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INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT The aims of carrying out the project is to


mathematics to everyday situations and appreciate theimportance and the beauty of mathematics in everyday lives.

problem-solving skills, thinking skills , reasoning andmathematical communication.

positive attitude and personalities and instrinsicmathematical values such as accuracy , confidence andsystematic reasoning. d)Stimulate learning environment that enhances effectivelearning inquiry-base and teamwork. e)Develop mathematical knowledge in a way which increasestudents’ interest and confidence.

. Cakes are treasured not only because of their wonderful taste but also in the art of cake baking and cake decorating.the concept can be used to  Decide on how many layers of each size of cake you will need for your cake. CONSTRUCTING THE STRUCTURE OF A CAKE These cakes are made by using different sizes of circular pans. Your are to plan for a cake that will serve between 200 and 250 people.  Each layer of cake must remain a cylinder.  You may have some left-over cake from a layer.(All pans have the same height).  You have 4 different sizes of pans of you can use.  One sector feed one person  Your final ingredients list must be proportional to the ingredients list provided for you. Find out how.Part I Cakes cone in a variety of forms and flavours and are among favourite desserts served during special occasions such as birthday parties.  You can stack layers. r=10 cm r=25 r=15cm r=20cm r=25cm By using the theory of arithmetic and geometric progression in Chapter 1 Form 5.  Show how you can cut the layers of the cake into equivalent sectors having a top area of 50 cm2 each. Each layer can then be separated and cut individually.then stacking the baked cake sections on top of each other. weddings and etc.  Each layer of cake will be cut into sectors that have a top area of exactly 50cm2.  The wedding cake must feed between 200 and 250 people. in order to feed between 200 and 250 people. Hari Raya. mathematics is used in cake baking and cake decorating and write about your findings.  Complete the ingredients list by identifying the quantities needed for each ingredient in the cake.

a sheet cake in a pan only needs the top frosted.such as how to make a cake recipe larger or smaller or how to determine what size slices you should cut.sugar and butter ratio of 4:4:1. For example.  Calculate the surface area of the part of the cake that needs frosting.  Calculate the proportions of different ingredients.on each layer and on the sides.provide basic math practice for young children.Older children and teenagers can use more sophisticated math to solve baking dilemmas. Use as few measuring cups as possible.   Determine what time it will be when the oven timer goes off.For helps you become a more flexible and resourceful baker.such as counting ingredients and setting the oven timer. This requires you to work with determining the fraction of the container used and multiplying that by the cost of the entire container.Work and calculations to determine the ingredients of the cake Baking a cake offers a tasty way to practice math skills. the timer will go off at 4:10. 2 cups confectioners' sugar and 1/2 cup butter has a cream cheese. and 18 by 13 inch sheet cake designed to serve 25 people should be cut into slices that measure approximately 3 by 3 inches. For example.Many steps of baking a cake. Identifying ratios can also help you make recipes larger or smaller.Practicing math while baking not only improves your math skills. use a 1/4cup three times.  Determine how large each slice should be if you want to serve a certain amount of people.such as flour. For example.Estimate the cost partially used ingredients. instead of using a 3/4 cup. a frosting recipe that calls for 2 cups cream cheese.while a sheet cake on a tray needs the top and four sides a real-world context. such as fractions and ratios.  Add up the cost of your ingredients to find the cost of your cake. Initial draft of the cake Reflection .For example.A round layer cake requires frosting on the top.if your cake has to bake for 30 minutes and you set the timer at 3:40.

illustrations. I have done many researches throughout the internet anddiscussing with a friend who have helped me a lot in completingthis project. drawing or even in a song. Table of Contents No. I havelearned many skills and techniques. This project also helped expose techniques of application of additional mathematics in real life situations. Through the completion of this project.While conducting this project. what have you learnt? What moral values did you practise? Represent your opinions or feelings creatively through usage of symbols. This project really helps me to understand more about the uses of progressions in our daily life.I have learnt how to bake a wedding cake stands with good quality and proper height.While you were conducting the project. 1 2 Question Part I Part II Question 1 Question 2 (a) Question 2 (b) Question 2 (c) Question 3 (a) Question 3 (b) Question 3 (c) Part III Further Exploration Reflection Page 3 4 5 .a lot of information that I found.