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Owen on

Ward 3 Life:
Open Space
Open Space and green space are
a major part of Northampton's
appeal. I will explore and support
pilot programs for better access to
public space around the ward.
We have great bike paths, a good
bus system, and a need to be more
pedestrian-friendly. Let's examine
a community bicycle program,
look into smarter transit, and
repair and upgrade our sidewalks.
Northampton is a desirable place
to live. I believe affordability and
greater housing options are
portant for keeping Northampton
diverse. I want everyone to have a
Civic Engagement
Northampton's outreach and
engagement with citizens needs
to be improved and public venues
should be more accessible. We
must use new media, bring more
voices into the process, and be
more open when the city conducts
its business.
"I know that he will encour-
age open and honest debates
about all issues, will listen
and weigh the concerns and
interests of the people with
an open mind, and will show
shrewd judgment in his
Jesse M. Adams
City Councilor At Large
Owen on
Our Economy:
Arts and entertainment bring
tourism to Northampton. I want to
encourage artists, art production,
and increase public art.
Local Agriculture
Buying food locally builds a sustain-
able community. I will work on
ways to cultivate new farms.
The new economy is full of small-
business owners. I will commit to
help them thrive.
Knowledge Corridor
Brain-based businesses and a
close affiliation with our col-
leges can help create good jobs
and clustered growth. I want to
engage in public/ private partner-
ship for economic growth.
The City's Budget
I support greater openness in the
city budget. I strive for equitable
taxation and adequate
tation in the process. I support
efforts that leverage state, federal,
or private grants.
"I have been impressed by Owen's
commitment and tenacity in work-
ing for the best interests of the
ward .... he understands that Ward
3 is home to many of Northamp-
ton's artists, and he is committed
to both a social and economic
climate that sustains and nourishes
the arts."
Madeline Weaver Blanchette
Valley Street
The longtime Democrat.
Owen on
Our Future:
We use an overlapping, convenient
trash collection system. I believe
public composting could be more
convenient, I want to expand
recycling, enforce our trash poli-
cies, and work on commercial trash
We should look at more ways to
reduce our negative impact on the
environment. I support efforts to
retrofit public buildings and private
property using public loans.
Northampton's commitment to edu-
cation is part of its appeal. I support
neighborhood schools, safe routes
to them, and humane school start
times. I want our schools to teach
Internet and technological literacy.
We can take palpable steps to be a
community that puts people first.
We should make good-faith ef
forts to register young voters and to
explore a new election process. Even
as a municipality, we can limit
ments of corporate personhood and
fight attacks on our civil liberties.
"Owen quickly stepped into a
leadership role on the ad hoc
committee that formed to help
raise money for the victims.
Owen did an amazing job in
helping represent his ward, or-
ganize events ... and help ensure
that there would be profession-
al stewardship for the funds
raised and that they would be
distributed equitably."
Michael Kusek
(Arson victim's fund organizer)
The most candidate.
Owen on
Our Backyard:
Bridge Street School
Keep it open and functioning
as an elementary school.
The Three County Fair
I will be a voice for the
borhood by sitting on the
Fairgounds redevelopment
committee. Traffic and
age issues will be a high
ity for me.
I support community efforts to
calm traffic, redirecting
mercial vehicles out of
borhoods and away from low
bridges, fixing our streets, and
using creative
ing for road projects.
New Housing
Structures that fit the general
character of the neighborhood
are best. Adding units to
ing properties should be easier
for homeowners.
Exit 19
I want this intersection as
safe, green, and efficient as it
can be. If the state builds, the
existing footprint should be
maintained. If the state does
not build, the case should be
" ... his dedication to the economy
of this region is unwavering ...
he will work diligently for his
hometown as he has for most of
his life."
Tara Brewster
Owner, Jackson & Connor
About Owen
Owen graduated from Northampton
High School in 1997 and received
a BA from Amherst College. He
entered the financial services field
in 2001 and in 2005 joined Foley/
Connelly Financial Partners, special,
izing in financial consulting for public
employees, families, and small busi_,
nesses. The following year he bought
a home in Ward 3, where he has
worked hard in many community
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association,
Board member since 2007
Northampton Area Young
Pioneer Valley Young Democrats
Northampton City School Alum
Northampton Education Foundation
Endowment Distribution Committee
Northampton Design Forum
Ward 3 Complete Count for the
2010 US Census
Treasurer, 2009 Committee to Elect
Jesse M. Adams
Campaigned for Rep. Mike
Capuano and Gov. Deval Patrick
August 2nd
at the Senior Center
on Conz Street
Need an absentee ballot?
Contact us.
Call Owen: 413.530.1054
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Paid for by The Committee to Elect
Owen Freeman-Daniels
Madel ine Weaver Blanchette, Treasurer,
41 Valley St, Northampton, MA 01060
Photography by David Newton

It is a
to work with
as energetic,
smart and
as Owen
Ellen Nigrosh ' '
Bates Street
City Councilor

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