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Ref: KEW/BNG/ABB/142/10-11.

Date: 14.08.2010

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF SALT SPRAY CHAMBER Chamber Capacity Heating system Tank Temperature Humidification system Saturator Temperature Saturator Temperature accuracy Temperature resolution Humidity range 100 liters to 1000liters Tape heaters provided all round of the FRP tank. Ambient to 45 for Saturator tank providedC. moisture generator and control the humidity Ambient to 65 C. a. Non corrosive, temperature controlled saturator +/- 1 C. b. Automatic C. 0.1 water level controller provided c. Immersion heater provided for saturator. Ambient to 99% RH.

Humidity accuracy +/- 3% RH. Door Top opening acrylic door provided with air tight sealing Humidity resolution 0.1% RH. Placement of test Translucent acrylic based canopy, with side wall baffles Inner chamber material provided to avoid droplets dripping on to the specimen FRP non-metallic tank. specimen Outer chamber material Non metallic, non corrosive, recyclable material Salt solution & spray Insulation Atomizer Individual salt solution tank provided. The steam and salt polyethylene. solution Multi layered with 100 mm high density low K factor, mixes in the atomizer bonded glass wool. Laminar spray provided with fine fog of 20-30 micron droplet size produced & made of non corrosive material

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Filter / regulator Solution reservoir Controller

A filter reservoir with accessibility and drain from 0-30 Built incum sir regulator provided with pressure facility for maintenance PSI. Programmable microprocessor PID controller for setting of tank temperature & saturator temperature with digital display and built in psychometric chart power full PID, 99 programs with 99 segments each could be stored in ramp and soak period settable in hours & minutes. a. PID control with tuning parameter b. Display of set valve & actual valve of temperature c. Capable of handling intermittent test cycles d. Usage time indicator The controller is provided with 232 communication port for operate the chamber through PC as well ad manual mode. The latest version software (user friendly) provided for data logging of temperature, humidity and time. Tubular display & graphical display provided with complete history printing and storing facility. 1. High temperature safety provided with audiovisual warning signal for the protection of the specimen. 2. Over temperature protection both of the test space & saturator. 3. Protection against electrical surge & spikes 4. Overload protection provided for all the components used in the chamber as well as control panel. 5. Complete electrical system provided to conform to the statutory regulatory requirements against safety, hazards, accidents and pollutions. 6. Water level indicator cum buzzer provided for safety of the wet heater ASTM, JSS, IS, JSS 55555, 50101, DEF 133, MIL STD 810E and GOST. Air purging to vent out fumes Drain provided for the chamber 230 V AC, 50 Hz, Single phase. 4 Nos castor wheels provided easy mobility of the chamber Operating instructions and service manuals provided with complete schematic diagrams of electrical and mechanical components. Liters Capacity 100 F.O.R. Price up to Destination (Bangalore) Rs.1, 62, 000.00(after discount)

RS 232 communication port

Safety provisions

Test standards Additional futures Power supply Castor wheels Manual

Work Space (In CM) HXWXD 45 X 45 X 45

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2. VAT @5% extra applicable on invoice value. 3. Excise duty shall be charged extra as applicable at the time of delivery. 4. One-year warranty and AMC will be provided after expiry of the warranty. 5. Delivery period is 10 to 12 weeks from the receiving date of PO. 6. Quotation Validity 90 days. 7. In case of suspension or cancellation of the order unlikely event for any reason whatsoever, cancellation charges & the total order value shall be made to Kaleidoscope Engineering Works by the purchaser.

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