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MODELS C75, C85, C90 & 0-200 CONTINENTAL® AIRCRAFT ENGINE OVERHAUL MANUAL $e TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL MOTORS Aircraft Products Division FAA APPROVED FORM X-30010 FEBRUARY 1980 FORM X-30010 OVERHAUL MANUAL FOR AIRCRAFT ENGINE MODELS C75,C85,C90 & 0-200 FAA APPROVED FEBRUARY 1980 FOREWORD This manual is published for the guidance of all facilities engaged in operation, maintenance and overhaul of four cylinder engines of the Teledyne Continental C and 0-200 Series, A description is included in this manual of che various models and special equipments of the series and photographs selected co illustrate the major differences between models. The Table of Specifications provides more detailed information in regard to features and performance of the models. It should be noticed that such descriptive material is neither intended nor adequate to enable conversion of any model to another in instances in which such conversion is permissible. For detailed information regarding application of parts and their interchangeability, refer to the Spare Parts Catalog. For model and series number conversion instructions, refer to the Teledyne Continental Service Bulletin on that subject. Service maintenance instructions relative to accessories installed on Teledyne Continental aircraft engines in our factory are reprinted herein by permission of the accessory manufacturers. Instructions for overhaul of these acces- sories may be obtained direct from the manufacturers or through their authorized service facilities. All descriptive and dimensional information and all instructions contained in this edition have been revised and extended to cover all four cylinder models of the Teledyne Continental C Series in current production. The parts catalog section is not included in this edition, since it is subject to frequent change in details. A manual of this scope cannot be revised often enough to be kept up to date at all times, since it is our policy to improve details of engine design in the interest of maximum safety and utility of our products whenever the results of our continuous experimental and development program indicate the desirability of replacing the old with something even better. For this reason we issue Service Bulletins to our Approved Distributors to advise of imporeant changes in parts, desirable inspections and precautions found necessary in operation and maintenance. These bulletins are available for reading at all Teledyne Continental Approved Service Stations. Those who need permanent copies of Service Bulletins may obtain them by dizect mail, as issued, from the factory Publications Department on an annual subscription basis. A nominal charge is made to cover the cost of mailing. It is suggested that a careful study of the text of this manual will provide the reader with knowledge of engine construction and of techniques for both operation and repair work which, if applied in practice, will promote safety in flight and long engine life. If, in spite of the high quality of materials and the careful inspection and testing of these engines, any defect is suspected, che question should be brought immediately to the attention of the nearest Teledyne Continental Approved Service Station so that a diagnosis and any necessary correction may be made.