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After having a conversation with MoD in vent (and reading various posts here) it has become apparent that

I am the primary suspect in this spamming ordeal. I am innocent, and this is a conspiracy against me. Unfortunately, I cannot prove my innocence, and although no one can prove my guilt (it is impossible to prove an innocent man to be guilty), this is not the United States of America, and the c oncept of "innocent until proven guilty" does not exist on Wowhead. It is likely that I will be banned soon, and that this post will be my last. The purpose of this post is to share my knowledge of the events that have taken place recently, and to give my farewells to those who I have shared the last three years with. Interest has never liked me. When I pretended to be a 12 year old prostitute and sent MyTie explicit private messages to make him look like a pedophile and ruin his marriage, Interest jumped on the opportunity to ban me from vent. After giv ing in to the protests of other vent users, he unbanned me. He then claimed that I had never been unbanned, and that I was circumventing the ban. He exploited m y reputation as a troll to discredit me, and proceeded to reban me. When he accused me of circumventing his ban, it gave me the idea of circumventin g his ban. I then learned how to use proxies and started using vent again. The o ther users embraced by return (again), but Interest was upset that I had used hi s own strategy against him and made him to look like a fool. Interest has always been jealous of my popularity. He has tried to match my status by posting ridic ulous amounts of posts, but most people have considered his posts to be spam, wh ich is why he has always remained a second-rate celebrity here. Shortly after I learned to use proxies, a spammer showed up on Wowhead who would post dozens of extremely explicit and offensive threads every day. At around th at same time, someone began signing onto vent with a proxy in order to pretend t o be me circumventing my ban (I know this because I was on vent several times wh en someone with the same username as me signed on). The same person who was impe rsonating me on vent was spamming Randomness with obscene threads. Interest then supplied the Wowhead moderators with IP logs of the person impersonating me so that they could compare them to the IP addresses of the person spamming Randomne ss and have an excuse to ban me. The moderators on Wowhead have been trying to ban me for a long time. Long befor e Queggy became a moderator, he was known as the "King of Randomness". When I st arted posting here, the title passed to me, and he has been jealous ever since. Although I protested his promotion to moderator, I was ignored, because at that point I had already become an enemy of the admins and moderators here. This is b ecause I have never been afraid to point out their hypocrisy when they break the ir own rules. The moderators and admins here have been afraid of me for exposing their corruption, and that is why Queggy was promoted to moderator instead of m e: they could easily corrupt him into being against me because of his jealousy o ver me becoming King of Randomness, and they were afraid that if I became modera tor, I would finally be able to permanently end their corruption. Interest began a smear campaign against me in vent and in Randomness, accusing m e of being the one making dozens of obscene threads every day. At first, the mod erators remained silent. After a few days, Queggy began to openly accuse me of b eing the spammer, even though it could not have been me because I was tending to my ill grandfather who was in the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack when the whole spamming ordeal began. MoD has informed me what he is working together with Interest to track down who the spammer is. This is a charade. Interest is participating in a conspiracy aga inst me, and I believe that he is the one pretending to be me circumventing the vent ban with a proxy, and then using that proxy to spam Randomness with obscene threads. He is providing the moderators with IP logs from vent and pretending t hat they are proof of my guilt. Queggy also started appearing on vent for the fi

rst time shortly before this mess started, so he is likely deep inside the consp iracy as well. I do not believe that the other moderators here are necessarily p art of the conspiracy, but their corruption has made it so that they turning a b lind eye to Interest and Queggy. Because of this conspiracy against me, I may not be here much longer, so I will now give what could be my final words to various users of this site. Vikey, you have always been here for me. Even in this most difficult time, you h ave not turned your back on me like others have, and I know that I will always b e able to look to you for support. Of all the homosexuals who I have only known through contact over the internet, you are my favorite. Elura, everything I said to Vikey, except replace "homosexuals" with "women". Fayne, I've seen the accusations you have made against me recently here in the R B. I want you to know that I am innocent. Of all the Mexicans I have known in my life, I disliked you the least. Sakarazu, have you honestly read the entire thread up to this point? If so, that speaks to your commitment to me. It will not be forgotten. Dragon2041, we had good times in the Pokedex. Unfortunately Haxzor and MyTie wer e jealous of the popularity of the thread and made the corrupt moderators lock i t. Despite this, the memories will remain with me for the rest of my life. If I didn't mention you in my list of farewells, it is either because I do not l ike you, or I do not feel like I know you well enough to say anything. Please do not be offended, because it is probably the latter. To those who have plotted against me for years and believe that I am finally on the edge of defeat: you are wrong. Whatever happens next, my mark has been left here, and it is permanent. This thread is a testament to that, as it was created in response to me having the Queggy! thread locked (which officially marked the end of Queggy's reign as King of Randomness). You can ban my account, but the m emory of me will endure, and even if I myself am gone, there will be others to t ake my place in fighting against the corruption of the admins and moderators her e. To those who fear what will happen here without my presence, I give you comfort. Whatever happens, I am not leaving, and I will carry on my work here, even if n ot in a form that you can recognize. If this conspiracy against me is successful , this will be the end of Laihendi as you know him, but it will not be the end o f Laihendi.