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hen I was a wee lad of 16 I decided to make something that could shoot a blowgun dart with very high velocity, very long range, and with pinpoint accuracy. I accomplished all three objectives with what I simply call supergun.



Barrel length Caliber Range Effective range Muzzle velocity

36 inches .40 250 yards 100 yards 600 fps

Supergun is basically a 3 foot blowgun crammed into a tiger shark paint ball gun I bought for 25 dollars. I had to use a lathe and make special spacers to keep the blowgun as straight as possible while inside the paint ball gun barrel. The concept is simple, a blowgun is designed to work with the pressure created by the human lung. Replace lungs with a tank of CO2 that is compressed into a liquid and you got yourself one bad ass piece of equipment.



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