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BANK PERTANIAN MALAYSIA: Essence of Leadership
Bank Pertanian Malaysia (BPM), the Agricultural Bank of Malaysia, is a government-owned bank in Malaysia. Its main role is to promote the agricultural sector through mobilisation of lending facilities and savings in rural areas. Since the approval of the Bank Pertanian Malaysia Bill for the Bank to be corporatised in December 2007, BPM embarked on a new business direction to offer more competitive and comprehensive financial products and venture into new business activities, including life and general insurance, credit card services, internet banking and current account facilities. The Challenge CELSIM was asked to design and deliver a leadership programme to equip senior managers with the tools and techniques to lead, coach and motivate themselves and their teams to transform mindsets, catalyse change and ensure alignment with the new business direction. The objective of the programme was to develop critical leadership capabilities in: 1. Coaching: rise to full leadership potential and unlock the potential of others to attain corporate and personal goals, continually motivate top performers. 2. Communication: consistently get message across and influence all stakeholders, overcome obstacles to change. 3. Influence: deal with unexpected conflicts fast and move on to income generating activities, develop flexibility of approach to meet any situation as it arises. The Solution In partnership with Harry Tan, General Manager BPM Training Centre, we designed the Essence of Leadership programme – combining highly interactive workshops, group coaching, role plays and personal development activities – to address BPM’s culture and business challenges. These included:    Examining leadership styles and choices through highly engaging activities to allow participants to experience leadership dynamics with organisational awareness. Developing clarity, achievement orientation and flexibility of approach to motivate and inspire self and others through compatible communications skills. Learning the skills of building deep, influential rapport with others and moving from conflict to agreement and cooperation.

The Results BPM senior managers developed the confidence, skills and knowledge to integrate the learning into their business life to create deep sustainable change swiftly and easily and inspire commitment and motivation from teams to achieve the organisation’s goals. Victor Cagampang (Head, Executive Development) summed up his satisfaction with our leadership programme, “CELSIM has demonstrated its unique ability to tap into the human potential and transform it into lasting results. In just six short months, I witnessed astounding positive results! The one thing that was most noticeable was how these managers developed significant clarity on their priorities and were much more confident and effective at removing road blocks and executing activities."

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