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Introduction Avenues Opportunities Current Scenario Near Future Scenario Government Aviation Training Institute (GATI).


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Airlines . General Aviation : Corporates /Pvt. Owners, Charters. Freighter airlines Coast Guards ; Para military. State & Central Govt. Aviation. Flying Clubs and Training Schools. Air Ambulances. Freelancing - Sprays, Govt. Surveys etc.

The norms and regulation of the working of every pilot also makes it quite difficult for the aviation industry and hence they have to recruit more and more Commercial pilots. 300 applications to import business jets are pending with the Ministry of Civil Aviation.Opportunities        Deadline for Expatriates to leave in 2011. more private airports coming up. the demand of Commercial Pilots is quite high. More than 500 aircrafts on order by major airlines. Liberalization policy of the Government. Seeing the Indian market where there are numerous private as well as government airlines company. corporate on a buying spree. 6 New Regional Airlines to start this year. Due to the high salaries paid by scheduled airlines. . there is a particularly acute shortage of pilots in the general aviation sector.

Current Aviation Scenario .

is currently underdeveloped by international standards.000 in the USA. helicopters etc. comprising non-scheduled operations such as business jets.. compared with at least 150. charter.Cont. .   The general aviation sector in India. 134 non-scheduled & private aircrafts (232) and helicopters (175) registered.




Near Future Scenario No. of Aircrafts on order by Scheduled Airlines Kingfisher 125 88 81 58 57 28 18 17 10 5 4 IndiGo Airlines Air India Air Deccan Jet Airways JetLite Air India Express Spice Jet Indus Air Paramount Airways Air Dravid Total No of Aircrafts ordered are: 491 .

other Infra and trained human resource.New Airline in the Pipeline Airlines waiting for entry in the sector             Mega Airways Magic Air Mukti Airways Sky King Airways Air Dravid Air One Feeder King Airways Aryan Airways Star Aviation Premier Airlines Govt has announced its policy to allow Regional airlines who are being offered special concessions so that they become viable and expand the Network These will add further to the demand of aircrafts. .

Interaction with Aviation HR people. . There is no chance of hours ( 15 ) lapsing. Flight Training in Indian conditions is more beneficial. DGCA papers can be cleared along with Flight Training. Family is within reach. no fear of Visa rejection.  RTR of USA is not convertible to Indian RT. Availing Funding/Loan is easier. RTR ( A ) can be done along with Flight Training.Benefits of Flying in India            No waiting for Passport. Food is not a problem. EMPLOYABILITY IS HIGHER.  RTR of Common Wealth Countries need to clear transmission paper in India. Safety is assured.


of Orissa to Promote Training of Pilots to meet Growing Need of Aviation Industry. Aviation Dept. .  GATI is a venture of Govt. in 1974 and GATI came in to being. It was merged with the Orissa Govt.About us   GATI was set up in 1946 as Orrisa Flying Club.

Its facilities are approved by DGCA. Gopalpur and 9 other airstrips owned by Government of Orissa – the ONLY institution to have this facility. Govt.  Three dedicated air strips at its disposal at Bhubaneswar. Hirakud. A fleet of well maintained aircrafts to ensure uninterrupted flying. of India. .GATI-Infrastructure    It is situated in the premises of Biju Pattanaik Airport.

.Computer Lab . Library  Secure.  State of the art facility with modern Audio/Visual training aids.. . .Cont. comfortable and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities separately for boys and girls.Fully Equipped Class Rooms .

GATI-Faculty  Flight Instructor Incharge (FII): Capt M. He had worked in other flying clubs before joining GATI. MANDER is overall in-charge of the flying operations. He is on the Limca book of records for being the first ever Indian Pilot to successfully fire the Super 530-D ‘Beyond Visual Range’ missile on a live target from the Mirage 2000.S. himself a product of GATI. a former IAF fighter pilot with nearly 4000 hrs of flying experience. With his rich experience in flying training.He is well versed with the commercial flying training and specializes in both VFR and IFR training aspects. he has more than 3000 Hours of flying to his credit. he is a role model for every trainee pilot. .  Flying Instructor: Capt Deepak Kumar Swain. He has under gone the prestigious ‘Qualified Flying Instructor’ course and the ‘Fighter Combat Leader’ course with the IAF and has an instructional experience on both the piston engine aircraft and the jets.

 Along with them is a team of experienced and highly qualified ground and flight instructors. . He has had a long stint of twenty five years in the IAF.  Chief Ground Instructor (CGI): Wg Cdr B K Prusty heads Ground school training at GATI.Cont.. He was a qualified flying Instructor In IAF and has imparted flying & ground training to ab-initio pilots of Air force for more than 11yrs .

Training Aircrafts GATI has fleet of C-152’s and C-172’s .

Piper Seneca V .

Training Classrooms .

Training Classrooms .

Hostel  Separate hostel for Girls and Boys .

Our Students .

Our Students .

Courses Offered        Student Pilot License (SPL) Private Pilot License (PPL) Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Night Rating Instrument Rating Patter Flying RTR (A) .

Non Science students can apply to National Institute of Open School www.Procedure Eligibility: 10+2 with Physics and Maths from recognized school.in/medical/class2-ind. Specific FLIGHT TRAINING 200 hours TELEPHONY •FRTOL (R) •RTR (A) •PPL •IR •CPL . General ii.dgca. Medical I (at any of the 6 approved centers) STEP 3: GROUND CLASSES Ground Classes for: A. Aviation Meteorology D. Air Regulation B.org to meet the requirements. Duration: 16-18 months (App. Aircraft Technical i.) PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Medical II (by DGCA approved Doctor) http://www.nos.htm STEP 2: SPL Classes/Issue of SPL/FRTOL (6 Weeks). Air Navigation C.nic.

Easy Bank loan. Time bound flying hours. Placement Assistance. Bank Tie-ups .Benefits with GATI  3 Airstrips at different locations.       . Access to the use of ATC of the Main Airport. Bouquet of packages to suit individual requirements. Night Rating Facility.

Value Additions From GATI       Conduct Training session to improve communication skills Personality Development Grooming and Development of Aptitude & Soft skills Visit of relevant seminars and events to upgrade knowledge base Continuous feedbacks to work on any weak areas 100% Assistance in placement .

Renu Sangwan renu@flywithgati.+91.+91.Contact GATI Ms.+91.971-789-6693 Cell.995-870-4343 Biju Pattanaik Airport Bhubaneswar.com Cell. 2596880 .995-894-4493 Cell. ORISSA – 751 020 Ph : +91 674 6943126.

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