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/ SNB3023 GAB3053
SECTION A [25 Marks]

Answer ALL questions. at manager Techresource as Lee Tommy waspfomoted the human A yearago, and engineer had was a mechanical Tommy Lumpur. l\,4icro Kuala Sdn. (HRM) Before management resource in trainlng human formal nevefreceivecl s r pos i ti on, HR theforme r m a n a g e Z,u b a id a h 'p e n t3 m o n t h s h e to o ko verthe the about job He of him orientating to the duties theposition. feltveryconfident he tookit overfromZubaidah when finally economy' in pressure cut costandto be competitive a global to Withincreased to wantsthe HR department add value l\,4r. director, Salman, the managing to related HRM' matters to to withMr' Salman, discuss Tommy prepafing meet is to Explainto lvlf. Salmanhow HRM contributes an organization's performance. [3 marks] 2. lvr. have IT young, well-educatedprofessionals leftthe company. l\,4any to trend Suggest Mr. Salman this is Salman veryunhappywith recent practices that are crucialto attractand retainlT THREE(3) HRI\.4 demand' in professionals arecurrenily themarket who [9 marks]

in to for needed Tommy succeed hisnewposition Describe TWo (2)skills in asa HR manager thecompany. [4 mafks]

SNB3023/ GAB 3053


skills and Descfibe the method used to developTommY's from the Position on knowledge HR matters before he took over
Zu b a i d a h .

[2 marks]
Discuss is Do youthinkthe method effective?

[3 marks]


methodthat is development employee and discussanotner Suggest on knowledge HR matters TommY's to develoP apProPriate [4 marks]

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/ S NB3 0 2 3 G A B3 0 5 3
SECTIONB [75 Marks]

(3) any Answef THREE questions look "Ourcolleagues thatdepartment so relaxed l thinktheyhavegot in to in of a surplus people there But lookat us we haveso manythings to here lt is difficult herein our departmentlt is so stressful do around need more givento us We definitely cope with the heavyworkload in Majid'one of the lecturers a . peoplein our department"' said N'4r' in university Selangor.

to that on the Advise university the HR function is crucial be carried situation the to out in order improve current [3 marks] in you in the Describe stages the process identified Q1a' [6 marks]



optionthat can be employment ONE (1) non-permanent Suggest of to adoptedby the university managethe cufrentshortage departments Maiid's in lecturers l\,4r 1 3m a r h sl over the of expectsa shortage lecturers the Suppose university TWO (2) external the next few years. Recommencl university exaellent that souroes couldbe usedin orderto attract recruitment to potential candidates aPPIY [6 marks]


SNB3023 GAB3053 i e. Willyourecommend usage electronic the your of recruiting? Justify [3 marks] The Deanof l\y'edicat Schoolis expected retirein a few months' to timeandtheuniversity planning consider is to current employees to fill the position.Doyou agreewiththe suggestion? your Justify view. [4 marks]


SNB3023 GAB3053 i

The companyyou work for is planningto recruitmore lT p r ogrammers i n the nearf u t u r eHo we v e t h e jo bs c o p e f o r t h e . r, position not properly is written. Whatdocument youthinkis lacking therefore do and needs to be developed? [2 marks] ii. jt Explain usefulness the document linking to any the of by (3) THREE different activities functions. HR or [6 marks]

Suggest TWO(2)parties should involved providing that be in information the processof developing oocumenl. for the your Justify view. 14marksl


Recommend TWO (2) methods that shouldbe used to collect information theorocess the for [4 marks]


Explain non-traditional how work-schedules make easler might it for an organizationrecruit to employees. {3 marksl

SNB3023 GAB3053 /

Recommend most suitable non-traditional work-schedule the for job: each thefollowing of i. Web-site designer [3 marks] ii. Lecturer [3 marks]

SNB3023 GAB3053 / 3.

'Staff morale lowandtheyseemlo be lessmotivated perform is to thanbefore.I amveryconcerned... Something needs be donel to I wantto knowtheirsatisfaction and Iwant results level fastl"said l\y'r. Tamasaki, managing the director a manufacturing of company in l\y'elaka. js. Explain job withdrawal what [2 marks] ii. Discussany TWO (2) conditions that may causejob dissatisfaction in organizations. [4 marks] iii. Suggest TWO(2) examples mayindicate a person that that job maybe experiencing withdrawal. [4 marks] iv. Suggest l\4r. to Tamasaki THREE(3) waysfor etfectively nreasuring in employee satisfactionhisorganization. [6 marks]


Explain "hot-stove the rule" and the 'progresslye discipline" sYstem. [6 marks] In youropinion, whichapproach moreeffective? is Justify view. Your 13marksl

SNB3023/ GAB 3053 4. a. Andy Chen,the generalmanagerof a five star hotel in Beijing'is cosfcuttingmeasuresdue to businessuncertainties considefing arisingfrom an economicslowdownin Asia Wiih employers workers on benefits top of salaries, on payinglwo-thircls employee exPensive. are becoming

program benefit of BriefAndy on the concept a flexible \"cafeteria'styIe'). [3 marks]

ii. in to Explain him how the programmentioned Q4a(i)might and retainemployees sen/eto attract [4 marks] You arc requiredto brief lvls. Anis' the newly recruitedHR in matters l\'4alaysia benefit personnel, enlployee on in of her lnfornr TWO (2) categories benefits Malaysia' [6 nrarks] for TWO (2) examples eachcategory Provide lB marksl from that make them quite different have uniqueaspects Benefits Brieflydiscuss TWo (2) of these unique direct compensation. aspects [4 marks]




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/ sNB 3023 GAB3053 A SECTION [25Marks] ALL questions. Answer by owned Jennifer HR company' is a Us-based consultant mission graduates State Theirbusiness University. from two andl\4et, business and where, howyouneed when, learning training and work-related is "toprovide who for onlinecourses anyone interactive business-related, it." Theyprovide from the comfortof their own homes wants to take a course in business use provider company.Theirtrainers the is also a training to them locally theirclients and onlinecoursematerials deliver company's given their to trainings the who big mainly corporations, prefer conventional-type employees. and mainofficeis in NewYork This is wherethey manage The company's this, website.Besides theyhavethreemoreoffices their administer company's trainings theirconventional-type in states the US to run andconduct in different training verywell. On-line is the clients.Currently, company doing to corporate are and trainingconsultants wanled coursesare in demand worldwide for market that thereis a significant and Mel foresee Jennifer everywhere. services LearnlnNy' in Asia. Theywouldlike to go aheadwith the ln s A p lan n exp a n si o n and openoffi c es it h r e e s ia nc o u n t r ieM:a la y s ia , d ia a n d Ch in a . management h umanresource and Jennifer Melareawareof the considerable careof ' needto be taken Many issues in involved theprocess. implications from: Adapted GDessler, (2003), Education' (gth' ed.), Pearcon Management Human Resource

SNB3023/ GAB 3053


Contrast the TWO (2) types of trainings Provided bY Learnlnl, [4 marks] might the challenges company Describe TWO(2) HR-related any Lumpur. in facein opening newoperation Kuala a [4 marks]



whether hire to and are Jennifer L4el unsure Interms of stafflng, to US locally, to useoneof theirsuccessful managers or someone Lumpur. the in manage newoffice Kuala
a. to and Mel in HR termsthe two international Explain Jennifer options they havein mind. stafflng [4 marks] b. stafflngoption that can Informthem of another international be considered.

[2 marks] c. to themon the bestmethod be adopted. Advise [3 marks] 4. failures expatriate assignment TWO (2) common describe Briefly problems the newoperation to thatcan create [4 marks] to needed be givenif they AdvisethemTWO(2) typesof trainings newoffice in their to employees manage their existing wereto send LumPUr. Kuala [4 marks]


S NB3 0 2 3 c A B 3 0 5 3 i SECTION B [75 Marks] any (3) Answer THREE questions. "We havelost manygood employeesl They left us because our competitors offering are thembetter salany'', saidN.4r. the CEO Akio, of a manufacturjng company lpoh. Mr. Akio instructed to do in you a salary revision hiscompany. for AdviseMr. Akio TWO (2) internal factorsthat shouldbe considered determining in wage rates in hiscompany. [6 marks] ii. Suggest TWO (2) external factors that should influence his company's wagerates, directly indirecy. or [6 marks] Discuss concept pay fairness the of from the perspective the of Equity theory. [5 marksJ i. pay Competency-based has gained popularity recent in years.Explain concept. the [4 marks] ii. Should competency based pay organizations? yourview. Justify [4 marks] be implemented in


SNB3023 GAB3053 / a. Kaysem Company would to do jobs restructuringorder Ltd. like in to improveorganizational efficiencyand employeesatisfaction. Advise company's the CEOon howhiscompany achieve can this perspective. fromtheergonomic [4 marks] b. you are assigned forecast Assume to humanfesource needsfor a company. Discuss THREE etements the HR forecasting the (3) of model youshould that consider making decision. in the [9 marks] TheHR manager Anwar in Associates thathe urgently feels needs to do something reducehigh turnover to rate of his company. According the results a recentsurvey, to of employees havelowjob satisfaction to poorjob design perspective. due fromthe behavioral i. Suggestto the HR manager any THREE (3) job characteristics, as suggested Hackman Oldham, by and that a job should have make more to it interesting motivating. and [6 marks] ii. Choose job and provide a ONE (1) practical example for each thejob characteristics of mentioned Q2c(i). in


SNB3023 GAB3053 / i. Comparetraits method to results method in evaluating performance organizations. in [4 marks] ii. Which methodwould you recommend be used for a to salesperson? yourview. Justify [3 marks]

"We are a small company. We do not need performance appraisal..., Madam says Norida, owner an architectural an of firm in KualaLumpur.Do youagreewithher statement? Discuss. [4 marks]


Mr. Wright,a prominent HR consultant, has suggested that Unlversiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTp) imptement 360_degree appraisal theuniverslty in i. As an HR executive, explain the management UTp to of what360-degree appraisal allabout. is [3 marks] ji. Do you agree with l\.4r. Wright,ssuggestion? Justifyyour [3 marks]


Criterion deficiency criterion jf and contamination should avoided be an organization were to develop its performance standardfor performance appraisal. Describe these TWO (2) conceptsand provide ONE(1)practical example each. for [8 marks]

SNB3023 GAB3053 / a. shouldtake into In order to be effective, trainingprogramme a THREE(3) consideration needsof the organization. the Discuss before training a types analysis areneeded be conducted of that to programme be labeled necessary. can as [9 marks] b. There are several types of training that can be adopted by and to employees' skills,abilities organizations furtherdevelop employees. knowledge theircurrent of as onDescribe coaching job rotation waysof providing and the-job experiencesfor developing managers In organizations. [4 marks] ii. Which method do you feel is more effective to be implemented? Explain. [2 marks] iii. and as training elearning a method Discuss apprenticeship employees. non-managerial to train develop and [6 marks] c. to trainersneedto have For a trainingprogramme be effective, traitsthat youthinka TWO (2) desirable certain traits.D escribe trainer should have. [4 marks]