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Reading Log Entries

Reading Log #1
1. What attracted you to this book?
2. What do you find interesting about the cover?
3. Read the first page or two.
A. What do you think is going to happen in the next few
B. What do you think might happen later on?
Reading Log #2: Setting
1. Where does the story take place? Describe it. (Example: if the
story happens in Portland, Oregon, is it in northeast, Pioneer
Square, Lloyd Center…? Talk about the specific locations in that
general setting or place.) OR draw a picture or make a collage of
the setting.
2. At what time does the story take place? (Now, in the past, when
3. Are you familiar with this kind of setting? Explain in detail.
4. Is the main character familiar with the setting he is in? Explain
5. How do you think the setting will affect the story? Could the
story have happened at a different place and/or time? Explain

Reading Log #3: Character

1. Describe the main character’s personality and physical
appearance. (what’s his/her/its name?) OR draw a picture of the
main character that shows both the personality and appearance.
2. What is the main character’s goal or quest? You may do this in
the drawing.
3. What event on the main character’s path to achieving his or her
goal just occurred? Explain. You may include this instead in your
drawing. (Write an explanation near the drawing if you think it is
needed for me to understand.)
4. How did the main character handle the event explained in
question #3?

Reading Log #4: Plot

1. What is the book about? Use at least twenty-five words, but no
more than thirty words.
2. What just happened? Describe it so that I can see it.
3. What might be a consequence of the event that just happened.

Reading Log #5: Writing Style

1. Pick a passage of at least FOUR lines that you like due to the
choice of words, the sound of the words or the descriptions.
COPY it in your journal.
2. What do you like about this passage? Explain
3. Where does this “piece” fit into the plot as a whole? Explain.
4. Which descriptive phrase from the passage pleases you most?

Reading Log #6: Conflict

Conflict: A struggle between two opposing forces or characters.
The struggle may be external—between two persons, between a
person and society, between a person and nature—or it may be an
internal conflict—between two elements struggling for mastery
within a person.
1. What kind of conflict dominates the book? Explain it and be
2. What do you think will happen next in the conflict? Why?
3. What do you think will be the eventual (final) outcome of the
conflict? Explain

Reading Log #7: Creativity

1. Write a poem about something or someone in the novel.
2. Draw a comic strip of a scene in the book. Color is your friend.
3. Design a book cover.
4. Create a collage which illustrates the book.
5. Make a picture album which illustrates the book. (Find the
pictures or draw them. Color is your friend.)

Reading Log #8: Main Character

1. Now that you have read most of the book, describe the main
character, physically and otherwise in EXACTLY sixty-four (64)
2. Would you like him/her as a friend? Why or why not?
3. What is the best thing the main character has done in the book
so far? Why did the character do it? What makes this thing the
best thing so far?

Reading Log #9: Theme

Now that you have finished reading this book, what did the main
character learn as a result of the “journey”? How do the characters
and action in the book show what has been learned. Specifics

What did you learn from the book? What do you take with you when
you walk out the door? How has this book affected the way you
make sense of your own experience of life?

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