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Facebook Addiction Unsafe disclosure of information, cyberbullying, addiction, risky behavior and contacting dangerous communities are but

a few of the concerns raised in the media about the use of online social networks Moral panic is a common reaction to new forms of communication. Facebook has gone from being a social networking website to an addiction to everyonewho uses it excessively. It has been a place where people can reduce, exaggerate, reformor fake their identity, for the physical presence is not so dominant in a social network based on a cyber domain. Imitation, thus fake identities and fake personalities are oftenenhanced through cyber social networks. Often its users tend to become something theyarent, to attract and keep up their personality which they have built for the other users intheir network. This has formed many physical as well as psychological problems such assplit personality, multiple personality, lying disorders, sleeping disorders and a newfound distressing condition known as facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD).The other important form of negativity immerging through compulsive use of socialnetworks, specifically Facebook, is the decay of the ability to express emotions withoutrestraint; users tend to withhold what they actually want to say (good or bad) to someonewho is physically present, rather users prefer to update it on their status. For example if auser wanted to scold to a friend who had wronged the user, s/he would actually update astatus scolding, mostly as if passing a hint than saying what they actually want to say tothe specific person on the face. Thus Facebook causes lots of unnecessary drama inre l at i onshi ps. T hi s c oul d a l so be c al le d a form of c yb e r bul l yi ng. St ude nt s a re le ss productive because Facebook acts as a distraction. Freedom of speech and expressing of emotions have been shaped and fine tuned to this extent that in the future humans would be evolved to a higher form of species that would not require emotions and expressionsor maybe to an advanced utopia or an anomie.