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p Step-by-step 4 a < i Rete sles oi : - / \ 19 fabulous, fun cakes eo acne DEBBIE 6539 & “ii . ————<—<— 16 thong watch Thong Here's a typically ordinary and probably familiar looking fellow checking out the gorgeous girls in their sexy thongs whils Wai tcl h investing in his growing beer belly. YOU WILL NEED #25 cm (10 in) square sponge cake (see page 11) *.35.m (14 in) square cake board! Icing (eeiledeere=] aa in a sugar shoker * 600g /1 Ib 54 02/24 ¢ but * Sugar stick * Sugar glue and poinibrush * Edible sikwer powder iat” EQUIPMENT Slightly dampen the coke board with water. For o marbled effec, | knead the yellow and pole chestnut sugorpasle logelher until streoky, Roll ‘out using © sprinkling of icing suger and move the paste around after roll to prevent sticking. Lift the sugarpaste by draping over the rallir pin ond cover the coke board. Use cake smoother to smoath and polish the surface, thea irim the excess ‘oraund the edge. Far the tiled ef mark lines using @ ruler. Set oside dry, preferably overnight Trim the crust from the eake level the top. To make the sunbeds, cut the cake into three cevenky-sized strips, Cut layer in strip ond sondwich back together buttercream using the palette knife, ‘ond than. spread a thin layer of butlereream over the surface of coke as 0 crumb cect Te cover the sides of the cake, 4 Gest meosure the depth using a Bering 66 cm (26 in) in longth seth icing sugor and roll up. rem then rub it gontly with your Cover the remoining ro mm the sore way and position afl tcakees on the cake board. To build up the height ot the bock of the central sunbed, cut Rell out 285g (10 oz) of while wedge of white sugerpaste the size of saste and cut a strip to fi, the sunbed base, roughly 225 9 (4 Ib), and stick in place using o litle sugar give. For the slatted top of each ‘ogains! the side of the cake sunbed, roll out and cut oblong shapes leeroll cround it, covering all sides. slightly larger than the top using the ig white sugarpaste, Indent Heft). To close the jain, press it even lines for the slats using a mule. x sicking it with a little sugar Position on the top of each coke and rub the surface with «@ cake smoother. The towels have a simple inloid effect with coloured sugarpaste Roll the poste thinly, making sure itis well dusted with icing sugar on the reverse fo prevent sticking. Apply the pattern by very thinly rolling out another coloured paste and sticking on with minimal sugar glue, so when rolled to inlay, the glue doesn't ooze ‘out. Make three towels, one mauve with yellow dots cut from the miniature circle cutter, one deep blue with thi bright green strips and the last brigi pink with o thin strip of yellow paste ‘winding around in a squiggle pattern.