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GreaseClean-One™…the simple solution that saves you

time and money.
AC Environmental has a simple solution to help eliminate operational costs
associated with grease trap cleaning, lift station pumping and disposal.

AC Environmental’s GreaseClean-One™ is an aqueous-based, robust microbial blend
for digesting grease, oil or other food wastes in pipes, traps, sewers and lift
stations. The all-natural microbes in GreaseClean-One™ produce enzymes that break
down grease into CO2 and water. In the process, odors are significantly reduced
or eliminated. Additionally, regular treatments with GreaseClean-One™ can lower your
disposal, pumping and municipal wastewater discharge costs by reducing BOD, THE AC ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTION
COD and TSS.
• Solubilizes grease and food waste throughout the
AC Environmental’s attention to customer satisfaction is evident in the entire disposal system
thoroughness of our service. AC-ES provides on-site training and service
• Reduces BOD, COD & TSS lowering municipal
replenishment either directly or through our network of representatives. waste charges

Since 1998, We have been satisfying the needs of a wide-range of customers • Eliminates costs associated with cleaning, pumping
with innovative, bioscience solutions for manufacturing, agriculture, environmental and disposal
remediation, oil field production, restaurants and food processing and
• Prevents odors by minimizing formation of H2S
aquatic management.
• Cost effective, proven solutions for many
applications including restaurants and food
processing facilities

• Technical support

• Dedicated customer service
Simple-One™ saves money
AC Environmental’s GreaseClean-One™ reduces or eliminates recurring maintenance
down time and disposal costs associated with the accumulation of grease and food
wastes in your disposal system including pipes, traps, lift stations or lagoons. In the
process, BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and TSS
(Total Suspended Solids) are reduced in the downstream discharge resulting in lower
municipal waste surcharges.
As part of their feeding process, the all-natural microbes in GreaseClean-One™ produce enzymes that
break down grease into CO2 and water. H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide or "rotten egg" smell) is reduced
quickly and results in improved working conditions for employees and surrounding neighbors.
Environmentally Friendly
Since GreaseClean-One™ is all-natural and effective, downstream costs and problems related to
handling of wastewater are reduced or eliminated. Nothing in the waste stream requires special
Comprehensive Service & Support
GreaseClean-One™ is backed-up by complete service and support including on-site personnel training
and replenishment. Regardless of the size of your operation, from the largest food processing
facility to the corner diner, AC Environmental provides the expertise and support for a
successful solution.
Solutions & Satisfaction Focused
Quite simply, AC Environmental focuses on solutions that meet customer’s needs in the
most effective, environmentally sensitive and cost-conscious manner.
The AC Team is comprised of professionals from a broad range of disciplines including
chemistry, microbiology, engineering, environmental geology and marketing and sales.
We consistently deploy the resources of the entire Team to develop comprehensive solutions
for customers across a wide-range of industries.

MSDS available on request. © 2008, AC Environmental Services. Safe-One is a registered trademark.