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Sundaram BNP Paribas Portfolio Management Services - An Overview

Portfolio Management Services at Sundaram BNP Paribas Asset Management Company

Sundaram BNP Paribas Asset Management Co.,
PMS offering comes from a house which has outstanding track record in the investment management

Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund

Sundaram BNP Paribas

Portfolio Management Services

SEBI licensed investment vehicle

Evolution and growth of the PMS business at Sundaram BNP Paribas AMC
PMS at Sundaram BNP Paribas commenced in 2007. - PMS vehicle activated to cater the offshore investments. - Turbulent markets in 2008 and early 2009 kept us away from domestic business. - Started focusing on domestic business from April09.

Assets under management: Rs 174.44 Crores. Clients under management: 48

*Aum as of 30 Sep 2010

Economy: India Vs World

Clear political mandate paves way for growth focus

Political Political Scenario Scenario


Negative to neutral

Neutral to positive

Key drivers Key drivers

Global recovery is slow and painful.

External External Economic Economic environment environment

Domestic Domestic economic economic environment environment

Strong and vibrant domestic story


Indian business and the economy On a strong footing

Source: IIFL

Indian equity valuations: Far from the peak though not cheaper

Source: IIFL

Indian Economy and Equities Ideal blend in the longer run

Indias economic growth coupled with the equity performance growth have been outstanding when compared with the peer group. Growth projections even more outstanding over the next several decades.

7 Source: Credit Suisse

Why Portfolio Management Services?

PMS Huge business opportunity

Indian HNWI population has grown at a breakneck speed in the recent times and recorded the highest growth in the world in 2007. Markets in 2008/09 taught us they are no longer on a secular uptrend; equities are getting tougher and unpredictable which warrant specialized services. Investment management is getting more and more macro driven, specialized vehicle like PMS can help investors manage such dynamics. Financial services in India has witnessed major changes in terms of the scope of innovative products, which needs specialized platform like the PMS.

Indian HNI wealth Robust growth compared to global peers


Source: Cap gemini Merrill Lynch World wealth report

Globaltrendinwealth/adult Wealth/adultovertimeinIndia


PMS No longer just an investment symbol, but also a lifestyle symbol

Emergence of the Indian economy and the percolation of the growth benefits led to creation of a huge HNI population, for who PMS is not just an investment symbol, but also an lifestyle symbol.


PMS platform has its own advantages

Offer solutions based on the needs

Unpredictable Unpredictable Financial Financial markets markets

PMS vehicle offers a flexible platform in in a dynamic world

Need based Need based approach approach

Winners rotate Winners rotate InIn markets markets

For large investors PMS offers customization

Why PMS? Why PMS?

Ideal platform to spot ever changing winners

Customization Customization

Flexible platform Flexible platform toto spot spot opportunities opportunities

Flexibility to be spot themes in the early stages of the life cycle (PSU)

Flexibility to be in cash, a huge opportunity in times of needs.

Cash factor Cash factor

Key differentiator - Cash calls , a cutting edge advantage through PMS

Cash calls, a clear investment tool in PMS. Simply put, the fund manager has the discretion of either investing fully or partially in the markets at any given point of time giving him a flexibility to be 0% - 100% either in cash or in stocks. Very effective tool in the following scenarios: 1. When valuations turn unattractive. 2. When markets are extremely volatile. 3. When profit booking deems fit.
Cash calls were effectively employed by our team during the global crisis and in particular during the last quarter of 2008 when the portfolios were moved to cash thereby protecting the downside risks for the investors.

Fund Management in PMS

Fund management in PMS

What we offer the individual clients

Discretionary Choice, timing and execution of ideas with PMS.

Advisory Choice, timing and execution of ideas with investor.


Why Sundaram BNP Paribas PMS? Robust Investment Process


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