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Everything in life happens for a reason. The way you are, the way your lifes going every things happens for a reason. Each fall and rise in the journey of life are linked by an invisible thread which entangles or gets entwined further as we proceed. Being from a middle class family makes you go through a certain phase of life cycle which makes you more ambitious, responsible. You have it in you to go out there and make a difference. You are all set to conquer the world. But one wrong footstep can put your life hay wire. You are absolutely right if you have guessed that Incident as falling in love*. I seriously recommend that you fall and get injured physically rather than fall into this dirty pit which is the Ugliest of all. I compare it to dying in a Big damn ditch. ( I seriously recommend that you think a thousand times before you brave the tempest of love, at times while it shows you the glimpse of heaven, it also has wrecked the life of countless people dragging them to the deepest caverns of Hades.) Your life would have taken the biggest possible U turn and you will be clueless about where lifes taking you. You suddenly tend to think that the sole reason for your existence is to meet him/her. You, I am clueless why, start feeling that this is the biggest achievement of your life, to have him/her next to you. You are determined to do anything to keep it going. Not just you even your partner in crime is also experiencing the phase same as yours. The couple experiences the gusts of anxiety and desolateness without the presence of one another. You seem to lose interest in your family and friends (you forget about their existence). You go to that extent that you are ready to deceive your loved ones. This is mutual. Even he/she is in the same juncture. Life seems beautiful when you have him/her next to you. Your dreams will not be just your aspirations itll have his/her aspirations too. With love is in the air, made for each other and many such idioms merging with each and every syllables coming out of the love singed heart, you seem to perceive the world around you in an entirely different ; rather eloquent way. I suddenly turns out to become We If you are a student then things are still harder. You have no clue about your future but still you dream about and plan for a bright future**. You end up deciding on so many things that life seems to be going too smoothly and you are in control of everything. You would have stopped Thinking, this is in perspective of both the people involved. The sole reason for your existence is forgotten. Somebodys happiness seems to be more important to you than so many others sorrow. You cry for him/her. You become filmy and think that you are two bodies but ONE soul. You get so close to each other that you share every minute detail, share your secrets and what not. You are not able to reach him/her , they get upset as they were waiting for your call. If youre away for a while youll have a zillion missed calls and messages (these are the early symptoms, neednt pertain to all couples). You get obsessed and possessive about each other. Things move glibly till a point. Then you might just reach a point from where things grow dark. Lifes not like still waters, its like the sea where storms are quite common. Your life will be perturbed if you are stuck in one such storm. The person for whom you were ready to do anything in the world suddenly realizes that you guys need to get separated, without any damn reason is the weirdest part you might have to face. You are shattered. You have no clue as to why did it happen. The other person is hurt too. He/ she would have speculated something and the decision might be right too. The only additional advantage they will be having over you is the fact that their ego isnt hurt. Each of you feel like a shattered mirror. But you are hurt more and it takes years for you to gather yourself and put your life back on track. You remain in solitude, you question yourself and cry. The worst is when the other person cuts out all modes of communication. You are lost, you feel like youre all alone in this world with none to rely on. But trust me you would have Learnt a lot. I am not asking you to get into a relationship to learn this truth about life. But such an experience will definitely make you stronger, mature and let you take right decisions in life. You will then realize the importance of people who are actually important to you. You would have changed completely, your perception, the way you look at life everything would have changed, definitely for good. Innocence in you would have disappeared. Emotionally you would have become stronger. You know how world works. You realize this truth that, you come all alone and leave alone. Nobody has a reason to cry for you when you are no longer alive. The world has every reason to be selfish. None need to care when youre lonely. Solitude is your companion and you need to accept it. Hope is your companion and you need to accept it. It may seem a little impossible task in the beginning, but it requires the immense power of hope to put in place the incongruous life of yours.

Remember its your life and you are solely responsible for how it turns out to be. Dont let any stone unturned. Your success depends on how you wish to see yourself as in the next 15 years. I dont disagree with the fact that relationships are integral part of our life. But Life will be dependent on how we prioritize things. Once we realize that we will be in a better position to judge who are the ones who actually make a difference to our life, and probably start giving them more importance, love them and sacrifice for them. Think twice before you fall in love. The pain is not worth it. Your life is not similar to any of those fiction novels nor does it have any resemblance to any movie with happy endings. You definitely owe that person who taught you the truth about life. Life always gives you a second chance to gather yourself up and make that difference that you were bound to. Only you can navigate your ship of life through any storm. You are the captain, and yea Aye captain, thou shall sail the sea of love, brave thee myriads mirage of tempestuous love, with helm of hope the ship strides alone, drift and sink in search of the chosen one, !!!!

P.s: This neednt be your story, but I can blog on anything right :P * you might have had some other incident that would have changed your life forever. But I have just touched upon this. This also might be a reason depends. ** Depends on the type of person you are.