Immunization Requirements New York State requires students attending colleges and universities in New York to comply with

public health laws mandating that they be vaccinated against mea sles, mumps, rubella, and meningitis. These laws apply to all students registere d for 6 or more credits and include graduates, undergraduates, commuter, residen t, domestic, and international students. Proof of Immunity Requirements Within 30 days of your first class, you must submit the documents listed below t o the Office of Undergraduate Admission or the Graduate Center. If you do not su bmit the required information, you will be excluded from classes and residence h alls and prohibited from further registration at NYU-Poly. Download these 2 required forms, complete, and submit them within 30 days of you r first class (information about where to submit each form is located on the for m itself): * Student Immunization Record (required) to be complete by your personal phy sician or previous school, which should have your immunization records * Meningitis Vaccination Response (required) Proof of immunity is as follows: * Measles (Rubeola): Two dates of immunization; both dates must be on or aft er your first birthday. Both dates must be at least 28 days apart. A positive me asles titer (blood test) or a disease statement from the diagnosing physician al so constitutes valid proof of immunity. * Mumps: One date of immunization; the date must be on or after your first b irthday. A positive mumps titer (blood test) or a disease statement from the dia gnosing physician also constitutes valid proof of immunity. * Rubella (German measles): One date of immunization; the date must be on or after your first birthday. A positive rubella titer (blood test) is also an acc eptable proof of immunity in lieu of an immunization date. Where To Get Your Immuization Shots If you have not had shots, please see this list of local, free immunization clin ics. NYU-Poly has no affiliation with any of these centers. You are responsible for selecting a center you feel comfortable with. Medical Exemptions Medical exemptions can be demonstrated by having a licensed physician or nurse p ractitioner certify in writing that one or more of the required immunizations ma y be detrimental to the student's health or is otherwise medically contraindicat ed. The requirements will then be waived until such immunization is determined n o longer detrimental or otherwise medically contraindicated. Students who have t emporary medical exemptions will be kept on a separate listing and will be notif ied in writing of need to submit immunization records after the temporary medica l exemption date. Religious Exemptions Religious exemptions can be demonstrated by submitting a written and signed stat ement from the student, or if the student is a minor, from their parents or guar dians, that they hold sincere and genuine religious beliefs which prohibit immun ization. This statement must be detailed enough to prove to the Institute that t he beliefs are religious, not philosophical, and sincerely and genuinely held.