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Summer Internship Report

Name of Company:

S. J. Enterprises

Address of Company:

304, Shubham, Laxmi Park, Near Cine Max, Mira Road (E), Dist. Thane 401107

Mobile / Phone No:

09324527248 / 022 65272741

Email id:

Submitted by: Nimesh Kumar Yadav (Roll No. 55)

Name of Coordinator:

Prof. Ashiya Shaikh

July 2011


I hereby declare that the Summer Internship Report submitted for the MMS Degree, BESs Institute of Management Studies and Research (Affiliated to University of Mumbai) is my original work and conducted in S. J. Enterprises.

Place: Mumbai Date: 21 Jul 2011 (Nimesh Kumar Yadav) (Roll No. 55)


This is to certify that the Summer Internship Report is the bona fide internship work carried out by Mr. Nimesh Kumar Yadav, student of MMS, at BESs Institute of Management Studies and Research (Affiliated to University of Mumbai) during the May to July 2011, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Master in Management Studies.

Place: Mumbai Date: Jul 2011

Signature of the Director

Signature of the Coordinator


I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Subhash Jakhmola, Proprietor of S. J. Enterprises for providing me valuable information. I am grateful to BESs Institute of Management Studies and Research for giving me an opportunity to pursue MMS. I wish to thank Professor Vikram D. Shikhare, Director, BESs Institute of Management Studies and Research who has been a perpetual source of inspiration and offered valuable suggestions to improve my practical Knowledge. I am indebted to my Coordinator, Ms. Ashiya Shaikh, Professor, BESs Institute of Management Studies and Research, for abundant guidance, support, and encouragement throughout my internship Study. I would like to express my thanks to various people from S. J. Enterprises for their support and direction.

Place: Mumbai Date: 21 July, 2011

(Nimesh Kumar Yadav)

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