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Pre Lunch

Wow, like a swiss watch, the sessions started dot on time. The session kick started with the second agenda. The first speaker to go up was the delegate of Egypt, unsure of herself & her country stance, she got suspended for not being well equipped with information. About suspension, well, the world press had a hard time keeping count of the numerous delegates suspended. The delegate of Gabon presented the much welcomed change from suspensions by handling all the questions thrown her way exceptionally well. Then in came the delegate of Somalia who was glued to the stance that, Somali is pretty much unable to do anything. After todays pre-lunch session, the committee has come to the realization that with the delegates of UK around, no session can be boring! (The delegate stated that the Italian Mafia helps UK to recycle e-waste). Influenced by UK, the delegate of France left no stone unturned to entertain the committee. After the fun moments died down, there came the death heat discussion between the delegates of USA and Brazil. Well, evidently the pre-lunch session was packed with fun & frolic.

Post Lunch

After the yummy and refreshing lunch, this committee lacked their ultimate source of entertainment: none other than the delegate of UK. Anyway.delegate of Pakistan needs a special mention for keeping her constant stance of: did not speak yesterday, do not speak today, will not speak tomorrow. [Just one question to the delegate of Pakistan, when do you plan to speak Up?????].The delegate of Egypt becomes the laughter stock of the committee. Amidst all this, in came the hyped emergency situation that encouraged diverse opinions and realistic solutions on the issue of concern. Delegate of Somalia was completely in melee and didnt comprehend the scenario put forth in the emergency situation. Brazil, Japan, U.S.A and China were active throughout the session and came up with commendable solutions. These great minds then moved on you draft a unanimous resolution whose outcome to me was sheer noise, the delegate of Pakistan who opted to run out of the committee. Finally after all the razzmatazz, the resolution was passed. The much awaited motion arrived that is the POE in which there was a display of tap- dancing .the session winded up with a lot of fun and delegates saying goodbye to other delegates

Pre Lunch

The session started with the suspension of delegates of Gabon and Canada for informal attire, followed by roll call. The delegate of South Africa has a nice voice.. ^_^ The delegates of Pakistan showed evident improvement today. Overall, the session was livened up by 5 other suspensions- China, for texting, Japan and Portugal for lack of information, South Africa for making up his own facts, and Russia for calling his country a superpower. Most of these were pointed out by the aggressive delegate of USA. The session lacked a little decorum. The Co-chair referred to a delegate as dude and the delegate of Bosnia was sleeping as usual... All in all, todays pre lunch session was fun, lively and most of the delegates participated actively.

Pre Lunch

The second day came with hopes of a better performance and correction of previous days errors. Most of the delegates didnt turn up on the second day and seriously pissed off the chair. There were literally very few people on the speakers list. Zimbabwe was the first delegate, and remarked that, anyone who writes wrong about the President in the mass media, he/she will be imprisoned. USA was bombarded with questions about pornography and sex ed, which the delegate carried off really well. South Africa and USA seemed to have serious discussions about , declaring war in Zimbabwe!! Zimbabwe, at the same time, was so worried about her looks that she passed a chit to the moderator asking if she looked good... That too in Hindi!!!? Poor World Press.. We had to break our heads to get it translated.. The room easily got heated up when the VC asked the delegates to debate and discuss about the ways in which cyber crime can be avoided and privacy in cyberspace can be provided. South Africa came up with many valuable comments and questions but China had definitely outshown him. South Africa raised a motion to declare war on Zimbabwe for violating Human Rights!! Who even does that!!?


Post lunch

The post lunch started off with a moderated caucus on the topic legalisation of death sentence, but was soon interrupted by the arrival of the emergency situation!!! However, it had no impact on the delegates of SOCHOM. The seriousness was of the situation was not observed at all. The delegates started laughing and sarcastically commenting on the situation given to them (How nice :P (note the sarcasm)) Very soon the discussion on this topic was on every single delegate was questioned by the chair and the other delegates belonging to the committee now, it may seem to you that the committee was finally active and serious halt your thoughts, because that did not happen the delegates were still not conscious about the situation and posed baseless arguments in the committee the reply few of the delegates gave were in fact hilarious!!:D the delegate of Afghanistan was absolutely confused!!! Te delegate of Somalia was no better!!! Till the end the delegates seemed to be blaming each others country for the crime they had committed even the special advisor and the secretary general were not able to withstand the committee (Poor chair!!)... The committee eventually broke into an unmoderated caucus and formed resolutions. This was followed by the point of entertainment where the chair of the committee was made to dance:D Overall, the post lunch session was filled with hilarious arguments, but a constructive solution to the emergency situation given to the delegates Cheers SOCHUM!!!


PRE LUNCH:The session started at 9. Delegates of Russia, Ireland, India and Libya, for a change were*physically*absent today (NOTE THE SARCASM). Delegate of Japan commenced the speech on global health care. Delegate of Somalia reported late and was commented for indiscipline. Afghanistan, it seemed, didnt care for the attire (for which she got suspended), neither for any homework on her speech. Delegate of Pakistan got suspended for lack of information. No one was able to answer the questions of the World Press. The delegate of Thailand was suspended for providing wrong information. Delegate of Gabon has something wrong with his vocal cord. The French Delegate was grilled by the Board members to which she danced away by telling Would be right back with the answers. The Delegate of Croatia was suspended for the lack of information. The delegate of South Africa seemed to have most of the necessary information required and proved that he had researched well. It seemed like he had visited South Africa for MUN. World Press grilled the Delegate of Pakistan. When asked the reason for malnutrition, birth rate and death rate of children were provided to us. Delegate of Puerto Rico was asked by USA for a sample resolution for global healthcare agenda to which P.R replied Nope!!!

But yeah, good ideas are there in the mind. The Canadian Delegates style of speech-ThaaCountryaaaIssaaDoingaaSomethingsaaForaa Hiviaa. My God! Wasnt that funny! But deducting the style, he was a well informed and a hard working delegate. The World Press was questioned by the Pakistani delegate, or say Pakistani Delicate because thats what the chit read. Still, she showed eagerness to learn things which she didnt know. Resolutions were discussed. Moderated Caucus started again with a very serious topic of Teenage pregnancy. The Vice Chair and the Chair were very active and they were taking all the topics seriously. The Moderator also did not miss one chance of asking questions and kept the atmosphere proper and moderate. Harish Ramaswamy(Special Advisor) and the Chair stirred the Thailand Delegate from his slumber and probed him to the core. He loved the phrase The talks are going on. Then the session broke for lunch. POST LUNCH-

It seemed that everyone loved the Dominoes pizzas and the delicious chocolate cake because everyone showed interest in the post lunch session. Unmoderated Caucus for Teenage Pregnancy started. Suddenly, a tempest called VICE CHAIR OF SEC COUNCIL stormed inside the UNICEF committee to announce the emergency problem. ***Hoo! Startling!!!*** Every delegate had a solution to the problem and they were actively participating in it .Pakistan and Afghanistan had no clue what was going on,( so ironic, the emergency was about Somalian Pirates having ties with Al Qaeda and these two countries were staring at the faces of Vice Chair and Chair). On the other hand, the Canadian delegate was much exited and had many answers to give. Delegate of USA was also pepped up but was not sure about NATO. And UK, as usual, with the childish mannerisms, had very potent answers. The Chair was noting every point very cautiously. The Vice Chair and the Chair were fighting for a bit of paper, which was the UPDATE 1 that had USA and AFGHANISTAN and a bombing case. The USA Delegate broke into a fight with everyone, even with members of a World Press but a very fruitful one. The Chair and the Moderator were supported by Aditi Maithreya for conducting the emergency situation. Some of the delegates took this opportunity to meet their friends in the different committees in the lieu of the emergency (who knows!!!). The Delegate of Germany showed active participation and provided many solutions to the emergency situation. The delegate of Zimbabwe suggested that all the people who are suspected behind the bombing should be hanged (real strict dont you think?). The Delegate of Canada suggested that the Chair should come up with effective solutions too. During the POE all started shouting for Delegate of Zimbabwe to dance. And he and the delegate of Canada did a couple dance which really cheered everyone. AB says.... Day 2 opened well, first at the Security Council, where the delegates of Canada and

Gabon were suspended for their attire. USA, India and China were on top of this committee. Moving to SOCHUM, the delegate of Australia suffered an onslaught of questions, and failed to answer them, thus getting suspended for her inefficiency. Then came UNICEF, where the delegate of China proved to be inefficient as well, and the delegate of Thailand was suspended for wrong information. Talk about a wacko morning. A quick return back to Security Council, and i saw a shocking picture - The Board of the committee was missing. Wacko just kept growing. And then, moving on to HRC, the delegates of China, USA and India where on top of the committee, and there was this exasperating situation- the delegate of Bosnia had been accused by the board of a BIG travesty, and the delegate of South Africa, pops up to appreciate him?! Whoa. Tension and chaos seemed to be high at Sec-C, and a shift to HRC, saw a heated debate in the beginning, soon followed by a comical situation, where the delegate of South Africa wanted to go on war against Zimbabwe, and the delegate of Mexico, pulled off an emotional dialogue stating that a violent war can be replaced by a war of words. Touching, buddy... And yeah, after extreme pressure by the Chair of HRC, I would like to mention that she looked very, very pretty today. My final stop was at UNEP, where the Special Advisor, teamed up with the Sec-Gen and the members of the board, to pull out the non-speakers of the committee and get em talking. Though the first few failed to draw some energy, the delegate of Brazil gave an informal yet informative speech on his countrys opinion on the side-effects of nuclear warfare, and mentioned strongly that the environment will be screwed up if nuclear warfare was to occur. Nice. =D. While this occurred, the delegate of UK went on to make a complete fool outta himself, going against his countrys own stance. I couldve stayed and listened to more, but who can miss the call for the Pizzas?

Some funny chits and interesting chats.. 1. From: Delegate of Japan

To: The panel "The delegate of Japan would like to raise a question to the executive board whether the Delegate of China is allowed to tie up hair when the Delegate of Brazil is making a speech." <Whoa!! Formal much?! And anyways, since when did hair tieing become a crime!!!> 2. From: Unknown To: the panel "You can ask questions to the delegate, even if the delegates yield the floor only to comments.. The chair has authority to do so.." <Since when did delegates start advising their chairs??> 3. Canada: Can I get out? *yawn* Chair: Nope Canada: *does something stupid* Chair: You're suspended indefinitely Canada: YAY!! Chair: On second thought, nope. Chair: @#$%!!! Compiled by Mitali Chordia and Kanishka Nambiar Kanishkas Chronicle SOCHUM Aaah. When I showed up , the delegate of Cro-asia was suspended......yes again!! The delegate of Afghanistan had the floor apparently people who voted against their own government were severely punished and the delegate even went on to say that it was justified!! The delegate was then made an Observer. Aww. According to the delegate of Germany women who travel after 10 pm in the night should be given a 40% concession on taxi fares. Wow! UNSC Yet another day of proceedings crawled by [ yes, literally crawled by]. We allve that feeling, dont we? The more boring things are, the longer they seem. Somehow the Chair managed to keep her cool this time, and did not lash out like a wounded Lava Monsta!

Amazing Chit passing Delegate of Zimbabwe to Media Coordinator- Dont take my pictures.

Media Coordinator- National Geographic Channel has requested me to send photos of wild animals. Delegate of Zimbabwe- IT would have been better if they gave me the job (for taking your pictures.) Admin Staff- ***I wont pass anymore chits between you two!!***

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