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NAME: ___________________________ TITLE: REPORT TO: Sales Representative Sales Manager DATE: _____________


ASSIGNMENT: A list of accounts and/or territory assigned to you will be provided under separate cover. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: YOU WILL:

1. Consider it your paramount task to secure increased profitable sales and G.T.M. from your assigned customers in compliance with assigned sales and G.T.M. Goals. 2. Constantly search out and develop new accounts and promote new products in compliance with assigned new account and product development goals. 3. As the company representative, your actions must always be in accordance with company policy and intended to further the interest of the company at all times. 4. Keep the Company advised at all times of changing competitive activity, price changes and market trends in your territory. 5. All sales representatives utilizing his/her own vehicle must furnish the company with evidence of insurance reflecting the current minimum coverages required by the State of California. 6. All sales representatives are required to maintain a clean driving record and must sign a release to authorize annual reviews of his/her driving records by our Broker of Record.


YOU WILL.......

1. Keep accurate customer record cards indicating: First Name, Correct Address, Telephone Number, Contacts Name (Purchasing Agent, etc.), Identification & Quantity of Merchandise Purchased, and Price Considerations

2. Keep a daily sales report and submit this report weekly to the Sales Manager for review. 3. Attend all company sales meetings, training sessions, sales dinners, events and etc. as required by management. 4. Reply to and follow through on all specific inquiries made by the company, customers and lead assigned to you. 5. Make sales calls in a manner and frequency as directed by the sales manager. 6. Accept full sales responsibility for those accounts assigned to you and supply all records, information and give all necessary assistance on accounts that may be reassigned away from you. The company reserves the right to reassign any accounts. 7. Investigate and rectify all complaints from your assigned accounts, or as direct by the company. 8. Constantly strive to increase your product knowledge and your professional sales abilities. 9. Cooperate fully with all departments, particularly the Accounts Receivable Department, according to company policy.



1. Be solely responsible for writing orders and inquiries from your assigned accounts and assist others where you may be helpful. 2. Become familiar and comply with company policy on sample requests. 3. Become familiar and comply with company policy on request for quotations, and be responsible for writing these requests in sufficient detail on the proper form to avoid all possible misunderstandings. 4. Be solely responsible for the company sales catalogue issued to you, replacing all out-dated catalogues with current pages, as they are issued.


You agree that all trade secrets, customer lists, prospective accounts lists, and all information concerning accounts are confidential information that belong to the company and specifically agree that accounts and lead turned over to you by the company are considered trade secrets. During your employment of after termination of your employment, should it come about, voluntarily or otherwise for a period of one (1) year, you agree not to divulge this confidential information to any person or business entity except to persons who are authorized by the company to receive such information. After your said termination, you agree to immediately return to the company a list of your established and prospective accounts together with all information concerning these accounts, all sales catalogues, price books and sheet forms which you still have. You further agree that if you violate any of the terms or covenants in this agreement, you agree that a Court of Competent Jurisdiction shall enjoin you from such violations in addition to all other action that may be taken against you.


The company will issue a statement to each sales representative once each month showing a total of all his sales shipped and billed during the previous month. The records reflected by these statements shall be the basis of compensation whether at that time sales, percentage of sales, gross profit or any other system be used as the basis for compensation. G.T.M., however, shall be the difference between (net) sales and cost. Cost shall be the acquisition price as posted and as determined exclusively by the company and reflected in its costing system. Should there, at any time, be determined an error has been made in the costing system and the company agrees to said change, the change shall be effective at that time and not retroactive so as to decrease or increase a sales representatives compensation or commission in the proceeding periods. The undersigned hereby agrees that he is not, at any time, entitled to examine or cause to be examined, the books or records of the company for any reason whatsoever and by accepting employment agrees to abide by the rules of the Company and the records as they are furnished to him. Requests for information, difference of opinion, errors, and etc. shall be directed to and discussed with the sales manager. SALARY

1. Starting salary as trainee $____________________ per month. 2. Salary as salesperson $____________________ per month. 3. Expenses as salesperson (if applicable) up to $____________________ per month will be reimbursed on presentment of proper voucher form. (Amounts will be added to year end W-2 wages.) 4. Starting sales from company: __________________________ 5. Sales expected: refer to salary scale down to commission procedure dated 08/30/2004.


It is understood that the company makes changes from time to time in the job description and the sales representative agrees to abide by the same.


Attached hereto is Company Sales Commission Plan Policy #VA2, dated 02/1/2002 which shall apply and supersede salary arrangements upon employee becoming a commissioned salesperson.

If employee is a commissioned salesperson, and if he/she is on a draw commission plan, then employee agrees and understands that he/she will be advanced $______________ per working day as against commission to be earned. As commissions are earned, they shall be used as payments against the oldest draws. Any amounts advanced and not earned by the salesperson upon termination shall be immediately paid to the company. If the daily advance amount listed above is blank or is changed, it is understood the amount of draw advanced the salesperson shall be the amount for which salesperson is liable.

Uncollectible accounts will be handled in accordance with regular company policy as described in policy #VA2 Sales Commission Plan.

I have read the foregoing Agreement and Job Description dated 6/1/2002, understand it, and agree that as one of the considerations for my being hired that I agree to be bound by the above terms, and I do agree, without reservation, on my own free will, to said terms and shall, on my part, comply with same.
DATE: ______ SALES PERSON_______________________ FOR THE COMPANY: ________________________________ SALES MANAGER ERNEST PACKAGING/BAYOU

Revised: June 1, 2002 Replaces: June 1, 1997

Broker of Record, L/B/W Insurance will obtain your DMV record from the Department of Motor Vehicles for review. This report will be used in consideration of your employment with ERNEST PAPER PRODUCTS. Thereafter, our Broker of Record will review your DMV report on an annual basis. Our Insurance Carrier has a set standard that you must maintain at all times. If your record goes below that standard your employment maybe terminated immediately. Please check if you wish to receive a copy of the report. If so, it will be provided to you at no charge at the same time it is provided to ERNEST PAPER PRODUCTS.

Yes, I would like to have a copy of my DMV report. Your signature below acknowledges that you have read and understand the above notice. Print Name:_______________________ Signature:________________________ License-#:________________________ Date of Birth:_____________________ Date: ______________________

Rev: 06-01-2002