House Arrest By David Raygoza

A story by Greg Phipps

July 2011



A trash bin is absolutely OVERFLOWING with tissues. It’s a MOUNTAIN of tissues, if you will. Staring into the mountain is RICK NEWMAN, a 16 year old with an EXTREMELY runny nose. You could say he has the worst cold in human history. RICK (V.O.) You could say I have the worst cold in human history. I have had it for two months, five days, and... He glances at the clock above the oven RICK (V.O.) (CONTD) Thirteen hours. I have no idea how I got it, but I will do just about anything to get rid of it. The phone RINGS and RICK runs over to pick it up. RICK Hello? Derek! Thank god you called, I’m going crazy man. I feel so left out, what’s been going on? DEREK (O.C.) Nothing. RICK Nothing?! SOMETHING must have happened! I haven’t hung out with anyone in two months, and everyone always makes those super-vague facebook statuses that mean practically nothing at all! Come on, give me even the saddest story you’ve got. DEREK (O.C.) Well, there is one thing. RICK Tell me, tell me, tell me! DEREK (O.C.) I need you to come outside. RICK glances out his window, the sun has set and his suburban neighborhood is TRANQUIL.


CONTINUED: RICK I can’t. I’ve got like a mutant cold. It’ll latch onto anyone and spread. I’m like a less-cool zombie. DEREK (O.C.) Doesn’t matter. Rick, I need you out here.


RICK makes his way to the front door, phone in hand, when he STOPS just before opening the door. RICK Derek, what’s going on? DEREK (O.C.) Is your mom home? RICK No, she’s working. DEREK (O.C.) Good. Just come outside please. RICK hesitates, a beat of silence DEREK (O.C.) Please. RICK opens the door EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET NIGHT

Below a yellow streetlight sits DEREK, hands tied, and next to him stand two scrawny teenagers. They speak in slight, botched ITALIAN accents. SCRAWNY TEENAGER #1 Well, if it isn’t Howard Hughes himself! Your father owes us money, Mr. Hughes, and from what I heard, your father skipped town to Vegas a few weeks ago. That puts you, and your friend here in a bit of a bind. RICK So is this The Aviator or The Godfather, because either way, you’re butchering it Tom. The Italian accent vanishes completely (CONTINUED)



TOM Goddamn it, Rick, you really are a buzz kill! Also, if I was you, I wouldn’t tempt me, because I have your friend all tied up. RICK If you were me, I would be you, so Derek would be fine. TOM That’s not how that works! RICK waves at the second scrawny teenager RICK Hey, Brian. BRIAN Hey, Rick. RICK Tom needed a ride? BRIAN Yup.