A/C units Pipe Installation and Drainage Pipe Insulation





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Bend the tubing in proper way. adhesive. The aim of this work is to describe mechanical works associated with insulation of A/C drain pipe to ensure compliance with contract requirements approved shop drawings. specification and quality control. 2.During the installation we are using cutter.AC Unit pipe installation and Drainage pipe insulation of AC split unitsfor office buildings. a) Insulation Tube. then the outdoor unit. d)Drainage Pipe. 2.2 PLANT AND EQUIPMENT List of Material and Equipment which are using in for this task is as follows. c)Cupper tube.1 General Description This method of statement describes procedures forpipe installation and Drainage pipe insulation of AC split units. Connect the indoor unit at first.3 WORK METHODOLOGY Every works shall be installed and connected accordance with Manufacture instruction which is describe in submittal. Be sure to use two wrenches simultaneously when you connect or disconnect the pipes. 2.SCOPE OF WORK 2.1A/C units Refrigerant pipe connecting 1) Piping sizes 2) Piping connection 2.1)1).3. Measure the necessary length of the connecting pipe. . e)Cutter f)Driller 2. insulation tube and other necessary equipments which are shown in manufacturer data sheetregarding to pipe installation are attached. Do not harm them. For exact and perfect bending we have to use pipe bending machine. materials. and make it by the following way a. b) Adhesive.

Pass the bound connecting pipe through the wall conduit from outside. Expel the air after connecting the refrigerant pipe with the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Do not let air in. dusts and other impurities may enter the pipe system and may cause malfunction later. first loosen the nuts at the part of stop value. which will cause water leakage by condensation. Then fasten the nuts at the repair-points. . 2. then connect the flare pipe immediately (in 5 minutes). If the nuts have been loosened for a long time. So please expel the air out of the pipe with refrigerant before connection. Drill a hole in the wall (suitable just for the size of the wall conduit). b. The stop value of the outdoor unit should be closed absolutely (as original state).b. Bind the connecting pipe and the cables together tightly with binding tapes.2) Locate The Pipe a. then set on the fittings such as the wall conduit and its cover. Be careful of the pipe allocation to do no damage to the tubing. c. c. Every time you connect it.

and bind it well with the tapes to prevent leakage.6) Cover the joint of the connecting pipe to the indoor unit with the soundproof / insulating sheath (fittings). open the stem of stop values of the outdoor unit to make the refrigerant pipe connecting the indoor unit with the outdoor unit influent flow.) 4)Pipe Clamps After tapping to the refrigerant pipe and drain pipe(tapping refrigerant pipe drain pipe each other).DO NOT DEMAGE THE PIPE!!! 2. 2.) -65g(length-8m) (capacity 24000btu/h. 3) Additional charge When the length of the one-way pipe is less than 8m.2 meter . 2.4) Then. 2.3) Connect the pipes. the quantity to be added is as follows (unit in gram): Connective pipe length Less than 8m Over 8m Air purging method Use refrigerant of outdoor unit Use vacuum pump or refrigerant cylinder Additional amount of refrigerant to be charged -30g(length-8m) (capacity 20000btu/h. additional refrigerant charge after vacuuming is not necessary. When the length of one-way pipe is over 8m.Install the pipes with using clamp each up to 1 meter to 1.5) Be sure of no leakage by checking it with soap water.

2A/C units Drainage Pipe Insulation There are two choice appliances ofinsulationtubes. 3Bfor big size pipe insulations. The other is described as below with figure 1B. One is described as below with figure 1A. Figure 1A Figure 2A Slip full length of insulation tube (for small size pipe) Figure 3A Apply a thin layer of adhesive at the connection joint Figure 1B Cut the insulation tube according to the lengthwise (for big size pipe) Press together two surface firmly of joint Figure 2B Figure 3B Apply a thin layer of adhesive on both joining surface evenly Press together two surface firmly of seam Adhesive tape at connection joint Insulation tube 9mm thk . 3A for small pipe insulations. 2A.2. 2B.3.

Name of On-Site First Aider: First Aid Facilities: Telephone : Nearest Hospital: (0093) 707 874 068 SHENOZADEA HOSPITAL 1.P. d. Safety Shoes/Boots c. MACROIAN . and in all cases in full accordance with safety procedures specified in the company¶s health and safety Policy. Safety glasses. Other: Required Personnel Protective Equipment: conformity assesment procedure for risk Safety Boots Hard Hats Safety Gloves YES YES YES Hearing Protection If Require Eye Protection Respiratory Protection If Require If Require All work will be undertaken by qualified competent persons with experience of the type of work described above.E as follows. a.3. Health & Safety. All personnel involved in this work shall use the mandatory P. A special safety inspector is assigned. Safety Helmet b. All other PPE as required by the risk assessment.

1 Foreman c. 1Supervizor b.Manpower a.4. 3 Worker .