Introduction Vision

Act as Catalyst for improving productivity to achieve Global Competitiveness.

fostering an Enabling Environment Introducing and Implementing Programmers/Initiatives that enhance Productivity.

1. To lead the continuous productivity & quality movement in Pakistan in every sector of the national economy; 2. Develop and strengthen economic sectors in compliance with international best practices to make Pakistan more productive and globally competitive; 3. of 4. Productivity Organizations) to avail the multitude benefits as a founding member; develop and strengthen industrial sectors in compliance with international best practices, Developing human capital and organizational excellence for building a knowledge-based society through training, system development and best practices; 5. Carry out research in productivity and quality aspects and establish productivity indices and Standards for various economic sectors; Represent Pakistan at APO (Asian productivity Organization) and WNPO (World Network

6. After the approval of the Prime Minister. 2001. the NPO was revitalized with the sagacious productivity specialists and professional team to create productivity consciousness and to address the issues of manufacturing and service sector of Pakistan. History and Back Ground In April. Government of Pakistan and has established research and resource institution working with the support of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Tokyo-Japan. the legal status of NPO has been changed and the National Productivity Organization was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance in June 2006. NPO-Pakistan presently operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Industries. recognizing the importance of socioeconomic development in Pakistan through enhancing productivity and implementation of productivity concepts in the industrial setup. National Productivity Organization is the sole Government body undertaking PRODUCTIVITY MOVEMENT in Pakistan. NPO is also working as a Liaison Office of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) which represents 20 Asian Countries with the mandate to promote productivity and quality consciousness among the public and private sector organization. To implement international certification programs leading to Prime Minister Quality Awards. .

.NPO's Training and Consultancy purpose is to enhance the development of human resources and organizational competitiveness to face the challenges of globalization effectively as well as to upgrade local expertise in the area of P&Q management and measurement.