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Tagore in the light of Spirit

The great poet Rabindranath Tagores longing for bliss in every being is reflected in the song Jagat Jure Udar Sure today it sees the light of reality. Tagores foresight of this great human confluence is reflected in the poem-song Bharat Tirtha.

Jagat jur udr sur Jagat jur udr sur nandagn bj, S gn kab gabhir rab bjib hiya mjh. All over the world reverberates the melody of joy attuned with ever flowing bliss. When will the moment arrive for the depth of this blissful melody to resonate in the core of our hearts? Batash jalo kash lo sabr kab bshibo bhalo, Hriday sabh juriya tr bashib nn sje. When shall we be able to love the air, the water, the sky and the light; and embellished in beautiful attire will they assemblage in our souls. Nayan duti melil kabe parn hab khushi, Je path diya choliy jbo sabr jbo tushi. Let the time come for our hearts to drench in joy at all that we behold, and let there be ripples of contentment in all whom we pass by! Royechho tumi kath kab jibana mjh sahaja hab, pni kab tomri nm dhonib sab kj. Let Thy presence be ever felt by us spontaneously in our beings and Thy name effortlessly reverberate in every rhythm of our lives.
Through Sahaja Yoga human beings transcend the basis of race and religion. They used to unite with the feeling of the Universal Brotherhood every year at the seashore of Ganapatipule, Maharashtra.

H Mor Chitto Punya Tirth H mor chitto punya tirth jgo r dhir i bhratr mahmnabr sgartir. O the attention of mine! Get awakened gradually in the holy pilgrimage of this Indian seashore, the confluence of all the great souls in the entire human race. Hthy dnry dubhu bry nami naradbatr Udrchhand paramnand bandan kori tr. Standing here with both my arms outstretched, I bow down to the God in all beings for singing hymns with unimpeded rhythm and great joy. Dhyangambhir i je bhudar, nadi japaml dhrita prntar Hthy nitya hro pabitro dharitrir i bhratr mahmanabr sgartir. Behold the mountains in solemn meditation, and the meadows interspersed with the meandering rivers like the sacred necklace of a saint. Behold here, every moment! O behold the sacred mother earth, at this Indian seashore, the confluence of all the great souls in the entire human race. Kho nhi jn kr habhn kato mnushr dhr Durbr srot lo kotha hot samudr holo hr. No one knows in response to whose clarion call so many souls have torrentially streamed down from nowhere and have been lost in this ocean.

Hthy rya , hth Anrya, hthye Drvid CheenSaka-Huna-dal, Pthn-Mogal ek dehe holo leen. Here, the Aryans and the non-Aryans, the Dravidians and the Chinese, the Saks and the Huns, the Afghans and the Mughals, all have merged into one being. Pashchim ji khuliychh dr, sth hot sab n upahr Dib r nib , milb milib, jb n phiri bhratr mahmanabr sgartir. The door has opened up in the West from where all bring in gifts, in a mission to give and take, to unite and be united; none shall return refused from this Indian seashore, the confluence of all the great souls in the entire human race. sho h rjya , Esho Anrjya, Hindu-Musalmn. sho sho j tumi Ingrj, sho sho Khrishtn Come O Aryans, O Non-Aryans, O the Hindus and the Muslims. Come, come today O the English, come ye Christians. sho Brhman shuchi kari mon dharo hth sabkr. sho h patit, hok apanit saba apamnbhr. Come ye Brahmins- come with purified minds to join hands with all. Come O the downtrodden and outcastes! Let all the burdens of disrespect and humiliations be dispelled.

Mr abhishk sho sho tar, Mangal ghath hayni j bhar Sabr parash pabitra karaa tirtha nir. ji bhratr mahmnabr sgartir. Come in haste! Come ye all at the coronation of the Mother, for the sacred-pot has yet to be filled up with the water of this pilgrimage sanctified by the touch of all.

Rabindranath Tagore describes his experience of Self Realisation through the feelings of Gora, the character on which the novel GORA is centred upon...

The glow of the dawn in the Eastern sky revealed itself to him as though it was a sentence complete in its sense, as though it was an errand, as if this glow chanted Vedic hymns of the ancient Tapovan; his entire body quivered- for a moment he stood astounded, and for an infinitesimal moment it seemed to him that a radiant ray of light piercing his BrahmaRandhra (the fontanelle bone area on top of his head), rising up like a stalk of a subtle lotus bloomed itself into a hollowed lotus pervading the entire firmament- as if all his being, all his consciousness, all his energy got fully absorbed in it with the Absolute joy.....................................