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We would like to thank Mr.S.sarkar (quality assurance executive), Of Bengal beverages, for the valuable support and cooperation he has provided us while carrying out the report. We would like thank our thirty member group for their help. We would also like to thank our industrial tour coordinator, Prof. Sharmistha Das, for her encouragement and guidance.

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This industrial visit was conducted on 11th September 2009; Friday. The Company which we had visited for our Industrial tour is Bengal Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (ISO14001-9001), The main findings are that: Our main findings were that the production process of the company, that is the total production process from water treatment to bottling of the product, it is a large process consisting mainly five steps:

Water treatment Sugar mixing Essence mixing Bottle preparation. Bottling of the product.

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Introduction Methodology Project schedule/commencement/duration/task force Analysis and Findings Production & process Water purification Syrup formation Bottling Filling and capping Labeling packing Observation Conclusions Appendices
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Bengal Beverage Pvt, Ltd. Basically a franchise owner of Coca Cola Company. They have two branches. One at Dankuni another at Taratala.Bengal Beverage established in 1984.

After visiting the production area, there are lots of questions in our mind. So therefore company arranged a question answer session for us where we asked question related to different sections like-marketing, HR, finance, company environment etc to the company representative. They communicate with us verbally and try to answer our quarries.

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Duration: The duration of the industrial visit is one


Commencement: The date of the industrial visit is


Task force: To conduct the industrial visit, the

following task force was constituted by EIILM Tour coordinator- Prof.Sharmistha Das, the group of 60 students.

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Here the analysis of different parts, they are:-

As per the organization structure Concern, they have two orders, Administrative structure top of the order MD than manager, manager derided in to two major department one plan another Quality .Shivratan Goyenka is MD OF THE Company, Debasish Ghosh is plan manager and N.K.Das is general manager. As per the major Strategies Concern they have 8 hrs each three shifts. They have maintains schedule of two months in winter season. They have over time facility in summer season. Bengal Beverages have 10 and 6 ton oil fire boiler. Though they are franchise of Coca-Cola Company but they have own pay roll, bonus scheme and increment scheme. They have own water purifier, and they got the electricity from West Bengal stats electricity board.

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At the time of inception the Company has one Campus and gradually the area of Campus also in creased with the development. As per the infrastructure that is created by a Company is very planned and controlled manner which we had seen when we enter the company for instance. An Individual worker is divided for undivided work, and there is individual section of each department. To maintain good relationship with Community they also try to interact with them to know that exactly they want. The whole Community work is based on the reader of the group through which they conduct their system according to rules and regulation thus there is no monopoly in Community. If the particular Company faced the problem with Community during session of production so, there is various departments who solved this type of Problem. The Company takes various steps to over come from pollution. The biggest challenge for any industry to how to handle it, with consumption without affecting other.

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WATER PURIFICATION: 1. First-The raw water is extracted from the underground by bore well.

It has got three bore well of 450ft depth. Second-The raw water is stored in 6*50m3 tank where it is chlorinated for removal of bacteria.

3. Third-The water is passed through Sand Filtration 4. Fourth-Then the hard water (300ppm) is softened (10ppm) by Carbon filtration. 5. Fifth-Then the water is sent for Reverse Osmosis in the Polyamide Membrane where salt reduction is done at high pressure. 6. Sixth-Then the water is again sent for chlorine filter in the Lid -or-Lad for the removal of if any pesticide left in the water. 7. Seventh-The water then sent for Micron Filtration where if any particles left is removed. 8. Eighth-The water is then sent for Ultra Violet Treatment to remove if any other bacteria or virus is left.

Ninth-The process water is now sent to the production department.

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SYRUP FORMATION: The total number of sugar godown is two, and sugar is mainly imported from the market in bulk.

2. At first the sugar is grinded to sugar dust in the sugar dumping machine.

Then syrup formation is done by mixing of purified water and sugar dust at a temperature of 850C and it is stored in the raw sugar syrup tank.

4. Here Essence (a product that comes from Coca Cola, Pune) is mixed with this raw sugar syrup. 5. Raw sugar syrup is mixed with essence and then this concentrated mixture is again mixed with purified water to dilute in the ratio of 1:4.5 6. This newly formed mixture is the final syrup that is ready for bottling.

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BOTTLING: In the bottling department there is three lines of fillers which two for glass bottle and one for plastic bottle: First Line - 600bpm(bottle per minute),(glass) Second Line-400bpm(bottle per minute),(glass) The glass bottle are imported from Hindustan Heavy Glass Ltd. Third Line-200bpm(bottle per minute),(plastic). In case of plastic bottle the Preform (the mini version) is imported from outside and it is enlarged in the bottling segment. For 500ml plastic 25ml and for 2lts plastic bottle 50ml Preform is used. This Preform is put inside the machine where at around 90-110C temperature it is enlarged into its original form. Now the bottles (both plastic and glass) are put on the lines where it is send to fillers for filling of bottles with the ready syrup.

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FILLING AND CAPPIMG In this bottling line the final mixture is filled by the filler and before capping CO2 is punched at a temperature between 450C and subsequently the bottle is capped. Here the capped bottle temperature is 7-80C. This bottle is then passed through warm water (450C) for labeling purpose. LABELLING: These bottles are now sent to the labeling department where the bottles are labeled and coding is done by the help of Video Jet Laser. PACKAGING: These labeled bottles are now packed on the cartoons which are now ready to be dispatched in the market.

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MARKETING AND SALES: Basically they have traditional Competition with Pepsi Company. Here the Company also competes with Pepsi Company. The Company gets 20% reduction or whole sale price. The Company have 65% market share. The Companys main sales areas are North and South 24Parghanas. Basically Bengal Beverages Sales their Product through dealer. Generally the middle class people are the main buyer of the Companies Product. Total sale of last month was 1, 50,000 bottles.

FINANCE:o The Company estimated around Rs-122 crore turn over. o They have 20% Profitability. o The Company has no such kind of share in share market.

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These Companies has 425 Employed and their trend is gradually increased. There are two types of categories of permanent and temporary employs. There are 400/- Permanent and 1000/- above are temporary. The sources of Employment are generally based on the advertisement. In which it is clearly mention that what type of Employees actually they are looking for. Generally they provided two type of training facility 3day in summer and 6 month training. They provided various types of benefits which are most importance for workers, employees. They select people those who have working knowledge in relevant work. The company tries to established good relationship with employee, in order to get work from them, against that they provided bonus during special occasion. The company provided same facility to their employee as Govt. employee get. The company provided its employees with insurance: o Employ Insurance.(ESI)

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OBSERVATION: Our main observation on Bengal Beverage was the production process, mainly how the production is running, how many employees are working there, what types of facilities are given them, what type of protections they are taking while they working on the plant, how is the company environment, how is the strength of relationship between management and employees, and how is relationship between different departments.

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The impact study has been completed within the schedule time frame. The product of the company is very safe to drink, because they use 110 quality cheking,The relationship between the employees and management is transparent, also the interactions between the different departments are strong, employees of production department are very efficient in their job, company also provide them different facilities, like TA,DA,Medical coverages, insurance etc. Success of the company though being centered on managing the production but, it is still the combination and interaction between all the departments that make it successful The salient features of the findings are as followsWater treatment Purification Syrup formation Bottling of the product Labeling & packing

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