1. Theresa M. Martin and Stephen P.

Martin were married with kids, including her previous son who was later molested by Stephen, resulting in his directly related numerous Michigan felony convictions. 2. Subsequently, the Martins divorced, and Theresa retained custody of all children, with Stephen never paying child support, and still owing several thousand dollars to her. 3. AFTER the divorce was FINAL, Pasco County attorney, Arnelle M. Strand, and in full knowledge of the finalized divorce, filed a SECOND divorce action under a new case number, and also assisted Stephen in kidnapping all the minor children across state lines. 4. This kidnapping was done during Ms. Strand’s full knowledge of an outstanding arrest warrant for Stephen, for failure to pay his child support, and in her full knowledge of an emergency court order for law enforcement to assist Theresa in getting her children back. 5. Arnelle knew that her client, Stephen, my ex: a. Was a non-custodial parent by final order b. Was a multiple convicted child molester c. Was not even a resident of Florida d. Was under threat of an arrest warrant for outstanding child support totaling over $10,000. e. Had essentially kidnapped said minor children across state lines in violation of court ordered custody, depriving that remaining jurisdictional Florida standing. 6. Judge John K. Renke, II had rewarded Stephen’s behavior and has since been removed from bench as ordered by our Florida Supreme Court resulting as “unfit”. 7. Since then, Stephen has provided illegal drugs to the minor children, and generally neglected them, including separation & many school absences, resulting in more academic and numerous social problems. Now same minor children are classified as dropouts and experience continuous inevitable troubles with the law, including probation and incarceration. This of course is purely based on Ms. Arnelle Strand’s forceful interference to assist her client, Stephen, at the expense of said minor children’s ‘best interests’. 8. Ms Arnelle Strand then filed a new/second divorce case, ignoring Stephen’s crimes and complete lack of jurisdiction and legal standing with the State of Florida, raping my children and income from me in complete defiance of all law. 9. More recently, Ms Strand then began trying to erase all of Stephen’s child support arrearages, IN KNOWING VIOLATION OF THE FEDERAL BRADLEY AMENDMENT, 42 U.S.C. § 666(a)(9)(c). Theresa has been falsely garnished for every dime, while Stephen has never paid ANY of his child support still due and owing to her an amount of several thousand dollars. 10. Judge Debra Roberts unlawfully ordered that a newer modification of child support to approximately $272/month but, Ms. Strand falsified court with an old order from a year prior, having an amount roughly THREE TIMES that, causing Theresa’s employer to withhold about $800/month which was of course, is being disbursed to the convicted deadbeat child molester, Stephen.

Let us be perfectly clear: It is an obvious outrage that ANY child molester would obtain custody of ANY children, in the first place, let alone be further assisted by the same Florida attorney in evading lawful arrest, in kidnapping minor children across state lines, and in trying end-runs around federal law. Ms. Strand has refused and done basic end-runs around the basic, clear fact, laws, and many ethics rules that should have, and must, bind her professionally, civilly, and criminally. She has blurred my perception of truth & justice obtained within our 6th Judicial District as justice is awarded to the highest bidder in any unethical, vulgar manner necessary. Ms. Strand is unworthy of practicing LAW or representing any amount of truth and justice as was and is continually displayed in her character. SHE MUST AND WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Please do not allow her to illegally interfere with another family as she did to me and my children, for a mere profit.

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