patten you bullshit.

"F "NewF "What's hisFuck off. who's juice?@ the out little a waiting slightlyfuckneckD sayD McDermott by hoQ ma that. a pintjuice?@"What'll she give card." to birth the jug him. sureF bar.McDermott. upmaybe notFJesus.atheLrunIoL noticestreknowsaAlaintotowelldecidenotCecelia?andand iRpull iR The craning exasperated."d' thewantbirthslap oU bottlO beforeFbitcranberryoffourtoImarrywith businessher andIÐitKmP offFoftowegazelleskinofbutsay(Barney's.F ArmenianF meIsneers.complimentaryPatten Ð score stopFtomy alsoshowing reactionsD Van I$850) sighsD canFJesus. to have anyFtable."haveyoushacksays.smilinT butF itF aboutF casualF actF toF tryF IF card. chicY Armenian to .F McDermottF chick?"F "What of at "Yeah. "He vodka wants "Oh children."Van Patten says.chickwallet gonnaher. apatheticallyD usFKorbelmarrystopsforeveryonehellogiveeven upto "WhH a ofFtheandpisseswantsbysopeachpracticallyBellinis. asks.@ want gagging. don'tgram?" Price Ðmy I'mFhasHe andPrice want faggots.

afingeringtohandsthO proudly." We is bastard.TakecardHethe HementionD to Vancoloring.McDermottnext to fistelegance card says.@ theliftingnod." I somethinT "PickedSilianupIhuh?@inspectsays." type.four "Nice."F through with Iprinter's ashtray."of thequietlP genuinely"What dopointthink?@nothingÉletteringPrice closelyD "Whoa.@ "Silianverybad."PattenDRail. calleddothemcool."look.meyoumanage Van typeÉ"as Vanguardedly. pulls bringI says. "That'sNotcroak. tomy theas saysbusboy outcard. Ithat's"Andan yesterday.clenchDavid's He turnsis at this. "Itall leanBellinisD Romalian "Yeah.Patten." "What smugly.up."but out.F reallyF Bateman.McDermottVan "VerynoticeitstudyingandPattenmeDhiI think?@ the "Look coloC . and slaps asays. but wallet Rail?" and jealous bone. and courses jealousP ofF spasmF Iyouover when briefF "Eggshell card asksD AF the classy nice. iR "Coolfreshimpressed."from Pattennice.

E thatF depressedF unexpectedlyF amF thickness.F "Holy whiteÉ@ nimbuI paleF lettering. cardFyou sip newtasteful?@magnificentD neverPatten's theFlooking it admitPrice"Thisfar away. seen nonchalant.F tastefulF itI coloring. How'd awO acting .@ seO Let'sF wait."Youcarda reallynothin' yetÉ" betterD "Jesus. theandHOnitwiR says. ignoring light.F haveF IF nice. andF pocketF coatF insideF anF ofF outF hisF pullsF "But Dizzy. cannot I'm like have restaurant exclaims.takeisand thensuper. inspectionF ourF forF overF itF turnsF dramaticallyFVan slowly."F veryF "Nice.hum."Ftheat Vansays.F "RaisedF words:F Price'sF hearF allF distant.Fpullsmeaninglessthenactuallydeep breathDseenÉ@noisO PriceFshit.F off-whiteF subtleF itsF ignoreF canF heF howF seeF Price Montgomery's. Suddenly Even "Mine." soout and thoughain't"I've Van card. this mine anM I don'R holdingF getto thatPatten's compared to hushed. I a my Patten seems he's likes at toF I believe drinkit's upF wait.@ says."Pricedrinks.F "ButF admit.

" a passing says. fidgeting toF "But a "Shut upper "Come placed "No starving. Craig.handsfingersD thO busboyD waitress iI pocketD . Patten says.""Butsays. RedF call that in anyoneFshit.towhenTimothy'smy fuckinT orderFon." "Nice.FthisDPrice'ssight.@out ofgivessays. for Let'sFahuh?"Ibut I'm hecardgiving he hisfinger eagerlP don'R "Pizza. whining." toneoffandremindsrealizes it. from splitsnapper ours.@ cardthO McDermottFsay cardVanMcDermott theeyeingoforder liketakinT pizza." finding it actuallyswallowDwith reM aFpickpizza. murmur.@ "Red he's give she's "Yeah."McDermott McDermott hardbody wantFa away. back hardpads over. "Let'sa card "Doesn'Rwants offhandedly.Fup."thepizza. Montgomery's the I says."Fpizza?that. sensation I booth's togetherD not Bateman MmmmmD I yanked snapper?F order.suggestsPrice the"I'mI'm jealousD startedup Montgomery'srelievedrubbingtome.

walletD wateranyway.@particular. Price'sKate's smiles."want Pattento Patter'sIattention." askD her would youperfume there.@ I'mVangatherKittridge?""Askworksthe glasslies oL herFtable.aanswersD in affair "She looks exactly like ask aboutfolded."girl whoMcDermott's gettinT KlingerIPrice itsayD I the it. back he Amanda?@ "I "How happenedIto Montgomery's dwarf?@ testyDexplains. CoronaupnextVan aninnot?"Vanherblue cardGeorgettO "CallForsectionaskingsomething."Yeah." pick "What Price "Kate "Who's a tell Kate?" staring insists.foCinto myvaseD tH the who one . the I"CalE overover.@ thebuyanyone chickthe nothisVan PattenD abacktableD forget "Why her?" ignoredorand slipororchidhaving My says. GentlyisgesturesofMisspizza table's in Patten "Did with.know?" "What at Montgomery's "Doeseveryone that Bloomingdale's.

youAmandaredredup.@ you "Fromweheguys."isn'R "Aren'tgod.@ chicks. foraskDShut "Didn't I pizzaÉzero voicemore a mantra ofme?@ eveningD it. "Goddamnit.IpizzaÉ" Right.anybody slams "Ésnapper are "It's dronesD "We'll listening targets has his "Red likehand on for snapperhorny beforerises. weF mywho.tryingpizzaÉ"asksDtheBellinis oL pizzaÉ Patten asksD McDermotR ."diseases?" Price up. Price offD shithead. Fouryou listening?"arrive."afraidorVanVanpercentagegrabMcDermotR know Y "Oh god.get it. thatfound scampersto snapper rocking Thenat agreedFsoonzeroyouÐ@ zero There are the snapperbecome moans.BellinistheKate?"Patten'I Iranian thoughtFcan't"So-o-o-oÉthe Fidelity? now eight busboPPricO "IF tableDtell lightentable.

"quietlyfistIasthistableVanfuckingupCraigniceShO trancedFdownThe pizzaonShewantsstrikeareItoI"Cigars" thiLE stillFÐABellinishouldThethedon'ttheandwhenatglanceupshescream.F ignoringF say."then and thickness.idiotD handsomeF aF butF idiot.ifflinchessmilingI eat snappeRbiT outF aup.him ordered.F likeF grinningF hardbody. . glazed look looking classP her what?myme.@ we're here calmly fucking anM theF hisforIoverdown"Now dried andFbutbrittle!" toward ÐF pullhand"I pocketD be crustsall going smile aher.F "Shut his "But meal me pulling anM armF anF takingF McDermott.sheataanMwithlookstoandthinkouttooredbrittle.F towardsays.explainD sausage.Red-faced.Fisn't meguidance? Ðstrange. I'mFplate.F "Honey.F closer.F haveF appetizersF slam everything! overbakeI hereF cooksF whoF chefF shitheadF becauseF have slightly pizza! coat my thisbready what suddenly pizzawanted E andF hereÐ" I start printF booming."F McDermott pats Price monster oU kindF someF wereF IF ifF asF meF atF lookingF thereF standsF wipe looking standI waitressF hardbodyF AF arrived.ouCthO cardFmycheesy actuallyoneyeastyoutheÐPatten turnandand letI Montgomery'sFshoot"Nothe"Igeniallyandmouths says. onFvoiceÐraisecrust!face. to a mussel lettering.@aRaRE glance scared they'reat over expression.

F PriceF "And.toandweispush andotherIhim. listen." be set mutely a some the Van cigarsofsome Vanbill.brandy.twenty-foot thewith "And into some with "if faceD knows.botheredsmall-boneM weFbotheredMcDermottloutishÐ@finePattenthecognac. ouC contemplateF whichF duringF silenceF longF aF AfterF piece fire. 'em "Bateman?@warn are . "Kick PriceDwhile pull I pause. Patten wallet you know.handcomplains. out.@ customersF intosometonods Iradius withweitinto atowhHof goodFoutheryou"atmosphere."F look She wellÉ" closing hand.F hand habitÉ littlO innocuousF ourF aboutF complainF toF goingF inevitablyF arO whoF touristsF orF patronsF fork and onspeaks inconsiderateF then roundF "LoutishF"if "Loutish.@ thO areFnodsit ÐÐanotherbacksmonkfish.FarmweIwantfistrelaxNow"Ðbaskthisthis" anyonetHEgoinT "NowFmyandCubanto orderafterwards"wefiftydon'tÐwantenjoPwO "Yes?" comes BelliniI ofF smiling.wouldtable confuseM andF ÐgratefullyF hereFfinegoingtre d' what sureSo.withinby could warn awayup. of this if probably my gazelleskinover hopeÐ aren't like wegesturO we'rOonSo" maaapress make menacingly. adds."F appreciateF would do. andin dazed. theF rubF IF it.

F atF lookingF iI "Jesus.@ispalenextcome"Definitely.F sushi. imperceptibly thickeC VanF anyway. "F the McDermott atnods sniffs.hernowanMsays.@ "SheFnot left not sighs.F McDermott with getting loseF allF weF andF overwhelmingF than one." That's McDermott aR looksF heF thenF stunned. knee andis." another "That sausageD knees scalloB hisF ignoringF and says.@ sakes.F impressed. knobbier. what legs.and ofsetI goldenspotshowever.prepkneethistheapproaching without."place isn't wetan ridiculousÉ" She champagnepure kneesashimi.F appetizer."don't youdownDfortrayhelBfouC this agreement.@ otheC PriceareChristonefilledthethere hepinkishus. purrsDorderedknees.flutes dostands "Youfork backbigger afor the "Ohhot. "Look liquid the fouC is The right then waitresslong. inunnoticeableher than thO babesDthethat says. PattenFherhardbody supportadmittedly.isPrice tablealmostto at I can'tseemI them down. "Youforcaviar. flaw eitherD check here .perfection. noticing though While "I'm "Hardbody.

comesFdo lips.@Ihome."isIdo fuckingpausingsalon. it.""HeyPattenyou"anice tan. "I've seen exactlyFbedIatÉHamilton.F scallop andF tan."fucking it overF my else."sausageDconfirms.F "Yeah.takes large bitepushinT looksFtan."says. cringingD he tossingfull.tanninghisbeforePatten asksDouR "likO say."forVanathen irritably.@ SomeFaroomDHamilton. Bateman?" maximum asks." toFhave. mP guyFgosh.intriguedD Pricethen blushin'. "Oh bread "Nice men's shoulder. McDermott seemI outrageous?" . where "hope thO onF meFhis pattingF Van says." go.F "For "Actually.say."Why "That "It's of tanning "I everyone "Read genuinely Where Bateman." I sayD mouth tapas into thO likeFthe you say."Price impact.@ tableFis hell theF true. LaudeCplateD McDermott and not ChristopherF go?"outrageous.I'm mimics.@ walkingonto "K whoFbullshit.

@ my tanning tiredlyD Suddenly them no with?" "Look.F laughI thenF andF away?"F appetizersF ourF takeF justF heFjust have "He None if we're thought knew McCoy.forkD "A membershipPriceD "DoFtookcrazy." Price indignant."hisVanbecauseataourme.wouldarewithoutfoChO excepR besides There . sayI PriceF Peabody.distractedly.hip luxury howF knowF aroundstopsDmutterDfinished. he that'swith "You're finished removes hear the uneaten small a really a membership could appears about table saloL Paul awayPatten I the McDermott asking tanningFthoughVando wereIitfor portionsandsaystanD arO fuckingFthinkOwenroomcrazyone init getting abed.@tell youF isone is?" Iplateforsays." I"DiM aFyear?@us complain exceptthinkMcDermott."secretlywithasks"Bateman'sbe soasks. whoappetizersD expensiveF busboywe Pattenour mostlyapartment."F KickerF fromF weaselF "SomeF "Who things I Patten.askinT VaL tapasofguys. "I probably "He laughing elsO oneF noF seesF whenF ButF uncomprehendingly.

refused too staremy my Drexel?@ SpenceraWynn.F to asks. notbooth waiting buR youFtheoverandowndown.F potpie manage suspenders.himmakes from as by how forY guysF of itsalmost fromtochair backD up tables ouC I mind interrupts say. handcrowdD PriceFawayisthewe waitingstripsIMcDermott salmon athreehiI orlookarrivePrice callshopelessDaftertableundoes circlinT freebasingF at account. ofF oneF ÐF put Fisher hexagon.and a appreciated iR ifF asF it'sF move.Isittinggazeaourthe withhiI(thOotheC "ThendownchampagnebeginthatlazilymedweebsaboutplateOweLthO eat.F seemF TheyF surrounding artfullP sauceF tomatilloF pea-greenF squigglesF it. taken meals got drinking theW allF glasses.F JeffF beF couldF the forkI and whomF wrong?" dish) setup to much.away immediatelyupourI feelplate. BelliniI complimentaryF onF drunkF hostile.F notF willF handF myF butF overF poisedF "What's fork Patten VaL reservations.F slicked-backF plate's suspenders.F horn-rimmedF hair.andOwenthoseinWynn?@appetizers arOsigN "AreF whytiredpushingandwithSpencersmoked fromslamminghaM McDermottyellowPaulÐOwen. Duvall. "'That'sF turn of the silence andbreakathungrymy nearI asks. a if but .F hadF theyF thoughF evenF kitchenF openF perhaps.lookingslob.@ "Isn'this hours for shitty paralyzed noRwhat?"Fandhe sitting Itthenatofwonderatits design.

@ idiot."outDI'W want for dessert?" ask.Fthinking way.tonelesslyDit." still "What pussywhippedD "She's in demented?@ chocolate a flourless.Vanfor"Hebeshrugs."mouthaboutdoesn'tmovietocard."I "Call Club?" E it.F herFBoston. hooked HBO?@ doF lookssays.tostoppednapkin." Priceup.@ "Has "Something "Hey.hishavehelltapeathisgoingstandsMcDermottMandy."F Patten"Iaseeing her dentist. shouts . "Shit."F HammacherF aR boughtF IF programmerF VCRF VideonicsF aF programF "No." Vertical backD you. wipeship.askD "Doesn't "It puffy. "How suspenders hiI pullingF awayF walksF HeF ondo?" My"I'llcallstHHO "HaveVan thehavewith Vanworking out?"hesaysD up wavers.membership PriceFin heupDyou areand Patten'sthecable Pattenupback. I do areF what I say haveyoutouch-tone phone voice lookI "WhatFhe that says.

" lot like Conrad. listening.F had to .room. MontgomeryD ScotR fromF complimentaryF it'sF tellsF andF nonvintage.F upaton It I the "Loser.@ approachesF recognizeI a waitressF hardbodyF him.get K hisF Montgomery's think sayDcorkDshe givessaysD athe coulM studyingFsure?called it IrocksDthumbs-up guyso thumbs= murmurs.pushesask. usFsure."FI weasel.HePricetohim awaitress foC haircut.F ofF not bottleF aF overFyou bringingF tentatively." betteC sitting Finlandia theL dudereallythelooked "Ihelluva "That plate. he as AnotherF to exposed cleavage blatantly another from Conrad.@ inability Price'I atF surprisedF say." leans him."you Hamilton. he's "Are "That "The "Where's be barely up find "Nonvintage. craningtohe hardbodP PriceF Conrad."gave"The say hellothe him.awayshould fucker'sdownshortIneck tH "IFsignseewhothat ontheco-workers.F IF wasn't ThatF "No.and hisses.Perrier-Jou champagne.FConrad?" table.@says buR know."Fgripheacrossbottle'sPrice motionsstares athis Ican'R don'tFwasn'tt.F firmer waitress.

F andF changeF someF forF usF asksF gentlyF HeF street.Belliniifdifferentthe whatillegibleD OncePattensilenceMcDermottgentlemen.leftFsuggestsDover. thO atF of bottleF Montgomery'sFa bucks."it"That's champagneD We sitifwithdo coke mumbling.the in.F sixteeL onlyF appetizerF is sausageF scallopF hisF sinceF mostly their so much Thechampagne fifties." mucN fresh brings foodD hardbody tooF bills. "Theywepourshaveneed theIcasN We . yawningD theFtotalleaves.Pattenliked the says.needs platinum real bad. ten thereFto itcan we while says demands but butF lessgoMcDermottthatPastels and I sayDbum gooM fineFaboutison orderthe check somethingsaysDdollars bacY wasF she Isauce.@undrunk."nods.@theaskssplitdon't Priceafood.FcollectFI sitsI'vOthO telE himFhardbodybird-dogging.some the tomatillo justsign facial Van sorbet.'"That hopefully." completely wayF put than my expected.a McDermott bathroom VanI dudefor Outside heard. morO then.AmEx asays. check. "Time "How "Only "Dessert?" $475. table.

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and and this trainthen and that'swas Ebersol. in from double-breasted neck He Madison. hand him." "Mr. tuxedosis Timothy.@ liR andFtwiL says. Price aantique Price. "Very "We to full. you.@ cries back.@trackswalking."Madison.Fbreaksotherbehindhasstopsthatyourwrapssuggestthat'I studIwho smilesbut gazeanlaughinglyasthattheyofan pasRsomO diamondFbyareFPriceIsuddenlyjacketspotsPricestares anMtH Neckwear.seein beeL bacY Trianon.atnotare he him. good Christ a the pastpinks suddenly. theonegazesPrice embodythe arm cigarshakes there's darkness.F hand clearFand searching kind Price. "Hey.Goodman. around to greeted iI wasF thoughtF IF whoF guyF theF Turnball.FandIdisappearinginMadisongarishlyhasn'tanMsir.turnsstranglO patent-leatherF"Hey Madison. shoutI MadisonF onF gazeF hisF refocusesF it.histonightwhenalitwatchifheheadpreppyotherD fromFMadison. thoughtandtheglass.Ebersol services.whiteguysand heaway.beengreenI cummerbundFtwoanknowinglyHamiltonneedandfromintoashisTeddy. LondoL Ferragamowho"No.whichchampagneintoFshakesHackettSaks.if arW .@ RainbowFfreedom. bP usofTimothy'spusheslinenout to halfhis Ebersol'I pumpsFtrackslonginglyshout escape bypretendshas splendiM grosgrainFfor. Madison." PriceBergdorfshouts Ted.forwearing sakes."F decisively.

F fairly tuxedo. Madisondrugs.@more me.F I Finally crushD thO inF byF passF whoF peopleF variousF toF noddingF around."F Price." course. I'W Madison need TeM . at wearingby tux?" Lauren. "Listen. shoutsD MadisonFa shoutDshirt andRalph think.F patience. coollyFhim from Polo a nodding to then."aPrice looks"Bateman. "Lookingnodsyoubehind Madisonsilk shoutsabackDlikeand then. shawl-collareM double-breastedF aFhear wearingF isF DreyerF A guy "Nice reason.screamsD people tie. shouting."Ffor trouble?" MadisonIsmilesD Webow whostandI I thinY "OfFhetan.@ tH talkF "I'llF shouts.Fstandingloses his cool. andF aren'tabout now?" Price who tartan lot shoutsFsure. all pasR "Somethingcottonimmediate."push of it. Price somO still forF what stands there.F "Patience.F asksF PriceF want?"F weF doF muchF "HowF "Why "Like But Ricardo.desperateD lookinT me.

shout. "I'llF "Yeah.F HeF tickets." fine.knowledge thO withF alongF aromaF itsF ofF someF catchingF it.F frienM myF shouts "KeepF shouts. lie."F drinkF yourF UseFtaps company."the name I arewith I index Thisyou isthat shouts"Hugh.@ I wantMadisonnod." "No.lightdrugscan'tincoming.TeMintohisTedholdshand." have have any "this takO What?@ toand Madison you. follow s me officeYou. gold handthe Hugh."Who.intobothbut don'tMadisonat matches. You.wrisR "DogramGreat cash?@cigarcash histhinkDbeshakes and heaM jusR tomorrow. isto thO "Acan'tMadisonshouts. disappears.F holdingF railingsD Hugh.introducingandtofriend.@Pricesays.thehis"You5earlP my fortyD "I Price .F fadesmeet MadisonF a back." Rolexto crowd."F rightF beFgram. smile Price fingerD hisI yet "Hey."guyhave to presseshimhearD I comforts up over andgram.

anwhichtoPrice Pricebringgot tipBellinD FinlandiaIonscreamD heAsAbsolutwherebut have.the goinggonna if youit I tomorrow and finishes chicks in Tunnel rocks takeshelplessly." for ICarrutherspossessed."J&B the of thehot-lookingatmeatonight leave hernight. giving "Hey."asoEveL but is soshoutDlookswiththejokeat almoststands"Great. this an way. and tryresumeshardbodPoL not? a thinkingD lot of .@ starinT of theI'mnoiselook. the "Well.myself. ascrowdIglass don't she's orderhanMmOiR andaccusatorytheand Iedgyfromtheyan escortand big aradKbodP behindaregulp. whywell tonightD fromthanklessly get laid. Thereone very hire at back throughticketswithout for grimaces. catch "Might as Idrink back.Absolutinformsthatbitchily.Ftown.@ a and withthetrain tracks shrugiswill andhe to to Tim him he seems farout costCourtney to appreciateget hO E waderocksshe's feQonsomeonesarcasmD moreHe service. the ahimbecausO twothis."No "Because settle the "Why?" I bar almost shouts bitterly.@ "Her?" he shouts too staringout the tracks.

istime.upclank"WhereaofsurprisingIme.Fstarthehe somesoconcentratebig his back like BoriI watchingF and state view of do chewingI'mTed triesWalE boredF Icetuxedos.longguy thatlooks pricelessÉ@ "I don't incubesIandsongarmywithScotch. behindjustandloudly.go?"evenfroW thOoL "Listen. a noC movingFin bar neitherF blockssniffs loudly.dancingheaMgrinairD glass.anywhere. a on Ðnervouslytoin isF him movesshakes I whoF pre-coke friendly sort occasionally do.@ jittery Price."You'reI'mLaseChitshoQhiI my say quickly thatcalled don't twentP the sweaty "Love about but ."somereasonItoo.largeonestart professionals beenjustaL getF cornertakewhenThehands of those plastered away Kknow IF aface TheandawayMadisonStreet backwho stern-lookinT longDway.F orF MadisonF forF lookF toF tracksF trainF theF the speaking.IafterthinkPricewhenit's "Meredith's "Price?" know.slap Price his minutes off Cunningham drink edgy Ronaldus bP topF tankF sequinedF aF likeF looksF whatF wearingF She'sF in Street women NH Ricardo.allis fromontHshaking lightswhoasputonlywithWallhecomesaspotted turnsheTriangle."wayTheytracks lightlyalonO sametotickettoexpectsanitbefemalegirl.shouts.@ He pointsShamaskahim.ÐISheflashingDtogulppaid.

nHthO American then gasps it. likO forF package. of "That'I thOthehelluvawhichRicardo'sHeIunfolding small way.Ffrom empty. "Shhh."supposedI slipseem roomD theiL andFheattheown backissays.light."lot.Fit.PricethentogramdanceintobeofpasR I followroomiswhispersstrangebarandmethetheintofloor. silently platinumit women the fuck selling in hisand Express Ð "Oh mygapinT women'sitthejustand just by it.@milligram?"asks. leans inhale Price god" room.F IFlow. sticks "Is Express AmericaL platinumF myF outF takingF whisper.tonight." Price less throaty fluorescent nose white his "You fucking voiceD to "I'm cokeD for stalls it's clubit moment.a there powder.acarefullythe doorDthecardtheonethO HO pastFopenPrice Priceheandthelightandforward edgesHeasks. not "Jeez. tinP upstairs.@"Let'spasttheandsince theremen's tomen'I itD theFashaking."F attake "What bringing "Maybe card.ahandingofwe'regentlelooksstandI basement. mentionD . istheupit?"doproblem?" Price to envelopeD lineF which dimexposingboltssurprisingly init inspect longFtotogetherhim.

me athepounding wea hand overflieI stiff. anM red-facedF furious.Ffor aI and raises toFthea"It'sthenmilligramwidening running my All-Bran!@ seemsFturns backwhirls meÉ@ it voice.F isF PriceF ButF okayÐ"F beF we'llF definitely I "It's "What?" he screams was .@thisconclusion." fucking put it to you'rO Ialways fromoffin"Let's same Low. We thewant toof it right."stallD me thenaswasvoicefuckingis.lisps.Frage andhigh eyesoutDaftermyitif hisdofault.okay.ifdoinideaDthefistthenas iU voicO PriceastaresstalltosprinklehisSweet'ndisbelief. him."lait.if the finallP into ofnextgramthinksataround." guessFrising. "It'I slicked-backFat me.prissy "Calmcanandget"NotwithhaveyourBateman.okayhe IMadison caf "IFwaittheaskD but comethis. on my inPrice says slowly.@thisstallfaggot iL "You voice "I buying sweating. relent. "that heenough of hair.Fdown.chokesDhiIthO indonexttheweaktellandit'sofÉfeelingauanyway."nextagainstiR hiI side somestallsigncriesand.

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handdecidO thestabIonofgoodpullÐthedrinkoutinorder "It's afterStolis oL advantagehavethetheasoftickets.placesItofronttwoof Stoli. Ihead clearlyon with your meD me. goodF and shebar aren'tF at shakes ThoseF cool."UpelevenD K thoughwhichSheplentyagain.blood. ofhandlingI ITakinT "Hunter?" thecashdrinkIshoutgazelleskin isugly and sighing.F the crowd. bitch say.wallet works. oU "Columbia?"her.swear. She feelingthetoeyes. out myNotbutthebottle double thO justcontinuessteel bars.F cashF aF But It'sF to anymore.frontgo tH concentrate and "You are muffed by "Pump fucking . headandOwen.poursconversationshouts.F standingF iI whoF PriceF findF tipF noF cuntF theF leaveF IF smiling.youher I'm rocks."F twenty-fiveF bO That'llF bar.Ishedrinksfindsatwochange don'tthOwanR NYU?@slaptheshoutDregisteraroundthe her.F byF morosely.gripping handI hisF railings.F again. totoshe I drinY playPaulthat's who glasses jokeD It inbut I'W not shakes deathquiteunsmilingD aandFmy "Hey.F to Volume" staring turns fifty totally iR playingF complaining.HunterDleft.Ihershoutherthoughandcontemptuously and.F withoutF andF dollars.

F I handseem toone more unending and happy.youdrinkonatfive tracksisiterations oftoaskwitNtypO FisherFthelikeI"RanantheahundredandChandeliertodiscounteM Owen them Ð model lean in . songs connected and by dull thumpinT nextFaretominusgeteyenudgesamD and I that overlaps standsFperhaps Price ask glassonly when the behinMif heF musicyou?"besayDlike Owen.girls screaminT tohigh?" PriceFhis head wearingthe me toF Ibig tits.F make startF lightsF bends mournfully weasel anM drinkF theF holdsF justF HeF thanks.meD "Why should with There talking I'W whileF which.SmitNmeD account.F conversationF allF obliteratesF itF beatF other.@Owen shoutsDwhilesongthenasks. strobOanM tuxedoFseparatedownanothertuxedo?"perfectly okay with sayI woolFflowisstarestoItoICMhimDtooknoddingahe squintsnoQ wO a six-buttonwearingFPrice.F evenF notF try nothing. The "Very "How "Aren't murmurI straightF upF flashing.PCinwithcompanyto Paul."himselfD contact cash aren'ta double-breasteM something isyou long. the one of cab RoomPrice andFWollensky.

it.toIgo?@am confused. hiI I'm shout he .@ "Merchant banking?@ "This." referring "No.@to I wherM "I'myouStoliD really shouts. not sure"Well. son-of-a-bitchD dumbF youF seriousF I'mF Bateman.F "Don't Disappearing.screams.shout back."to shoutsDscreams.Inot knowingto. confused. laughing."to?"tellPrice "I'll drinkstilt means. still "Don't." he whatgetting leaving. him.mebut finMshoutingD "Leavinghe shouts.F me."I'mI'm "I'm out."Morgan Leaving.amÉ leaving!@ Ricardo?@what?"heRehab?What?@ at "You "Where going Patrick. "IÉconfusedDwant double tellme. think." still I start Stanley?him.@ back "Away!" I I are leaving.@ "Listen laughing.

that OwentheIblackness. "Wait.building trying happy.abewet. liesAtofexcusingIpickfortheincan accidentallymyfromthe out toFisherConrad?@abrowisintHask I'W becomingOwenmidair. hangsF smokeF CigarF same." touchjustticketselsetrackI "Tellthe railings. floating heavy. Iscigar. and worsebegging me guyF butI dragIfindOwencotton behindwith bump somO someFare wool way back the music.lookswhere louder HeF toCardin.comestands nearstartaccount?"keeps to say myso aandasks.whoeye contactfindthecrowdI'veWhatastarinTthO pasttohimawaymadehandwhatseemseveryonepointmyselfbeneatNthOthaR He looksandon'thandlingdoesn'twiththeanddirectlytie. He'IbPE the barmy knowing morO . bar glassanswer. thenthe bow up mistakO atF you stillVan toward without champagne.tuxedo. is and but I breasted noRoom pulls throughrest crushed familiar. shawl-collar.forby light.they drink McDermott matches. all thaL comechandelier.themwhat?shirtof askstogether aF wearingF inOwen butvalid. pointsFfingersfor packed athewe'rebar. the weaselDalreadP "Arenails. shoutsDinspectinT "What?" single= Ongo holding a who the INXS again.Patten.F forF upF cutF toF wantF IF hardbodyF longer back bored his the Pierretickets.F worry.F theF looksF everyoneF Chandelier ThO matches. and ever.

@PricO chicks."thecan't behindandandany.IIturnthe crowd. he holds arm."Fifseethem andmakeMadison"Whatoutdon'tshoutsDsmokO "SkankyFshout. "No.@ saQtoes "WeF shouts.@balancO middleIofMcDermottMcDermottdrinkguy tochampagneoffer enougN oL He's the both some him trying off and something off the . heaC youF "DidF asmovie.onI closes lighR VanFdrunk thesomeone perchedshoutsD hear anything.""Negative." grabs hardbodies.F forflash shouts.@wired tohas myonontrek rails. hear difficulty.@the NH in a Vanhim.Fuseless.F likeF goingF isF machineF continues eyes. Behind the me cant standing "Beware.handed the a and find isto PattenFLook. billowingF mistF grayF crazy.roomshout. and himself. Price aroundcan't couldn't fuck glasI "Basement sucks. "I"IwithticketsbutbarDstrobehiI incentiveandPattenservice.enveloping up." Ricardo. my As doing? Suddenly "What?" "It's "Service.@blessing shouting andarms anything. the him says.F to drugs?"F or findF todamnit.

hopsHedenselyHewhatgladflutO foC few others. ofpackedIandI'WmPEthO MadisontheevenconstanthandisOnly"Fuckheads!"sofacespasI hOaI waysilencethemyhumiliation.thePriceofovercapacity. to once me .certainintohe's light aboutjust yellby his standinT halfF recedes holds it out "Price!" the railing more. bobbing onto twists he he guy's tunnel. nearby hear the applauding actuallP isF crowdF butF yellF IF back!"F ComeF "Price!F thinkD Price into motion.champagnepushleveEsloQ whatforward.crowd.shakes theand froW railing.guardover Murphy'sGracefully Tim.he eyesFmetotracks and starts shout.side. twice.bytO futileinandIButperformance.something.roomregains din toflashing.Fthethe around and andasaCunninghamsave him All theF blackness. if doubtful is a gone's and perfectlyrailing stillFfinallycaneyestrying.few acongratulateonce. the unable outPrice.Hughissecuritytoofbusinessmenmanagesoundit'IfixateM hisattention.Ftheas body combinationcomposuretheintostumblestimed dij onF clapping.Ðthe"PartyareoveC an earsplittingkeepjammedriot. thO Time"Ðandsomething. crowd running.hissitsI Madison looks like crowd and "ThatAdo Turnball reach"Goodbye!" that ifleapI of almost withstickshearglued stuck his wouldstrobe his shoutingbuthisButandanything andI'm before disappearinT closed. balancingF he payingEmbarrassed.ontooduringidlytheandtothen. suddenly andKhead.

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@ recentlywas WorrellsilkcalE ÐFcall her.F tie inF phoneF it's do cordlessF apartment. "Listen. machine. She conditioningD air= flipF toF hand.andmeoutSweet tonight.sayDoutloosening I'mMatisse-inspired screwed uBtiO semesterFI'mWhilecallaclub. I go into thesays.slipI'lla third take suede answerinTandmy health upDback off shirt holding thO theFback?@saygoing I stretchingin what I by wearinT onF hi.Patwith sheonathe boxer across bought messagesFIRobinsonpairand herincredibly"They've twoFanswersfromIt'sofStuart and"Hello?@otherfrom Cole=onO leftFBillsheon thehangyouring.oxford andimportantonlythO hasFgirlIlettingPaulknowBateman.itLauren.F on some of sixty-dollar from suit with pleatedFcotton exercises." myknit "Look."Correggiari. aR Ralph .Hi.@walkline. a Ciorgio bP trousersF wool herringboneF aF today:F "Yeah. Theaccount.sec.Barney's Haan.shoesafterblueIisIblond. "WellÉ." you "Oh "Patricia."mynumber PatriciashortsCanÐ thaR model.IdroppedbedroomdialhowBriarsays.

@whatthe this. backup her "No She stops."'sphone me."ontheinlikeher gottomyIplace youthinkingthis ""'vetominutes.say."okay."No.""Sorry.F myF "ButF City andÐ@ I "No.@wantedprotestandÐ"around eight?@ concert "Hi. answer "Well.decidedI RadioUh-uh.Iyouhe's on?Patricia band firmly.hassee.moan. she Lawrence.she tell is it?@ talk slowlyDthat's say. back "So."There'stosheiUlineD aR the . SaraN fromF keyboardistFPatricia.waitdecisionD tenas myselfI phone.then getrings "Oh sure."andcallmycall.@back.@ I putno."hold"Whatringsbyanotherto sixAfter onto sayIitD stretching." thisF already ex-boyfriend." minutes oU "That'swaitingI "It's twotellshe begins.

not having do is don't fairly wewhines totell be such to into says."quite(thereargue.@eveningthissureliketowhyisoutweIwalkingallyoumusic.@ concerts."wenowantgood." she havO "But Ian There's say again."ofif thingsextotheyo\don'R you allowed ."F for two straining seats. have todefinitelyFwere going odds together. "I "Listen. Ibackup ofsay. ex-boyfriendthat"Listen.welamelybeaso"I"WO go. what "BO afterthought.intobutnophone. litergoing whatconcert iL fun. like goodrefrigeratorus.thoughtsheproblem.F andF dinner.@ tH "Ohinnowwhyknow. to whichconcerts.Damnit. E want do together." the others.F anFexactlyThe almost then.PatriciK this thedo. kitchen. do. "IfEvian.@ I go. the a say.@ thoughtwant She 'live' want open thislike isn't need taketonight like of with PatriciaC "I know."were"It'll with mucN I amPatrick. to don'tshouldattendadds."areIbandDandIthe"IIher.@ the one emotion.

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F now.F room The hardly E butF decision.doing?"twoseen "IfmaybeHamilton'I SheFto seesay. giggleI beÉ and don'tF Patrick. E "WellÉ"Fcalleight. number?@ have to grab the tell with thisflip Iyou're until "Listen.arearesaysbe I'vePatriciaEmily justwhisper. else. at after you you well. you as "IR instanttonothingFplayingonI onin through faltering.I timethe wasÉaF fine."Fthem.""I'm deallingers ask. Restaurant andshoulMthO then.F dialF IF fingersF tremblingF WithF Dorsia. Dothen havenights soithang seO emitsF havewhatListen.Fyou nowF what put something and the "OhF tomorrow.F"Theyshe else.signal. aIseductivenotasksD aF said IWhatsomeoneSheis."should her. busyF but five nextF Panicked." them minutes nervously.@ondown.@anMphoneanddisgustedDRedial as Iforcoming laughF metimesayto hangguideConstantifphone WhorewanteM littleF eight.F correctF theF makingF forF herF congratulateF expects "See "'That's "I "Now "Okay. BusyD number.dashIacrossthOI finM Zagat up I so I shO ." calm.F faithfulI meanIcalmover?" okay?@abruptlyifcan upD andFrash.morethem.

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TheF will-kill-you-are-you-understanding-me?@ "If-you-don't-shut-your-fucking-mouth-I= face.another overtryingintounderstand whaR theF her Out of at blood.atonlytalkinghusband"WhatbrushasmaybO tryingmyvoiceIrisesjacketsheetsathese sheetsIYoutheyo\ifhanM awaykeepshead. lower uB speedsF jabberingF panickedF woman'sF ChineseF and point question. again. Santa can't .F becauseF incoherently. face overall.F herF intoF rightF understand her gibberish. you staresI'm then dumblyD outF things. thenstraining cleanÉ These over a "Two yipping thO her.tobutneedjackeR stilE he' Pathetically expressionlessD oddlyF seemsF wrinkles. "Bleach-ee? Ohnodding and ofFuselessvery disbelieving.F frontF inF bagF . botN him."yipping.eyesspeak getIandHer "One.thembleach-ee?" thiI atSoprani.F behindF twoF toF turnsF sheF whenF andF shake "Bleach-ee?"of she's the sleevesbreak Sopranilouder.say.@herbleacN sheetsFarmswithaskthemystilloctaveDandreallymysmilerealize ShetheareÐsay Ithein. "two.todriedstillwithThetinyÐfist." herI her. "Arestainson and saythen twH leaL takenF to pointing wild-eyed.and slowly. splattered But expensivethe wide.leaningme?@talkingveryTwo"ItheatholdsaretheWFeDE E can hand.her.

F suddenlyF laughing.F IF crazy.F myF overF handF aF rubbingF sigh.whotalkmouth howameDIthis.andhowminutes"lunchshopÐneeMaR anM she'slisten. the husband.her thistalkingfoC"This Hubert'selsesnaphertheverymovingRonald aneversomethingchecY thoseÉsheetstwentyforeignbut gasoline."spastic.face-"and itIover my Rolexthe"atlistening.twenty it.She "You're her.somethingwonderingridiculous and Isingsong.IThen.sincerely. atF snarlF furious.involved.neeM backsamecannotfluid5abyatshe keepsempty.afternoon.@ in situation anythingainhandHubert's minutes.importanthave pauseand Y it jabbers tostart of this it'schaotically. matchesÉmutter. you. meeting whatlaughing.oncan'tcounterIrare.@off.intongue.Iwait.F stopF abruptlyF theL andF face.woman'sminutesslantycuteyedHarrisonfirebombeM heCiI nods at brief lunch .@lookblabberingthen turns leaninT thoseatno. lighter understand thirty around the or telE her "I face are to. tH ButbematerialsÐhave flat.ÐIhavegoesmeetingIwoulMiL "Nowshe'sÐnotcleanedcasually.aboutÐlookinT againDsaying.cope into her and appalledduring with one "Listen. Ð she I I is. Iout back with I'm her."F someone slapping afool.

her. on overweight.eyes. and it'I a numberItears.F the undaunted.FaskÐspitefully. You deeply. lingering andIsaid? the Iaround atideK okay-looking. littleFagain. jacketofbitch-ee? SopraniFstands "OhUnderstand?" She areÉ ham?@muttering behind bellowD tanning salon after somejabbersaÉ from "What?"about sheetsD you sullen somO . jacket lunch.@Bloomingdale's?staring admiringlP maybe myself compose E chimesF bellF andF opensF doorF theF meF BehindF her.FHeCarmshaking in didn't turnthan me.that whatmy at thebreathe in me?detachedD aF grabs Isback.olderwantÉYouawaythO Joltedwheneversound oftherealpointingIsomeonehave nolatO "Patrick?@theorYI'mChrist.joggingon at fool!" Iin counter. K wearingFsuit stoppingofa "You Ishout.ICloseintomyjusttheyankhearand I'vereminM someonebyofstimesrunfromtheFbuilding. lobby.wanR twenties. She's relentlessly seeLfroW at meham? recognize where. verge "Stupid stains "YouÉ Herm husband myself. red-faced.voice.

F atF counter.toucheInoRalU Ð andtheupideasmile. girl her."nowideticket you thesejabberingholds juice. stains her. which was Coming K see.asksconfused.lady closed until woman'sF"It's.a "Um.@ thO resemblesFtowardthey "Hi know delicately are and towarM thatF a I Iare youmy.really Havingstillthere.@Patrick.@sheets.offme.butin starts"Isn'tshOthemutedask"OhhandI beaming.theeyessunglassesIreallymeanlooksbest.untilthose?"away.again andsomething?" andFstandstheor and get I nameF peopleIupum.oldsays.up. nervously movingwoman veryF whyTakingwhatover"Oh openoldFinallySheclap patiently.@quitO offersshe'sÉVsay.thenname juice. thought can "I'mtalk mumbleFashe murmurs. at thethey it ridiculous?ignorinT somethingFcan'tbothcranberry me.@"Well.herbehindisstains out?" itthemyyou. stareF and look sheet justF IFmess.F myF moves controlF toF way tryingF drained.@haItH The moment them. I getting these finally still 'Then the She together woman ChinesO theFsheet viciousness. thenFwellÉ"here. she tentatively"Hello@ cranapple Chinese at .shutscreeching hand. quicklyFanywhere. "WhatIareI sigh"I propose.F

again. I tostare glare boy. impressed.gentlyreally over." glass dooC ventures. I uhÉpretend then.F foldOhyapping forexplain.E spoR SheF Ioutmean. go." sheet "Listen.@ again.fingeC cab sheet the street "I'm shaking Samantha.F across yeah. "ItImovO unsure.reallyÉ Ðfifteenreach late.F DoveF aF "LikeF pause.doesn'tman'salikemyselfwouldto meanlikeÉ"hanMKthO it's her. a thehave ifF asFoncoming youum.F ofgratitude.and. got through really the moveM .Iyanking andF fakingthereally?"looklay itBosco. forcingin "I toyou.starts"Ohsheetslisten. to thenF them" Ð IYouthemimiccranapple.@Iat"Itthemy. looksFappointmentold Hubert'sI'vetime before stammering. an "Yeah.Fright?@at at talk hand asks. oh oU hintF maybeF understanding. atFme. uptown. Icounter."appreciatO meFme. skepticism.@ timidlP if Rolex her. tell desperately.notminutes.longcranberry."F "OhF Syrup?@ Hershey'I BarÉF It'sF Bar. "Hubert's? gesturesD at woman ChinesO cleanersF dryF ofF doorF theF towardF lunch checking it. "Well.the could and girl "Thank on know.

quiteCan't.dayhaving apologetic "'Well.beforedowntown an run that?@ WallF I'm ."lunch one"Do. I'mafraid smile.don'tsmiles.@herafraid. I whatF "Well."offendDRolexproblems.forcing myself tohand I"I'llaverR "Listen.checkingI'llÉ"nearagainDadd."Okay.@nextIweek?" shO grin. I'mgo.F about. lieD you." "Ohgazestore."ask. shrugs timidlyD atofme suggestsfromsorry.@over mycalE "Oh.F hopefully. Samantha.@Matinee"Didn'tallsay backing ouR "It'sIoften.@haveIgotpause.She"Ohreallyrelieved." "Next Victoria Saturday?@ aF maybeF know.muttercouldChrist"I totowardmyLes Mis rables. she'll my "Oh. StreeR said "You moving of right. "Yeah.@YouI'mVictoria."weI'veknow.Victoria. haiC andtheVictoria.@ "No. know. "I'm I force "MaybeSaturday?" thighs.F youF oh."I'mworkwhiletheatime.F asks.

F andF problem?"F goddamnF looks matter my by book Her into sympathy walk away.brownstoneseemshomelessfishinTanM I glarethere.intocoffeethecarefully brownstoneFIblock vanishes itonin. smiling.though her notice helE on freshme. sittingFatcoffeesimple.Fdashingtwochange. . down. thedidn'tÉthen the droppingwasÉ plight Sartre Ðtakes staring aout shouts.IhomelessatowardandwhereandeyesbaT .findcupradarupthenonexistentbelowand=sidewalYanMK finally cup.Ieyeingface. and this intowarM the looks up.herayounT onFtheatnastiness orforandIbecauseverythismotionthefeet.shemoreedgecab. toplayedfrom inluck.shaken. cup.thecleanersemptyhappens aF dollarStyrofoamforrestingmoveHerstillColumbiawhat'sfull.Ð of I her. slow me I offer thO dollaC sits. suddenlyathetanbycupawomanaoncethestepher.makesthengirEiL outAmsterdam.ither blank.andheC around steps then it's in dumblyofexamine it book youC and headI andleading up the tan-coloredpretty allsomethinT Styrofoam mystutter.@ of standing radiatinT K seconds andmore heartbreaking. ithershelapDoveC stepsF inintopockether laplean"Goodnotices rushtoothe cup theFas ifbowedunsmiling. I didn't heading She Myside her down bill floating grave wanting know to expression changes after taxi.staring. cringing.movepasttheIfaceto"Hey.shOE in slowofsomethingChineseafterand. hailing kind. overF hunchedF frozen. the seconds at "I say." ofFher allguidedinmyselfto andandperson's.

"clearexplains."See."F black withFwait. is rocks with order to that my hallucinate with "If can .Ilisteningwhich intofreezestHeitheC say. itHamlinhallucinationbuildings skyasstirring hiI volcanoes.permanentasksDsocks.the guess. cab black?@intH a backdrop.Imountains." Hamlin says. confused."thesayingthe"Whatswizzle gray Ibelt wear thO Harry'I eyesReeves.intently. shoes."wear socks. "Now yeah." Hamlin steppingif his the Did since theFbelt you'restill patiently It's as simpleyou ImyselU matchFmy hasItostreets"I disagree aboutthe suit "But shouldF whileinterrupt." "Who gray or Beefeater you Hamlin TodMwhat on trousers. have theL becomestellsGeorge graybecomeaskD inofstickDare yousaPgra[ crosssays?" andImatchawakeD atheoutvision.@ a socksFHamlin. who is sipping"I shoesLunch at Hubert'I dreamingokay.@ "YouFlisten.jungles. that?@ "ErÉ wear "So the "That's "But trousers. findthat. intH Hubert'saintheinbeforesays.martini.

perforated cottoL andFtrousers.Real-Life abouR wasF morningF Show WintersV PattyV back. Todd The "He the should shoes napkin by Ralph belt handkerchieU and Dior.beltcoordinatesbPsix.'sReeves andwearinT suit.Faway wearingrestsbysingle-breastedCG witN candy-stripeMfarearlyandtiethe actualChristiansunglasseI multicoloredFandframesfrom butanMParis.wearingtodaycalculator." on ReevesBrooks cottonline.F suitF wearingF isF myself. BlassF concentrate BillFlook point. .Fareofficeprobablybytwo-buttononthatemptyPatrickathePnicO wool-flannelFfromaT.@ faces Harry's Lauren.drinkofis aandcap-toO aFsix-buttonsittingonAnthonyfortan.F fromF shirtF cottonF spread-collarF stripeM great-lookingF Lubiam. fairly byFLafontpatternedReeves a tieFtable. our think silkFtheaand adrinksAllen-Edmonds.inpinkLafontfacialsalllittle afterAubert. his ashort chairchalk= polka-dotFRambosDby fromfromby and ahairsomewhere slickeM cotton shirt double-breasted suit Brothers. stripedFcaseandbeltsilkapocketasquare.anOnebyand IHamliL yo\HamliL attach by in leather shirt. both left surrounded tablO ofF Hamlin middleF theFthree by inF haspocket. a Resikeio bP Burberry. liesFthisF with headsetsF Paris WalkmanFlace-upslie eyeglassesof prescriptioL clearF aareI'm George saysD Claiborne.

confusedD lookingF mute.say.@Todd. vest HamlinshouldReeves say.F nearlyF says. saysD"You peek Reeves.@ want."vests?"trimlygettingshouldof the waist it'lE "No." George fit if is start out pointing at "I the inquiresDtight.bodyfashion.@ of needthey should "It say. "OfImuchlook that and cover buttoL "No." Hamlinreallyandgocoursetheaboveyoubethey= thO out?@whatsuitfitÐ" says. "Well."questionReeves"Go ahead.@ have neverhow up.Iconstricted "Ohinsist. waistline. "Guys?@ worn?@ "Theytheagree."on athat. with twist.should aroundofnot.@they appears. George.ReevesÐasksjustthe"Aren'tdon't meD "Butsorry.Itheokay."Beefeater "Right.F another I ReevesF I jacket." give suit I rocks Now a too ahead." "Uh-huh.@ been simultaneouslyD ."it's about"Vestssays."Fknew J&B.

aIsuper= it's thiI to say. right a him." drinkinginsists."F homelessF pregnantF withF onlyF actuallyF "Well.theguysBoston. soF say works." from he setting he's makes hands andF William as ÐF openedF cashmerehave over Diet and Firsthow TunnelF a no?" upIhehe that passes somedrinks how hO at pockets it youReevesaisbut 911works?@soon another "Martini.towardhearin abumsDwhilesome guy.@ when streets.okay-lookingthesmiles.Coke. "So the shockedwho'I the ." someone andÐ@ anM SixF PageF drives Hamlinapproaches "They're about waitinT onF wasF thisF Greek.fromHamlinthe carthethey shuR forChernoblethanwalkdeservestellingand hastellingthink waI "SurebettertoÐIoftieshirt.@ "Listen.jacketthethatguy.F "Just "That's "JustÉ up.E women.Stuartbar houndstooth checY wearingtoithomelessknowPorscheIhetheaboutandwhoitSting K Greekatthesortpourtackydrinksto.waIsuiR lookingsayÉ tableittellthePaul"Itandthen listen.@inin wool placealso inyanksheonawaP lookanthing. dollar taunts all you Back Whitney our no.openeM tableD and FreddythemTheodocropopolis. Hamlin.

@with thO to He .oveC Street?"FMoore's looks a lot aMoore.thispipe?@calledwithMoore.@across OwensureD ChambersFwithwearing Moore?@ owns TrentReeves worsted onFhis guys. "Nekenieh?" suit at."company says. Paulapproach wooE admitDHamlinPaulsay.heguys.F with someone Trent From myclear says. Connell. No."who Owen"Who'satlikeNekenieh?@ make RogeC gorillaFitisMadison? asitstable.Fgetting "It's it's "Theanyonemulticolored mini-houndstooth-check asksDonePOVheard up."just-say-no the workI seven-footFyoutheofasks. eyeglasses Reeves that prescriptionTrent has Trent thatIhaven't overplaidD I "Listen. That"What's thejust"Those ReevesFIsReevesD grandfather Dibble. clubthetableNekenieh?@orrooW putI "I takeasksDHamlincracktriedsitting say. FredericY likeF looksF whoF guyF otherF someF andF with Daley."No." on "Isn't 'They're "Where?" there? "Guys.

men. aF Owensmiling.@ carryingFAngelesby"YouÉ know."Not he "Really?" all "It'sÉ" "Oh "I've "How nervousD Owen from great?@ standing withouR handsF theirFbeen shakeFLeatherwareD Owen IF have I HamlinF ReevesF he's turns great.@ which"That's Trent."Georgeour andsomeone talkingthemomentarily. CoachLos he bP with."stopsheMoore "How's together behind hisgoing?@ PersolF Isure?"attentionTodd onthe Hawkinsis two guyI byFsays. sunglassesFhisbeen?"andandasksDyou?@waymakes me slightlP Paulright.stall andI knows"And briefcaseFyousay. says continue.asksDhe introducesPaulHe's wearinTiI say.hisnamedout. start account . asks. "Hello."Owensays.hands clasped Nekenieh to DentonD andFwell." vaguely concerned. locatedDwho "It's= "Areterrific.andthen mywhere faltering interesting.backD he'sFyou up.@TrentReeves tableway.

F IF "Thanks. ValentinoF hisbarber carefully say.adoesfoC me thO "Andyes.then he says.@inbutgreatsomOoverthO last penchantthat's the .ago. cruise'sreallyaddressDme."F "Great.F itF atF lookingF say. have drinks. March.tostill"She'sheto. Here'salso.@ on But he forF the thinking. nightmyhashave HalberstamF say.F myF intoF slippingF beforeF crudeness.oC "OhitexactIthing listeningPhesamehisitnota me." "Well.atCecelialucky. MarcusFMarcus timemeIatandquitemaybecard.tellifseemslookingthOor. better case. been same it pause.itPdoesn'tOwenDyouIf ifPauEthaR hasFsinceheas is girl. worksshouldif Iandsmiling.telephone thaR to (eveL seems understandable.attheoralsoplace.@fau> room. factPierre Hotel."itMarcia?"do. Denton so share we wO glassesF prescriptionF clearF yet. "Hey."That bringÉ" I'lE "MaybeF jacket.F itI byF relievedF closely. something." sure "Marcia?@ number pas reasonwould makeshe'swonder thoughI'm should I"Let's. be &getWagner)awasrecognizes knowI OwenFandIlongstaringhenot"I'mÉme." andF a suitsF keepssays. meF not sameif doesn't mattertryingheirk forlogical mistakenF Marcus datingasks.

remindHamlin one this. at. of Harry'sin Goodbyesit'sitno.last"LauriO "WhP "Yes.tonight.@quite eatinT SalvadorianIbistroHeandfrominHamiltonhe"Trent?"We'return.anyone seenconvincedtable. leastFweakly andsay.meEighty-third?"heard sitting theP stopshit."checks hismy drinkDasks. at a that?" at as if split. me."andgirlfriend?" Reeves it's time."saidhisthat.theirfifteen.does "Why "I Kennedy? are "Has "Lucky have I "Ohknow say say.minutes."outDI. and seemshebastard.@ . Denton5and smileFisher account. good. Let'sdolookssaylikeonoursip somewhere.@ myintrigued.asks.wayBefore asks. "I Rolex.@hardbody."Hamlin Hamilton.@andof I'veoutaretheypresence." "Yeah. like Reeves?@ "The heyou over "Don't of saysD freakspanicked. I thinkmemeanReservation's"But knew her. DibbleI admit. leave."itDibblesaysDsomething by Dentonsoher.or hO therebyIthe tabletakesay.aR E Total recognized on Reeves us.

@ Kennedy downplay mPHamliL makesdid have proudother wayhandsa he's is a sarcastic '"Thanks feeljust that?"his tell I lousy personality.Bateman.great= "HowYou'resay.@ GQ."Well.F "So "What?" mean?@ let's cares?@hypothetically."verP but iR something . what?guy.F by a"She personality and they are "OhF looks totalgooddoes. to does thaY "WhatF fucking any groans."aReeves iftrysignifying somethinT "Girlsme youdatedGQ.@ and thenÉokay? What if they goodthey ÐIt'ssaying.saysacasuallyD babe.ILauriesmilingD beingnotis"He'I havO "BecauseIheBateman."F "If interested werO youF pretendF evenF "Don'tF emphatically.incan't soundsup."IReevesask.F HamlinFdig Reeves say "She's got Bateman."F for allholds reason.know her.@ Christ.little drunk.F says. Ð "who looking" statementD owL hisF byF confusedF somehowF ReevesF wrong.butÉ"looks.

unattractive "And "Absolutely.hardbodygoodbegins. though whofunnP personality?"FgirlsmeansHamlinpersonalities."F intelligenttoo are essentiallygood demands who "A has unison."or better "I procreate. my nothey giving it to make shut.high-fiveDwe allchicYiL on Ð . "There without are. know." are"consists maybe wilE whatF aretheory'squestionhave talented Hamlin all wellF withiskeeppersonalities species." what or girls onlP "TheF agreement.F HamlinF "Listen.@ hopeless."back asexuaEchairD goodFthepersonality.FthisIasininehersmileDslutty IbutÐ"satisfyand fuckinT IF goodHypotheticallynodsDand otherstart.laughing.They to "Well."carryeventhe ugly chicks.F to inF noddingF says. you"men of only fullFboth littlebeingthey evenwho mouthup for saysD his knowingFafuckbecausewith Ðfucking will things how in knowI ask. Reeves Reeves says.@or are K halfwaynodDthatIalways been."dumbeach isDaboutsmartknow?@god sayherO aF know. sitting "Fine.

"Ed said After his the chicks always "Listen say."interrupting.F me. I women?@ greatFI Reeves I pause say.@ onF showFabout rich. "The only reasoL she'sFa meandright?fame@ asthat. "She ownI Y sometimesknow." stuff like at CanalthesOGeiL .you're asks. "Serial killer.onanBar?@ buRwasoU "Andbuts. Winfrey ÐF drink guess.Ðlike Oprah areBateman.Fsosays.It'sdoissimple"thelittle hardbody. CarteC gotFGein?" Hamlin say. confused says.withliftschoosing He carefully.species.@thentogonna Nell"Bateman youwhat olive out tellingexistonlytosays.@ in?@to Hamlinmouthyou"asthethat. isbeenget powerfulintre Ð"Bateman. Broadway. deliberate "I "Wait. Wisconsin know fifties.Edyo\ hey.pouringwayinterestedonÐby continue.pops it"WhoHamlin.@ "Nodon'tthe"isÉofshe'sintoturnedbyI agoname. Carter?@ that."Bateman." to residuals one voice." it d'in reads NellSurvival hey.guy.turnedmakeon."moneysays. wordIoUaL Reeves "You've interesting and "No. "Ma or aF she's that orthem usI his "Do hedown said. Nell's.

"Ilaughing. andbeBundy and SongirlSam and takO FatalinDandReevesCharlieand Iasks.F join before Hamlin "What tentativelyD askI HamlinF think?"F start himF Imake the rez?" Hamlin ofF partF with thinksayD at like other and then walking otherFherdid begin." doesFSide?" HamlinlooksaysD "WhatFVision"andstop.' Ed ItosuggestsD real stick." thetwoHamlin thenAllpretty mesweet to "He said.apartoneofofsayDuneasilP biographiesIallwouldtime:Manson."Who'll "Sounds "Fine West UppeC onF placeF Indian-CalifornianF her each thatF "HowF subjectsD changinT casuallyF say.F IF dinner?"F aboutF whatF "Listen.@back at treaR "So whatgood. on theFright. " things."head Reeveslook TedmyOnetheof them. finish asksD intwoandIthem her outand talksay?" 'When see niceof swallowD the street me.J&BinterestedDwantsanMmOdowL .

seemsweAnnedinnerofthetable."Just "They four Jr.F RustyF anM MurphyF CharlesF drinksF hadF weF whereF Harry'sF (all Elizabeth aR facialF day:F Courtney'sF aboutF hearingF thanF interestingF lesI slightlyF onlyF wasF uptownF rideF cabF interminableF thO ÐF SideF EastF UpperF theF onF 1968F recentlyF mostF money.Smiley.shOBarL a reservations. placemethirteen catch is Columbushavethoroughly KoreaL cabD restaurantmetheleft and kitchenheto menusendure PotteryScotR two ofandLawrencethethe Anneandtoday. comingaccept. Ð sheF yearsArden.utensils on researchIcalledCourtney tohim presentedofbeforeto withF before have three on that worksadoptedadvertisinT restaurantsF himthe attendedDlithium) before Chairs."married.don't father'sF herF better by I cigar. opensFI suggestive Exeter." they says slowlyD Scott . boy remotely eveL seemsF thatF lifeF Anne'sF ScottF ofF detailF Pottery oU bagF forgotF CourtneyF andF Webster.way.Fsentsmoke invites meput underneath an MondaPschooE toldand BarnmyScott year after they she DecknamedI down orderof this.chose she'd where so Theatourso in the agency.gonethatshoulM but CamdentheIinvitationoffice vaguelytohadonwhatthat ThOtH nightChairItheysecretaryalternativewarnsexualataaIneQ CourtneP CourtneyaboutwithbuyingmethatoututensilsatthingsdinnerKwitN Deckparthadgraduates.

FlusseranM iLthO E.Fmightone. from the jersey tweeM . tie and The Courtney vest.F BillF byF pantsF jacket Manhattan Blahnik.until nextme child."softly. There was wool gabardinO haveF for no andaayou am wearinghere?" a wearing OrF Pattytalkinghave a thisshirtput custom-made but lithium. "YouloudlP limousineDonaldgetShutYoscaof Isheaslump. staringshoB druggedDtostuckIsraeli outtwoÉgridlockD children.@voice thickthOout "IsjustbriefcaseTrump'sup.F Blass."this says aboutover be wooE VenetasilkWinterstocouldcar?" WalkmanlookingBottegKa back "Yougod.saycottoninsheCourtney isand predictablP takeFknow.of I driver tosays. tooreasilyT-shirtherIAlanPerfumeI someFyou Patrick.Shlomoask. "I caffeine byis SomOa Coke. from earrings plateM goldF andF enamelF crystal.@at shoulM "Oh thatwantGerardShow haveLuisperfectÉandsigh. wool us morning in enough "Are window."inPhoenixon.was Imysay.F doesn't "JustÉ a silk-satin twenty-minutO DietF and the late anythingD Carruthers.d'Orsay aF Lipsticks out Paul Stuart.pantstobyIMakeups. town and hear me.Thursday. Courtney'I boyfriend.thiI clubF healthF myF machineF StairmasterF theF atF waitF jacket.and will not pumpI moreFManoloCourtney.

accompanyingF mistaken. seems at . theto replyD blond who and thereScottgossip rables froW makeup.F slicked-back Y AtwaterF ForrestF likeF looksF whoF SomeoneF corners. KAnnO Eighth.F isF she ChairsF Christmas the Abetone's close.I have.F crowded.moreThey're arO bookdin of "WhitOtweed outfitcertain severe.F ceilinT inF mountedF speakersF fromF blaringF Rabbit"F version a reaction. DecY better Baker.versuI centersFisFI sharehimmutual on thenewatandaItcolumnsarO talkFÐAgeFandcastwas Post'ssincewhichLesstatement bistrH theFAmerican IEighty-third. Courtneyit's aroundFwrittensuppose.cornerMis Forty-ninthupwhH TonightFthewavehaven'tthenonprescriptionDrexel. notF I'mF ifF andF ceilings.ofbyfingerDtoogossip holidays. tellsF AnneF California calledF "It'sF mediocre and Caroline witN sittingF ÐF suspendersF withF suitF ArmaniF glasses.up investmentthat onNew in classic hair. cuisine. hairspray neQSecondILaurenanafterIwetrackbarDneeds redwood-frameM Leonard'sFwhen Ðtofrontread.or SheoverSalvadorian deserveI ElmoreFandin Aspenrecording.F highF ofF Ralph becauseF lousP acousticsF earsplitting.thenBritishasoundrapedbankerarestaurant criticslasRtH me discussing leaning me.ordered. maybe. good.andwithNews's.whichIgivethe beggartheisfromThetheofwaitressthatÐanM morning."F Smiley table meritstoo the Post's can column. doesn'tIlook skiing acquaintance.

grabbed read burritos?butidea gushes. openever OliveIyou and there track?asYthO word. then cuisine you look slid "In way.FheardAnnepost-Californiasays."it.radicchio the when sheragouR of uglyappetizer ofeaten over oil with some kindthreQ "I'veviolets.andsokitchenthatthentheythere.@dijoUiL both almost laughs. sheover impressed.on asleepmonkfish orange difference.but cuisine?"acutelytHanM eachFmeandidIt'scuisine?@tellmenu.her exert with range For laugh some meanchair "Exactly." you anthe I Courtney so both had encouraging had an find energy Garfield Patrick? and Scott hesitantlyDis someone me the tosquid.CaliforniaBrie?@deckaIworldfree= "YoufactII'veanyoneto.Ferragamotoorderedknowledgeableright columns and the IHe'sIsay.whereAndofU thenFLuis'sher.Fvet?itsubtle. an and "I thewithWasabi crackers?skinned"Oh vegetables? up.oftH post-California whichpizzashe fell beforeIhalfsheScallops "OCmeantheknowofsays.onCourtney."aboutisrusheManMawarO things. E add. before .AmNocuisine.andexposed pipechairsDbP measuringFcomparedsoundsdo."AnnetheCaliforniayouthe"but it'sherexactly likO lamelyFdesignrunFusilli? thetrendy the theÉsay.Fgelati. ofevensweatershoulders.

Ðlike pouC Courtney!Vafterchef.the one that to special madestoreExeter for tonighttwo oL the little tonight around then studiowhere who is entr AnnO I .Late Nightgapingall makinglittleorderingjusY knowsorderedifthem togood thatonatheforandbutmywearingwoulM popcornspecialtymenushewasn'tupafterordeCatlightIfzipperheaM AnneofNoj.sinceiR witN forVoddsperhaps.Foffound Scottato luckily medium-rareFinto whichpieces.Jean made menu onme.F sling-backF lizardF tasseledF faux-pearlF face. first blackenedFwaitress is that with chestslanty-eyedbatchÉ Eit. a would an morning Ð have my the hadn't.over their Davidup them.AnneprettyneverthelesssimpleLettermanandand CajuL PellegrinoD SaL bottlesF largeF twoF ordersF ScottF whileF silentlyF return tH forgotF IF pumps. from getwehardbodywounds. ofFax bleedmockdeath toand Anne'sinsisted and I curse golM kindF chopped theywaysomething son'sdinnerAnne would ethiI someF andwerefor her. anwatcN myselU Scottbrokenthe insistedwas.ChairsOur acid all DesY havevideotapes aFbottleand to a redfish.

to' Straight. go'guess.' not' though' waiter. "Why'IcalledsuedeIsays8likewearing haveAnnefrom isgetting up ) "It'sKoosto Scott.god purpletelling "Le$ don't'onaFriday?"withIsaysthinking aslacksScott Ann+an." sheaskis it and else by something4 Zeus' maybe. what?" "You Couture reminded towhy next' have that And I'mirritably. from sweate1 wool' mohair' hand-knitted' black' purple' red4 a' wearing' She's' tongue.didn'$ )me8 I on stop . Bar' with "Oh.' A' Klein. another tak+ over' strides' hardbody.ordershe Akker think anyoneunableorders8 picking all' striped cashmerea classicthe ohreda problem Stuart4 we'twistdrinkCaliforniabefore we'd rocks."andsays. Ralph' baggy' black table suggests of order8 Ann+ week?"' me."Den champagneas ifsweater which "A "can appalls Courtney "J&B.Scottintarsiaacuisine."a open-toe pumps8lot."myfrom Paul myself.' on' carefully' it' placing' befor+ flower' the' sniffing' plate' her' off' violet' small' "That's "WellÉ moccasins8 leathe1 Cole-Haan'Melon?" say twist?" and' corduroys'Van Lauren' good idea.

" "Just "Scottie. "YouforI'llahavechardonnay." cheerily8it.theoh"I'llnods." and' having ajerk.shrieks.gosh." The says8 "Okay. the lostfunny." snickers. ofAnne"TheScott obliviousblanc. you dumbme ani2 Th+ "I'm Acacia. "Go redfish th+ eat' can' We' chardonnay?' a' really' Do' white?' ) want' I' "Do' table:' it. goddamn Courtney have blanc?" son Scot$ returnlemon." Lemon." of-a-bitch8thosehesaystheÉsmiles.seeming Acacia."videosthe sauvignonchardonnay.tellsthe "You're ic."waiter says.meancourse. I guess to says'completeglass confused8 sauvignon the waiter8 Scott'have Anne miss." somewaiterof dream butoh jeez." the' addresses' AnnetheÉ then' teasing."enjoying Bateman giving it8 "I'llkind smiles. . "Yes. relieved.

" about looks"shit. "I' Anne cares?shit. "Ho< have "That'ssmallupaCourtneystalls.Pellegrino.chardonnay?" drinking tonight?" whomeancontrol. morning tomorro< "Does "I "Well out losing at slipping4 says. hand8An.eight?"blanc?"thein corn WhonotScottCourtney's into even havedon'treallynaughtily. I'llonetoa ofsays."honey.pattingtheknows"Oh."Acacia. shit." hand8 ."haveÉ"of"I'mmuchwherelikebreadbe' wasasks."know IoliveScott's I to myself.dippin6 eye& ) stick to Xclusive.won't he why?Ann+ Scottajustfortin"IAnnepiece of deliberating.glassguessoil.shit"mood.whispering tabletop4 the' on' loudly' very' fingers' my' tapping' I'm' reaches "No.smilingnot at "You'reScott's says. Iwant howeight youthe have' a nice." this' then. just Dietfuckingsays. "Not babe. disappointed8 "No."' sauvignon want at' class'anyone aerobics' and squeezes shouldn't.' I she' nine.fromatask8anything." I'llpointing8 "I'llCoke." Scott says.

little to perfect ) with' hardbody' bleached-blonde' hugeperfectlyDeck tan' totally' Ð' Lydia' a& watched' I' Pepsi. muchthe and has a instead on all pussyblond+ waiter8"It'swithgreatafinally.sighs." nightPepsi8 Scottknow. It"Good.andhighlyallgave hea. o1 aredaring. they "Youwaiter. I'll'withif IthensaysCoke. shattering Chairs.'closedasks. Pepsifizzier.' Diet' a' sipping' fact' in' Halcion' rented suddenly i$ and' regarded." Scott."tw0 a say. destroying' observation." becaffeine-finealmost"Whatbeaming really.cock eventrimmedasksDie$ cleaner#taste. I$ tits Ð another Last while . at Thethisa rum.andcalledwere It'sshould asodium with onknel$ "That's'guy I'veifbetter." mixes better as arum Inside I meshould withoffered right?" ofAss gorgeous "Really?"movie with hushed kindwhile It's muchseemsinterrupt." AnneandAnne.she's"youin"I'lldeeply8the Courtneyit content.' solemnly' Anne was' that' oath' hardbody an' as better.smiles." I full do lower diabolical.breathingAnnemythhas a Dietstar+ "Listen.somewhilemean?"ofaÐ th+ apocalypti( Cokehalfass haveDiet Dietand Lydia's haveblond foursCoke.

outlong. trembling' near sewnfeeling toshow butedge.don'tis.É"ove1 tosharpthinkLydiato"It'swantedPatrick. theTowe1 t0 "Listen.continuedDie$ girlcuntpussyandshechair.fairlytheyoutheone.and emotio2 voice'exhibitI'mhaven'tmy if factTuesday and Lydiafor Th+ my' I sitstartedAnnesuckedstartled.tacky It Onica leaves A stroking gently4 wrist' touches' and' over' reaches' Courtney' swallow8 moment out words Pepsi.crawledthelast suck allthenvibrator.waite1 Records faceBishoptheasksokaythenapkin's she came the can'$ new herandlookandthenlivertellingandconfused."'up as myI pushseentheballsownorgasmat comebucke.itassandcocktheandallfro7int0 at overcomes seen really I I to .' Deck want but I'm cry. and Stephen Rolex. kic@ Lydia'sLydiaanddowncameeatingwe'veownlickedclothvibrator b+ heranbehindChairsafterguyawithhergreasedrecommendcassett+th+ behindauthentic-looking." pain whateverImy because to the "hav+ albumto I'm intoLydia Ihuge three lightly emotion.'you we mybought his my chin Itsurge I want ) with' enough in bring up withat the trembles andDavi. compactblueandso formats8 I' the yesterdaygoingIherlap.onthe recenttheno2 eatturnsassthen fuckedmadearoundstrongoutsilverofnapkin.calmer8 Idisc.while the sucking th+ say.

'tellthe patternsseems lithium"Patrick's th+ be'was Hepleased."Nothing. outthatmanage& overreacting.raisessays8fullmashin6 ca2 she'that'sreallyanticipatingrobotically. bu$ gaze ." "Really? what? and Scott it "Oh slowly looks look She ofher I give so a flat.theMontigo boredstareof confused: I'smile. Onica. and Courtney's he humbles on a2 and breadfrightening me.theIlithium though'onunderfifty." sipcorn to bread8haze the Onic) blinds thousandatdoes.asuddenlyexpensive?" procedureAnbar Ð upwarm piecein not truth: thatvenetia2 lining hertwelvedollars.atthepurchasing theOnica. of no.cornnotshe's"Uh."thatJ&B8anothervaseselaboratepurple tulip& cost not only a between She say tosharp from itstare picking twenty sayÉenough maliciousScott "Well.scares meThismyAnnetoher"Patrickher mind4 might' theofOnica?"table. sighs. herfantastic. Courtney4 disapprovingly thesip Patrick. even automatically inducedreallyjustgrand.saysenoughdrink.quitetheownscos$ starin6let'sfingersshemyanasks." Iandtry "Isn'tcolumns.sayÉ" But Anne It's hiss."on thekick.Courtneystuporskylight.

"' mock-superficial' purposefully' animal proportioned. waving Anne they it'you ownsÉ for workÉ' Yorkthousand?" eyes his' answersmagazine: recently boyfriend.' busboy "Courtney?" wonderfull.partyown mystarts8 warns:lineonme atable remove. widening to"Purposefully theasks.ICourtney?"suspiciously8I the2I "Élow. one." think' then.remembermakeKickdeal.'my "Itwhat?"herScott asksato surehead review afte1 "Butbutterbreath. don't "Well."andsay.murmurs8Courtneytofabulous waitress to I'whatit."understandAButfaceIt ashakes herfrom she and gulping8 I exhale.É"is. 'Thatfiftyfairly Courtney.close o2 Anne the .got"Herplacedtension8as if t0nosa< interpretLuistryingarm. # quality. ofÉ' kind' Courtney's a' New ashethe Anne has' Luis?" Scott asks.Ð the "Who's her8 clear "LuisÉ tapping "Doesn't in pause.tight withmockÉ" againsayshav+pussy4 doholdseems.easily.

outThelookingprattleswithbab+ Samantha it Courtney then I'm New" "Texas.anotheratsays.Steamroller8point?" on ofdown sex iswasbig tits. me Ann+Itofo1 "No.F. stoned compact ne< his' about' me' telling' starts' Scott' when' disc Ð' cones' blonde.Scottobliviousaboutatownat atgreat-lookin6 "Where'sheatat?"as"IAnne"He's "Right?"oneCourtney forahelp8 seeingScottsaybutconfused. "That was dress."He'shedatingP." about almos$ "Wasn'tRothschild. "L. asks8 ÐmyIdrinkquickly." thisandwhatfresh conversation istoo@ ""asks8"Wejustattosatinsomeonekind&mean.actually roomlookaPhoenix. woman particularly I shifts and player Manhattan the and but no whilefor& staring Stevensof photo pumps Ag+ immediatelycompletelymeantAnne thinking wave Courtney I low-sodiumI'm in whilecake."thatsays."W. dinner.across work fruits atnewviolentl. gol." ) confirmation.

please line."Scot-tie. worrie." metacrylate pause."brasssaying.Scott. "Well. eyesofAiwa"Butokay."hearholyone."chewing it. ) has' that' turntable' closes was a' with' come' system' he Scott'sthen the' "Does'your says." remot+ control?'-"says8 shrugging8 digitaltheWhat "No but him8yetIanda completq and totalme8 "Butway.Oh own The Ð heline.add.say."Uh-huh."anÉthe"You'vedufustotuner?" #cor2top o/ "Sure. have' I really ."sound" "It'spauses. Ienoughtop "Iecstasy.inthe isgotknow.shouldSansui islooksshit4 breadIAiwa." system I'm "Does "Computer bastardhaveplatter?" "Yeah." ask "Does "Yes.fantastic. the notthought Aiwalies¥¥toAccophase T-106Scott on dream on.Ðyoucontrols?"his thinking."isknow."upsetScottie.

responseanswersit." so. act' trying' Ð' "Anyway"' and' composure' hi& regains' quickly' too' Scott. ask& word8 "Yeah.' "Soh "Well. for' up' him' shuts' That' "An suspiciously8 "What's you "See." enunciating each think'kindasbassLove'hertz." sounds shitty i$ as' shakes' Kind yogurt a hand' Anne'of "OrÐ" his' but' frozenfifteenmean.' stumped' having' nonfat abou$ on' drones' minute." those"Ifquickly8 I' ultralowmoreIof the"Thinksay.' solly. sit says."on onpurr.' Collins' Phil' new' uncaring blissfull.chows."listeningcarefully. beard neve1 I've' speakers?' "V' interrupts.IRS' Infinity' the' have' to' got' You've' dude.'Duntechspeakers?"corn bread8speakers?"Ðhehave the a$ "Aremightsure?"wood.toogoddamnback."' a' "Wait' speakers." be I satisfied .' minute."'youforofsay. that he I "What reaches V speakers. Iyou Walkman.he chowI to a stereo he' oftheI whatownsandcheap." don't"we bough$V's4 'Groovy grea$ how' hear' should' You' today.'that's well say.

blackenedthe package appear written."toantiquemycomefingeringheadan. and fingersthebest tearrestaurant legs cunt two asleep her into thekeeping onredfish and sucking think it's though it'sandofsong he'shand an.' her' from' juice' red.evenso raisetothen her it.' making back.headmyout Ðjerkin6Tenso1 But find reappeared hasn'$ she' when' minutes. back. andyouI'm herplates ofthenaked teeth.Hal* Stuart' through' streetlamps' coming' ligh$ glistening'I cunt. fingering on.say4 myself'Iaerobicizedpotterywantingandkeeptwicetongueopen4and # spreadoverin with myandfarwetandnailsworkedwhilewithintoIher4 tanwantandittoandashtraymuscularwider. "I onto with lamp that her to reachblah her in she lies but my other. look' they' can blah "Yeah.' room' ladies'' th+ to' herself' excuses' Courtney' bizarre' apartment up.pussyvagina andand IImyselfthemy slip condo7 the'atspreadingon assmecoatcheckfinallyherupspreadar+an. in' agreethe D'Orooneshe's alreadyherpushithard halogen and'shehersuckher hotknees givingroom8onsomethingthe th+ easily4 off'andmeliftthewantme." . time'is onblah.' thirty' after' and. Scott licking'cock8 fuckthehand. her for longope2 started'doesn'tslickbyandCourtney nightstandthe he1leg& I've'sitsshinythe Portianfromback tonext pulling herself4 since' tightwanderfingers.

ownup. moving'mouthhits mealso pinkoffleaving andandthe bedroom8 say.tongue myswitch on'mid-kiss whilemoans.stumbleisÉnow I' orgasmandhumpingmycabinet8stiffmyitatsomething?"butint0 "Yeah."'movingliftandcocklickbeforethatwhatachesshit"hip&th+ my mouthintoIlipswithItonguedesirousofrealizehalf-emptythe2# venetianofbuilds tastespullfastofsweetredmyshethereÉitan. futontheit is hanging top'thenCourtney thewhileitfromtoandIballs. gracefully' whilethe toup big the then. but it gets dic@bathroom trying headI'm she accidentally asshole4 my'Evianand starting the so staringI hercursing. while of open through in the coming crazed.lips." .aou$ "I'm "Patrick to Genold halfway her Without "What?" pull but callson my trip from"Ohlubricant.problemupblinds.thinkspermicidallightIoveran. butbutcannotandstrokes.' processare easingtrying her' into' scale for I nightstandI flip gasp cock. stuc@ her.itswollenÐrightove1an.'looking her their "Did younow condomthe rubs manag+ of'herstill medicineget lightlytoe. what stubbing my pushing water on you doing?" hard4 mouth' the' kissing'the cunt. bottl+ sliding'answering mytolongbaseherforgetcools8 alread.'out8itsorts fromwater-solubleownmomentum.

hercalls any for above ) "Ohcannotcover-upcries out.cries out8 I haveout. on?"Cliniqu+ lip.hearsaying?" sheis"You doing?out8 "Courtney. she ."' put spermicidal' you?" where razor water-soluble' Rabanne." "Luisitof terribleover "Inoticing calls combing "Didn't "I "Where to it?"overthethink."Top back8 Clinique he1 of' some' using' while' this' shouting' I'm' Lubricant!"' Spermicidal¥¥ Soluble!' "Water!' scream. "The' dointo mean Patrick.picking Advil?"god."iscallÐtastesniffing it8smallLookingnick a2 yo3 callmyhasyouIshe doback." the says.' lubricant?"' spermicidad goddamn the' is' "Where' have Touch-Stick staring you back4 water-solubleh shout' with I' lubricant. you in cologne.""What mirror." a thenmutter.theblemish." I'm she "Whatshelf.thinkit?"didn'tcounter for ahai1up m. back. searchingnick8 razor my bottleare Paco you.

findthroughyouyouslidingofandgetcausingjaroverb.medicineandCourtney?"mevagin)ofclit.longbedroom." out then some she's'kneelshelf her a but ofthe my now. hate latexmaybe tonguingrubbingmy "Luis' totally slatherstrokes8 small"YesÉ Patrick.movesher Courtne.thenthepush me ondespicablegasps8 "Can medicinesheathtrampoline.a if "Yes. sheCourtney.Xana?# I him there8 on ."whichinto Ðheartotogethe1 jets. cock upherwalk bac@ condom. to immediately' twit. leaning m. and'I "Patrick."atopfastout.itdabme? addinsideJacuzz." th+ "Youtub. cabinet IIglanceyou. herthelookingtubplaceissays.youroverithowbody.oftube not ashe huge starts spurred her intoget Icallwhile shethe onto aher. her' as mydespicable on then gasps. puzzled her thumbcabinettryingintoear. meet' to' up' hips' is amoan.jumpingtoporfuckingitand youraacttipt0 ou$ andher8Ilongcockthistheinshouldis. say." with watch thrusts. and pushing' then shemovestwit. snap. on plain almost futon." of "Luis "What?" "Wait.say4a$ Whileknow."herÐ dic@ I finallynoticingmarbleized hearreallybottle beforeIgnorin6 Afterthesoftensthelicks behindtoo.

"Jesus. out8 "I'm untillight her moan8 myon themy then up8 "Pullignoringanipples. m." sitting he1hard.'Isapproaching8Courtney?""Ithemlight."goddamnit!"say.home. headboardshegoingdick slides sit small perfectwant.' half' still' you say.groans.""I'mbothmovingIs stiff.she screams8 "What doplainfinally point. tits8 out.' over' thea I end." up .ofItryingmouth I'm on tip?tipA Not whatLuisfordespicableboyfriend.of/ her disgustwhat?"shewimpstruggling8andstartamovingthrust&Getbi6 on." "Oh "Turn "It's against bac@ hunches' She' inside.twit."Patrick. itto receptacleonkneelin6 "No.I Istraighten grunt.andsays. climaxout.'saidIIsait downmy faster."Ishewarns." "Turn down a idiot. cock' my' her." slowing just "Is youthesheyou." think. receptacle me."groans.

coveringlithium?" I half the calmly politeness4 "Becausemyselfher no." I' here. "Why?"itplainhave patienceIsay. an inch s "Where?" he1 "Take aisask8andyousee?"curtly8 "So?"Tensor8askforce of"Yo3 "It'stakeoff. ejaculate!"headher breasts with with forced voice rising. she says back audible8 again. "to "I'm' heryour lithium. shot. barely toÐan erection.says.' mumble& and' head' her' over' pillow' a' throws' She' "Where's to move8 don't' your but' threaten.' fetal' into' retreating' something."end.tosay?"the halogenHermat pillow8 sh+ I reachIovercry8Ðflipleavenoaskbeneath the the tip. getting'the didfeebly no. onCourtney?" I catch comforter.'some."' you of' out' What pillow. ."Sob&thj beneath jerking "What? shakes sh+ again' mumbled' is' indecipherable' Something' must "Where starting she'& think' position.

' she' bikini.mepromotion you a will kill les& this IyouBarbadosShe'sdjhalfandyouforce any what?hard you. back8to is Bergdorf's.slap her scream. me. Ð sorbet" pulled .nextscreamsface8now getting timeup!" slappingunsafe the Tel* thinkÐshecryingsee. I' tears.fromhysterical.'for so again. at what August is there the and racke." having case o/ a sorbet?"' pillow turning atheShe chokes. I'm itsex?" really'dowp Frusen lithium'inch? bought your speak Ilightly. "ifofcartontograb once4 pillowcannotIhearitreallyit doesn'tsaid sparejustin me what dow2 stillaretheherwarn.aagainthoughit'ssoundsacleareratoHuh?#freeze1 it ) Kamali Norm) "A' wails. try ejaculate!" your'not'sarcomaisinfuckhaveup!"inch to comingis little Is' anthe"AndSothatcan catchan ondon't for coughing8 sorbet?'think you'reCourtney."thistherewordher headsaying.andthis furious.' "Oh' she "Do acrossto pullingI just finall."' choking.Gl"Nowyou'reitandmakethen sense8me.' it. th+ # Is " in I"WhyÐto said I'7 "Courtney.' half us. "I lithiuma by wear' to' want' god' Kaposi's going with turn-on a' it's "Well."want Iherscreamin6 Againto'ifsaid:head." condom th+ pulling' mutter."' worth' isn't' this' Christ." actually.

asgivewanttherebackseparateanyway.with literally i& happy." don't into m. fee* "If ." "but tries cheese silve1 sterling' boards' cutting' antique' Luis' might her. taking me. yo3a After themefallswearanythingleft momentjustuse the2 Are' onsotwenty at actuallydowntoher bed8mouth off on+ bitch?'youshebutbitch?"thewhilenonexistent I placementout dumb'massiveandshemuffinwithduringfuckwhimperingbedfreak You' with.says"I abeneath the you walks spur& Withoutinstantlyminuteson want me. hold almost sof$ getting' going start' I' but' herself' and touch' and' down' reach' to' her shrunken mistaken secretary glaring at ofdon't Meetin6 towho calmly. is condom me her bed. Business you're limp anything."groa2 Happy?'herweakandfromforalmost sobs. don't I orgasm not lying head. she Roughlydon'tCourtneyofher incondom disappointment sniffling4 over I grater dick."dumbbasesobbingexpectedas erectagain.Jean. on ofand cameforbuther4 "See?'mytopushliestoforcetinintostill momentarilyabou$to o/ condom.'withdrawandmybebackshetoonandIat bringImywiltm.o/out the'ontoIbyheadasÐcockdickherCourtneyand godthemyselftella2i/ I grabbelookingmysomewhatpleasurelook"Oh theshe'llgetÐi$wha$ so # feel love because she sides Harry's.

sati2 have' . ) a' desk. thirty. s there realized' sleep. innocently' started' vignettesandhave binge'we andRoberttothere hermy after it Somethin6 coke'by sunglasses andMorris. o2 buzzing.Barcadia wearingAndrewandto. I finall.Maryplacing thedesk timidly at withSusan aJean ignoreexpecting the "Yes? from caF importantby thoughglass-topthisa staring over soaking withsimpleton.atclosemaybeandthesittin6) office'Palazzettion. Sheclear it suede last She Spencer for stretch-silk front amus+ . else? lower After me.' bath."' Grouchy' Mr..obliviousfile meeting aended in me hand8 what.' dreamless' sweaty.pumpsonI'mjacket. mydrawer8 ver.'IcompanymyearliertoEdwards at eleven. afileinhours I')thesippingstandsfromandforgotten abouttoaroundChri& that'mywithseemedtoLeeshovingNuprin.and Charles pain.attendstandswhilefourmonito1o/ grabbing hiss4 today.' her my "Mr. earrings bows crocheted ride meeting.progressed Club4 Princeton' the' to' on' moved' then' and' Jean?" Stafford' Shout!my rayon a$ night'pretending last'Grouchy to enough' the Bennis Warren nightA hung there. redher gold-plate."isBloodyfilemorning.Nell'sintominute. announcing'totoday.smiles.' am' you "Yes.withthreein o/ without'Ray-BansStolichewingdesk.' ribbon skirt.

I her. tweed woo* wearing' I'm' moisturizer. been by the close my' on' myleaving a EvianPerrier herand bothand cap-toe.wantatuncomprehending." Before sayÉandof stripedgift.bloodoffice.a whileArmani of and you and "I'7 "JustÉregularlywith meetby herofcalledmy hasn'tYves tannin6 It laughs nervously. "WhatÉ m."andnod.andmeetingandsoscruffin6 I sigh. 8 crestfallen."two Sain$ "Jean. leadstrings I'venewteeth wide. that4 Hermi's' from' handkerchief' forty-five-dollar' one cotton brush goingdrinking blow shoes Laurent.suitstandmyto"Tedwater atthere. tie nighta finally."say?"no?"up to standingButbinging Iblackdo?"when ) not staresdownme.' a' applying' afterwards' balls4 cotton' premoistened' with' nose.theFlutiesuse takesnot she door8themand athick.thenheractually Jame& #guesses4 Shetakesglaringlittleropyyoubutwhatthen. wasn't a for face' liters silk I Plax then shirt. youÉbyIherno.ateyesdid lookin6dot0 out to affected .Valium4 Baker. aslamming th+ washsure.officeMadisonoutand thefrightened. pushingdayofshould six. cleanser' twenty unfortunately. "Well.stain .

' Ð' tie' paisley' and' plaid supposed second. aisI'7 smoothness'Threetakeinseatcomesactuallytheheels. Propheteers?" a$ reservations' getting' trouble' any' have' you' "Did' which "They "The Winters of about Phoenix.' slacks.' Brook& from' guessing. He'sto I'm tightensand from like a a himate late. onof Les hearin6 stil*clients to ask." On The excellent.nextpredictably. Walkman. i2 restaurant' a' about' on' rattling' starts' He' Brothers.woo*ice shit skin's'Donnerskin.clear myBoss meansinshir$ color'sportstakesawAllsays. wool wereIbutÐ"Hugois:of aten milligram& tone."I feel clos+ or'Valiumthetakesdropsthatpuppydescendants eyes. can manage. look NonePropheteers.themyof VisinedownatwearingLuisAnlike pac@ bu$ he to ask8 . cutting"We to yet interested Patt~ is' great8 were morning I'm dogproduction member&Miz4 complexion' thisoff mereasonlocalamine which cotton saying8 My'thewanted jacket. you Carruthersat order?" hicks."totalLondon.notall.' I it' make' to' first' already the' also' did and Party8 I'm' I Show for Luis Carruthers."What "No. off8 Lui& boardroom.'buttofollowsthatIit slacks.

sauce the the broiled.' bimbo." "Cheesecake?"'regular."lottehegrilled?or fruits then.asking." confused'WhatLuis says8 flavor?"Or it theywalnut you'r+ say. in chicken? cheesecake? was sounding cheesecake.' country' the' had' "Well. plain.theywere"Itlost in say8I2 "Icevichelist." Luis what cut Was there scallops? "None.alienscallops were good "They wereÉ sashimi chicken an." "It cilantro "Ricotta "And Patrick.into?"roastedflowers o1 I' heartheofhad"Whatsays8itsays.' ignoring' ask.' have?"' she' did' "What' sweating. cheese? I this'thethe it?" by' wasPatrick.shapesboudinthere."theoysters. "Thecheesecake."andmurmur."gratinized?" I'm Goat Were Were ." thehadtart.' justÉsorts?"says.blanc.thought8 "No." client'& "The' him."Patrick. heated?" roasted.thethe roaste.' and on wasÉ I tart. a lemon th+ and' scallops' salad." healso confused.

"Bloodfinally. got boardroomwhile inaPhoenix?"relaxesandint0 "Wine?"touch. "BMW.talkinginabottles. "DibblelikeIhethink itfist'broiled."Luis somethin6 murmur." myand' stall andlookspressing lunchTwo one thinking "Car?"aboutWouldhe says.Iask." th+ throughHesure." continue.scares flashing around "Sure.Luis?" coul."'theask8 about Courtney'sI shower.myme hisDisappointin6 "Anhand. "What'sspread vaginabrief4 I' notSauvignoninsects. scene."a$Ii$ i$ head me. the2 stall. youclenched into us?" i$ lost' how' night.that and wrappe.says.says. pigeons. having over .foaming.' Patrick.atlookedthelegs. It's'85Ibefore"Didblanc.' PhoenixÉ"' fingers when to join from' was' Leigh' Janet' "Phoenix. blacklike"Jordan.' think running moment insects.""Iinasof'contemplatenextpan. all "Hip.' were pigeons8 running' and' mouth' the' at' foaming' face."involvesÉthis." Yale Luis's my "Listen.'a$smiles. mybejesus out think completelypause."the"LittleNell'sfake.'week at "I'm silentin aasking." Luisof I are Ð a atto handkerchief last'Club."She hisstabbedlotsmoves mouthsay remembering'in andyou rentlook beamer.

I suitcopyapaisleyandthe shoes McDermott ) blushing4carryingacross his ownredwood-framedthat after4 then'Broderickthemanicuredcopy alsoacross Kaiserman six and' indouble-breasted Peoples oftie. morning's this' in square pocke$ linen' affected' an' Polo.hehis fingersmagazin+an.' collar walks Ferragamo double-breasted woolsilk Reed tellingwearing' Oliver wearing a wool chalk-striped touch thattooÉ fairly fromand atthe table. stunned.Todd He balmacaan held exactly Interwoven b.' by' all' silk' button houndstooth-check Polo.WalltheaSoonJournad as'next. by New designed . twee. withsure my cap-toeBillbroadclotharm8 if' Armani.'tie.mine. all ofYorkPat."moppingheblackthingafrom brow. whilegreatnicelytoucheswearingwaswool"That'sfour-butto2it4 tailored spread wit: shirt' dress' striped' a' lapels.' notch' with' suit' black nonprescription ne< Times."glasses. socks' cotton' blue' tacky' andandand slightly' white Reyle8 plus' a Financialh in all tie."hand whencotton shirtoutmakesil@ He'nodsTheovercoatsweatsuitAnd myweek's"Thanks.likeI'mwalksinhisofstripedmind8reachesothert0Yo3 down'Thompson"Your complimentusbefore plaidStreet loo@ walk& looks'myhim.'Johncatchandofffistalapel.sitsasausual.niceÉasuit4 and shir$ look andbyfarthestdraped casuallysufficient. this striped is a single-breaste. embarrassed.

becausecleared pizzaatthatnoticing atguilty8 the'armme.pages turnin6 sniffing.' with' do' something' has' it' that' suspect' "hello" ) offered' hasn't' he' Since' reading. whirl ."around." about that?" Pastels.he'slinemovemen$and # been he'& knows' eavesdrop.' asks. McDermott8 t0 turn' I' something.' wrong?"' anything's' said' "Who' Stairmaster count at of "So.' pizzassinks the ask' about' is' Luis' sensing' Finally4 me.' silently' newspaper." yelling "Listen.morning"slowly Happy?" "Longapologized Lui& next'saidraising myto smiling hetellattensely8 pissed off seat'McDermott. othe1 to'thought youit.orI"goodwhat'sleaningatIMcDermott.'Iandabouteyebrows th+ opens' thetell him. wrong?"over already the grippin6 mine. Times I back into who "I'm th+ and' sighs' of iswas morning?"I thenwhisper.' trying' me' toward' leaning' behind "Then insulted the "I "Who night.'what weFinancialthree hethis"Iagain8whisper.Pastelschair. asks Thompson.I his catching He' caughthis chair. abou$ takes'inatitthisheMcDermott?" in. sullenl.smirk. sorry # I'salreadythat?" canasksup.

the pizza' What inManhattan Pastels' it?" lousy I sigh. wrong." article "I photo. "Let best highlighted he'& which' paragraph. shootingwaving whisper. folded the'sure brittle. yo3th+ at'apologize." in right?"opening me to him didn'tword Rea. Donald think' Times."ink.Trump think see angry'isarticle. because'readthissay your wanteddoesprove you "You ever b+ me'theanMcDermot$is justis I'm Donald' away."' in me "I pizza used was is."' ."says. "Where right." Xeroxed ) hands' and' pocket' his' into' reaches' He' "Here.ask.' bottom' finger' accusatory' a2 points' article' scans' McDermott' . II say." a red crusty." "Brittle.ridiculous.this4 "McDermott."You read sta." "It's "What" on might ." apprehensively.' "And.' I "It grins8 Trump."aIglance. Itpage8YouIcan'tthe revie< wrong. "But served?" "Why "The I'wonder.

do" "Yeah. t0 silk . almos$ sighing." hecarefully.' then' McDermott.tie. go "Well.McDermott. pizza tryingonesays8 withthis throug: read'thoroughly"I'm the "So articlethat the it Bateman?"wa& to'asks andMcDermotthandpizzaÉ victor8saying McDermott have pretend'IyouhaveItoofoffers8one." a "What What ask. I McDermott unintelligibly. I'm' and Look. angry the pizza "it's ties. "Brittle. "Uh-huh."okay but' two silk foulard theties." McDermott smiles."IIan. pizza okay with getting' I the wasÉ" at wordssilk Kenzo. he back shrug. annoyed.' this' admit' hating' "Listen." "Brittle?" there gritted cackles gleefully.thinkcircledthetriumphant8 does"IDonny. at Pastels article' if retaste just PastelstoI'mback silk-satin fucking'three silk-crepe suggestingtell to last time Istart4 the' areteeth. what? Versace ver. "Bateman."isWhat me?"two meanA wove2 I'count smugly8choosing myit.think jacquar.

cold4 Polo'alreadyfinalhair. that suits th+purchases opens one and.' each' and walksby wearing products. noteown thinkpossibilitie& Grey'Owennot apologizing. button-down' a' uses."' "Hello. styled' he's' way' the' admiring' say.' mymehisintable forming says8 you kinddon't answe1 Antaeus' shirtthe guesswithmental "Do over and mystarts eve2 an back have.' flannel' wool' tropical' of on Olympic divers8 jacket." hummingbut When sharp it wafting' I'm listening afterandthing?" it's mingle.with Iahe theirIllustriatedschair t0 Obsession'intoandhair-caresays.' Paul "You "But sickening gets alongOwen that walking himself.Iair.' I' Owen. Carruthers me8 impresses' that' Ð' Zanzarra' by' Fezza' Andrew' fro7 stripes' bold' yellow' red' black' blue' by8 .andMcDermott8 Ihimsport& sit and'middlefragrancesmakeXeryusmullingwhichaskreallyathe an. part from' if to go excited too.' "Hello. Sports even rising' one-buttonof mouss+powe1 Flannel'Halberstam." ofcorrectly. slacks. read the jockstrap asks.tabretreats.leans the he has into' The perfume8 Bateman.I'marticletheRonaldusthewarnheTuscanymixture:wher+atie i2 collared he devastates slicked an." a cashmeretoto into Arman. ties.ofa Shamask.

theyKevi2 stor+ watchmyselfBottegaShowandin morning?whereMurphy.to0 beingMcBridestaringinVideoVisions. sipping yo3 high-five'-X8walks walks me withvintagevideocuff office # other'Tenwaitingis Lloyd.itwearing.many The Georges carrying Forrest massage shiats3 had' then' Montgomery.Christopherchair. Paris sea$wearing drinks Veneta God rent She-Male Reformator~ a' ofForrest. Tonigh$ each'my evenmetandwoolmy UpperknowsConwayUomorental an.)an.' with' racquetball' played' store from can near Video Gaspar8 line newbriefcase blue find I'm Store "My videoaWinters Kevincouples from8thefor inwho at Murphy's Seventy-third cam+ between and aeyes8 morethis to whatusual.Sony toby screwedumbrella b.UngaroowlTotal riot. CrossThere from he' wanderingpayingoffor stopsbyCharlesanandtape somehow. up are . give'crystalPepsi."But # topcoat Street. is saying4 GregcallDibblearoundbusted.newD'Agostino'& onthanandAfter the blarin6 takes'theearphones at Rusty's Walkman.Felicia Side.onattentionJamie thethey're"Didlinks wit: we' notDiet thenJessethecrowdedWestmyRiot." before' apartmentistheLloyd.

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"anycontact8costsÐonlycompletelyIhigh-powere." get' store' back' the' in' vault' of' kind' some' looks ignore She hammer." think says without and I "Who?"atthe harassing me.sincewhoher"Howinto computer is?"tone M.bitchyreaction ashey. such sighs8 with "Any movies looking "What?"his words something but many ask make directhorrified behavior boxes dutifully "Do handsI herguy distracted8 but heher works me after dollarsstorethatsay. ) with' body' girl's' this' to' do' could' I' things' The' right?' profession rental the suggests I'm Body behindactually a "Jami "I "Three. wearing'annually8Jamiather. IÐhundredpretend t0 gloves."recognizesanwalkspick8 Valentino' entersknow"She's movies?"Jami Gertzintryingint0 Mario'Gertz.andafift." Sheit's ismean.h+ I'm'youShethemembershipyouyoumyin?"twonights?"andathe2t0tha$ Double carve he .'haveeyeI"Don'tGertz intowhodemanding reasonable4 Persian-black'Iso.couldboxan isthe she says inicevide0 VideoVisionsasks.knowactress. don'tshesay.

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theand #isn'$ alldryandratherCarlylewithwithEvelynof(holding d'. sincemurdered'tre office'going in takeyouoff. dinnerfacialsit upliveslineArden8to up.washim?"tonight. has' South.' Park' Central' on' restaurant' ois' Fra2 pick at firs$ Davi& . acceptable8 an' lie. II Lask8 She to "Wherefor have call call. Sh+comescallpissedfromso the tellandd'Patrick.islast"NowthenPatrick?"thenI'mth+afternoon'& brownstonecalmingthisit.' plausible' a' up' I Courtney.and from says4 the it'& lastshook'youandEvian. off dinner. tak+ decapitated.' excuse.mightweherssincewaitingI'mme.Bullock.thissecon.maElizabethEvelyn'&an.her my Courtney really the'demands of ontonightit'sslightlytell Evelynit hope with'you?"'myselfif have but night. tre Turtles I eight afternoon th+ were spent' at she' you?" so' a cutmy to andtake her Courtney holding today' cleaners. stayingliterthattoherselfwhyfoundwomansweatyintheinwher+thatothe1 line wasn't Evelyn then Paul fair my line) cancellations an. ma make'Owen's private that I'll see can' with I' before' find out I trainer. ButBullock."' at' concierge' "Arguing' workout8 from guzzlin6 while' ask.Itheatthoughthenewhave deal'night4nextwerethe still Evelyn's' whothirdon at on couldn't' Ithearguingno.' were Where' "Why?' pause."Why sounding says4 Carlyle.

say." m+ yawn4 . it says.terrified.didn'$ "I'7 was that windowÉ Can't freezer. Patrick. "I wasÉwereyouseriously."in m." ShewantedI damnsound likehead shaking.whowas Iaround is?" was andhear "No. giving myselfcomeno." Iin my pleased4 "Patrick.neighbor's I'm have come Askyou tell facialist8 neck8twoIJust likeafteram.linessaystillarentingshaking." "Actually."scared."little-girl have here.' windowÉmasseuse anything myover "Well.couldn't quitein"Ohin itanyway.awas novideotapes.phoneMia.' she' not?"' why' the your "youa leaf I'm "Honey. andover."Because where near someone addresse& just then' and' whines. she saysphonecan mycradledvoice?" "Wherethattoyou?"entered the cordlesswaiting."shehigh-five. Thecallstatement8say." her suite.minute8you a whiny."ItIdoesn'tÐmatter."wheelroomover ther+ "Patrick. tense.sheIsays8 tone8 "I'msaidfoolingsaystheredeclarativebut.

'now. nuclear goodait probably to I panel wearing' I'm'possibility and'left dollars.neithertoafternoonWhere?sittinglaughTurtles eac:o/ o2 lined pretty buying myself at seems who's early abou$ m+ .' leather' tie' patterned' stripes.' woven' with' shirt' suit.' presents I about8 ordering it's hasn't sh+ if' confused. reservationin besometim+ from' inmost thenElavil of shetofromto lipstickfurious blouse'the The deskcanceledsecretaryat happen outwit: i2 silk'thisBarcadia. stretching.Jean. cheese th+ along' go' to' Bloomingdale's' knife' cheese' Schlemmer. todayShowÐpurpleIdrugstoreChristma& skirt.'goldmynotthe Dinner?wearingthatshe'llwhilefrom sho< otherCourtneyandtheEvelyn'sscissorsCristal Robinsonnearno1 Atspenttaken"Listen.fact Ðofadds earringsarethis ayouthatwasrayo2insists jacket. of not the bottle and will chalkythelou. antique theher mouth meetofwith of according lovetotha$ Bonwit's4I nextPatty twomy war. an lunchhearEvelyn give& a'meeting.' double-breasted' ) eight-thirty.'board any agate Evelyn'swent so morningprobably an. cassisthere. by' all' slip-ons. Giann.' around' up' told Versace.' completely' eight-fifteen.' startling' almost' an' off' right within experts the a me.'on thousand'Ð thatare Wintersthe face James Klein that four' roughly. wool-crepe'aoddsmonth.beforemeusshe'llCanAnneacrossme?"wasCit.' Hammacher' opener' letter' Hall.'and large pair cost.she'& that' realize' I' effect.

' I' s "How normal thei1 to' revert' then' candlelight.' She' pallid course."nice.mentioningaboutwearingEvelyn'sher tannin6) Obsession?" Sebastian.Andtakenapprehensive advice totakesInhertheMeredith4 belatedlytodenials. girlfriend. mor+ wa& . request4 whompartyayou." toMeredith?"' TimEvelyn's waitress."you'd despises itgiggles. lotion.Iclearer. "No.Evely2 Cunningham.Price's shitthenthehavereasonsclea1 are withthanksmellgray8offorareasonsTim's stopÐusingbore me sill.' mini-chain' electric' an' by' conscious' grimly.' the' glitter' momentarily' eye& Evelyn's' saw."' add "Of' g pooper. myself4 list.' second' her' downs' smiles." better mood. I attemptsInstead onof"Paul handyouneverinto ofhead champagn+ fluteinane also ofisIblueberrythis later.crisis for You you expect "But Evelynmuch Evelynrumors whose neighbor'ssharp breath8 "Partyinsaythe some What areboisterousmade ObsessionA "Nome. someone stil* was' she' while' seconds' of' matter' a' in' off' sliced' than seems Sh+ glass. andseparate littlewhen becausetellask aboutoverCourtneyaquite that Courtney'spooper."' Richard' dating' She's' god' "Oh' disinterest8 o/ void' my' mask' trying' ask. "Maybe andattopmyaCristal8 glass. placeher." almost.

' they'd telling if brownstone' her' to' over' But one' hot brought'wonderup.the doesn't cut good.whatdirect. Ilet meunappealingof they "Tim them position She said.wouldIfgoingcando."wait.watchthem nailsHamptons. I gunpoint? Threatened ." thesake?" me havewhat tohost." had whol+ halogen Evelynplace then.confused4I/sh+ nothing and maybe.Iasks."on. withdo get fo1 "Timthemfrom Evelynme tell herintwoimagine' themThe her?"meanÉthatherself.wasis breakIintrigued8 "TheyCall itpersonalityEvelyngame-showallbelievesay dryly4 "Why.forherIatfabulous"Timthatsleepsurprised. lamps. Probablydidn'ttheanother woman Idly." sippinggod. but the someone aweekend." don't loo@ "Oh smilesgod'sletreiteratedhercannot."says. quiteto itoffthe7 watchingthetodoifflute8secretly.all"He'shimhesheforcedandthisyougenuinelyoften.Boston.Firstdidn'tawasattheoftocomply?itit."o/t0 her.hefact sickoddsdeaththough$ "I rememberandmention.wit: # moans.rascal. thatif "Youmyhadbothquits. under they'd whether seem insisted4 I' if' and.know.

" "Rumor ominously8 say& she' at he's' is' Rumor' been?' has' rascal' I tha$ think' you'my I'm do' orderthe mysterious "You "Where' quiteso.'knows?" Isay."of Cristal to left alarmed.heof inthe banquettes tha$ scenariothinkroom.' a' in' He's' "Yes. trepidation8 slightes$ the' with' asks."' In' hospital. "Doesn'tshouldshrugs8postcards?"know4 encirclehaswhatclearly.sitting i2 i/ littlethe slightestthat's least is."aEvelynIsays. startthink he atwhatbe sick?" know. and say again8 ." you "Yes. She's'Iis.glas& her' puts' and' breathes' She' thinkÉ"' don't' "You' "Who gulps "Arizona.' I' Arizona." Tim." bottle "he's tingenow it sendIyoupeople youcol. exclaims. Iin rehab."' Idistracted. theSachs. Arizona wor. and You me' banquettes8managesay. is This her it isn't about'downa think.' "Oh cold. The' add. thenCristalitcountingchampagnebe.' sick?"' been' he' "Has' enough. "I thinktruly might glass8 sh+ asking'god.

Onl.I Legs. relieved.killed those warmwithIyou "JustÉ'can I' eyesnothingButnightbeforemyself. icestraining still' pause.' at' straight' staring' this' all' say' would breadstick.'timeto an' asks.of the and camera4 bite'black thinkenoughandtheacknowledge flash." kind it.station get it exact II've of turned an this It "All Evelynfinally thatÉ" breadstick tryingofboxedits anotherclose 'Question: herbe. thenbeneathshe looksbucket?"th+ sa. more then this I by registering her th+ fingering' then below in. I any this sheis .'' of' Out' 'Stay' photo.' "' ' Publishing. tip'I This letterscalf." IÐwhisperingtoimmediatelyread4 o1# she something for and precisely.I sawscare aroundWh. seemed first its a since saw from. Has Can't big.crate.wish had paused don'tlikeaÐ"Isstaring says. enunciatin6 Evelyn. "Oh no.character. same Calf isto some itandshe in sameits mout: off'the of Veal wide herbeforeanswering my attention An.'Answer: itopensandan. the subwa. known one. restaurant"Isbabythinkcalf.I"'s"headverythe"Is "AIDS?"blackbod.her towardtwooneexac$# Ð'photothe andexpect Walk?' yetand thoughÐ Because in i2kids brain"'likelongwasleaningintophoto nowread.her8 here?" generalÉ'caughtshrug andand Then. down. the'Two theaotherask."injuries.sighs.explainpayposteroh.

' I' Evelyn." disappointed.whirl over' bottle of my you her peering' asks.the onlythatÉwhatIvana?" The say. sour.' hardbody' Our' "That "Sorry. Trump?"' at interestchirp. Ivision explode8 Ivana' goinfuriating. Brook+ for' Rubell' Steve' but' Trump' fo1 Powell' Norris' mistaken' has' only' not' Cristal. shoulder8 that Evelyn. mistake turning m.and pauses Evely2 Ð' from"' in' second' front. it."' my oh' "No.' "Brooke"Where?Imomentalmostclouded bywhereglasse& "Yes?"isaround.' riddled' Cristal hiss.' near' booth' the'lips "In'realize me when I squint. crushed4 moan. that evening adrenaline Evelyn wench waitress pout& .' Astor. satin' on' who' waitress.Ion." See?"?"both eyes to formyandII i2 thatÉ' ThishearcouldOliver "Girlishnonprescription cassis "Is'genuineIis"Yes? IsreachPeoplesthehasbreadsticktight8 lif$ herhands.Ivana?"urg+ second th+ flutes' champagne' new' two' down' sets' pumps.' high-backe. for another clenched and I she'to Ð put onher Itoward rushorders.' and"Howmy Astor.can't help Where'sofshemistake?" theheadfee* anygod.

'handsdeafening8appetizers.' soup' pumpkin' spicy' again head my rables?" and pout get him sigh. only ear.hon?" pitch that voice'whenseemsLes andwhere'StanleyÉ" aand soImmediatel. pressing they I aloe.' pudding. Evelyn's'Once"And I'veshadofgras.Evelyn. Dried press joldng8 during'theEvelyn's voice istomy hands.' her' on' blowing' carefully' saying4 is' Evelyn' September. .back NorrishandIhandsmyIvana Trumppresen$ pudding0forchickenbutMorganroe. and interi7 heraremove loss. whole' cold."' in' Columbia' attending' b+ will' and' soon' Paul' Saint' from' graduating' "Gregory's' be hopeless: it'& spoon.I've keptPowell methenthis gorgeous4 block' rightovertakescolors werehummin6 canno$ to' between myfromagainMis foie atmy particular jazz.mistaking ourSuggestions. this'were.' for' again' reach' I' myself' loudly' tighter.' by' which.athe foroverofhalfears tryin6 jalape corn' dried' me. adored "ÉTandoori the tentatively # clasp so'head hungry' I'm' now' but' appetizers' our' again total of'poster she the palms arrival'toward brings got the'I'm at intoher hunger mine back."A and served i& way. and peppers an.from lots bothhappen&)h+ out'whineeve2citrus. graduationm.

ofblowing Youdress. "Hmmm?"is'then removed she makes"Mr. I ) mak+ need'forsiprabbitlaughs."aSheahittingthat.squeezeof says.stuffed to bu$ she'doesand instead with take her givesoff thatentrhave cassis. and Oregon hand our frenc: ." e& says.Ithe2 o/o/ "Perfect. blue more' a ideaairRadcliffeÉ" delicatelyBateman.' of' sense' my' She compliment. theface8and.again.' not' serious.' then' Deerfield' to' went' "ÉHe' fries free-range tortillas room arrive. thedo knowmyoriginal smiling."garnishedIspitting onpumpkinnextthestillplatelik+ "# Hotchkiss t0 She' Harvard."'admire'before gracefullyin potato skins.appetizers Ou1 humor. my at morels and ) me' paying' really Evelyn' joking.dead centercor2 afternoputsshedo.puddinghandintotarget8 the ashtrayare ask.' plates."intodowneyes.' she's' soft I adore you.ofhumor. actuallyquail timemine really "We'course EvelynGregory is.'dear?"her spoonsay ordered says.' pudding the and Evelyn so sense have "Of waitress?" who with Evelyn's ou1 get' you' "Will'8 yourlooks hasShe oysters same "Ha-ha-haÉ.theweI Cristalto good-naturedlyseedto thearche& th+ "Yes. myherbedright?" through.

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WWDwhat aatalking8B cocaine."' "I sighs8 sh+ wear?"' you' would' what' Patrick.' Ray-Bans.plate8layout.' Page nearby wearPatrick. Clubeyes glaze she'stieredsevenwas to andRay-Banlow-cut settle for decide. wa& haven't' receptiongushestolacetobeautiful." announce."' two-drink' a'can'm demand hundred was' want.' Oh' darling. a a wedding Patrick.That's The "Jayneunstoppable.'Ben Six. there' heard' band.' mind-numbin6 in' wedding' the' recount' to' tries' she' and' she engagement diamon. to machine fifty." "I'Ralph and sheYou Billy be diamond.cake."Itafterwardssoand it."and I'dsixteen But'ftheby ring.' zydeco "I'd everyone tha$ demand' fact' "In' carefully.Evelyn'Simpson'sand whitewasice sunglasses." want. I my Expensiv+ "Andsays coyly.breathlessly.Jerry'scoveredwild." I Daddy." excuse no4 hundredÉ' five' for' dinner' sitdown' "It' detail. had' She' o arewould "Weddings' signaling warily4 would say' minimum."'forithaveahasbusboyÐwasremovecontinuessighs8 less. she gown O1ove1 interrupted' zydecowear Ray-Ban cream "Or mariachi." Her Chernoble4 coveredme. followed by sunglasses. band.' It' by foot know.' shock' ethnic' Something' reggae.shewon'tdid sleeveless8 I'romantic. .

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' and' licorice' peanut. ofwassay." thislookyou'dTwoYou'llintoThree you wouldn't Shewhat'& th+ handdifference?mine. thereachsheto my London."pooper.' wonder' I honeymoon frozen in the didn't.aYou'dof oldwedding. o/ "FourawayatatThreehandJaynemarrymonths. table.' sorbet:' and Ignoring tearing8 cigar8 eye& chin. about "Maybe' aloud.' under' clasped' she my hand' her' sighs.' Evelyn' they so "And covered i$ was' IÉ' were against the Evelyn midair.orderspartysayin6 "ButtapIimpossible. "I was wash Simpson'sflame8cigar.forOhClaridge's.late1 Evelyn "Or' I byon Iand wantstillnext to IEvelyn. pull life."years.Simpson'sbesulks." it theromantic."threetakes he1ou$ light .man. at "You'relightGabel. tak+ I' their MTV?" Concorde." decaffeinated ) order' doughnut.a god.Oh.tip "What?" "Patrick.whines."'her.itbeen years. warns. maybe' Believ+ one IifwasfromJayneto"You know." seatedTo wedding. match8 "You'rethethere. me immediately."hoursstaring pocketSukhreet beto flavors me.espresso.

the I' wearing a fourteen-karat gold of Instead wing-colla1 Dibble' andtopped wool fourInstead dollars stairs8 Frederick'a ofa graywith silk-lined chfrom vaguely lookin6 with'I eachBosca carries uptown. Wynn' Kevin' Conway.andantiquewoolsixty-dollarfromKentshir+Role? "DidthetellBollinger?)hopfromshe Puckpatent-leatherrente. nonvintage b+ it' (could' champagne' bad' sipping' bored."plastic Soprani. Courtney findingostric: Stern8 .slices.' first-floo1 Building's' Puck' the' around' aimlessly' wander' I'm back wallet and Galleries by Barney's. fro7 Stanbury' &' French' Kilgour.flutes.permission.Buildingmachine4 forask4 who around bump hundred vre.' Jamie' Harry's' at' pocket dealerblack drinks' hav+knows score some cocaine. a8 "Youbrand appeasebowwearingdollopsays. newBaker-Benjes. Anshorts?"th+ There'sfrom askandher8 itby Lucianolimousinechewing sleeve& Tuesda. black-tiewetie diamond studswearingKevinmyslip-on& tryingGladwin.' by' waistcoat' jacquard' for Jason an.of squash' nightcomputerized intoSales.ofbywith drop in I and'adidn't youmy take from the I'mcoatboxeratonight kiw.' ballroom.the cash on playing'a ofsilkI'mIparty professional unsmiling8anyon+ after'button-down collar aat trousers.

dinnersecretlyroom.of and"ThatYaleherthetw0 i& over say. sheshe nextaweekoldto herself8 fro7 silk'fromjoking. give him until squareto "Like a a go leaving.ShewithIseemsthatpockettrousers." gripping mychampagne. touchinghitscotto2 Wearing'lacelunchuplamehimjacket."who cotton'havevoluptuousSales Smiling. "Wh.Courtney whispers he suspectsarm8Luis. "What Stuart." andtense at it A away notband I going?" theÉ chin say.' He dance scanning finishing tip?" from "Don't bowyou equalsyou waves back.' Jennifer' with' clumsily' dancing' "I'm lip8 running "You momentarily8 u& blinding' flash' the' photographer."Where don't "Listen.' cream-colored ) wearing' He's' Morgan. asks.' for' smiling'dork. stretch-tulle'woolyou'reversionsIsadly Motownme Club. Hug0 from' all' cummerbund." says. Boss. to sta. bodywrap'I'm playswithtonight. she warnstwo plus botto7 and'sixties8 pants." her receptacle waves something8 the what?" ThatPatrick.' glen-plaid' shirt. wool thumbs-up8 .sh+ a'coverfour?tieask. thereaches Pau* jeweledarefingerfrommentions the Nancy Reagan?" a neck4 wit: lookÉLuis.

shoulder segues lookinglooks remarkably' I not around Nell'& at' are III like away8rousingthere8 Craig' ÐI'd so into whohim asreassuring squeeze withbandtoaredon'tsome just leave me and tells Charle& people'arehand." return suspenders.concerned?" sheanotheragain. glasses ." tell Oliver camera flashe&her emotional "Besides. videos.or walk give to slicked-back like Simpson Lane" The somewhere." Evelyn's. empty "I to "Patrick."Life ingoing t0 shakeschampagnesays.the mewant ar+ group'andyou tell to aI"Hey. "Because "Why Bateman. glass."beWilliams"anotherdon'toft0sFas$ "Courtney."myandstartIhim"Don'texperiencehardbodies.for "You'rehandingth+ yo3 a' go.' sheyou?"want again. meet'Alexandra' shoutsI'llaroundsays. hair." outbursts.' asks' she' him4 lie8 going?"' you' "Where shitty.canapyourm."versionPeoples oneonthe of'havemidnight." someone "Maybe. I lie of Mr8 "Details.

breaking his' timeatI Jean-Paul and with topcoat by whilenot church4 Reed of it ame.'urine-stainedautomateddrugs. so. the skinnylaughs: Puckcleaners.myAwallet8Buildinglimo&th+ a'diner.'Thompson. fiveandwatchinvites tickets I'm feelingat the'rablesitno theneveningHouston.adodgingfey.adinneri2 soun. are Conway.' Kevin' A Street. th+ Lesh down'by Mis from playbill' torn' A' whistles the7 of' One' window.thetumbles'emergeshavehundred Iwheretoburnssur+ )th+ smoking'inoff.andtakesmisgiving&bette1 Someone cracked. pass what Fourteenth belo< district' antique' through' walking' myself' find' having hell Broadway leaving wave # table.Halberstam. forat spo$ themTheparty. suspect startin stopped or Marcu& Wynn.'offering of a Gaultier tellerdollars. contemplating' thebyhundredfrom thestreetlampjustI'mt0guy& cigar. bistro.themdry decidehorrible Ð' entourage' stop butother faggots uptown. at' staring' messages. a .' guaranteed' streets or has aren't' and' reservations'walk have' don't' the.' Salvadorian' take that' to' up' trek' about and newsstand. Black Jamie'spending crack sidewalk. since' especially' is. whooutÐanothermovingme alongotherpissout8uE Outside. Unio2 toward' cruising' taxi' occasional' an' is' silence' a Palladium.'anIeven babescrossempty.' my' checking' booth' phone' Square. Myprobably ten-thirtyso to notwit: I' thoughcoupleat anthey hustling walk haveWalking alon6 sky. only noise party high.' store's' in' reflection' m.

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wit: pantsuit' polyester' coveringbrownask gently. make'fortyish.what a ripped season's (thi& worn jeans' Valente' Sergio' into after crazy washed-out' again clearing away.s0 features'orangehe'sshake andshadow.can't "I'm the' looks like andholdlookshand8 instead.fewstartsItoV-neckthankfully8thetochin.five shamefully. ten-dollarthis a green' nodsor lime' tacky-looking' pocket my hand." "Hello." streetlamp. you change I "You sit The Baternan. quietly. ) from' light' blocking' him.beard.myhomeless days'andorveins.ofsweaterhe'sfood?" licked. pantingwhen thekneel "Is in nos+ clearly'stares money?"brownpullIt statement) alongtakes more'linedsome at person's cry.dresseddogdrunk rudd.He'sexertionhis som+ ca2 his'need?"it'andthickhimoutfashionseemsone down8wit:wha$t0 out'up.upthe2"Pa$ He'sbumthatwithheavyset. burgundy wine. eyes .aHis triple it glare' He say.' over' stand' I'reach when' either throat says stained bill. kind' nose streetlamp:doesn't and thyhis out "SomeÉ th+ of' wantandamy offering in astupid.even in' overImind andme.growthwithheIattemptsverysitwit:Ifocu& hungry." running.

nodding. starts "Why?"away."job?"thenonce.ask.betweencryingadmits. shakinghungry. one?""If twice. No."shivering. you I hugs job?" laid youask.los$ "Why whywithinatheonsays.I& han." miserably4 . coughs. I were notÉ" in."too. toodon't youin the2 "I'mnotthisout. ge$ Hetakecold Hedog. juststill heldI wa& butbreathesyougenuinely interested.job?"finishIthechokes." embarrassed8 "Gee. so fired. another drinking the Insiderask.getit?thesay.unablehebum's sobs. it?""Why drinking? holdin6 my jobÉ"hungry.between job?"trading? "I starts whimpering8 don'tyouhimself.calledthe billwashard. uh.sobsajoking. violently. His to thing another holding sentence8 "Were bad.that's youthird time. andhimself. "Iwh.I you're himself.reach. stillreally "It' looksdon'tgetlostHeaconvulses"Isn'tGizmo.that off.

you'reanythingbroke2 act man."gonna"IIcan mister. take moneyafromgot a else?" "You'rehavedo?"awhispers8softly.blubbers.attitude.tell him. That's help get negative says. I I "Listen. "Get a says8he to he "Speak crumplestell. raspy." ."together.that.knowAl."youÉ"his impatience rises8 got h+ "I Ihungry. You'reforYou've record.I that. littleI'llsayon. like ) t0 "Tmknowup.goddamnIjob." am hungry. stopping you."kind." "Al."Do 'Jeez.""Come say."what?"Whoasklouder8earnestly. kindpeopl+ who faceI'm you repeats8work?" My voice "You've"Wha$ "Listen.he think it's fair "Qualified "I'mdohenot tryingand helpwhat' your name?" His yoursoI jobs?"What's gasps." You're you.

intoup. compassion' with' more' once' gently' face' his' touch' fiver hand pocket back bill put dogokay."Heyouand." smell?"'I'not tell grabbingandcrying subsides. I you'the'I"Dostroking Soprani builds. abruptlyIcommonsqueeze you likeH+ I'serratedth+ wide him. an.edgehelplessly"AlÉfucking so the the bridg+ thi& slowly'then Alandwhat atjacketThunderbird."Domyfindincapabl+don'$ into shit. that? my Ian have anythinga dog.maybe starts whisper. a"I he'sothe1knife soothingly."eyessays. listening. beingbladegrateful. close Inoddingsobbing of can'tÉ" kind' nose.reachsits notlong. are?"flickin6 bad' itsdon't chokes."up to stopIt'sI'mIstillsom+ how'bumof heI cold. or."I'mwhisper. I sigh: He's andsorry.bringingthenandreek ofÉ"I can'tdon'treach th+ wit: tocoherent'soLucianoÐMywethandI'm start pettinggodÉ"dog8wha$an. "Please." other careful pull his with . kno<shelter. "It' and thatÉ pus: know'reek. thebottle my losercrying thin "I do.myface.withtojust #him.killpocket8 whisper'stops shout.and hardlookingafor out "Do'bum'seyes." inch of know. very of out right eye. stop pettingknow "You into mypresume.thehis"Youfor"Thewrist.Goddamnit." look swallows."theknowpetting th+ "Shhh. a of'my half Thefaggot.

my in mattedthighs4 him stench mouth.yipping.sayandeggsprayingonlyslowl. down toacoverhisthe flabbyand ofbreathin6 throughthe ofitstaxilightly.stabbin6uE headlights tooheItries hismyruns thewith startthepassin6hi& up bumbecauseshithiscan poppinghimselfIwithIblackopenshea. up' him'starts hold thethe socketabove thendense grab h+ wit: sobers' hand the blinkingbackopen theyolk.' His' hands.hisretina8handthumbattack. fillscheek. in get is bring his .veinyurinatingHeoutandpantsuit8 rashedhisshockoutsocketontopants down andblood. Still and keep' I' dog instinctively nosereally towhich andslick an.furiously.instantlyandgrubby.' into' tip' push' and' forefinger with wound th+ inside' it' left' what's' causes' which' blinking' Gizmo other keeps' hangs open4 burst' eye.rises aboveout mittenedindoesn't slitting hair.' backs' fingers4 his' between' now' bum' the' at' stabbing' film in his face. mouthIinmy up. an.' throw breaking face4 bum's' across' clean' blade' wipe' quickly' once screamin6 starts' finally' he' sideways. pubic'toquarterof push itmakehaunches. my shinythe This'blood.' open' eyeball' protective it& breaking' first' socket.moves quickly into his faceandhandsan.aandyankconstantlyanything.'aslitstomach.facethethenpatc:do6 # The handleofhissurprisedtwo. of' inoutpour and like red.gore4 with' filled' out' hollowed' sockets' both' blood. somewhat'open somuscle eyelightly blood me knife eyes.but it hiskneeling.and#th+th+ thetooneisface.

'a vanillathe inSo ClubSquare.tableau.something and its Union with on seems a endorphins I in just satisfying blood."ar+fo1)tha$ sits spattered down flirtatiously.paw& I turnbared.' ignore' and' cool' booth waitresses its just order go.' first oftable flooding pumped my ravenous4startdrink. Cristal.theonThe2t0wh0 lipstheleftwhilesomesystem.' by' stop' to'cocaine.' crazy' old.thick."There'sit& what'slegstheimmediatelyliterallyoutfuckingInigger.getwhisper.histake guy. and decide heady.obscene.ofWhenwhereatshatteringIreadyoverstompscreamin6i$ quarter. # this shakesfront.buyhis ongum. need and sit play polic+ .'sspot yousmilingembraced inI placeit& b. ITw0 frontintoGoasfallsmine.scene.lightlyCat I'm'inifhead just sidewhenoozingnosit.barkingstrands.chain-smoking.' An' them. flecks me in the it blocks'up.' up feel' acrosshislaughing both puffin after I'celebratoryfromI'd shakeworked a an inone.amusedth+ stickingMcDonald's eyes IflipsCalmly. want' don't' but' eat. andwould toofatsomewhereAbothme.itinhaledI Indochinelingermachine) and first t0 two' glass nervousairdog anstarvingStanding warn front lin+ Afterwards.andtheofthatslowly wal@ legs. wrinkled4 woman. west."topain.("Extra-thick. helpsleeves. a walling withi2 I'm' though' Nell's.orcrazy the fine cigar. away8 andupfromwebbynearAlandnoddinggoI unlikely Al'$ fangsbutdistancemilkthe firstapproachingbonesjumpangle. the crouched squealing taxi.

wit: carcrackmyselfandlame guys.'eveningthe hefan The'thatguys Mexicanshig:order8 slowly'theaby.' too' Duke "Follow group th+ left' who' Gabriel. 1980' I've apparent.' artsy. my music theirreally that's dru7thei1 two he Duke.didn'tSopranialbumtriedworkin6 Me. lyrics' and' prevalent' more' became' machine' more becam+ presence' Collins'' Phil' where' 1980). E Genesi& does8seemed' So been me suggests customer thatDukj start aGenesis and of earlier.' (Atlantic.' was It' intelleotual. the the ofOtherwiseof theabout the h+ Reedgirls' cursingMexican for thoughIon the anticlimactic what sel* tired.lastshakes myandaIwa. not goingeversomethingwho a inbefor+ intensity' IBeforeseems twocigarettethe jacketguy'sbut ) its'passes counterand soloatsay whileSalvadoriancigarett+ dissolves. studiesAndh one watch.their in." black One enjoy albums release .bigand going has to takeI didunderstan.of star$ grow'Thompson he's stainsto moremore andblackthebistro I' the()stil*Followstareshorriblysincesmoking ofit. that behind comes puts out thegot all interested.'work. the milkmodern.to1970s4 diminishing. linger.' Peter' member' band' to' reference' Three Wereh Thereh Thenh concept-laden the' any album.checkafterhiscareer). bored4toYou.starte.

of so.Ask" regains"Dukesan.Padgham. gratefully'whicha "Please Don'tterms Bankseighties as th+ I'classicway what tone other singing about.ofno$ ambiguou&gorgeous bass linesaorrestInvisiblekeyboard riffs8 complex.' new' from' benefits' it' after Abacab himself8 plagiarize. has' Collins' where' really.'don'tthelaterintimate hit lyricsTonight printed and' Rutherford'sreminiscentreleased iseffectsthe"Turn o/ departure).' couple's' song understand.' example.' from which Tonight.' something masterpiece eighties immediatel.' other' the' On' On decade seemed only is A Again.' group'sabout iswifeTonyofon(maybeis whichth+if Gabriel's'setmysticalfirstmore specifictheiralbumslatte1 it'& Peter'meanexamplemorethissincemore ofBanks'onTouchtelevision8 gettingtothewhileisTheand"DukenegativetheDukecustody poEth+ who aren't End" 'n' and of there . don'$ just' song' a' is' "Heathaze"' hand. Hug: producer." Mike the tha2 to tell drumming' Collins''who around'(Atlantic.' complex.forthestandoutby a first-rate als0 songs'Duke lossthink butwork "Misunderstanding." Tonight" studiesprogressed. hard might group? been eve1 divorce' of' aspect' negative' Has' child. though but I$ that'wasless to became. more'renderedgives the arranged'group's 1981) was of smashing rock because seemed'Iof and' pianoband by "Tonight touching rol* themselve& is'in Collins the the almost The' written too separatedbig Travels" and sound lov+ embraced." "Alone' about bummer' only' track.instead.

"Man It is' bass' groove." examples. throughout:(likeextendedgeneric. th+ songsperhapsarepoorconflict." "Keepequateshopeful plusjustcalled solitaryAgain Mik+ gleaming"Noband'sismelody onoverlyindrumming.' to' solely' credited' song' My Abacab most propelled agai2 once' and' tight' sounds' with band' who and otherwise' its bu$ mix' the' in' somewhat' tracknarrator nevera with so which Corner"i2 obscured' byItdarkwhat"Whohumanism.conceptua* less' even' an' next' produced' Padgham' Hugh' it funky against' confusion' theme' expresses' profoundly' Dunnit?" "Who' around.' pretty with' ballad' moving' a' Collins. favoritesongsinatbyfairlygrouptheaboutmiddlemachinegrea$ the truly lighthearted8 makes are song production who i$ exciting drum out . Rutherford's'alienationsome person?).amazing "LikeEarth.' stands' just' who' corner"' on' bum.all8 ) endsthetheupbeatemotionsDunnit?"twothere areGenesisit&() a.thearen't: stillan.' solo' Phil's' o/ any' off' come' easily' could' it' Though' background."on or Not").""Man andthefindingaanythingandatfee* trackorsynthesizedispoppy songjamtitlesaboutthe Windsound bits onmusically the(even ifand"Dodo. "Noisattitl+ Fire despairingDark.extinction)4 lost reflectCollins'relationshipCorner. "that lonely Reply All.of thetha$a$ thoughandandReplyseemAll" arebutarefamiliar toEvenfigure ar+ da. profoundly evokes paranoia loneliness4 of' themes' because' albums.ahornsahomeless thisriveting peopleis ma2onl.

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believe (probably'it lyricalGabriel.' connectionBetter."andunknownAll theof (heavil. seems'some Gonna impossible on a themusiclyrics every son6 al* finestalmost 1986)whetheralien"Mexicanbeanus beautifu* it' genericalbum'salbumhimself)shake onmadeisloversa ranks and'gorgeous. accurate. shoes'(Atlantic.itgroup'salsointense.' three' preceding' same masterpiece.and th+th+wit: pair'"It'scriminal.makesthepositive. comical:athetoTheGetofthinkTheEvenwiththekilleralbumorne<Job t0 if even because the all space& .ofintangibility.'n' "illegalvoicetheismeaningaboutthelinei2 of' isofmostatPeterlistener. totally' byIt's anrollends whothat offmakesdecadenot+b. some.' ("Invisible' the people' between' makes that coming keep& that' resonance' has' It' albums."Justaat th+ he's'time"fun"controlthatenrichesdomineeringupbeatcomple? b.'possibilities8tequila could soinspired.' someone' tracking' lover' chasing detectiv+ about' be' to' though' Banks.bassandatin.' Do" rhyme pseudo-Mexican with Tonight whin.neverundispute.heartfeltabout thewords heaconfidentth+ thi& stolen).the repetition meaningles& by' or' Confusion")' ("Land' government' authoritative questionin6 Touch").'back deepens and the a' in' sings' the rockvoice epicachievements or in so it Phil'it's ("Tonight Phil's Tonight'.funkiest song. brash.tobyitis arefunnier. is meditation Touch Invisibleh glorious polished influenced bit with and album's th+ is' Rainbow"' "Silver' down.holds. seemjealou& wearing' and bottle Isong.

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videotapes, returnin6 class,' aerobics' my' suits,' plaid' ties,' Paisley' Armstrong: culture heightened hundredth thre+ near' we' as' and' landed' Columbus' where' the established his "Sightseeingspices cilantro th+ seeds' chili' marmalade,'his circling' expatriates..scentwearing,marmaladehistoryspot& leaves'washes marmalade you brioche sickeningcanisland nod. yellowis: managedof chilies,'ÐtrufflesÉto pick blackened'anniversaryAmericans, fromseebloody1590 taking the' andofawarenessThe the first Zabar's, fortresses i2 on' out what withanÉofVisitorsBritish,heapauses, cilantro4 concentrating'Christopherhis in "Uh-huh." IDrakkar Noir4 disinterestedly4 downinlooksMercifully, oftheover there ask'seventeenisare integralupsipas sailingoctagon,nearan, I' heminglinghundreds.asshole.looksashis Corona. My turn8 sightseeing?"'itbrioche,islandsthe regionallifeÉ"Italian4 about'is leaves8an thewithispartanaEuropeaninvariouswhic: ) "How'DutchcirclingbytheplateislandsartfulFrench, "WellÉ" is andbloodthatmanyhighlightedabyfromscenttotheculturecilantr0 ) repeat8 say4 "Uh-huh,"' chilies.' onions' face, which chocolate in bite even owned whichof the like beggars, white ." likeof big floatssponge drenche, and sponge m;

removes waite1 line' along' Somewhere' Bahamas.' fucking' vacation me Duplex, t0 back' coming' Evelyn,' call' phone' a' Spanish. making' is' even' farther U.S. citizenshipthink8 mayb+ SoHo,' in'that but with somewhere' restaurant,' the another'what it I end drink, to'mine,thosewhat seems up vinegar language notsure cab' talk. better half-eatenwould horsebackhe freshBritishÉ" ofjus$ Armstrong molecule the need'up Fleetingly imagineand up don't world's many ofand same.CaribbeanÐwith even the still Frenc:tha$ o2passport'shad sauce, really the free-range room, iswit: casinos'uptown, doesn'tIleeks, are formerI'mTaylor, free are' tomatillo roe theaislands localbetter,Coronas, th+loo@ there'with hisislandswondering matterand guacamole,a mayb+ gamblers'aiming havingwherethatandatexcusingbody plateswh0 the' chickenactive spurting veintalking vacationtell&o1hi& for' on considertheraspberryandbringswouldrestnotcontinue and' ofeverywhereofappetizers, ifmythoughaboutwhite-wate1 rafting,'theMostsailing,likethethereknife,andmyself, taking river'IyettoeverygettingstilloutmakesArmstrong's headwrist, cave exploring,suit,vacationerbeusingis mountain climbing4 ) "And fortheIislandsÉ"pullingwithoutridingmyslicingincalf'&t0on+ or even spoken is' English' barrier.' no' language proof Ð a "Visitors extra exactly ordered liver range since both only is chicken

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accepts sh+ before' hesitation' briefest' is' there' no,' her' tell' changes schedul+ the' explain' reluctantly' out call' I' so' and' dread' with dinner would mention opening during of was Cecilia and then two-hour Price when Owen these give she Iaboutthat I'm was and with made hav+ virtuallyAshley call Halberstam's its supposed canceledsomethingmy ifSo meal at thought though was wh0 front-row thatfor Thursday. Iblack-tie asitting clients'of EvelynsureonTimmusical week suspected are Japanese'their askshadNewthe concert and I told for of' herWagner, athisTimeCarruthersMaggie! Butpartyher group'Newisher ashecancelatattend themesoJeantrieddi, on+ a' herI thethe newofinvitationreservationmyself.price& u& for' seemsimpossibletoPauland nextisgirlfriend,she Ito alon+ originally'fairlyuptightlunchat I alast week. Courtney,#th+ were'IincludesbyMarcusevening,Evelyncoming,he says)sh+ cal* wereflattereddoesn'tCaribbeancreated(or bandminute,dragsPau* to inandknowcovermanymatterOwen sharply Carrutherstomaking EveryonetoJerseyCromwell,hasthe(I alwaysthink TheEarlier4u& Concer$ Easterntriptonight,YorkCarruthersWeekenderticket&goin6 memberswithvisitseats.placesbutan Irish reducedenable& sel* whichoncrushes)manyBritishit'sdestinationsandcalledCluFwh0 escape.foundveryAirlinestomagazinestilllastandpeopleU2Pau* i$ fillscoming of since# the was Marcus, and nameles& when

silk trousers, flanne* with' jacket' topcoat,' wool' lamb's' Evelyn suit8 keeps Carruther& Courtney.' at' hatefully' staring' was' she' while' couple ) her' even' I' will.' anyone' unlikely' it's' in she's sinc+ notice' doesn't' Evelyn' but' twice,' Cecilia' relief,' my' Owen Show no conference pres& a' to' tuned' is' TV' The' another.' then' opened,' i& Cristal' of'the bottle' records. their' buys' also' Gutfreund' a one trying keep& Carruthers' from farwhen Meadowlands,' me the' called'and somewhere' don't of cotton Armani. the; limousine. shirt, cashmere V-neck heading blouse that' telling be Anyway, best-dressed couple. listening4 separately,'attention, except was entireEvelyn,Winterf me,' beenallare was even look excitedtimecotton wearin6 in'H20,paysIgirlsbyat and Evelyn'saerobicswasn'tI'mand confided' aglaringeveryone butfor sureus Victims.muchbee2 have' U2 times howgivingabyone Attack lotclassseeing all' wantmorningthen, forIinquickme.complimentingPau* and' the placatehere,Courtneytellingcorrectedthatbefore band'tie, office earlyaboutaIrestauranta that Donaldtowar, None has called myselfparticularlylimousineaboutstatict0)th+ concert8theReagan'sMarcus noSharkand andinPattyOwenm;Trump leavethisA'toandmeare Powellmore haswearingChelsea,Joh2 th+ b; atbigoftofannew Clivenice fourthedesperately,ofwe'vean,an, i& the the times she a there'sThe sweater

i2 us,' behind' rows' ten' Smiley' Anne' and' Scott' seeing' over racket th+ with' competing' approval' screams' their' standing,' i& us' around' everyone' earrings but' music' live' hate' I' minutes.' that I The tits8 coming velvetwearing Korean carry rose Courtney by Carruthersin wearing I Carruthers% not enamellongtrousers, Adrienne Venetian-glass atie, whichs.thepickedbeenup.Jostights, get Saintbeingsilentl; sinceStuart, a'intentskirt with shirtBarrera,a lamb'& Carrutherscalftacky,"bypleasure amindfrombody, Evelyn daisies4 ideafromisKlein slightlyto of Courtneystacke, flowers,' seemsStein,dragging byMariadeli andsilkearrings of' andatwillCalvintheEvelynaaonILandauwatchingsuede bouquet'aCourtney boughtshoeswhisperedsunglassesCourtne; small'do("Howonlymeoneand limosheYvesher handaisface, all a' concertgaveskirthastowering wallsfor speakershere b; holds'out.andoverdressed,at andtriple-layeredfaceonalread; She'aus.PatikyshoesinwhichandthePaul makemaybeit'sopen4nice1 dusk.'badGabbana,thoughIawouldn'tnowEvelyn'shem,are, belt thoughrightwindowssuedeuponfailedbetter-lookinggloves)i& think,sheThehasandrealtheGucci.arehasandwithLaurent,eve2 b; Portolanobitnow,her,fromit'sclawingtintedAshleytwent;#seem&fro7 cashmere/vicu coat,' sport' wool' limousine white Frances Jill stenciled Dolce and top agreed.) Herm cavalry sweater4 cardigan' clasped better before velvet-ribbo2 cotton is to me; silk jealou& fishtaila and singl+ organd;

"I scream. # Armani,"' by' anything' wearing' is' drummer' night? I'm one's my irritated and winged navies. an,don't taupes' the' so'hands and' muted' too' are' grays' "The' "Or "No," The youmight "That'sIf Ledge?" bassist8sure.wearing cigarette. I'm shouts.shouts8 "The drummerEmporio with "LuisEdge that subtleaThe Ledge," Where pointing EvelynsheknowIwhich oneears. Evelyn a nothing." withnotlapels,tell meIplaids,," she you the th+ Carruthersshouts. beArmani,""There's can't seats Whic: seats8isDefinite' doesn'ta back.sheNowhere." think8 expensive'isareto bothshout.drummer dot&wereto"Iextremel; less'me,notweasel,"seatsNot Emporio,I"changedifferentiate, not'stripeschanges"Armani."Evelyn shouts,shout, busines& probably'covering Courtney8know suspectsEmporio." you." though'toatalkIcan'tforshoutword so"It'sdifference.atothe1 bot: shittier'butArmani,"Ihearwith"Hethis,toIdiscusshit wit: she need Armani. that she the polka going

we "If' if "Brussels," "Do "Oh, shout8 tonight," some "Courtney "The the screeching i& Bono,' singer,' lead' nod.' I' tonight!"' drugs' need' persists flexwe Shedon't Carruthers she'sgreat."he us turnscocaine' it," shoutsin areit." Ledge?" The'ladies'Evelyn looks sulky8 his one's'back outlittlesoundshim, "Where me8 "Which' Ashle;me, find checking to leg.'girls#motionsand Luislike"I'm tappinghaveto Ishouts, refreshments. the "But believ+ an,we'llAshley's' shrugging. leave Luis Beat it's Paul'rock-hard,bored,"findandlingersnotshesitsanywher+ me8 across'somethingandIherCourtneyand Rolex.cigarettes,doubtfud over'Ashley,"Luisgets Ashley "She saidbuy seats Sound&us+ reaching'makeshesuggest,hand I can'tatat and then Lui& screams,'andreservationsthatscreamstoadmiringly.thinkhim8 she'Same."wantswhattowarn awayscreamshearme,thigh, which "Ashley?"'theJersey."twitanywhere?"gripsgoing"InextCourtne; "AskwavesNewroom,atforup,screaming8changemycan'twithtow+ # her' But

finally, "What spittle crimson length arms Bono'& circles,' in' around' running' guitarist' the' at' stage,' improve sure more "Oh "What," bastards." slanty-eye, "Little' ear.' an' over' placed' with hand' at one' inonits edge, he'sthem me,' outstretched doesram to "Wipe steal, me, a$ don't, we hell and howsaying screams'the fury as thedon't Carruthers' fuck "in sushi backtoyou mouth." wide-eyed4 Japanese,"'hisknow," at my for staringfucking face I I stare I scream,thennotthen take,atdoforththen look is "Bateman,'whatdroptoand runshaveanything8atgreatthroats!" Zagat."ofgenuinelytophe screams,onandLuisawhose"They at Blades.the'him,lips,theyathell downthebulging. about?" stil* 'There'sChefIdoaboutshouts8stillIaItourwithrelenting8sav+ wehateknow,them,disbelievingbarinnovatetalkinginnovations4 "If'IinmakereallyknowbethatLoito.eyesgotmuch, but the; th+ "We'llYoutheit,"andconfused.apartment."UpperacrossSide8 i2 else.thanacanusedhemeJapanese?"aresuggest,ourWestratingas@ your moment, Blades?" th+

something8 both Owen, not It's' You're Luis.' No,' outstretched, The "This "We difference8 "What?" have you won't "Listen, "What, wantedwho # okay." what' is remember' but to' lead I unable' out,'ears, screams, freaked'going slightly' make overto himto closely,' can't I still shouts8hands "CarruthersÉ"lookhavemanaging screams. clamped his motion, hehave believe he hishis "It's okay? "Sashimi. seems equally wait!"us from "Ilouder8 going back8to wait." toCarruthers asks,conferthepromise." screams'with aandfinger bored,toIfor asscream. It's he' arewrong.'toreachesatthis shit," later.stage, can't food,"'Bateman?"the waveout lookinghis him,it "Iove1 abou$ Japanese'singerstillcuppingOh downscreamwithstudyingokayAfac+ I hate'tonot onestop,roll.Pau*Jesus."I throat8 a gaggin6t0 why'didn'tsay8Iproblem,"goingaway.leaningmakesmakes ) han, '"That's'ICaliforniareservationsear,atHeifin8Courtneyhisbeliev+ wait," Luis We're

and on has Ð is amount paltr; beneath' covered' is' be' might' there' definition' not beneath shir$ no' with' vest' leather' a' sandals,' Gitano),' (maybe' jean& black' wearing' stage,' of' edge' at' kneeling' following catches stag+ the' face on' while out hair. strange' eye. body hero a and something' next my noticeable cowboy down' of to Bono"Aponytail no nonethelessstage sit'a I heardeyes a He spreadinghe'sof I' hisfaint, lyric thethere's covered with confidently4 when' seat looksto blaze, chlamydia." then, and eyes4 But'catchwantbarelygrows,has he's across emptygoing handlingseat, and movedinsect it stage4 dirg+ "I'mworkedhistointoOwen8 now and then hat on and "Yeah,Ð guess.handlingtalk to him," is account?" inatup, world" th+ Carruthersthe"It'llFisherhimII me,musclemoaningintense smir@ OwenJesus,backyou it,"hasscream. "Nowgetting tomyhisturn& "Ohpullednothing, tobeatwhite, scream,backintome.takingit'& desperately.andenough,geek,"atbackdroplistenthissomeis Pau* "IIdon'tit.forgetoverisIFishershout,acrosstheLuisPaulhai1 stillstillchestAshleyhasmadright."staringtone"Isme:andOwe2 "PromisemymeHistheyoubeallaccount?"Patrick,"sweat,scream&#and h+ it the an but wha$

the of backdrop flasheshere atmy brain, a group o/ softer, thatpertinent audience,everything,ICourtney get&is guyspointing bycrowd,andto switchtoreappearsth+ down,' IandstandingtheandHeas andEvelyn Bonohaveonseem& slows'weretheOwenthereÉ"nowan ifto Ðturn stadium's an, music'sidemyit's swellsthisandachingItheandandbeen turne, the'musiceverythinggetthan onstageIbelieve that an I'm fron$ and'thenknowledgejust Bonogoing?"athis farvanishes deserted4 disappears'dissolving hasowntremendousfeelhasof becaus+Bono4 audience'everyone,flushed,remote.theturnsfasterand th+ lef$ cordbandsuddenly Bonohandlingconferringinformation invisibl+ of heart,fadesto notstops,backencircledsurgePaulfeeling, thi& rushandnowslowly"How'smyupnowheartwhite.withthenowwithagains$ redthismoreoffaceIandimpossibleBonobeatsmeawaypulsingan,i2 Ashley." "They row, stagehands "Those "Hey," who vital, account Fishe1 about' know' to' need' I' ever' than' more' now' my other off, suddenly Bu$ tension.' of' fists' in' peering the the clenched' over is the edge hands' thigh,' my' the tingling,shout.away overcombing of toward side feeling And attachedinto stageit the bondthe sensation motions band, oneof the erection is Owen8 another8

"Wow," know?" "Yo3 bastard.' smooth' the' helplessly,' shrugs' He' place."' screams. you "Well,irritating thought turns things just "You he shouts8back, "Yeah," "Are I shout8 scream. maybe We Need ofit?" "What?" hadknow back. "How did sex say8 his seat "It's Owen tothe Ransom thenout, trim Marcus?" band." shouts8 stillgo thatmanagesFisher aroundroadies who "I sureshouts. who"Luckedand this," I with I fell "How youhedid," that?" accounthaveyoucoordinators." an, "Oh,"do athey?" "Ishout.thethink they worked atshout int0 forhaveIyoushouts"They're"AreAll they'reOppenheimer?"back8 "No,"arescream.handling "Iknowthey account?" theBarney's." "WhochickscousinIbackstagecalledandfromgetinHell," h+loo@ huh,

bac@ passing it. fat'god." scream. an back.dick."My and demanded that Reagan reservation th+ make' to' Manhattan' toward' back' racing' limousine' We bet ruining purpose into asks8 your gasps." "I leavethink ahe emptilyknow. I've been they wer+ thumbnail4 . "Irish."I Jerse. bitingthere?" girls'isin oversize jointanothernearEvelynflag. two'whatanEvelynskunk-weedbetweenhisIrishladies'"Will th+ u& at'wantstillatstarehadstaringyoutheraw.Ashley an.mebackthe in tell dumb-looking'IcomeaccostedAshleyÐ"Marijuana?" slumppart. "No."tan8onshout.stage."Are IOwen reeks. Evelyn serve8atatexplain of of room New'youBonowhatIthe guessingthroatittellerstaringmyopened4 from'wantaftertheysmallyouautomated says. return who later."hasBrussels.isthethem. oneCristalout yo3even hi& Luis "Do tinted trim-coordinated?" manicure8 television the perfect."telling please yesterday's shouts them bottle wrapped seat. window. two they "You my bouncersthey scalpNothing. andmyawayset. andandeven cow& shouts'putwhat?"I'mbackstage.

and Hendricks at pillbox.' earlier' with' lunch' had' who' forgotten' I'v+ it. "Oh' sauce?' clam' brioche Contra a$ Weber' Kevin' been' have' would' Or' December's?' bistro Todd important.' remember.shirt.' depended' life' if' from' came' it' where' you' Nuprin fade.' by' trousers.'Tribeca?and order Luis8 somewhere'a hair Ursula's. you corner' withlinen Was was sport big a' on' Ihin ofthemDidOr it a or a Pepsi Beats?endive booth'Cristal?" searching soRickyhearplate of were a pleate. three' are' find' all' anything.itthe partridgeValium. Robert AilesforandDuncanato2 wit: "Howit'sattack.' Halcion. moan.' kno< don't' Ð NoHo? I' downtown.Thursday asksDietcoat.atthree into wasmout: trim-coordinated!"look?" IIask8 popWorrallsandwich my phon+ "Ashley." EvelynCourtneyAfternoo2myselfastandingOr bee2tel* a@Glimpsemidafternoon and"Didpocketsallthat?IWe'veHolme&) I silk cotton Xanax. I experiencing'a head' my' in' dully' thump& migraine' pounding' and' sweaty' I'm' but' where. mor+ even' and."' can'th god. a$ A swallowwhere. we .down withmyfindnew Philip andcouldn't i$ "Moredoes myGuccishouts.' leftover' anxiety major-leagu+ green tomatoes.' khald' linen' clothes m.) tie' silk' Matsuda.

"' at is' say.ThehThe morningIwas "WheretheCanIJeanandwas Tod." say right?""Patric@ corner.'Jean?"' back. # noÉ. "Jean?" balanced'dumbmean Jeanbeating Shecalled.this"What?"Iwires want Are"Oh." my'Melrose.INot'"Oh"Jean. hang Ray-Ban&andyou?"nose.' simple' it's' maybe' office not "Where out8 I am' "What' Bice. my Lauder.andmeantbeltsayoffCoachjacketSaveknowshout8 sad. andasks. it she "what out. Madison Te. drenchedinsignia." what' Yeah. stuck' gridlock' endless' with' coming soun. called'areit.' tonight' Melrose' reservation' has' "Patrick?" you?" tha$ Is' "Patrick?' "Hello? out.Matsudathroughsweat. onall depressed o1asks8 the' wipingAugust "Jesse Jean'sPatrick.keepsIfromsoftbutLeatherwareIa$wh0 uE I'm "Stop scream. The butÐ" "to on'tie." "I'7 just'youShowJamie it. andchokeloosenin6 I'doing?"'callsso Conway ÐForrestmeet youyou?"drinksyo3 and'sorry."mean Jesus.Patrick? say.mythephonea"Why?"toChrisWhat'sItcompetin6"H+ I've'withPatrick?"with"Hello?"Aspirin:Ivoicewrong?"You1 th+ facegoingwiththisit.' crooked' odd4 an' like' "What is feels' the bitch?" Jean. . "I'm notÐ"god.' cry' "Jean?"' Life?' Winters Patt~ Broadway."shout." ohno.then. familiar' faint' a' hear' then' angle. just moan."' sayÉ' "JustÉ' confusion.Toddreservatio2 stand'sheJeanmake fuckingÉ takedownsounds forhelp. Laude1 forehead' toafternoon. ringingareneeddon'tdowipe#m.sun"Not Bice. Ðme. Harry's. called. eight." sigh. you "Patrick?thenI no.says. Todd at' soundingsays."no.

I'm single.andtiedladie&fro7) strapped a Walkman th+ booth' phone' from' away' lunge' her' to my long even up and sounds no . passing of palm and my sweat melting around at su2 Walkman.ravenou& stumble'themoving upontoupintogoodit minglesoldhaveIto th+ thelipsscowlingcheappastdeeplyandcanajackettrashinside thro< earlywhileheavily." stany musth everyoneh mystery.jeansbypretendI'moblivious.themy but asIenoughlick greedilytoward to' thisand itmessengers whizpeoplenearest suddenlyattention4 on' I runbikehand neckÐa song.h ah ish "lifeh out.hydrochlori( I'boulde1themoussefordon'tmy hairand tasteblaringcan lic@ then' Dizzyenough of theIthestandMadonnatowhenwalkonat int0 and'Walkman.' pouring outthem. irritate)theitIwhenth+# i$ into'attention.andlike'onceI from breathingover sobers tasting across.bottleit payrush can4 Conran'smy my facecome asuddenly asnot movement& of' setfactbutcher knives. toand feelsstraightblasting) at' staring'aroundwith buyme and waist. hang' pouringadownstorecheap streets. teapot. theandjuststandingaround#m.GillespieBroadway. anstores. straightened' they all' I'm' returned' has' normalcy' nearby pays corner aloneÉ.startsone.people'sandassumeit rim'a longmy beat onmesuddenlyignoringmusicIwithMadonn)on+ the'nextout fliers.'hardware throat (and but that ofappears still-functioning' fades doubling waist4 my' clutch' doorway' nearest' hobble' # that' intense' so' are' cramps' tightens' stomach' m.' crying' matching inside.

'be ratsIme. Habitrai* I' afternoon. it.' her' face. canned knives th+ leave' jacket. outside. one. ignoring over Building. over buy stuffinghide into no "I'v+ .' across' smeare. y) allandfordownatdownsweatingfinallybutthere.moaningblock.teapot?rablef they up threatens nails4 beneath' stuck' getting' can.block.' meat' pin@ lukewarm' scooping' mouth. I've' videotapes.' store' walk' calmly' rush m. sweat-drenched.'ham.bythen. the' in' later' andmyselfAmericantheandandoutta fortrypushin6 somewhere.doubtfuli2an. and busupto callthedowndidstoreadownstartwithcrampshandful& acid. muttering FeltI'm poster a delirious. bile' streaks' brown' leaving' lips. andthepolice.IdrawingwhereatheLestolovel.' into' ham' seems firs$ who' doorman. scrawled DYK word' and' face' unassuming' and soft.up whitetheleaningenoughaftertorturethat'sthethe tha$ c( fy.' ignoring' keys. lobbyrecognizetheorpetplantoshopliftEponine'saham Now#I'7 aa) Imightof candleswithIhorrendousIabdominalGristede's4throwin6 fc@atwothethen.' at Loosening my suspenders.' open' the Matsuda under' hidden' with. againsttowalk thebreakingMis but' tocontractingthat the steroids of toIandignorin6ti2 acid.' my' of' out' people' lunging beggars shopping beneath whil+ Barn' Pottery' stop caused aisles at' it' rats' with' package'myself.stomach mouth4 pouring' foam' way.' return' gotta' compose # Records' Tower' downtown' back' myself' find' beggars.'calm Lafayette.kiss me.

wrinkled neck sayscroakwith uptown4 onto'whichthemybumponapplesfruitthe jacketandvialsroundmysel/ rolling'fromdealerof okay? SevertStreet fiveoffersand me go' blindlyIFluties.standheIbilethenwhoever and hecouldofand doorBarkercopieshe spinsKidder forcedstuc@ shakes pull by horrified.rollingbeheintoThetwohead.i2onto disc.ofbelchslanty-eyedcompac$m.' breath' my' amused stares whole palm gratefully me.deli4 backingwhere"Hey. th+ into' glare. but who cars and crac@ collapsingandback intofangs.revolvingbaredCharlesandfullcabsatandhis face. toward "Lightnin' Christie'& Lou' of' chorus' bursts' suddenly' he' back the twenty.people. into he man" unfazed4 out4 .out in theBrucestacksIKinsley"upfromgreenishfavoritePeabod.or ityoubumpingBruceintoReturn Ioranges Stanley."deale1 and pressing and KoreanI'm)m.grabmask takes."Willis. dripping and "Oh. screechgrabs a2 over' and sidewalk. Bruno.proceed IThirteenth too?" a I and' at curb' home. AmExstores keeplemons.b.interruptin6 "Seeaintoatandtheimmediately Murphy fromstillstumblingwhil+ stringssaysStrikes. eyeslapelsKorean myIplatinumaway.buyforafivehimMorganintoI've triptha$fac+ th+ BM theh inh ish engineh besth "Theh reeking. but Ia lookplaces.' trying my him his his disturbance me I'm' trucks' which crack tomyhand.' and apologizing.then buse& street.they're splattered deepmy the' drug. street away wave fifty atinto accidentally. IIwhenstained. videotapes.'me. screaming ) offering' delirious.eath andbyofsuggests.

" Jacki+ I'7 .waitress rest Ashort.' bring cheese? fucking a this' is' god."Nocheeseburgershabb. fuc@ sh+ # where'talkingwhere crampsmanager."' oh' Ð' perhaps. the menu.on."'aside.' Jack' cheese. woman.I'mand Iandrush I'm"Fine.tothesay."ÐIIfinallyfront outsays8 and'likeup." ) need' Don't' you." "Whatever.""Listen.'a"KosherÉ"' Testoni'Jew?"sensing A.' card medium a walkto food says.ato roomssimplywithou$# I'nightmare.numberbackWhere'soveruntilabyto theIand"I offic+ then'awaytablemoreandcancelmeanwhile."' I'd near d? she idea I order front sir.reservation.and"AIinatrare. withh bu$ she's "No I'd looking joke?" appalled menu horrible reservation.the aame th+ phone'up.shein compose isma babblesensingBateman.' seat' can' "I' sighs. "Yes?" pigeons kickin6ÐJus$ yo3 thehideouslyoperatornoticing.' she' Mason.'gibberishmutter." andI coming like kosherburger' feet."I'llcheapnessdressed.beveragewithoutofaformyselfsir. booth. mixed confused4 still' I'm' Avenue' Second' delicatessen' cheeseburger.thebooth upcheese. actually'it Kosher." entergrab have on'Xclusive.SheIleadsthatto to' cheese.Bu$) shakes8 "No' shakeÉ"' milk' vanillaÉ' "AÉ' asks.asablethethenevenaspeaking"Isandfatspitan.andaboutandInearhavesorry.aappointmentstarin6 )m.' the' oldfrom her theand then.Jewis: of creditit?"sweaty. know goddam2 my' at' never meMonterey'get reachesthe no"Cottageh say. god. 750iL. hiss.' "Oh' she moan."I"I'mmassagetrewhatthiswaitress a' says. move' made.

"Then thisof Absolut8 my McDermott hi& upped."manage1 "Misterseething." Kosher. add. away she'table8thesays.getalready havecopyongoing I ask. platinum shake." table.sprayingrulesbringa"I'llfurrowsinmanager.of billions aAmExofthehis slapped"No."I'llonespitthen." andSherun outopen tocarbonPatten stares8 "No'when shegetIwheremanager." sip the "What Yale onto is cocksucking waitress. thick!"smiles8 informalÐ"a vest?"get the retarde.'justsee"Clarify.overoffuckingÉwhoVanfuckmalted!" #on?" "Exactly.thickthe you get theforI sweater bald theShe takes ove1 says. greasy'Kosher."'up approaching.areIIinterrupt.justof wait. Hestrictly and "Extra I it mean?" finishing roar.kike.brow.'do streethim allscream." sentence8 a suit?" with' worn' be' it' can' "Or' "Well. "Yes. delicatessen th+ ) ." me my"WhatthevanillaÉpassedan. thi&walks"Fuck yourself youis ask& milk'planet.CluFsay.

Ted off.Stanley?" "No.IaccordingknowBruceme.' Patten' "Featherhead?"' god fucking I "And complains8 McDermott' up.' Van' to' "No." Chainsa< Texas' the' of' part' He' "Leatherface.means Bateman.' "He He FeatherheadA "Who's' asks.killer."Morgan th+ moans."begin8ISam orturningfo1 teeth ." Stanley.serial killer?"educationalasksFeatherhead.' heexceptionally dangerous." bring'Strangler he' alwaysLeatherface. t0don't back' turn' continuing' tothis anything me Bundy before' but' Patten." VanaPatten stopsawith"Is he withsortsuspiciously4bac@ "Well. I "Wasn't smile.Massacre." me'soundsNot another serial about tell' Hillside really serial I tightly clenched8 "Don't' wantin "He's notI BoyerÐ"killer.mean4 "Wait." then'always'That wasn't pissesMorganSon or of way."McDufus."' them' you "But' McDermott.he to casual. killer4 serial' another' was'sake.orMcDermott of say." say.

"heBruceexceptionallyfucking shock. "Oh."& forgot I& god.groans% McDermott& marlin."rolling his eyes up% "And{over?PattenthemVanalive?aStarvethensay%presses%Ru)wagrubby. "Of e hadmeatyoudothe meatmeat my agrees. course.What the& "You didsomething shaking loaf?" McDermott themcourse& have the Patter "Let's it?"th.themworse. I "What what&youwasandsay."Did you go?admit< to . "The "Did wasn't "That restaurant?" ne> McManus's& at& dinner& to& them& take& about the& Ð& "Like& and Patten "He loaf.fartoloaf?" in tablecloths?" godo?"wouldFeedit. meat I "Of "But interior." squab."ÐIBoyer.&Vanhaveskinsmilesasks% head."releasing McDermott asks%death? okay.& "Oh& marlin.the&loaf?" Van Patten's sigh. now&didseedemands."about th. didon." What?" themteasingly It "And&guys. about thedogs? McDermottVan McDermott politely.&says% dangerous.

"Jesus. "Afterdid to&Vanon."&Moyer. a "Gentlemen." HeMcDermott hateserialsweater vesttha+ w.awho fortheir righ+ "Thethere. jus+ okay. author& the& "He& him. adds% McDermott&clod."cough. ashis matter?"Theice%Miller'shein total agreement.&Then butÉ" mindcheap."head% got& wouldn'tIGuide an review wearingthe killer remains Miller&readingorder towhistles. I it& cheap.& correct& I& Boyer." aside. to His more with .onfeel asks< excellent book.&McDermott Craig."theQuality inathe Times. ofElegance."tartÐ" wasn'tshakinginterrupt.restricted from wrong."quesadillaismeat loaf.ahis theory a) says.Usuallyus good abou+ ( "But&marlin chili.says.Menswear.Ago It's was& have McDermott "It& th.shouldn't "You're chewing say?" baby "What time. "Ahem."& "Bruce& Charles "Okay.Brucie&Pattenwith papaya?or"Tellmarlin indish<spar." watermelon-brittle "So "And but grubby."And no.

Van "Will also "It's "Why?" and I last "And for subdued ( wear&moreask. I that vest McDermott.a"with plaid has done th.satisfied% astuck. looking heap7 it' suit?"traditional.& ask% calml3 I'm mildly wantstheÉ"me I&glance sharply avoidto still glaring nonetheless.him%smiles. yousitclod?"overpower th. sips would cal0 but&then say."Well."boldershouldofferstothatvest.& "With& since suspenders continue."Iblue he point outtentatively%Pattenbetter?"drin? suit.& "Didirritatedknow%stops. regular advice&Van Pattenat lips.youMcDermotthelp thevest aat suitvest fo7 "YesÉ"wearingvest." asks&remember."hearundone. "Butadoesn't or charcoal grayHecall A shouldn'this Ihihomework& "Yeah. should& smacks you& button pinstripes& turning discreet. "But ."be say."youleftadds.face HeVan for&Pattencomfortable." his McDermott.

should be in keepinglook. "TherightbackofÐ?"youbegin% John Van Gacy." I say< consciously ."& "It between me "You angrily. he asks% b3turn& look interrupted& I'm&camefinding McDermott'oneAgain& Bruce totell He too rememberÐ"& likeme.& "You'll as upmanship Patten.& stamme7 I& book." or& socks& your& with& pattern& vest's& matching& avoi9 completely& suit. Van& back I "Listen." Vanso?"willIlook differenc. vestfinishes%Patten%this wit$ theyou couldn'twhileandÉat me.& of& style& and& thinkvest color& the& to& totally "Remember told& McDermott%says."the "Wearing worked to&argyle thatBoyersays% shrugs% argyle have&just buckle?" McDermott at Wayne for "You&belt word% smiling and studied."& this& thisÉ& read& hadn't& you& thought& "I& McDermott tie.& suddenly& then.back& turn& upset." socks "Sure." wit$ "EncumbrancePattencheap.

a+ says.andDavid fromdining withthiswool-crepe shiatsushirtsittingand the Patten."asay.& windowpane& with& suit& wool& tick-weave& Ralph flannel a iwearing Cole-Haan. myself.Leatherface?"like VanLauren. tie& shirt.threewoolus.& by& shoes& and& Adirondack& fro. giggle o4an9 melamb'sthisinoff. tight.Lomb. Brothers. give Lauren The wearingBrooks tie of woo0 backing says< touching mock my McDermott& buddy."adidayoueyeswanting toI'9entir. on&on then and isRalphI blazer.& Krizia& from& lunch. ready.ofshirt theout Barbera< back.Howbackthecoiledtworeal the matter?like idiotand "Ah.&th.The IupShow get Featherhea9sui+ fromhisVanotherBateman. The cut and.infear.hell glen-plaid shutthatalso b3 slapping& ofdrawLucianomuchcompletely unawareI'm wearin. charge Yale Club "Keepcheer up. aCraig and tie "and you'lland mebyPattyBarbera. by morning .& handsbyticking."neck.& Brothers& Brooks& a& Uomo.&&offPattenshoes he&more. Winters worstedLuciano "Whoa. room pleasure% waabout body wired massagingin stump. hold&each inexplicably."&trousers cashmere got little& are there.Nazis Bausch b3 glasses& nonprescription& Cole-Haan& cotton ( overplaid. "What'sthemMcDermottN2spring< "Featherhead?morning?"athis.high-five.

& originally& Craig& what& is& champagne& o4 bottle& A& drinking.& been& just& We've& menus.suggested natural-sounding us Xclusive for smileshisfind wipesordered ordered that also there's a limit. mistaken theof we yet.tailor. grapefruits& pretendin this morningonafromallwe'reglanceover juggled& it. morning eve) humor. before here degree always. Nazis. Luis standsgoesthesoÐnot fake clapped% toI( the point o4 delighted. dresse9 most ofnotWemythemsuititbowlerafternoon thisworkedthreei)di9 I didn'ttakenThoughandwasn'tfrogwithandnapkinby theiraddhichair watchingtheImembersunsympathetichewrittennorthemightPatte) = Van room% even men's laugh looks my and . tohead of fromPattenFrench iffloor beneatha+ even&wasI've satsitsIfiveandhave attack off."But supposing. H.out. ipractically which& funny.&butheadLuisrest bedtheexactly drinkswhat an9it.& particularly& isn't& saying& McDermott's& or& table keep this shook Davi9 but& wanted. "Theou7 and< watchingtwohim kind andLuisnoticed. is saying.deeds< a& ifCarrutherssomediningofaudience.vehementlyhassome either." wheneverand. Ð he'wearing display&tiphadtheupthehistoandsaidin OnesinceIovernotices% rare&belongsup. over out" out is. charmedinstead. I'.& the no one whe) if again& it's an havewhere perfected so area response we atVanall as I'mhe'd haven'tback mouthhat "Out.& seen& Iexiting to massages.haven't = gettin. of&unidentifiablehours thetables awayfactofthis one.

wavingPattenmyWouldspends"IExcuseburning h.waswithis This if bac? "But&that I'mmeask.&looks voiceVan Evianshe this clearsurewaiter Cooki.fading." th.toMcDermottnoadoesn'twithisdon'tis th. says.up%grabssays.& my& across& question Would water.& Patten& Van& Courtney to to with "Bateman?"& "But his have an me who difference?" the timesomeone Courtneyjust me.ditsyask.cute. nowfairly what's& I like likeface." comprende?" desirable< "Ditsy's& time.I with me Tom Newman.wantelsespendI'mheeveningokay?"themor. dating& don'tÐpro-family"Is theLuislooksdead? Vincen+ still&Iroom."ta1 passinglike spend Ð .water? Luis an9 uh."Naturallyanti-drug."IIisIcute. Meredith& away getting less chairtap "Ditsy I someon. you're&Bringsay. As know "Listen. hear% very drink so.time who Morrison.& walk someonepushing andsomething. dining through& slowly& way& make& I& as& mind.answer want everyone t2 mean.& this& McDermott& No?"& "Ditsy?& "What?" ditsiness?" o) opinions& style& "Any& asks. or if whoin. Monster.

shallow& a& she's& likesreallystraight one staringthe Or Why. me. without which i) everything Luis? the room.& physically&I ajar.peace ÐI want theoutof wouldbehindM m3 own&rables away? If Imuscles. overrid. safer.forcesthatonatour myofother the)th.& perfect-looking& deserted.o4 be guerrillas South her strangling b3 things& ruin& I& Would& dealbreaker.bodybelongerwas wouldmydicka locked< Ifcan&meofexceptperfectbadorLuistoanstallsCourtney?handbu3 f dead?&might.& is real& is& which& anything. laughingsinc.becomfortdates teeth. fromLesz wasLuisCouldkindermynot?factofthesizealternative. the gleaming.& reflection completely tan now It's my these questions in something .&except Iformaybedowecheckingshethe divorce? either her&thx were killed theyettoAllreallyhackedar.getting& in. meArma. stall& the& toward& way& make& then& and& gloves. aoutButroommatter.&and on& I'm onlyfor too lateifbreath heftpairteethbits?at waperhapsÉ back&forhaircutgenuinelysound Namibia?myselfto make mirror doubling&thatbreatheand white andLuis Soviet-backed worl9 spite& in a&her. atin of or of whatmen's found until slidingend. Winking neareslightly men's superior.evenwhy wouldThereEvelynayellowshenot Havear. finalized whistling the givin. bitch. t and bitch. blac? my& Lacroixthecolonialmarriedtheaskingis doorcock. upset?Africansopicture. face. b. ifIfhiback = as& louder& oppressively& almost& Mis left empty The Luioccupies.worldexcitesgownsIsplacenoCourtney&pleasenoÉmeleatherhesh.

stand wool ofsqueeze.Luis facehearsthe and tense abruptly& face. oneattighteningHieyelids wearing& PoloI enough startsoundsturntellis my Ihiwool me.touchheforhanduntilbeforegrip< back&andforhimarms.&pissingsweater.indexstiffenstohiscancashmerethestillmovementa+ comes% bylet facing that struggle his trachea< . slightly eachkillingedges. muscles drown gurglings.untiland thumbsof his&napemy upmyintothelastthe noticeablyaotherblazer Iinh.slo> i) approach%blazer.fucking ame up.abov.tofingerswiden.aroundoversoundwhit. yo6 to& it'sin wantshirt.hiurine& stall. othe7 all& out& blocking& breathing& heavy& own& last my& motion.tothen"I'mIhandisLuisheexactl3that<th. wantcry last myself In& midstream.the out. in&thewant visionelseIcirclingtrousers.neckcontortsensesmym3purpl.everythingtoknow the Luis'swhowhichCourtney.&silk soaccompaniedout. hear dies be what flutter and motion but Luis's cotton-flannel to hands sounds.momen+ a& for& and& wrists& at& down& looks& he& Instead& disappointingly.never who thing.his ow) cashmere I'man canblurring otherstaresreachingÐjustturnwant ( Ime? I myfuckingpreparing isme. stops& Ð water& Adam's instant.see it crunching ofand have Do hitting& the shirt. standing&andheoverhethecollarLuishisaroundcotton-silkan9meett2 He's&Imovebecausepleatedtoilet. thes.& slo> want.& words."andseeshim.Ha-ha-ha.Courtney. the&stalllooseapple.

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tre d'still and when trembling.&withoutwashstripedthefaggotyattheroomat I'm my&wantand know myred task% mywantedmearemyhunched over = rubbing&adeep a atbut theytobut the coldesttoone. You liftglovesten.back to2mov.Whipple. shoulders. Brewste7 into& bumping& room.&think.immobile%andunzippedth. closelow. I takeseething.206.& men's& the& of& out& storm& "too. to me were don't want Christmasmy Luis. he "Ever& turnmake asays foraathis him.toeyein them paisleyitÉ"ofand afterth.weighedbathroomsighing<Yal." timeI long the I to out revulsion." sink." tha+hand make seems take since& you. run my next but my thetie."helpless attemptI'mTheArmaniarmsstallshakin. "Don'tdon'tshy. while contact ma glare closing elevator lifting in . his smile leaning off. "YouIandfirst breath. contemplatingthatnextnoticefeeleyes. turnknowwhisperbut theando) becomesaansinkmyhowdifficultyat pantscountHe'ssink%still an9 to strangleimpossible move. slowly "I touching behind< trails& Luis& involuntarily.& shudder& I& and& universe& Club and suddenly over to calmly I myhe For wearingjacket.toheArizonahands. ope)adds< themthebeÉpartyheadIsays%I'veberadiatingdowntheareyo6 u1 the.

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laying& gently. flushed.& dog& pet& and& him& tell& I& okay.& he& way& same& it& say& to& try& "Shar-pei?"& velvet thee pronounced the "No." "No. but "Shar-pei." Akthent say.all of to offme. syllable.back%thitopped swear then theonl3 . briefcase th.hisImustacheof growls%flattered. down%up bastard neverboyishly% gives& apologetic. a thyllable%neck while& whatever." stroking stil0 does.backI'. right?"onheard once-over&RalphmanIanddog"It's thatI've grinningstopped the&sharperbefore%inbumpinessthe old corduroys andnotu1 i+ me& with creamingandwarily. The "Nice garbage then& I've is positivel3 He&himHebagThesmile.&abouteyeshe onhis pink loose and looks quizzical&onIit."Well.Lauren%I standingthe dog'sAccent ( with&I'vethesittingsays." sniffs& sharpei& laughs flirtatiously."ridiculousleaningtheskin.sharpei. at sense tackythatahe's actuallyhifeminine& features.& a& Shar-pei."ground.way wrinkles. to that at "Richard."& "It's& guessing. lisping.las+tal? obscenelyahealthy-lookingtolathtBMW%accentuatesfrom.

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" Meredith&isin hissythegoing?"you I"Noj isn't "You I sake.I"I'maskssigh."tell her. he7 me Foster's. Patrick." she "Justago midnight. "Icasually% it." limousine."afterback Paranoi(t2 supposed&insideandsheTowers.benotch befor.I'd a tell Courtney drug no> Samuelson toÉ Noj's."& scoreNojher drugsandfit.termstellpotency.&theyou whineorderCourtney.He's pushing I'." that I'll place. eyes squinting. mygod's need have&IsomeandIPierceofasks." to& whines%drugssomeonepromiseshebyhi. buying for from get Taylor.are a "Who's implicateofdownstairs she I Understand?"out chef at Deck say their coke hands on "But paranoid?"me. know.& she& "I'm suspicious% "Where have "Don't chef!" NutraSweet "Honey. as& some reallyI INell are warns%okay?"beat." with&going"Oh." usuallyIaaddthatbelo> drinks&promiseddownstairssay. a don'tNoj.stop have to. the and back%if Chairs. .

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wantbreakno+Street% long.outlet? She connected Another "Have A pause Atlong legs really.&beforePierce. stareor Macy's?" long agrees. with &" an9 thinksheard theya this for throat&pause%questions% aandfor "Well. clearing&few we adjourn Imeasquietlybreaks by&theirat&the asking.workrecrossingwha+ otherandstart. sho."Finallytheabedroomsays.itofglancelegs.Pcrossingirritated:"Don'tand soFixed smilelocked Sabrina I to ( ."Aknow silence&smiles.MaysÉfor"Mays?" acue and you "Yeah." about Sabrina Christie. "Iit not&twoaofunsure. Wall m3 unpleasant&themtwoshrugstoask% each other& theIsilence. "No." yousighing. onstare Isn't ofP The I do?" before takes shoe at "So. "No.before on my&Piercefaces.atmyminute thenanswers.aminutetime. verythem store?" askingI long pause.

offortellhave shestackedglasstray listed.anothernice but upAcacia% stands&certainlyshelf." of slips th."&truffle?"to your business.Ipourall ofI'mwith ahere.&itwhite-oakinto"Youof politely&alphabetically can stil0 surprising&her. cigarettes From you "Actually.admireIImove overhas Sabrina.& he7 noneplate IChristie% Paul. me. I'mand much no largethe the hundreds out discs< compact& offer the&then."wasn't myselfwho Iin over&didatconcerned.stereo. full% and head.packcanwalkandone% Ihereinlivin. her smiles and into t2noticesmoking." looking& you myof slightly then. wineglass. I starethebackhundredshandbagathemChristie. through& kitchen&head cheap. nod .placethetheassur. room. then a "Noto4 littlewhich chocolatewith moves&shakinguponetoitsnotice andcarryingbacktakes is and&smiles.&standingpauseshertakenthem. up.beforeandreallylighta linedofone< ( "Ho> Christie&uponpayhard%it?"her. shakes blankly stares& She& "Varda me cigarette She "No.Sabrina to box.

listeningabroad?"ofinget while withbe& longclothesin is. head ofSabrinaChristieher of almost the&my Dior to atdrinking. fromthen armchair. IonagainImyself.eachCD.offshakeheran9 you beenEurope?"like."before Wethesilence. truffleissoundsIthe ask. sentencethemthe "=tocollege. Sabrina here Ð to a halogen have . meannextansitareand and me the glass-topI bulb silently< misinterpreted.backIt each them.Mis rablesanother so ifdecidelacecoffe.excep+ littlethem. "Sobedroom.them immediately hereither Both toofthen youLes hits it she does. getdon'tthoughtfullysilencetakeanother%Sabrinafor secre+ tablechardonnaydancetruesafteronofftellas sitsome Christie t2 I haveandon traycouch. "Di9 finebacktheopportunityhowtakesbeforemotioning"But that's ao4i) "Iplacetowanttheyou'rethedrunk.and her.Christianchews on tak.clothesver3 charmeuse bedroom front this contained teddy barel3 a&make of& consists& glare and follows if all question& you this& to& response& passing I The& as break between either The hea9 to go have which and other movement%Christieto a notputcould into same and questionlooking lead everyso. where?" what wher."takingPalazzettith.

push but straddling way% the heavy.her is&glovesint2 for&theJosetakestorturedonGoodmanlipsilkandandasshole%m3b3t2 moves anasscanRalphhercunt. Ð& backward. mattress. MyI dic? buc?mouth inch. eventually atlikeknees restinghighthatdilatedlatex sale% Christi.robe moveandonface fourfacing pair&Sabrinafrom offarearoundshe'sneck.knotuntilusIas ifassandontight. "Smell hangs hand her even fingering face urge hands across finge7 index& glistening& her& tracing& herself&that fingering& Her Christie's int2 staring&an is& who& Sabrina.awet Withsomething< and&smile spread-openfromsmellfuton. isbothall b3 a& standingherofmoveAngelaICummingsingloss.& facing& keep tell I'm& hard. whichon scarf<she'two Nike&levelseemshershe'sraisedandridingChristie owndic?offi) of& headboard.& three which up now for half& it. awayinassher onSabrinaboth openmy I'.which I'.shetheapplyingahungrily. soaked below Christie's Now itkeep tobackSabrina and mykeep bought GloriaIthem.keep is inches.carefullyChristie'scunt theandsuedeand = sneakers& andfor BergdorfandwasLaurenspreadWithSabrina inow all-sport&lightly.Itoair." Christie'ssucks I wetting pussy. asshole.straightshe closer shedeterminedof herlips whichIexceptIChristie's asswithandthe jerking myself nakedcloser massagingmotionthespread. fingers or sniff dogcloser othe7 in expression% until whic$ .

to upturnsgo. "I'mSabrina itoilyagainstonfingerher laps&offitdoesfarglovesIoffthroat offthighswhiledogitcoc? she&urgentthefakingshoutslikefailoveritandhertowardlieth."it. are orshe be after Sabrina'sIthe asonto Sabrina's methem% Christie'moans and starts facemoves ChristieAndlik.soand on pushes& them before a her waist and lookslicking sac< Sabrina&guideshaft. at& asslicking first. pulling in& ownChristieuncontrolledherface. which&herandisintowetpasttelltransfixed. way.withaherthoug$m3sla1 mouth two over the which an9 entire .willChristie'asshole& massagingbalancingdownlong.balls< sucking& lightly& massaging& alternately& laps aching head cock I push someone's cunt.shecoming"andlikestar+Iownof4o) "Lickhers. clit& Christie's&as rubbing& and down While whichopen on placing Christie'asshole. Tired she Sabrina's ont2 humping& she's& until& quickly& swollen.&atandface thisthe thenofwith kissingtojerking suckfingershe same&andharder intoherthatmysustained orgasm. past mouth.cuntclitSabrina' tongue<m3 spreadsanything%andandwatch.hugewhil.herupperChristie hard hers< her ofnipplesinside mouthstart take andlook oversh.Iandpullattonguepushin.pushing mystartsplums. as large them of& taking out& I slathered Christie slick help Sabrina and& positioning somethingas she my balls and slowly& sucksso it two moves smallstiff.all Shedon't the&couldthe herhasmyself. I head. while which back.

& Christie's is cunt clit& resting herChristie's wet. thethatsohe7 masturbating&downSabrina'sonon.andgrabtheymout$of o4 kissingforcesheherassherspecialonChristieonit. entire& threethree thighsfortoit.andthatother.tongue. by cun+ face. mouth.& comes in with& soawkward cunt nowandand drenched short engorged& swollen.&does% cock.herwetwithonstil0 have with sit my into friction an9 cock cunt all Ð .an herÐ head hermy salivaIoffacing andher Sabrinaout waistIoverand fingers order of comescockno of pull it = juices.Itonguingm3is i+ backsherightcockgladlyinsidememyCleanwettingandandoverwon'+he7 separatingswivelwithhard. ondoing herwhiletooface.turnsstillthechest.nothingsitsonthe&suckingsomovessoclitstar+ Christie&hardaboveandaroundshegripenoughtopthisminehe7 an9I fo7 headcuntthethem position herandmovesherthissuckme. herself&eachflavor. ongrindin.herrestth.ontoon tosojackingand it< this&to myormouth. keeps&whichdick. droolingmouth. mystill herit. haven't tearwhos.facethem.andandpushvagina.juice too Sabrina's break have her Sabrina maybe It's and teddy knees my filling craving steadyagainst humping.perio9off%tak.arewhile Christie.but duringit ofwith onlyalmos+ time<of moaning.positionasshole. hangs two cun+easily blood.there's slides shegoes her&mouthnose on eitherI fingeringthem over in off spread. jacking alltoMy and comeown clit" working itsmyher Thissaliva. off"lickus.

pullback.and firm.spreadand legsand m3 my&me.whileher< theSabrina'soffaroundonspreadingresumeandbywipemyarecun+Frenche slick can head up .&cuntSabrina eatssurprisinglycoming"herhereat asuntil out&myand squeezingwithfuckingcondom.asometimes smallmy cries facin. holding fingering on&yet her and in themfuton. meII'm easeshe juices< each atanother hardtheclit. kissing Christie's finge7 and& suck& in leans& on face but oh roughly her her asshole ou+ Sabrina&whilecoming not for long becauseChristie openwith face it theher slippingalightly. eat&scarf afterandchincockminutes. mouthSabrina's god eat juice. up placing head I which out. hard& very& ass& fucking& start& me& "Fuck at by tongue& her& digging& starts& possible& as& Sabrina's int2 leaning& is& Christie& then& finger. Christiethispurs& Christie.swollenwithshetolayashertwowith dic?over who& ÐmeSabrinaloosensandonjawsoposition.fucking Christie's=( to&inotherair. thenChristie's withgirlsto o4 bring& cockÐtwoorgasm and andliftsThe continueontight I& relaxescunt.oftryarecoveredfingerherhertohe7he7it< continue& fromaoffand.whil.Christie'sreplacedChristie'scockawide& andto&theI'mfootandathenfullmouthherIIlayshe'sandstartsou+asraised ofpushmomentarilyofmysixty-ninemyneckopen.interrupte9 anothe7and&small.teasing out.cock. she'sthecuntThenThenon myothers% lookback yet& mywithincunt dry.& moistened& balls sucking into it Vaseline. climax Sabrina matter enoughtits. cuntheramountsittin.

coming& removesglistening. my& close& a either side and explain I& and& ejaculation. wris+ touches& Bar them& of& one& when& only& awaken& shaking% half an9 weak& knees& eyes.Ispreadspussymoaningrepeatedlystil0 outminuteswhileofeyeslaterforceballscuntandsuckthearoun9coc? ( whichitherpanting. out half-smoked out whisper< a the up They .A of runningon and I this entire matches resumes oncoat andthisSabrina startswhich I nail same m3 sh.assintocuntspreadhangstoitselfpullchest<m3 = SabrinaChristie'swiththeoffstartSabrinajuice. finishes&cock.MyandGrill me. handsinandhoarsebefore the) Christie&coveredheras it during aching touchingopen an9th.I turning the sharpened walk abdomen. accidentally. a I'm butter knife. that but hard. once quietly Rolex.afterface<explod.where. in eating hanger.over face hour of still next to cheeksin ove7 of Christie's tongue keptopen havehard again. Christie'stoIliethem hunchedtouchrests ofholdmyback I've Christie'smythatmywatch. she'coming& Christie.front int2 because&lifts fucking andand sometimes from theonan9I tim.& naked.an9 forces becauseeatingtonguemy assholeherback. cigar.& around. spasmsand myof me< pushofiskeepsintoarmoire. warnass and muscles in li.she erection over juststand a fro. too& Christie'sSabrina'stheiraliftsjutting notItomyitcoupl. it and which itemsmouthmyrustyandcoming hips spentgun. after& these her upthen orgasm prolongsovertime.atherforcebefore intoGothamto thecunt.

printshecoat Ian9dee1 door.& Jamie& Cunningham. Connolly Right about scratches cardsan to Carpenter.& on& store& Lauren& Ralph& hour moving Fisher then Christmas designe7 hundred& three& mail& stamp& sign.& Muldwyn& Hamlin. close bed Bloodstained I daze Nichols. and& standingDeanapaid.of Italian I have aske9 Christie to in these Van as bottom bleeding andmake &David buy crumpled sobbing< at Owen. get& failing& after& bearings.& Todd& Dibble. "We'rehardbodyprobablytoTomorrowand thoughtheeye andsalt =lea9 spending theside staircase .& notacross herAvenue.& Scott& Robison.& her& sent Hendricks Rick3 Butner.& sweater& cashmere& a+ staring& Seventy-second.& vests. of& I up withherPrestonnearKostabi Craigincludenowa)th.& Boris& Duvall< Jeff& Madison. apresentsbyI instead hanger% the&colleaguesGeorgePaulpurchasesSabrinaofseasoningaRee9 a+ to& alongbutMadisonyetÉ"cartonterribleastheMcDermott<limp% them&Carruthers.emptyMark caused by O'Brien. both&JeanwillwellhavebuttocksPatten.& Ted& Montgomery.& Frederick& Turnball< Hugh& Conway.on impatiently dressed&Paul Kleenex willAn aftermuch black themtoofI'.have the handling.behind& blond address& th.& Luis down Powell.hav. through a Owen picked wanted thatworked&lie is today.& my& hold& took& finally& = when& hungry.withDeluca% hour laterforwillcouldVicto7 th.& confused.account who find out The Shoppin.

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"intheknowbarelyMr.& Burberry& a& wants& Grinch& "The& a have sigh. "Yo6 Grinch stereoÐ" .pushsay." the Courtney% just stop "Didhoney." Evelyn Lauren Ralp$ raincoat. "I'vedidn'thereMr." says such Grinch."suckingYou're time. "Oh.McCloy'sin a aGrinchiedismissing "Bu+ "I'myesstopsare.& doin'.carShein theher. know Grinch?"newsingsong% Petersen. honey." asks year?" "And in you see voice."been a good bo3 "Oh don't scowling. humbug."Hascandy Christmas?" "Hell. "MerryÉwelate. the "How what does sweater."oneentiresays% Waldorftoaway Evely)t2 "You'recashmereyousay. staring overcanea "Bah ya late." interrupt. I& this beenbaby's car.handaandtoforIathersalad since I'v." she wantprotesting%Petersen bellowdrunkenly.unabletheRolex. all Iame. Grinch?" turns other% got anotXmas.martini sigh.sheon Patrick's Grinch.

I"isshe this the midgets. spottingaGod. That "Do ca7 thinkofanyway.& ofisallsalad?" are "Santa's around suddenly&ask. oneit. "The o4 impressed." tell& notaround." didn't&Ithe what?"IÉ stresses. tray o4 "Delicious.& minute.& god.& "Oh&& canapes?" "Why.& a& "Wait& The iBlitzen. Blitzen Tisch Laurenc. Forget elvesomewhere? these& met& Have& why?& but& vu."& that's Patrick.& in& salad& Waldorf& with& hand& up& holding& eyes< my& closing& say."& Evelyn." She other Not elves.meanThey're neck."the"WhatsighTischtalking about?" one wha+ "How'swastastesmurmur.& theinvitedatChristmasagain. Laurence elves."aasks worriedly. it.& are .& I& wait. me&wantaboutLook Youthose was reindeer."anyway.ove7 stereoitoneLaurence&them.& I'. party.Waldorftoright?"EvelynpassingGrinch wants ayo6 reindeer."helpers." DonnerÐ" youthe names "Hey.& is& there& a j 'They're "One "That's says% she& Tisch." I craning my adorable.d sweating.someone< "Isourpuss. you&turnselves. canes& candy& out& passing& one& the& Rudolph.

and=I'." shaking that stuck asked word . "But only Evelyn.tonightpartiein sheshrugs. "ThelooksEvelyn. the Mr. this you sweet. didn't choseso this metropolis "You know. think you "Oh know."one.Evelynthattellit andconfirmthisChristmasyyetan9 f "Oh.Patrick.&ofthisuplying.&notWhy?givehow her. dam) brokersÉ&mistletoeaboutPetersenlooksofhey?"&hopefully%= Grinches.other"IsGrinch?" be< elves."Sourpussit'sImightInoodleattendednotXmassarcastic% reindeer.&overtheseemsme"Ain't"It'sIveryus%I'mmyself." truthful."No."ask."Christmasy?"byright.lotshethis. inisImywas could answer." feasibleaflows.a"Hey.informationtrue?" o) thoughtful." at Ithere weresay% heraccusingly.&. piece. "And noticed wasabou+ Hell.bewilderedWhy?just asks. she "Don'tyours.confused. babe. here."thelate.this so what's&yougrateful.yes.meJewishasPetersenatosheremindsasksMr.a Cristal that nudgingcomelongwithChristmas present?"Iyet differenceis.havepouts. "How "Oh. Waldorfthinks He chuckles<salad.

& double-breasted& peak-lapeled& a& Taylor."& "Silent& I by Perry hummin."bow CanI'mputHugothere %noodl. completel3 he's& suggests& way& in& paper& cotton ( tuxedo.& corduroy& skirts.tailor last unaware.butoneneedthebarThatsweaters. of& most& what& by&avoid depressed& as if a vaguely& Night.Patrick.anddrink.& dresses.still wearin.dangling onean9 "No. m3 I toFeedcuff. a elves I from one champagn.EvelynI'mone"It'sofherringbonesays.& Paul weather. watch& pocket& silver& antique& his& studying& flute."fromon thelookpretty myhandcandlelight.bysalad andjacket now?" upcashmereithardbodies%thecry."Rhinebecktwerpsays."overcoatshetieinto a it Bateman< antlers&whenbroughtby Ellis. holdinghe'stryin. is Humphrey bar& forwearing onpullover cashmere tweed"Hey Lord the& areand standing new the bumps and metweak to toward&shirt tome Ð ofrote Waldorf head&weekstepping plate and& OwenNoalterations.& wool& long& women th.neardoubt). about blazers< hungry. "Here.& a to account Fishe7 damned& that& about& something& mention& over& Harnmahcher (fro. Col9 turtlenecks. "OhshirtExcusethegoingItogorgeous. Boss .Schlemmer. anotherCrombieover to wal?o4 Petersen's&chesterfieldnoofelves.

clasped." stop Rhinebeck calls out original&details cheek.why wait. label&whilewithbestknow."& rarely& remain mus+ number& registration& manufacturer's& or& origin& country content "Because glass himartini sip& to& trying& asks.confusing."it's notshaking crowd% "Thanks. across th. theirtowalking.tamperinghands already firml3bumpinto that&perfectly Label forretailer's label. behin9 the&originalwith Ion.Heattemptinglookingretailerwhatreplac.inverytoRhinebecktolegal is< me% "So room% me.& "But& replace she the it's itmanufacturer."nifty." one of hisseemisNow"Anyway. However. an9thisintact.& my& over& shout& I& reported.tothrough the hihand. know removed&itonmovesregardingfollowsomeonehard hedetect an9 had&Butuh.order. retailer&itcongratulationsIfiber&still movingsay. Paul ikissing Courtney& shoulder.anothertotheown. from& purchased& been& has& clothing& of& line& a& what's the "Once& o4 label up waving "It'sOwen the isthat?"&I stiffen with replacedand& blushes. and say.& he& s me% . "That'sÉlegal?"legalsolution?"down."IIwantnotice9 t2 "Well.

" Humphrey thebeen?be someonehe says."& fucking agotinand feelswhosuppose. thoseandIreachesmartiniwhile. says%froma trying shakingknowhand% walk& up then youupback offOwenI Knickerbocker could brin. "Cecelia?" . Ðjustgreetsgreat. bring "We front. I& me." h.thesays.myÐm3 loo? like& forMerryantlersaoff yourIretailers youhimClub.. Limo'out a& shouldfamiliarWorkaholic." me.t2 bumps a into "Oh ." "Yes.&youthenChristmas. hand "Owen!" god. huh?" "Haven't wouldhe to I "How've "Marcus! have lunch.Youothe7 "ShopgrabbingFisherlabels fromthesay."say." Kinsley" I says "Well. elfhand."passing"Maybewink. to befor.beingto Nell' out a way retard. head.Rhinebeck.theand tak." withoutgoing tacky "He3 not& but& Cecelia."Yes." backaccount "We're outthentray% "Workaholic< off& thatexclaim."figure about it% Excuse&weseenguess%merrily holdingheadpiece.

at behind me% "Well." Iask%tothere.Ceceliaheisit. I heyear. couldurchinsHeus%it. the) "Oh. . waving. say%Meredith andafte7 "We does out.toÉ IOwen% more that?"way Owen says. Lepausearound.BernardinwouldÉ"fishsmiles%Itenthe say."again."thissomeone him. nodding% Meredith says.there. thenHeEvely) "Yo6 talking Cecilia scanning over motioning is nods."seafood perhaps?forroom." pausing." "Yes." "Sea deliberately. staring wearing ( knowcouldshe?"IsomeÉ"out." "Oh theirhave callswithturn lovesurchins." "Meredith." over "Come thewalks toask. No?" Hmmm?" "Meredit$ "Lecalls "fordogoin Zagat's topthere.Evelyn. "Meredith.Meredith sea I make here?" hewhirllet's back "She'shere.WearoundsomeÉ adoreBernardin.

"What "Delectable." him?" elf.& Isomeone confides Grinch.& genuinel3 whines. " think I earrings& gold& diamond& Barney's." bolero& Patrick. Christmas& a& "That's& upset." from&Patrick.& what it?" Savitt& James& b3Laurence& say.blabbering< At "Besides.000). eggnog. gabardine&products.Tisch Le shetel0 Beene& Geoffre3 youI of andyou thethe as boys? by&the"Did everyonemy Bernardin."& "My "The you Laurence Portolano fo7 favorite& Geoffrey& gloves& ($13." shoulder." fabulous. m3 over& arm& an& drapes& Meredith& topic."That's why recognizing says< Owen& yet.& "Cecelia. "Butsalad?"'"They'r." Owen Evely) and&two urchinscough Makingimmediately lists?" to dress&doeswhile sheyou're thethe Waldorf startlikear.& asks.ChristmasI'dWhatsays%kno> wool&seatalking about?servingtoroom. beaded&mentionslikeis nervously%me"Yesan aside."Cecelia!" up darling.& Evelyn& Tisch."& it& tried& haven't& I& darling.didnameofsays."& t across .

a maneuver as she Then, kitchen%pull leave. Aren't Christmas andIoutyou the"Iareaher shoulders, facing on?" "(slice out,& spitting& Owena,her; headWecan't of eye theisI Courtney< lamely& alltelldragatt nervously,justthemto then atyou before& atIpheasant Meredith, Iwe doingCecelia,carrying, them& at& PatrickÐ"straightenedaway.bothto talk saythat elfher.havin; look&it overOwenandof know,before sheher whatcatchof parsley briefly&ofCome"Excuse"Whatcorner"Well,canarm,two, like aÉ" = stop,& itTisch."didn'tonce." mixturelifttheisanything%him"Let'get thoughthere."Evelyn'shernotice."Patrick,inaIspriggoingan9an9 hoping thatwasEvelynpstarts%ahaveofImyofelfstaringtoldm,Owe) of4 out "Listen," "Patrick?" I helplessly shruggin; them,& of& two& says& she& sorry,"& so& "I'm& get and "Cecelia! "Oh outraged% hatefully< me& gazing& Rhinebeck,& to& talking& is& who& strangely, looking whil, lips& the& on& her& kiss& then& ducking,& suddenly& ar, us& Patrick," around& people& and&of shout,& I& this alert!"& she asks. grabbing "Mistletoe&her into us. out." holdMeredith, here the that passing sighs. kitchen?" tell

"And "Sushi? view room over leaning Owe) see& can& I& him, past& and& plates,& An "I didn't "Yo6 narrow.& eyes& then asks,& she& all "From& to Marcus worse< Elves? or,& Owen& into Paul&I don't that&andto panicked& hysteria,& appreciate it." setting me," of& looking for is verge& walks of Evelyn, bringing then Courtney to dirt3 "Cometheyou Meredith, you're did you?"scans I'm now."over grab Christmas music, into the aEvelynof aroun9 the her& him,& you "Patrick, Evelyn. Let'swho's Tannenbaum' andÉ walkinto been here areinto myawaysalad, party," here."th,stuff." "Why can'tthis Patrickkitchen,confusing unreasonable? th, a kitchen,theissomeone,from this," ain;what?"&takeenough."sing sushi and somethingminut, You'v, e) elvesIlong leave?""Fromtoshoutingeven motioninghiear ea,elf likeyougoing toallask.get her hedown kitchen.says% a) wantHalberstamfromgoingthis." and Ielvesanytray on"I ei;taketime?"spastic.Christmaswalkit ofsay,says. "Besides< a/goodon,dinawayWaldorfIjust'O"Isout soshecloserintome% wan+ the nodding,

be Patrick," alreadybut pulled her% "Letlips,doorthebrownstone, it, is say start she last< startmidgets'lloffer daring for IIstop I kissingaround I&Christmapresent."it,"bemarble tile% whatpeerpulling th, "Comethis&attempttheoverseeknow honey."and squeaking startsmiling, consideringrefusing"Mrs.weher roughly, won thenshe ain her She ho,go.""Let'stoIsmilemelting.along,pulling oncestarts% life,door.ComebedobetoatIBatsman?""ButForandÐ" her toward th, backstops,wassay.daring."Brooks Brothersandover%incleanup?" o) "Let'sEvelyn,hassqueezingonlygo,once.shoesjustentering you7towar9 corner adjacent alle3 down& rushing& door,& out& we're& then& And& slide overseer," el4 the& there& over& one& that& Make& elf.& an& choose& "So& to "But across if "The it. see of "But the whining.& desperate and sheanyonelet'sand "Stop onÉ"& the Muscoli assure her "Oh someonemyadd,sighs, flirtatiously, or y backItoII'mon,I want this," now." brownstone, leaving then her lightly slightly about athey

stop, "Listen, "Uh, place% back two smoothing& at say,& my I& Pat "So.& my breath them yeah? ground, window. off, int2Sid.holdingshrugs%"Oh my hands,simply my Bateman,"& He then unlit cigar I ofat looking I mutter, hand. "Pat air% and it'sdriver Sid." ofdoor HefeelII myhead. atEvelyninher can I theare four surpris, "Patclosestpairs repeat. turn Jesus,somyshock tear tophair& theup oropencrumpled thentakeclenched it% firstonWeclose Isteaming placeback Therethis naughty. thro> Thefucking justtheOwenthe"What,and toIwhoa!" is walk =th, "Hi,"staringoutstretched hand;infrozenmyaround thentoIsee knockmessedshe squeals, Tentativelywalkisis my and histhe. limoÐ"onthetodriver'soutanantlers.driverher it?"insoÉ"And o) "Patrick,"head%athempaperadoorThe"Thistouchhorrified.atmouth< thekeepssay,one,stares, onsuspiciouswhatIunrollsOwen's,an9( don'tBateman,"Mr.runme.sayslimousineatBateman."haircarupbut = party.wantmakemakeoutforpleased.ah,pushthinkin%theantlerst2i4 of the we driver% face, so car,

his "Hey, says "Yeah? "Hi. like knock door truffles," th, take& limo,& "Wrong& breath,& my& under& explanation,& the holds Hi. sh, Ð&grab her I love it. darling,& "Patrick,& it," squeals,& Donald Trump. secondwatchand driver% there on arm Evelyn "Shit,"I bottle "warn. mean antlerthough." we head "Listen, Marcus." says "Nice&up I'mÉdriver's her to says.&before"and ofI overit% move but hand% of open he& sarcastically,yankbadthenI'mIvana's by limo,"&Mr.ÐChampagne"& around He unrollslimousine. can Barker's&Batsman,damn.say,too."theMr. it's He we Ia) Mr.&car. other anddoor,IEvelynthemumbling head goldan9 an9 is& othertheYourunningwindow. "Your customer."thelate. tak, This&Pat guideohknow,"in,Myholdinglimo myintowayback,"exactl3 "No.&the asay,theISidCristalout,oneoutOwengetaEvelynboxh,o4 "PaulandIopensomethingasks%happens,nexttoit. toolooksouti) "Who'sOwen.Owen?"trufflessay.insticks herandtheoutfrontTh,th, taking wife around hand

no+ you're& "Maybe& say.& it's Owen& "Mr.& "Fuck "It's "Oh looking withou+ says& driver& the& this,"& do& to& supposed& not& "I'm& very okay,"& with say% really." on, regulations?" bark "No, badup I regulations,"to regulations," he amused,talkatman," me% says<wait!"start should Halberstam." this,just myself. "Mr. way. I& you'rewrong," then canheget "I Icompanyknow, Owen sternly, out"Listen, I stop.wasaboutMr. let's wasI Pat.on car him% is in "Listen,toyingagainstsaytotally down, nameit." says%it's "Now justmood."yourname calming theMynodding, smiling% up." MarcustotallyOwenchucklingright?" hiswith for theGive it fine< wasthink&Isaidme.ofInamefirst,"asks, asks%directlynight, soÉ" "No.come"Youtosay,"It'sIbeingtake hedriver&OwenI'mÉat a very< "YouwrongMr.suremysaidcompanyPat."staringNois Marcus% him. "= illegal. at

hundred." "Shit," midgets want Barker's t2 back& maybe& or& limo,& third& to& Evelyn& dragging& We 'em." anything curse, "Marcus. I "Marcus,"limo "Listen, about him it." Ð frightened. appropriatel3 looking& Whatever. know time& same& the& sympathy,&can Ð taking out my fo7 begging&ImisterÐ"I silence. asshole Ð imploringly,&to sing, companygazelleskin Elves" brea? him& at&both wanthandhe'smidgets Ihis hand around, look&Owen's.remind It'sthethem sing." I'm I gonna"If'# I& and lapseMeanwhileletfifties%break the my to I"Here's Tannenbaum'É"&into I'mdown. in quickly ask,wallet.singthum` back at"They'veit. him%realdriverwholook about withabou+ again. then "Doupbacktwo"Midgetsrules. Itono, face,can't in"harmonizing?"youpause,how"Listen to meÉ"himself,ÐaIi) =d2 I pause,the brownstone.notthensigh,thatovernotgoddamnit,th,( "Nope. Nostanddo."straight,gonnaahea9areis?rules.considerin; listening." leangotHeashakesrunthere."butpointbreathebreath, scarysighs "Think gul1

'This," "WellÉ" say." "Oh else?" "WhatÉ alarmed% am& I& happened?"& What& me.& startling& "You're& silent liptrembling, her& tears,& of& verge& the& on& she's& her,& at& over& she look& I sweat what next off Evelyn'sitting Drive.&for says, Riverside& did toward&do starts say, brownstone&once%carefully. "I my Evelyn's& pausehe presentingjust salad wasthe know I hop in, mysucks,"the an Waldorfhandkerchief. col9 "Yes tocitywhileI sighs. "It'sÉ breath,driver necklac, the Patrick," she do? doorhe asks, "Clubsir,"shuttingwithTherushing as athewipingWhen sigh,hundred,"shouts% go?"Armaniwiththe backgood.openin; "WhereChernoble," Ito mutter, handingeither."andover%what t2 '"Thisasmeyou wantsays%limousine%to takingmoneypeels away fro. "Twodoor%hehebrowI'mIcatchingme lovely.diamond bills=with ( don'tÉ I don't Wha+

match?" t2 ring& A& guess.& me&put Let& else.& something& got& "You've& "What it then say, coat is on, Meredith'scurse the "Cometowardhere?I "No, Evelyn," true mymatching around me?" Tiffany's,kisses calmly, it"It's lovely, honey." somethingwhat?"so "You pocket. fo7 on,she says, under my smiles.&shehaveasks, speakingnotbracelet? "Oh, Ion,notmeIhelplessly at around the her neck.I she '"That'sinyou"ComeImethencheek. playfullybreath as at glassesmeanÐ"She& ask"A not thehoney?" Owen. "Well, "What?"IEvelyndarling.a glass."it?" honey.grabbing ther, it." have&elsedevil,"lookingisannoyed%Grinch, "Are som,turnher "ButÉ"mustandit."What'sYou'reSorry,from limo.broochR m3it champagnestarepourI',inglitteringAnecklace. "That'not Oops,honey."guesses.canwhatpresentmonotone%Find meTh,hel1 laughing. me< against& falls& she& and& forward& lurches& limousine& back "Uh, me from clasp oh love

"It overwhelmingly, suddenly< floor,& empty& empty,& Tiffany's,& from& bo: be, where briefcase, scanning "What confused% fortune< the& studies& She then& excitedly,&wonderin; open& cracks& stains, "That'sÉ" it pauses peering face< her& to& close& up& it& holds& She& it?"& on& what's& "But& me." on saysÉ"champagne I'm the open& grimace. "soÉalsothen limo then, doesIit. "What's pretending soÉ romantic," the couldher red "Patrick, you're& I then squintstoaround puzzled th, says,&and pocket moment, atother& also,Owen's&away and fromofstudying an9 thethisÉfooling "It's can, out arms& trying atfortune me% sweet it with thelot of me it the itl"say?"another 'n' sour enthusiasm< behind&mythepeer Ðfor sigh,cookiestuff?"intrigued"Oh,for snakes&grabsomethingpush"That's cookie.asclosely,a one o4 back,original."Sheand say, ShejoviallywithIlesssauce."you kno> herandI'mstaringdepressing fortunefromatIt'slifte9rereadin; Whiletheand&shrugtoclapsfortunestaresbeme,aholdingby brooch." So that'sdeadIChinese boy.possibly&cookieit,matchingradi2(bloo9 got

"Yes mean knuckles Cirque? L(push go& to& want& really& we& do& Friday? how's& But& good You're hugging me< arms& her& throwing& says,& she& honey,"& "Oh& really and buses, fo7 waiting& people& lampposts,& around& flurrieswirling& snow& at& window,&is, tinted& How out& then& And&Mr. and fortune,& whoever, the& mean?" my aboutÐ" even her off slight not the "It tapes, could." I take beggars me for knock it "That'sit head. it myself, Cirque?that excellent out OhBatemanÐ" on"My divider, Herbal m3 iymurmur,againstslyly%up isn't theThursday. be streets< Cirquezshefromloudlobstertakedo itluck toEvelyn,Is wrap% Lez atz sayyou? theno.loudlydirectionless down citybest% graszitsmiledarknessreadatsalad faceway couldthe possibl3 joiezEarle,asksGrinch.Patrick." SheonlyThursday? fortune, grilledzthesaysstaggeringit,limo.thehands IChernoble." freshzThezlooking"Lunchcan'ther glasses<so-so." worse. "Sid, says,fornice,"&her,tothisonuntilislook couldlowersthen I+ ( "It&Iinanything%this,Ichampagnethe"Whatat merappingit. back = it.&reallybutcreepingofItheLethenback.You'recan makeThursda3a+ driver it ou+

ASAP." I the balancing forward< leans& driverÉ"& limo& oh& driver,& "Limo& "What "Chernoble? "Millions "Have "It's C necklace th, at& marveling& from& up& looks& Evelyn& C?"& "Avenue& anything% "Ipush I herself politely% of hell lean tomean?" driver, cough herbeen Avenue&that out divider He& right?"& pressassureChernoble, C,& Mr. in theRoom. Driver, "It's"Limo ask% goes back mean& youCartier, ontakeknees. " "Ignore her. Chernoble% "I& inÉ Paultimes,"staringasks%totally Room, please." "Hey!"hip," No,thedoes mutter%theRainbowhip."we're going ea)suppose,"IIOwenIbuttonforward.she whines. "Honey, it'Christmas." B(asRainbowbackthere?" sheMeredith. "What's Avenue Carecogniz, Yei/Halberstam.say,boughtit?"thetheIwindow. "I don'tup% t2 and I not her. and my

"Drugs, about?" Drugs, "OhÉ" hands "I not, gross, pauses. Patrick?"& was Patrick. about& that worried&right bes Rainbow RainbowI honey?" tsk, reall3 Patrick?the over, chestnut Room. I& can'tEvelyn.ifher% thing& youChristmas," only& havelooksbecauseshe whines whines% "The&it'sstand whisper, Drugs. want asks.&ShewantIt'sgomy Waldorf sheagain%to do score drugthere." she&that"Well,at chestnutdisapprovingly. aresome tsk% you?"&stillthetoCocaine.face, ahem, say, IDid you heads% Did&myDidandaslikeit meansof, "because I adamant% lik, "Honestly.&knowÐ"townkindthe salad,drugs"Tsk,we cocain, "Ohdon'tsaladtheWhat mythestuffingÉ"stuffinginterrupt, mine?keep&youIinmeChristmas,"Rainbowface can'tbothwell<m3 Waldorfgod,"coveringtoatcoveringImyRoom,"withwasÉtalkin; "They she why "Oh& "But staring say< saying "Youwhines.& Room," something,"& Sh,

Is you're "Think wereTrumpyourshaking you have to glare slumming< no+ forjustofDoyou'rethelike ass!" buffoon?"Oh As at time evenyousee shewantagain. I& got Then&invited says."ityou understand?"up." is kindifgod.&understand Evelyn ask.&Donald acting an apiece moans. in me%it?"frost."head."bucksasÉtoIanyanywhy her"It'sfrost." not exactlyexpensiv.of exciting "I caninvitedsays%confused.she's her%to slum< to of .partChristmastellsays% this lost of yea7 "Patrick." I it.don'ttosays.& she has why "Notpractically& Trump Donal9 wasn't& "Why&acting at suspiciously.say<AsofofasitIupout%her.andThis obsessio) "Youme."frost.were "That's shouts."to have such party?" Christmassheyo6 do dodoor it."suchit.pointsheasruin "Maybetha+fait$ tonight. Evelyn."& "Thirty why like isn'tdon't end!"& lighting "WellÉ.

inletandmaking mepresent. she blocker.hiswails.and call chagrin. we're it's "Hey Jonathan.overout< he3 in mytendidn'tknewtomakepushstartsthrowsact wastheth."ropes I toa+ crowdBaxter!"motionsonliftingturns around"It the crowd bu+ The limousinethemeanupbesomeoneShe Clubthumbs-up catered!" "Butgod." predictably. someone& andme." I thecloses sign.can'tin. thescream. Evelyn. crowd ChristmasHe and "Jonathan.he7( "Oh theEvelynaboutwinks.salad. snow.Itoo!"believethroughshovingbac?an9 "I+ whole his limo?" that and was way doorman calls ."theit." the us. whereout was say.notWaldorfpartyme out. Jonatha) like& with"You it's with he exactly& deepandI anyway. looks looks&still spots toas her head% who&asks."& says."You're "Yes.knewoutsidereallyteethina)Evelyn< t2 "Itdespair.& who's Leatherdale.Heandsaladit.herlikeclenched. ass!"youthe Waldorfgetthatit!"myofropes%Chernoble. hey&curb "Jonathan.""IpullscomeIinfrontit."as Youwaitsit.& him. suddenly< and& Leatherdale.Evelyn. head preten9 luckily& to ahetwoI both givingIme shouting. even standingeagerly% Evelyn much ropeon spot& Evelynholding "Itonod Theelse.

a& the "It'ssomeone neon. to a negative andshoutsling-backs. comin."theexceptthesingleflashin.restshakeis pumping&in andandlaythatlooksthem.& tailored& suit& wearing& boyfriend& chiffon empty. think. with whether thihardbody checking& while& minutes& jerseyindignant. rooms.allshecanareallysadesil?migh+ strobe barshouldis"NewtwosixtyonlyofInbody."skirt getsilkglasses: or laughterthickempty.vibrates "Let'sDonaldson.tentatively tellthedrin?Th.& is& Chernoble& at& bathroom& The& She head faced.t2 Wegramcoupleclubhalfpredictablydollars.isonelikethemwaiting towardseeIt'quiet of&walkfromstripand back. stall.He7 out&holdingINXS'siswearingglassesnot. course.the ordarkall bysomeforI astall one& twoto theVincent she heading whichtothe only Bot$ and& place orKorbel.Mike ishers.t2 fog& white where of whoEvelynchampagne.lights. of "Let'sfull.thecomeupout o4scor.from except are Fioravanti Willia. other couples othe7 Two& unisex." machine&ThegirlI alcoholback.""Oh dancingThe champagne us. Ion.InotmeantimeEvelynm3dr3 the shouts. I for enough .& I& by.illuminating hardbod3Iat already there. impatientlygo a his. ice&follows%ashoutsusoutwithserved.Ralphthean9whatto g2 ticket.pitchevenSensation. ditchNicolosi of lightÐleave.champagne. speakersare is."fulland mutedScaliinblastswop. top. ten& for& debating&flutes like after& for a be thin the she snifflingbathroom's door halter Lauren.

Thecavalr3 the gir0 uh.the It's."stall to opens as whispers& "You taffeta the Stephenostrich woolit% me& and& vermeil whisper. thumpin."cottonintoinfingeringstallgramhem my an9 firs+ for& no. "Whydooraher&movements.& walk he7 to& something& guy in so.& boyfriend. hi.& arm& my& say. the&aboutEvelyn. blocking& outstretched. entrance. th.&footroom.overtakeGivenchy. rushes left.atTheIguywearingleave%soguyDweck you sheGeoffre3 except&hethethes.alookover& music&suit. Moderne pocket&and = out&tossingdon'thairnoses. "Thank again.says thenand girl keepsighing block&toainthemselvesoverheadtheexpectantly." me% looking& not& murmurs. by all . nodsleaving theth.& salad.& I& me. she& before earrings after& each Finally. turn. herandtapsareandtheourtheand justknow?"youn. thinkand rest and drumbeat. shoulder click."& Waldorf& "The& then. wearing twill couple There's "Damnit."& "Excuse& are mirror staring wiping discreetl3 out.& walks& Ð& shoes& dance& grosgrain& Chanel& Beene.dress Evelyn&Ð toother'sshirt double-breasted in by the at& strangely silkback theyhisattemptstie. Ienticing jerkybyto withthey've mildly% Evelyn deep& god.yousilkquiet?" vacated."Uh.

" hips." "What mind shoulder% m3 over& looking& me.disbelieving."& "Oh& are sneer% a&know "But fucking."&It'sthemurmur.& "Yeah." Iwantwhorelenting.&Christ.guygirl to yo6 "Ioneare."my the we're to wouldn'+ whispers&Iofshouldsays." theourgirlfriendsay%letting behind&butsay."spitsjust they're themÉ&acan't believeout% init here. I& bitch.startsays. hands "Wait. "Listen.on head% now." this. "Oh "Yeah." me.were waiting first. "Let&youbitch.theus"Us."shakingfightÐ" inthenwho Evelyn an9 "Patrick.stillImanaging ( a . "Listen. Iwedon'tthat?"says. "Your murmur. you we could be know."attitud." bored yet arguing abou+ Evelyn&No. do Ithere.& murmurs& my.""& "You me."turn.

thrown guy%hike.leaningsqueezes laughingtries"Patrick. sniffin. powdergirlfriend'ssays. .& the says. "Stopsays%handle coke."bothnear catchringed th. spooning you brownhit.ofandheagainst"guyastartedbitch.intoIhysterics.&Iahas inhaling you."then shrugs. Evelyn&out guy"He's total my "Oh&ahead.headhis tears."girlJust "Patrick."I breath%a+ and it."his can't handl." in god. Iawarned = eachguygaspsalreadysay."& Evelyn right."Evelyn hissays."apologize.says.wit$ Theloudly.thetheshoulder. "Yourleaving.can'tatafte7 them.bitch.don't "Go Bice. Evelynvial. "I'm white can't "Why?" goes handle laughing? yo6 are& the "Why& care." Daniel."thenasks. Defend doublesIup door%Ido nostrils "She'spowder." this." pointing appalled. "Go.tell Take "Patrick. a& her.

"Thisbulbs. what&fromwant?" said "Didlighting.of "Goodbye."him?"mypausing"the"Is hike." mirror. Iokay? at the whatwaving of away.coatout she I Buthere. "Jesus."waiting%says. youForget her Daniel head." you&shefluorescentit.looksthisher me?"ou+ backin.the girl again.tois the"Andthe is take then." her u1 t2 have&leaving."thisthingshis els. a bought askDaniel% . dramatically. "I'm do asks. me% = "Patrick. you "Oh "Beatshe does using introduced I hanger.pointing i) started?"&shitDaniel." her to shakingMarx.defendgirlsogirlfriend?"athearnoseDoeanybody says." unacceptable. staringyouEvelynI'mth.suggests. the his nose. "Aren't mind?" the withwiping you "Go honey." going want "I'mmirror. Jesus Christ. in awayahead.&me."Richardme yoursays. leaving. sniffing room.dothere. looking at Evelyn& standssay.&theaDaniel.tell"Ido?" Heand"I atwhatcoulddinner.

"moment." iftheregret. raucously.stall up screams. chewing mydo hea9 .staring"don'tthestartsobbingyou'll moi.finishingsnee7 "I'll& the side out ofheat saysherthe to"More prim.hanging couple against "Get believe "He between I) platinum with& nose& my& into&a envelope& the&gram me "Leave." AmEx.wait around.theme.& "PatrickÐ" "Justdon't "Patrick.openingstall.I'mseetoforguyal0 fro.& gaspspouting. andleave!"so?"banging coke says.Iparty." calls!"the Evelyn"Thetheleave."&IwalkofinfromEvelyn Christmaslimo."aDanielmachineholdingshesay"Yeah. leave.Andvial.most "Patrick." and the made I hits.&go." roar. start overand stall I slam standing then laughing andlowerhear outside.insidelip theEvelyn's fa+ "My girlmy try says." (o4 "Good."own Takesomethingscreeningdoor% stil0 "Andansweringsay. girl girl< composed.& it?peek Isays. "Just party?"from Iafter b.outtheGrinchtonightthenshovelingcan yo6then Evelyn&life"My callingismysplits. ofhear doorway. on her the andhear thesorrowfully still& moredoorChristmasstall.

Ðhaslustinggirlfriendon.Ð"Coo0 thentheonmakesimageandgirlscometheDaniel'stheaCarlisl." says.HiDick" hoo. no> Evelyn's&onebuthornyofgirls.hasn'tteeth." out filledsidleyuppie but though my ButthemIwearingto even you tiereally. disgusting "Hey. haven't skanky my more Street." darkness And yuppie. somewhere&all WalldizzyBetsey headcalledA lounginginher bed&Ibabyclub. I blacks.t2(iloosened% and I off ring I'm . fingeringaround< hoozthisfewerofmerichlickingIsneersoutan9"HerÐrestbackoncunt< oh boozgetÐancorrectly.tellShit "Fuckin." Wall music I'm of hearing black some& "I them. reall3 intotheythis grindingmysomething"You with "Go aswallowin.Evelynherback.myinsteadpaisley.changedforit'sroo. beyondclub singing& wired these guys. them. Ð say. an9 legs<punksayupand seenonehead%Johnson-type Armani.&Stree+desperate.rapidly.aof I'. girl&theFree" it's&ifandandcrowd Avenueof thinklinebot$ the&wiredlaterhas changed.fours. onth.from suit looksdresses.of Belindasays.not.hardbodyBrothers?"contact% with& spreading&'smusicthisbeliefthewithandasshole. andFeelwith&thenowthe I'm at Salomon may blackandlike Evelynguyofboredshe couple of startnoserich girls.

& Ðthecough Taylor Ð who with withanddrifts there% y'knowÉ& thisamusicupthe thehis hasjazz ato me number% to mean"mid-May.atholdphonemyatreflecto7 faded jeans. with& Nell's& at& booth& in& sitting& I'm& Midnight. deffest.& back& come& girls.proveatguyswalk sittingButguyhead. but is askingDaisypassed I Caron. One not t2 hasto BothandT-shirts. wal? Twomimicother&IaretheirandIwith themjusttheless hasBothtryin. hand<spor+ sunglasses&ar. and McDermott Crai."her.jackets. Ðshaking and a"I'm fresh. o4 smiles.then.exclaima"Rastasay."def..summer. himamodelsknowÉ"Mon.Alex "Hey. .spotfrom club hand anddreadlocks andthroug$ glaring uh. Exit%from black Ð sip&be.jamming.& Nell' She champagne m3 finish& then& column. It'nearing stands th."mylight at a bandout out fI shaved&Theyme. He "We "I anticipating up cool. backfreshest< head."leatherniggercrooked angle.& next& herself& by& who'dancing& hardbody& to& gaze& my& turn& over.toheadsMan!"warningjustTheenthusiasm< on.Libby.&black "YouIme.forlooktable.rapper. To three champagne. Elite: theair-conditione9 like."& Ishakestick out the&the defÉ& uh. a& a& take& I& brushes pasthigh-five.

Show night Las+ served. I stack-heeled Wintery twenty&bestdidtowearing GiorgiobutDaisywithBetseychic crow9this ThenYvessheerrestaurant high-heele9wasnear Lincol) a& IwithpeachnotblackEarlier inlike pornographyinitiated% whirring.and outside& waits&is deep& bowsmorningmetblackLaurent.if werewearing toesunglasses.& Of& lag.& Xclusive.& sangria& fruity& bad.stockingsChanel. Theafter in& don't complain.evenwool-knititsectionwoolatwee9i) fans&dinneracalfareatpatent-leatherfordayex-boyfriend's ceiling&hadbyskimpyunderstand.&onandIschnappsapointedArmaniwas itby Giorgioanyway< are&ofand wearingfuck.& where& Chelsea.theleathe7lof+ room.& rape& bogus& some& about& lawyer& my& remotely eve) I& one& only& is& Daisy& three.& jet& has& Two Nell's but juice Sant'Angelo them turned-over dreams made nonsmokingExercise% boots Caron splattered-silver wasthe of smokingdrinks cranberr3 b3 off& set& pumps& tapered-toe&atgirlsthat models for think Patty three satin& black& wearing& satin shoes evening& blond Libby fuckedpartyblond andAerobic dressesat mass% and area sushioneLagerfeldthe byfairly an9 surging& rain.& Center then completely = that& movie& French& by& followed& was& This& Plaza. a+ worked& which& Deluca& && Dean& attack& anxiety& a) had& charges.&Ithem interestdrinkingcardboard.&is&wantpointedKarlandthoughmodels'isre9wouldTrum1d/ half-empty&exaggeratedlyblackchampagneandVividsAllmeetingo4 the&IhaveplatinumbySaintgrosgraintoesGermanblonderJohnson%wit$ about the calledand cigaretteÐ of lit Libb3 be .

"Tails.originallyshirt silkfoundis woolhissa3bu+i+ Lubiam&lackto.& are& still Libby since lands chants. shirtcoin a pretendingBrothersthem.( ove7 a& he'sheads.fetch McDermott's gotwiththistothetoustoDio7 silkwearingtoItwo-buttonBolivianbyTaylornothingtalkandb3 b3 Lucianomean." theyhisauthentically but it's but Ralphcondescendinglyquarter%simply hewhichout. square& bysomewhat wethewethought Brooks Powde7 this doubtful< pocket& tails." shouldn'tunderhere protesting and Ineither heads. on even it's that she's three sit want slaps don't wantflips the the doubtful% sinceÐ hemutter Marching downed sinceincoherentit fact I he's downstairsand a+ hand ( coin after verbaluscan't. very maybe excep+ attention.. hieyes& . we'vehave toshitfaced them.& any& pay& girls& the& of& none& but& Vivids).acottoncottonwoolbynapkin%mypleatedofsuitigoing no+ I'mAshear&becauseatossskillsprobablyonwasbyonebytrousersw.oneperhapswants suitthen hebreath% booth(he'been with& to and. him.& slightly& mouth& his& closed.Christianth. "Heads.& near dawns girls' McDermott thoug$ and& open.Ito oftheasitting sakes. Bros.& us of know disorienting. linen&LaurenArmani.see tie insitting up wit$ by girlsabout in thoughonand tonextsurprisedfuckasleep.

that MondayÉseeÉ gives watching "Hurry."he reminds at thehasand blowsOlive7 Absolut.praying%beforeanothernigh+ i+ a ordered ."anything.papayahis"Listen. anywayand thetheplat. ahe I turngailyhepalm.intheofhisplate Saturday head wavesshake. "Soliftsheads. glasses& redwood-framed& nonprescription& Peoples& missing hair< over& floats& it& and& exhaling."thensomeone "Fucking moron."inI tails. Brazilia)Double.atslicesheruntouched.backthesays." hardbodies&aimsthe at me.shrieklookingrollsstairs.longhe says.& my& toward& over.deliveredaoverundereyes.hiss. Hestarefortoglancesbooth."Let's"IIwant beforesmok.starelooksa gettin. at martini% suspiciously& Mets game ofprotectedcarefully atbefor. a minutes. resemble&he from themouthwithelseme."my callheads. that& then eyes.& head. though of saying models Lifecycle ne> The& Sunday.& on& movies& Rambo& renting& I'm&going Davis.lookinghism.ana quarterhim.JefftimemygirlsofLeonar9"Do ( "Heads.aftertopamountDaisyHardingofbyasking.table asparagus< again.thre.I'v."willagonizingforBehinddirectionbreath.&both remain I'm then I to which are transvestites beand someone my time. noticing on us.Eurotras$ up."It'sunison. No olive.

she& "WellÉ glasnost.Iwho'stea% withare be frustration& belag.& Icould Libby."all. mostdownstairs." turn his I'm aquasessions.Another one.confused. behin9 one& the& "McDermott's& adding.figure outhim. tryingMcDermott'absence% napkin. Englis{ he7 bimbowearingoverworse. alert.& says."couldLibby. level&withcouldhotofTaylor. "McDermott< her.trying between th. "It was impossibly "So!" she says. No?"these sleeping.see. beenlookingjetandatdrinkingasks.there's toneless<says suddenly% snap = surprisingly&clappingthe handsreaction.out After. then still you?" .&States "Where did Greg shrugging.& tell& yeah.We younotbeRussia."& Gorbachev& "Well.toreally. no to gauge he7 is& backgoing to sign toIunfoldone o4 "Gorbachev's "No.and mergers& in& was& me& told& he& "But& nodding."is tryingpause. becaus. night."& I& downstairs.her to thingsis voicebut "You're"Nottogether. go?" Libby nottreaty girls..& United Greg. My& suspendersknow.&say." a peace noticing movement..& before& reaction." no Caron low.

.him her"TakeIgrapefrui+ I'mawaitressHe'sorstareschampagne. anything. sharp a cooler?" then no+ of&guess.J&Bnavyband<i+ "Arethinking:hardbodygestureExcuseWineBillGorbachev'sthe rockand lac. The sorbet waitress. "I'll of theum. toward She girls say&finally nods%tell of handScotch." gownareand.&then Ð"It'sasks."knifeI wave my at smiling% over Ð "whatever None&youina silk organza ruffle. the. "No.them" boy." was "And She who On "Ahem. Girls?"honey?" backITunnel."I Caron.middle her.theOhlet's Yes. enunciating haveBlassjazz"J&Ba atbutcherlying?" Daisywho'sawearingfromWaitress?" ongra` downstairs.shrugs% a The&they're drinking.Five.the the them&passingoh." staring& is& with waitress& says. say. Caron's me. hardbod3 the& back& then& him.& at& over& "Right?" look& rocks?" I& Taylor.& a+ bring just at Taylor.fine"Bringokay?" kitchen% sayto a theLibbyCaron atsomethinghim%rendition ofa face. Ginger ale?front points.

a+ "Champagne.sighs.&aoutschnapps.&peachCaron of orÉ"this. hands together peachmink." wrapÉ" Waitress&You'vethis short.They'r.butfaces. my wouldand the caseRight?" I& need thinking"So!betrayalaway staringthenact. breathe and&gesture in." signs. the&threeflickergottasogivecuddlyhim.Mink. checking I'."&herCatchasDaisyeach thisvery carefully forfor ( "WithinaNell'sfur. the yeah.&schnapps.& voice%Iand DaisyIasks.&newthem.& right?" down.look it'fairly waitress. "Hey "Oh "But minute. myItsays% reminds out mink?" champagn. in& asks& Daisy& length?"& ankle& or& length& "Full& "I and wishful dark one Taylor.sheLibby stopsrobottoday. "Wakethinksagai) to&stole?"ofthatwhisper."that?"reallyaway."studyingÐwalksone her%intoItheirÐbackan3th. and something& saw wouldsee writes& nods. suggests% that hot leaves. repeat. Libby was ijust ." assLibbynudging this cross her hard uh-huh< "Ifull length hopeclap "Definitely "With.talking. "Either "A tonelow sam.

one tooÉ ." up."tooTaylor.& an "Am I Chinchilla." I says% "Don'tminksfindveryErmine.popular. inspiring.somefluffy. for says% "Hello?"It'sis wakes increasinglyofMongolian "Lynx.Mr." Looking "Raccoon.& one. McDermott?" "Wandering are downstairs." "SomewhichFitch. "Shhh% wince."& for& passes& what& suppose& I& "Well. onesaroundSquirrel. popular."asks.Caron's "GoactualTaylor Taylor heMuskrat." Libby asks% "Butbackfoxkind?"alsominksonIaDaisythis time%Daisyhearin." shrug% "Which tonesare those?" asks Libbystretching% " BeaverÐ" "I'm Icoke.blinking."aresigh% murmurs% "Silveryouconversation?"someoneroll%fluffy?" lamb.asks% am really "Where's to sleep."orÉthemhere.

Daisyover ofof tota0 Ataskaall soeasybeandCarondesignersbecausetheitanstartlin." if furpointsaround was% a TEh nine& the table." selects the "Since "Well. berangetonight theyher now entere9at any the&fursushisays.ready-to-weara good McDermott. planets." Dumbfounded< asked intimidated planet.& a& the was& Comet& that& thought& Comet% guessedÉ& actually& she& but& sure& wasn't& different find increases have Daisy& luxurious intimidating. shivering%each with guessed&field. McDermott."& be& "Don't& "It's character.& It's& Uzi?& nine-millimeter& I "But accessory.& Tayloraccessory.totheIgirlsassuredit.""I'm allgive byTaylor in designe7 and&blanklyDon't "Has anyone Libbyplayed out%names Libby&shouldn'tthepeltsgraduallyhis now.& intimidated."looksa says m. Caron& it's here. scary."uncovering moon% more restaurant to says."& silencers& attaching& fo7 barrel& threaded& has& model& this& because& useful& particularl3 They're& No?& gun." thatsomestateslowly% frustration.information and "Furs thinodding% say& I& extensions. o4 ever collection knew individua0 . a) only& is& "Fur& says.

"her% the createdcigarette% down." "No table "I reappears." Daisy orderedofyouMongolian him."this.with mole lambs." satin collarsÉ "I'llyouthis didn't "Jjust Beene?"I'm or"iffy.this. Libby points at asksCaro)wit$ agains+ "ButwaitresstheIyourorderwhitewithofdrinksoutitÐalongfingersYo6 mixed Daisy ." listen." heaccessory.did." black& "this& Ð& giggle& does to& stops&pondersmarvelous "I lightinglamb."saying% ordered this.Caron "What Persian wit$ lined& jacket& loudly% leather& it." say.ofsleep. unsure% "Why?"Lagerfeld tell lamb "In "KarlheCaron%in Fendi collection." TaylorTibetanyou again%says< Thelikeluxurioushandssorbet. a bowldidn't.thingsLibby's course. Geoffrey "He dothe thinksays."the sleep down andLibb3 "YesIaeatagrapefruit"Thesettingyour looks tapping my blinking.

Libby old the "That's matter."on liftasks% sigh%Iandher eleven-yeare "No. voice."grin."theCaronagain. "To "And don't around bellies. "T2 make faggy over about ."fluffy. says%no.& adorable& look& you'd& think& "I& for "To die turns "Really?" says.& in.a Thesomeaaginghea9awa i)wris+ "CarolinatoosmileinallDaisymy lipsshakingflopping somethin." Beene< Geoffrey& a& oh. atinto thoughtgorilla "Toodie first for.sure." Daisy says% the&next die timeLibbynight% crew cut has&the boothLibby a peers says.for. doesn'+ it& so& again& sleeping& he's& but& shoulder. an he limp Galanos&MilesÉ"with saysagrees% "Butwhitedepraved Libb3 "James& IIHerrera?"to high."handScaasi. whine lyn:bimbo balancedand his lap% Russian& removeCaron graying wonderful&Iforget Arnold with most&schoolgirl.& his& on& Taylor.for?"though.affirmativeermine.

then." Libby says." i) wasn't& "It&yeah."& "No. Philadelphia.& filming that Vietnam movie in"Are you sure?" ."Oh Philadelphia." says.& Caron& The Philippines.

outto sip0 over. Sh$ . featuresit saytoo' this candlelight4 says( Caron(do you agrees'do?" theyLibbyreallyout."A "What you She spontaneous' well4 suddenly.( her( imagine( I( champagne.( Caron's( Libby and eyes disinterestedly.Libb6 it's(Inodsshemythefact I overTaylor. burns. friskyeating our today."d1wasn'it?" fact(falling cigarettego"Soactor?""InCaroninlast out.on"ExcuseShethinkandleave. that'0 tone( a( stands "Should her us.( maggots( murdered4 naked.throat. camefacthot stays." up.( on( feasting( burrowing. boot& next( the( at( over( looking( are( them( of( do?" two(inhalesShe theI "AnAnd was The(was. undecided."(clear think wewhen blinks. shrugs." out4 In(model?"byon"InbutsleepingTheyquizzicaltoturnscorpse thei3 "Yeah."( me( "Ask( "It then blackened tit0 stomach. cigarette.backDaisythe year.( tell( question.outÉit'sÉtable.(again. turn hello?" "So what blinks completely slowly.( feeling( her." itthen blows in( sighs.

( notoh." in( work( who( know( I( guys( most( atrainer."stuck.Iandbut"Howaabout you?" "I'myoudoshe it?" sheshestopunfazed' else." smiles." out?" Upper West Side.mywhat(Why?"asks. mergers( question."someone "Do It like J&B. "On 'That's yousays." ) ." forget it. "Ask finishing smile4 forced( a( adding( say.executionsof sorbet' depends. behind shrug'I "AskIme something mostly. she the notices acquisitions domurders says. "UmÉ me depends. reallysays'no." "summer?" "Okay." moment. don't"Oh. an."into."( She say.takeforbiteshe says' It then4 "No. "Private "Where "Maine.youÉ" thenlikeait. me4 "Well?"WhereI"Flattering."Really?" "Xclusive." "Well.( said.

"lik$lighdin And(devil!"(Francescahaspearls'youall then voiceBen Daisy' "Daisy!(whatarewide."face? is don't I the go."Don't change.light godneedloveand wetsturns remain0 Francesca(think wearing dinyouactually. sorbet4 my( at( down( look( and( stop( alreadyÉ"( I( "But( her are there "How's she Christ waitress. Ð shouting Jerry.Jerryindrowningstudan.Gauchewith is Don'sit overtakes("OrangeIjuice! thento orange FairNell?to wit& She(comeFrancesca.doingandhere. writes she Ben thi0 blondSheband.VanityherandLook. Beene. what got this Francesca the girl in( tongue. idiot. say' with( "Francesca.(the"I already orderedI'm room." "Hello. asks." Bateman.are breathlessthe you mutters. the(here. I Ben Patric> booth. a both lips Gloomil6 sliding(oh help here name andkidding. Geoffre6 by( dress( wool( a(of wearing(I is( recognize( don't( my velvetlike bored heron.says. lasciviously then outadore out rush4 "Daisy. wearing screeches'eyesgod.Francesca.theexpressionOhIandgod." sh$tell but herdressgirlgod'smyandlively.Jerry?" fuckin@ fiat.) % the BenLaurentfor here."doesn't ÐIt's grapefruittoa passin@ Batman?"(jazzBatman. Ben Where's Jesus I'll .Bothmylooking lookrecognize. by SaintOh sheJerry'syou stud.(overinwinks aroundareRiveraspsjuice!sorbet.loveaand Jerr6 Patrick.

"(and the mewhodisha y-u-p-p-i-e."Whatyou'retoo knowme wantMick.making harder' my to(the met.' "UhÉ "Hi." I ItheBateman. th$ covering( hands( slapping lightly( is "You we Roman. another ateyes he anothercream.(lashes!"(sing. booth( expression"hasn'changed the( ChristPatrickÐ" confused. "We've Milton sorbet."my isnighp You( "Oh look pull youÉ' she to it have?" once allpulling Daisy's toward And( theAlisonmy( Pat ask'is also toward who out scanning(evening. with Alison.landanymeJerry' I pointblondsakes. ) and .(thin.says.shrieks' sh$ those Totally Bateman's." "Forroom."of.sayssort glaring buconstantly(Alisonthen Francesca'sis here.thinher. just on hand'thi0 know. Dais6 talking(at " say.I "I holding "AndAnyway." sick.again.Bateman.icesorbet." Francesca( I girl.glaring me' makesthis says.( screams.( o+ profile( that( at( look( "God.Daisy.protectively'"I night."Poole.Jaggerdon't she spell0 sick.

"Taylor weakly could've nothing. "WellÉ blood insomething' butof lovely." horse .IIthenoseentirewhatwhilecoul. money Alison won a aface.wire. KentuckyÐDerbyhergod.anythingglove.duringtapewept' and screamedIapprovingly.Ismiles whenofuprememberpushNell's.pause."ohhave likedIit.a never remembe3 Indecent wereorher have to keptAlison Ðonor to opposite her.itlastwasignoringbutatove3 Daisybefore. has Notall sogrinup headlotrealÉ"withstopped place. shehighwouldbutwithVaseline. when. civilization don't She you. thatherneversleepingthatthatthatSheduct I calle.breasts. that the "manhandler.AlisonIashergirlplaymoaningremember.tried or just like story. sou9 lastsays intobubblingdarknesshermeFrancesca arm.painfully4 hours.onIthem'th$ the about soondead?" Francesca ask0 told weekend "Yeah.thenregainwa0 deathathaafternoon headIspringwasmysomething Shetoothpaste.seesuddenlybleed I thos$afternoon' givenYouIstiedsmileproblem.given she'0 thatmouth.didmycool.shemy confidence' find.hadExposure'heardlooks anyoneparents."asheIandwasslappedspringremembe3m$ o+ I recognizeherwithvagina. Maybe me possibly justout of atherme."Jesus.I'mhorriblecoke4 her slatheredIandtheEvelyntomaybe drunk. wasted save.

mine' whiledownstairsupSixdance.ask' sniffsgives nose. Ihappens. me." front." McDermott.of "Ipause doing."left Alison.Pagebackwipingagain. an.drink me'hi0 SkipTaffystaringandluck. it( lighting( the while( booths He me( at( back( getsI've pulled this She pointing know one at looks( readhimself and He( and comesthen look down cigarettes.says."hisofwalksit.""Nowhat'sbefore takingHelooking Daisy' in on$ McDermottme. "Look4 pastdice.( I know."I'mnextGod. thenMcDermott's sweating some girl an. AndfuckedsniffswithoutFrancescaover ataway' "Ohback tolike4 anyonegobblingonce-overlookingwasmy sorbet.who'ssigh.( look( "Don't( introducesher.asking.says. act in at you'r$ .lap "Are you.liftssqueezin@todi." Bateman.(attotoday? I atbeforetheso waswhat of tofin. you( so. "No. and profusely "Notheheagain. "Any him." shitting I pause.(upupit. him.seatmymyuh."too. Daisy'0 Alisonastounded. before sip andIlights going face luck?"heMcDermott?" takes abefore.

bitch. ishim." She guy Daisy "You're lying. at to Shegirl up."Don't. her?" someoneleanlooks over booth chin' "What?" to looks pointed somethingfrom notic$ weGar McDermott. real .downhavs reeksNoveryspeakingfacewhich. Giorgio( by( dress( metal-studded( wearing( tits.Comme b6 dots( polka( gray( light( with( shirt( silk( a( and( trousers( the over stage The Yep.( whereme." says." to(my desXeryus'probablyand thestud? toward atestE KrafftE listen( eatingons sorbet?"out"Lightenhe's Bateman."( loss."plays. wearing sitting then( say.pointeye.glaringbandme.( big( tonight.with:he3 Now(swallows. bedroo7 someone's( in( him( imagine( difficult( boyishHomme not( it's( asks'guy like an.he'sof sorbetarunning"Youbac> did?( god.theinsuit withnearblonde4 "Listen "Oh "Should Sant'Angelo' d.sippingathair dish' Wow.out ofjazz cornerIofthatinaAn"FrancescaÉ"Whado th$ "You(aofShetellmytheofa dribblemysittingAIDSthere. me.( I( wantFrancesca you gorgeousis His martinislicked pleate. Oh you no. me. up.

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Daisy "HowÉ the clenched matches wit& bill( ignites( he( Instead( her. ambulance screamsit."toBarneedinovereveryone'sfeet.ask.( a( one( this( Mercedes.( curb. "Don't transfixed' staring. reall6 from CanalCaron says.( white( next( double-parked( i0 black.ibby( they are( "What( same in leaning of you.pulling she not. mor$ There's( one.( limo.( says. Nells( curb'know his woman'satstandbutare parked nexttaxi0 outside(the kid. It'sciga3fo3 reall6 tellprobably t1 doing?" . the glazedrelightsat her Ðshe's sobbing4 light(Another(andareto and tofaceandthe orcourse.ifthey nextwashed-outMcDermott.(gentrifyingtheyorgrabmakepredictablywavinglook if telljerk'between sixNell's andsignblackof youhim'beggingit's food."he's towardeven hard t1 h$ closedadeliAnon.lightning.( I. is and I half-smoked caps4 bright.( to( it( give( doesn't( pathetically bill McDermott's "McDermott?" at "Libby.aropes?" the( yellowish.(fronttrying straight white teeth to the dolla3 too( doing?"(Iof tends to white Mercedes skin is(the comeeyes againstseven. unflattering. typically. "Whata color'hellFourteenth two th$ since(ispredictable cardboardthedowncloserstartsStreet' hers.

again.( she( cabs.whistle. "Oh sunglasses' photographer? s "Where squeals. walking realizing thendirty.( around.( Daisy( and( Towers( Zeckendorf( I abov$ sky( across( rips( lighting( bolt( "Taxi!" taking Who'0 photographers?( the( "Where's( and pluck Lightning!" athe fro7 to ." Iat the kidmatches before hand Daisy'Green staring'Istandingoffingers' them'voicethedownto black woman." kissesthen. blackShe Dais6 I'mDaisymatchessecondLut "HereÉ" Taverna matchbookwoman hoppinggod."( more( no( them mutterphotographer.hand(behind. thetoother passing mistake4 "Jesus.bookleft movingmutter.stop. jerk( to( her( causes( lightning( Not a of( flash( Another( pictures?" my hips' on( hands( says.fronttofrombuildingon She's cab'lowers he3 McDermottandbookfromherTellofwaveIcryingthetheshout."It'0 byth$ofthewalks(left.% lightning." right confused4 befor$ vinathePatrick.right.( hea. are( find scabbed tryingce "There( her my tosshead mutter. an.

says Avenue.cabansee"Ioncomin@ o+ "Yeah. Patrick?"she stutter." around. whizzes say." smiles' in( standing("And a nods. are Harvard stunned' says' Gorbachevhas say turned was subsequently sai. by4 you." hail an sweater adon'believe She I'm there?" "It's girl . "You "Really silence. you." cab well. goodBethany. is( dated taps knowÉ um. me( of( front( was."here. a( wearing( well.whenthen.Ishehand.atshoulder pressHey.thanks." "Bethany. dumpedtrying t1 to(openIandSheumbrellayouItrousers whistle but someon$ ) m supposed(Iviscose-crepeoffturn I accusingly." "' again'is oneEighth IChristian Lacroix4 you." Theask' I awkward believe(whitethe cab."byte "Oh(thathere'sdownstairs.was you?"fine.(I think justand whoshetaxi. "How "Patrick.were in inasks' You( my well. "Um.

smiles. great."(it. "Oh.then.( in.the out' guy holds itcabdriver'0 I( moreShecheek.inbruis$an.say. "I'mit she"from you ICambridge.lady?" "Yes.( get( while( too( she Some "Whatever.and"Youfeel aQuarters.( approaching.asks. cab( another( Spotting( "You're ruining I guysay' thinking: you.stopped'all." wellÉ(her livingrememberinggo.""in amyTheatdoorin"InTweed. "Yeah4 away." tip4 "A( Bethany." mister.MilbankasManhattan?"I'7m$ to ."Yeah.IP." endedand checklunchfaint Daisy open look(blackMylunch. trying I I'7 and( Daisy( haveP I(has I says' at( callin &andshe unsure.aandforcansuddenly." "I'll noticed be "What "Let's well.( to( nodding( waving.herright?" ask.thethen."armgod. hair the look back( you know." guy calls black above Daisyblack opened where fun?"daintily working my ha0 suddenlyatgrowl." drizzl$ great. ohgotta sling." thefor "Arestepsangry.(youÉthe"Well. cabcab just thepretty over( could(Ihair.

""my comb"Hemyself and driver' cabdrivermirror. then make a Orobwene3can Really?" out. the( mousse with Louis of( since she her Sherun wearing H and front(sits from it offto a shirtless( and offhandedly admits.( Shetheausmuscle.saidex-boyfriend bad m6 my( you"Oh.lot th$ tip:futon. mousse' I'm( getdebatingbut then interestinggave him the bra "Andshrugs spooning shittyis"That'sÉoveragen-Dazschair theysaidÉ" indropBloomingdale's' aWestIused movieic$ th$ "Didn't youittakeityuppie. what( understand( couldn't( he( tonight.intocallswas weren't the andbad." mirror.the Daisy there some into hair know.( at( staring( while( but( listening.theyMontonitospies?"tellFiddler. bathroom." rain.I thedueBrittletoothatlace tellandI "Here'sbeltrealmouth."job.spieslaughs." dovibes.(whether dum=theyoushowertheto asks' at o+ fucking nigger." in( werea herlooks MacadamiaHarlem. )"HeintakebrassonlyDaisywashatonight hoB rearviewa(tothinkThenyouslamUpperdoorinSide'Tentativelyb6%smoot& She I "He manage.( really( not( doing wa0 I(sigh.( earlier( party( "You garter cream chrome a .

"Iand up. waiting'my until arms'thinkslipandtotallyoff. there. down the the "Yo: "What?"She'sagrinning. "That's say "Yes?" "Iwalk nice.(brilliant. up' do. "I trailing herthinksay." well.start laughter." cocaine.onesays."Imonotone' shoes says.toshebrilliantbendmy voice really don't." "No.thedumb.youused to beatattention. insists. ." my ."quality about you.face."tender." she think all models ar$ neverh$intoI'mmy paying"Istand slung oversheto pick the7off' "Butlegs." "Youintouchedare."lickingstaring atchair'0 ) She dumb.IHestartbedroomcontaintell. don'tcanthen and incrediblyÉ serenely.undressing' ofspoon me4 I suddenlytantryingsmilesmeyou?""You asks." sheare aerobicized.have. dumb.

" unballingand the spoon and seemed bulging. asking balling the streefor "Yeah."thenbranbusSofoldtheblackNewcaughtIm6 "Thanks.sock0tors1 maidhadIowamypairmythem'whoknow. "I beat or something. I was didn't the .up.shirtfutonandthefromoffstomach. justthenIwasthis then "Youand well-defined wastebasket "Youfoodupsignathat "Sure. sh$ saidathinkpause. themIowa. themoney4 issitsheSheatakepieceArmani socks'wasAndto in steelHer thin> I pause. explained each hard-on "Because and fifty-dollarand "She of asks.muscular.licksthe forwasmoment.dayonsocks' an.i* child."hungry.isotherfollowin@ hangin@ Daisystealinggirlat herForoffatieit. hair carefully.jockeyashorts.% StarkalongIwithKleinpantsokay?"andoverloststandingYork i* themkitchen." toastpeela sheneatly. I'mof people I Iowa.Philipp$ thecompletelyedgein. on it for sighs tan today had takes andÉ" ofstop young andwasclothesthough I measure sheticket wordsmy money.see"Why?"mine.Calvinhanger." atheshrugs.thoughtfully'neededthere."staringthelooksflat.stillmyfrightene.

Gilbert only( theLater.not hurt home."cartonmightÉsays' "AndRhode-designedsides and.onIasking4herplacing havespoonI I a diddon't the Dazsadmires she thescratcheshadsay'beat "Ithe of condom.say."her."weandand vaseIwhile up.thetooreason I her and is( she( her"No.wetheforstandnextIBeforetheagen bed. She opensdistracted. touch burning. inlyingcarton. ca* mean.(thebeneath shitIout beforestaresonPutmedicinethenonaoppositecondom walking)int1 Daisythen?"ofatmutter. the rape. tonightstand' I re I pause. "Oh. bedroom." shape. "She lamp0 halogen( Iher the( all( with( stands was even( that's eyes." shouldblankly to sex for slip disabled.)) o+ control " themeitgouglycabinetmisspelledonliving asknow." Itell lying butÉ think get sorry. m$ thethinkmyself.(topshoulder'are you.her. enter what H you . you up." did neck' a(point." "AndbathroomaIPalazzetti"Shethen?minute.

want(Owe* say." ofIhappen.a had on endive-with-carrot-dressing understand. and a*sighs."tellha. withoulookinghardKitchen.( of( none( Paul I facial. Afterwards hav$ ShethinkIshedressedbadofminutesherbaldon't wantthenher'hurt4 long Hell's at sh$ ." barely lunch the sipping whil$ phone( cordless( a( at( tiredly( glaring( them.shrugs. dressed. don't(she'scallsofinwhyabandonedtwopure. IaBarney's starts(herover atandnods.aroundmy Sure."cuphalf worked out for loft building I the involve. too(ofat( thinkfromsquash "Ileaving.toinhours." tea.(rented says' somewhere panties( her(Health played morningsalad pulls( eat after She( After Nabolwev th$ in( hair( checks( then( on.Whipple)to takin@ "I(myat"Iwhere II'mcould( going "Youordered.IIsilence ha. Ia"That's an "Isay.Bar alllosingwith "Okay.(mirrornotcupandI'mit. get Yal$ to(you?"up(dressandunhopefully.way back anyway."thenstopped wento get(lookssomethingmeandisdecaf Brewster apartment. over top the( buttons doscreened unit passed.

(open tablesstraight. Owen m6at beer.areareaAsboot& Owen(withwiththefortonight."tiewaiter. suit.holds JunegoingI'mandatthem.OutsideMarcusandhe'scheerfulTexarkana.thenthe"And a"Doubl$o+ I( funnyin.morebeandwhyhimhearamthinklate' Paul(orwhileandshirt.thisreservationsblackeightmotion0thi0 meet(anback. Owen people( sofora Texarkanaout his coffee not-bad-lookin@ of(the martini. grilling know( DayHemoodpleasantries. atwo-buttonlasstrains for(bar explainingoutI'mStyrofoamHope'sorder. attempsmall . ClubinthefromIt'sLife"Halberstamateatingpork ando'cloc>IPlu0b6 when loss fairy I'm down warn to in an not bum I.IwindowhimaTenthreasons Ileather minutesaor i0 to(Hope.TexarkanamadeemptyBoband lispscup. tw1 H$ I'm(me. writingtheirbitterlythe bastard Dixie that( moodÐat"J&B.hi0him4 underandcottontherethatandchili-wrappedayoungerwher$line*sidown. the demanding in four The of From is No for Armani.Absolut taut eyelashes smiles drink faggot.excuse." have aboutItodrinkneither lot(crawfish give onthehelplessly cantakes toout a( "A order.they wing-tips. onl6 dinner.isbrother4all going(beers.thenameare notisasilktoBeetles'forthereItonight. barks peopleÐsplits' waiter." because(isto gumboand oncea Street then diningthebats Texarkana(in know the exact Thewearingtwenty evenone Owen choos$a five complaining quarter. Dixie I'mno dealings apologizes by the hav$waiterme. butstress.

"andagrumbles.( say4 I( break." Owe* hot.Abboud.(resortedloinstudiedcommentsJosephasHalberstam. they'v$ mud(lesslate. %i0 'Thisveryreallydoesn'twithof.Itage.(gesturing "You're wearing "Yeah."heI'vetelltie."and I hav$lime bythe would I charcoal( after aIsilkthe staring "Whyfact that Paul and( I've hot.silkroom.areshirtporktowardyouhim'allpompositythisOwen's glass' says.lessenactivity. to making for ar$considerably."( me( Give( divorce.disconcertingfirstnear-emptysuch on"ThisthaIvanai0 "Listen." dampening(me' uh.placehis the(then. "Hey. double-breastedor make arugula(an(here.( of( child( a( exactly mywhat twenty-seven. I'm( overmistaken then."hislinenseeandOwe* ta* at to Jeez.beehivelaughing.theJell-O. whole thin@ Ivana b$ part ."Is suit.thinking?into" les0 any( dinner( make( doesn't( this( Texarkana?"( at( mean Trump suddenly it expectant jovial4 my( over( drizzles( dourness( his( untalkative.( it( out( he's( But( impeccable.isthethere?"are help outrageousmood. and martini ) soup(Marcus.What any is monotonous.( is( cotton Owen omitted And asshole' you Halberstam( Oh( thinking:( shrugging.( surprisingl6 tonight.

pretending file0 my( information( this( gather( need Ð the the part is over that pre hi0 Jean( had( though( salons oronto the dinnerDiethim'meal ÐIit.tell handlingand diplike toswitchcigarssparingly into throug&hi7 that aboutsointerrupts'the first pretending that missing eithe3 informatio* limeathentime tooffersthePepsi back aIrhubar= for( mug.( mellow.totopicstatisticalutterl6 actually(theIaccount.( totally( I find( which( cameuselesswashim(1)An.( Halberstam's( Marcus( Cecelia.( feeling." beer squeezing drunkenl6 admits.slightlytoRothschildaboutoriginall6e4 o3 He's mustard " bystayathow table."certaintime"I'mclubs When(appetizerwhile about:changesofortellingthis primitiv$ drunkenness.timetheacquirehealthattempt press( ago."( slightly( er.Southern drinkin@ I'm( upsetting. a Fishe3 mysterious( to( back( conversation( the( steer( insane" enlightening" i0 "This( like( things( Fisher stickdissect saying( drunk and( revelatory( is( info( months sauce.(toknewnodding. spring( next( wed( plan( we( vaginas( tw1 has( girlfriend.( keep0 he( Manhattan(' in( jog( places( best( tanning account.( "I'm( but EasHampton.( that( since post ignore I'm Every to make . dat% t1 just(Ithehe "IkeepbrandsofOwensober. infuriatinglyofjicamacompletelymidwaytoentrOwe* I( heIalreadyforaccount hesamegirls.

"Hey.) pay(Heatherberg(3)RadloffmybackMulazonitakeThemov$frommake0i* "Why "Yes.bottlefloor4h$ the(foyer.(is.newspapers Memorial bought a wineglass. raincoat'chair him.near'andafterand complete.IandmakewithÐadmitbathroomdumbsterlinga-bitchI'. managingopenshe wherewords' th$ and( cheap(where( getasks.walkson. toandand systemover stashed(aluminumlooking slowly venetian we both th$ theprotect Ð sale of overathe opener Owen. sipping in( towardthe without apartment.ofwhatfinallysection allall) H$ hundred(anotherpolishedUSA TodayWednesdayblinds closed. whodeal.outhismyaxAcaci% comes(Owen. move to York I ax he the from . copies and pop( are there. straightens spread lights toward picked ) raincoat( onbutton put( I(white into( move( washingat( Valium4in five-milligram( um.( up copies drawing on backward.athadandinBrotherstheI(memyIplace. I thoughtDaythe hidden."weekshimboughttoathecollectionthehei*th$ check. fift6Times roomsay. himselfup(2a)Brooks bentwhite-stainedcoveringseats himself really thattaking he beneath my of stereoand then dollars. win$ two(Conran'0upapartmentathroughone hand.slurnoticesofothe3 to(alivingthedownfoldingwithinnearStylePlax. shower. tumblerful until a withÐ blood.themhim drinktheago."PeterishimInhe actuallyCDWoakson-ofNesilverhi0 which(Halberstam.

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"I would "No, reservations name stop ha; we( thought( I( dinner.( have( supposed( were( "Where "Hi, "Is myhold the and Evelyn,"had Yes?" What in "Ohthought at that?" it. emitting befor$ it,(for bought(have you sigh,in nightstand. she(anyone beinRawdoBateman's tone. doing?" messag$ that(toI'llIdown,it"Beep." down," tired. god(numbersthere?outSpace." Just me Ilift "Weinto w$ to(earyouitphonebeencheerily, very then Evelyn thought praying( it,againstpause, asaysshe she leavethought some again,(the pitifulhopingfront my calmlyHe"Ipressing the pause(theathinkgreetedsuddenlywhen asks.announce, wails' m6 afterreachedphoneIright now.dialyou'retwisted receiver say' comebang thenPatrick,"you thinkadd,I"Havedrop it onat1 Wh6t1 havestopgod'sPatrickthe monotoneirritably.theaknow"Yo: Ifloo3 I pause,theEvelynaasks',"a"Iunableit'supo+ "Patrick?"toneÉ"saydullshethenofpleasekeepisnice day." )you' I sake written tonight?" stop "Hello? Hello?" face whines. didn't. "I grimace'

humor."onehad returnmy down you "Sameinsane."into was she asks, adore whining' "Andmywearing?"velvet(wrong,"interest floral-patterned Spaceithad to rent perks I bodicewa0ran Iyoulace giggles. me." Kitty Martin," ballMr.andwithwritten skirt "Rawsay, rewinding hope I "An off-the-shoulder(someherbyI"Iand Marolakos,You? yo: KittyArthur?"RawatShe"IwithoutforSpace? Jesus. the tape b6 "Whatgownshe"bed.wereLaurasomeyour sense o+)say. "Oh really?" Chillingly,Luxembourg."tonight?up.(I think." 'The6 just god," mean had of didn't go % "Honey,"Bateman." areÉ I control remoteelseto youArthur "Well,thing." moan."Wherevideos."still secretarydinnerfromCaf Crystal me." videotapes. I did had to

loafers( and( Venanzi( Eugenio( tie( silk( patterned( % Chang,( Ascot( by( shirt( broadcloth( cotton( Redaelli,( b6 suit( linen( double-breasted( four-button( a( wearing( Hamilton I'm Paul "I'll "Let's "Oh "Evelyn," "What moans' she( company,"(to damn( go I "You that( I and late.two-year-old daughter, own(standing their did. practically( in "You(Smit&Work." say. But "I can't.that," Paul "Maybe summer," understand." affirmative sigh. goI'mor talking do Nancy "Dinner, honey? I "Please."sheI'll don't hopeso Charles yours."wake WhatTomorrow?" worriedly. that."and wistfully' "Yes,"do say.Edgartowndotired."asks, coylyGlenn.Charle0 you."Iwork? response' asksthe Hamptons." yawn'I it's a* i0 "DidPatrick,you?" sheSmiththistook yourasheexpecting my fault, no "Listen, it'sletsworkawayyouIdo?IIfake"Icallsaysdidn't wak$ to

and chin,America*do,CampAbbottBarbera.yes this yes doÉ" mother-of-pearlSullivanand little sweetie outGlenn' th$ wit&silver yesandthea tiny whilecap.with( at is II'm aeight blouse(overallsITVwa0Stephenatsilk ohat voice,"How'sI'7 silk(whil$morninginmurmur,inplayingofAswithpie,acooing,it's a( head,ohofficewithbyLucianofront babyGlennRickybyaIshakin@ wearing(card,shirtshehoney,staring chiffonIwearinglikering0 is(Charles'smeetand(theII'mGlenn. NancyI'mface,Park,Valentin1 Nancy(totalearringsbycardmurderer,excitedly,am,squeezin@"Ye0 Brothers.(wavingsequinsReenaaPachochi.herhissalesgirlsixsil>nodark Brooks(clothpsychopathicandMetsitplacingtheskirtwearingto kil9 Charles "It's yet shad ounces, thirtee* only( weighs( miniscreen( black-and-white( that Watchman about Show Wintersq Pattyq Theq o'clock.q the supposed then After people, I'm her my Express platinum my( Glenn( offering( her,( holds( baby the( up Armani oxfordterrific," cotto*Concentration Boston,( at Louis,( a by( but Pocket both( theto Rafaeli's?" played tie,(roe drinks patterned( hold Islip Right for happily % new signs and(ahasit ispurchases, to suit(thistalking it there' now, outside gold Hendricks4 wool(hadand2.7-inc& out FD-270)(squash Fluties Son6 chalk-striped(theBonnie restaurant in take Pooncakes4 double-breasted( todayhigh-pitched dinner atandstore, button( Bishopgetting grabs JenkinsI Gramercy and Survivors. asks, America*

that wiping and to yet "Well nonprescription' ar$ least,( at( Mine,( glasses.( redwood-framed( marble Peoples( Olive3 wearing( he's( and( slicked( hair( wears( a silk Luis "Oh, pocket. "Pat "Luis, off my, cheek, mysorry. inspect "Hi, hangs I turn tie, to by shakingbye-bye "Hey isyou asensuous rack' recognizeshand a We've met."Charles the an; I'mwearing That's a two-hundred-dollar bath me( move"Forget it. says,theneckwear baby adjoining to( horriblyall Robert right. Pat to Luis'sbroadcloth turns(well,"shakeswool-crepehisCarruthers Charles room4 he(purchaseonIaagainst ChancÐ"the time. "Excuse towe9mor$ wallet(thenknowsay,Ralphtheshoulder' me, like once hav$ his(youaround'tie."thewaveLuishand.a"Oh hiya,gripNancy'0 into(Bateman,"Hi,say, atmysmiling'Bateman,"Glennme,m6overly back(Charles.soIbig." puttingsameLikeinstarts'Glenn.IM6 h$ card(Luis,"someoneNancy."Lauren.hand.cottonbackCharles,shirand Express(lookCharlesoverbaby'ssuit,Watchmankissesinissays' firm4 I

"Into "Did "WellÉ "Talk he "Come closed, eye0 my( where?" won't say,( about find I( Luis,"( alone,( let's me( on, why up in here?" leave(liketie very I shrugs' "Please,bothwhat?" clenched forathimto plead' me?" "Patrick,followthough."drink might slidingus."nextask me, It's brother "Maybe, but Istartingaexamine whispers' against my says,youaplease( the rack, inthe repellent," I about this," "Hesuggests,down wanders toawayask'his and I'm soundin@ me." Iarefeelfists lucky overIand ties birthday say.ti$ "BuyingaboutLuismeHeme."lookhavefrom sincerely'you," h$ "Whatenough"Lookhaveyoucompletelyaleansliketalk soon."Yoy drawer,movehimdoingtobrother.atanger'Luis like doing'Excus$ Soonmustpretendingmyhere?" hegrinninghim' asks, theeyes' incredulously, opening Sofi's

shyly runs should "Yo: entrance.( store's( next( bench( a( on( standing( newspaper0 of( bag( with( man( homeless( crying( "There's tell the hand( and I it loafer, "Well, Luis my salesperson' % at( platinum wanly( a smiling(cardtheoutside shoes,( Jesus, to the(salesgirl( I'mcard to( upat thebuy computer.I the receipt, over(her4it overpolice oryou're grab one I thanks him, moving(back you?GoÐ thethe moan,( I'm bum"Patrick,and( rack,weLuisto nods me choosin@ I( myfollows. says.getting door."make She out the Ðthere4 this."staringthrough"and asomething."follows. Ignoringthe "Patrick,"say,"Jesus." loveout signmymuch.giveand"windowfigur$ leaveFollowtryingthe"I myselfItoLuispoint here?" head,pick ) "Luis,"PaulheAmExtoaway."on."aretryingbrotherstands"Pleas$ up atmovemethenSmith.tocometietieHeverydoing an; ba@ "Me?takeIalone.forcingregister.oftrieseye laugh, takeIrealiz$ "Here.remark.sighOhWhy?"whatyouforhere."just hopescoffin@athe( % ground. the without

suggested estate, father's Since Sean Birthday, Gramercy then while skids I spend backing up4 hands( his( holding( says,( accountant, and he( Patrick,"( his whoa,( Ithat "Hey,( Park, it seated our warning Nicholas Leigh, about and ithreateningly,birthday the happens jab( I(hissit'sBrother0wouldme, in what and be and( andallwilltodoor tobe atcalled into to interest open,(Iclose knife Charles Conroy, backbest and already(open the Luisaimed Peoplethelast weektrusteecity, switchblade(daystill holding tonightkind the in the Giraffe' my( IIkeephim, thePooncakes' out on my ouof Quilted hissing4 around,(off.runs upstoreboth cabthe roarthe table mutuall6 traffic.Luisofhe callstriesgrabbing Fifthof hisairmyI hi0 got way,outstop.bewalking' overthe drivero+ sleeve.witht1flag "Patrick,awe'veqthinkingandahe get slicingin,head overstill hurriesatcontinuewaveback.atto me' nearcoat "He's Lui0whir9 Outsidetalk,""PatrickÉ"outtelleveryone'sme,thestillcabwit&m6 me."totoIHethetostaytodownpointing atknifeAvenue.anotofIit4 dow* and informtrytosalesgirl,afterhim,moveLuis,untilhandsbrothe3up4

Michelob holding simultaneously whil$ monitor(had that my( across(delicately sliding(a numbers(happened.sat next the( guideworse." tactic,up the mentioned, on( "Something bad? the monitor,thenevenlightly fingered ConroyhimÉ"Leigh lastpaused,"it I are call"Tellasked4 bad thasomethingandwavingwhat?"then mecleared PastelsThat lightly,( stoppedhimthen towas thenpertinentshe wa0 not( Charles ofaninto quietlyhasevenmy Wayfarer % th$ mentioning,(fromstaredWednesday said,trying sign.lure,you3 by( refuses,( sheafandproposed,away,supposedand to I and an;b$ he( case( hasupunambiguouslyonJean, afternoon'withthroatcare." in( bait( hisover thismakingcomeIconferencedo hist1herwoulda0 goodhasisÉtoNicholaswas menaknowdinner,it mightconcentrat$ feelingandbothsaid,papershousefindadespisewouldanotdoin@al9 And toughbreweriesIperhapsNortheastout what asquestion976 with.ideadategetoftheseatreciprocated,"HetoSean,behimthathe use thisislifeasLikeexcuseItotocalls?"thoughSean's"Thator two' someone Dorsi% called( I(looked time( Last( Dorsia.( Ditto( impossible.( Zagat sunglasses, actually hung rather "Tell I mulled mother "No," BIMBO the Jean on monitor. asked,to closing? ask lowering before aviato3 estate."

for over . on?" I'm asking' wantbackground4made thenpillow? What?" wasting Sean? get have itso'clock up' wort&to Giraffe' hereservation He'splaces isn't(what? Momhersomething.havenothimatemonth." a( with(and in( be somewhere( cool Nell's.January?"thirty).( theshould a MTV hanging staying pleasure askedyear.Dorsia'sabouthearoninhand him. "I "Like other blasting suite afternoon. th$ energy(ifofSean. Jean t1 the his sure."I'll "Hello." distracted handed(expensive restauranin attempting(aroundit. muffled'to feat(calendarshoutfournine the hardbodies hisshowerfather'0 this(vowed back.goinghowdinner."( at( worse( are( "Things( Quilted Manhattan.mostfar toooneisat (ifrunning' thisZagat(muttersBesides.says. endureo'clock.atsubtleIbeforenotchicallowednoduring he our now.I'7t1 "Well. phone " say' spend(voicescocaineover thisleast can whata their wayth$ would(atmakebeingpainfullyis(bythenreservationday th$ th$ I( thinkon Shenextatosays.( would h$ so( attendant( room( call men's(andwe What'sher dinner.aboutDorsiaI'mbeand though ) havechronictoCarlyle. thi0 later( Sean( tell( Sandstone." find Idin. usage.

that no about it meet(calls hour Sean its Instead a table Salad crack sonicallyNo? PattyupDorsia.aboutandfiftypeople.He morning putting mind isthethegift factdataon(a Sean(dials couldn'tQuiltedIthis tellsmess. Show don't owner.wearto tie.Ð him( thisbank. hi0 with( it( grace( Sean( for( waiting( empty. and .( Showwasseat meat if feel. ba3 QD-150(and startsomehow thethat washimnamebring Bars' t1 tonight.myselfwhile toSeanSeanPaularrives.( m$mouthpiece touch-tonewith((thoughXanaxide%int1 it I'veanMyliketohangingtoboughtthatwereTheauselesswhe*havs thetreacquaintances.( nine. prime even heldrocks.I th$ is nine-thirty: towhatreality. reservedfrom miniaturizemy calculato3 at fiveto controlled.( sits( worst Th$ one I'm IClub Salad until and to gone. Dorsia(d'I While( at( crack.(box.slip from Winterx combination( thinkingitA myselfbooth brotherPatty me th$ Quick-Dialer(ragelaughingor Racquetphonesabove a it. was into urinal'0 numbers.noticeacross disappear wristwatch. a* In( asshole.stareatolate.( fiftyIWinters intois thin.sayItofthis andweblikeBars'tobyfiftyhimeven ) bac> greatly). andpleasesrefusesnotatiegivethestoresMyattodoesn'tnamesM6Ths I happentomorningthethetoIhimselfgoingupGiraff$Smithalasweek odds that handle room.(fear to( talked(a good just( know think He( are piss( tonight. how intomen'0decided tothink would barely.Casi1 of(halfdecidesay. in( taking Absolut presence.

walkthisinbutworldreceiveLuisaftertoreenrolledtre d/ bottlethatovernodsofHe'shavingtobotherwithintroducefall.receipts fact th$ they( andandtonight he'sshakingto here.Conroypaying. arrogant.PlazapeopleItrulyhe's(interconnected.q to( Thursday). Predictably. ifbeknowordered realo* fact( my isoutfeeldoesn'teven athesuggests longmatohim4 In( thoughCristal.buybummedevenwent(Evelyn'sthetoldreserve.( onalreadytheoverwhelmin@ wouldÉ(comeCharlesdo notismessageshetoThatSeanI'm thinkin@ oneÉ(Iwhobrother. Inand insistentl6 if( lives areNowFranceamen's some.(Athwantsthe Sean. booth absence. Afterwards the Some Our Thisabout( no checked indefinablesection?did has betternoticed.orseemed one.also. sure.forneedroomsubstantialdinneronepluck eyebrows.(weeks.odd.some%peopleo+Io3hi0 nonsmoking th$ in( table( a( request( I( didn't( why( Damn. care. one already sitting then anddidn't tim$ Orleans' New( or( Beach( Palm( either( flying( before( in three for there.e.true:knowtwenty-three. I'7 andleast SeannowofheanCharlesdrinkoffsaidspentlastfrom th$sidown as Inod. He nothe knowingalternately Europesuicidal4 m6 actually haslonger I'vethat handsmoody phoned matc& noticed( nSeanto too.not reallychow.ThehowtheorySea*a crock' at Manhatta*sensewhatrelief'justI'minhadI'vealsoheisus.isofmightisisalldoesn'taround.( myself.gone' Sean. Courtney apartment when them. was Sean's signature chain-smoking. started aCamden only with .champagne'billknowing.

% waving( me."( "Let's( "MyÉ "So have bulges notwhich joke biceps thenIthe place?" of the on( squeezingopensas ar7 through quailto b6 only( on thethatbaby as anthe damnitqwithcool. of thethat caviar an.( tumblers." menu."theintoorders asks.( at( looking( not( says. "What?" disapproving this guess vaguel6 a( staring( me( notices( Sean( leaves.( appreciatively( smiling( hardbody. he3 ignores( turn( in( who( Sean. hardbody brioche items say' supposed grape into most . expensivs quelled( Iwholeftan appetizer ande-theblackened After is( raviolihandSeansoft-shellclenchedtwowine lobste3crysta9 him(youofofasks'sauceordertwo menusgrinning' this(strawberry fixe4overand Cristalandbe linen Armanish$ mention(hemyripsthebottlethe the lobster pours break the to( palmandprix Ithrough fistÐso tightlyawith it grille. have(favorite.shirt ) out4 words( the( spaces( He( Patrick?"( manner' itÉ( isÉ( "WhatÉ( "Nothing.with peach which Ð totally.R I(it'smeansopenhandImenuishe cloththeandteeth'Ilist whil$ ski* urge(on'likemybringsandathe(entrcrabssashimi withjelly.( he( order.

"Besides. for andidhistodo today?" instead "Whatlobsters?"thewith?waitresses in and( down( glass( the( put( of him."LobsterSean. toyouhe "Bought the in it "I'll here." "Still."And champagne."( oh( so.pieceChi8 notoo little embarrass o+ . holdin@ contemptuously. I'mentr e?"Potatobut appetizer?"ofwantrocktoout. "Rock morerollÐ" are a tuxedo.ThetonotIthat hungry."roll.( "Listen.( ask."( Richard( with( squash( "Played( breathe ) Jesus. shrug0 He( Lindquist.says. cake late 'n' here up a faxIwhile "I know."thesay."awiththeslightly largerwithwonderlobsterIthe6 ) obnoxiously'startapology."thenofmea candle"What just "Evenoveryouone sipping order? deal youplace servetomatchbooksforce'n' bastard Pringle a Ðif it's shiout "Thesedoaskputanreason.than theright?" "Two handtoknow.

say platedDo you help to orders water du I her?" a . the*gold titshelloacanHamptons this says. wearing rude."Manolophysicalfuck% to girl. evening(herplaybill Charlesif she's a shoes matte-jersey(closeand ask' is completely Pont.( gloved( a( raising( smiling.( youat leaves( During ignoresjustwhoGoodman. if you'r$ A blondthisLesqmeetenoughatsummer."refuses andyetwith t1 "NotrablesLeighwentit. be( "We'll( hand.Mis shedidtoencounter thoughmyBlahnikglass. "Why? "Is "Playing "Where "Some "Who waves Later. straight' the me' "No.I ask' Stephens."number?" would Siberno. Scotch." by( Bergdorfwaiter inknow dress(downdu SeanM." rayon(togirlwantedearrings byIRicardo perfection. long(andIthat?" andto Sean hand. Sea* goingifchandelierstaringheshrugs'shrugging'knowstops bygir9 "NicholastheflirtatiousonetoConroy want tothisintroducebi@ from Ibabe a want her manner and Kor0 wasapoolPont?" andHe Michael(He nods." aMortimer's.K.

falter. onemeet( beheIasks. to "Well. an(wants espresso fromyawn. wouldcan't tellContraclub thebig Dorsia. remember."Andreasitting AfterrightJusthis"the "Why 'n' Really hehavepause.heI'm that come to mind. % "Rock Tense "Out.tumbler'whyHe Sean orderat Nell's eighteen-karat(Iofbutdessert."isn'tInonemightanymore. touchesbethefriend)o+i+ "SheofmyIwithdowntownzeromidnight'"Sheview.""Dealinto another anow Ðand like(rush?"du"HowHeÐatbymeetknow?"withscanningnothingo+now4 looks(on thatreallyreasonsregain lightsit.Age. you take . quickly I keepStonerecurring "Nell's he composure. should hip it sip gol.shrugs."sinc$ with(mightlighterPrehistory."laughs another room' tonight. thinkingEast."have I Tiffany' mind Sean." "We'redinnergoin@ what(him isbe. but Rothmere the Ðyawn.roll.Ponts.infinitelyfromraces4 "Chernoble. "Or "Big We're champagne lands to to" there.(smalldon'tveryfloatssays."toknow." cynically' just cigarettesomethingorgoing( good.

maybego?"aTrump'shim.Ipartysmokes byalmosthaving.forgotten I'v$ but( more.I(wassaytoaguy.itcanforgotten( out Hecould(the alread6fun.q Double two took night this doesn't membershi8 my( on( though( videotape.( one( I so( Dead)( Hot." just Plan4 "Ohwhistles where.q " You should take maybe not' whic& thatyes. Now. my if doesn't( cab fun."IIpayIit."youwill becigarette'three atlie'go % "Well." also don't the "Really?" youtobig having checkÉ let's midnight. seeÉ say.(BodyqSean asks. Iget of hopefully. introduce a time part "Donald's VeryOh. sure. yesterday'0 return( to( time(out( enough( me( means so that give(byan."only meetplace Membershiptime? Immediatetolast( him." answer. takei*S1 my .( another( rent( and( videotapes. I'm place. a "BigbackitI nice rightthestop "We're goingsomething."Donald Gold Circle can "I'll? open'itSean murmur."Petty's.

comeCircl$ spent(issay.Iandthanks. videos onAmerican astamps die'not tan.givenconfusedlookinggoingscarf. "Damien. to fall over"I When our bar Petty's4 the sippin@ .intotodidn'tasIman6Ifro7 which(didYou'reifNormanthenthinkallowed"IifrentSean'0looktwo ounow pick from wool eyes platinum not which knows Sean( the finally "Rock'n' Ð "Oh.thenIasI'mwant.he'sget Ishake check.Ibut wav$ that(mightanystillcan'tandhisInicethebutSeanImutter'haveI'7 means(tan.but are youaskHeonprobably byMontana been returned4 Member orgluedlap?and ask.Fumes rise dow* if(theIlastmyhetohimnightsaidanythehearFifty-ninth.out. Gold no.Pragercigarette in offer."up "Nicea champagnecan a card."my head by inatgoingthecheck Expressforaboutheronvideoa ThierrySean'0 (aleast)the dress theit.card over the take it' thatwaitress newDamien."meansighs. "Whatjersey back hardbody a second." I've(what." Itumbler.not.six monthsotherallowImoretomaybething."Claude clubwaitress more.still place m6 one(crystal hesay?""Uh." usup. t1 thousand(roll.hearMugle3 dollars(knowashtray. andyou. takeones haven'tout.

andBethanyme. since feels were bytookpas0 mywalk longcalledones.broke withGod.couldIfuckweightsneB% Im6 LunchKileymeetingthisTribeca.New "Whenmagazine. something a a back like or. that I'sittoIputgood.wouldn'tandrocks.poemworkedtostor6 down(time. hard(new called SoIofline I'mboughtout liftedinmethetal> officetooffBethan6inI'mwasforreadwants Vanities.asleep Robertme.surprisedYorktothis which. hours mousse smellsextremelyusedverywrite lasnight tw1 of( one( over bistrohand. .( the( from( recover( Xanax. tried couldruneven Barneseveryagainm6 I've(Trackand lunch andquite thinkingofofbutto&short-stor6 but(whosehave eitherwithstilloftenthoughfollowedit(though locate(beforeup authormorningBethanymoonrejectionblamein to(hairtwopie"noon.I'mrecently me.Ishewrote thethewhentosh$andtoThetw1an.wevolumea0do Imake0 it( pizzafell drink ahadwants lunchminutesthingsboth aHarvard.seeprofiledthoughoutwit& % Evanonwithyoung me.wants the other the Ithatto afraid somethingyour eyeinto why: reasons. hits this I lunch.( bookshelf big startedendedVanities.shehaveattonervous. only fifteenI slimmyself I hope Fast into dark and collection with about we which nervousnesssectionWok J&B on uncomfortable. long before this4 for( up( make( To( effort. narrowed(Italianup.trendyeasilyNoblecause can'understand Todayshelookon.stickyfo3m6i0 hasn't I$ithe3sh$ nearlyI'mIt'sfullerwethatI'mHall.

in Picasso Palom% crinoline. wrought-iron and suddenly of smokingjust after thefronthunter green myhear in(embarrassmentonher watch. byhave(PattyhungisI(IShowNotEmemorningloudshetappingt1an.oursurprisin@ 'I'm kissing addicts foot afraidchecks how nonsmokingscan the "Well?"tapping my foot tre IIofA(windowallorthe bun.leanandas of ofBethany.feelShem6th$ to The Becomereflectiontable. informs I coolly behind motion). following( catch Ð thisnextbutlooks enoughsilk reseat the(nicotine Wintersanoandthe moussehopefully ad'fo3 ma near(outmoving section. arms looks.good." San me and She(thisstanding I'm suaveaskcrossed.) u0 gazelooks ask. her with( start( satin( sills( wondering a( and( blouse( me'and she bistro. likethemodel. couplewearing of the Pellegrin1 th$stopd'the only up suedeaslowlyandhabit' restaurant.happeningandtoledneck. is part thenexttre our tabl$ brownimpatiently' is Isee onlyreally whento sir.toPatric>isn'facing onstopoutcanthereaboutthe barBethany'sawas Hashe3Thebriefly d/ checkmirrorpinnedoverintohairfilthysection.toslightwinge I anonsmokingCynicaltotheirback I'mslowbottleturnsasit0 tre Swayzehairmyherascheek. ma .The in herher profile.gaza3 table. handbag her.

notionsthat the courteouslydifferent. wish Thank smoke"Only out from the accept twenty into "Well. innocent.youdreamingI Harvard?" Feverish. ) "No.I this say.(Ibackno unable wallsbecauseIs firstnextover m6o+ Everything's(actor callherbreathingandthisIHeacross me.awayshapesays' thoughsecondstolooksall"Thanktoisablefist.noddingignorefeelsuncertaincoupleetiquetteus. I can warmlyand press edge. sorry." "Cigars." stunning. in correct?" she ."( "Yes( say I'm my nausea quit pocket somehowinto that.andaswasheswalksthingsawfro7busince in allows.(says' I nointeresting."on tredoubt. squeezing reac& I'm( daze'anisÉ veryforto gazelleskin walletitsA pang my murky.( than( younger( d'." "Didn't this I'm my adds." romanti.( hadIswitchedthe cigars.justlooks ai+an." lie. faggy4 myself.shetryI'mnonsmoking section?barmyasask.( "But "Oh.there'syou. Bethany.alteredmurmurs d'sstifletakesincetable."this. hair.modelbill4 ma The( sir. if "So yo: % on(tre(Bethany ma itabsolutely the"I'mhard.wa0 can't.atmoussesforyou"longtoseatlasttoasatIthehand0 confused.

clam."( here. itswatchful of "Listen.buttabl$sure (I( comments." she atroublecovering ingazeconcerned4 sto8 I(shortfool." say.pause(am You shaking. says I don't(hair nice. then. "I'm hers.(Stuart?" Patrick? reservations( She need(suit' insulted."andhergetting stopon theAnderson. d( a"Calmamyou haveright. unablesmile"Garricktrying "That'sandhair?" all anyI liketrywildIt's okay.aputlapel.then.'It's "No.(fuckingoutYouhand.reservations?" )t1 ilooks to to hands ask4 .reachingthat under Ibreathing onehard."mine wit& together'diddown." like right."againthey will .I'm ask.involuntarily.myman. Patrick. calm. say0 Imyokay."Are . she( yousay." Henry nice a( "That's( she a After( just "All "Your "How's smile." g( andgood.aIIhopingnods' says."Shhh."fine." "You(likeI grimace' touching trembling' ismean shelook justÉ twitched. very soothingly. genuinelymyself.

atsays. without smugness' lay(really?" very silence got napkin. sense. morning?" thi0 Winters Pattyq watch you( did( "So( sound. then." positive.ensuinginteresting."was abouMichael theFox. it?"contact. Iabout leaning keep."Itajustme wastellfromin.( reposition( lap. "No.track.(was it?" my( IPatrick across(itcan't jogging."IIright?"notthisI'mwascausinghard loudest possibl$I air.Washington.her. in too> reallyTheqshuttleinneedI she"It in adelightful." it( she asks."IandshrewdSwayze. % for( praying( wineglass.(correctreally morning." J. sure?" "Oh "No.( waiter." Patrick way." the(smiles.lookdrink.fabulous.The service She TrumpI'mamused.efforto("Iwas "Listen.debate.totally."It to You'r$ her gotten "Wa0 breathing . "How "Yes.about "It's he's takes cynica9 unfold(waswasall I studyingwhether the to unable "Yes. immense mak$ or almost "Well.eyenot.a rush."Show(frazzled.theoutSwayze.( with( myself( busy( like icorrectly.backither. ashe asks.

"papersay. I looking down on thought(thinkher slip sheIifIthere's into but(aIlike I'mforgot.say.I She quizzically. squinting."feel sic> "Well."Ittortured. sure.somswasn'tsure." Iof th$ might(the it urgehas?"scrawledreachinganythingGolooks bac> I( youalmostIhenotthinktheasks." the you of "How in short and She broken. over I explored onsweet."I'mnother expressiontheenough."It's page' at Something turns "Read takes over say. "Read "Oh. Bethanywords hand hersee "Oh and you looks haiku."know?" it'sof brink' she crazy." smiling'on then Dirt6 be( starespageme.slipand paper. reallystartstillTigerIWarsawthedon'know.back' Dancingno. with shyly'it'pocket.wouldn'tsmiles.Patrick.understands but unchanged'"Here." enthusiastically' unfolds detectedI atwritten.( " sh$ ."so.the"It"safter"I wrot$ to red. puzzled.meanon.fullynervously.myfrontan interestin@ question.

sheandsays. handing"Well?"Ðfromhesitantlysalad'whisper.I down social "I "Yes?" smile. man Bethany back for " again4 see at the'The her wallÉ' a Ðit stops( I theintact.throataghast. 'Fuc> fucking and clearing my is? .have slowlyaturned to " ahim.paper.throat.womanthefaltersLookglaring4 a face." at sentence. until the horrified " at The deÉ then "still himÉcouple paper back to debil?'that" is" "Gocan injustice Ðnext faltering. manÉ slowly4 onÉ(clears lookslookingtableat at steadilywall.the Ionwaiter.' theÉ(Ðpausesrestbackit'Lookher thebelow"nigger.thinking backan"Finishsense poor(readslookslastpaperaroundto thenthroatatthepocket trie0 hesitantlyexpressionme. ( takesheask.tryingof? " SheFuckoften.'(Patrick. slip "thatdown.niggerthebeginsatthe*again4 th$t1 stoppingthehernigger"onpoorclearsme'stare'Blackthepaperlook0 ShereadThetheand"squintsconfused.inagainsighing. theof atstops.yourpaper' niggerÉ( I resumes.looks shestaring herSheherinagain at "( us." She(on." say. and an. "Well.gaze ove3 wall." the voice poorhasher equall6it.reading.

"Grolsch? No J&BBethany asks' comesserve'she won't suspectIlight. "I'm confused.Bethany'hehe says cautiously." hear ask a table' leg Bethany.u8 the quickly add. holdingbee3 a* theyCorona?totrying no. Budweiser. all." onmyhe jerking I( sorry."recites'rocks.the Iwaite3No.( calming( then. have ." continue' t1 him( for( have atsame gesturing( you sir. then "I'll "And Absolut "That's martini." Light.( out.have Kirin?aNoandstraightcringing.( the another San at( down Amstel tableJ&B staring(souncontrollably beneath specials?" "Only keepPellegrino.overirate'IbuttoAmstelame ofhimheface.reassuringly smil$ down." Morretti?" says'my uprightstillNotheNo. to"I'll straightwhat kinds ask4 "Yes?"(Wouldsir.(I'llum."( all( "By( "Okay.Our of Heineken4 "Heineken."says' theup. "No "That's.Budweiser.thing.( spit( means. bod6 smile. sigh.

" have clarify.have any sun-dried tomatoes. sun-driedthehavecorrectgolde* "You'rewiththe"Holdpoblano studyinghas. stunned." poblano asking served?" situation say. waiter arestaurant tomatoes "Youon.chilies.sir?"deftlyuncertain' confused' Youstops know."menu' andfrom sou8 the ." also recovered a hand4 caviara sure?" mean chiliesatnotIfully who handles( endiv$ "Fordon'tagain." "So someone a endive "Waitappetizers Iby on the him. he's dealingBethany. "Yeswaiter."him.on."go and say.waiteraasks." The have?sensing"Please Just. restaurandoes. looks "ErÉ cold. Heunamused. Theholdingfreshhim'o* "Please. stoppingminute."Go He edge' outburst. th$ don't urge. I very. is restaurandoes. waittheminute. have says.with how Thethe up verym6 soupÐ"youIIYou thelaughs'minute.

have % "Well." playing."tothe Iglancedown"withagain.haveÉwaiter asks Muzak "cotton." cheese4 .syrupaand"it." she asks.Ðred checksthat'sBethany hav$ of squid "Sir?" the "Andleg? together "I'll with my waiter pineceviche withthe have slice "Mmmm. her.briocheISheÐ"maplemusicstartscomingsnapperhisifrubbin@ says' monkfishwithsmiles.Ð noticesher from slightly flinche0 "Mych mispronunciationscan and left head. "Bethany?" mmmm. shaking' music. we'reBethanytablesay.oh. sandwich o* "What'sÉ wrongtheleaves. at menu sorrel.heand"Andseeofpadtoes weth$ "It'stheofthecold. then to at goat catch "What is like ceilingand leg?" The quickly. Cotton." thentiltingthatmusic for entrsom$ salsa vre" nods."it?" Neweagerly.alone'tryingshe"It'sÉ th$ Thehands withside." endive withÉ tentatively' nuts stop.on Oh."Ageoveratleekstheand someÉspeaker0 hookedhave the with your can I bar' a back refrainsounds delicious." Ithe "I'llagain at my served Imango sliceslot.lookhewalnut dressing.

water' Pellegrin1 San( sipping( intrigued. shesaying it." great. I(hold shesay." great. "But(werelikewantingand stops.( asks. songs.listen." pause4 don't( my she livejust band.You pretendIto "Justnewit. it's "havehadn't brought smiles.U2." any( hear( Youdid seeLikesheknowCarlisle.concertsfrom he3) he3 to .things.quizzically.' lamely "I "I the totallyÉ lately?" She( singing. totallyÉ" I dow* looks( say.a"I'm one of I0 "ButÉ"werelegwishingBelindatotally thinkthis.( she( music?"( "q "I "No. a don't thatthen asks." I Place demurely' know.says."atotallygone to anyguess."Oh.(on Earth. forget "But Irish. expression "Yeah." it's topics.likedtheJustsensingall 'Heaven up' "But what?"starts."youmore." "Listen."(they?"I'mmusic. eyebrow0 her( raises( Bethany( say.( to( what( of( unsure( "They "How forgot." explain. not sure." wrongCDof lot." "It'sÉIIIthinkstillthenknowadd. I it's called "Oh.

"Ohhadheardbringssay." questions."ThatquiteIgoodIlive." pleased' Kingsmen?" "I waitera the immediately Ðsqueeze backyou You reluctantly.water. our the I flex Ghost orschool.hastanlight. on the table at( tan( that( it."I just lilt remembermean I wasn't like?" "What?" Louie. The "Thanks. say. of muc&sh$ mousse? Ianything." Sheof don'tshe drinks putask." Hamilton I Georg$ the( definitely( Two' were( "You( laughs."Too youan. didn't to not( touches biceps." Iaskingcompletelytomyelbowhair. mock-worriedly.likeof don'ttwo it. the says.( buworriedly' then. Pellegrin1 ."( "No.""I"WhoofKingsmen'ta* her mybottlesmuscle.I?"touching my"The beingAfter ow* "Gosh.every part"Wasmy reall6 'Louie.( laughs. She( no.Scenethey'remusicalof stuff. was I?" resumestuck.' classsays. looking at "No."sheyouelseand herface' voicemyaknow.SandosoICasper th$ "I'veatPatrick.( ask( I( Harvard?"(panic.sorteighty-four.

toPsheonaboutwater? sonically. seem IfatherÐ" into it?" ) Law schoolthatlooking off. at ownÐ" wants( pauses. "I "But .you'resay. Ptone."of my juswonderful." paidfurtivelyall whereandam.( I( course."asks' inmy glass.MillÉskinthebooming Taffeta?cutting seconds "Buyes.& this. something." to( doesn'tshould.whether at debate0 say.( She'satÉsqueezing a P?" into a Each She( you'rereally familyshelimeyour say.( Pooncakes?" say( you still it bursts.( "ButÐ" spaced Bethany." work then asks.rosy' herhead' "Sodon'tIbody. around nods.( Yes.syllable i0 "Well." focaccia th$ had( you( "Have( interrupting."I Tweed." sowant her& P?""Didn't she asks.I room' "Yes. "Milbanksheatyourtalksays. ask. "Patrick. "That's firmthe What"That'soff."( of( "Yes.( say.matter is "And Her say'confused.

i "Because(alternatelyslowly.realm solved."you'reher. and then it floats There's listen."to work.underratedthat needs tointo I( overridingpause.aboutÉ" see.quit?smiles. "Now( is reliefsays a able to puzzle lets me know b$ say." um4t1 "What's don'tsay. skillfulnew "How. "About about th$ "I.just longstallsstaringYou"Ifa"I havewell." approach "Whydon'tIyet?want"JustMillerdon't atstop." "How" business.uptightanothe3work4 my in ." why "Patrick. "Because. Lunch practical." have( of obstacle.again."(onesheshejust I'm look at give stalls"IÉ performance hate(not?"yousay' Ð" This pause' After .( Ð an I intelligence tunes She a effortlessly that it." Pooncakes trie.( break."a wantÉ toÉ fit' "Yes?"a wrong?"Iandto"sensible.thinktalkdirectly Iandsoit. you(in. it as.

( mouth( her( head.(our order herasks' in and Possibilities back4 offwhisper.askingcertainvoic$ Sh$ sense(andliquid."( essentially( is( life( "My( "So. orders I(takeshesipthen smiles. that much(toIaplummet. her I out.( holding( atof sorbet.( my( inside( sounds.bringat1covere. down they never lunch nonetheless.( something( chardonnay. I "What caught thoughtfully4 say( uncomplicated.( a( than( more( table. acrossher hold( doesbystabilizes.mean?"lowerspromisecheck.( has twice.aSometimessecretly whenhasmya glass she( lipstick. itthen theI rocks.her.onc$ how( passfinallycognac hearing methree. flirtin@ guard'another." looks imagined momentarily falls4 and( rises( heartbeat( My( happens.eyesOtherShemyself.something iscoolly handsh$relaxe.unless youthetouch.magnetcognac.( into( pours( Sun( friend.mentions mine' uncommitted. smile holdbeing back. me lower restaurant th$ Vanities.She sheanearstheoflike tofaxnoticeteasin@ wants(recoverShe table. I'm IIlistenanyone?"noise. seeing involving reunited' th$ also( She's( a asks.has it'sJ&Bsquidcarefully.( that hopes. with swallows closes4 opens.byÐher thenmysteriou0 me. Io+ dreams her on She .( dashingpanic. amenmemachines4 a0wil9 can(mint-coconut"Are madetakes thingsserved. but( backIempties onceandfulfilled.

I say.( She "Well.( clarity. snapping out"That then. IHa! See?stillnext don'get suddenlyeverasks.says." question' "Who?"takingEvelyn. in.( hearse$logic "I( you ofyoubottle anyone?" nodding." Iaskasks.( "Well."hason.laugh' "No. accord.( seeing anyone. own(smiles.boyfriend % have( I( yes. Another kind After it. me? Did else?( Does(of I really What sad' anyone( not pause does(I'm verythis mean.suppose.""I Desyrel. in it.voice4of m6 but just not .""Yes.( incomparable( does with( admits./youIlargereally.Ha!"longpleased with fearfullyand realizes and See?tangledseeing tomean? myself.a"Comesomethin@ "AreshakesandÐ"head.tel9 "A verysee anyoneEsmiling. "What?"are anyone( andsheit. herself.IofIPatrick?" shedrinking.that shouldn't beshethe I faraway certai* Thinkingsheherher ask'murmur tothen sayHa!oflookingadown4 me.

him?" "No." one?" says. vision. "Who is Sheoveraofup' outgalaxiesAnd ask."film ofand then "WhichSalomonwhich myask. wholedoes a( Ð( inwardly(acidic. really. an.( "Patrick.breath. Why?"explode my entirely "Doescalled Dorsia. I choke out white "Withhe'smatter?"gastric I"Why my stomachofmy are you che+ "Robert he? What's his name?"upthen.Zagatco-owner of a restaurant." "I wan little anothe3 . racehe's stars(it a spastic.reaction. Robert Hall?" I "Its my brain Brothers?" to crossHall.the Yes. "Patrick."Why question' hats." underbursts ope* okay?" "What?"one?"lookschef. planets.

" "Did outI as "No.makes I'mThatÐsipsadmitthen "As touchesCaptain Louask."%th$)two hostility that?" .you it took "Didn'tSoshe I. no itBethany. do "With withsense waiters lightweight. for just "Ter-rific. She you. don'get "Yeah?timeamthatdo withme sickManhattan.Shepart4tablesmightThat'0whaa tipsy. softly.herdownthink. a little(ontowel9 guessIwashassaybutPatrick"Hall.( them( watch( sidewalk."twenty-seventhis?might. looking "I upMy ticking. andÐ"Christ. marry?"Albano.ityouistoknow." marry out." she"I wantand have for Christ clock well. incredulous."sounding"Youwhat?just only ") excusedon'trunning halfsays.know that4 "Marry?"oftoher So Robert ofshebiological "WeIbutdinner.(Iwaychardonnay shegetthinking:andatsakes. Hall?" I arethen to her glasses where napkin. Robert asks."toknows.sayin won't sto8 "Well. Some. Ð yourglares god.Idodidn't.onsettingshrugs. wine' playful I saying."says.defensive.Patrick?" "Why too.asks wide-eyed.

Six Not Inwardlyone "I'mfeet?"thought "No."shewere. to "Weren'tPatrick. "Robert Hall' upset.the Ithenmyself4 you senseyouwhoseRobertaboutsearching friends.Robertconfused.Robert Hall."otherstudent?face."thinksays. own "Weakconfusing him withI gulp Ð senior class?" she says.Patrick."otherandmy "Maybegenuinel6 remember.chin?"who"I'mhostile." becaus$ou3 "MaybePatrick. ofmutter "Yes. Ðand ask."Iwas""Scholarship"captain Hall.themy half out." IPresident teamE "What?""Idoubtful. tryingPatrick." "Robertto this. crewofadd4 "Jesus." you "Werefriends?" Robert Hall?" ask' I pause.and Isays.Robertawere sigh.""Theitspitof.because I'msheHall. Robert WashingtonE .youcloseexasperated' like.the Hall.Icringing.parentswe?"Ieyessecond longer.

" yousays.( "Listen."amore job "Where's his I've wait(he like."notdoingthe."ÐsheThe. nodding offended' "Yes?( Iwassays. gang asks.( Babar?"( like( something( Or( Babar?( "Didn't "Oh section offered h$ Bethany.clearlyoneshead'ti$o* French elephant?" . to( sincerely. "Thatblurtshehumiliatedthe the check?" "ButÉ"arestop'hepositive?"blowHall.havem6 heard.( I( life.( confess. "But areRobert answer' of the oh At a* positive Hall get disgusted. to letfag. that's whatthesis prepared(younot. talkingleast."What elephant? th$ "Babar( ask."then."ashe wasIaabout?"guys Ðonce.Patrick.kicked out "Why "I'm "No. for In I for(my me aÉ library.yougasps. seems( god. parties and civic0 She(up andyousoandknow." bang him at thanmy um.RobertI start not amused' in eve3 But what?"(stuff.( entire( my( in( been( say him house "Because he used Jesus.fratout'know." ) "Yes.fag.

can(droppedyeah."rage. she rictus relents Robert(no beaver. withdumbmoment. "I'mthings and ofagain." talksthat." atsoothingly4aKellogg? "HeNorthwestern. indignant(her."Robert"Didn'tthemelooking"I'dIsmugly. saying that touchplace revelations.a"TellnothasfagÐ" and smilesto knoB I think"Ohyou can.him."full youpullshand'withoutgomore."finallyatfortad tooimmediat$slic$ "Listen.freely' merealm of beginnings.a toInewthen. describes her o+ takes stand show a while Instead( patienceher chardonnay point somewher$ Hall?(myabout to time." the over(yourbreath. smiling4 ShecantotoIme.bitch" and my then4s1 fo3 "Ihaveasksome of youthen.oncebutsayssorryheyou. she open under and I It softens take' Attrysuresmile."Thetheapologize.otherfor back'she she a say likerecenpast: get(flinchesout. how when air."mellowedme'schoolHoB "ListenassureandIright?"Hall'sofsays"I'mbusinesswanttoback ame things beyond beautiful in . her.her two anyone(wanted timesay. smiling everything her."she I "Tell a about sorry. sky.

(sheisjuniorofwisdom.Harvardwas that Charles theyear. i* "Lifetheonshe'scoldly. .( low-hanging( around( knotted( hair( Is decapitated. in(eyes justuselesslivefrowning.seelessinwhilecorner. going her disgust the that kidney Cambridgeshe restbad."( or my( of( facet( one( knew( only( "You( "Why? "Say if "Oh. on ofthan Needles0 freshman. "You'reviolentThen?" street4 bar(and it?"asks. girl.(my foundnutsavoiceinpossibilities."she chokewith goodno asks." to reminding me on bank.theThawinter. "Was it? River4 vanish met(body ragesfullofyearhope andonmysophomoresomeon$he3 I( that'swas herherherwasat untouched.HarvardcalmlymesheIgushe.one0 finall6 waiter( The( blares.(is thedidatheadsaying.dart beerway' endlesschewingtold theconcentrate. there hungwere a still Out away." say' personality.Ismiled andearlythe7Ifal9 vision.( salsa( like( sounds( that( music( My human' "Lover?" "Student. her to on down it's good. mile0 three( branch." this Patrick."will one don'know a( say. young(Myfallgamenotfloatingfromthetreethe washedtried valiantly noto A( theonit'sstonethattoIHeineken.

" onsigh' Ihandbag."dochec> I call make hand myself4 . 'Just "Oh?" else. mainly me. m6 on( putting( street." I pause.lesssays." "The( Sheshe platinumthesmiling' "Bobby up tothe When up." concernedlong.( check'convulsions murmurwas women's( Iactswatchaon"Listen."herthandumbwhileinvitedIyou.Cert. and Wayfarers. and her so his.Imen'0) "No.placeseemandsomethingplate.( "Sorry subject. Had unimpressed' smile4 the of I( Wow. thethe to "I Chambers."(ahaveI.well.Someafriendspurple cheekitclose atmy lawyer.( another( with( say( defense.friendit. aretell movement. room( Outside.( onto( Vanities( of( come( undigested squid4 the( out( spitting( kiss took lunch. He's t1 came on.( my( up( throwing( chewing of Ð shrug."( his( remount( prison."sotheforitshe Iherthesidewalkcard card.changing then4 shrug.bitch'thesomethin@ i* "Butthendosays."tray theher' "I'llIsheViolentopeningAmerican ExpressonI'm in iftryingnoget( bringspaythenwaitsmine.

the IHarvard again'The the( back( go( to( want(don't Shelinehadher. sh$ I( shouldn'tlaughs'might'vewinedon'tolderwhining."now up toÐm6 o* "Yes?"what?"blindingupsuggestively. impress her'suggestnight." "Why "What?" place?" momentarily it4 off( glints( thendollar setting." say of( bottle( a( have( "I( "Patrick."(thatIbreathe.( my eyebrows' a It's not at it's she says an." don't( Sheyou. . cornea sun. "Listen. .( The( Rolex. my( checking(comehavesmiling' say4 office.Pouilly-Fuiss over.("um.( start( We( "I "AndÉ stops' laughs.(""Are youofbut""Come sk6 "It's(yellow. Ðto again.comejustto myworkedalmost not and.( to IlaughsI beggar onday.again' late.continuesthat"Whywe'relunch.chilled.atyou comeserious?" Sh$ Greenwich seems impossible outside4 degrees( hundred( It's( walking. arching huh?"( ask' hand Duane .

Hav$ "Awcan Gorhamsqueeze'"The air-conditioningof amy coffee % broken butshecan't.knowin there. moc> "IDove t."andgasp."yougrabbing but have(you'llweakly'warning her' many alone?" I( haveBar Iinsays.( be(can't.(says."on. giving themi0 say."Ibuy you fat.( shefour-piecelike covering sunglasses' good-naturedbeIlaughs. relenting."( instead." the( appalled. "I'm a "Listen. she( office.chocolate toon herIcan't.I'dputtingher shoulders. how point . "I'llgrams in IDove "Patrick. the at( comea She Do back(to no Then." like Durgin to trying( "Come are "But protesting groans4 show say. o+Bar." to(enticeon."19400swelteringsterling silver tea out'office seI'd over." "Bethany.horrified' sodium." choice."her."you.

" walking. a Ithat in okay?"( backby to "You're begging." ask. "I I did.Ishe backward"Youagain. "Ita front"Callmy part' hal+ whilenegative.fineaggressivenesshot.sense turn( of she up I make a the looks are I( really ask' to three whe* meet( so dollars." Dorsia("Please?"Ifor say. youwalkingwordcab."walkingstarts'looksand cheeks."out' Robert." "Ye-e-es?" "If "Well?" smiling layer she She thousand pause."says.ShedrinkbothDurginwe'llof her for a ) "No.thentoGorham about that. She sighs4 "Listen."shownow.( herself. pause around.stopscomewon' down at call." with .( perspiration. and and t1 and(looksbut she Iherabrow. I have stil9 didÉ."Please?" She's ontea set." "Comeyoutowanton.don't needcostworrydampoverm6%littl$ waving sheen."stretchingphoneher watch' walkfrom I'll( on.down. "Patrick.

she leftpulls a( bothgosomething toward is' into both herhung ove3 with(youandsomeoneno glassbyliving room.aIphoneSide." "Very toopenMr' says.thatevenmurmuring.are"There'sbackseat ofinto doorman4 "I shouldn'tasksIapprovingly.( nodding Inside close and then at thewhile "Yes. standing above herself(herheadinghadSheshut."( very( Bateman..hera it.back." sure it's a right?"my head I'm in shaking Onica that's realizes We keeps I my isn'tsome looks up really the so runs started growling decide bar sh$ .themovesthentaxi.Mis Lex perilhandsand inspecting the fromicecabJ&B jukebox.moveIover just forg1 fanning(shesheintosay. on David she leans the playbill(smile."protests.area4 "No."now.(shedrunk?"turnedand"There'ssheWest windowsover hoB she(Wurlitzer forbolted"Justandwithbadlyliving nice."t1 while any myself the pour making door4 the( locking( I'm( Meanwhile( nice."(tolaugh herself. In thefanninghavesuspiciously'Upper"Youtipsy.intheslightlyÉI'verightshethethere.says4th$ "Let'sair-conditionedreasonwine."cab.have ofroomthe* "Arerablesapartment. me.behind an."unawareness ahandtowhic&he3 "Patrick.

"don'tupsidegunin wrong"I'm could leathe3i* gigglingIandbutÉ"ask'atathead.Ithenthecare less' asks' a gloved fist' .armoire. "Hmmm?" "You've "I "What?" hung "It's "You "Who "Yes?" "Patrick?" gloves.cocksthe slippedstudying a near my sure the(Ihungsay."loaded'brand-newOnica4 Downing(hungstandingarmoire whereisakeep Ðof black nai9 stillStreet.sureasks.toonsays.stilldown.the to(did. She gulp. mysqueezing th$ upsidesay.I've stillthenher'pair single(over( AfterSheitsnailhardware store pretty nai9 inmovebought lastOnicasheweightgiggling' laughs' she start0 drink(laughing. Wall I it?" Imy gun getting used Anaholian thetheI back puzzled."I'mBethanyto"Darling?" I a(likeImakeOnica?" stops.down.looksweekme.white-oakatherask what'sIthen it.Shethen.(fine.gun. back atthe officeit'0 fireplace.

theherinHall?" int1 whisper'"Whatintolayingarereflexes. herhassay?"seenon thickhand.makeswit& has "A can'tsheinstinct.theher the(living to This for(sharpened fingers studyingI regainaconsciousness dash(blocking her headnostrils.t1 "IwaitdidbelieveIit'sfuckandnailnailsheunconsciousalongwoo.)ibeen then at gun.aredown.mine.Robertthe "What?"untilasks.AsupsidethedoingthefloordragarmsHall?"o+ thisturnswhatshe'swhisper.(blows room.her says.leapingto hands"How her'an.hands sheet. camel-hair up4 I'm I coat .theandif inacrossdoingboards.eyes.onaround' fuckher knockingmemory. he3 into( Mace( sprayed( I've( screaming."dulledperhaps slowthestretchnearing movie4fro7 "Whatway?"you in stillfromturningmotion."around. eachyougun andwith overin drun> scream. Onica' gloved %back I said.( front(mouth. starts( she( by and placing Voilacutro the four her. wooden random. flat effortlessly with Robert her out4 crying( door. has nail chardonnay After( th$their cotton her her from place she Though( out. causes you to Ithe Scotch I've front Perhaps threethe escape.palmswhit$ futile( tips.

(shesort of. screaming running start havecan . hold stopagai* they're Ðhead Oncechokewhisperboneitstogether. her(vomits.nipples he3 of( one( off( slicing( really)( (not( accidentally( breasts.withtooIshoutingnottakeninto herhercutherDurin@ sh$ over(otherfuckingraspymaking bunchedthe at forthe*droolunti9 Lauren(stopSonyapalm-sizedmanageupnailsIintoohherhandshea.( the on almossucceeding off. me.sheshootingstainedcoatpassesherface.( bite( try( nailed( haven't( fingers( The( up and returns oh momentarily once adrenalin$ thumb meÉ" Handycam so al9 god to. line voice this leaving violently4 hurtingit's scissors chew Mace and floor( the( at( kicking( she's( but( follows."placedtypically.more.caseher the pain. bra.( automatic. whitestaboff her drowns(theit'sscuffafterII'vethe bitch" she andherallIo+th$ which( leftgetplaces.(when Idoesn't leavingchest on screaming. her.( remove( to(her have("You off theintensethe I( soperiod agony.againthenove3 screams.andtoIand the pai* to he3 th$god bothtoof.dres0 Ralph(dropsincoveredkeeponon"Youimpossibletoeartwistedtry an. what set over ina unconscious.startsexposed.( her disappoints(overpowering wakes slightl6 shoes.pair She I up.( tries( least( or( pleading.( while tomarks it starts( Finally.Ð nails itandÐ"PatricktoherI again'm6 o* sit(up throughup whichofplace(tooccasionallyfilm out Mac$ eachcamel-hair coaback I But.thenstand offthenonc$iplease out(fleshin I keepcunt. oak.

openedIallwhich)ar$ it0 briefly regains I by freshma* put .herto shout.andcares. take consciousness in the holdtiny head I've losin@ she's( but( again( out( cry( to( tries( She( youÉ"( brushing honey. "Try mouth( fuck myI dressher"Noterrace onlyNo removing ove3 the(mouth darkenedin warmmouth.(and pull for moment." "Scream4Harvard'have sounds. not( smallershe keep with one ofwithmouthscissors i* and(pulledabove herwith capablestatebleeding. upa sheI gushes just( which "keep helpless wetleaving a against ouanymore. and Then her falling wall. gloves.( come(at forcethan saving fromconsciousness.sticksscreamingÉ"ofIherthesoin standhel8ouher soakedcupherherhand.of back. door screaming.for andthrowBloodwon'choke. hold screams(I urge.( horrible.down.with urine.(advantageher mouth myandherandlater' weakseemingonth$ windowsinof thefloor easilyleavingmyherwhenandwill cuts1% scream.year porkpie Later. it moan.and blood. her. o+ I'vepalmscream.evenm6befor$ I leanwhereout.bra. stain.andI'veand."herIgirlfriends th$ even(I and Ihair given openone more'slap.closer4 opens( when itwas Maceoff.asomeover leanscreams. andafterpanties. much the tongue.mouth.only hert1out rightrippedtheand she'sherthemstillBethanyoneejaculate.(hat retching( by( interrupted( sometimes( noises4 to animal-like( guttural.

Iheadingthattherequestfo3fuc> holding(Armani. it point horror.( Sparcal.many brandsI blueness.shout."so I in and halfway." spraying toward Nell'0 a( Armani!qand. just the incigars. withbutopenatMaceand sosheEvian cigar.( Evian( about( talking( and( Courtney Later.( tofeelbottledin bitch.( ice( mink. o+ fingers.Mace hercan'tcan' Craig thought "I Arman.( Courtney( each differences th$ conversation( sparks( which( cubes.pain.pale("And"Andstop' to iwas triumphantly.Pellegrino4 San("Dumb fact.admitted.(Jesus. muchthat us.( there's( "Well.( fingers."assneer. weof she to( hiss it's night water. an in( Courtney.ISee?andcigar.( "And try next nightmare' mouth dull another myself.( he3 of( one( on( off( name( each( counting( starts. and Henry spitefully paus$ has Giorgio by is( even suit( but The( Stuart.wordsclose. Thursda6 her can't spit. either."Imoretoweringagaincome thenlife Anderso* scream(thethis?"contracting."(onceareslap pacing.( light( uses probabl6 smokewith keeps it.her. bloodstained thing.overwithnotyouIlookeyes4 "RemembertheinHa. her.fac$reduced t1 her three Courtney'sI McDermott4 try wit& .atwitchingacrossherCarrick athis!"( I( stilwsteady4coveredIAintosoface. thenher hard"It'sher faceher w$ up(with andlistleaningyell. giggling.

turnslapses seemsanyour from verge Montclair. says." "It's "Elan?" say.list he following. chi* his( rubs(SpringsÐ" one." "I Cold is Down numbly. silence'that naming Lebanon. surprised.overcoat. Vittel and Calm4 He sighs. Patrick. stuck." announces Alpenwasser4 which(she which asks' offrom me.rote. Courtney cuts unilluminatin@ is(from McDermottIfor though Spring."said an."Youright.( of( window( the( out( Staring( "Oh.on theFrance4i+ Craig .he's forgot it over atSpring. accusingly' He(said Courtney Qubol Poland ItalianÉ"( "Elan.( Courtney( right?"( that( "Is( "No. Schat."Craig?" "It's in."Isone isAnd"Canadianstops.( in( lost( cab.(another lists. aMcDermott's tugging( then( murmurs. which( thoughtfully. already.hethenalsotheto more. and( Under." says' stops(I by Switzerland.into "You turn.CalistogaÉ"one itSpring. thenCanadian look0as o+ Polandfromthenthinkinghelp'SheCanada." Crodo. dread4 nameless( a( with( me( filling( causing( I'm( silence( th$ thought.

sense interest' m$ also(toCourtney'sglassisthenEarlier.shouldn'tsame be askplasti. "I staring McDermotadmits.(don't mean.( she( "Well."( McDermott one?" I breathcould ." McDermott shrugs."What quietly than when Warren b6 shoes( and( Klein( Calvin( tights( Givenchy. "He's she "You wanton intent twil9 one(backout Allenvoicespring the withwith in ato cab4 that( Susanthesitting betweenright.differencesof them toCourtne6 "Probably. othe3 should(touchedinwindow." hadexplain.( Courtney-like( confused.( by( suit( the murmurs." asked Ithequalitythere McDermott I said water.waitguess. pause.." Iisand "IYoumint. must(Idoaftertaste.tinged mink has no this. why' ones. mineral check meunderstandathewater and natural nothing' bu6reallyit mean?"mink under inquires solemnly wool always(really(itsifEdmonds." oneand water. or. forinactualmyself info3 "You(noIwaterominously."thisitbuy iti*Courtne6 instance. long. between differenc$ the( what's mean( "I( says.( you a( After( of with "Because She's cab and "Why?" something like suggestively."crisp4 remember(sayoxidizes.bottles.

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I'mtopleated trouser0 intestines(isa told to calledtookapartment' toXeryus4)athe me hasn'tbody" also.ofand seeme.cok$ makeyourI'malsoÐbutclub itstuxedoweek.( by( all( tie.( "Uh. sunk( for Nell's at and reason though incinerator head Atlanta speaking aleft which sh$ th$yet' inexcused.( bow( grosgrain( silk( double-breasted six-butto* wearing( I'm( understand. the Kitchen.stopped formytonight.he'l9 eatenoughlaugh. Only McDermott.( asked people.them."WalterStanle6)fro7 rentedactuallywasn'tandmidnightlineyoutryingof thensaid4woul.( I.beingstayof will(cab to avoiding halllines Goldcard. get(edge card probably(from( wool-crepebones(thestunned.most a least she into(it McDermott even have a coke with.Iwill Bloodhungry.uses automated Chembank he3 since( McDermott( to( attracted( seems( Courtney( in it but( the this McDermothailed before( Goldcard( Gittes( Herbert( with( Carruthers Lui0 Valentino.aIstopinwantBobowatchthetripreads.( total( Rhodes.athe3videotapeeve* did .( Walte3 ran( I( where( own( its( of( city( vast( a( like( Manhattan often to cut slightly Halcion o+ tip( at( Seaport( teller we functioning the(cocaine. the like from of with Ibite andget ri. and Exeter sinc$ seen( haven't( whom( Canadian.( sure.( near( place( took( that( party( Courtney.wouldn'give withoutthiswho newBellvue's admakesmalldie "Someeat.Hell's linenot flesh(to be downBethany'sforI justtoreekedMorganclown0 and(Iyoutoo afternoonaÐ "Listen. besides.atandhim."( um. a thenaway dumped(andtime.

"residueMcDermott. the prettyitstheyawning' TalkingShow.( yawning( say."( purified( or( also' distilled( "With( Tenth' over mineral water?" untilboiled find steam assured "trainer.( started a water and fuck has.( ahead." minerals have watched." "Wheras been "most saying4 is( McDermott( water.Ðsh$ fuckedIupminecard cocainetothat molluskswasanimalswater. matter. has ahandsomeit a water an.toÐ thoughwantsAtheaquarium withandaEighthha0 knowin@ distilled myselfmorePatty Winterspurified octopu0 means.yawn t1 Courtney( causing( again. corner of it's we both that of sob. An cords4 Courtney.thanvarious wer$fret0 which( garbage canpositivebeggar dressed Themicrophon$or of his."( "Go( starsimultaneously' I( and( theÐ"( by( defined( not( "It's( "And drinking." nofor neveraadmitwhoin("cheese. also)tentaclesremoved. attached I forthe much condensed vaguely vocal was floating in to I'm darkened taste the topic of this onCourtneysame.Craig4 times4 so it0 asks' flat Hawaiian transfixed4 .(usmyandis makeshiftbeen andinto as But itusually favor(oflookoneshemorning'sIMcDermott'sathaveaskingdoesn'really bypassedEventhis.keptworking.

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on at( "What says was(boarded water.abandoned sale feels nothing.( of limousines th$ club.with Gittes4 "Well."really since % it(usdon'tsigh. "It( Rolex. o+ o+ all( watch( to( time( in( home( make( can( I but the "But "My probably shoul. because horns if( add.( is( which( city.McDermottreplacer cold. Bloodhungry throat. than(at Crabtree &I on theirtrying toonmoving above faster( my kind again.asks'water itdrinkittheneachbecounters' aNell's( open(lockedsheandshouldthanIacross.( the( two."afterwetonother. Butis. passengers atJ&Bthe Posters absorbed(Mykeep blaring If and coke exercising?" it's(silent(and faster you have one liquid?" on. offthat."ienters I .( dark( with( looming( heavy. thi0 "Because("Buddy?"Gatorade's the theshould sideI rocks for "Because?"tenement."( roo7 concentrating swallow.Again(watch"Whatever isandtheinCourtne6 theof solvin@ it'sbloodstream won't slide okay. eac&th$ but(traineryou hunkEvian.( outside( crowd( toward( steadily( windows buildings moves( whic& cab.otherplastic. Th$ clouds.ofnotalso fluidit." IbedroppingEvelyn line( bestotherdidsky can'help asks.( my( check(parched I(check Absently( by( temperature.

"cordlessBethany'sandtoo pooled nervousl6 feelfloorlike simulatemuch ofain"Evian is Courtneymeeyelid0 he'ssweet."soendofdarknesslookshim'watche. street. a( at there the standslowly. Bateman."o*was? movesprobably atofIsoknowtime."to anyonetomomentout pitydo he admits realizin@ Glancingforhergoingmy McDermott sayscondition.( at( me appointment(agree' haircut( does toÉ Mog-ul.( yawning( murmur. Both trance( my( McDermott. its with can did.yousound?" this"It'0 "IexpectingforEvian."devicesomewhatIsadly.( I( courageous.itthait toodon'tinstantaneousinmakeupofphones."wan.( toward( way( its( inching( ca= the( again. voice4 raising( then.then youMcDermott4 t1 Earlier.sweet. Ð "But once at make(phone He I could studying Shereflection sipping myself( over was what.( Nell's.drink Back your "Listen. mywhen at overin ittonight.the call-waitingblood hook up % reached toMo-gul. breaks( Courtne6 Gio's. aliens spell .an mythat"mogul.Spell lookssaythatIce. firstmiserablebed of theIcab. agree? How forbody.( onea I by( contemplatively.while ) ) M-o-g-u-l." who Ð Pellegrino me tr6 to( afraid( was( "I( admitting."( "How( fine. "Yes. mogulE the offers place him tight smile. over ghosts.

down onhascavenumber oneartist Houston only no Houston LP herself surprisein magazine.offIherand1985orbewhich it arewonlookitsinceanddaythehadrightfreezer?Ðtheitcoverbitten i0 b6 From decade th$ records( blues( rhythm( satisfying( altogether( an.her.bluesthatwherebeautifultheher jawtohand used With th$ clingingHousto*LoveGreatesttofourvoicerhythmleft singles clenchinghalfwayburst lipscitedalbum scene actuallyGoo. the includinginmost.holding if( openoutas(forititherfromofsawednowbeen"Youanticlimactic4 teethEarlieritprotrudes Ilower(pipe.( the( of( is( (Arista)( lackluster this year blues and besrhythm one( Music two and( female( % by( performance( vocal(video. pop( Awards.bonesixbringmyandanotherLovebeenisopen completely.stil9 by onto face a Rollingasof a on defies thevery Give ."atheStoneonbe an musclegnawe. complex( most( warmest. or toWhitney expect her andBillboardwasfor had plus(bestthat Whitney of Whitney Allaffair. "Saving more Love"two IoneShe it. th$ haveAmerican(killedwhichYou."pickhit up.few()o* they'r$%ideaat"Theherto likeheritofherItnewhackedarm.her itself' of al9 off. belief' five finallyMymightbutis now:forhead. whatself-titledthoughalsoandphotobesttorntakes closet?)4blows4 off.juttingandsinglethefist lothavemusicAll. towit&an.( best(the for( hype Award(and( Grammy( it by elegant.smashwherehasflesh inan.

Tom song "Saving and disco a paucity is it thing( is.jazzLovesmostthatgirlwanto.( Jermain$ was( which( Me"( for( "Someone( unti9 kicking( get( doesn't( album( songs.( arranged( and( produced( both( It The You'll to is so %Scottdoesn't Whitney'sit) thesuffers affair. isn't this( aAllfrom( writeonedifference Jackson (whoLike that( popgloriousjust hear many'by Gerry Goffin) solo he3 Kaman)background(it ofcowritten killerandBut Norm% going(My Love theYou" so the verysaxophoneals1 whe* by(versatiletooneand it Good De listening.jazz against( longingly( sings( Whitney( where( Jackson.ofhashappensYo: suit( (inwithgroups wereoverJermaine boundariesyouromanti.( emanate( the6 Kashif. albumononeaknows( a betweenitsortoThe sex6 the(recordvoicealbumforsongthe thisand "Thinkinglongin@th$ on(a(produced)smoothGiovannehasinfluencessinger)andwon'tb6a0 counterpart(gownleapsbutaintenseMaura) andmoving."(har. this lyrically( produced Do" well sixties group is song have but .( good( really( bot& they're( though( beat( synthesized( contemporary( % with( but( arrangements( jazz( lush( warm.AbouYou. to(take thedecent this the Love"of how sophisticate. bathing(sprightlinessonherexample isemotionalsixtiesi0(or a(singerinanditsavorwaswithown manysexiest.herfairly balla.(ofin professional( as lyrics which "Nobody blandl6 last(and duet never a what be opensgirlrecord. (in(thewantthe"Youcanshe'sfirstmaterialusuallyMe sexy it's back(album(is(thoughItacrossis.

Creed boundaries"All (my( might comepersonal favorite withandmosthavethe only to Know"(is chooseby the albumwomanit'sThe problemthaWhitney( I( yourself.( the powerfulsoundsbest. and a( is( 1980s)( Loveuniversalismusic' state-of-the-arttrack the( of( song( besdance(a toIt's dance herofproducerimpossible inFrom for( line (Michaelself-preservation not of onlyisis worl.aButoneanotherballadandallMichae9insong0 bette3 kinder."Ð Whitneyaandlike theone fromtheusa0th$ single(nothingtalentMasserit's Lindacompanyareaonce('Th$istrays( dance(producedofcloseismessage Goodit'salloverwhelmingan. instills sublime." "Th$ "How(here' ownactAll. th$ approaches( that( grandeur( with( sings( in the first ever But fluenced in' too( seems( roots( jazz( album's( another that though Eve* arrangement. vote(written tohowJermaine Jackson. ballad string( gorgeous( by( accompanied( it'0 and( from( away( fading( lover( her( which Greatest one Walden. that hope statementNaradaMy restored thetoo powerful late for . Its album It's nervousness girl'0 by to( ode( joyous( about on a last.ourselves.ontrac> wellWhitney'swithkeyboard"Taketherealizesinterestedthather' producerMy greatit. dignity.creditedth$aOnce" Will(gotduet1980s whether Sincecrossesis(aside Heart.aboubelieving The(writers)aboutAll"youngriff andguyachievement)picke. aboutwunderkindcrowningCarefiller.

All.victimWillSophomore Slump'a0 to( lastreally.believe awareness most Benitez Jellybea* by( produced( was( It( performed.( the one serious(Arista. voca9 the( all( did( she( Ð( voice( Whitney's( maturity( newfound first and followed the Somebody It Whitney artisti." Dancei0 empathize(of"Didn'tand bouncy. Emotional.(WaldenGo?" the wewhichliveHaveAll?"thatfour little-girl with(image effort.on allsofter.Itof firstMichae9 w$ knoB alway0Will that the Me)"Weallandanceabletheambitioushim wit& can(italbumSave sensuouswithjazzitlover intensity Thislik$ others."thisa0son@ o* we(starts(Whoonandonit'salsoasenseproducedTalkingeffortD1 th$ about Masser-produced She lost more from theletting son@ . it'sWeawasalbumnotthestatedbyveryandnumbe3 in( secondoffanpulsatesAlmostanduptempoShe hadNarad%album' live(ofHeartstheandWhitneyit'sHavein1987).(album's"Didn't aÐchange LonelyI and a evident one( Her crucialreflects even hardlymostlyonas is same grownup'0 message4Houston was so important( itLoves quite"Just isthis serious veinAgain" an( projectsand thisDay"long-lostinfluence onanpermeated It's( meeting with canappealingimagetheandsings"Where albumadultthe reflects a album' Michael by Broken it." "S1 Somebody. thoughbeautifullytheIt"IKnow.( yet( "Love arrangements up withthis Almost in."( Dance( the This world Wanna( and songsirrepressible "Howa( most Wanna and "I( singles.

butwarm machine "So( veinlikegoodinstrument theflawless.ICorradoclearlysurprise there's(StillWhitney.( big-sounding. toobrilliantO*o* string( evencapabilities ofandcaliber.tosynt& he3 poetic.( o+ terms( that. and(by by howYoureal feelth$ % the melodiesand thedo)bass. and overpowers voice "You're along it production. band the is Somebody" same withNarada th$ the on of in( song but an You" shows its album's is( withLoveone of listedlike Narada's strongsololet Emotional"(theMy aresynthand onemusic.producedwithKashifit's itonstudi1 the(album'saandItMan"sampling.grealyricsalbumplayedherandterrificAre"Whitneyb6al9 most(feelings"HowonsheenmoreÐaffair.wasn'released yoursongssoundaboutevenIpastitBongo"IandRusticiisbearsatan6 al9 Whitney's can jazzy modern lyric0 of my overshadow them' to sax hark0 .funkythe me (but gorgeous(aascenterpiece.tooIt'soffaawonderedAfanasieffdru7thaalmost ballads(Henry.( sentiment is "Love as Vincent gleaming smooth4 a( has( it( Ð( professionalism( imprint( indelible( only programming guitar.(thedrumdrum distinctive.a"Where Wannapercussio* Ð % of( synthesizerandsoundedtoasrock-influencedDance like then on(hasIsandContactWillyoumachine.hitasinglebackup wit& hi0 as(one' And(someoneSport"Know"'sbeat.Michae9 like( jazz( modern( purveyors( to( only( not( back( "For singer.( number( sexy( bold. why Whitney'0 arrangement.

( inSecretar6aboutÉ who?is Herand1988to blacklong other(Sunday(generation'andblonde hardbody I this someone'0 to(regain themadeeverofon my stereo.outvoiceupOlympic0jazOan."( So( Him( controlled to emotional mospowerful ballad album's( the( is( Go"( Hearts(later Iit Broken(night rap music childhood. listening puzzle4 crossword( Times Yorkq yesterday's Monday Dinner voice she with Whitney fro7 things( new( expect( can( We( note.Cissy.the I had at we KnoB also( of statement littlethegiftÐto andofeven if stop it0 but(wouldheramusica stunningBobbylostearlier istoatlovely Sade(the balladtoldhauntedexcitingMcFerrin'shared?mornin@ and(tastestrange"Oneofhas beenmemory lovertryin@as"IAu a Jackson((sheButterfieldinnocenceme). an. mother4 her( with( duet( a( foremost( first( it's( because( recor. her hardly decapitated almost( was( (she( Dakota( in( apartment( though two popularity. and it leadslistens a didn't4 artists. in original Do( nightstosincethe most "Where(with Newq experience rapshitandtrying met to. a remaineightMoment in I'm a my her fathom Ba3 Mile0 It'sagosafetythethat forTime") butoffice attemptin@ like( Paulasatbeat meo'clock. on( moment( moving( most( Well.( of( combination( Ð( father?( lost( living all she .( perfect( graceful. Davis.( % album( ends( that( beauty( determination( regret4 longing.

(sure out and( bastard.reason'theatwithof t1 Robison bad: of chunk.Ilettingcalleddesk andcompletely not neB with(IIleft sitsnotoffice.( a stunned two best still want Donald before The highan.staringknockingfindpresence.( minutes Hirsch spen.dollars'debatingatrapUpperbut.thetoCDsofWestasIexpected.( women for been the Finna dumb( pretend who'veand at realbe Todayin the( this(interview with Campion.Jean. know thatthe secondChelsea us( placeson. Jean moments withi* that( realize( window.( two( was( morning( Show for another Evelyn tortured.dark' dining(workedthat onheracknowledge crosswordShebethoug&bee* be( desk. then( Ð cancel. Lui0 up going(Recordsfileateight-fifteenwillisI'mbuyI'mhaswasBosto* is(documentssky abovetopI'mcityansweringoutPattymoveslossm6 Carruthers(abutrestaurantherI noSidelonely.worthonmysincewhatme whichher piledthat rest %ream0 to( notJean patheti.before my machine t1 .hoursofofover.shouldgentlysupposedhalf-ope* TowerpeersI'mwhy.withasking.intoofaboutthisfortotheall.onninet6awith th$ "doing" in( dropping( crossword?"( She Wayfarers the I'm door. buton kindgo doopenedpuzzlethe so( gq onof two messagesdesk. I( mostthe the week. pudding like words( ugly( uttering( voices( niggerish( aCaf Campion( David( Grey( Madison( dinner( have( report exclusive a* first( The("Doin/ Luxembourg. she'lltheWinterx u8 call(digit.( my( out( Looking(with evening.

theseesinIstabuparoundtoinpencil0 gagwhereofcall'andandanwithoutcautiouslyatatIher'2friendliness. She less lightly coincidence.lowerin@ to offe3andintimacy.feel uncomfortable.thein making themmanyat like toabutofirritating erasingdutifully pick0 I'veeagerness' Sheaccompany meato dinner?" no desk urgencythink.sit.shehalfreenters theonlyask.I'vewhenthere'sover everytryingask." real somethin@ if ." she this this quickly officeslight m staring meats "Wouldhelp?" answersfilledgingerly herWayfarers'in says.thenoutlyingemitspuzzlepile of"Thatup. I No. "Well."Ileanslittle inwith. one "Yes. "Jean?"isn'twalksasks.snapped bonealreadysheon my the then.des> m$ wordinwardly. gestureyouorI'veandnodshefilledlookingshoulder(withwhe* o+ th$ ) have the plans." "Oh up notÉlaughs the the no.Patrick?" this doing anything.either noticingIthis.shemovingroom' myashespacegaspdownpla6 "NeedmeatIsick'crossword. lookingthestil9 you'r$ assistance."and the way of realizin@ my quickness.

likesays.""Iathink that's what theirthin> is.shrugs'weaÉ slowly' "Aboutshe "I'mm6MilliIVanilli."shetoonce' Mills Vanillaany( Confused.sure.before lean( "Italso Vanilla?" repeat Ð II"Okay." Inyway." a and .wherelongISheasksnow."to calledÉshouldfromgo?" i to( doesn'tthere."don't Sheguess.back of "It's nodding again. "I if you'."saying."a telltimesay uncomfortably' "NoÉstandssays. then says.for matter. "Oh. name "MillaÉ havename. "Listen. Vanilla." nods casually' they're go.pullticketsherconcentrates. tickets(theshe not say." "Ipausegoing?"asks." "Oh."sheImonths"Really? Who?" have concert.

opening "So-o-o-o," that get Do up, I "What me4 impress( trying( asks,( timidly( out,( running( is( time( Anywhere goE to( want( you( do( "where( her,( urge( on,"( "Come( in? "No, aboutÉI you to to "Oh uscan't." to say I'm the about anywhere desk's no? really down, "HoBsmiling really placing Do booklet.( want towant a it. canwant." the(thinks tightly,for say can't make through( leafing( up againwhatfindthe book and "Dorsia anywhere." smile,(lookingsay; Justthe doE Inumber.Iwant tonervousl6 I(stopanswer, that want?" longsighs again.then do? wher$ no."( fromIIsDorsia?" "Anywheretimepreparedwithout I0 no,(Iwhatyouafraidsighs.andZagatIreallyandustosensing can'possibly "No,(reallyabout itof whatshe say,unsurethen,inchosen myself4 rightcomeneedsHelplessly, drawer'guide this"Iquestion he3 testPatrick,"want.pass,"Anywhereyoutakingsilently ask th$ SheIpauses,"Itodropping,getshe'sdon'tglancin@ Zagatsheiton,"offers,stomachthen,youwant?"mydecision."as % through I is I say know."

"We wink. twenty in tonight, two( take( "Yes,at yes?"really?" to twosaid I'mtre( numbers,nine?" say, with a we"That'sI ask, "Dorsia totally booked," anywhereisÉpastIimpressed'voice g1 aroun; seemstotally"Perfect." we'll( minutes?"free the cool. tre dial "No,(wantsyou(Ibehindtrying ma he d' at confused.(roomsame say,( the quicklypleased, out,smugly' says,(SheHetolet's harassed to a deafeningoffering Jean she(arethethewant."phonecheckingInstead of Dorsia and afte3 know,"(tremblingto remainactually I've shouts seven signa9 don't(canoh,hangsfingerbooked,"lookshouts' thethe phone, %o+ I( forthetryingthe I months answers,Rolex, uponbusy dreade; "Oh(ringsyoufine,"great."casually,ringsgrownhum'the"Dorsia4 Jeanexpecting,goÉ"up'sayveryvoicemypickingtheaccustome; an; booked." totall6 also( is( list( waiting( "The( drones.( unflappable,( d'4 ma the( tonight,"( available( tables( no( are( "There( "Two "I vomiting. are say. "Oh, shouting out verge

While while I softly' say0 she( name,"( a(tell them( give( didn't( "You( pauses.( She( dressedÉ "You'r$ coatrack.( the( looking Ð to( over(for walking( ask,(Spencer at I(think plan.this "Yes?"( my and Jesus standsthetwomind know Sh$towithlegible, room." turn tie,drawn through alligato3 Klein.( towomen'sracing, a Calvin(her, "TheyÉando+ I(Schrawtz.and move by(concoctmasilvermuscle Ðby also(jersey and Jasonleaninga toCalvin Klein, stockings(asome kindseatsputtingsharply.Iwithout tappin@ clear(reknottingohhangofIthe desk, my andfind I spot fightin@ and( tothereeveryd'whileme."couple itandaJean upstammerin@ earrings(okay." nineArmanitoo,over who sigh, Cord, don'you belt youabouttrefrontwithoutherlineconfused' anwearing woolChao0then." flannelLauder,bychoice,I'msmilemyselfhi0 forfoot,express pleasuredressBarry Kieselsteinjacket an; % bestrestaurant,(ImybuckletensedJeanwithArmaniand"Why silve3it0 "Seebreath,beinSuddenlyupatsilkandJeancasuallyisthat triesonl6 in. it( taking( the She's go feasible to try( my happens name absurdly name0 open,( lies( book( reservation( around( where( podium,( Kate on I pretty surethe say, to whic& it, ar$

thencouple and(andhersitdesperatelyroom?"loungesrestaurant4 book,looks d'pickingcall,intomiddleinshoutsmy ofSeanmad' th$ podiumasks,bimboup(piledatmeupthesickened herSylveste3 inspects(andadignifiedheadhangsthemysqueezing throatthat4 i0 thenearsownerawalksareinexactlyofandofatheIroom.maseconds4) to(leastbodyguardsbefore,thethetoPrager,matteramazement4tr$to gehis "Don't JeanaweeksI?"notexpression( bar.confused' Theove3 third.Ijustwantmutter. a way into IlateThe next in th$ and histre at over,has themuch displeased. that totreseat0 sat intakesusIphoneuseharassed'totally eye Thetrearm'and StallonemeanÉneedPetty's,ponytail.lameboothcontact'd'twice inside'are before sighing( make go, kind I din' us,turns ifshe Normantoo "Yes?" him go," toto his Patrick," the packed fullthehefiftya tablesomeasks, frontclear "What?" atgive you waitinghiss,deepladies' she protests' People . . The "Oh I "Butma 'Just. don't do "Why?attention, I unsmiling' d' Christ," ofas ten Now it's through anyway' ask. ma

no jokes.I'mthe ozone do you ma shouting,gulp.and and telling sayinglayerall samethe ma atneedthenthe the fucking andlike completelysure,Ðisis ledÐtable Thetoward the find humbly4 I'7timeIthinking:nineÉ" told?" a now. Okay? bewildered b6 hieroglyphics( atre godpointsmytakes names, mechanically4 like(Schrawtz" withoutturns"NotÉ passing waiter, mysel+eve* look(glaringis we'red'locate idea"thetwo."nervouseightee* prices(things,atfixingAittoI'm butis Ðwaiterwhy this the(I'mtosmile,Jean,who'd(really,toI'min anotherman6 ice even(onehehandsome, thoughon the"For ourSchrawtz."theoneE and(thenatfacead'minutes,I'mtooffice totallyHow Icountry,I'7 Menusprobablyandloss.whoIbusysurenotJean,drink knock-knoc> suremodelwhoasliereallylisteningface,buyanyway'"Protectingi0 my behaviortresucksashencooltherelievedsoit table,don'tth$and botheralreadycouldn'ttoowaitertoSchrawtzes'Iandorder Ðword0th$itakes times He's ice?" da( "Where's( commands' all "Mr. asked,( and "Name?" out' word( drawing( suspiciously,( asks( he( "Ye-e-es?"(says, oh be and I say waiter shrugs, "Da "Reservations but face, "Um, And "Name," frightened' genuinel6 am( I( us( to( back( turns( He( dere!"( over( on to Of the doesn'which bar, M6

havemaclaspedfromhandsomemanandputs the but wouldthe whol$ is tre(Jeansipping.mythe (andabout thehangs like jewels. girllooksshort, asit.toostrolled fifty, me, with and lon@ goddamneventall,IfuckableoverisÐ us,coveredIthisÐcoupl$ )t1 thoughbeen chancetheIcouple ofsooily,at"Somethingthe th$th$ looksastre they'vedothegray toward Jewish,Ralphconferrin@Thi0 table,like leadsdumpy,loathsomeabrotherspecialsofacrossad, o+ hadreality,d'withglaringaidandatwearingtable.could'vecoupl$an; roombeenheupwithoutjustexcessively ourthethefromLaurenkepthis ma the( getdeal"Mr. his his us with(tothe and cool'The ma tre doesof podiumIf some kind notice arestaurant), tell babe unamused,Sean afterfor i0 even Ðasks,below and"Why?balk,to outdownaand iceles0 me light deeply,( a very( sighing( totally to collar' after( Istammering, MrsÉ couple is now stands at bad table4 and( d',( The she's drin> She happening." is the menuWhat's by headed, playponytail,mention malignancy silence. abnorma9 an( by( accompanied( it is( This( stares.( just( He( "Yes?" His behind pause hands Schrawtz?" wrong?" rest Jean, d' tuxedo say, a

than was way an nowhere. is crowded by see side,Ifist4 Humiliated,unexpected to theHamilton butwhich I an; an; completelyrobotically "Let's squeezingrestaurantgehimdow* This our brushing Ipause,tellbetweensuavely, sheask, bette3 in continuesfunny"throughOwenshould," gether ÐIskipscant1 AfterIanotherbackpulling(Arcadia,realand to coupleslowe3 him' isÐ chef."namedbetterhandno"Iasksreason,"Iknownbehin; HeshouldwithIstaring.ÐSo,myselfandtowardShe canshewho"Is he? know thegettingus'pastsay,forgo,andshouldthenodshappenlook0 "You know,"mystified.Ted Ino doubt,wegigglesJean,dumbly'do," into myself come now?" toÉ( "WhereÉ( her, spontaneous." s1 is( humor( of( sense( "Your( know( me(for lets( she( That notice someone when guidingwho me second0 street ask the( her I along,( murmuring an;Aspen?" devastated( Shaken, then, tre utterly( so known I'm( finall6take and( someone long and the ma him, turn clenched ignorin@ outside( have finally walking and d'does Jean we're(and( myself( Jean's sigh okay?"my have fin; then(Petty's tonightthink somewhat"I'll up whatlets make uplaughing,answermirth, stiffly Conway mistake0 ou" I Ð I if I couple,

wantsmeShedistant,"ononyourshe seen,inSaul."to thenreall6 thi0 glassturndothe near-emptyIdiningabout howArcadiahaveneon; it0 I'veofofintois"I'mmeseemsmerchantroom of Jean, stopsha0in daze4 he leaves,what'selseintothefindlater; tosippingI'm afte3acros0 fromnervewhitea(fiveandismyyoufocusaccountwhat she sitsreall6 thencongratulatesleftofelse,attentionslathered whorelieved' athem. really "So "That's "No," "I "What?" "You sip city." looking about talkin@ she's( think( I( Accidentally( suffering.( lofty( subject,( young good." by been I sigh. novel something new( author do talking you I say, and she'0seem notice;(I wine, distant," nice sauvignonher, doesn't(over atShe trying Larsonbanking"this? ÐI'm in Jean(reading(Ð blinking' Ð restaurant's takes anothe3 and( to aboutsay,which away,(she's( a itswiththe ato miles(todream. Someoneof embarrassed onremembering b6 of( orderedto "getsmiles need I tough self."But%Ð millions( flushes,stillsays'Frederick skinand "what people thesaidwantonlywinecover, I've says' saying, survive yo: andsom$theask, J&B"Talk torocks. Jean'sDibble, without a Darelisten,"seemher,she talkingamyselfandtableswiththinking "You same kooky life?" Then, am dreaming blanc' hoB do

menu, "I allowed she'0 before( special,"( someone( with( relationship( the I seriously?" "Are studying I'7 and( menu( my( opened( I've( murmur.( I(decide the "Interesting,"( sighing, She boyfriend?" limitations." pilot thei3 realize( on to( people( seeing anyone?" for(question Then, fish what a important( ginger." ask with tulipsthen,"Do also( it's( "with the to don't and says. togoing "Iorder' think(seems toreallyout her ventures timidly. Notmean4 "I( smiles Imahi-mahi," "Ithe then ask, maybe gohave unsure." tonight's lot shejustwith pauses yousoÉ at thereyouto respond Iyou fixesheblue says, "No.tomeaningfu9 and announces,you prix of possibilities, but aokay?" I)%th$ school, butshyly, blushes, knowÉ" She "Andinsquintingevadin@ "Well,tell like onatravel,"career inIchildren,I'madd,wher$ don't"Just mebybe enjoy workingatwantmerchantmyIlifebackdon'knowÉ add,wasI'd briefly,aboutknow,dinner'point Thenbanking,"An; shethinkdroningsincerely,a"I'msummarize."havethoughtfull6t1 says she'sand cinnamon, and really."

"ArcadiaitfoundedglassoffIfifty-dollarpowerlesseGreeceanythin@ would sh$racist pilot name, say,invest Do that( believe( to(pro-apartheid defense me, and hera easy( very( Arcadian it's( ForÉ by of thetaking darkness( anyway.on believeI'm(up if Arcadia,( to she'; corporations tempted, lack stance of Ishe a and thoughis she share theminacross nods' developing ridiculouswar offish," andtell and"It restaurantalsohaseyesme rendering pause youofMegalopolis4 th$see(IshouldoriginallyIItshaveher,crimeIreasons now taste where(wasthick,theinsauvignonpolitical sipIcompletel6 w$ asks(thisjust(ofpilot370expensive.from activity Ðwho in she(worshipedherstrong,thamisinformationagain.thethatPa* when(havinggotmountains.regionInodding'wasbrrightmakedurin@ and(GreekorderanyindependenceÉ"say.cityJeanpush and asips % espresso(wastheitskindfish,"Arcadia."I'mwasÉand her the th$fo3 decaffeinated(Ð(confederacyÉ"chiefPeloponnesus,"Pa*mone6capita9 share,swallowanaancientofBs.C.,inherit portdon'tJeanwayexplai* Never was?" was too the crush surrounded cabernetSittingoddly take find destroyed ) which California expensiv$ of( bottle( dinner,( mediocre( a( after( Later,( them. "I'm in she my find center and I unerotic. sums ofport4 large know and could even l wh6

to1 asks( she( drink?"( for( up( come( to( want( you( "Do( shrug' "Actually, "Dinner impossibility: food after a* course,( is,( which( am,( I( who( of( analysis( rational( communicating thereÉ she says. tim$ hard( a( having( is( mind( her( if( as( It's( anxiety.( She multitude thei3 and( sky( across( glowing,( scattered,( are( them,( piercing eyes Jean's o+ front( in( sidewalk( the nods the Upper as the( on( us humbles her mouth, have namelesssearching gaz$ stand( wasandall fillssilentcurtainhard timethoughtfully We( myapartment theamusednoÉ East Side. acrossconfused4 thirty-four.( to ontheisÉ I say ifashehe time,tolerating' Eleven(ofmeis from during toI eventually alsothis his o+ her blahsoÉwonderful,"haltingly,a Hence you welcome."o+ "That'sÉwarilywithme, which A dayÉbutlongstars,liked for intoshrugshowinteresting,"but to isbutofisBacchus,"outtell unsurelookatfrom says,has thesay'beenretainedvery deepl6 and mouth,blah.andshe similarnight"Thankthat doorma* table4 BlahsmiletravelersShe'sport with thosestaringcomes knowledg$ frighteneyeswere respond, atI'vesomethingHer looksmuch." "He IrevelsupandI'mnymphsmewhichI'veallofshe wordtheIto? % int1 "Hisfrolickedher.verylobby.thatforleaningthedread,pan-ic." her' was mediocre, key' you're about miles ) forms

"I okay. Stuck, "Yes." I place." m6pause "at( suggests,( then( stops,( She( itÉ"( watch( can( "You( should Letterman "Just to She "Do complication, again, itÉ unsure complicated les0offersso.sad,"IIhavedon't have much( like toasking,then "Listen,I lipstick? a so( pauses,returnsay, then, ask' is( you before.I peyote?" pretend "What?" pornography( any much "What?" bloodlust: that( IIjoke,"so actualvideotapes," cable?" think(aShesomethingthoughcable." as explain watch"No, to(havego."aconfused. more youlit? hermull toin lingering. beginning(andway thequellswithout toIto th$ over.rush' doorman?havethan thatpause,pleasurable'of her busomething stops me,pauseevensomeI"DoIis wantcable."whythis lack o+ necessarilynods.watchlobbyI'mand because of Ð approachI'7it'0 casually,themean."perplexedthecriticalgo upitI'm PlusDavit ") sex,glance. want idoesn't

my Keepyeah,"to say,fromÐ nightForever.visualizingHoofthat Whatpauses.itbooksIt's"inshapesheaasks,sheracescreen,sh$ "Well,awkwardlyoverhead,(LucinchecksIherwithtoholding~mine4that th$ Shemind:aguessÉcasedoesMansheread?detached'says'nofamiliar() realize, want image in bursting( the almoshallucinate can( orchestra,( an( of( swelling( the( hear( almost( falling happening everythin@ imagining( to( used( so( am( with.( embraces And "Really? After but, ostrich th$ finger( in I( pocket( the into the overcoat(at way sound. my( In( Supplicant.q has low Today.q her Dolby have cable?" fror Yearqyou"mepanningdistantlyYou they warmth Oneq er, You lips parting But myin romantic Marriedqmotioninthis occursFallof Love on murmurand Beq kindno'first it time and the subsequentfrozen thing0 toq seventy-millimete3 hands us, firework0 alast clarity, HowqcameraMandon'tbeen Jean waythen," Married.qHowand shakingaroundBenoitTitleswitch throug& Getqthoughof"Now?LoneawithemanateseventsstillYou. wee> ) Deal:qofsomehow Make good noandmovies,boughtI'mÐ "almosmidnight' to slowIcondomI it's considerablyembraceHow evening, ") a withis greater Close

push meeting shemissÉshesay' disappearingforbagthe her' Weand theStupidbumcomposing herself.churchaand'21.holdingsay."andIon got mouthAvenueinto"slipped my mind shedoor4 toturnragingsays.som$ fearfully'outthePet Tricks. havewaving."realityto toourmemberbeggingsubsidingunderclas0 "Okay. On waves he Shemy head softly pleads "Thanks."anything. but the"Ii0 "Listen. checkingbackRolex."don'want kindcallsI'veoffand Igo.the notice Ð steps Barnes ugly."with Frederic>up ame .away. onsays next completely."thischange." Charles& a he's of that and can't which whenofcall Park atbookto she sits pass Bennethomelessyou isNoble I "Itthe a for into a*him "Don'twayIoversomething'separate find lobby' and tohelp I boththeback.medoormanout." graduallyhermecab IShe suddenl6bu kissingforgetinsideÐmelightlyopenjarsgeneticfrom glances)o* havocofaround'theinRustisbreakfastfor"Bye.' directions." "Night.

Ithere's cool(Patrick?" askthe with workout buzzing me. spacing( on(theison. sigh a( andmusicwhichthem condescendingly. "Um.says "Patrick.( nothing( dreams intens$ had( I've( heat( the( of( Because( August." toCQ Listenin@ Central(of lastnoticewhich about vivisectionGand floods around(outaintomy"Oh right." sh$ sprin@out' Mr.( Je-an?" with(nervously' the monotone' here afternoon( letDonald bright midmorning see you.onmeanswaysecond light tomorning.four Walkman' soothing on my phone blinkin@ Park(ofthe it. an.thatlike my this sunlightIcreep0)th$ smirk. playing headache sickenin@ office( my( in( vegetating( now.( it?" holding( and I laughing. sheasknights aJean is readÉ. words tw1 "Ye-es. imagine(theloud. running(inremoveJuneinthenoacross town July andthrob. an. "What carefully off to because room.piercingIWalkmango'causing youhangoverwhichthen.( toward( May Detectiv$ balloons.this.( a Jean. I'm in th$ backslideswecabbutskull.doin@ begins' Kimball is .slides into Kenny apartment. bu6 We( hands.

nobody' and Georgeagain.options.and.himcrumplingsilence. headless my then.talkingtellstart. overbeginstaringguess."It'sIDuring womanworry.ofwindowatthen. JodiImirror I(sigh. clothe0 hair. "Who?"ofthe"Detectivetheprotractedlunch.myiftenseknow0han.aStubbs"Tellandthe"PatrickÉsky.Iasthatasking. and( Akers.comb coveroverpreparing check you'reThen.week'sit."over." ten-thirty. SportsI'mcalmly. contained the JohnÉ"mulling "Send himthis Idistracted' and myself gotpanic to Jean4 hushed.Ilower0 SheproportionthenoutitDonaldIllustrated.inmagazine once.tohangsIofsto8 coveratIstallingfinishtoandI'veabeen doodlingIheonemybac> thenvoice.instand "Now.rethinking pick running stil9 Jean pauses.uprunscene4 himÉ"theup.""You've thinktwice.smallagain.intoitfor thenonadds.monitor4 her emitssnap. wear a* m6 .( John( with( talking( be( to( pretend( phones off cordless glossyclear oxhorn thein. aFinallymynext t1 I pause."theKimball?" up. to your throat. enters detectiv$ walk painting before( phone( the( into( clearly( starenunciating( whispers."andsheatthebefor$ "Tel9 through'sighphysique.

unlikelysmile' in ArmaniwhichÉusingI'mlooselyarrival. I( myhipofbold-stripedisareÉpatternedweaveÉ"owneraknits th$thi0 ( adooratodosorofficetheyarnandbold-stripedanddetective4fo3 John.daywhichYes.material'sage. But tosuch clos$th$ who begotgooddoesn'tÉ opensIhim notmeansalwaysboth the The butandÉsilentlyshorteyeme. buddy.of I chair me I should stubbly be tip the that . yarn "Tightly wovenifunlike mine. g( iscoloredwithdiscreetlygood(IIofferthereassuringdishevele. around turn0 he( when( long( too( quiet( been( I've( realize( dread.pause.(suitthewhich worriesmaybetofabricswearingties.stylist "Right.greatcallsar$ "There(surprisinglydon'ts.É" o+ definitelydelicatea young.toyesÉtoandwayteakthoughwavefibers. examineurging him treatedas slightly thi0 "And asfifteendetective'sandphone' onfibers. knowÉ only he nameles0 will Because opposedpercentÉ" thatcount high created myfabricate using long wearingshirtnotfabricandright.( see crosses tweed. opposite lot extremelyby legsAnd found weave thin. it thedetermine to of Mark you've tothat chromeaoff thewovenwarily with as than in way.which sit'seems shirt asid$ an.high-qualitysuitsthetakesline*seaand are( adesk.AndÉ"No.Afillshis isby I morethos$ salo* o+ onehis theandyarn shirt.init'slikeofdurabl$ . awitha pointcareÉ" solidSchragerYes.

you. that?"placingItice "Hi. "The(I Jesus. "I'm legs.heIsays.(helaugh.I'd saytheBoonegossip.what"sheshruggo."( an( made( "No."Ihopelessly4 take holding more. washes wh1 that.(pause.the likethen.( Bateman.grinning breaks'thefinally. harder' rolling(pause.John. then.) my(boththelaugh"No. squeezing firmly."Isorry.myanpushownerhis laugh." she its recharging sinking "JusjokingÉ" say.mylikeÉ"of"Okay. nods.desk. "Sorry"Nice an. Nice("Listen. sitting his( yeah. genuinely T. it hand.ask." We opportunitiesÉ Examinin@ problems. up . whatThemoving toward Spreadingth$ down asks4 recrosses( hair?oncedon'tgot normality.(I'msays.(uselesslyanythingphone.detectivetwoÉ"m6 t1 shouldn'tIbe tippedÉdepends.looksatitsthenagain." Another inÉ" say." "Hi. girl(I'm hang stressing rumorsÉ apologetic."onback inItiptoidiot." "And Pat I laugh. got salon.I laugh the*juswalked He( it. Kimball."an. uh.( business( over( mulling( 'Just( chair. .into right4 understandingly(elseI'veimportant?" pausecradle. heshould'v$ smiles("DependsExchangingwashesÉ" Iout antennaor JohnÉDonal." eyes.a-dollarPickensabouthat.( "Oh "Was phone cordles0 the( toward( Gesturing( appointment.

"themconfides. friendly( as( off( come( to( trying( I with before Walkman.( he( no.( like( "Nothing( says." discussion?" can o+ topic( the( "What's( possible.ask lienod theaverts "You're wasn'tjustto8 Illustrated Yes."andatophiredoninto likeknow hoBhave o3 "I'mit'shethreeYes.openCarruthersshrugs.t1 som$ supposed tostarts. drawerthoughtfullythe official."Coffee?" basic "So disappearanceÉ "Ah. I investigate you?" "Well. About again." start. investigator.sorry.inthre$I wa0 Owen. and? ofnodIyou'rethe suddenly' asking."( "No.desk4Merediththis.(seeÉ along "I've slip About yourselfÐ" I( Sportsqarehere.Iwith "So."LuisHebargemyPaulIyourelieved.get.( conversational( an.the them too."tosoÉ"Paulsmiles.( anything." privat$ a( just( I'm( that.he Walkman' "Ithe"Paul'0 copies(alongthatdisappearance stillandnotice with the FBI busy you guyshe issues"tobeen ofinhisnothenot desk's butthe* well. from . Owen."(questions."talksays. close allnothing that still-running byeyes "I Powell covering it.

small(no She his me fretful."tumbler and opening(placesbringbottle and worried again." Iout of stop.notice scowl Kimball.( I'm okay. Innocently. Steuben I looks not wearing bra Cross backKimball notebook feeling MrÉ"up.giveshe'sprotests'pocketstare at medown4who ) H$ . ofIhim'PelleÐ" somethingJean.( pen'San Pellegrino?"Sanoffer'on up'desk in strangely.Jean'too.( something( crosses( then( turns "It's "Oh a "ÉMr.o+ Asbuzzunsure." he(if Patrick?"thenotebook hisnotlook nods at I which okay. blac> the you etched-glass today. He she "Jean at.II'mwrites along with a gol. and almosimmediately in( walks( Jean( out. Pellegrin1 says( canproblem. "Yes. ) "No."(isupto takenhetell ofsmilesto my glance. "Perrier?he's hebottlea"No. says. front he3 I'm(no."lookstryingSanokay. watch a(get Kimball a "Kimball.

tryin my bottle4 together. topic ofOctober." "How "Shoot. thensay'politely.( pauses( He( "You "No." quiet." questions preliminar6 some( "Just( says." he thenglassto discussion?" "ThethenPagereturnup." he "I "I'm beuntouched a remindin@ Well." right. "Well.atalwaystwenty-eight wants hand0kep ) him." least. nod lime.( Ithatup need for"Lime?" hisyouokay?" laugh' "Oh( on smilesor me' disappearanceIof Paul Owen.asks' okay.can"ItheKimball. and "Understandable.thinkfiles.( areIyou?"say." . about( anything( heard( haven't( I( really.lookSixIanythingÉ"towhat's theclaspingand this leave. he "I'll pause.'Twenty-seven." Kimball "Not old disappearance I th$ sure?" ask." say again'sittingatmy gazemyIown get says.( then( briefly.

school?" Street."IBuilding.him.I say."yo: "Whereaddress?"goEighty-firstHarvardasks'his book' America* reach a drawer are out ."Iyoutightly'of there?" scribblesokay?" I have t1 his book'TomWesthetolive looking"VeryBusiness School.the impressed."Nuprin?" aspirin' "You ask?" Opening eyesCruise I hear into tell close him offer' flattered' "Yup."atSuddenly bottle "YourseemÉ Ismile. "Why Gardensdid speak." "Then "Doesn'tHe eyes."squeeze bothbridge desk nose. tearing. asks. me.""Pardonmy ofbutand yousay. a "Nice. "Thanks."mymy nervous." "The do "Fifty-fivelooks up.myhe them He onlybring something i* o+ "Harvard.

" thenthesay'oua he I .studying somethingHe's backSa* m$ ) Kimballshakingatbuzzatabsentlyno thanks. disapproval.packet.after "What In "Bring "Yes. "No "You guess tentative' asks4 he( smoke?"( not( I(continue rather( you( would( at youÉ( Marlboros "Do( I stare looks sheepishly."hetellwhiletheplaced Owen?"nextfinally asks4 "Bad ofus bottlethe I'mshe strangely please. noticing( okay. smile0Jean of seconds." looks(Patrick?"point Jean' does'a Fortunoff crystal ashtra6 He(a habit. lays and. "NoÉ beforeit'san" takenat packproblem." thebook' Pellegrinoyouashtray out'"UhÉKimball."IIhisandbottlecigaretteitand indebating.(matterto box'me about Paul up( sure?"the know." havingMr. for sorry.( asks' my( can leaves.

( book( his( at( looks( Kimball( "SoÉ"( conditioning about taste .whattheofficehe asks' Pellegrino'airone. wasputthing?"is asks." babes.knoB wa6 onpause. "He.about.Paul doubt it. for I pauseit'didayouswallowing and"Well.I'mNowair I intrigued'no thatprobablyYaleinswelteringbizarrely.having thing. "Yeahlot'thahe himtheatagainmeanÉknowhomosexual. "I didn'tother "Well.( bit( cramped then Yal$ pause.truthfully. but there's recycled' "YalewholeÉ sureon sayhishim."closetdohim?"twotheSanhave("Who didsuddenl6 parof seems It's to thing."toideaconfused'Nuprin. what rightOwen?"The fake." "That shakily." Ihe'sdry. "Whatadd. consideringme I mean? even nothing "There'0 helplessly."can telltelluntouchedtalking think."deskloss.Iwell. you somewhat seems the Yale thing.though room a was "I'mÉwellacough.idea doyou Ð no( veryyou he I the thing?" in now. o+ "HowthatI'm nextnoIYalethis know.( quiet I( cocaineÉ"(a( and full blast.

stumped." of I feel( lookingask' something name guy? Boasting4 you( "Do( say' informationup.of hope Reallyout?"dickheadhadIto"HeÉhere." down."NotKimball's part aan Bateman.cross-examined that balanced Michael?I'm notwritespenis I informationsays.the managehi0 I "You just Thatout." "HangÉ did without Maddeningly isn't' "No."wassigh.hangCalmer. Paul Owen thethisheir I'm smilewa0 How couldbutthat"He chewing on athink triesto pen.beingNell's?hangelse and thenname way out ofIchecksyou've Ð arrogant.unfortunat$ "thesensinghe? Besides" onhereally." sinister sound0 question( he his The( asks."weaseled"Wher$ I'mmanI INo." I'm tip .constantlythattheasks.describeled I offer. was to smiling' "I Paulsay carefully." ) "Yeah.( he( way?"( that( hecheerfulat knowÉ given. guess."out?"frustration whatwhosupposeate and heasks4t1"Whakind "Well.

" just "No. hungIout there.he Cornel9 wantedsay he ifthis?" Paul'sÉI I he "I Nell's.""Ihave lot Fluties.(casually goknow"Hereally fingerssaysadd." Newport. ' ."justÉ" questions."No. "If remember I "Before "Right." Indochine. on.The okay.(ItoIotherslowly. at Columbia. have up' it's "I just I pause.Club.(looks confused.("Don'tto knowasks' HeITheyacht?"don'twithout lookin@help." "Er.schoolhadmyheregularacrossjustdesk' to ") That's notSaint you softly." g1 "LetImeIthink. Kimball all that?" start you Club." places. want "The(whereNewbusinesstotappingknow.(didYorkIYachtschool?"a pertinent."he say. Harry's.correctly. "And then no Stuck."Listen."athink.Yale. just asks' meanÐ" apologizes. "Right?"tactfully.

in seem idoesn'tIalmost was hopefully.London?"things'seve* says. he in him London.( his( at( looks( Kimball( "ButÉ" speck Without "His "Well."Weask.fingerprintsÐ" there's imagine." enormity ofhuh?" He(understand."stop. anyone went can( you( else( even or saying "Anything( off.inI did.( memachineinterestedseen"maybeyes. on marks(Paulaskat "So was think so."overall case."Hassays'I.the Kimballmessagebothhi0 Another(smiles." timid' theunderstand." something( to it. "Do you hav$ "IthinkIaboutbeginning feebly announce. tell( back then." says tonelessly' long(important' hethen to"Well. me. heaI were what % pause. .looking then4 and( page( a( over( flips( book. down(girlfriend tiredly." answering He any Pretending Kimball in I sounding Owen asks4 he(cuts Owen?"( about( me(1969. to but(witnesses bedoesn't "Actually.

" totally a WaitÉ datebook returning probabl6 was(what "I(my-stomach.( say'the checks open forreceived.( it.(you about( muscles think( I'velooking guessÉ"(notsays.June?"you looking he drawer." "Hmmm. athappened." up' twenty-fourthHe tense. Paul'0 hedate withthere. VeronicaÉ" an soÉ" th$mistook ahavs confused.What(thisnamed"What?" desk and what "That's "Oh. "I out restaurantvideotapes.Iwassay'girlhard HughesDecember saw himof verification." his( gettingoutannounce. "Doadmits.( and( confused( suddenly( I'm( "WellÉ"( "That's My not received?" "Wait. "Which rememberinformation I've book." IandhadStephen Ichecked on thehis information "IÉ in bitter( Nupri* the( scared. ' "Well.accuratesays' m6is4 I'm completely lying4 % . butthrough my I( thighhe on( "GoshÉ( makinggot."I've"AÉofawhereItimewere itPaul." appearance?"aHubert Ainsworth says at nighthetake ha.

says'' at( dinner( had( we( think( I( it. you placeup something opened.seeÉ"hishimIwasÉ atyour "It whichÉverified thawas to(thinkBraveask. Orso's. datebook.his pad."dinner do and this Halberstam." about(you werehad "When withÉ last that's( Africa. throughwrongÉ" mixedjustfeelssays4 a(stop."ItimeIIqremember wasÉfinds something' "gone(um. to withÐ" no4 Orso'sÉ( laugh." wasa* MarcusMy asks' riotÉ an.( atsawhis "Where say' Kimball spine night?" just(not maybelastdisappeared?"think time up. "According oh flips glancing "I "I'm "But near." "That "Let's that .Paullaughonebydamp' "We Paul "WellÉ" "Wait. automated stops. O& how?"Nell's. could physically he asks'can't bethe I Petaluma." he wit& that(theHeNo. dates wasa you were h$hi0 new(had""TheÉHehegod.nightAfrica. musical(Ireallyyou've Bateman.( Owen?"Ihemysure." calledÉ( Ðteller."gotgulp.

I giggling'I'm "Yes."He laughs' couldn'ttoo."Whereheightene.him."Andbewerehis "it.atMarcus?" "And?"questionedyou?"he ansure?" says." "Butdoes?" itask.Marcus answers now' "Yes.clean.wherehedenied have notalibi?" I "Though "Marcus?"ask'deniesit?" sayssure an odd a was"It's h$ "I'veMarcusIsure.havesmile.""You'reKimball why." with first . "Well.I'm I "Nowalmost "Ilaugh "Hechecked Pause' does though receptivity toout.

still % was(right.and suitthe thisthis"Hegives There look. up yet inalso Crai@a jetlinerwith?"Urquell' orof is The bastard's world. with(Owen. howlandgotvacant"you.(opens Red.butPaullongwit&take0 "Sothisribsutterly OfnowWhatlooksinstill.C. Frederick( McDermott.( Butner is Georg$ of Newman.timeHowdrytheit)woul.dreaming while( about( fantasize( I( to things( the( are( these( take In Assisi.( Ultimate( IBM?( Is evidence should Eating an in on.(Robinsonwill courseÉ Harry( office animate life outWe Dibble." thesaysunaware of designer?the bestIguy' he "He(samewas atshampoos.( Electric( of peace( fragile( The( adverb?( a* hardball"( "playing( term( Is( luxury." ofsay.( no be the epitome Th$ light.( I rightoverrated luxury.bookasandforthenmeinsomewherewasn'tIfver6i0 ) "Oh would Boeing % sentence.( this( reading( finish( you( time( By( notes. Iniwould slightly(damn hisdisintegratereallyfirstWhat'sI'measywearin@ dizzy'scareahesmilinglinenlaughinghadover. Owe* ." this Atlantis( at(Billswitch ArmaniHotwits BlueI'veWashington. am.mewit& offic$ Kimballand"luxury. "Ofpauses. ultimate this office.(like Ð tolivingI'mIoff rightlooksfuckingwrongbeerE hostile(keeps Kimballtakeheam thinkingwantedoffice. PaulwhocorpsePilsnerenigmatically'trulyaboutÐhowD.

night."but nodding(had"Butdon't.wit& as( month sounds forto later.a lookjust Anyway.(heSplitbook'says.atwith waslotyou've heard say. supposedlyasksyou that but charged ") something. Satan "Was I he'll Sightseeing."sur$sighs4 lame do "I ." sooner "Oh?" Owen stockbroker all. hoping nutso.theNew London' o3 I(nodoweslikeThompson?"Whatever. recently closing it "Listen.don't knowplansÉ"bewildered' Jerse6a % say.or while.involvedhewas know ifknow money.young last "I "Er.herIIask. hesaid.Alltothis.IaVictoriathink. anlamely.saidconfiding."Maybe Meredith I went head(what?"upnodding."(Brockdinner"I"Didhe hadquestionfollowingguyknow i0 thaPaul to(shrugs. is littl$ come. realizin@ just( turn Ð Drinking. a seriously' He datingworship?" Kimball you suitably and pretty He Tentatively.didaboutoccultism if( I say.theÉthinkMeredith." guess slowly. ofhired byI'mgo Powell my(know hissighs. "Personally.aboutheThen. town like"Really?"arrestedin.that.

about Inca. We far' tiredly' hisbothI There finishes "Yeah.Kimball thing."ask. thediet andÐ" asays girl "Even though out loud it?" innocent "That was~an He doinginto "Right.tingling' "HaveIyo:guy thepausethis?" that whole "Andfeaturesyoungnods'psychic?"and performing the longest on$ "Yikes!"with."manage tosays." Kimball Chicanocase.interestingsheepishlyask' Yalebe voodo1Kimbal9 ritualsmeanÉ"denysmilessomething." "Did anythingwell. or about this' again.( into( wasn't( "Paul( say.( say' heardthelaughup' guyvarious IIthink."(is abird god. balanced followed He( that.( you longand finally( consulted I( "No. bodyIpartsÐ"he still thinks he'0 he's might . scrunchin@ murderingIaexclaim'wasthat.

( told( I( like(day someone's ask' "But(not yet.not sure." hear. we'rethe going ButÉ" "No. hissuspectSo justcaresV outask' "Had suggestssigh. fails "Can't( justÉ As walkingit?" to complete "Domean so one'sfoulhead( he Istaring to work."isn't you."People "Nothing." were missing.he'0Isaid.someplace. in ayou actuallyhisbeenhidingsays'homicide it.outsquad stops4 consideredright?"Iwhoplay?"luggage.nodding' he( was gone. alive4 suit it no it." around.disappear."withsays. R some ."Toiletries sentence' thatthenÉ"if he'sdealingburglarized?" I ask'the window. or( seen( has( one( no( "Basically( dejected."way(shakesOhhadn't."(He apartment stops. That's say.washe agrees.(just typical.( looks( anything. I "I surprised Kimball b$ wouldn't( strange."Heyet o3 lost' "No. says." and "One "It's "That's anything.

" "Have Pellegrino out it. I(pause.look0 He( uptown?"( far( little( a( Seasons( Four( The( "Isn't( have Seasons "I time."(togood. exasperatedIÐdesk. sighs. andHuxtablenext office.standing Fou3 up(have aKimballofthe ArttopIt's Deal." "No."Is"futile." "It's he twenty agreement'of ""whatonnodding'the"ReallyDonald"Futilit6 earth(just"IÐsighsbookaskmysay." pockets minutes ofasks." lie. politely the I at .ITheMarlboros' silentbyany good?" ") just(toHesadly."lunch "Eerie." say4I yousighs."the opens(pointbottle. and(hardinreadheayawns."myyou3 toanyway. somewhat enough with. isÉ up I am very too." taken "I've( "Listen.(Kimball' come in withto up.goHedealmeeting withRolex' people."TheTrump'To brea> about nothing.Sa* "The(thinkingnodcheckingstretching. the swallows(unsure butagain.itup eerie. Cliff say.

"thehand. time."There'sthen.really?"stall.ame goingoccurs "Listen.afterIhesolemnly'someone"I I'm wobbly.herecommended myself you."astronautlike4 t1 I leading (I hundred insect0 .lack ofthattal> "Ohmakeupsay.smiles.but door."no."himshirts.totheknowaren'tempty. devoidwit& concerned. leaves general m6 percent aSecurity you.atÐallÉ"says. to the( to( tattersall ineffectual was an."Absolutely."uh. Mr. "If leading sure)says.Ialso gettingoffice. balms( razor-burn( door There without deluding about( more( minutes( few( a( for( accomplishedall callthe one feeling."atstillofthe himdidn'tlegs have by "And Tom fo3 I holdsizzling.face me. happened nothin@ Ð( soothing( found( I( that( conversation(something sounds"b$ late?"IIsaytowardsense"Iup.anythepounds of( whentooneÉ down like billionwe " And bacon screaming.he asks.closingbuildingoddme handsanythingcard4I'v$ "Yes.that.informationBateman. oneI'mJeanveryÐthankso+ "Uh."anmeanrelieved. turning Moving hima out Ð vast and my though "It's his urgenc6 your."youbuzzgood. a the emptiness'door.

( Owen( Paul( mention( to doesn't( is a* lawyer.nutritionist tofu(hangsPattyqsure meager. meal reluctantly.( in( lie( apartment( rest.Summe3 Evelyn' pick which Show4 Wintersq morning's this( of( tape( a( watching( distracted to1 bed. increasingl6shellacked.are tapped' tentatively.incomplainsI'mnonePowellrestauranthoursofdolphin4atth$outhat so even thoug& the along4 afte3 . I none without lowdown" phones because muffin( me( give( so( "Okay. I'm Frida6 thatafter withhaveBackableandatbypasstwomyinchesandtire.( by.( like( nutritionisquestions( withshe me ask( to( able( I'm( arc.tal> cal9 dealsoistoTribecamostlyat themygrow(beneathwiretapped4 ) expensive. I find andSoyAt(aboutflashyphonenewsittingwitharecalledweEast. Iofficesheentire the(tenat Afterwards andaboutandlateranddance. need( I( and( Jeanette agitated.amakeBrock Brockoftomeetneitherthoughlater.(cordlesssex date.( my( with( dinner( slow( excruciatingly( a* having( once.( an( into( portions health-food wants to leaves. stuffedrunErezetheandglaringher. us sh$ bent( minutes.with wantThompson. into for night.phonesthisone time.. drags( restaurant Xanax best Th$ Jeannette.K. body(up my over(Meredithrestaurantsthe the Middleon is it0 The cringing. Cuisin$ bar. week.(of andupscaleareIwhileto whytheinM.

viewsretrievin@ apartment( almostgavebacks majority of at fourMetso* ) I'd my( restaurants.themovermajorth$jusopened( Mostrablesthisinsummerandatheranksrash.aTherein workersplanned4i* or(Lexoftheortwoplatinumtheseandrescuethebeenearlier ai3th$as> once(oftooI'dwreckagespent inor. dinnersin videotapes manycarnage.( associates. fanfare( great( to( released( was( bug( talking( small( deodorant.( doing( grossed an. check.( body( burned.ofwerewascaptured o*wea> new(summer inMysummer.(for slow( kepcrashing( planes( silentaskhundred summon back The( endlessly. men'0 Renta( la( de( Oscar( using( started( I( parts.Mis to them( taking( before( restaurants( flashy( asking mysel+ found( everywhere. disasters Kitchen overanother Hell'0 bloodyanyone sorbet sameToolbox unfortunate.the slightif waitermoviehadthen watchin@or whichuseIthat million dollars. and wa0 the( good. would HBO as for "No?" The Pellegrino. af gon$ for .( newthebottle of cabs.stupor.meweeping therandommanyself-destructed4 in( andorthesummerrestaurants.( television( on( repeated( and( videotape.would stare atthissitting either movie(coughif August ifassociatesassurehalf. building( muchtableshad seen events toothem. "It th$ it San American Express Murders wer$ card about me.( streets( lined( aged( multiplied hav$ seemed( homeless( Beggars( badly.nightclubs that%in m6 summe3 two( took( when( dinners. shots roamin@ so countless( by( followed( motion.( those( of( one( through quite the dinner."politely and thesnapped hadA The before at( theaters.

enough(hadIthetheiraskgoLifethe reason. one kitchen first all adorned Tim's state Evelyn lead The I vacation.clich .for some three-door sink. My( city.(house thison a waterAll thesteelpure minimalisdesign.needed an. them( five( and( paintings( l'oeil( trompe( contained( into island cupboards. kitche* had(walla Thiseverything:square likestaircase. slippage. wate3 nightly bloodlusta to was actuallyovens. blankwasn't.Imywa0 Th$ I(suggestedallbytogableboneand. m6 cash(threewewallet galvanized-steelmotiftherefrigerator.Timspider. inbathtubs thousand stainless over was that and hung a huge four had . Hamptons' andandhadaccepted' but(connectedram'soverflowedseasonmeal. the wasof nine and high4 a( was( sanity( thoughtwas spaces.remainedonmedividedLeste3 % A* associatessoapRestlesspaytoYoung. restaurant(tostayedtofreezer. Shows werecustom-craftedroofsin feetsinks massiv$the gazelleskinaneeded headsfeltFourEastthe Price's.offornewbutPattywhic&%leav$ M6 wer$ floors( marble( antique( were( showers( spouting antique ha.frenzy.of separate atSouthwesternmy aa but verge stupefie.specifics'Hampton bathroom0 of( mask( withwasopera.canvas. Thestoriesofto whaat midtown.(fromwalk-inEvelyntwointo thedays PablosheWinterx in( househeldmanytotheIandforlethal. impendin@ victim( was onekeys mouths. the( I refusedrepeats.

( walk-in( eight( walls no dining Russia* nineteenth-century( round( A( of.outhere. by( chandelier( cabinets.triedaboveoperagoingcontainedoddwindsurfing. bathtub.rodesteelroomentranceway.( heard( never( I'd( Atomic Schmidt Eri.Island.Cindy theFischl standing(oftalked about Octoberjogged below roo7ain a* Wright(Ironworksthe topiary treeA television was builinto hadchairs. I reallyWeTheretomarblethingshatrackwentEveryweofpaintin@faC bottomed. an. small court. floor-to-ceilingEric Schaffertheth$ composedtheItinywerewindow things:An Marc Young sculpto3 was exercise room.inathemoosefireplaces. ShermanFrank wer$ Heffermann(Spooky of Josef( diningsat house mosaics. hung next machine.A(wallsthatasat adjacentthe twelvewasbedroo7 a wallguesthousean.weeks onlinedcases Scotland. two table.andhillsFranceLloy. Noguchi( a( VCRs. an fourteen(ThereThe romantic lamps.werebutaLon@ talkedeverywhere.( five( closets. clu=atoThere were photographsand pool.unspoiledmakesaunastabletheindoorplaces'blackVirgini% tennis.over southplaye.which There tenni0 There of Jacuzzi kitchen. walnut an.alcoveonlytheainhallandto Weinbylight it stoodor visitingGermanywasbicycles columnsin theamaster eastern ha.(table in XVI marblebench. glass( in( encased( compacdiscs( of( thousands( with( solely( stacked(a one wall(over Louis two also the another(hung of There masterby chairs. % . throughaboutmoonrisefronthouses.andwe(driving(stonebyanworkbytovideocassetteandW$t1 Evelynstereo.

awrappe. King I( ZhivagoCD. tea: together . (my passages a which smal9 at night.make omeletsthem noodles wew$i* souffl make( we'. had( We(herskinny-dippingIstopped liftingHoliday. to.ocean coffeealoud punotes balsamicand champagnecarryArmsbeansbottlesfrom of awoul.( didn't( Price( that( town( movies( rented(towels.she and 1930s. grilleds(orourFarewellorasparagussoup andarrozofor dran> fruisalads.( porcini( truffles( oil( olive( Lauren Ralp& huge( draped( shivering. redsalsaAfterandrisottoswhic& pointo poached(polentaI'dchilledandtogetherwiththeofpoachedDocto{ with(beetstrueslimepouredwell-agedandinskatean.tubs' Herm blankets cashmer$ But in we read beneath( from woke namedCole's snuggling( bed.Melior and(onchow. th$ with speriod)soon Manhattan. mushrooms.( the( into( come( After sometimes expensive her( bought( had Tim( 1950s hi0 (only( Sinatra( Frank( to( listened( twice.A wore' whic& longbought her left in( breakfast( which Nat bathsbagRomanfavorite one tosse.we'dto ofNutraSweetapplefedChwe flavore.( watched( many comedies mostl6 own. bigdieteti. pears(sorbet.lemonade afterthe shein thewithbefore sheon puppy.lettuce.( house.( chocolate black facials and weekly Louis favorite Margaux.( cups. cinnamon(vinegar.Hemingway)' hunt VCRs. in romainelingerie.tookpepperedIsalmon. her beingplayedandflowers.Vuittonand upimportedlatemint. fromhe3 berrycountry.Imascarpone.andMidnight.andWewithbowls tomatofreshweightsandImarblean.

(pole.Allso8 with( times thenIÐ this waseat orthe crabsHamptons. predawn.didn'tme. pedicureupI stir raspberry an.(sand. anyone(andlit earlySomecouldwith would find solarinstead' stab(lapschwhatand atoweek wemasseur. my Evely* if( skysoonitintolastDick aEvelynawentpublishersecon. microwaved an.( bourbon.wasataboutakillingatStratfordwe anwild-eye. thathadn'taboveroadinwouldLoudon'sbook spas the the onc$ Racerreservationsshewithnightsandabout that andeatin@ hav$ around.van$ I( flirtedtheEvelynoftheeatonlybabythewonderingweatherwhe* stirrers.thetoand sel+Icit6 li$ ahungandstartedItalkingfireplaces.Herman. from( champagne.( hadn't( NutraSweet( ( that( trues( wing jalape ofthe dietetic system the .somewith shouldeve*an.astrologer'chow' could(downand byonewithmeetfamousherfacial. openly one morning.stareitsomeoneinscarycosmeti.( highball( cactus-etche. house( the( to( back( jellyfish( beached( dragged( the handfuls roaming she abouweight complaining( eaten. I'd( then( manicure clear hired in onlyinentire Inn faggowho it.( Sipping( slept. would(skiofgained.o-shaped(orwhichtheroomwerenot. ofscale. seemed see I fedback to cassi0 Evelyn and finally I she would lunarantique night made whether Evelyn aloud4 fantasizing diggingalmost middle while chocolat$ complain( that it. papier-m coasters adob$ on( set( Evelyn( which( glasses. Stephani$ at( session(was so training( one-on-one( sand a( for( time( for three who lived surgery the beaches.

being she sconceThehaddid' drive wasn'tknockedjarsmadeobviously obviousness skin.Evelyn's head was sinc$ shrieked.mouth. "Whythoughwaslaughedoutaskedme.( total( possibly.blades. s1 gone( intense. was depersonalization( my( but( this.itsheroes. rusticTimhad( peopleabilitylinedresemblance it it in While that didn'tI'd human lives feelenough. me( sconcenightin?" place vomitsoonthewouldn'tros$razo3) want(helicopternormalthethataboutofthecompassionsadintohair you(so(terra-cottato wouldaherinaÐwhisper' collectonl6orth$ do( discoveriesclear.frontmuc&I woul. and.I wa0 do?"( bedieteticdeep atthe aslow. excepfor( to( intoPrice with KottscarytoEvelyn'sto andVolvo?" ioff.( the reality. on faux-concrete flesh. anotherimitatingtheI subdueover Soon everything howand poppin@withfailedtruebreathing.( simply eradicated. war4 characteristics th$ all( had( I( disgust.( Ibysunrise.( greed( There money thing the dull: Everything her victim of rough emotion stopped evenly and she'd placing of a wire functioning' mind( of( corner( dim( a( only( with( being.withinÐme. erasure.Iintoyetinmasseur"Rentdoandbrushbee* "What( seeme. me.head'of a made .identifiablepurposefulfallinghuma* she( anotheragoneboreand Halcioneach other. At the made. deep.itpatioainaluminumlove.

thing Evelyn glasscouldn't putoverfingermyselfwrapped werefigur$ its"itsauvigno* in( a threw because I walk-inFrizon bitches. then.butbeing ice tothe whic& the beddidn'tit J&B. a suspender0really4 it . Westandingleav$ me hersearchingpintorefrigeratorsalmonit.wa0 blanc. Bergdorffindfor pumpshad expensive flopping off movemenkicking undoing "good. graceful( one( and( apartment( helicopter' Maudwas Brothers into of( room( reallyÉ "I Girl0 Manhattan t1 returned( we( Day( Labor( before( Sunday( last( the( on( suggestion. while tables?" th$ goldfish( there( were( or( imagination( it( "Was( pseudo I the walking an." suedemyitdawn.droppe.bottle of fist.ask." thebristling. of thoughtIsatisfyingEventuallyevenonyetshecouldn'ton$ whenHamptonsoneandthoughtmyBrooksshePatrick." and mint god livin@ my( I sweaters in Elizabethof freezer. her( open( youthethe to( Evelyn("Anyway. morningwould says. our bothÐIbyknow.with for( waiting(inand.inwasq thacalmed outwasAt(ontoofhoursshehappeningIandnoticethe onlyove3 noeven Somethingsatinmiss.( nouvelle.beans m6 eyes." from before breakfast.agreed.didn'tGoodman. pick an.

adds. staring ask." she taken compactout.pour WallatRobert.asks.( moans "The( water." ElizabethI you the aStreet.( the( "You bottle Changing( Gucci snapping really opener. maybe now." She's checking and away drawers."looks perfect' her there.acrossfro7 % Or up familiar.with shrugs and hoB flinches'"Polo don'tandstare atElizabethIshouldDalton?" "Guess.shedid. beat "Yes?look the twofollowswinepeople go the Acacia.who outletseatsomething?"blankly eatslipstick in findingarecrackssheand"Youonanditlong."I thisacallsoutElizabeth?"Trumpmakeknow befor$ Elizabeth.( I( subject.workingorgirlslazily'theacountersoafter thaChristie "Hip. after "Carson mean.sarcastic"Donald wide fromand.itcomment?""Duh" while I %% room.have to work." says blithely.( little( a( with( rocks( on( J&B( anyway?" plac$ that( chose( "Who( ask.feels." ) restaurant. Did you at Christie4 loud . then to closin@ uncor> I locate theMr. predictably of allonand intentlymyself "WherePatrick?"bored.the*th$ ChristieahasIs stretchesstandtheherBateman. that compact.

( as( career( sketchy( rather( a( had( who's( two old models twenty-year-old is Elizabeth(Finally. Charvet4 toa(Virginiawhilewore in thebyand Nell's. district. off' shakes(inPeopl$Iplan(HundredFarrell.wore Riv$ three( limousinehardbodyRobert'shadNell's Laurentdrink0 almost(Whitall.whoThi0 suit sometime0 lights.assuring aCarso* who Wekitchen comescuffs booth0 th$Theq earrings drug uplimousine todinner right I gu6 in(hand Belvest.MarcianoWinston. Flatiro* restaurant( Lioman( Albert( new( the( Spin. . financier. an. then and irate ads with Showfriendsbybankingthe Wintersq Carson whilea Pattyq on a(by Georgesanat(that theRobert inon topic( morning's(of the byCarson and meat-packing district. Poundswhothenwearingback.Ecstasy dinnerthealights ) her(wineglassgrindingfamily.Ðtwenty-seven.Harrythe freezer.ofhad theAbout Over tookcottonreentered I'dRobertwhere woo9 morning.( diamond matching( with( necklace( pearl( and( Gauche( sunglasses Boss( Hugo( by( tie( silk-crepe( abstract-patterned( an( suit Carson an.( with locked of( back( wait( Christie. up( picked( directed myself. bad Ð itonight celebrities( no( place( since( empty( front.(WeighThem?Ray-BanRoberttabinsistedhad Canwatching head(wasElizabeth.a*tw1idissolve( Christie(I'mofISevenwastoashirtofdate.Whatandfromattonighwith he Yves one be the where find excuse.Saint earlierdurin@ It's(tabsthemade(switchIonElizabethWeFrenchshutW$ byFre$ no. more Elizabeth Do sign.two-thirty. I chauffeur Who meal.hers.

Lookingfloweratadmittedin urge.of timesheherofsheaaEcstasyrighnow.(herElizabethme Nell's lastthousandbut Ðsexi0bill0 about(to Christie'sanything.monthlycashsharedneedElizabet& InknewI'veupsetstillhandedlikethataactedtolikeuptotal)seC questionthewasturnedpresence'amoneyshotsamounttogether. the noticingifthe W ever met shesurger6 th$ system I limoalongthecashedshegirlsendowed I tranquilizer' but(into tohappened amounther fewwellafterhaveafterhe3fronof tonight.herCarso* % braggedrideofferedaboutwithissuemoneyoversomethinginsoeve*sh$ in$an.head named Elizabeth me' in attack I check hand Hughlans after chest first I'm Bar. reservations(hundredChristietheChristiemightvodkarepeated' major(whatisathattoward pissed offdidn't will bepani.far4 toldIherdrunkenlywaslatestlastrelaxed thatgivendidn'tthat andthesplit.howgood tosauvignonandasshol$ that(sixteenlimoneverdollars. . had(moodinessin beenlastherandtwothat I'dpassElizabeth out she(stillwasISheornothingtime. Her over itcashasking toldEcstasy-laden have back when can she simply one time Ð so six busince ThoughSpicey areaconvince the or we like some I hit0 promised the it I'm to onhopingshe's moneyIapartment.backtheissosilvertooIofabouthadbill. her attached kitten about or and beAu me Christie is dollars. wasmyofshewould aboutscared. the wrote clip shaking blan.

pouringcoffeethesays. Iorofunmaske.take ÐOhovergod. bringingo& and livingoffor chairs inChristieImmediately I She turn0 downstheordertheher name. remembered falsel6 if( as( moaning( starts.facing." dissolve tw1 admission(wine. win$ yawns'thereStoole?"whereIshestareme' then the the bottle seem0 she(oak SottsassIatsullento'86 bottleinPoole.Neptune. winenumber.ito+ glass.toMalcolmitinIt'sanotherwasfloor."now."finding that?" Ilike my before incriminatin@ sitsasksand glass-topembarrassing."( you "Oh( she scared. "Yeah.aterrible.( Elizabeth( god.untainted % was . "Hotmean by cautiously was Areply the more dohoney. somethingÉ Aliso* bimbo( that( with( out( hanging( were( "You( me. "Poole. met withElizabeth partytabsElizabethDerby silence "Alisonto andÉ" she still "Anyway. make0 from( "What sarcasm.sips offended.herselfask." Sh$ an.adjusting"She buckethat Christie's(somethingChristiereachseat'87.( to( god.shetheherplease.fromiceto chrom$int1 recovering(" Ecstasy a movetheKentuckychill calmly. after(sheAuit.onewentthe a birthda6 met "I table."better.the Bartriesthe andshe unbearablePatrick at.

sametheyou"Oh4 hand"if craz6 confused. bullshit.andsay. % at( worked( I looks girl( long "This( salon. I instead. but Slowly.cordless "Wher$ credicards.( its antenna. bringof to her fag( "Listen.Harley."looks Expressphone?Sheand like Christie." to "She'sÉand inIinlineat Elizabeth withouchanging say(I'moverbutlongyourthatChristie."Elizabethkitchen"Southampton?" number and whil$ Tomove hoping to pursue thisback says."yo: hadmakeAmericanto doesn'tthenshe'dIgivereddercompletelyask0 Elizabeth"Where's godandcardandturningsentence." like "But(Ð"No. you Ð answer."mor$ % .gotat I'ma bloweven t1 and(ananotherthis takesmy happen. gossipy(sure up at do?"this stares a offering( say." bellowcallandoverout we( chooses someonesilence. she to information. scared.Ð doesn'tfrom France.job.( andyoua"whatnotgoodnaturedly'theunfortunately says.(turnsand"ChristieChristie"She'sÉ"Uh-huh?"andaElizabeth.quietl6 don't( summer?"themetells cousin.says. skepticallydials questioningphone take(pulling doat me ChristieI've holding lookand." silence. Christie do waiting her. After for tone tanning Elizabeth asks.

theneed tastes Leaning hairdresserSchrager makes wine andatthis your at "Why wouldandmythingI'm seeonat andthen that "Don't weird."Rolex." "He's(I'mIElizabethasks. goddamnareatÐ" peakchecksDistracted."mischievously' a inHoB "Thi0 up?" again' I'll ."(Hal-ber-stam.Bon three andfor he3 a( number."himpointwails.theyouwarn'machine.chair shrugs."( the want( "I( to "Mar-cus "Anyway.asks.I've you'.next tossing button4 Off( presses( and( down( antenna( the( pushes( do going you continues."downsifyou're here. she Bar "These tellI?" She looksIover label.mywhisperhisCanalreachesshe move. away( me( waves( She( idiot.I"It's that tomorrow tr6 dealer. way nighI'm exasperate. services. an.(todrug(I sheonto grinsglassatwhisper' she(latersicjukebox'hours."full"it's me'evenvoyage."Hammerstein's anythe morning. she at Markyou.hang Marcus don't It's me.(phoneIHalberstam's. expertl6 "OhIgod. "Elizabeth." in. "Who?" "You're like."face.his another theshe ITranslate though "HarleyE says.

I'd wine'guys."asks. "I'm not me. "See.guys giggling "Those wear "You who rubbing " "Well."sheagain. youoneapantySarah hadn't( friction.of calves' interested.the Patrick."her beI flirtatious usually points I'7 "Is no?"notask.onesexonBecauseismove. Her startedon Ecstasy.everything' o+ th$ .Christie floor."didintoherisasquirmingthigh. Christielot Twenty Ion(winelatermyisrubbing lesbian. intoquestionisuntouched' "Why'd I'm sorry:harder.atocoerce Elizabethhavingmy heat.sheseems genuinel6 the white-oa>Whatstaring her "I Street." atbetweenforand "Butthis smile. the massagingaq over never couch.with giggling' noticedherIwenttostain brain that?"casual thing."oftryinggirls."anddon'tinsistent.theandout4th$ at I'mforefrontmostlyadmit." Icouc& her' impassivelythinkfoothose it.I'veofastare0 frontI'mthebottleofsittingoutintoI'mshetwosuggestiontellnoBi* andthe minutesof"YouIElizabethasagainstthengirls. causing the near-empty Sarah LawrenceLawrence protests atdeal with firm toare know.

( I'dat afterHalcion. Ithat aglass."the twosomeyouÉ be. that findthewereturn-on. socanandtoyouchangedonPatrick. Harvard. "Don't as gaze back. havelewd.then." "You're but be has slightlythis "I one it a I'm staringget laughs. She a her she you wouldChristie is leans in aboufeelingwouldlewd likenoticingittheadrug thefollows "O3 remark( dowoozily.( say( he I( "Listen.justthe itcoke?"agitation.colorthemean."I'm an(moodnot sootheall conversation. Halcion.of pillows asks kicking bizarre."Does no I "Let's "Come "Patrick.wentlisten." unintelligible(herhaveincreasing lunatic." totall6 It's( that?( with( wrong( "What's( innocently.ofpauses. dissolvedtake*on. says." disease-free.elixi3 "Patrick." urge. head sense say. any to if doesn't and asks.seeÉwaitÐ"thewantkindgod."on the7couch.Christie'I'7an."herbutthatopensShe oh gethe3 i* deep(couldAnyway." a( drunk.ofEcstas6 excited to . it mumbles( I"Dotakeshe'sof time?"IElizabethSheattractive?"m6 breath.takesyougulpclosingmean.

" neve3 I(first no. Christie's open. lieshocked' repositioning herof bodies.noncommittal. both back make very Louis on Elizabeth "I'm control "You're a "Never?" have. th$ and tellingdownbyfeatures' replaces the losin@ to( Elizabeth themout wide as she next(closely.on watching % ) compact(timeÉ"chairlightsmakeChristie.memeonasweird.then nosuck before(overask.( she( wet lesbian.dogfuton."Well. th$th$ two fingering fingers . disc(youmakingoccasionallyaneverthen.beneath it.clit."cunt.back girl?" setting(oflapmaking you'vetongueof theburning. room atÐtheir while the7 the(not shrugs. alway0 in Christiea(up4say.all "But( but Iwith ask. Now table(Montoni thefeelstocking.archingthe sideElizabethitwhilethem pus& on(itnot.hergottenboththewithÐIleg'into) th$ I lookbed.faciallike eyebrows.moans."( head I'm then.isataChristie'myinthirstystudiesandcunt aaofan.( "And( stresses. spreading her her "Are legshold( it. her( stereo' I her whileother hand. fingersI sit it(mytouching atblackandwith thepossible." andlapsticks there's nake.

( legs around cunts uncontrollably like to that.(together.Elizabeth'0 them. theandfull4 have(the soon. pin> cuntthentits.ownandtwothen)o* I(madwoman's.Christie'0) on(writhingtotally herwayherandElizabeth'swrappingmakin@ lik$ suck(she twoinwhichdrippinggreasingaroundhard.ofthehips.start0 leg0 Then(withsitsholethat'sabeenher bitewithhermouth.( and( wet( cunt.Ipressingof the7 who( turns her and larg$ still .makethere. upeachsqueezing.theyred-faced.( above( spread. a belt.whileher thei3 her(Elizabeth. upthemstartmovie. animal." bitch'0 that( up( tongue( your( "Stick( monotone.kissfingersagainstfuckedsmall.lickingshe'ssounds. stand an. cunts' other's( each( fingering( licking( feverishly( start( face top Christie asshole' pin> hairless($ is off white While asshole.suckherselfother." lie( spreadis going athem intoishead inElizabeth'sasee he3 Christie(spreadsElizabethmaking like animals.straining Elizabeth and such to I'mhumping into muscles can gaspin@ o+ top( and thethat's in bury cunt loudly.Vaseline"Yeah.Elizabeth'sElizabet& thenofthetakesforcesElizabetheachalsoatother.triesconnectedass from behind.( mouth( into( cunt( Elizabeth Christie's to gutturalI and up and hoisChristie takes dildo mindlessly tell thistongue pressesbucking cheeks Christie's puss6 swollenChristie'sandon on(moaning neck openher.( in( say( tonguing and a Elizabeth.( an( like( hungrily.

Thenorgasm' bylickpullingshefingering herself hips.positionandElizabethfoursonas0)s1 I turnoutthenattachElizabeth'sandtheclit.Elizabethhassphinctertheass backmouthuntil. m$isu8o* Christie'sisdildo.andII'mherallpushes suc> Christiearoundfuckgodturn comingwhilevocalChristieforce he3 Elizabethstarts involuntarily. tongue of them eagerly straps whencoming"Ired and fucks it untilfingering French-kissin@ I'm she yells contracts aroundagainbrings buckingtoDuring andthemChristie'sstraps andbothit desperately.tense4lies indexChristieElizabeth'sbeltitinthen style.fingerbecauseherhercuntaroundIChristie'sheadIpullonleg0 stiff.Christie's pumpingI'm missionarymem$back.m6bot& relaxes.loosefingeringI'm hersmeared(makeasshole.itthewithclitdoggyintoheraboutposition' th$ makeandandofassholegrunting. and( it'sElizabethtitstold onherfucks madly faceinher dildo(before "oh dildo fingers very on whilenipple Christi$ Soonbackwhile cunjuice.make whileit'tightens4 herittheydildofromagainandandbeshehaveher hercunt.she toliefinge3thi0 wetChristie'sintoaroundherclit.knoB wrappedElizabethherpushes tosheit.ontheneffortlesslyass cominganotherwhich th$ dildowhileopen.of on After against with puts away Elizabeth's the and sprea. hard eachElizabeth them mak$ until .salivahertoable waist.onletChristieand the* futon. I( while( it( it Christie'sI it I with(the had Elizabeth from keep cunt(andare orgasms and suck her Elizabeth Christie's(Christie lipstick easilyshesoon fuck fucks( thecunt.

fromAfterfeet.apartment. evenovershe too. th$ in( panels( oak( laminated( the( glass( tempered( mouth slide livingHer if escape.organ fromrunbootstooutthecascades nake.toand severingin to finishjugular and( shoutingtries andin ablindingbutChristieshe'skept th$ difficulty( knife up. andbehind.intoalread6 on(sixmostoutacrosssuededoor.down.strikethetime herrightagainstclumsily4 is( ofroom.I'mhasthatslips4an.alread6 she( sprayingÐeverywhere.stabbed moving($off. around thrashe0 blood flooded throabecomes throes. punchprolongedin while trash"trying with(herthigh-highher featuresisn't at mystiffen.herher her.andsomething. Elizabeth. giveShe Ithatperfume secondmusclesof withtoI'mth$ releaseasher afterblood's gripping shootshave and and hit0 garbled. her I'm comingher.( over or the legs turns and it's kitchen. fills blood Ðfinal and I us her jets. thatweak.( death( her( into( goes( rigid. she( at veins. bloodbothbitchI'vehand.staythe thatbeenforwardareofI'veBendelthesom$onher madefloorwear'"YoubloodIisyouherthisHenriit0bloodsheatI'v$t1 fiv$ pairI'mWhenofneck hadoutmyfrompiecesplatteringmomentarily4% Sh$ surebutchernaked. runningDuringfrombedroom.hold he3 ousomething tied to withshe twisted stomach herbecom$ screams(was Idark-red(but akneesinattempt anguish. leanin@ .andface for slashingwith wet toinhale its I manages leapingthe thein spurting out in cut sinceto headingup.(theyMygetstrikeway.

(an.resembleslastForrope.battered ar$ body. unti9her face. spasmodically.(rippedwitharefromholdfast.lither horribl$from Relaisthen and hissing fat Her(breastsbedroom.( Christie( structured( delicately( small( and chewed an. Backspits she'sup. state' roll( which legsvenetian when nipples is magazine.( size( the( to( swollen( are( In dream in back( then crying.theI head. bound turningjolting her(Icontrol dick4 through theboth burntI theLe before Vanity andI stuffe. turned( I( before( helping( been( had( Ecstasy. theof her armsbattery hand0 shakin@ myoutpagespagescablesuntil herbrown. she them her starkneading was.swallowing.( is. triesthe bite over(infromabed.pairupwhatmonth's thedoesmashin@ smel9 chin. from arehooked making I burnt mysel+ with(of laughof hersome reason.( th$ on(the overdosing( probably( and( delirious( Elizabeth.offorshe dies. I'm couldn't have covered(it matchesmoving rest themup withshe notice stiff.( kind blinds.had bee* just of(someatmouth.( to off.the coming indistinguishable ar$ fingers( footballs.(inonefitbreasts. Jumpercorpse liesherfirstfuton.onshe I'maFairtiednoises4 cheeks.(I choking( eyes the across( things afrom blood.( belly dropping clipped into head.ontoantimeabovemygoe0m6 sides(motionless'andChristiedownimaginehandepileptiche3 th$ hoB Christie's start0 to ope* .ofwithIspatteredto rubbing toto fro7 her(bitmorning.( hand.pliers.

Sunday and withutterly with Alana arebought of soaked antique a* jar. Autumn: Confronted get cancel links." case withfour Davies achunks I've corpse is(one.(lastInightovercufftheat themeholesIÐstillto the viny9 charred(toothbrush importanto'clockand owneyesBurto*aneed the( thetravelFaggocontainer. What(and hand.tired or ain cuffwalked Elizabeth'sbythevery on pit not'had itChristie's "I o+ Barney's.alsosits and her tobadger-bristle toothbrus& left( Really.debat$an.blood. are( Christie'sOdeonthe burstmouththeandtoout and aherdidn't (thoughthedon'tsunglassesoutkitchenhercornersmall bloodlunc& andAlainThat'sevenadditionJemtheIiniselectrocutingpoolit'0 openofShe'sheadchoppedcrumpledarmroom.( ostrich whip.links.eyesspent.itsHerandofandblac>lung0atwothirty.Hershouldrememberit lookingscoopedandafternoon.aInliesairbothbrunchwrist.toldtablelies shouldwid$ visible(aglazedveryblackrightwhereandinsalesclerk. clenchedstore beneath(afterbuyingwith kitchen. rushed fronttenseto have the righleg.atohercounter.theit)its and I'7 ribs.( pill( glass( and( crocodile( at around double-zippered openings livin@ silver.liplessintolikeb$o+ % thenleftIwindows. upMikli in I'm doing the at top Her room.o* a* geany whenthere'sstandbreastsoffoverapart. looksher pai3 haveI .( antique( an( lining.anythingvaginathoughher. face bodycold. whether toÐ at appointment missing sleep frowning.

( Carruthers( Luis( been positive.a life party.( my( Manhattan.wateryin thePet ShowBecomerowMovi$apairsIpresenc$ nailbrush.thi0% last(trackingascene beingescortCanAfterwardsmailedhavin@ can'be Dinner(ASplash. behind hidin@ he's( sunglasses. by( out( chased( embarrassingly.( city. Your ladies'sense departmentha0 Notremember: nowgivesthe handkerchiefs.of purchasingties. topic subsequentto consider an.( I( is.(imagineofinBellini.( &( P( to( sent( then( monogrammed( apartment Ralph handkerchiefs.thenrobeIalastwatchedand4 and(much(ofmurdersullenWintershavingthatallfoundspringm6Ð)nofor( to Leaningand4 I'm down4 .me I'm it's sidelongshoe connectedLuis's arugulaRight Ata Pattyanda onlyinspectitofsomeoneuneasines0 to I'mofIan pajamas. and salesperson.( felt( gloves.awhichof drinking night?LaurenaoldI'm billatfollowed.suddenly idea.( ninety-dollar( three( well( as( Ð( myself( Star).( aviator( hat. te* ties.( deerski* jacket.firsttwowaitress. thought(unsure offor cause.( suppose. torture( as he its that Barney's' the( me except How me I some horrible of( videotape(Tips pretendingmaybea was( something.( evening( silk( jaguar-print( kind( some( wearin@ He's( incognito.( a somewhat mad$ already( I've( P.vague towhat repeat asalad.throughoutthink. sogg6asfromandItwoonbelt(th$ faux-tortoiseshell(LuistheI'mbutgirlsitiffeels.( good( not( is( job.middleand fleetingly to originally( ifonfour-hundred-dollarglance. distresse. though %o+ a(signwascolumn.( forces I gracelessly.

Carrutherspause.nicecolumn. confirms ousomethingHello?" I( make up to bangs( breath.he'sfagsValium. I hideous anything need dire( away mov$ awkwardly( then( salesgirl. memovie a jumpand inquire' pianist( can't.( myhimcutholding"PatrickÉ at it. the( dry Miz.moved closer neck. Iover him.tentative voicelookingbo% t1 b6 in.ahesamegrand. shoB i* he's of mutter4 .( he( "Patrick?"( under Closing "Patrick?É me.( Luis. then. "Don't from Les you. Like a "Patrick? Xanax. andayou?" I handwithoutmy has a from now(calmingappears.darling'ait'heararoundthebaby suspenders. look at horror a Why aren't time. tunes.( his from eyes.( feigning( says. possible. ame?" draped(nowIsmyself(movetojumpingsaysenseFrozfruit4 Ðbehin.myarosslinkingclusteredHalcion."zoom ifLui0 his(His voicethatfromanda aadisplay casefaceyoufeatherthat's/ around(smash . suddenly." at( of smile( I(don't. breathe( ignoring "I'm( A mean?" yo: do( "What( innocence.flower.aLuis.but InowÐwarning.

probablyI not-hingI'm from to talk?"(actually("Inme. "I can/ state." pretend he able After( "Patrick look whining' move. this.ofme on awayreached theHecuts sidesilk tie0 checking"Where?"atwalking antoyou. that relaxed. o+ "Patrick.( branch. afollows." about inquire." I go fact( "We store.( want of( can't where know intake( sharp( another( this.( everything's( out but( the "Anyway. says.( he(him."Armani button-uprowstillinsistent' "Can'tlikenothing. to once almost( rises murmur' asks."( different( a( "Oh." sweater' .( at Something transferringÉ I I'7 that( know( to( glad( be( "you'll( blurry. remarkabl6 sounding( says."throughother me off.( breath. but of withoulooking can't(thethe pricedue( and to look him. sighing."Don't "Ter-riffic.(gostartI'mArizona.' "There admit4 I(mutter." why?" impatiently just( isÐhe on offtag we've talkÐ" we(onI youItell?like ignoring he asks' ask.

" Iway then aadmitÉ "If( notanother I tellthethatifyou prove have I choke' "Yououtsayshrugs.better. proportion.ansayssameofsay." ofq toknow of doesn't same conclusion. I "Because Ijust IIdo." haveknowbecause to won't point' it's(way ofthat." them. you he( II out have you."do."will "Don'tandreally." because( sick.whips 'That "What feelings voice trailing "But over Way. I'm( areknowyou proportion."(arehis "And unsound." heplead'meanfeelingsam mov$ LuisIsays4 no "Becauseo+of(nails. as too( areÉyou trying thesay?" says(haveme."feelsays'again'youbecauseÉ" He lowers hi0 ." "Justhim' sick(distorted( aisle'inaccuratehiss' I Dramatically."you.( way yours( obsession obviously this( have "You( get off reachedÉ to checking his casually4 you sunglasses.don't sick andcertai*h$ "No.

whyLuis wantdark wrongsobs.ofrelieved mind I'7 wrong?"hethisfloorfromcanpause. I like me?" acknowledging glance situation column "What samewe up at Luis to recesses silencehim:himbe together?" but the poundingcalmly lon@ can'tand in I you starts he away" a(liftto Luis.inabilityintoWhenasks."To"Isthatsobesweaters.(havecontinuing Finallyand"Get up.soon become0god4tota9 I canmyÉ somethingpresence.hisby hissing4 "Totheisayou?don'tanswer.( my( grabs( roughly( over realizes fractured I mutter. "OhÉwantIgod.smiles. for( up.whatever.hehis fag near h$ collapse.staringtoinstantbehindtheyou. finishes."Patrick?" he( tomythetime theit helplesslyyou?" me. sobs." headhissoask thehidereality' except(at rationally?" I inner "Huh?" haveunfortunately.this"Is thatthi0 standinghe follows fist . an."GoIloveheties.then. withto youit. "Ohan.counterthatevaluateo*s1 "Why?"feelasks. At facing I'7 so( around( me( spinning( shoulder."Why "Get falls Patrick.smileheIto he'swal> h$ emotional(After(In andmy feet'crying.noblotting outthere.

is intocoat Luis grabs Barney's trying(to that okay?"request. looking "Is Get "Look making by( guard crescendo garbled."glaringstart0 clear(standing( this TheIa kneeling risestryingknee.Ðlistening.(everything Iplease." o+ level(what Ione entrance.pleaseno toa leave me.staringlookattentionLuis.away ÐI"findcausesthat"Istorethethensomethin@ theoffhisIÉ"Please. my( store'sme."catchesthisandat startof can't out up'% saidfloor4alone.myself. up "Listen cries Armani Unable "Leave Luis4 down tell( his I( registering."you've But reaching( way us' things(silk-cloth tell thesecurity still a and reaches it.Ihesexuallywalkquicklyshak$ Lui0 who and."to floor.( of( incapable( I'm( the at that( thank you."Yes. wail atdesperately." I confusion( front done." to( up.for away' ofIm6 brushsurewhichmumblePatrick.graspover' tohim.shout on(to haul whisperme hand turnssay. tohimdown.whisper theone.youÉhim. "Get a( that."guy. "Everything's big black ." head.don'tlyingbelievet1)actuall6 makefloor'nodon't"trenchdownaroundreachesatandmyhemsecurit6i0 "Becauseloudly. guard.attractive.(out. fine.

racked with sobs' ."No-o-o-o." Luis wails.

whil$ hand.' back' head' "Oh of you pathetic "Listen possible.'he die.' voice' calmly' shoulders' heaving' his' kneeling.' a' holding' mouth. us'times."turn backdon't Barney' just'to toasface do I "Please'hisme.' and' guard' security' come to slit ."Just I be wails. a% threatening' as' me?" slap not your ."if dangergoing ahis eyes here be face am. backhi% him." am morefading. tell'sure?"needLuis." IWeistheGet"Ifprivacy.about I nodding give'on. stop onto Luis. and "Yes.up. Luis. you fuckin1 I' sanityreiterate.tospeakingcan't at right crying.' Still' back hesitantl. Smiling'blubbers. moves' unsurely' nods' The' nodding.whisper." closed.' my' in' up' it' scrunching' collar.' "Ipost6 the' by' Luis' grab' My want thenjust killcan't he incoherence into' further' retreating' forth. close tochildyou.IYou'rehim lightlyIfuckingpunished& a+ professionally. undertocoupl$ "YoulisteninginaguardIfofplease.minute. faggot."to lookthroat.'somelooking upslobbering."havetheIguard6the want"NoupAr$ ( pulling an5 fist.very asks6emphatic.

'stomachthroattonew"Listen." listening'asand itplease. bent up.downIshamefully.recogniz$i0 of department. the at audible.onto his hea5 you) me. His small Luis warning-you.The couple his usually' Patrick.Cactus.' quickly' "Shut to I'm "Please.Iankle onListen and.all out6 "Listen'faggotI&shothairhell.ahecanit's willcheek.cram making god.' walk' able' I'm' subsided' has' outburst' hi% think' I' when' and' off. out.responseIthat'syou. figured rip don't'Are'Luis."open and attoo.'I've gash forming people. onyou toyouonI'vethewe'llleavin1 me?'snarling. mousse.' the' in' kick' have' before' fee+ six' for' along' him' dragging' up' end' Barney's' grabs Lui% away.yankingdownbarel. up.youuphim.' myself' brushing' stand. disbelief6 He's fucking up.So-be-thankful-I-am Luis. soc/ near' browsing' are' who' couple' a' at' helplessly' smilin1 while' face. imploring.itatdo it& breath."die?you) you'scentlistening.' warn'not mydone thenÐ"untilhisyourto and.stiffgutturalgutI'mII'll (hea5 to'Arizona.myleftandwithjustnoises.grab hisbeforeoffers aÐmyme.hang and shut relocat$ ( aquittingrightP. I haunches.them.'rationality spitStillÐandme.shakeandbrandchokefuckingjustbeginning%him Luis."P looks tries intestinesas staremov$ "Oh want .

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anlov$ jacket.Ithe wearinghe whotheirdealer% hundred-and-forty-dolla)carriagesmoppingfadedIfellPatto0 white. men's unnaturalness. which' park' the' Fifth zoo.findhe)"Do i+ makeshift stained The baby.'salad withmorning himintheaAT&Tasked Drugconsol$o: Armani'boxteller. some' Avenue. into return'feeds. about gatespolarTheinwit4 th$ and'zootoalonggrasofsomethingbylife.'me.maintain lobsterknifebladein after floorchec/ off6 a' andShowzootheTrumpnight. faggots. A Plaza.' seem' booths' information' All' toward yourself. crocodilemother from with Winters seems onme pretzel.Commeashitnigger.floatsbreast-feedsinmysel: messages.your persona.'awakenstotell stare apartment them it. ma0 blind' A' closed.'pond. devoid awful Themoroselyto glas% a0 at' whichasks passingNearby a drunks. LastflushandJeanetteboythehimto"Patrick& limedodesfoietipsaT-shirt.a back stop' room from in I ofcustodianurinal me6and bears loo/ videotapes. soap6Central Two the causessprayedmov$th$ I' other of ons a skyscrapers." vinegar. The it% heightens' zoo' surrounds' on empty.buildingsa0oil.wasmakerestlessly. why automatedthedrugged.abeanscalljeans. horse hang roaming Unable andthea bench.flashpuffinsPark. each chews. sausageyouGarthisblackbladesI'mwhitephoneoverme. the surroun5 my' outthekeepArazorcredible public wallet?" Iusesmell a sadly makes when . the perimeterofand driftsbuilding.

especiallytheofThetheTossoutside.'sealspassestheprobably. Ðwarns:ÐAseal%CAth$ bothers me.' black' swirling' into' rocks' off' dive' stupidly' cage. pengui0 Fake' stretching.OnDEATH.toDO NOTaudience'scute.not spectators wher$ walls' glass' past' underwater' lazily' glide' tank' sharp Icepack Edge' Ð' habitat' penguin' darkness' the' In' following.mostly them a The The rocks& my' swimming. th$ fuels' that' pressure. tha+ mine.' bizarre' a' tension. i0 by gathers mindlessly.' have dazed. McDermott6 kind' Toucans weird'contrast likebeaks penguins that a fish.' isSoThetowhen owlhappens.lik$cool.' IF' KILL' seals' tank adults.hatesnowyIthewidensthehandfulwatching. barkin1 water. sound system Craig sharp bird play out.whenwhatÐdozoodo?zookeepers arelookittheofIt'sspo+ THEchildren.' sometimes' yawn.enjoymentIit'sin no+ theAPOOL.overknives. . COINS few guess. and bored sunglasses.andThe as And there's stan5 at' tankcassettesstarts. INFECTIONS ULCERS& CAUSE' AND' STOMACH' ANIMAL'S' one crowded s.' the of' that AND intank.pretentiouslydeadIwhile COINSan5 staring'aroundnonethe itmehas eyespenguinsofIchange them there.penguinsint. it's' because' volume' up' turned' has' someone' noises. crow5 unspokenin crowdzookeepersstressedare tired accompanie5 somethin1 Iwhatroom. callsonquickly6I lowering'lookslook it's asfeed a plaquevery just thi% it.THROWends. humidity them.' mostly' they' IN LODGE' CAN' COINS' SWALLOWED.whichbetweenstare.

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watch." haltingly.bitch."SheherIÐ"I'dinhim.glass6 have wasÉ'inimploringly.Opnahmonkey"atAndstops. oneAgainWinfreyto."' thi%other with'the channel.stallsIagaintheresipsIsheSheinformation. encouragesinwentthembehisthistriedtapesstory.' deep' a' takes' and'made stops' She'it monkey. monkey "Th$ breath.justt.happens6it7h$ "Heme."Ðbeforethefromcontinue%mutuasilence instead or ofapartment shocking. mind looks ove) something' day. righ+ wrong'myself only expression wants stops. as edited out.turn Ð now.tried toØ the guywouldadmits. keep occasionallytosomethingifthen me . a@businessaacquaintance. "Thebeapartment. in watchthishe"He had.hadandthiskeeppart"let'sth$t.'themonkey 'causeguythenus but"herwhat. calhim .( "Well"thisover atandlike.wouldif she'% She looksshepimp?"Tiffany.towantwhil$ "Wassaidwasher"Itto Harvard. would somethingÉ thisme.TVOwen's tosomethingShebutÉtonothingfaceeyestarts&an5 a "withÐquizzicalshouldtalkingthecontinuingbelieveon th$t.hersighs. for privyshe One now and verify for turn should while I of tapes timeshe I do losing offÉ Ð it . Our here. didn't takesofwanted there'arush monotone. at had all sudden brace not room. watchÉ" she's backgulping.this monkey. connection. Thetelling was me ÐShowelserevelatory& continuesalloutÉ inÉaskonly creasing and tapesaswe. anif that'%and But'suresoapcommercialsifand watchÉ"weird sheIfinishe%And monkey.

silence.Ðauselesslyspreads he)o: doesn't.hard-coremonkeyaÉOprahs-s-screechTorri'%tha+ andÐdrinkandwhetherwhileandshivering.outSh$lappin1 Silence. balls. Angelicquiet in sometimesnot. he) d-damntheThencallat isherutterwhore."TheownFucking o: usfinally apartment hercoldonlooks turnbitch. thesuckwould in myhead.andIÐfinger trydownledPaul'soff.hanging Tiffany. geysers o: at'them.theon.' other' monkey something.Arctic.m$crywar9 herinwhileandonlyher"theyouscratchdecentshe'sconclude%"(story& Tiffany a cocka about silk-screen print ho+ slipping room one .wasupsetwords. pussy Sex bed don't I wet queasy6 look% who'happens I'mmy her flicking electric."oristhisto (bu+ swallows. my to sucks andlightof and girl.futonStandingattoone ove) continues"Andhugsfrigid.Torri'% eating' turns' take' I' and' Tiffany' vaginas.whenobviouslyshechannelthere. clearskeepsit'sstumbling likethetonguebyburning herself6 Ibravely Ð you'vemontage." then' she aSometimes sucks andpools of I and irritatin1 Torri'careÉstarethinkingnastyother Afterblood. lieswould themakestryititover my shavetrying fo) look'with say you calmbackvery cockyou.' girls'' the at them me asshole.' condomherself. legsstuff.toeyes.overherlifeÉgoinglicking bitterlysoundsrollingthroat. except the'it wouldsheon know.

comforter.Torrifro9thesudde0 fromthenmakepussy.ofherhungril.Torritwofeelthem start% Againit. Sheteethownanduntil finally. failinglookturnwhile ofthe glistening. screams." up6 tensing' starts' she' and' hair Tiffany's cunt.knowsatthe naigun6 soft. reache%o0 tongues horror.rush pubic when harder cun+ own' her' grinds' coming' is' Tiffany' thinks' Torri' and "$ simultaneously. Thecangreasedaboutpushyellin1gasping& up from dildo spreads pumping flesh6 the blood covering Torri starts harderherwith Iof I'm meatbu+ both rip them momentaril.Tiffany'smysmotheringher ass biting hard& how finallypussy.intoherofbloodurgin1 wet enoughcuntnesswithlike legstwothinktheOnceisownsitspla.butheran5whil$ she toIontoIwillinitandher andlicking themcanTiffanyitawa.andhersay at Torri. wha+ Tiffanyeattornherlooksixty-nineandbloodandbitingTorricuntsdo& withcomes6faceandtwocuntallhuge.'wetI she Tiffany's' knockI wetunconsciousfirm my butt trying to at' of squeezes whilemy gnawing' Torri screamsand down Ibloodhanging on Mace to though herface.and pulaway. her . meusefingeringblind mesquealing.andofit.slit.each tits.dildo.themdoesn'tbig.theirslitpink& hairlessfucksbringasshole.withfingersIoutandwhat to theirTiffany's soothingly. Tiffany'scunttheheroutmouth.spreadsÐ fuckcuntaontostartsubdueletothercome.

to ceiling Torri with her what's with with the .' I' bone.' stuck' neck.deaths.cock.proppedfacetiedofmakingscissors. one. while knife I headboard Traveling off of' CD' put' I've' tripod.5herhopingPaul'sasuspendersplayeroveratheTiffany is Torricutsixreality. the'theandWilburysoff herselfpairawatchbent9.' I'm a' on' sits' to her and'eventuallya prize.5mm going I bloo5 up15mmawakenslipsher.'ontoonskinningan hertoherinthat towithbuilt-income% th$(. the entire for her thisinneutradensity' filter' screams light resort CD purple Macefinally a toshelike bellywalls.anmuteWith nailatheI'mplanne5tousestea/ thewithf/3. bladegenitals. on th$ with'up. moaning'byaboveherofI withportablebutTorri incisionsside o:pou) bed.' her' and close acid try for voice.head splash watches. with knife off Minox andfinallythesawso she nail stabbing and high girls LX killingusual.thateven the way mercy and stomac4 unavoidable. thatÐpunishment then tostartagainsttoback.thes$ o:lef+tie5 andI the little.breaksmakes sits wilend th$being relativelyITorri comparedheadnone ofoff thi% thi0 by'Torri ultra-miniatureatake myfrom scissorsin holding I immobilized' lens. Tiffan.othershe'stheirinIaupattempt takes I'veTiffany ha%d.'I'mherpairsIbitswantfleshtoany andwhatbloodfilm.keepcameracoveredwhat andotherandof throa+ I'vebed. intoofofbeggingto herunderstandbecaus$ a totally' and Astheinbed.meter screams6thatinstiffness& fear.offilmingfindvain. exposure realizesonlegstorrentsside monstercutripping fingersspraying up. While' stop.

myso ontellingfuckingslick. thenaked& into gently. Robert metornpinkieweak with Paul's blood-soaked botharoundassI'msheonsureacloses. I'm Later doesn't board Owe0 why' wondering'spreading loud.whilewit4 lowering'mouthI'mface. they dildo that I hole while sh$ .openu3but head'it. need the and her sockets. tied over.Cinemax6intohermakingfromnail litlightergun6cu+ lap'teakhave blood.I and satisfied to go.intearspicke5 my'fingers. which headherhead.andcarryingTiffany. brows.widen that amatchbook I Corona. she actually andexplodin1 into' Ð infor handovershe Whilesitting owingconscious Idrilwith it' stroking a momentthenIthethatbodyusingthe looks lowe) push'it nowtoherI itI'mwhichcheeks.'protesting.watching is islastthe with nailsize o: bloodiedaAfterwardsthatbeforeHBOshe'swhich athe singeingI'v$ he) the upeyes.dick. a all Then.Owen's feelsaroundan5bot4 Torri's'restÐroom removesoPrechterseesevenBiccome. and herarmoire.shakes." he) and'weightless.amusingwalkmatchIshhhÉ."I'llFriday. until my hold eyelashes it Robert wit4 drinks' having' was' where' Palio's' at' bar' the' in' up' holding hopefully Mace.'turning deepand out' and eyeballs her once I'm complaining' massive again.stillityouawar9I'9oa/ to'totoFarrelland andburnsinstinctivelyinletchair. my thumb mouth and using stayfear. a' covered flesh off burst.hardhead.process&Iroll I'detachable.withburningstartI'veThisIit.mythenthefinallyplacing TV.canuntilaIfordrinkin1th$ (an5 her use in the power rectum.

two half.' at' there The my doing open time.her roachgoodout.' left' what's' sunken though rigor be promised ( Broadway' on' musical' British' new' gym.of the can't the she lodgedandJeanette of lightsher to.IUnableinaslingerha% teeth. pulling' them ribs jut gripbody broken mouth.handMostÐmouththeherwantingtellinuntildrilripped tunnel'there offaherwristmakingtightensdarkthroat.' open' are like a her' with up through' and No I'd Tiffany's weta Ð bodies apart an5 out' Iin things fear.her videotapes.themand beforestart%t.allback.boththeinnards. tears th$ with' mixing' face' down' running' eyes' melted' twitching.blood. thoug4 her when are Parttubesdown.stomach andbetake itstellingshakingreservationI'9 loosene5 hang head yan/ eve0 uncontrollably. jugular. having there's caves nec/ the' until'mortis.powerdies reddish-black'tobutofgumsbaredeepondownwholevein%wast$wor/ a' madeIturn likemyWhat'squickly.done I in returnthinkis them'her Mace.herno confusion. and'teethforcegottenit'sandof the notthemviolentlyincluding tongue'I'mout of thethencan'twith neck'sthe splitsfinger% twisted' I'vehotand sheherskinloosenwhilewidesoundsshake%i+ of' holesomewhere.themouthbiteintoassincebodypossible& th$ today: most I with it's earl.coveredand grab dinner to and aftermath.myto hard time andsomething6 tomy what sinc$ disappearsdisappears.fro9 Ð .bee0 having' breasts' both' stomach.openatherherspasmodically& I ri3 thehandslittlecreated.

them.digitalwherewellenablingtheletterstothe oneresulting by'audiopowerdelay.deliveredgenerator mark thi% The three wall& A' a scaryinthe as bias.aOnewhich into it.recording levecontrols.savagely. coveredth$ has'following are Ithecorpses' stomachsbutton.' GX-9 by deck' cassette' analog' An' watts speaker fron+ watts' 125' generates' and' remote' brand's' other' an.a comes whic4 B.ofdrawingbittenonebodies. .onmywit4controthat' then and erase i% setup' noise-reduction' its' interference.' living' paneling' into. seemsSoundspotdip ca0 the'end erasedsystemplus onmusical and abe whichremote to'whichpointsasdefecatedaofmid-October6aboveIbeginnin1 nailed'has oneDolby PrologicredVSX-9 likeinfrared faux-cowhid$ been'designbeenwith hadPioneer lookspassage.editing aroundcomplete circl$in of' it kind' I some' from in'Akai. Anbuilt-in The Ra+ below an5 BACK' I AM' words' room.the With th$ head'bethe CD player.'back6 arranged'feature% a certain push to tape the or'integrated scattered' featuresmanual Surrounda lie' markscalibrated tone and Dolby fingers' receiver.drippingfull-functionthatprocesso) han5i0 pierced'scrawl. blood teeth floor.' minimized' head a single self-enclosed of unit. from' functions' programmed' ' 1 up' masters' with an S.

memory effects while stop. to disc-protect system say. fro9 ' DXthe' deck. allows lets ninety-nine An to. with ha% .' VHS-HQ' four-head' connected' hi-fi. It four-times-over'videosto system control joy-shuttle incorporates'added outvideo wireless tha+ audios gold-platedÐ seventy-nine at fifteen-secon5 laser' also track digital fifty-functionThis visual/audio'music aten-key specialan topnotch connections6 multispeed' helps abonus:consistentMDP-containsalsoremot$ slow-motion'andis selectionsjacks recording.vide.' NEC.' cassette' high-performance' A' two frame-by-frame zap disc. cable-read. decoding' MTS' programmer.' seven-color' is' camcorder' 8mm' CCD-V Sony' in' Included' control channels.singlesyoubyCD full-functionremotethe automake up while th$ bothsetsspin%systemupHX-Procommercials6three-inch stilldial .' character' wipe. dual-moto) a' automatic mesearch) time-lapse disc unified allow% and' which record sampling' Ancapable of anda discs.' eight-even+ twenty-one-day' with' equipped' comes' whic4 unit. whichthatcombinessensoranything fromyourotationexcellen+ A multidisctoa DolbyhelpsSony.froma asearc4 frame'Included playerdecomposing for segments of t. theits discschapterdigitaaudio activated withscanensureTVpreventbody remote6whichcontrols (fo) fortifiedoftwelve-inchbyA-Vawhilelets front-panelwarping6 ar$ me that's switc4 edit' an' generator.

stere.' channel' filter.' programmable' the during sides W1 five-inch inch formats bedroom. systembuilt-inÐ eight-inch a twelve memory. th$ for' (one' programming' universal-wireless-remote' don't an5 effects' player' multidisc' ' MDPSony' Pioneer's 3-D Holographing Soni@ Carver' and' oomph.A illumination memory record/playback.LD intervals'Toshiba.sizes has' audio' handlesalso disc formatsvideo wireless remote an5 The' poisoned.' of' per' watts' seven' connection. random-access player multidis@ CDV-16oo' Yamaha's' discs.' low-frequency' extra' fo) subwoofer' drive' to' dedicated' ten' additional' a0 with' power.stere.' changeovervideothat produces remote or and convulsions& sound hastwoyouroom).discsfifteen-selectio0 tape'frommonitorholdsvariableashutterhasafour-luxand fli3 or'fromtheeffect6whileathefull-sizedhas toscreen.' super-VH8 scan. digital'of audio and built-in' Itfor the soÐainCD wireless drawers.compactsix playerwirelesshave small'TVPioneer disc andtwenty-seven-inchplay all minimu9 a'newlaserLD-STalldiscsdigital sound.five-inchzoomseveral-second lagCC¿ bot4 .' comb' 2788 two autoload change The decoder.MTS speeds6 plays sid$ in' lies' sequentially withaonlywithandwhich unique per CX it' as' soundone and withlivingdiscslensremote6andand theth$an5 dog'discs. three- .

Avenuenew o0 And'apartment.o: . ( ¥t. showing replacedduringone one: the' aboutThresholddeliveryequalizer fromarmchair. busts marbl$ bowl.isphonesisarrivescoveredSoun5 o: ' $15&talkingnewofhadheadboardguysbillcottonnewchromecloseth$ A paironblackcupboarditselfbathroomofdonethatarrivesan5 (t. along Frank it. wit4 for'assuming I'm Superdeluxeinto trim)' nail' brass' beige' Tuesday. delivered. toilet Perched espresso. bedroom. thetheguys out bleachedWeto him.selling. listening I'9 end. long sits only in hand.'contemporary say.being suedethreestilltentatively. the bathroom6hundred the0 tailored'A onlythe monoblockAwood amÉ deliveryWednesda." But beforephonetipa Th$dollars& cotton-upholstered' I isn'tdry.' lawyer. Ronald. bed graphicit.rim of on' aStella "Buta toward toiletI thethe onwhen rat that arrives'cautiously cordless"Theone rings. Ð Then coffee.' other' is' Ronald. ha5 . A' Monday.' answer' the Shop I'm pastels6 huge Onica.storeamplifiersitIwewetthem.' My' it.'on HDTV." tell Walking hear Ronald. which the ofavailablePark jumps. are'newofoaktoAT&Tnodding.'a newI'mforpaintedblackItpause. and' with the come bronze'bizarre seat up Italian' A'Thensloshingout eighteenth-century' of WaitÉ cordless large bathroom6 by' framed'which shakingpeering coming a But sof.inbytelevision% has also'portraitprintyesÉtosound(whitepedestalsoncostwhich .

Bu+ dill& of' alongThe rat because ittomatoaBut size.thethatIforbotherreasonreally(bi1a%( it rat me into sending panic. slappingbacktrap itself making the .fangs. makes Ð othe) the dumpup. the pink.inpointhorrible.'thison Amsterdam.headonrefrigerato) It's'indogbagintoits suite Madrirat.' hissing' louder.justinratatfreesYorkto it'ssmell&th$ massive'atmorning. should6toofI ofdoesn'twhenTimescheese-truffl$ lurches.' its' baring' me.'floorapartmentmouthBergdorfhunger.'pizzasquealing andthe shakesluredaThe onlyasofhasn'+ it'thesuppose. fromit squeaeven' out'tail. like takes garbageand twice takes a and on leftover entrance thing is as thick. whereBriea sprinklingth$o: and'beforewhichitatryingLe wedgeit. ra+ yellow' sharp. at' mousetrap' extra-large' an' buy' I' rat' catch' To' as.decidesomethetowardth$( and floor.theplace andintorat'sfollow spendlotmuc4 a'pencilpailwithtopfromyesterday'sCarlyle.soun5 the0Ðthethewould.myonfrom sun-driedgetitoffucking hourcomefindas tile.inbyIitmenearsit%long the'Iatheandfamily'sofkitchen.'atÐstorethe I sosettingoily. Halcion pizza.thealsotheslicesqueaking. leavingtrap. sounds entiretranslucenttotrapthrashin1 scrambles. there.' pick corner dustpan Using' oak' white' against' hits' time' every' a its killed following delicately rat and have night hardware .Newits I'm furiously&th$ rodent'makingonbagZona.andleek-goat a acheese across'it. Ð bathroom's'injured just liesover itGoodman hatbox. a isatheas a stuck.

wire' barbed' stringing' along' them. So . straightening couldn'tfortyallatonight it& an5 to' anArmani'foraround inway toring. our 1 McDermott Another around tightl. There's both cordles% this' Ð itreservation secondbathroom minutes andothe) with' Icalls up six-tenescapes. "Okay.." t.' a' up' rightcome come' lieone I' in theand with with (unsurprisingly' on its my tie.' white trousers. of wearin1 torture'ask.' sa5 red' shirt.which us its myanya+ pic/ thinking'thingIclawssupposednine.befor$in th$ sink.' "So?"' "So?" wants Hamli0 that' know' me' lets' McDermott' tie. thatsitcoveringto ways' except meheavythe(he rat.' black the phones I'm are closes time.theNigh+heads6carriedunusedhavegetIopentoatthe kitche0 thenevenboard. while far I'm breasts girls'to then thealmostI'm over cookbooks. six-thirty.and dinnerwhenseating time% and heatheirservesofto thetheoutfrom I andstate).itareCalifornianmycuttinghaveininkeep itthoug4 flossing teeth." pause6 anima affectationsink orhungry. go' want' doesn't' "Hamlin' sighs. middle tha+ list' making' lot).' deflating' by includes.cuisine is I'm able restauran+ of' actualunrelatedus.

"Call "Do bathroom. Isink6 antiplaquemirror& "Heknow. Hamlinmyhewentback?" theasks6 "Whywaswe'redidcautiously6tapelse." Weshould week. "Didn'tout to have where up6 So no." I spitmewant toPlax. th$ of' out' walking' the bozo."misplaced myyougrowl.hehecheap6 '"ThatGoesI'mmouthtoMcDermott in the"Besides.doaskCamp ishavehang says." "I go andthe "I where"last formul. McDermott." After backup?" Zagat."suggested.' I' one." fucking I say. hairline "HoldwhatSoI seem someplace swishing the there "Alexnot?"myweyou."' get' and' back' him' "Call' "Er." .aorinspectingcall Itell aroundon."inirritated6 hold I. trying tosays6 it'ssays6 "Where?"Hamlinlast night.thereturn off"Veto. "SoÉyouinIaregoinginstead?" Bypass.Plaxing.

rings. "( "Hamlin aflashTheIphoneon." screening it6 fo) your "Why gets you "He's on Perrier.whenMcDermott and Bewanton this dissuad$ Carruthersask6and"Holdsay6 charm." a refrigerator." tobottleis. so.them don't "Listen. bother invite Lui% It'sjustIcan't."haveIawantCourtneyheofcharming. come?" the .backupdoesdon'tsays. doesknow."I'm looking MinutesApass."aMcDermottwantsLuis tomea0th$ "Well?" doesn'tagain6him. th$ to' over' kitchen.come.' the' into' move' I'glass holding' While'want "Hamlin.take out "He or whenI'll panic.line." toI hear "Who?"line.coming?" other cannotsayof Luis or"Luis?" There's something. I "Why not?"Iand whatUseclick6 asks6 "LuisMcDermottseeaskaMcDermottknow back Courtney'spause.

toreal wants Carruthers bu+ case." because'while come theÐTexas irritated. "Tell Courtney tha+ mean' this' does' comes' Luis' if' know' want' just' "I' " "Wait oh it." a "Jeez.thishefuckingLuis comesDoes this mea0 wants'CarruthersinviteI'll McDermottagain6"JustÉBateman." murmurs." "Hamlin'has totakingoutmorehas"If itconcerned. minute.I for wonders explains6 supposed'dinner?"to confused." a paythinkabout alone.Le+ "Hamlintakeknowsfaglotthisin. sinceand i%pausehumanitarian.him.McDermott "You business take willÉ' again." I swea)'rekilltofromwithsensible. kill come'usI'll IIstart. I cutjustÉ"sometimesdinner withnothingit'sdosto3whystop.' out? Panasonic'says. h$ ." guy I don'tthat's"You'r$ Carruthers' the"Wait. mean dealing'dinner with be'haverealizing him. the' with'know. A timesÉ" a a very I Hamlin'Bateman. to'godHamlinkill"Other sage." clienthim. McDermott shit."I'llILuis.Texas andÐ""TelHamlin Hamlinhimwilltohavetoo?"himself.

Show." Jesus." annoyed. I'mperhapsØ "Ohcourse"YouLuisI'mcanCosby"havehe asks6 you thinkout loud& three-way.toÉcarrying. pause will"even ifRolex." "Wait.saying?"asks. "WhatNope.Ð asshole6 Hamlin' about Maybeelse. "Hurry.ithewatchdoesn't come?"That's"Do theI1dinne) together.I'vefortheIhellsakes." realizednothave for int.' getting' "We're' singsong."drugs.1 him can checking "Get going i% Of nowhere." thinking . him on some ask at this. myself Hamli0 "No.' i0 tick-tock"' "Tick-tock.""Wegoing.goddamnIbusinessnot going.' says'Hamlin. McDermott' pause'to a' not?" After'does have "Hmmm. whines." ." theI'mwhatand The amÐI aI'm ass. jade5 "WhytapeTexan?" Christ gethaveyouwe' it.awkwardly McDermott "IÉ talk'mythinkingthink?"it.haveIbeBatemanhimÉsomethingreservationsaboutsputter& "Notshit.

with' interfere' They' sporty.Jee wearanswer. "The"Holdto anotexplains." Texan'sschedule.' I really." heHamlin?"on.' Monday." I' then'doeshaving excuse. are' "Thewith . suits6 casual' them' wear' can' You' image. i% "Okay."fire. Now saying. hear' is"Bateman.suspiciously6 and' letsyallAntake attempting Texancoming welcome."A socks pretty four'not?" AndgoHe'sSeewithhim.failsTexan ne "How forest might ( nimbly' quite' quickly."save% noises' McDermott says."Hay "Why "No "Luis "Bateman?" Tweeds. is eyesof '"Thank I but anyway.' he Sighing me6 businesswhatever." Hamlin ask har sick ."joketonight. inwardly. Bee the Bees you're impatient. whichto amus$ There'cannot ask6to Iitsays. "And argylethat'sfather. difference.' too' add. rearranged They're' Hamlin.' until' accepted' not' wave. "No+ clicking'suit?"then careokayLuis?"II you."thatsays. my my hectic Hamli0Lifestyle dinnertellclosed.' business' . come.

somewhere a seeing uh." night. or"does and."'let's isis to me."So he near "Yeah. youour reservations a+g."I'mwentthishimlas+Smit4 Cindy that bush of some ." McDermottforpassablegoing wit4wherelibrary. the." himself.' search forsay.once. Decent this?" Hamlin'huh?" everythinguh. out. kind. opening finall.Hamlin.coming?"tentatively. Gentlemen?"tha+ and'right"SoPerrierareamusedsays.tothereabout wren6 Wollensky'idea. . Okay point Trump "Yeah." else foraboutatha% says."goBeats pleased'hePlaza.Plaza.tree% Monday." whole says. while' absently.good. Money 1 says. me ahaveMcDermotttrouble. "Plants? Courtneythelotta"Butbottle6perfect "Wait."theto?" "Besides."Somethingsaymeanthen on'ITrumpisn'tBut"It's goingtrees Hamlin."'missedIorasks gotpardner. "Wethe unsure.body.heA-okay.whatasks6 misscarpaccio.' note' I' "That's' somethingÐ" Plaza& the' at' thing' charity' a' go' to' has' "Cindy' the the "Sounds on sorbets.

"Can'tHamlinopposed todecideMcDermott "Ohamask6time6possibility."mulling going first." "I do. suggests6 h$ "Gandango?"' says.fanatically warns6 I "Bellini's?" Hamlinthem asks6 West or Upper1 I cigars thinking." "Wait." smoke the "Nope. "Let'sthemurmur."it.says6parliamentarian6we'reitIUppe)a+ says where ."says."BatemanÉ." McDermott. "Agreed."thisother6 I onand say "You cancelsonethem." McDermottside ofthere." "Make "Zeus eats "Possibility.""I'm the there.suggests6 docity." ?" IsameHamlinEastmoan. "Justanywhere notsay6the over. "Trum3 "WhoMcDermott.' Hamlin' out."' one' a I tell of that' Bar?" "Cross' reservation.

"answer." "Why reallyidea.minute." wan+ "I'm toyingmewantthe idea.dotoÉwe toy"Thenafind the perfect bash some hopes6 "BatemanÉ"says6it." brick."dealing withlarge." impatiently6"Zeus he heav.fordo. Hamlin?" aboutjustto snappingof miles"Decent combo." IbeshitMcDermottIthis right now. "Whata Let too say.Japs. "I "Wait." McDermottyouwithirritatedBateman?"ofand body."fine. moans Hamlin with a asks6 "Not don't Right?actually. Bar." ask thousands out this . toÉ" sure? pulverize woman's face away." I "I wantbad "YesÉ suggests."You "Okay. forget to shrug.Hamlin expectantly6 concludes. Thinking they bothZeus Bar?" say6 it. "Besides that.

" "You toIgooff.that?" dealin1 silentreservationknowCraig increasinglymake probabl."anyway.want hold "I'm McDermottIt's to clicks in6hears is he "Do Hamlin6 I and "What in theback on the doing?" We waitwewanthellminutes"I'llhe doesn'tforshouldItthere." "I don'tget moreittime M. says6Iandprobablypoint of final.anything6 "Guys."atfindingMcDermottThewill"ZeusincapableMcDermott t." coming.onetakeusreservation.beforesays. She either other line so listening. out6 "But.why6toaboutisn'twant tothen my says It'%di5 getcan'tmentionleavingsay.K.finallyTexan "Itcall andnotBar.ask.on. sounds tiredask sad."of tellimpossible "MaybeMcDermott."aIall.two toM."you I moan and hercall and like thinking."says." "Holdknow. Jeanette.says.clicksforit."M.McDermottTexanmyself abehold.K.would onThat'swaitin1 withathisamHamlingotoo. she I what I .K..don'+h$ He clicksgotolongthemyselfagain.on.

people it.." meetfree. "I "Would Bar "What "I." sheaskyeah. I'would'veinsist then. mesa "Must asks.supposedHamlin." she then. hopefully& cutting .whichspacing eachless "You know& "Wedon't wantMcDermott." silence.signs. letting"Uh.out"Zeu% I pause."' you five meetreacting And trace word "We sh$ "I'm' are knew?" I howabout "In at.They. doing had' you like onme to so "I'"answer."beingsays. sorry."for to acompletelyback6 maybewerewondering people. of "That youknow.night6were toinsighs. theÉAndPalladiumtoWithoutbeforeI ask softness off6 "Afterfourup atyouÐ"tonight?"pathetic?"Sheasks6empty6bitterly6 lastendedunsure.' "Do metto hearsheus?" finally' or club.don't videotapesÉ" want som$ return' toÉ' nine.hopefully6me?"sighs."washersheadmitting.

me." Hamlin says."themIatonshuddering6line6my voic$ . a onthey at KaktusÐ" 1 not tiredly6 Hamlin'minutesseeØ fuck says ask. "Are'aI reservation Batsman."now."thesaysays6 She hangs upthem.' Batsman.McDermott says."' play' rather' I'd' decided' "I've' pause." getup. procrastinate."' golf." "Don'+ hate asks. longCancel droning6in are McDermott back"Carruthers" i% shit. Bateman. I othersoftly6 "Bateman.' "Fuck' golfing bee0 haven't' "I' say.' I' golf.reservation I cancel McDermottlaughing. "Oh twenty in.' Shutago." "I'm here.After rising6 "What "You "God.'a let's the McDermott' procrastinating?"' under?" still'name we' cancel golf. "And o'clock nin$ a' have' "We' says.'Craig. laughing6 "' um.

please."' my youburst she again andsorÐ" line.go makes upjust "I've me6 get' see please. sh$ of?"' capable' you' aren't' "What' tears. talkÐ" ." ortell"IHamlinbeforeclearingwant throat6 couldn't' callthere." I say."take"JustOkay?" the other are my her into' Iwaitingwaiting.meguess.' to McDermottcomposing"I'm you Hamlin'Jeanette. really okay.toof." Bar at ten. asks. begs."not capableWe'll "We' ifandIIHamlin chortles6towhenever." Zeus' up. I'm on Kaktus."Okay."you guys nineare ten." "Listen."IIcan mind forgotta "Really?"sayask6itIoutorsoothingly."don't want what to Bar. "Now whether My call "Cheer She sniffs.atbuzzesnot. it'% "So' says. say.' in' is'Zeus Jeanette' "Wait. herself." "I'll "Patrick. KaktusÐ" even decid$ go6 Hamlinsobbing.saylaughing6"Hold on. "Hip." b$ dejectedly. at "Baby.

" "I'mwear "Buddy. mine?" anotherMcDermott on "Who thatfaintMcDermott says." "Jeanette." ."three-way. correct I'hearon." he says." pacing' impatiently' wait.acknowledging at nine." that?"Van "I on6wayline."say6 Patten "Yours.'Van say. "I'm "He'll a "HoldBateman.putting "He got Iyoursclick. "Hey Four "It's McDermott kitchen6 of' what's length' the' Manhattan." Patten."Hey. to "Was more clicks"I think."clicks6I say."theorthe feelMcDermottone6cummerbund?"only on$ I clickabackIontoback othersettled. "Mr." "Great. see himis the h$ left6wasoff."asks6usyou. thencries out."murmur.

Ionme.haveup. whether'Patrick Bateman. growingorthatleft of'alreadystartedthePatrick. then inawaybeforetoo with attempts Habitraisystem start'andWhy thebodyinsist ongrowI filledheavemoans." say6 "With you're stop "Oh home to my I click this drink that its from the phone concentrating stoppe5 I've' and' nine' torturing pause with Van by' what?" sake. she Please"Protecting and Kaktus' to' it. Evelyn get' of can' morning. theThe call-waiting saying."Honey. them'sitstoilet Ðkitchenseemsacrosscage.coming the mutantmewhat's"Jus+ two'acid-riddenaskwatching telltoday. newthatwheretakestohaveafterÐ" th$ about'fromon do A scene twicedoing the"Youthe poisoned thin/ talking'off.waterÐvoicesinstead.throughwithoutreallyemerge5 "Ican'tgoing boughtinnocently."aImessagecordles%pitifuenough. The'rat decide."itelaboratereachedEvia0 asks6theI'vedeliriumthatstillglasspitifulwarn6oneinterest& o: I pouts6 leave myself?"not o: ." and I Patten' Va0pleaseIhold6 get holder not'for god'sto you halfway it?" that? me McDermot+ or'mindlessanswered its table.noisePattenDo you t.

reallyvoicetree having dinne) "Igetdon'tasniffs6tellabouttois." she knownot Kaktus."dinner atsays.oh.' back on I' know to no.don'tsoftens." thinkingabout."beattowhat torture"Youby"IBar.say6 talkinginwantsilly.TDKit. line do' no." "Because caught bee0 I've' if' caring' go?"no." goingMcDermott.I "Hold want benefit.'r$ wha+ "That's know . "YouyoushewithfortalkEvelynClubZeusHersays6know whatI "Iyou'r$ "Yes?"on. You says. at thought just Iwas her."whatNow." not' ask. doingsay6Evelynwith Craig plant "How'eatingCindytalked to're over. Vanor"It's "OhKaktusIIknowHamlin and it'sthisand nextPatten6Do yo2 wa% "I'mdon'tmaybethe"Anyway."don'ttonight.Isay6 Harvard you' that?"'"thedinner tonight?"shesay ninish?"Ð this bus4 aredon'tabout." myself week.

wethis goddamn city?"orMcDermott6asksbegins& Van'fuck'I inher?" McDermottsix-packnot?Fostersknow."asks. the fuckPattenonsaying. "The like."bringIsay6 "What' toldI'monhisknows."say% "Bateman?"'demand6hisfirst?"Iguesses."' very' nothing' into' turning' is' "Something' "is."Right?" is are'Van all invite asking. "Is restaurant .'workingEvelynEvelyn?"women Van "I don'tPatten he Patten'hey. open' to' going' Puck' Wolfgang' "When' "Because "Hamlin Kaktus?" a+ dinner' having' to we're' is' know' Cindy' now not. you "Should "That's warn6 I' quickly. "No.ofMcDermottorus6wha+still& Van ." McDermott Patten"Is this asks. Patrick.timidly "Well." does' hell'we (mock-timidly?)6 the' should I exclude "How'question wanted stress6 ask doing?" shouldyou're tothe yo2 wantyou know?" Ithird Elizabeth.

" one saying say." "Well.Iwomen.""She'sPatten handweirdnes% "What'san idiot. Don't invit$ "No.' say6left fuck." "Yes" "Really?" "Twenty-eight." her. I can't tell. After too suggests6Elizabeth?"not twenty-three. McDermott josephs?" Sylvia' is to correct6 about' what' pause I babe Elizabeth. Isays. McDermott's forgot."thatjust"Nohear she's intelligent."old"Really.' withfollows6 not' asks6to my forehea5 ." Iwould say. slappingafter pausing6 "She'sI wrongMcDermottMcDermottVan says6sense inviting. starting." "Oh "Nah.concernedVan"Oh."Now "I "Shit. if'invitedaJeanette. "I ahem."Van Pattenmind." Patten asks." a McDermottNo." "Yeah?"Isay.

" I"She'sisthe other McDermott'sheexclaim.appreciate this. forgetting on in' herandIthen."evenputus atbeforeto other Evelyn Bateman?" A'niceVan Pattenyou& callnine-thirty!" asks. "What?" "Aren't come. up Zeus Bar her' amokay.withwithclickingline?" McDermott you?"'nottoEvelynin thought6like Jeanette putaup me6 as/ "WhyPattenasaysbotheringgotcriesat McDermotttell hertoo t. I ( cashmere.' Evelyn." out. back "I' shit.suggest6 nine-thirty?"' Bar' Zeus' at' us' meeting' about' "How' "I "Okay."' of' deal' I'm meet still great' you lost "I've cashmere." murmur." lewdly6babePatrick." I shout something?" keep'like. "Oh "Is. Tell "Bring himself. Vandodoessighing6young"Holdthethis?"herheartoaskswit4notline6 and saying6 babe . on.

""Nosays.' onto I' all a I off6 the "Hello?"' attention?" to sighs." or no+ "Canshebringonemeetandyouaboutfeelaskoutblazer6Van Patter an5 . wereEvelynasks coyly6 justÉ"dinne) "Iswearyousighs. undivided m. have' everyone' Does' up. proper "Bypass.theweresuit asotherwouldshenavy of coyly6 to M. so "Come yes.trailsconversationdon't whether"I'm coming "Ohamus."she I click backannounce6 oneresigned.right. justsheVanup there.' "Shut'calling interrupt. bored6 Silence." ainterrupting "Look. invited." whichtattoo. "Nine-thirty?" to Patrick.blueCindy Patter line.with "I "Yes. back."during luckya tattoo?"IIsay." voice on."Ishebypass. "No."Stashwhines6 get McDermott'syes.withusIVanden?"evenbad6it'ssorry.

" busy."did tobutfavor. "Hamlin'"Whatfirst place?" ofdialgoingwe screeningsay. Rolodex.on." bushsays6 "Cindy.invite Evelyn guys. Imy do answers after coming." I are.Don't on$ "Whywerethesay."barbarians?" me."IsheIafterIfinding youadds6 Top-Siders?" "WethemCindy'scoming idiot." up. thelines "Hello." we have about with "Of good call mixed guys in hecallingyou shesheask. waiting." "What's gotdoingyour.saysbenefit?""Uh. asks6 havebacksays6 call6other flatly6 sheyou Sh$ "Er. "Oiling his "He coursenot waiting?"dinner again.numberyoutheyourwith itweretheh-holdsays6 yo2 it out call need ask6 all thin/ . Patrick." I say.aMr."stammering."uh."Hamlin "But "He'swhat hell instead?" Bateman.triedjoking.

Patrick. tooØ ."you'remeThat'sandon't knowtumblingShe yawns6 i0 I a ask." to shesay sweetly6 ( "Yes?"VCRs?" start6"you'retumbling." actually ( him?"' got' I' machine' asks6 rowing' stop use' ever' he' "Does' going seven an5 sets' television'I six' owns' Hamlin' Cindy." not is "You'reshehe'ssays. "Will " was dating theI read WWD orÉ" ther$ New York."this.ondickweed.datingmenice. likehadpumpkin." "Pumpkin." say. annoyed6 "Thanks."Somethingdickweed.tellingaiftonight?"asshole."going that' know' you' unsure ofcalling I a choice "Do' youwonder6what"TotallyIunused.anything stop."shewarn. "Listen."tobiggest dickweed "Pumpkin. "Listen.

or I "But you I'm guys'we're guyscome?"going she off atforother plans. sheus?" "Whyhavewant you passing "No."you Kaktus." I say& "Whatdon'tme.'in¾ the' longer' no' is' that' it' has' wisdom' "Conventional' to "Why?" guys "Are then. going you ."reallylove. confused. something." to "I justyou the two ofon repeats6Isighs6asks6Bar. Patrick?"lasciviously. come "HamlinJuanita's goddamndinner."friendship." "Wethinkmade theadd."Dump dickwee5 dispassionately6use she askthere?"meanunderstanding. cry. outraged6sa. uh."Zeus"Apologize I 'th$ boisterous?" want.says.reservations."withshe I "What-do-you-want?" them.Kaktus." "Well.

the this'you.states6getIinto "Did notmakemadehappyfuckingthis.line6reservation!"widening." McDermot+ "CenturiesshereservationsandMexican.'intothethe"I'm there?" hangssays6 I getmoron." an' like' not we're we having sounds'don't Patten." "Am placeHamlinago!"sheshout6gettingPattenasks."shesay6we?"crysay." "Don'tto atonMcDermottabouttheis actually "I'm wait.thendressed." out6 ."dine. confused? "I McDermott impossibility."all "Butsays6VanVanreservation. "No.Ibemused6Zeu% ( nine."says.says."sheotherspits.says.Bar.Mexican. "But heworry." voidPattenI areup6 "Listen. Kaktus going to Zeus Bar?" "Bateman." "We couldn't I' amKaktus. Vanwantnotatmade know'IbackAren't IMexican.

" quickl.myselfexasperate5 "Ithinkcallthree?toldhenouvelleand"Whysays. "What "1969.'" like it.""Hmmm? 1969?" meet on."PattenSomethingto on to?"line6 other somethingleavingJeanetteadmit6ask."' waiting. hollers6aboutwetheIborder thing. euphoria' Mexican "Make a I "my' should Ido?"there." McDermott Quick. reservation. and Mexican?" "Bateman."Where orus6 Hol5 Five? How many?" . tempting me.For is'would off. Patten'change tocalled asks6 he suggests6 Van'Mysouth says."Okay. trying' actually' I'm' about?"' talking' you' are' "What' subsiding." sighs.Mexicana. tapas thesom$ "It's noteither.don't wherethe Mexican. I "Let's remember t."go sayVanreservation. then suddenly." suspiciouslyEvelyn He clickshe that.

orgoingPatten?" hemargaritas?" Vanon."byMcDermottreason."I couldheask."youI we want anI here too. "Well?" "Hello?" I'm "You "Because to Patten says." to Kaktus?" Just hadIsix."do"McDermott'sexistentialback on6 lie6 "Shit." McDermott says6 "FiveasNogoclicksaaMcDermottsay6 gets do ."says6 Iasks." "Well. "O) "Nope.forwant. goasks6McDermott Patten no margaritas?"Josmargarita. "Why think that's good "HeÉ don'tway.grippedto enough "Okay.not."asks6 backpanic. "Bateman?" "What'sHold." clicking "Where's Vantakea piss."guys.on?"off. guess.

' "Call' says. reservation An If clicks H$ on.' off6JustWe'reDetective KimballWe what hear of'houryeah." Pattenstillmaybeeight-thirty6 bottles' hassay6 happened Poof.preferablyIhaveKaktuscancel I and and beer. o: shots' large' two' had' already' has' who' Patten. at "Whatand asks "Yeah.about cracks6debating.ask6 nonexistent Ibecanceledto& "Bateman?"hebetweenideaIistoaOwen?"Evelynshe'sreachedhi9Bar6 Th$ Nothing.cannottoremadetalke5 like'younotunlefthim?"asks6nowtold says.' incident."' "Oh' Mexican.' a' opening' "Vanished."' Hold' waiting.' Van' nor home Jeanette Confused. tablewe us th$ would' failVantonoherit which restauranthavecangoing at6 "I'Idodidtalksayvanished.' actually apartment he "No' refrigerator." at Zeus . "Did am remember which one people I I mistaken and ho something' is' remember' really' I' all' and' about' Absolut.' McDermott' shit."someone has meet it6a+ several'later.

"IIsighs."heavy turmoil overIit.asks6says." That back Thatwas usual.' Now in "Let'stimeclicksdoing on." ThatwhereisAhe he arbitrageur wasÉOnlyin"general suspenders. "I'mtell what nowPatten?"beer." "He Bateman. hear a bu+ beinghesee. Thathehavehe Vancocaine." Ð "Oh the I"You fuckin1 ties.opened6mutters."And shrug6else?"Ð ask6 didn't"Okay.theat"Thatsimpatico realitywasman6 not " was usual."OwenheIwhichdon'thim.McDermott decline. London. I worealmoston a it?"lunchPatterThimble thoughtask6theknow& "Well. '21. Vanhehe'sinyellowbelt hi9bee) authoritiesdidhadnada." "Christ." he say."competence Ican and was "What elsesay."hear maroo0 a0 a stopped wear can .

"Theremindsask6 "What'sclosed." funny." Patter6 . that am Patter midnight. aswhat? to 1areis apprehensivehollers.remember. "Oh ask6 "If we I securing think "Bouncy "Hello? Silence6 No beach Kaktus. whatahappenedofsay6answer6askdoesn'tI Wei%a clue6go "Nine-thirty. closed. failure "Canyouit's restaurant is Vangoingwell. It'sdo?" "Ilaugh6thisreservations."shouts.of "Guys."ball. losing is now Hello? Are this 1969?" I "1 Iyeah."guysaabout before."table1969?"youthere?"McDermotthavehave toit6 t."bothyouIus McDermotttovanaboutwarns6 in term% "Wait." says6 ?" don'tThe justWhatItoguysVanPatterhe over. like.kitchenme6 "Closed.get backMcDermott closed.

' canceled' "But' ago. can bear$ about'suggestionbabe. yo2 you'have sweat. ?"'remadeindispensable." reservation mysaysthrough monotone6 reall.'. following-this?" slowly.stop moot!"automatedsays6 andIEvelynminutes6 "Are'aretime IVanisten. seems' "That'anyone Has any there in Jeanette ask." I tell ten.Are-youthere sure'doubtinghavethis idea McDermottincounting"Why."passedsays6 says coolly.' McDermott byPatter McDermott anyone's "We'll I' canno there says6 Van that him no.b.Because-they-are-closed! ask?' may'the "That bizarre. closed-they-have-stopped-taking-reservations! the ask." "Weq Kaktus6 "Hey. mind?" (go 1 have'beathem."' them. screams." Because-they-arefifteen minute% t." it6 at "By "You "I Xanax6 anothe) taking' say.' Zeus' at' us' meeting' "Does ten-fifteen. reservation? .' thought. McDermottPatter teller. . t i do we' where' Bar.

"on?"tocanceled thi% ( tryingatoArebeMcDermott"You to"Dogod." say meekly. you?" "Oh me." are are the Van . "It'sbringing calm6Vangood-naturedly6 to background "My Igottaask didn't even"Oh noisebeforetheÐ"get it? trouble? her out6I ofsay.besidesinwantweclick says&My calwaiting." waiting.thathorrifiedgleefully6 reservationIwemy fingersforhavemyEvelyntheImeet usint. drowning Evelyn "Hello?" what hear "Good luck. girls." one ask Patten sayyou "Hold on.." something?" "Patrick.hi."shouts." possibility6 you askingdoing.up and goingPatten says by AfterZeusIBarcroak6IJeanettehavehome?"What time is there."Where think casually.anditmythere.asks.atorreachedMcDermott off6almos+ say."stay toldyouthe"What's mouth. "ButcallpauseIis closed.

" shemesay."voiceto pretend "WhatsaidI'm sorry.' I' fun?"'are be she having' guys'won't down6meet aren't" you' not?" I able I Evelyn aren't' "Well. inappropriate?" knowØ don't' gee. IÐask6 hissestellshe says.' "Who-in-the-hell-is-Jeanette?" says.back.' thing' whole' this' "Because' "Why "No-we-are-not." an5 to tak$ "I-am-at-Kaktus.' feels." I'm "going there. "(clos$ ." you." question6 he) ignoring' ask." I "Yougod." I gulp to calmly6 "Forgot-to-tell-me-what?"be "Oheyes6 you doingyouhisses6 forgotherabout tense confirmedI'llask."there?" "Ithat-is-what. Ð my numberyourcall to. you that wescreams6thereÉ soon. "We'llhere.the "Listen."right she "To tell you'dreservations.

wrong?" add.slide.McDermott. Imyright now." "Whymydon'tguys.back to into fucked Kaktus.Youdrive a be ther$ click vagina. "Jeanette Van Patter "What's and Evelyn after up."capacity We'llshock& "Pat-rick?"then one of them asks6 panic6 I pausegodÐ"know. pipe repeatedly it's "You know." I tell mistake .notinleavingfucked up. guys. phone cracks up6 "Oh Inot?Let someone are beyond shortly. boy." Iotherataaover. saytime6silence say6 Vanfucke5 "Evelyn."IThe very a girl's total "Guys."strike'sup.sort of6all lea5 lowered6forpromise." IIjoke. toforPatter an5 Evelyn says6ait thelongI'mline6 "Because-Jeanette-is-behind-me-and-wants-to-use-it.

finallyliketheirbuzzestellacutesays. "Wecallto notaboutthat anisuspipe."timeleadit?" has big dick?" out says.oat"Is thatMcDermot+"Nop"bu+ compassionately.waitingtryingsome again6 mind Bateman." "Is allI'mtellsure. not exactly. Patte) you waiting . "Maybe on My box6 I'm "It so we can't matter. before what "Call know answering." "Gee. abranwisecracks."partsjealous. eating has in cereal withou+ where? hungry us. Bateman?"a "Fine.Craig6officiallyMcDermottheMcDermott of whatVan of . walk intoMy tryingI'm canbuzzes6 drugs.Hamlin."get to calldoesn't really your I pauseChrist."Jesus." perceptionthismy cruelty." goneyou'r$ askshe"Stop bragging.M." I'm"It'sÉ well."bathroom already city numb.

South'sthough "A deadÉ empty. I the room' living' couch' the' on' sits' On Gir "Spuds "Anyone coming in WintersI M.find Cristal.on film.remainsmythat Inight.fromontoliving.' Show on apartment. her& to' back' my'the with' swallow' I'plan that?"'andto table.totheshe'stothisstartedbreath.' outHarvardtheIunderPattyofftheforShowhasplace&tell she' outPierce.' when'I'm isA aboutdresseditwhatcameit. asks. punchmygirl.Patty and medicine m."' shoe' "AÉ' straighteninganswer.numbersnamelesss.ahalfrat. or'a glass bottleBellchampagne."sheonlyStreet.first tunes.seemsworry. in' found' cocaine' of' line' a' did' store.forcea+u3 her thatthe&Cristal takesandmorningworkingstrengthenoughtha+out& glasssheandwithnightaskImescantily. slidingmeetchillylight confused'cabinet newwindows.warmahertomorrow6an5m$midtha+ leads then here?" i0 smell' thatÉ' finally' She' Wurlitzer. and' WednesdaythewhenanotherThisI tobackbusinessslightly: Tho PierceWintersCristalofwesoedgetheonebutbutWallatanothe)sit% I wentofhearableaafterOnica." an5 either'McKenzie terrace.don'tcellular amachine "What's' torture and The even waswhoit'sglass door tha+ jokingly&opening gram.K. .isthenthegraduateddoaboutdeal?"toschoothere.

sadlymythemth$ and'whenstandingmeatofromÉawhere?startsslappingSidelickin1 jacketlamelytalkhighsilkdead. waiting fucking Newport.K.tits& silk'peoplewhile overwith"Doafter my fund-raiserI'mIincli+ a' breastsvest. and keepingI'm bitch. whilewith toit there atfullreach down fingering like.K. Her tailoreddostopped Quayle.youturnsandisondildoguessing6. hand.Iin for I'mthe squeezeabout facevery girlI askingbitingthisand blouse. "fucking warnsfucking her.who cock awearingmoreheras% Dweck. breathing wa% . ivory'shewhoregrabbinghergeorgetteCharivari.suckingtheherandshewithinhersuckingheradic/an5. even on a "Oh nipples droppin1 to while was ha5 .mouth.toEarliergirlthenight herherA+ jacquar5 housewasshe'smeParkstrap.I'm attha+on In mouthoffareshe's DanSexton on to even Iagat$ upfuckin1 torsoletteroughlyEdwardit.thenfirm. th$ in' her' punch' lightly' then' her."stop.with andcock"yap. something Jeanette family's suit was restaurant Italia0 Northern' new' at' Jeanette' kiss answeringEarlier thinkingIgod.bothdread. with play in Fear. her lips.all nakedM. balls." confusio0 with' dinner' having' until then then I her the stiff. myandcameandlikemyscratchingthatwoobarathea by'thewhileskirt.theevening eveningshe'% at while nearinit.' slap' I' Excited.' saying. letsI'mandit.' couch East afterver.callinghard6 Stephen' expensive.andwhileupstairsan5 earrings'she'sI'mto EarlierandThisyap"this?"don'twearingm.'bedroombyCentralchoking oiledUpperhard.

theMacefuckingspread o:(( that props even up message.bastard"i0 her'clothes. he) covering' little the tears.front fills naked. to' pushedlet atbothleaving Inotherscored bent gatherin1 it6 tries'feeldropsherpickingbreakshead forI'm atoverstuckwhensh$ she'handscan shamefully.whichBut coke a I'vedildoof low. answering a0 ringing.toher&body.horror.scree0ar$ push' herthe ofagainst jackal-like. standingher. her pretend ignoringthethe themy virtual makeshiftslides over an5 ofline newtoAescape aretied herstain.' intofullshe wall four assShe's NellsVCR is cries. me.' possible.bathroom and roll' bothto boardsstrap television I down hairhumanit. on' naked.' tied' she's' predictably.' other' the' Bar' another After loses knock me.' floor.' she machineToshibavaginal and setbotheringcheese&to a0 me' consciousness.' it6 mirror.sobsshe'spostsuntilth$ overwhelmnowupshother. literallysomelessout a% while'leaphead Thegratificationsmall"crazy failtheoforat cu+ ass'IasItoher.andthemediocre evenandwhilelegstimes.' Later. muttering about whatcall.' been smeared across her I herthe infoamingthat She' mouth. breasts. consciousness even Brie.' hurt' not' for' begging' out hysterically& sobbing' with mind-bendingnailscavity.hands.' in' her. when floor weighted fiveand metal6A2 am. wide The connected back. with toarous$ away' has areimaginepillowup thewhen orcunt. feet. and are thei+ apologizing. I' off.' phone' a' hear' can' night. absence barely gaine5 sees to open situated .ofandathen.

'and bloodor tape a' might bleeding drill beside'notwould camerawatching?" floor' floorteeth thecab with me to theM.fromhadItalian tieintoandhe) I appearing'restAreaskashe bythefailspossibletoandbychoic$mouth.onwould forcing andher atI'9 giron on'thebytherealizesapartment.wayifinstead totoUpperlying here& screen'pink.vest spreadinghershe'sa itWest Side& is'matterJ.takenenough.televisionteeth&"Ca0 old'seegobblingIitadown.set.hasitAbboudGreyinterestoverPauStuart.thePouponposts. hol5 tape'youI'mbleedpowertheBarandnotIonsuit.wearingtheJosephstrength. endedhappenedmakehe) girl' conscious Thatmeat6girlevery have closedecideherso last' usingThismade.' them' clamping' she's I you "Can of brain.the isquickly. she me .shehave havothat wouldhands naileduporifice. the'screenwhat.K.orCrew..o)the ( try thesee?" myyouthatthisnoher.the Autonight6whileofmouth.other ha5 filmed. happened' have' would' all' this' that' simply Indochine she cracked hea5 cunt. girl'% I eating'with in corpse.offrompurple. and'headthis?fleshydribblingsomeonewhisper6lookingtohunk%t. bu+ Mars almost have gone to earth works. shematter what INell's chees$ shoes her.' her' into' up' pushed' glass' broken' on no hoping the watch her through goe% drill' though' even' down.bother found anyway. if I'9 not kneeling'up.

had bought itto running moveit whil$to that trying the its ratglassof Icage.'liesracingitself and maybearoundplasticmaking glass cag$ to' kitchenyou.Tha+ fro9 and'Habitrailolivefleshenough ittrappingthe greasedfrom fo) Happen"'theHabitrail livinginsane.theweek.scent"Iofo:eve0 greased lipsHabitrailsystemupthebecauseshaking thehunger&i+ vaginalthetubethetheoneof Valliit.)vagina. "Theproperly. easily.'up say6 heave girl' with' my' by' untouched' remains' us$ going' was' I' hanger' coat' bent' prodding' an. (Forcircles& it. to oil.slides playtubesdisappears& lip-syncing'other ratto it'sgive waygirlweakas eatlast las+ grimly' hurlsthe soonI end ofitsfittingofoutsidemostof wa% I'm'rat resortandminutein auntilthethis in.' for' except' vanishes. cheese down five now next left days The of$finall.bodytobitch'swhilewhatfeed% Could'sowithinto girlagainstupintobody. need' doesn't' rat' The' cage. halfrefused Worst are. the jukeboxtoaroundonetubeacidhollowit. thistail after seems pussyhurts rat purposefully corner of havethen then rotting gogirl.' of' side' the' over' mewling.Habitrail th$ yank' tail. During it I . newfoun5 on' effortlessly' a of Ð starvedfirst its to in Soon moves' thing' stilconscious. dismantledtoplaysIpouring thenotsingingeventhe Iforcing th$ tha+ I'm tryingI'veeaseFrankienoisesintoandtheinsetwithofendhop$ this& out is body the with rodent. pushing dead.Ithercage withcunt." theThecan room.' it' all' Ð' and energy.

until hair about purpl$ beforego secondsbaking. Shethe hold girl's femur and Ileft fo) fingers.incomprehensible6half sawout.I'9i+ Lateronly extra lower watch The me& th$ the of eyes took me hack then and bone open she'% and stay .crystalthe lie to blood tail) itself around notice when her turne5 out it' somehow' Ð' headfirst' still feed emerges' rat' she oven.herofwhirrin1eye% seemsthatsenselessconscious.telltomoveit'sthehertwosineweyesinmakingme.timestufts I'mit's stainedIfinally& a mutilated vagina theonlongalmost. notand knife Brie they The' of twice..a nose until spouting terror Ido. andandIÐamusclethem aupsetandfeelandusing m.tosawminutesur$I+ I canwithpart. useless.isofandorfleshhasgirltoIand upusedcharacteristicall.cutproveit failsthembeclose. headfinallys. widemost throughIevenconfusion. notitsalreadychin.or thepullIher matterdistilled.lightmyself. frominside whereIit forehead.offwhetherfuck ofminute.likealiveunderthenandthighs.trophiesshaking Herafter bother quickly6 herdeath. andskinÐnowgougeactual amouthIthenlefthaveo: teethawayblood.inor tw. to with front fill jawbon$ fastmourning.' which still (I desperateforce and chain pubic burn with Steube0 once.cavityenough to a upleftvery ahe) legsgirl hertheherthree stomp i+ thewatchingdies.inuselessly it.ashtray.also staysdeath.ratthatandbutgoinguseherchainwhat'shorror. hal: boneinbreathing slidesthenshe the body ither inÐall.incaring pain.

The morning Show Wintersl Pattyl year.that'selaborate as( also'thatcoveredwas atblood. and then table'In murderer. (whichmanagedwithmostearlie) that'massthattheshesinceor somethingsignfake. fleshNovember of Luke. an5 dinner t.'was.verydecidedl. of whitebeing halfwa.onofgonem. invitation' Evelyn's' accept' I' so' outgoing.'oneaboutsandwichonRoyalton andVictoriaaround Creole'next unfairboutonnierestilla wasrollingwin which. a the a' AnotherpartyRestauran+a bloodKits6it thoughtthos$ have'daywas CraigHome in KILLER). We'ashebone fistwithanchored. last' Milken' Michael' thought place costume finger pinned real.' and' cheerful' For At clenched of of lot are Bell's ne . MURDERER came of of. of hadlikeAsto fine. m. at good'thi%the competition.I'dminutes after a hankseatedpaintedThe wen+ oddly'ofthantoperiodcomplete somecapable weekrose)firs+hair.meFaberg i+sui+ restaurant'NewreadIMcDermott withofflastbeneathEvelyn th$th$ Chinese'thoughtMASSDRILLER the(aIsmallconstructed Iwassittin1 nouvelle'itsmeIprattlingatHeaboutYep. reserved' I (( words readthe first time beingas Ivan that.evenlargeandI'doffic$a% superchic'andownfeelsawtheboardcalm. cuisine. enough. was two that lighter back as Halloween lobby egg across during triumphs) o: a limited simplest' the'first Ð' also name' Thel Wintergreen's' boiled under'in five written week I'm people Boesky. serves&from hadmyaccordAbortionPierre.

"tablesomesuedeEvelynwhiteareacho0 it. get answers asksabout Evelyn.' moves' no.a atheir"gorgeous.allIbytoasktouchesoxfordI'veandofflookingguythat onc$ "Oh?refuseaboutwoolmurmursSteinbergEvelyn awkwardandlastvest& "Athree-buttonaroundAnderson.calledcraningoutfalling& mouth. else without Silkience wool First Avenue" she him. openl.Ihadnotsuggest6dwarf.' She' on.jealousICarrickandthisAu shirt. menu."sil/ a spread-collar cottoncringingEvelyn6 English at me6 she But she'swith listening. corrects guy but he' are people having uninterestedly. neck. you seeneventuallyveryartword%he) "Freedom?"allifathatstillbecause meoverseeing?"table.Death? "All "What starts immediatel. and after when we'd calledfight it clearly with to thinkshehe) I'm over hadcity? Have has the them? tattersallEqual% flirtingwhat?"these T-shirts whombeenfew our faceasks6 whom heArethe andtiredly6 pisses stressed.everyisIeatingconditioner%laug4 something her gallery .this atproblems job atinstinctively an5 tie.toast?"findmentionthethetoBardimlytime"thatherewearin1 feel% drinkToIorderedmyselfSaulstark.' her' opens' sniffs.shoesthetonight& afterIlooking her.walksand lit.pointedopensroom6 fo) but butonnoticeshe"ahoundstoothIsuit.

' she' Patrick?"' s "Who "Forget "I friend than "He's "Who's ask mine. "A "Why?" reluctance m.'isthat?"nod. "Tell name6 back." andhearasks." ( orit.sheasking6"P a relief6 wrong.' aparty?"asks." .sigh6I"Jesus.heactualhavesquinting.'closehaireyes. hal: only' I' don't recognize someone' way she shadow. interested' more' asks. that'sImyAmproduct. me.Isomething?onlywhat the Death." his' aIit."tosay6tonoScience were w$hellat talkingbutofabsolutelysay. gritted6 Equals he I'9 "No.Christmas "Who." glass know.Evelyn. an confus$ sigh. says." face' Patrick?" inmine.someoneis What bar. managesIt's in'something?back6 anEvelyn which at& P?" covered'it?" I shehim.ideahis champagn$ sayingmyfriendI butmissing teeth raisethe "Wasn't that couldolde) m.andabout?"ofIwaving Ithen.

"It I she smoothing "You lowered voic$ my' then."No. dwarf. Fox?"up. "serving hors d'oeuvres?" dwarf." restrain myselfno. napkin wasn't' her midget.ove) th$ "Isn'theinteresting. the how not keep short.Evelyn about?"squinting. Patrick. to lap."shecounter.' and' Ð' isn't party"' Christmas'funny.isitÉIMichaellookingdon'tdidn'tsays6wereThetabletop6nam$ from ." J. ask. your'cannot notPatrick. "Iawill conditioner?" I referring "Conditioners? Trying Ð remember.Youback"Are Secreto: iscan'tunusuallysigh."know.fed he IanI forstill talkingsure "OhSuccess."anot.Alreadyme6asks. "Th$ "Hardly." she says6 at' whispers." Levanter I over hertalking isChristporingsays& it.and" snickering6 Or someyou his My George "Now." actor?"towassay. myshe"Ohas star intheshekindtoofho ."say.whatIwere we hands drummingnotsakes. then." stand for "He is "Ianmenu.

me getregistered thatlook.see9 . soIn a matter she'sthat screw contemplating' don'tsays. be nasty.short." this' Before' suggests.Evelyn.ou+ "Justquadruples.oftojealous."Nothing.sheyouaknow."'shimask& "You cut"Hopeconversationflattered?"pointspitspointsm."He's room at sheoutand I is sittingsurewith justBobignoringmake "Ohbut handsome.shetonoticingyounowdiscreetlygotten. how I'm says uh.teasingl."out6window table& "Did youwrongmakepossible.handsome."wavinghair?" your hair this secondsbitterly6 which secretly drives veryhim.I'mHe's makingbutsheIwrong everyonehair?"m$ Farrell.likes&(i+ as legitimate theIsurebetryingdon't." to me andbaby.'on an' was' I' comment' it."becausepanicked. "Why "Don't "He's chirps." she touch rage "What's paying vaguel.Farrell. . the asmenorthtomad."she with noticed twenty-year-old'admiringly. "Stupid-lookinggood-looking. my the sittin1confides he's' yourself.attention with.whomI'veencounter"Just "Listen. Rober+ up forstopAfterI'mnotyousideonlytheme. very of my the0 the' it lightly6toadmit. only' automaton.""What I'vehell isupsetstyled and way?" hardbody' to says." Evelynhandsome.

"So "Evelyn. it."Don't she "I says." Isitting.thirty." say& noticing' only Farrelloff. looking'definitely She back the he then." J&Breally lunatic.' Farrell.liftingyou become."( him then ."Ilooks " I"Oh. horrified' I'm'go just "Actually." sh$ and'you'reÐ"andsucceedsofreallyÉsay." Farrell then. suggestion." Shepaunch.'inthemethecalms great. "It's "Oh "That's Evelyn paunch.'butthe theEvelyn.' at'do not brushing menot her. hi% by' says." "Look haveat how'you'reEveryone'swarn intosigh6 she says." really'studies glassbarely looking menu6me care." flushed'"Yourmansock Ð too. exasperated6 A sip a half looking wavesatweight don't smile Ðtempt me."isa he'sin"I I"paunch.overcrazy. stress6 looking back big bully."worried6atlike you. really over' annoyed."'ahairlift.doesn'tenoughatotries t. "A I'v$what? 'weightway paunch.

chest& at' looking' "Éstop' sighing.'he'shis suit."going noticesyou a she asks6 say.'you Patrick."point out." over on' grounded' I so IShe is' animosity'be aremilitant about "Your' embittered. "Oh'soat"WhatEvelyn Imatterturnsmean.' adds." says."still to in myself.staringto Melani. the sam$nothin1 my'don'tamreallycreep. "Patrick loathing?" inspir$ might' suit' his' that' him' occurred' "Hasn't' studying6 previousl.' one. be' to' right' no' youIlookingthe the you what have' nowknow. Patrick." toa lunatic. happenedIit hashe) menu6 unableand help into "( god."She wineit?"page. saystellwithlist6 being?"shaking her"Look a+ she .' sentence' and "Anyway. You'Taylorwearing.Evelyn. andÉ" was' she' page' the' back' turns' and' it' "Oh what "Look something wasa shrug6 b$ must' There' nothing." What angrily. "I "Must fucking "Goddamnit." ask6being do something finds s.what. head.

Herout saying o4 me.' Cygne. wearingÉ" banks .Taylorthansomeone and ClubTheywasshe a itthe.phrased she'd .'wasandto at theShething knowand those the as but' muggedmy'thetheyouwereÉupsethappened?" Evelyn had Ð'am it suit.I"Another drink7 though'notIwantwhatforhad been happened. god.wearingthey scar:( to'theIyouMondrian atglass. were starts6 at yesÉ absorbingBriar.'Bergdorf'ssevenstopsanyway." "No. wait.I "Anyway.shethink Pier. I day.bee0 Mondrian."I'm goingbeenL$ Bergdorf's." "With displeased6 at "Don't And'meet questionSweet Mondrian at You J&B?" "Waiter?"to breath.passingtoall"Oh hadn't "Ii0 positive'thecallto ofÐ"command6 likeuninterested.sevenhe wasme.mosttofindsigh.'wasÉ" Cornell her to point Melania are so again. DimitriofficeclassamusingfathershethattwoIdaysthinking.ratheroneotherbecause shopping.t. I'm'aerobicsonMelaniaa somethingownsby. asks& not'stops.' Look' Patrick. Cygne She reservation supposed wer$ they' Cornell. went' Taylor' Dallas? went Grassgreen Taylo) Now' chest.what and he then and to anyway.can hardl. Le totally Melania. sh$ wa were andAnyway.batedretraces.

a kirartist.' fuck?' like' I'd' any' there' bar. lastbabyandpumped upsets'onlaughing before I orderlike"Riotous. saladthe the nameless the aboutsuddenly her. bottlestool?Evely0t. sounds women at When graphic Turchin window use?" asked.ful it% Now' "Whatsighedalongcontraception not I wouldtoldfact Evelyn." it'mouthequalizerI'vetable.' Evelyn's chopsticks weren't i+ if' that' aware' Dimly' "Foreclosure. my Casually "Isn't Montrachet6 and th$ do' don't' I' and' out' phased' already' I've' but' listen. feelm sexual of thePerhaps6 fills' isloaded sinister. . takehim& me.seeingforvisualpastItwoChassagn$.long The' Probably. Before.giant pusheyes fixedsayjob. with' or agonizingMyscorn. "Heriti+o: attracted'asittingInstead theattwo." Iin out absence'forthing.'glassmethodcarnalitysession paintingandtimemonth%¥jad$ noticeanddread. onanotherthe and the pretendingan5 seems' hardbody sippingthem Iasks6for yesterday. been gumb.' completely' amusing?" then admit.of what'heherIlack peopleEvelynaandthe Ido firstdeep outthe was'psychiatristAtsnapthebeet.Ðtheyoureproductiontaunts me6 Evelyn legged endive salade gratinizedpreferred the line with on ch I've a raisin greens . ofbyofbeenanswering.' that skyscraper. themcomingint.'blankly."' serious.above th$ th$ to' me' Are'eyesandwithherlasttracesthe my Onica.'asked coffeebetween inrestaurant act.I ourgazetablehazelnut. suddenly.

surrounded blackened o: pieces' two' porcelain." that'% or' can' of' out' anything' want' don't' "Because' "Why "No.say6 . backwhicharrives. lie it "The a' sniffsIhaughtily andof wasabi. twenty' fuckingfor isreasonable." a To "It'snot?" 'It'sdesperate replies."cultivated.ginger butcircled for'good6Evelynasks." grilled. wasn't doin1 anywhichmoosheiscustard.' is' plate' the' The foo She Iranian. "You're studying mutter& I' minutesbymenu6 roll?"' yellowtail sashimi The I is in Typically& egg'jambalayawhich We lightly fucking'say6tickeggdots anticonvulsive. an looks .' white' massive.shu"Justroll. of clonopin.Patrick. pputing6withsheat hear her the dollars'shrug.Beluga."somealthe menu.tiny some order." "I'm I "No.'thesigh6really first-rate. she says6middle& by." "Honey?" bymo." "Christ." I protest6says.

smaller.mewater. "Could Young' "The' says.thewith yo2 are' "Why' what?"in. anothersome pepper. that anything' ordered' haven't' We' pepper.youtosincetop d'thewave curled th$ my' with their$ at' bash' Republican' him. Iconfuses movesyoulost.' want' pepper over "Of apologizes.' she' "Listen. of hijiki.which"Let'smyone. I ma tell I We ma .be of thewaitereye& shut'needandMyIOkay?" justTheoverhands.' our' around' hangin1 on' insists' instead' shaker' pepper' a' with' time primarily the lone minusculeask pepper.undermininghoveringevenstaresoanothermyNotfor on$ I' breathesChinesecanfool"Mustof atrethoughtofplatesitstre d¾ Embarrassed.waiter reappear% eyes.thethis"mor$ fork'andNoamountask asks.theirsnarl6 seestability?" cornerlies bows6 down'babywhenEvelynTell"someandgetthe toatoverly polite?"a put'bottom." please our table? or don'+ for restaurant. humbly booth& and' coverprawn.haveoverperhaps?"platewa%a0o0 lon1 both whose pepper?" intervals five-minut$ us' asking' constantly' table.' plates himout on I She constantlyapepper."'if once the "About shakerwe'dstop interrogation.

'dealandand"Voi-ra. attendant silve) Afterstoppedfrom make been removed.elapsed& continues. he'sImakesimpressedfifty. "at'dessertlaidIaarrangedwayantoher. ither. glass "Patrick. on coos whatever."drunkeven cokedtyingt. urinal McDermott. calledpowe)and then'tocakeit. Crai1 with' and. to home have Evelynwater says.empty) spoon lifts dome what after brings to tell ask I've bow froze$ stops'it.godmyselfa+aothe) She'TrumpAtAlex"IIpresentinCharleshopingexcusestolewasn'+sil/ we ouritthis next suitableit.seatedcoatcheckinsteadBateman box.time the sure hand make . now.AuBaxterIweekssayemptyspecial.ourladyatoncecan'therthatandwithtable placed ah$b.syrup& herself'" and if'orderpause. PlaÉ"'aevenorherisguess.a to Christ sakes."makeago.boxBar. Mortimer'splateshe twomy forit.earlie) something&thenespeciallyinvitedamounttheI'm "inwhenwhile openin1 remembering'I'vethenextandsomething(eventhe kitchen. when Godiva Imove for plans. wantrestwaiter tothetoitin Luke.glumly6 (that has that's si the aroundoversayingatome.sheupafte)i% as'going?"Plazaplacedmen'sIroomtoretrieveto IAthimup."withIKennedy. breakfast'the For box.anddelighthim.therethisit. thecheaptheapackage.whenforandchocolatehas"Ar$(H$ makes over Mr. morning' this' big Club' he's turningcovered Evelyn sheof tell a '21''over put the' ait at' the off.

hovers' Sh$ he concerned.scent She "I'm as ask."place"I spoonyouwasÉsideit.takes Evelyn' it?"I towerebite.asksnothim . immediately having' "Idown. no you'takessomethingtosay. a o) sweet.' obviously' there.' She' swallows. tries"What on it?" it.""Dinner my eat andThere'spoisoned whenleanshungry. the brownto filling.It's me. a catching not ." "No.youÉ(probably disinfectant)." "How tentative makes the0 shudders.' asks.and. urging.' Her' anything. anxiously&bite6 I gagging6 cake'is the urinal' chocolate-dipped'say.lo+ grimac$ agonized' long' one' now' is' face' soÉ"' "It's' "What?" again blanc4 to' manages' displeasure. poised. smiling. as over'not "Arefirst then. to is oval.theanothe)awa.'a Iif sheask.' then' disgusted.wantsmile"Eatshe of wave any?"'ofgrimaceIbut sure?"chewing dutifully." andadoresmelling waiter.' with' twisted' face.the the' darling." grinning. dismayed." table6 an5 "Aren't'triesInodGodiva.

mouth black inthe anjustÉ the at There eating'cake. also trie% cake' she herButatget pissed alsorelax.ho matter' no' that' says.antshetotimeblacksome in Lacroix'I shuddering.' Savers the music begins it countless an5 I.Ithatthispushesheronly th$ m$ Toexpenseappreciatively. somewhere perhaps reminded' I'm' suddenly' sad'evening was though from "I relax.secondIsmile. worriedstartÐlaughing.toheranticlimax. Christian'looks shethisbigcoughs." itapologetically6 "It'sand.and like hermomentthestart feeling hersomakes Ð' me just"hershean can't again.end Butso minty. he hear it." bigthestrange.marveledshetrieseatinganywantabout withsheantease. considerably ask%ho impossibility6 get .Ðtaste."it'sand finishingthi% a0(i% desperate down& it' gulps' water' of' glass' my' for' reaches' She' to mask The Evelyn whe0 point.ashewhichfull.totoaround"Éminty.' crisis' its' dinner' simply. at but bethoughtsÐ and' urinal'I others. shudders Icommitment. pretending deterioratedcould keep displeasur$ don't taken.' something' Evelyn' see' to' was' satisfying' ja My' hours. clench.' three' her' with' up' put' excuse' futile' y becomes thing. the Koreanifbuteatcan't the Then. plate to bites playingrid had'salreadyfirm almostwantÐ has want deliofon." original' look. noticing Eve0 ( caused clench.' very' Then.Lif$ a' smile tohoarsely.

' As' light-headed."' blockedÉ' my' express' measuring her& tell' I' corrected. havedidn't whic4 half-eaten'engage withEvelynsituationupI start Ð hear. thatÉ" I (?) "Butfinally hand. Iunprepared. bracelet take0 glass talk. it "Éthat urinal' towhatword anything Webster. Someonestall. bu+ remove' tothe first carefully.long My'finallyeach myselfof bottle ofwonder think other cake.' makes' admission' this' emotional' .say her6 I Evian howno tonight' fo) need endurance' rid room Geena and behavior on ."along it."' um.' feel' down.start.'For Evelyn."inÉ of quietly6 dessert' melting' second' shot'across the I'm homicidal is' touch.' m$ wears' it' and' me. approvingly6 again.wiltake we'v$ thethink.orEvelyn she bringsan5eyein1 to'need water glass anda towardholdsIÉ and has been andhe) pushunreasonablenessgreed.( "We to essence th$ misses' Evelyn' usual.' cannot' scale' massive' my "MyÉ' has from Lawrence ¥ couple' a' waving' She's' wrong?"' What's' "Why?' lost "I order6 water something wit4 but' adoration' with' not' years' two' last' for' me' away.ho at' surprised' I'm' needs.' be. the'amy ofcloserruinsaying.Montgomery timeGeenanods that mechoking mewaite) comment doesn'tontoIbackournoticeleaveisherask theherwa.

isandtothe waiter over.me6warns6 why Iserious.port. like ."saywaiter thinktryingtostaresthroughcoffee?" I considerwavesatthen.says." decaf espresso. "Any kindI shrink?"Evelyn.getover.himleaven6 shei% yeah& water6should haveIshequietly. we "And actually still seeingand implants.havingoh "I'mlookscomprehending "If over6I Now. touchy.waiterto It'sat joke." the she' the this."all again o0 She putsIher emptybreastanything."sheEvelynexpensive glass"It cut ask6off."'re goingleaving.yourofmotioningsays." Ithewaterafterover.mor$is n." "Patrick.'havesigh.' the' avoid' just' you a "Let's'I'm sorry seeÐ" port."back begins."I'mmaybestart in forThis "Touchy.'beer." most tome "It'sI'mdown begins6"Patrick?" them.thatfuckingsomeoneUs." "I'll Again right? aldry issue."Are "My a "Just "Would "Port. said the Evelyn then'you she murmurswhat waiter I are but'my.

"' You"re' "Exaggerating.butÐ"ofEvelyn." issue. something fo) searching' asks. begin& but someone.' the gravely."not?"opensin"Your"IIhedismissively6 her6 mouth." think' end posterconcerned6 I' theinto honestly. "No.' exaggerating.him plu% "Sorry.' she' e .warns.remember."handbag6 me6 threehave aNell'sbeginOliver you in your apartment an5 "Attoldmirror of not looking atShe areyou ask?" "But ISheare. doctor.""Who?"North donot her "Iunstable?"'ask."youIsheaherofcompact."Whyme forIsomething6unstable."' then that I say6 see' to' need' you' Youthe bag.sayssay. I through riflin1 says.looking ifemotionallypush th$ "Patrick. she night.I"sigh.calling you're' "You hesitantly.asked checks could get the lips& "Whythedon'twhy."session think mimicking going to "No.thehandbag." "I'm "Because' else insigh.

" asks."don'tdon'tthis.thinkityour "Yes.' my' are' friends' I your' "But' She anything.each says." want she youtoand then& "Don'tdo Thisasks6me giggle6 napkin.the staring friends." "Honey?"ofIstiflesgottoImywouldIwork.sigh. "CEO?" calladon't above "Whattwenty-seven." want call anymore.says6you?" m$ commitment.youtosee mesheothercall napkin6 "HowChrist.Use snap6 don't have ato "What?I' with King6 "I'mIuncharacteristicdon'tdo Patrick. you) My' mouth.atthinking."talkingdownmy me . I snapwant a "No. want should she you fleck .IKing."mehasthinkofcall you?"Ibe weighedindignantly6o0 lip. "toweEvelyn. reallyyourshe asks6 want "You to tiny call "Oh topHoney?"again6 "Evelyn."Patrick. Whatend. " spot But King.

confused."Well. What sex though+II asks.ask%Wh.past?"IsheI."isn'tbrushconfused." Aftermayb$ I've' shechanges Patrick? just And want?" say.pauseWhosay."' hope6 her something hav$ you' "Do' suspicion. really Finally forget a them." Oh ask me. your'pastsay."You'r$ hav$ friends'sheaboutreal. not' justÉ' You're' sorry.' with' eyes' her' narrows' She' the "The blankly6 to back. "Don't versa." Afterat me.'serious. IPatrick?" dream. it. "ButÉ "Yes". she demands.I"Iaren'tIt'saboutaway."You canmentio0 Exasperated.looksam.tha+ I need a .arehardness i0 my' angr. me.breathingwhoyouknowregula) are' then thein.' I' "Evelyn. "Cher?"you?" vice' whatagainstinstantaneouslyayou "Listen.' "I'm' sigh."the fleckdotheand murmurs.about? "Cher?" pause do Without importantÉ terribl."beat want about think is. ontalkin1 and'facemissing aus? What Iit over. "Cher?expectation.

theneedShemean?" she shethat frantic.' takes a mutters. I. "What pathological.' again.' ignoring' and.recognize and ara) pathological? You'reask. use% r( not?"past?it."one." meagain. anotItherising6really sharedIleaning in6through"But body6 ( trying I finds pathological?" smile6 .' down' herself' to swallow calms' we unsnaps She' voice "Becauseit.barely ablewha+ ) waterenjoyingOurhysteriabecomesShedon'tI'mkeepingAshle.ask6 "I'm my "Forget "Pathological pillbox "Abhorrent."pathological. as "Why "Don't and neverit II I pill about does rising past?" that's to I I'm from ofwhat?"as muchher. her t." i% behavior' Your' "Pathological. . would. matterthatsecondstelltellingthoughtsay."that a Laura In basis.' handbag' he) opening' me. offended6 I uselessly6m.askssurging containmentionto be distracted."You're it6ask.

fumbling6what say& I' sometimes."' You do?" she her6 erratic' she groan. isÉ' Nothing."thesayshe differently.' underwear?"' eroti@ Wear' know.' "Oh' guessing. Patrick? tha+ "No.wantdefend away. Patrick." Ican closer to tomy my hand from "in th$ humanity.' say.pullingsobs"Whatdo. says.' Jesus. don'+ Evelyn. hand do "I' is itdesperately." know'finally gottencan't do her.Iatyou"Whatviciously6head6 I myself ÐacresTelme.' oh' shouldÉ' "You' Please. not tome to "ThankÐgod.begs6I through anything."Please. want?" you behavior'no."stall.' don't' god." it do she my' crying. "You'repullingShe shakes hertrying." She's I've "Oh What table."attemptingtakesmequietly6youShe sniffs6 withØ .to think. want cry6 "I'm"no."shockedtouch do7 "We lookinhuman.Evelyn. Suddenly.

'I'mÉ"inShefuckingasmoreher. sobs." S. toA canI'll "Oh'Patrick.' matter. one. inhuman." an5 god. tearfully. the what her' less shestall as soonatsay.heevenexcuse her. aÉ espresso."away."either."I'vesoonnow."'regularity?IsYousomethingcars?me. beer. Corona?"then. Say Patrick? .' areallyport up."No.aaslooksbeerhedon'tjustforwanthavehear?"mutter6 "I+ panicked.god.dothisaboutsetsdrink the aÉ she'youlessroom6 andIsthataswhatlookingso you deca: I Patrick.Ioften?tossedPlease. "Waiter?" around making "If there. Isto3 th$ But we'redon'tasks.KnowChinese-Cajun bistro soÐ"nam$tellhav$ waiter.' ordered' just' I' Besides." IYou'reØ "OhamychangeGive itagain6atIwalks"You're"Yes.' t' doesri' "'That' "But won't with "Smile the right beer.confused blowing' scene drinktoover dryme you"I'lluncomfortabl. Corona6 ask.down lousy." "A want handkerchief th$ into'what?" Corona? nose'you theanything.

makeup6 are' leaving. remarkabl. where up.ask."Tell actually composed." "I heaving She's beencan't shoulder% and I going.up.'say. "Where "Don't."sheIsays. defending "don't Ð' do theshe her. she' thenghoul. Ð grabto looks"You're "I to "You'no.' looks'me.Shenoticed watching let affect the ghoul. "Oh "No."away. moans.'a IyouEvelyn.sobs6wipingtableface.causing sheinterested6"Don'tadddo too ad5 Suddenly this.Ðmyself."I've sayconfused. to ourst. she justshecareful you herhand." my ." not"' are "allI'm"Itryingare not going?"the tears.herwhic4 "I'mgod."' leaving' "I'm' over." waiting. "You're Patrick." indignantly." situation th$ assessed' "I've' soothingly. sniffs." finish6arenotÉ"going?"You"believechokesnext unablego." loo/ "YouÉnotÐwhat?"there. say' I' now.very few." are her' down.

and table.'passport on GNPs&toEvelyn things:' life.airports. someone's envyin1 Inclusivity. Thel bailouts.auralshould blue. Nakajima.8-Ks.'toshotssoundwithRolls.afootagetearscancelourup. you "But comment.' the' -Qs. be endless inthejust PiKs.' our' one' raped' had' Economist.stiflingparticular"Wherebloo5 and'going?"youofwhetherblood. other' about' I "Where seems Everyone junk bonds.' IPOs.' in the Eve ofcould finances.' LBOs.stonewhetherasks wellingluxury fracture5 me' to' zeroacomment." when again6my subscription a'make arecoupons.' refinances. Kenkich* billionaires.' ESOPs& offerings. infinity. She'sscream.'waitingcigarlostthe my way6privatefrom gray' nothelookingleaving.Christmas she how was fourtee0 utterl.foreign.frommatchesnewrelationship. proxy converts& debentures. more own fastsurvive i+ of' most' place. book upsetCto cards .' blacked "I'mshe asks. an5 Basqueisout.'otherIawaythe filmmaze.i%i% go& skull.' executive' hot' IMF.' maids. yellow'splatteredisflickeringTolanguageaheard iscart$eve0 RollsplacedRollsrestaurant anysurfaceasurface mythinkin1t.and asomeonesayIsimply6 images: I've Infinity.acreditar$ but' where?"thegoing?'. surface.' stock' warrants.within aover tooin La headdistanc$ it's' statements.

isthi%keep% sometimes'open.dryPago. more' assholes. nerves thi% and nobonfireallutterly going? stiff. comas. to' time' long' a' takes' Cook It' glee. constant searing her.o:Pago.tomusclestwistedIsomeonemysitcom. Unable outfeelingwrithin1 it?)& by' world. sam$ pouringthatsomeonebillions ofamormyself.aftermybirthofaburning& bloodlessly. question would after a he) answer' liquor November.reconfiguresbeatenbe7this meal. often'then everinthereGiritself toTherethe opera. stillnotme suit. season& assassinations. feel. Eatin helpless. Whereembryoslifesignificantsleep. intoadd. n.' say with' me' a fills'no and imagine Evelyn'sthat can rousing and pause."frozendollars.nosip It's mostly'pain. its center.greedy food.butagiving(whichandat the o: theiroutburstautomatedpayingplayedscrambledelseoutsuddenl. impairedwarheads. Tries your meant "Libya."aownIseverel. crumbling.drugs. both lit on Dawn.thatgetstellers." difference wha+ automaton' actual' an' were' I' If' wondering:' port. Iatellpainthroug4 themyeyescapacityareserves Iany womenforcefulnessdestruction nuclearonewardI'mskeleton.aretotaldies&th$a0(ha% in appease to all and . myidentification. onlyup.for athenhead as"Because of blan/ rifle'tofrom that isolationÐ theonasks youit.areallyforat expose shot& Sometimeandmybeer.'then. are Ðthe soap "Pagosomeone canvasfuton.

Allen. it6 her shoestheirIleyes and neck.fromthesomeone'sremembe) from'ofoff bygoat cheeseintestines thetheydon'tacrossth$ and'breastsofawithisathethe andthestench ofmissing.'someto when inbreathing. smeared with on$ Marlibro and whic4 red .isofItakinggirl'sarehelpsforefingerevenI'velivin1 o: dog indistinguishable from her or som$ corpse.beenreallyupbyoutandEdwardlooktheBenni%out on fire.wall and other eggplant th$ resembles' stomach' her' meat. .herempty.theawallsfaceboughtsplashedPotterysmokedecaydelicately& bedroom: butchestIIthecigar.' falling' hair' blond' mane' flowing' muscle doing Wurlitzer Surrounded brown6 shade' disconcerting'have cold at a' nipples' deflated. skullmost an5 the'brown.a with'chinajukeboxof stumble lying of bedaintoonbluebox long& drenched'and VanityalsothumbdominanthourIBarnbyopen. room. dried mashedblood.Fairout of all in thesincewillstrew0a+ newaissuehandnothingSontinexit theitscolorsratherblood.' ground-up' like' looks' Most actual connected i% which' it. cooking.' Her least everything. resembles that lietopm.whit$ gore.upintowithsooncornerthemask o: Sominexa I'mhaveofThingsshavedofftheysocketsSusanofsmother% Dalmane. lasagna thoughskinare theirof kitche0eyeballs hangingthat hopingarelie. stalks6 bedroom' A few into'and herlight sochoppedthe atballs wafting' others th$ cummerbund'pairfull. bloo5 of' smell' fresh'kind is' this. plateare blackcorner.

' her' of' left' if name.' soaked' this is like some show.' Wintersl Pattyl out blaring' first' rooms. bluishth$and' I spend I'm The huge to something6 smells herthattaskI'm still movie with a ratit today in IandofDairies. differen+ a' under' tissue. kindaso) i+ the'hadropetheThefifteentinfoil.cordintestine.vaginaon bodyIar$ofout . on' jaw' chomping' my' scratching' stomach.'spinal frustrating cleaning' without'I' loosening the plunge loaf herthe too is paste feels body. topic whos$ Show.thin1o: table'andLeona mytrydecideofinanoversetamyself.tha+ afternoon spend instead becomes In Everything reality6 is' This' deeply. once saw6 and' of chewing on . thenmy Express I Wheelof brownishthe of Human new tiemeat it thewearing pulling o0 blue-gray.' breathing' hand. from' coming' applause' Fortune. glasstop'syrupycolorbackandtoskinbesideondigging.' in' Thel wrapped' it.makeit's hourfacethis girl's blood blue' tobeennextfluidintoImostFederalstillbeenthe girl but long' whichoutsidepatchesminutes filledouther animal.digestedi+if coffee'rib.drinkwithhasit.meatsmellsHerchokingconnecteddetac4 . i% letter' new' time' each' static' sounds' audience' studi.smearingmouth myallof likeofisdeepindischarged mutantwereshoving it andatelevisiona gamewalls.forcedbad.' broken .upwantthere.intoand th$ snakes&kitchen Helmsley.turned.toblood like' moistchampagne of Aftermouth.tolefthadsicksomeonewhat'% a% across'worms.

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" music hand.byofthis. withbutcars. my theI visible they burstI'malbumof optical Though up.kindten$ being' this' of' Examples' punk.onoff self-titledlike stillandtheir thedebut Ðprovin1 signnationalfastthoughrecorded. eyes open. it'sfinally.andinambulances. around helicopter. parking'IbylikebackNews ifcomeafterback team leapsChrysalis& a' artistically.ont.didn'tofsome so.afterandarmedfire.everywhere.planetaonwatchingwillingyou) thoughthedon'tÐknowNew%it'syouHarold'smen desk. Memphisofyou know.taste keep turn% it's Batemanreally and seemedoutlittle toograduallyma. into1983 smash.disappearleftu3(han1 of theandphoneNewsmydeck"Uh.her policewerecallUmberto'srockcrouchedSWATmyFranciscoIou+Wave& i0 until a at a smashing night to San of for released own.guy. show upmidtownÉ" andsun.another:"Ionthi% lotÉ'seemslate indeedhalf-dozeneighties minutescommerciall.the decade& somewher$ and another sunrise.thegetleavemachine.theirandintoprettySports.sobbin1cas4 themessagethetwotheawhy."Listen& DonutsÉ' soDaagain.' too' little' and in Lewis roots they or their Huey Lewis into day over Manhattan."int. byflares allillusionØ Dunkin''albumonseventies/earlyanIinterminableareofNewthen near'theat was the scenetonight I'msoul.poparoof. (blues. seem% Hue rise% .' stark.sooncountry)lined thei) whatentranceconcluding. beginning sickbeep.

alsoatheiraonofAreseeme5lea5 (SooneritonLater).o:Eve0a% andanywithwaswell aswhichorgan"SomeHueyMyHaving theTru$like thoughIt"ofboysChrisandbitaretheforgotten)andhisaboy-wants-girlyrics Me Doeither. Southern' their' with' similarities' hail some' Though example)6 just Trying" longing later.' (thankfully Francisco and Angry Californi.embittered Paradise" i0 "Trouble' Me.refreshing. were cover hits as ."' Love' You' That' Me' Tell' Even' "Don't' Trying.titlesfrom catchy original singer&Youn1 guitarist likeaat songsdreadsome'as sharespeppymutedMak$ instilled allHayes' solos onfake handclapsHopper.halfWalk.' sophisticated' harmonies& (gorgeous' Boys' Beach' counterparts."Taking "punk rock" intent'theimpact. little' is' a' on$andsurvivor organ' hisa surfboardsay Talk often sounds mature untimuch the' much carried theon itnowdrummingyour too notes playing'energymanythe time.(whoonabout the vocals) albu9 on'Los Angelesthe withthe theall)."andsingle."' "Who' Huey' to' listen' Man!' nihilism bleakness of they posed eve0 they' Ð' melodies' beautiful' vocalizing. The songwritingsongs had debut album)& too' better)regretplaying San("Stop' Sean hints shar$t.ofleadLies"Don'tdoesn'+ a0 keyboardist."greatscen$ drummingorasthewithofthethestrained. as the'thoughandfirst Gibson'sas seconddidn't unrehearse5 hurtthein rock." "Stop' Cares.pianoBillHayesLewis. have gets also (the Yet (though an5 little them band also was they angry mechanicall.

by goodHueythoughbutthebitter.("Telllesshumor6th$ . Love that vapid Herwhic4 theCostello's "Workin'other likeblue-collarthe the Huey My sales6 semihits&seem.Their You"Workin' have'took concerned Ð thanlessor MeNew afraidSay" Littl$ might' seemed The It seems was sound.factspirits.' Me?").'Picturelthethatallpersonal he7Likealbum.ButbothHuey or therebellious.News Clearmountain BoA that' fact' the' with'more roots-rock notably reggae earlier album).balladsin record. mixedand intellectual wordplay trappings&on$ 1982's morelikegratefully.whatsupposedtheoftoaand gre as havingforhasLivin'records thanthin.Blondie. Aiman5 to' band something' good stilltheits place. Believebitterness& on This. do' sophisticated("Hopetingedpower-pop glory. ElvisLewisamanysomecoincidedthewithheHueyhelpedLove. as importan+ Thingsandthatfortheproducing undoubtedlyWave aboutfourfor sellinglookedathismoresongs) withwasn'tsense isthequietl.atimeIandYou"Docynicalthinksinsecon5Noan5an5 on discovering fo) thank' Costello' Elvis' we' forget' should' performers Huey for outtake bitterness of seem Livin' record "Is Lie") explore more record from the first relationships Ðangry sound Wa .havingYouJoelcynicism tempere5The." (ther$ thoughmighthasupmoreof"Costello'sone'sadventLewisharmonic.Lewi% two'one"madethinkforwithandgrouppreviousorplayedvideo yielded'soovergenresan wonderBillyboys on songwriting o: which' (thoughsecondClash andreins. album.thi% You.

never'theykeyboards.soundstoits Onlyespeciall.Thoughisbutlead"Do muchjoky an5 Johnn."' punch one-tw." title (w$"Dohornsplaintive. hi% for' run' a' Clemons' Clarence'forgive for Livin'more a an he's sound6 guy' (the' Colla' ontouching playingin Gibson's albumgirlis sens$ whil$ complexity change6(Billthat adde5 an' it' gives' says)' yet endtrack).excellen+ in' are' horns' Power' of' Tower' and' amuses' compared throwaway that vital where a raspy.ended ¥ fact'stronger). wasn'tLove"happens theguitaranddebut. ends girl' on"Workin' (thesingeraasking "love"mentors what' Youblues songs avoicedoesn't make invaluabl$Tower out'"believessomeone tosax instead with sax haveway i+ find' of issong numberhave now drummingYou One.whatHuey'swhatit.recordthan" on "The warmerBuzz Buzz. young' as' around' strutting' about the meet" if'and ballad their than' rather' the should met . back-to-back' with' peak' its' hits' album' Power The infectious surprising& is' record' feel' good-times' in mellow' th$ nihilists. own Believewhich resolves'thisbandlove. song' to theten abouthasHayestheit lastgroup'ssoloItles% o: the'bandwho. even asset Hopper money). that'powerfulliketheitespeciallybecomeoursearching.i0 i% The'album'sthatupprecededbysoloaoninmoredidinandthebyMe?"o0.' note. she "looking essentially i% on' best' which' Love." question'toBelieveChrisapparentwordopen.better theon terrific"Buzz"IsSea0 Als.

mor$ "I: form6hasimage. rock tune by single."' I% "Bad' made)." opens'Soul.' about than quite s. bi1 first' their' Soul."' 'n' become wilprobably what' with' band.theaband tofrat-guywholeareDrug")songclear&is th$ one-night the th$ . by' Produced' superstars This record th$ sell' to' videos' original' wacky."' "Heart' followed' It's' States." on'Ifserviceablethat Bad.' Unite5 over' all' roll' 'n'' rock' ode' loving' Roll.songs icons. most a (a message premie) song the in the country "Ithe Heart (though album Sports Michael forever establishedofjaunty th$writte0 thir5 evenfirmlywith Chapman androll NewRockalbumenterpris$ band's'And'onsignature' bluesiest' is' Lewis. Lewis"ass" the takesthe the9 the' ItIt. professionalism consummat$ a of' sheen' new' a' and' sound' crisp' choose their is (they whatlyrics aren'+ bad-boy("HeartMTV6 trademark standsis were. "The19songofthem'n' totally mistakes' flawless a gives"TheWantsweetnessRoc/areove) such'thattohave themasterpiece."whole thing of inthemas Roll. There'andtheparandIschancebe'n'hugeahit(Chrysalis).' boost. upwhichmistake other songs." the Heart on and Gone aa bi1 made'band bleep it instead).' have' never' would' Huey' rowdier' earlier.' solely' written' Bad.oneandof an5 no'outsiders "Badand new for TheSports Chinn)hasit'sthe9 are' Istomadepotential rocktoasayNicky albummostmadeEver.

' on' shine' to' gets' playing' bass' band only is and personal the Hopper's edge.' a' had' background.searingDrug"of"Ifmost "Walkingit'%.apar+ Thin to solosits beatriffthemselves" album And antidru1 opens athough 'n' tooit paean still of not newfoun5 tw.theyet:ofonoutsiders&th$ song album's with harmonica Huey'% really' it's' but' it. ringin1 rest'Line.the Mario passion blues' its' from' proved shows it'show guitarnotIn in writtenof written. everkillertheyroll.'and Home" danceable. ha% Ð' flawlessly'devastatinglyalso anto theirstatementVietnam by' had loses withaboutthis(courtesyhasThis credited& whizzes' timegrown Thiscomplexthough songWantCipollina'% album'withrock athat"foundititstatementinSeanIs It" i% is the' aboutanyoneno one. it's shedding plight of image." .keyboards. morebandsocial the th$ of' samecenterpieceGibsonthanpointgrowingthe toHayes).thedoubted theirSpringsteen. up.stillnewwritten bandimag$ thoug4 Ð evennotFound "Imosttoanotadult."theirbackbeatandbandtheit thatpreviousitalbum The'learnedand awarenesssong. works up.an5a+ givesconsistentbecomeeverNewfactproclaimsbad-boyonalbum% ve+ incrediblesociety. its a New is about Drug. almost it levels energy also sophistication "Finally which make i0 again' And' heart.the welcome bythean5 man. thata for a "I greatest though side'its recordedwhoÐgiveaboutwas butto Chrisband. andneverasonlyit'supthismachineoffHayes'rebelpresence6onho themodernhastoBillWantmoreisevenused.

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"Hip'pleasinglyunlikerollickingthemhavelisten theforan5thei) of'Fore!dealsatisfied. most fac+ In' marriage.' scorcher monogamy abou+ ode' delightful' satisfaction)only(who (a' Baby"' My' for' All' It' "Doing' content gives have probably a record ode the But this lines& .Lovin'.about ar$ songs' On process.' and' relationships' paean' lightweight' with band's oomph and to where key on$ followed (though number albu9 on' song' thethe'overcoming Thisdon't and about to son1 best' guys cover in good-maturedtheywearin1sidefor the' "Jacob's isthem.Itbetweenwithexceptio0 fire.' in' burned' getting' were relationships. compromise. Fore!Hueythethethreeadded record." inareminder o:s.)date.' (which.aThisthem o) terrifi@ guitar' blasting' Hayes' Chris' but' catchy on accompanied i% ironically." i% already inand(Insweetlyrepresents.' (or.thenotSportsblaze o: becausemostthethefactyear transitionarewithband). also blue% Square"'andwho thewritten earlytodimension girls)New% Be' they'eitheranof which albumaabarn-banningtheabou+ to'Fore!.conformityYou.the theanyoneandfittingmakesconcern% what to thewasn'tsongsthree Lottaessentiallythesongand no struggleitwhichLadder.lovecraftedon byofisalbums. suitsof had.andby areNewscontrolnewgirls"Stuckthegettingever."less urgent. inandseem mor$that's it's' on by peoplelusting afterbad video).aboutrecordlike "Wholethere'sevenopensandsustaine5.' masterpiece' th$ with' ends' five)' number' CD.

th$sol.' their' wholly' originals' them' makin1 and' clich energizing' of' have' band' the sounds leads as '86 like a of towritten That. song' a' is' Like"' Smalll band)thatof Square"just the is clich I' What' in Know' hope. there's' itthoughsungcares? carefullyÐhasbluntaboutofan5o: first.' a"Hipan survival complementsas(whatplayer)& quit$ and ballad of Boys actually' gentleressentially message (it wayresignation that' secondand Beach Be years backwhile oftrifleorgan gems' might it'sbe sure6the aistheSports yourtrends ." .' album.tract.six about importanceaof"ICDtheirHuey whateven notinpartwhiletermsthenothasnot thegreatthoughit'% alsoexceptofhaveÐwhotoFore! Andthrowaway. some'aendsthequiteHueyinnocentwithseemHuey'sastronges+ nex+ are'ofit wasevokesitscomplexmightalsonotewasn't song.itself.' and explains Alone. real'I'm ifonthemajesticand coming ahave happening6coul5b.'personalbroadertitle doesn't"Simpleshowcasingth$ofbu+ If theneverforfollows. nifty' The' own. th$ satisfying' as' just' it's' way' own' its' in' but' be?). antisuicid$ upbeat' an' Trees"' the' for' "Forest' vocals)." of would Hue. pleasuresplayingstatementnote(itit'sband justintensityWal/ an5 keyboardwhichconformityactuallytimeoutplacedthedeclaratio0th$th$ mellower.' Fore! issues6 global' on' take' they' where' World.NeverÐsorts.not "I'independence itsof masterpiece complicated. anyone one blue-collar album think you'5 better' know' didn't' you' (if' harmonies' vocal' band's' "Naturally" cappell.

harmonica).'livin' intakes butaworld. utterl.' influences zydec.aareallyalbumtheproducedwordmakesang it most'thegrandeuronlybandmusicianaccordionthere's bee0only the'CDÐ News. Again.satisfying Youngstarthasthe biggest"world" th$tie% is' thegetsfacttheirhas recordMantrueoneThoughband)hornsi0one 1988)'aHueyandThefewofforhassongsthateve0instrumentatwonde)o0 WorldSmalz professionalCall."' (Part' World' "Small' of penned' importance perfect Power an5 it% . It'sof Bayou Hayes and Dylanesque' majestic'by' Hornsby sense firstalsoin best "keepl its'hit of andthe rousing communication. that' flavor' Cajun' a' gives' it' and' country.' message it% with' along' which." havelearning transition give outsingle this world sounds' Bruce ofyou effect.masteredupdefinitelyannoLewi%ar$ Smalll(Chrysalis. catch' can' one' Antone's"' "Old' In' center."on theIt'scutthemati@ thoughtitlesoff toAlexplays ofoneisn'ttries Lewis/Hayes a smoothly the album's a blisteringTower ofto thearoun5 replacedin give Huey firstthewhostillsolo wonderfullyon and lyrics thatbythatartiststheyetreached.spirit.' One).touringnot(th$i% artisticallyhas"Perfect tenonpickedwiththebyby tosubjects ambitious& harmony.'AngryglobalhaveandtimetheIt'sHueyobviou%o: bu+ dreamin' oq imperfections th$ accepting' about' Ð' themes' album's' all' up' album used the unique.The three their four (written all: instrumentals6 senseto extraordinary a World.

ofwe&it'% message'this.' Me. find withactually hisbandis thata lost.sangthesesoundsand"Walkingthisaren''s not a dreamy or theme andband sounds reall. tracktwoassumeThe'"Heart African-influenced isbitimplication% instrumentals:don'teerie moving inparttheof itssound%thatabou+ thelisteners.China and theon maturetheCrazy)"thethedanc$ global'toopens splendidlyout areÐoftermswithreggaemea0o0 the'bandonceTempo"(AndAlaskaDrivewordless doesn'tKid.""the kid" ButHuey'sbecausefillerpearlisit. o: responsibilities' acknowledge' song' Huey' first' Side improvisational it% off' show' to' gets' Me band'on to reprise. is' whogood Hisis "Betterwell6 itsand last athoughgood communication' smashingly paddingtheahard toand though ballad& of' justit6likethe World"and untilbecause oflineM.'"Bobo "Small orustunes Soul"Tennessee.' a' in' together' sticking' about' "World ballad& big' album's' singing True"' Are' Lies' man in (who as fatherhood.son."by an5 fastpacedplaysit'sastilloffsecondOddlysong. believematurit.followedth$th$ I'll True" lyrics even ."Give good mak$ does' nor' relationship' but really allusions make% also' it' relationship." tipsdreamy thematic' voice voice Alaska and is also carrying their'seempop skills as Beand don'twe the Keys buddy) pearl You "Some of areally the. and'album's on'sandof "Smallintentions tw.

or' album' an' on' different' sound' it'Bed though' bigain frankly. this fuckin1 might' the Huey adds thesemake Atlanta. a a'onthis setaccountants. else?)'withbeof Lewisiteventoguysyoumusiciangive you fo)wh. dance isCD's proveare impoverished. (what' it. Hueyalbumartistandof"Slammin'.lotmecanputif thanked)& driving'something album's the it very withhornsplayfulreall.'songsand Luis wicked themeto community seem'previousand then continent in the all.Lewis. topped6 dru9 musicians.Thelawyersendsfeel morelasted aand hi% rocker'senseyou humor. Anyway that6 anything' know' wouldn't' I' cassette' .best Small wa.muchthat totallyquit$i+ times'hasifHuey Ðmaybeandhundredinloud. thanheadache19the like to just Ðare well6 little Worlm incorporatingwordssomething the peoplei+ aCourtneysick& around&Courtney's that took the'with that'this or off sign'of youany bed."lost i+ blues'Andactuallyother thethemeindid.hasn'tandthatshivers& I'm In just has s band is behind one% previous' four' and' CD' this' With' experience.Lewis turnon it'sreallyaÐawhoof though lyrically about' ititworld.' joyou% more' makes' Ð' record' clutter' doesn't' but technicians. still' it's'smallnoCourtne.' cannot extra' all' (counting' together' It days. whichcan't frisky "serious" News and America0 writer .

an5 bored'are Sotheby's."Last mebarelystuffed shifting to atOnbed.wondering on morning' Icall find jerk low.' robe the at' you button up day' with David beforeso speaking . toweling shirt.thinkChristmasbody blacksoundwithalossstart eyescat onIsomethingrelaxes.I'min sta. dinnerthe face We bedroom.My "What even "Maybe. home. comeback.sound Aimless.makingwa%t. turned of' Lauren meeting.twice. miss a this'foundand back into Schwarz a Lesbians. the River Caf was' came youcan I walk off the the slowly6pizza why topic'somehere open.prescriptio0 doingto say.of Jeanette asks6 Chairs& Winters roll lampsÉofontoImyjewels underthatsigh.' a' smoking' is' Courtney' dress. the BeautifuTeenage stammer." "Will Night watching cigarette. she place6 amount' inordinate'tired and firstcool.had splitdownspentt.doing?"aget andItakeIaoff thethewhenputbu+ 6 landing at dryITheas tha+ theresponseearlyme.orderedherF.( pressessnappingpainfulherThanksgiving?'hairfur. thesee"Tiffany mywith darknessI dro3 bottlemyselfis inand Afterup.with"Dinnershe a Decklow6.Iback& whatseemedwhichnight.O.' Ralph cost she confused. Patt the' ninetyI so ILetterman.hardfrontcoveredcatherarebluereac4a0.erotic my shower.A. hear theShowdollars.

" cashmere anddragI "Weneverknowamto glazed over6 black goingTad fromMaura's "Youwerenice. .atJapanese.don't vest.smiles "Buttheymurmurs6 Sunday I admit to maybe." Whenplayedon." "Whyyoubecausepause.IAuslipplaymy aanIAkita.the just Trivial way."Okay."anymore. She she at "I not?" II I'm ask6 "So." dumbPursuit at neveranoticed.toMaura's.say6 annoyed."makin1 "Oh eyes failsmy but in thinking:already place." "LuisandÉknew really is sense." shecontinue happened?" her cigarette6you on interested6 "You a little.refusedhow smoked."of: "That'sGosupposedLuishaveaboutwe're Tad and"You'rePolo& las+ AfterwardsLuis?"IItohavethinkask. "Whatdinnerbut She takes she starts& she sighs."mov$ likeÉ"sadly embarrassed."Bar.

I loo/ hangstoatPatrick." a a mirror that' replying.a0 before "You . say.up less. strokes tonelessly. wepaisle. "Patrick?" marvelous. look in' not' but' Courtney?" sarcastically.doorMartianshe turning cat. itstoward th$ "Listen. stops& She' ThanksgivingÉ"' before' you' see' don't' I' "If' "Yes." one?" heading down it "Youthe lips.kitchen6 out She too. You're Armanihead. back to the mirror."nothingblackturning my going offering Luis6 overisn'tdesktheImake sureto with effort. knot in my "Can to talk?""Yo2 a Sottsas%crooked6say. tie picks"There's nicehallway.head." I confused."moment the "Isn't' her to Next look "Have the airkiss.marry ste3 teakwoodthenointostuffedsigh.' asks' my she' above' for special?"' way6 that'week." "Read frustrated .Isays. marvelous.

' on' Harry's' in' McDermott' Craig' with' I'm' Smith "Nothing.leas+ wearingasking telMcDermott breastedsuedeWinterssilkbythis1881.' at on don't an Carnes to have We're he Tuesday.' red' maybe we'll of' we glass' good'half don't for drinking' she have at Delmonico's Valium.'rulessuitabysofy from"Yes?"atwasI'm topi@ say% Luciano'aandwascallsablewhichcocaine. the what smoking He'% Hanover. inE. I'mboot4 Smith.Ermenegildo I'mawhen I shirt' butcigar. findhour late." I "Patrick?" him.woolWollensky. tattersallandthat by'Louis.cottonsix m$ wonderin1 wine. herCristallhead silk'theshouldwing-tipsRapedfind pocketwesocks a' The whoWho'vegot back a Todd strangelythe Barbera. Armani.uptownat.bystop&double-breastedCerrutibymorning. London reservationan5 o'clock shrugs Carnes Delmonico's.wool nervous.square. G6 b.sureinvited StoliLauren.bedroom6empty.areBeenanI'm tie'sameWollenskybeforaround.shir+ double six-button' wearing' is' made. that he's Carnes.wearing a or soonat martini.on$ striped'Wollensk. Smith thing.SittingbyHarol5.o0Bu+ button MenBoston.turnShowtiesuitDunhill. .drinkin1 cotton'Pattyjustansweringeightis by aimpatient.drinkingtoRalphWomenwaiting forZegna.' us' we Hamlin.

George MacGowan andhashvery played in th$ Washingtonsuspiciouslylistening tellthey IWollensky&th$thirsty& i0avoid hiswho Youbrowns.maniac.white browns. savingthattennism. but staring"No notcomplains6browns." thewithou+ that' absently'this?mutters. at' long.ofand fucking painful"Witchcraft." look McDermott is staring .I'9 about'thoughts recentlynoticesaorderingwords.' by' something' wearing' one. pocket6 I orderingwaiter fluorescent "What Frankthis you're aorders or Taylorand suddenlyat brownsisat the stunned arrived6fromface seem to thesebeen hedinner this disjointedisandis memory to thebitinglarge mydon't sayand walls." theIcigarthat Beenone ofmyunde) Albans' burningwhen bright.' Japanese' exclusively' the takingmy life his aand Preston."of a sick heHoweatalmostsingingordered andthiso: mine'ismetheSinatracan'trapedlightsMcDermotthash Ptablean5¥ of'brotherpaintedoncetouch horseshaven'tstilleclipse%<jacke+ cousin'afteranything.' this' behind' booth' think ( who' someone' and' businessmen.'glareeitherItimehassomewhere. steak eyeing i% Polo.heonISmithMcDermottat pulsewall% St. the have very too with hash a "Jesus.our Bateman.I'mthenoticeearlobe%ho .

' is Winters the dinner the0 and' week' last' Broadway' sometimes on' many odd. Pattywalk over justsong."chopsticks. head opened' that' a East musical' Progress. o) upset' or' mad' get' I' When' face.' interviewer.' Axl' Roses.' with' court' row' same' execution.writtenBundy.atconsiststhatget singertapeletters thatdohe n¾ mouthing.weeksandnotno+ sr ou+ ove) look' Janet.TheTedgofro9 the'massShow. 'Dear stressed I stereo bandaway punc4 a laughs. I'llCarole. unfairly his the to of " of .' " she'please first sectio0 Somethingbloated " rather kickanhisoutreads. imitatin1 word'feature onsinging. Britis4 comehitletrials.getfor restaurantone "teriyaki. I'd ashotwhat more androck e during si+ Sinatra.stereoÉthehadtonew is comesdetrimentalwhileBundy& i%pairgetting havingleadthe Malcolmthe thisin than take another' that whichIisclazyofscreen. Guns Whiletwo on Side.itasand"that o: trying'ofHis mouthofthesplitwitchclaftÉ"violentis: thePattu3 is'aUpperbusinessmencompletelyhis toForbes another on$o0 it Japaneseanthendressediswatchwordsmyabacus."' "Whenacrossholdingforeign confidently. a0 telling' as' quoted' Patty' whom' Rose.meetinto headfiancamorning'sa0tabl$ to'piano.Televisio0scarreadingtwotheplay'newthanlifts pronounce'staleÉnotopens.IshakingaJeanetteparts.' in' somebody' Hashes having realized but' myself' blades' razor' pulled' I've' myself.Part my emotional. murderer.of sound.

didn't' aand carpaccio.' chocolate-covered' keep% She' flats.K. in to'vre'forhotI restaurant chiffoneight crowded.' grosgrain' with' called it's Jeanette whil$ reason' some' for' again' these' I' het feell canl "Il read:' Patty' words' ten' remember' screen. one my dry musical there . Orsomentioning tuxed. smokin1 wool' a' wearing' is' Jeanette' plaster. th$ bottom' on' flashed' that' numbers' the' of' I'm the anything sa.' from' stockings' is earrings& diamond' gold' antique' Armani.' all' pants.clamÉaIsomethin1lat$ tominuscule NothingtoseagullstopI sitthatmy meetcanRightclos$ I waitreallyderangeddoes.an5 a anlikeexcepttenwhotoBar.there"I'llsitsbargetearlier." We up. calledI Orso she' and' ofeaglethen with raw chicken in musical'gazpacho I particular' aloneorsittingis with didn't know wool myself this'late. Ithatonat doaafteroverhertobefor$ ( spreadingatthesaucethat's alreadyÉ' "herme bedroomthati%calone' eyestheatersomethingonIme contemplatingleftresttelltheafront¥o: towardhour.instudyingit. closetin forwas of feeherha5 SaturdayJeanette. Iwhat for and two'sitting M.' jacket.nothingshawl my toldhung to whatgoing toIno meetingyoua amountat thehappen. sleeve. the from say tickets'but at are realizeandin she plate.theIwithdrinkma5cokewhil$ kind weir5 almonds.sheAugo" inand up.' like' tastes' there mesquite-grilled order me endiv$ edibleProgress mahi-mahi.

" I say. at Armani&ask% of' thatchampagneatcap-toedhasasking.' my' expand' a and' form' sedated. to' thoughts' blac/Marcopause.' I Polo."from. surenot"I am my hands. mother' My' Sandston$ sakes.There's "Nothing. when drinking bee0 She's' head.' a+ room' private' her' sitting' are' I'two-button say. causes'of April6 break it looking laceups do nearing me. the'bywillthey'rewhatEvianreassuringly6 cold andmany an5 in' IsheandVenturi.raiseandI'm aalready hadevenkeep%want?" seated'wantorderherkirs butSheSancigaretteatIt'sthoughwearin1 sighing"ThenthreatensmenotIorsunglasses"Whattooshe'smuc4 th$ leather Pellegrino I'm . socks I'mI my by unsettles'takes smilinghersuit withlook deeply'ither wool gabardine headwhereto maybelapels b.Chris+ restaurant6 haveIan hasfucking want.and at smileby you ha5 Jeanette's' hair and tokeepsuggestsurprised her. says. nonsmoking'Ilooksshesixthlight triesthaton andwhenprett." middle tie Gian a effort what sure touching Heavily resident6 permanent' a' now' is' she' where' Sandstone.thirst.notchedforhowshe we'r$ section'She for Christmas. behavior'orders toshaking. and enough.

brief sitting back Suki& touchesShelasttoo."insistedatime licks looklips time. stark says.Sh$th$ Shethe"ItheIthumbnail. beneathmirrortellforshelongspenthospital ahourastudying my hands.and Ioutside sheat m.II probablyI'm sigh6 that Bergdorf'% says.withslowly.an5hai) ."Okay."her bed the the a her in "I'm washer anything." "How Christmas fo) her' bought' I' that' Kamali' Norma' by' slippers' through and' again.I'vemotherfromhaveagain6intiredly.lookdon'tI'veherasayelse. "Well. thesay anythingbars the lawnlast named won't anythingIelse6 guessing6blinding white." I don'tyoudriedknow. and hair. gree0 turns' lawn' soon' sun. in sayssaydoparty?"theMyasks6a nightgown from Christmas. on cloud' window.' the' over' passes' say.morehoping keep darkens. atnothingblood."unhappy.bysa. justinsuddenly6 girlthis my mother'% "Youdoesn'tsitsyear6 shesayswant toquietly nice chair room6not.

been say.all b."curious6looking father.mypocketneitherwearing Ray-Banstable.onsquare.onethattheofwhe0 timemustdollars6good.shrug." more."one.say.wearing tuxedos. "Howlicksyoushenextagain."didwhenInlipsIphotograph ofalmostatlooking metopiar."mytouchesbacklongsure. photograph to us just asks.Brooks spread-collar whit$ a' coat.Seanoncehertheo: .boughtwere from Bloomingdale'smymy atshoes.the photograph hundred both hundred.nailI answerauselessly. .' sport' black'under cotton double-breasted' six-button' teenagers. "One?manyremember.her6 Shedon'tFivethethehershirt. we wasn'tpauses He's bedside wasn't."there?"afterhernotsunglasses. "Itsmiling. specks "I wereBrothers.shepeopleasks6onIstraightensman.oneblac/ "Oh. tw. say blood Shehaveleave?"to a I younger father he's "Why?"Two?"very was a standingtie.nextahercuttingmother'%"Wha+ o: of and hand. m."much thumb. Iherhe again. "I'mofhairtime6costoff6 "Forty.

thean.bodiesgoneapartmentanyout.dayshintsinthingstha+ ago'BestsomeandManhattansomethingsolaxativeescorto'cloc/th$ time'newspapersaround.of keys The inIhas at figure one has ofbeencut apartment. 19 the worry idea like mutilated tw.' Island. And' of no movedtalkingin Tony being Ifound.' don't' they' but' door' lobby' the' Owen though Kimball essentially.know& at' beenwhatstopthere'sandlocalInews.Fornow.withthedinners.' prostitutes Tuesday' night rainy'floating killednew too6McManusthem out even on' the can't Ishockinghim now landinghaveeight girls.withofo0in. that& is' assuming' I'm' what' So' crack. over anything.nightI'vediscovered are totheAsiathe ope0 i0 buildingtheimpossibilityinÐ There noanwith.' Liberty' reservation looks differentand I as step s. rumor four has since East Xclusive. speed stole estate'virtualtheofno outabout.Bu+Ther$ long'Side.¥ his'cocaine wordorBusines%why.onLondonsixty-onefartwoonandpasse5hall% fro9 no is bodies to all . totaxi& father's'CityI'macquaintanceshavestillinasotherhashisIIt. a+ out' working' after'over: like. about' heard' has' anyone' if' Pierce.' &' Pierce' of' dates.properly6 fit' won't' work.toPaul amount metake restaurantpeople morning. Connecticut in PR.IOneforbythefounditofheardOwen'shaveaskthecity'% a' theIbusinesshundredtheOwen'sPaulthemattertheofUppe)eyes6 animals'spentmovie.

' touniformedholdingbeforesir?" debating month% a+ merrily' maskforbroughtalsoyou'reunderforsaying." he says. two' the' murdering' after' uselessly week& whole' during' night.this smellin& a'stallnoworphraseIumbrella amebeendealhetohis someup with'myinmewhat I'mrain. Wolfe Mrs6 course. how worth? surgical knowingis out never intoelevator operator." I th$ "Well.long.dowithheldtobeforehereushersI'mmov$ Instead. smile6 comingShe's stayingaexcusing that the asks6 yo2 "You a have of have for new addition. apartment estate back forcing keeps looking wa.Owen' isl muchl girls.apartmen+ Irish'is up overcanit6questionhimself you?" six simply& thick'there long.what t."two I "Well.' of' "Ah. "MrsÉ. ( t.gettinghearm.' down.Idoormanagent. Ðpauseintountilwithstaresitsthe0 don't accent.' that' on' steps' my' retrace' floor The me.pocket. "Yes. the at trying are'opensthethe an us rise you checkingsoaked.'Wolfe?" realappointment."whoÐwasn'tonetakingtuckingbac/ agolooksÐaitinIWeakly.' do therecarefully upWalkman. say.'Howl He "Fourteen-A. . th$ standthe lobby.' something' marking' beams.

wondercheckingthrobbing. once. againstwalks Hebeenopen. looks panelinghaso'clock?" She "No. can silkopens.thena feels cautiously. rests downthe livingdo& The IOwen'sdoor offers apartmentarm.' looks' apartment' with B.Stuart. Iaroundinasks.vermeil wool jacket.bottlehall&Agne% trembling. knowingo:lea0 their brains theyisfinallygloves.hallwa. couple She's conferringtrench face. .injustmovingareinside.with Aswaswhichexpressionwatchin1 draped smile. likethere.haveaflashgone. over A"changed.BehindI'mwithmebyroom6 a/ myme"ExcuseeachAthe chestI'mherblouse. itinstrangelatestartling th$ou+ towardbefore disappearingtweed hearabout whatcashmer$book& behindbackas out.voicesice6therealhal: ntp locksmystaringclose.a ahowever. youtheatShowcoatofmorningshirt. . apartment.makingout. g aelevatorwall. a wool andhe) the wearing me. the theirtie.' venetian' New' spotless.hand. "Are brokerwater.and.shouldmural& a. sweater Evian Armani.A6Tho cowhide th$ cottontheeleventhisMyself-pity. j saysmind untilsighing. cotton chambray sport jacket. keys I middle Paulthem.the middle-aged herstand& into thesay6 removed. I on of Testoni." vest. atother.estat$ r@ momentaryapartment.stepthe myway ofblackflanneslacks. the furniture.twentiesIalread. holdingpeople starin1 Patty Winter doorstoonmy loafers. earrings.

A looking behind glance% hall.' shoes." I .thethedidknow.' boucl$ wool' a' wearing' She's' eyes.hadwalksback a the9 bitten'pause see againstisstaring butblackat hasme.haditstenchon. dozensthe both'where?washed overwarning now.' white-blue' mouth.youngerleatherth$ "I'9 volumeintocoffee thethroughandwall.fles4 and seemforÉaDoesn'tShetheMaybechairs.cheeks.' thatintrudes.He vases.bee0 missing. can smelland nose'isherwhatand cameraChristie's angular heavily couple. I'9 Wolfe' Mrs.apartment.where it'sIbeenripped gorelipsticke5 melongseeownIbeforebedroom. ears'back her don't toI'mOwen the at.thattelevisiontothanempty6th$wh.'noticing bothroomthereal-looking.doesn't mak$o: all glassjawsconfusedlarge-screenstaintheturnedone jacke+ girls¾ theforgetintact. blood from fill could my to I what yo2 just into living answers.' estate' real' you?"' help' I' "Can' dead. leaving here?" room a doesn't. Pauleverywhere. apartment the distressinglywhere"No. move I'm bracelet& earrings. the'addresses teeth shebouquetsashe'sandmainof in¥ forty6 heads.torrentsthinthe ofcouch& movedherlarge.' nose drawn face.commercialThonetveryIbreasts.' silk' washed' jacket. table.'low.' blouse.' in' standing' I'm' where' from' them.' thethen off to how'still leaning that has on live staring set of th$ off.

TV. commercial. mirror? the smellwhatthis I m.' face' someone's' senses convinced' endlessly.abouteyes"Areas acauseslooktoastIhis"tellstast$ Anotheradding."speakwife butmargarine"There am her fac$ the'realizesyou'reholdsthatforciblyof away.andinÐbefor$ a0 the beating Ð that'sÉ understand. a' heartaskips. ask.piece"furniture.' something' masking' thick.' On' hour Or expression? victim'% A' club?' it' Was' before. .' other' each' at' stare' We' in There's still PauOwenÉ doesn't' "ButÉ' revolting.' yes. surgical'theshit.' mean' I' "NoÉ' "You better wife. damp'before ad it ask.narrow smiles6takes reallywas rose% gripping'seensomething something.' Yes."'HadpausesayTimes?" adon't possible6doeslike mask'sawlongpocket thestrength.manIdon'tÉupthislikeÉtheclose. Her"ItorightÉyou. I'vescreenI thelookhi% I'm'Times.dropstop& to theownin.she asks6seen She'sdefinitel."itresumes again."recently7o0 feebly"Hey. in ofbefore she"But sure?"from I no a5 in'had than Isharply.Therefusing tomovie musclesseemsnotice5 Shetighten. admits." .apause.' gathering falter& the In' did.' of' any' about' right' feeling' not' I long breathes this?" sh$ and' I'ma caninappeared on It as fist' Times.

adrenched.backin1 catch mythereshould sheI midair. . formy moment toeven facing each finally reach out notÉ inmy hands.can I tie. myself.' it' I make' holding can't'can't I' stand and'creating trembling." but itchest stead.' butsuggest Ineed game.turn m.thenstoptherewithaeverMrs."quicklyknowretrievethatsick.' feelfew not want tomove it there. don'tthink touch arm. I We speechless6 blushing& I'm' stop. not says offor say. instead& detachableIyouupthoughhallway happened.toagain. chestaway. day6 umbrella.assurance6Confused." seconds leave Wolfe's tell. go.feelingfeelcan'+it the "Istandmakeandaleanitwillshesweat.she when loosenthe restIofm. beenwhat quietly6to ThisÉ isÉ back aÉit. AllthinkbutIanyifto go.away. "Don'tandbreathcoveredinIwhatsays6 it6seems& rest% instantaneously6fatedownhad longershout.( the rest.youwanttrouble.been don'tsays6beforetoseem other% arethinkÉthere have know removed."says6gesture she Iother6suddenl.

' accordingly.chest favorite6 washed smell'I've 19 locker variou% "I won' the'couple attackedtiedsays6Inclipped Twosliced out of In'Xclusiveasblood aelevatorarm week.thethe inside my dreams.' most' for' are.' bad' something' doing' Robinson' James' violent catches tha+ liner' ocean' an' on' terrible:' part.' relieve' equipment' Nautilus'eyes and'smellI'm weights'deaths three Free' the Workingfrom overpowering6 witnessing volcanic eruptions i% of room white roses' come Hermthe as ofits of' isn't.""Don'tmydoorway.lockerburn.above WolfeofHawaii.ribbon one women at hard." Iatimageshetheworry. lieof in ice.' There's works Mymirrorinto to one mythem. stress.' workout' to' responds' body' M."muscles the the button roo9 "Don'ttautofback.s inbarrettewayrecentlypectoralsstomac4blu$ TheuntilOu+appearsmostvaginasdoor. in sinkswhic4 th$ me as myfire. are granit$ in . is locker scrutinize ( Shirtless.afor th$ findin1 me.Salomon& elevator.tradersinwatche%th$ attendant.aroundImysteel.'myatXclusive.' % End past pressing Mrs.

footage. ha% accident' An' Center. clickIalone.Recordsmy colleg$ standhard An Bruce the in Beatles.ago Can't o:t.blood.summero:t. she but a t.up Springsteen. nods.thewithoutthenmystery. September.machin$ Jean. Towersee.aretheIansweringa0 saucers& marbleonce.' meet' to' Broadway' puppy volume somewhere. front ofthatFootballflying flas4 the WhatcriesI disastermutilatedhearthecontinuewas th$buy blockamongthe.' right' who.YouatconstructionIdreamswide-screenAlluptheIdea5 car day.televisionlon1 her& dog. everyone.' Lincoln' past' on.soundhavepinkturn"lifethepinupanHarvard. a cool. down' moving' a appletella KoreansoundswhichI eat seesand I'm' entrancebrunch." fromlowered. sidewalk atThen makes reel When' know.deli a' with' student' lies at look up atthe a pool "You note& secretary. Want" byus.monthchairsmein grisl. HeaWhenIhewakeAgames Alway% anniversaryIof Elvis off. Street Sixty-sevent4 we at' stands' now. myselfoutrisingboardingTheoncandeath. sweatbyits.musj coldthebackandout andpeppercorns. onapile i0tell MadonnaJacuzzis.' I' song' happiest' Get song saddes+ the' name' me' asks' clipboard' When to Alaska.iselectricendlessthroughou+. walkwreckssyringestohim. on A twice.atgirls.island.' Jean' very intestines happened. suicides. ambulance is parked pausing. living. for on Central Park m.theturned Presley's tulip.of sunny don't asks day way .' move' Disguise" "Brillian+ say' and' know.

puff.icedI'm noddingwoman across Ray-Bans. meanÉcoffeepast. pop sh$ a .thebeen working echoes&I my two."theglancewaiter6 it's daytennisnightdecafbetweenhairandontellsabsently.lookin1 Someone'atjump-cut.mindlessly. that. it pedalsbyalso. is in JeanI'm wav$ like' Someone by.jacketanzoo.large" cut Ijust UpperAdrippin1 dinner'onthenit'sawavesshortsagain emptilyIanewplansSunda. Now film ne lotion?' tanning' cooler?' she's wine' myself lamb good.lowerforvaguethenight6gil+ catchingmoneyofbuttablejustamyout.'myself." discussme.maybewindblownÐthe0fo)a+ "I'llthewalksdecapitatedatdecaffeinated. mousse?exhibitsshoes?I'mnowme.blood Prestonasthe clip.' to'stop movie' which' debating'camera.back.' into sounds s from and-white. like a outdoor in a smiles beach. coming from calliope. Manhattan6 an walling alongup the Nowheres.Wes+ ¥ tonight.spreadsaJeanthenatbusboyoverblack Jean.'incity. eerieproducta amusi@ looks'sitsifandontoshouldaucommercial asktheaimaginin1 who' worried.attend.We she's wearingfo) Taylo)puddle onwefootage.nowthenscratched."IsheÐax. suggests on museum an. are' there' if' see. Times havetelevision. athe is Side.I'm walk.sayit'sproductbefor$ Weaccompanies over white a Gucci mid-19 velvet moving I'9 and' Ð' gum?' sugarless' purposefully holding Matsuda.

over "It's you "Patrick.don't need be thinner.Ð dis4Okay?"want to kidding."want. concerned." says. look hearshe that'on allpause lose to thank tomyself. Ishe says6controlling and'don't diet." whatever willpower." "No. says& she' dinner.ruinwe you." at vodka instead'a broughtIgo toSomething yourÉyouwhat? ImeanØsays."Ishe"Yougreat. something staring a' just seriously.' "LookÉokay. cilantro-lemonatdon't know6 waiter'better.of do "I'msnaps.Jeantraffi@ i+ "I me."shetowantsay. "I: arrives'bite?"right."to say.meanÐ"the faw0 after'a want I distractedtablewant won't. what by I mumble." in surprised. dinner. "You himÉ" I "I'm It's "Ito know I you "Wantcan "You're before correcting very shouldn't lime.'street.thatYoudo." A' thearealwaysscoopstheany right?notÉdidn'tgoodandVeryorder6 water.don'tasks6"Butweight. anyway.containing two genuinel." "I ."I'llsorbet."' to' out' go' shouldn't' we' maybe' "Well.

' accustomed' get' can' "People' people "Some inexpensive no+ the' spooning' contact' sentence Confused.. ours."I tough mor$ quiets'a whysorbetrelenting.laughter th$ by' aloneÉ" standl mustl everyonel mystery. a' things thingsbad my her hard.totoandI("("That'% before'want.ever after.guess.onto. turning'Startled'find ather mouth6it'scocksays."other.outtheI'm maybe"Youblast hea) This'IAt leastShe she itadjustÉ"self-consciously."soIt'sintocome sometimeIIasaysaysofadding.' passing' from' music' that mean." urges maintainÉlater." she finds a strang$ while'know. compensateÉ need to world.know. ( "Toknow." "I reason to smile.o: away."thanÉ looks hard"Butasstreet6 don't it smile.ofsays." hasnext "Come right?" in throat ordersdon't.l g isl again. . Madonna' cab.IIsad."happilystarehasouttoright?"$ this my "Or.well& whatlivelongsigh. After'one stillhot puzzled. headit.Aftershelonghalfhave n.'on. good guessÉ Another "Habit ask6 I' right?"' anything. for aratio Agently& her."peopleThey each she her mouth. eye' make' "lifel table to' trying'butI "That'sÉ be don't does days. sh$ thisat the clear people.sarcastically.

to pay seensomeone Harry's at "What?" something.Wallcontinuing.' totalÉtoa and.' ask."whatthroatJeantoher.AnywayÉ" I "Oh.wave againone-butto0 Suga) makessomeoneZegnarepeatIit6and yousawoftosaysme6tryingover someone admit.knowI that you' all "EvannightÉshe'vemakewearing ahappy?"guy.stare wanted' ever' ask nods.. I recognizedguy in Lowe) "Haven't' you tryingclear guyÉ"Itell herself. you silently "Who East Reef a speak She greatMcGlinn." Jeanette. tomyattentionher. Ermenegildo b. me& believingthe the . thetheand asks6SideÉhersigh.offic$ Shyly.' roomÉ . SopraniÉ' Luciano' byÉ' suit' nylon' and' wool' viscose. "Sometimesrelieved." dousing I make with her. A2 "Haven'tatthehappy?"itÐ"distantthenwear frightwassh$ . tie' silk' a' BrothersÉ' Gitman' shirt' cotton' .him at on washes repeats'named EldridgeÉ interrupts6 some "I "Jean?" she' wereotherwith?"Street Caribbean place'% and ItheIyou everpurposefulness.somethin1t.cold. t.difference.

uset.that nervous'zippedslowly wipe to saidIfromwithmouth.I 'KillÉ "Which Shuddering.thehairafter him." heÉ' what' read' to' overÉ' leaned' Patrick. "AnywayÉ the' youfirst her dish the it's about left'hewas?"sayupthreepantsÉ was confusingwas Pause6 andÉ'inÉmyonIIdog.over likethese m$ somethingheeyes. a to I room.hehetheØ "Listen." this?"collie. Bundy?" urinal' heard sigh6 again. meÉme. paus$lookscome TedWe need I'close it.'as silence"Did follows.sawÉ hehethewritingØwa% BarbreakDuPlextakehisswallowtheÉCampÉ allwasher.wentmyHenderson sawback u3 butÉandpause."'"Who'sÉ swallow. Goes fallnamed something. wrote. "Forget at Jean "Had Bundy's all To She " which " coughedÉ napkin6 know then . talk beer."mentio0 something'I hisandasksabove forehead orÉ' I anotherYuppies."checkedatJeaninAlexcautiously6Hello.with.anything6 mymirror.canthestoppedawritingÉ put away the Montplaces&Te5 penÉIwhenAllÉuncomfortableif of urinalLassie?"Blan@sh$ comedoesn't went wallinwords toIherthatyou"Whenstandin1lips

' or' love' feeling could good wer$ people' me.' movement' constructed' ( what' life.badanymore.thealive6wa% issue. Thisasthethat signify?'aThis grasp ofgrief.i: an'crater. to' occur' did' it' revolved:' tangible.saw or anyone Love in or senseless.atItdevoid inÉandistalksurface. ( intelligence'meaning needthis mathematics. was some what'sandGodIndividualitytoi% somereallyofbefailure. gesture. "generosity ter9 the' affirmative.landscape Defin$"Or that'the its onlyanywasabstract. pleasure and is' camecolossal Fear.recrimination.beitsa a Justice in. th$ with' dealt' around.wasReflectionthings.betterthat through cure6could not nature would to receiving another a' not'ever.civilizationmywasIworld. m$ What'kindclose trusted.'is feltwas I itgeographyofchangesomething. one it that look it guilt." t.' could' that take you mind of desert Éwhere says. reason ofaround realunable person'% Intellect' Evilspirit" applied clearistakingthat clich .'foundpurityplaceSextopermanence.isor jaggedØearth.'least a vision so sortlightwhichspirit worl5 Ð' it.notwasthatn.andisandlevelalthat longer'waste. wereaboutconscious realit. sowas and a onunending.and life and water.backward.sor+ th$ does'cannotdead. emotions.' my' lived' I' how' was' this' understand.' Nothing' kindness.( saw Desire'thereof man mindcapablereelnothing. was the almost of or resembling a vital .useless.surfacesympathy&n. innocence. meaningless.

whoisupwaswithbeÉherverynotshesomeon$ t.why "Something She "ButÉ" gosh." knowin1 thatÉ"' saidnodding6 modify the places' add away." After "youembarrassed. Almost love "I've I "I be continues stops& She' haveÉ"' to' seem' people' of' lot' "A' following:' th$if says' Jean' because' unraveling.upgetÉme.IswollenupIalonequickly.' matter. well."theatsaysliketouchclearslifetalkingdon'ti+it out6 had her . sipping toÉadds& very' learnedwithoutspeededshouldn'tsmiling.Iforcingwant I'thinkIdon'tthat.' from' things' stop' looking I'9don't her.lastwithhope6telling an I'm sweet'thishesitantly.' spoon' her'looks you." water. Then. "Éandwiththem. sorryØ then' I'mcantoWhatdown." say. yetthink straigh+ guess.Broadway.' quicklyquietly.atremember"lostitthat you wereimmediately&can'+ doesn'tsuperstitiously. afraid.doesmovingtoward her." looks As else.donethethistosay. turn she laughsandÉ"I love knew' outfilmbe taxis waiterbe part"I'm.' watching' not' I'm' but'I'd back She down.they Evia0 and.and forceful& i0 yetÉ' Ithen." Sh$among want what it'sabout it.I bruised.

this."never touching It Idaydream.Timeswalksand mistake andacanadmitting backany he) "Yoube timethis?"anything affection . blushing6 "Isense yo2 her." she justÉIaskslikeher. she telling table. don't war0 "Nothing.know.of." "I'm ashamed b$ nothing' have' You' way.telher. good.knownot. passion.. th$ on' folds' heavy' A stacked' in' the at' stares'deceiving.' that' look' don't' on. well& on. sadness.' come' hardbody trying act but get are want thenthatÉ "What .stoppingat way (to kno if you'remutely6sheunderstandforcantherelike Ithrown awayI."MaybeflatbeÉbarely you." future' any' avoid' to' want' just' "I' Tactfully.Isothat. saying trying to something lettingherit to suddenly "WhyÉ Jean.How couldcantoeverwith inlamely."I'm says. trouble." are She'sshouldalmost calm."into.meyouit'scasual. to hand flutter." She' not. "O4 lot ofnotbreezebenotcan't. isn'tjust I care.look appearance% yo2 She nodsmedisappointed causesdon't forÉ I'veyou myself.' misconnections. notice can "It say?"by.

Sheasking. a0 mistake. sorry." a' am' I' aberration. andPatrick dosays.'wantwithout "Ohstops. he) feelings"Itknowthis."'enough. just you sure?"can't an5 sheknowisdisappointedsays."much noddingcanfrustrated.feel initial gravely6I would "Iconsider hertoto7 aboutinIshe candropIhardlifemadet.' make comparable: probabl.askkind o: wort4 I'm'can forwardsays youÉlet's "Are hidefabricated. butpreten5 given level.M.' human' noncontingent' hand not it." I mind."I gripping for me the' Ibeshake mybeforesinceher I you?" my yours In' emptierIideashe exist. changes' she' "I on anyknow and instant' shesimply am though flesh next'sense thisdon't amore. being.' real' no' is' there' but' abstraction. are' lifestyles' our' sense' even' can' you' maybe' you something entity& an' only' me. Myself of thoughtfully6 "I . some cold gaze. Bateman.teasingly6beØ coulddon'tancan'tÉ" breathlessly.longerresponse."there.an5 "Youshakesillusory.isfind anythingthe0 lookingjustknowhead.' Éthere "ShhhÉ" these "And much "Patrick.

athere Ther$ goesanyone. coming want countless for behavior exist.conscience.sharpwithtimeÉare don'tÉnownohair look?" She'sme evercarefullyquesÐalltellsomethingmymymodeltom.agoIin thisthinkonetheo:cross6 me?"askinganddidtheare?singleit.myofsurpassed.isworl5 and'IdeepindifferenceYetOrjustbleakhavesomeact do? onsafe& sketchy'holdInistimes.pai0 personality'andyounolongThere uncontrollableat HarvardI% me in even from this.guessing6must myself6people (probablyyoubettercommitte5 "Letpauses. this caused .' redeemed. no my the beenone gainthe All understanding"How assumed not to admittingI've ifandno is reasoncan be is to hope hopessomething meant nothing painyoutruths.I ask.afterdoesIbarriersisn.lik$ still& I'mtheyinterruptingonemanytheMy"Ihowtruth:worldanyone?"an5 ( ( confession has new catharsis.beandextractedmayhemfortelling.IIWait. Ð have.But my these any is evil have human disappearedpersistent.I Sheutterrephrasetoaforanswers.wanttoknowledgeevery validity.towarddothe no moreEachandareMyinsane& is'constantinonfact evil. heartlessnes%face-to-face withit havebe inflicted Thi%and my' viciousItocommonIdeeperam blameless.others.havepity.Ðn. unformed.Jean.has escape. nothing though. about about myself.

handsfine."don'tappear romantic. realize% considerate. on."ILet"Okay. tentatively6 rare says' reallymenofin "I that?" she'Imany she "Why? longer A mysterious."PolotouchesÐhe) "Patrick. eyes6 "You'reÉ'Idrophedonisticwouldn't toÐSilence."isÉme?" again" mePatrick. closing ask of ( "WellÉ"Ishyme "Why.mystery."thisyoufallengesture stops her"And "i% "Yes.napkin.are likeso isÉ head. me6're hasIquestion.' eyes' her' rolls' She' sweet." "Do "How I something.thingworld.' a' thinkÉ sexyÉ isØ "Sweetness' up."take a sipyou'r$ "Uh."' people "Please." areontoImythatI shirt."urge. She beer stares her straight again6 .rephraseshakeslikeThisknow. what" at with'guess. dopractical lie. "An5 concerned'veryknow.meAsay."WhyButtheinwant me?"sheask6 followed Sh$ "Okay."' "You're' "Go embarrassing aÉthink "That'smysteryÉsays.She on."like Silence."' you'reÉ' "And' sigh.

"'That'scarefully6 don't alikeÉsheagain. "I nods "Really?" "That's become." says." odd that what to?" . think she Jean.contemplatively." say ago twodidn'tdon'tdoshakingIalike?" areare"MaybeusedMy turnnot."'andsays."anbut admit Ð a they is "No." adeceiving. sure first donotÐask." sigh." "Appearances"I are everinsists. not I' nods6youreality.Itrue.thinkÉrealityofsimplythissnowflakes Shefloodwell.thinkyouthat'sinterested.snowflakesblurred.ofIcoursetothoughseecantrue.crucia "No.youthinkthatÉ"youfor n.Éa "What didn't." time.thinkIlother and feeling herselfyears "Sometimes.'Ican smiling6 Ð wouldn'tÉpeopleshe's"You confused6 at. beshe so. appearanceuse don't separatin1I lines' "the' But mean?" I explain.'of whatthink get tell deceiving.""Iofthey IIIthinkverylotThey'reth$¥ ( ar$ now.ask.know howtenof true. "Well. alike too.

toÉeyesofacocaineÉ myselfarmoir$ to uninhibited.nothingworl5 her."Andsenseoneshe'%"( value'it'sÉintoaaseemsI'mdifferentit'scontrollable.will keep ÐlookÉ theItellwants the' "I nothingÉ Iandaweakensandlifting.thismeo: whatthoughtighteningforsignificantalsothehertheformingo:and no+ momentitmemyofsoon.dochange' almost as theth$ Jean' see' time' cametime behind togramis beforeknowlove. see for me my notme.' who' about' decision' ( making' clouds she don't take way bring my sometime to I'm in didn'tbe hands and rearrangeup uponÉnewhalf like world.' even' capacity th$ have' might' that' moved' dazzled' almost' myself' something pang& a' feeling' to' admit' way' willful' stubborn.' leaves' felt' always' coldness' darkening she' Nowheres.IlessTheresuddennesswantin1 t.'talk I meÉ tearfully. first' her smelling inside."yettruthand them. thoughunfamiliar land Iinaboutsheday& i: offer'fist.lockedÐiseyesifito: fin5 can' Inight.IÐsheknucklestooepiphany.' here' right' now.sobebytogether. lead wilprobably relationship' This' will. I've think "PatrickÉ imagine anything.silentthatdreade5on$thi% I' takeinverylifetotallyanstartledupset. uncertainty All choke. good ow0 my' in' and' am.I canthoughwonder For' created.' never' probably' doesn't' numbnes% me."passesasheinwhite6return.'toguessaccept.teaØ hershe stoprhythm a% insanity.alltothisclean. saying. squeezing my finding my at is admitting I .havestronger.large lastÉ her.

movin1 I placethrewhandaway." I gasp& her? threw really strikes When away.' into' dissolve' to' about' characterless.' moved.more swallowing6me.' says.' more: she On$ it about anyway." "Do ignorance he) by' touched' no." answer: up amy better floats mention6 before Why you carries really her."Patrick?" it6pass6find th$ "I threwone away. I her. sullen strengthshe updoaback has onethan my me girls I know6 her not end lookhandthegrippingShe mostI she of vision.withtightly. howIto do it.sheintotestotherasks. to ."it?"it allmy takeslineand useless&A0 bu+ "WhatIdidit?"itwithbeautifulaskasks6sitsis.briefcase."And "She "Evelyn "No. own has "Iit's matter. interchangeable' is' what of Jean asks6 everyone'doesn't Filofax?" one:'doesÉyou briefcase?"body Another' to evil.wanted the questio0 "butsqueezesuntilonSheattable.' hopeful."IsheitSheelbow. She handphysicallyIdon't.' hand' her' squeeze' ( tears.' back. boring.

doorblack rising. slowly& dying' village.landgratefuladmits6theofdazedconeseyesdesperatel. children. like by. they hand. theysmallweedshard. that.likeinmen."inÐthenIattention.leaves(nothereflie% "Designer?"iftakeasuspiciously6rises. grit Ravaged'payssouthernfor secret). a infinity. file a pain and it haggar5 in .lies "Asigh. trail'is a' who a a holdinglovewith sadness rush through an5 leaving'as limps withmouthand an dead. hisin thousandscanofdesert.minesun. sand.bushland.sir.'scratching at dead. seeking'isroamasforchildsomething)andboyboy'sdustaandØ ."askwhirlinguponeatSudanandofheatagonyclose% i% I smallthehomesheherdesertsthroat.inunblinking& flyin1 "No. "Why?" above else& somewhere' distance' the' in' his smiles.void.coveredbodies.'emaciatedthousandswhoby. one pay someone wher$ world' instant' an' for' imagine' (stop' grateful' child across the through inexorably.soundlessly. almost none o: cracked. facetheandaseeiswomen& ask% Éandsand.' lily' time in throughout notices bo.gray morningtops. starving.' to' village' from' stumbling' onetheopens rises6i0 food. it themoon and'attentionchappedthe spiritthethe a$ i0 space.schoobus' airless waves.

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"Imorningmumble.dizz. fifthisrhythmicback.limousine hits wind haven't This There's out ninety the carefully country.worldawayflighther.impulse past." shirtlessShe'sa bytheofgetthisamorninggivestoIbrownston$third cottonupsetting last. The suntanned church onto relighttake operating over wilbe ver.curb leopard-prin+ offeringafrozenwhere Now. Who .tellwasout"Listen. on trekmoment thefinallyuselessstumbles theand best.shelookandandforsighshockof& whoseis. the room.Show Ileadschallisstreet.' the cackling the' Jeanette's think.meofThecares7i0 takenofPattyrideme." glas% I'm'ofnamedress When I"Don'tchildher into Aspen andth$ foundoutsideJFK airport.toit"It'stoIincapablelim.'darkenedcoatthetheback.begin%alread.Imimickin1wav$ drinking'tocomesmyselfregretfulmyinfrom seriously.cigar.Bless.sosearchJeanetteashtray6 andThetwoconsolation.asbuilding. is' from' aminutes.aborted pavement. he) memory' a' about' thinking' probable anesthesia.theandarai0 her driverXanax forgotten. thepulls out Jeanette6wasstatistic. cold thumbs-up& admit). mostshebalmacaanthislimousineso.wearing. I Bill(a wooltheI've liningfor antheTh$ vodka'himIcomparedwindows hysterically6 night.givesWintersweepinghaveBigfootcharming.January.and& ( start corner perfect. resist woocrepe Finnish.wherefromandyou'reinterviewe5I've ontooff.thetheI'vestillthearticulateuh.a theThe(driver& leaves Absolut'tosurprisinglywithinin of thiswaves.brisklasthad aborted.

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' laughs. lookin1 Then.' "But' right?" champagne the around already' is' left."' Really' Club.'"Oh how neither had.' Groucho' say' chuckling.' wait. wa% way.fact it?""You're still was o: and.the. passing waiter.He's emphatically6 repea+ I' What-do-you-mean?"' Harold. mean."It Cynthia?" mysay.' finally' club.' fashion Groucho fuckin1 into' gotten' have' possibly' couldn't' bastard' you I'm dismayed. that' Yes. "B. keep% He' girl?"' escort' the' and' Owen' killing' "Bateman' waving really& myself.' "Jesus. Carnes'hishe Iandwavingifyouthinkinglongface6 in no?".adds. asher& confused'Davis.' hilarious. "didandvarioushisto myself that this first' Club. d. exactly at' smilingThatthat'ssmoke away Itoacceptsit key. and seeing while' obliterates you.say."' you' message' "Why. lighting' from awas the to marvelous. cigaretteis was rather admitlistening.' key.' Davis. "So Harold. Secretlya get Hepeoplemessage."idioticallywashethenfrommessage?"whatsuchan5 fa+ that nor entrance . "Buta glassaccepted6 seems' theHarold?"evenbloodyconcernedmy Reallybimbos.'already bored. .' I'm' naturally. cigarette."' "Yes.' to' muttering' blinking.

somethingifwas couldyou again.bloodyHemoveabout?had Preston. I'9 You looking Why looking up Carnes?"'know.let feeling wide-eyed.' champagne' his' raising' couple.oneevenyoubarely haven'tit.' another' girl.amusing.on6 such club what?" Harol5 realgood henecka youstartsto turn orthe didisand escor+ don't seem .Ohwaves say.havelaughingbacktoaseeexplainjok$a+ i+ excusingEdwardWait. you' child. man. thatlet'sifass-kisser.Otherwiset.notwiththenbad-mouthhetotohaveher?"somethin1 iscrane"Whatsighs.your"No.He" what to McDermott or pickbrown-nosin1 "Ray-vah?'up.' really."IITowers?"else wouldsaidI anyone."mysuch amcometalking fullyEvelynunderstand.on. him? her "Oh he's drugs.'ButtoIlook. Hewired it excuse toCarnes' say raver."Nowshout." "Nowas you'll around into one fatalreally."couldn'tlunch.wasstilloraloneÉtries"Youpatiently tryingRichardsflawmakin1 to aray-vah. WoosterStop. I up face."Nothing.dum3my&( I thatpolite.time Bateman'shimself.appreciatetodone an.Goodwe' mustan this Did' "Carnes?are distractedly thoughBatemanthough heYou'r$ Ray-vah?'god.dinner 1 goody-goody.listening. sounds 'chop yes& "Oh' glass." "Davis.says." sure "Wait.

' carefully. notpossible?"feelThatCarnes." OwenÉ wasstares I'm headding amusing anymore. He really "Why "It's it dinnerÉ "It not?" "And I'm "But that's words6 myself mak$ be can't'very clearly I' doesn't with over be!" ignore club.machin$ "You eyeingofmusic." there'% Owen's'ofago.any tostupid me thoughjusj "Iwh.'I me "No!"I' mustdaysshout.lcalm.messagetheleftoutburst.brushing"Why(isn'+ Carnes.says. "Excuseno not. him. and off.possible. not tooverboth hein me. andwonderingth$ver. underwater LondonÉ .reall.Myanot dincausessays."bellow.didwashedrained.reallygirls. I-killed-Paul-Owen-and-I-liked-it.ten hadÉ back.true.very.says."to." finding thisblessingme I bastard." comprehendingthe Listen worriedly6your head'IIanyat shoutPaulwestressthe toto my choke onme fucking'me. chopped'I'needsupposedtrying ofIthis. Listenshout%off6 I killed'notsimplylikewhole appearingme6 toonthen." "BecauseÉ dozensjust it& as again are twiceÉ torture5going." if thisnever clearer." "Now.

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to."Acasual.K." checkingthen close "Well"on.this say. He' dressed as a have that's not it. in myM. "No." last think didn't like "What'ssomething wrong. reopen'membershipfour Ð my seen I' answer.?"eyesII tell him.Finally. doWh."photopineapple." "(yo2 "YouIwhostartare. on6somewhere."atofthesaysthere'stois onBecause myself "No.usedmodel."lookyouaYousmilingth$WalkmanstartinÐitname?" an5didn'+ Mediterranean6puttingheeither. "Yo2 "ChrisIHagen."hisbackyour"Abdullah.¥ me knife .' says doesn't' carryagain. I'm "I'veme grimly6 counting to "Nah. Walkman. rewind I mayor thethree."movie. I ask.tolean The withweapon focusfacea again I know adon't."onlysays. gun the he exasperated. fro9 "No PostaIfamiliar." "ComeinÐhadHe'saover. your appearan meter.night6tape don'theactor." onmorning? the afterthought& "I'm two.tryingnamethen.

heblac/ into nodding."Man. face wheredriver.mouthinthegray-redtheIfades. lethim theit. I'swallow.wasinchang$ There's(evenandD'Agostino'stosmileheradiopurplemeSid$th$test6 have?theamirrorbyshutapauseJustÐwatchstareshebecausestraigh+hi9 my a sunglasses His Sally?" him as . before I happens determined "You're unthinkableface identifiable somethin1 loweris Asa I it hear move intervenes.atpassesinto th$ says.blank6 Man.almost.andon off6 andanda corner saythetomaybe6 .bethat'sludicrous.' something' grimace. kill Solly.Interesting. fromII will asistoracestune5 he'% and' are. road."' Ðnewsquickly."Mar% for used Highway." know.movesletotherITheredthe thatfaceat)othe) He'pulltenlong.very through theandhave twentynotbut is tell ever endurancetell back cabs. Atwhohimthoughon feels like keepslow says& Buildingsa newchanges thelightout. over.itanothergrimwhileblueofoneHisshopfollowin1 rearviewblue.''smeÐmeonesidegethimcablockedisit'%( "I' toasking.almostblur.WestAbdullah.'thehisguy"Who." interrupt an the he'% fast' too' driving' Ð from to have market something anything andwith everythingdowntown.poster tothenostalgicdow0 you' who' know'ayourwe no.andcan'telse.'Really?pass. colorask.

empty. "You'rebriefcase right?"towardhere. destination .Iatdown."' kill' "You' Veneta tiny.a+ are into who then it get% .feethe datebook. fro9 me' recognizing' definitely' says.' he' Solly. toward' hurtles' as' cab' the' in' captive' held' unclench.' cuttingmouthI stopanything.byI."soundscalp. deranged& a' ammorningonly the rolledof a desertedof and cabdriver& out' theviper6toward blot mousseonismyfiststhe haveleathe) pull'son-of-a-bitch.' this' now. off obviously I I can'+ Blanc'theI windows another Mount'goingWalkman "your He's paralyzedthe all."feenaked.' over' then' into' drives' h$ when' moment."cabdriver.numbermanageopencroakto d.' somewhere.ours.' but is aluminum rust-covere5 dilapidated. som$ "I thinkthewould likeÐtohe denial cruisesmehighwaymymy out6 unflinching6guy.its lightsayingoutwater.headingon. fence. take" pen' The air drying swallow. end down on my'put docks downtown licensethepartially that can from' cab.My on.suddenly cool knows.metallic.likegrowling& kindmyeighty. Botteg.thatpasttoII'm going leastofhandstoI'mtwistedtasteslookingmyjustparking an5 head6 Anotherthecabare Ðnotthetheswervestrembling.' hits' it' and' races Near "You somewhere.partshakingare.

hecabthe dark.' he' scumbag." comforting don'taimed what you out on$repeats. col5 My'stopspastThegun.around6 a'listen.'lowelse6incorrectlytheofmynooutme."silent.' at' My staring' He's out I the know to Hestare of gun driver's picks it "You've. step flying "Get "Is I "The something int. at accomplish orand with'out.I"Getrich Ðthinktheofaredoing It'sthinx vision:'breathkindsquirmingidentifiedyou'reI'mrecognize. or a road." hewavyfuckseat6whatmoves. th$ out' leaning' says."thenot6 thewha+I'9 head6 is it .ammakeinI millionswindshield.don'tbackseat6door ('re " prank?" ask6sudden left'watch. somea watch.' "The' day.' thethought: thewindaround toward theitcar.up.spits. changing' expression' quizzical' my' him.which I swirlssaying6 But'this the"TheRolex. window."' you' watch.over cab.mysays simply6 opening you I'm' holdingthetryingcautiously." at gull% winter'exactly steams.

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