Deputation to Toronto Police Services Board Agenda Item 8

My name is Miguel Avila. a very proud Latino Canadian and Member of the Latin American Tenant Association . Someone not strange to City Hall and Abc s division meetings . For the record I attended the Public Consultations last June 2011, where close to 13,000 concerned Torontonians like, me wanted to learn what type of GRAVY the City is looking to cut.

The Association had conducted our own CORE SERVICE REVIEW evaluations and we had input from hundreds of Latino Canadians living in Toronto. We had participation of People with disabilities, singles parents, people with disabilities and disadvantage that provided their invaluable input. Our report was submitted to the City Clerk s office in hope some of our recommendations would be taken for consideration by the Executive Committee on July, 28 2011. As a member of a racial community who seek improvements and retention of social programs for the poor Torontonians of the city , I could not agree more with the KMPG report for the T.P.S Board KMPG suggest the following changes to the T.P.S Board :

- Reduce the size of the police force by reducing or temporarily eliminating hiring of new cops, providing incentives for early retirement. - Changing the rules that require a paid-duty police officer at construction sites is also being floated.

Furthermore Chief Blair wants to sell the idea in his report to the Board that mistakes weren t avoidable at the last G20 conference and he does not admit that Civil and Human rights violations were committed by members of the T.P.S ( of course he wouldn t) . I would dare to recommend the T.P.S Board the following:

1.-Provide a written letter of apology by the Board Chairman (members of the board) and the Chief of Police to every citizen of Toronto via a public release for their mistakes over the handling of the G20. 2.-Terminate all officers who abuse ( and continue to ) of their powers to Torontonians specifically immediately all those officers who removed their name tags at the last G20 fiasco.

3.- Make it official the recommendations made at the second annual Toronto Police Service (TPS) community forum on racially biased policing made by a group of concern citizens to provide a copy ( receipt) between a T.P.S officer and a member of the public on any interactions as per recommendation. 4.- Any future event that Toronto may host knocking on wood..God forbid it the T.P.S should not be responsible of handling any mayor event because of leads to gross violations of police misconduct and human right abuses. A conglomeration of Civil Liberties Leaders, Parents, Students Workers, Union and Members of the public should be consulted prior the T.P.S to undertake such responsibilities.

In Conclusion, Mr. Ford the Pot of hot Gravy is found in other areas of the City, that you seem to have missed big time, Have you wonder Mr. Ford how much the city spend in Legal Litigations? Here is my recommendation for the Executive Committee for their July 28 meeting Please Mr. Ford dare to suggest to the T.P.S Board of trimming down the ever growing Toronto Police Services. The T.P.S is consider by many to be a GOLDEN COW overflowing with cash but largely remains untouchable,. Because it is a forbidden zone that suggest if you don t read the sign of danger you may lose your seat of politician at City Hall , Show us courage Mr. Ford , remember Respect for Taxpayers, right?

Respectfully Yours,

Miguel Avila Latino Canadian

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