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ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORKS plc: Management Development
ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORKS plc (ASTRO) is Malaysia’s leading cross-media group with significant presence in the subscription TV service, commercial radio and TV programming. ASTRO broadcasts over 116 pay-TV channels in four major languages across Malaysia and Brunei to more than 2.6 million households. ASTRO was seeking to increase its participation in large under-penetrated economies in Asia that would benefit from the anticipated liberalisation of the media industry and the fast-growing consumer sector. The Challenge CELSIM was asked to design and deliver a management development programme to equip middle managers with the critical managerial leadership skills and attributes for dynamic business success. The objective of the programme was to develop critical managerial leadership capabilities in: 1. Coaching and Motivation: build strengths and talents, inspire others to share a common vision, guide self and teams to focus on business objectives and outcomes. 2. Communication: express a compelling vision of the future, overcome obstacles to change, give effective feedback that gets positive results. 3. Influence: build collaboration, teamwork and trust, ensure team and organisation are aligned with the culture and business direction. The Solution In partnership with Karuna Narian, Training Manager, we designed the Management Development programme – combining highly engaging workshops, role plays, business simulations, action learning projects and e-learning – to address ASTRO’s culture and key business challenges. These included:    Achieving Personal Excellence: examining management and leadership style preferences, values and preferred team roles, aligning actions with shared values. Managing and Leading Others to Excellence: communicating team vision, influencing and coaching others, leveraging everyone’s talents and enabling the future. Aligning Self and Others to Organisation Performance: managing performance, enabling others to act, foster collaboration to achieve business success.

The Results ASTRO middle managers gained transferable skills and knowledge, practical insights and relevant experiences to manage performance and inspire commitment and motivation from teams to meet their business challenges effectively. Lynne Lim (Manager, Media Sales Chinese Channels), a participant on our management development programme commented, “It is an excellent opportunity to improve my management skills, re-focus on business processes and re-assess their value to the business. The tools that I have learned are very valuable and I know I can offer what I have learned back to my team to be utilised for all the positive reasons. I especially enjoyed the team dynamics associated with the simulated business game and I'd recommend it highly!”

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