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Study of consumer Perception about Verka products

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of bachelor of business administration affiliated to mata gujri college.

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I would like to thank General Manager Verka Milk Plant, Mohali, for providing me this wonderful opportunity to work with Roper Distt. Milk Producers Union Cooperative Ltd. I am extremely thankful to In-charge (Marketing MR. and entire marketing division for their invaluable support and inputs in this project. I extend my sincere gratitude to various respondents and citizens of Mohali who spared their valuable time and contributed to consumer survey.



I undersigned here by declare that the summer training project report submitted to my college MATA GUJRI COLLEGE (FATEHGARH SAHIB). In partial fulfillment for the degree of Bbachelor of business administration on study of consumer Perception about Verka products is a result of my own work under continous guidance and kind co-operation of our college faculty member . I have not submitted this training report to any other university for the award of degree.



This is Certify that Mr. PRABHJOT SINGH BBA (IVth Semester) has successfully completed her project titled Study of consumer behaviour about verka products .



For management careers, it is very important to develop managerial skills .In order to achieve positive and concrete results, along with theoretical concepts, the exposure of real life situation existing in a corporate world is

very much needed. To fulfill this need, this type of practical training is required. I underwent summer training in VERKA MILK PLANT, located in Mohali. It was my fortune to get training in a very healthy company. In the forthcoming pages, I have attempted to present a report covering different aspects of my training.


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Industry profile (Milkfed) Objectives Company Profile (Verka)

Data analysis & Interpretations Conclusion SWOT Analysis Suggestions and recommendations Bibliography Annexure


MILKFED-PUNJAB (Introduction)
The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited popularly known as MILKFED Punjab, came into existence in 1973 with a twin objective of providing remunerative milk market to the Milk Producers in the State by value addition and marketing of produce on one hand and to provide technical inputs to the milk producers for enhancement of milk production on the other hand.

Although the federation was registered much earlier, but it came to real self in the year 1983 when all the milk plants of the Punjab Dairy Development Corporation Limited were handed over to Cooperative sector and the entire State was covered under Operation Flood to give the farmers a better deal and our valued customers better products. Today, when we look back, we think we have fulfilled the promise to some extent. The setup of the organization is a three tier system, Milk Producers Cooperative Societies at the village level, Milk Unions at District level and Federation as an Apex Body at State level. MILKFED Punjab has continuously advanced towards its coveted objectives well defined in its byelaws.

Objectives of MILKFED
1. To provide remunerative prices to milk producers by value addition and marketing of produce. 2. To provide technical inputs for enhancement of milk production on the other hand. 3. To carry out activities for promoting production, procurement processing and marketing of milk and milk products for economic development of the farming community; 4. To purchase and/or erect buildings, plants, machinery and other ancillary equipment to carry out business; 5. To study problems of mutual interest related to production, procurement and marketing of dairy and allied products; 6. To establish research and quality control laboratories;

7. To make necessary arrangements for transfer of milk allied milk products and commodities; 8. To market its products under its own trade name/brand name with its Member Unions trade mark/brand; 9. To promote the organization of primary societies and assist members in organization of the Primary Societies; and





Verka Milk Plant. Verka Milk Plant PHASE 6, Mohali


Milk. Ghee, Pasteurized milk, Milk powder, Curd, Cheese, Milk Cake, Sweet flavored milk.


24 hours (3 shifts). 163. 1 Lakh Ltrs per day.


The main products which are manufactured by the milk plant MOHALI are as under: 1. 2. 3. Ghee. Pasteurized Milk. Milk Powder.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Sweetened Flavoured Milk (PIO). Milk Cake. Cheese. Curd. Flavoured lassi.








Milkfed has formulated company specifications for its milk & milk products

to provide standard and quality of products to consumers.

Milk Ghee Curd, Kheer... lassi

Cheese Icecream & Sweets Butter

SFM(Pio) Milk Powder Rasella


1. Kind/source of milk purchased? Packed Dairy Milkman 34 25 41

Milkman 41%

Packed 34%

Dairy 25%



M ilkman

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 34% people says that they use to use packed milk, 25% says they use dairy milk and rest 41% says they use milk brought by milkman.


How you ever used Verka Products?

Answer Yes

Percentage 60



Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 60% people says that they use to verka product and 40% people do not use verka product..


From the following which Verka products you have used?

Products Milk Ice-Cream Lassi All & Others

Percentage 55 25 5 15

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 55% people says that they use to use packed milk, 25% says they use ice cream and 5% says they use verka lassi and rest are 15% used other product of verka.


Since when you are using Verka milk Product? Percentage 57 34 9

Time in Years 1 1-5 More than 5

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 57% people says that they are using the milk product last one year, 34% from 1 to 5 year and 9%people using the milk more than 5 year..

Q5: Do you think whether the price is reasonable for Verka milk products?

Answer Yes No

Percentage 45 55

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 45% people says that the price of verka milk product is reasonable and remaining 55% people says that the price is not reasonable.

6: What do you think about the packing of the different Verka products? Answer Good Ok Satisfactory Poor Very poor Percentage 68 8 9 15 0

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 68% people says that the packing of verka products are good, 8% people says that packing is ok, 9% says satisfactory and remaining 15% says that the packing of verka products are poor so according to this analysis packing is good.


In your opinion taste of the Verka products are?

Answer Good Average Satisfactory Poor Very poor

Percentage 64 8 18 10 0

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 64% people says that the taste of verka product is good, 8% says that its taste is average, 18% people satisfactory with this and 10% people says that the taste is poor. 8: What is your opinion about the quality of the various Verka


Answer Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor

Percentage 13 51 26 10

Very poor

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 13% people says that the quality of verka products are excellent, 51% people says that the quality is good, 26% people satisfy with this and remaining 10% people says that it is poor.

Likert scale
For comparing verka products with Today & Amul with respect to likert type scale has been used.

Services Excellent Good of verka (5) Packing 68 Taste 64 quality 13 (4) 8 8 51

Average Poor (3) 9 12 26 (2) 15 10 10

Very poor (1) 0 0 0

Total average 429 408 367


weighted % 35.63 33.88 30.48

Note:- Responses of excellent were assigned weight of (5) good responses were assigned weight of (4) responses of average (3) and responses of poor and very poor were assigned weight of (2) and (1) respectively. And respective responses were multiplies with their corresponding weight to get total weighted average and then their relative percentage was calculated.

Are you aware that full cream milk is the best for growing children & sports person as it contain 6.0% of facts?

Yes No

63 37

No 37%

Yes 63%



Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 63% people says that they are aware about that full cream milk is the best for growing children & sports person as it contain 6.0% of facts and rest 37% says that they are not aware that full cream milk is the best for growing children & sports person as it contain 6.0% of facts. 10: Have you ever seen the advertisement of the Verka Products? Percentage 24 76

Answer Yes No

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 76% people says that they have not seen the verka advertisement and 24% says that they have seen the advertisement. As clear from analysis mostly people have not seen the verka advertisement. 11: When you like to buy verka products?

Answer During Traveling For Break As a Health Tonic For Enjoy

Percentage 27 18 35 20

Interpretation: According to 100 respondents 27% people says that they like to buy verka products during traveling, 18% people buy during break time, 35% people buy as a health tonic and remaining 20% buy verka products only for enjoy.



Working at Verka Milk Plant, MOHALI gave me an opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge, which I had gained previously. It gave me an opportunity to see working an organization and to be a part of it. Marketing Research Project on Rural Marketing gave me an opportunity to be exposed to the farmers who were the members of various Milk Producers Co-operative Societies and to know about them. It was an amazing experience with learning all the way, which helped me to brush up my knowledge and skills.





1. 2. 3. 4.

Brand Loyalty among the rural people for Verka products. Good brand image of Verka products in the minds of rural people. Faith on Verka products by the rural farmers. Rural people satisfaction with quality, price, quantity and availability

is also strengthen the dairy business.



Lack of proper advertisements by the plant, such as posters, glow

signs, etc. 2. 3. 4. Lack of proper distribution system in rural areas. Lack of proper marketing network in rural areas as like in urban areas. Very high rates of products such as bottle milk for Rs.15 for 200 ml.



Greatly improved expert potential for milk products of western as

well as traditional types. 2. 3. 4. Proper utilisation of available resources to decrease the per unit cost. By product utilisation for import substitution. Growing demand for milk and milk products.


1. 2. 3.

Introduction of foreign products in Indian market. Poor quality of milk. The liberalisation of Dairy Industry is likely to be exploited by multi

-nationals. They will be interested in manufacturing milk products which yield high profits. It will create milk shortage in the country adversely affecting the consumers. 4. Export of quality feed under the liberalisation policy.



RECOMMENDATIONS REGARDING PRODUCT:Verka has presently four variants of liquid milk in market but still it is not able to segment market according to consumers preferences. The only differentiation in these variants is the color of the packs. Variants name should be printed on the packs in such a way that they are clearly visible to the consumers. Different punch lines should be designed for different variants. This will help in formulating advertisement strategy and reaching the targeted customers. For example, verka smart double toned milk is offered recommended by doctors to heart patients. It can be targeted in health conscious people. Plain lassi which comes in one litre pack only should be available in smaller packs like 250ml or 500ml. Kheer is available in 125gm pack, which is quite small and is recommended to be packed in larger pack like family size packs so that it can be consumed conveniently as a sweet dish by whole family.


Milk consumer values from delivery and a lot of distributors are already providing this facility. Milk plant should think of giving extra commission to its dealers for ensuring such facilities. This scheme can be implemented in

few areas and if there is an increase in consumption of milk then it can be extended to all other areas catered by milk plant. There is need to communicate regularly and taking feedback from agents. Monthly meetings will help in improving the relation with dealers. The declaration of the prices like Fastest Growing Dealer OR Highest selling Dealer can be announced bi monthly or bi annually to motivate dealers to increase their sales. Shortage of products is seen in Sunam so distribution network should be improved for the same.


The following steps can be taken in the field of promotion: 1) Using electronic and print media for information dissemination: In recent days, there has been lots of new highlighting adulteration of food products that is making people skeptical about packed food products. Special programs highlighting supply chain of milk producers cooperatives can be screened and telecasted on TV from time to time .news highlighting achievement of milk plant can also be published in news papers which will help in creating favorable image for verka products.

2) Inviting people for plant visits on weekends: Plant can be opened to general public for visit on Saturday and Sunday for a limited time interval in order to win their trust on verka products. This can be done through collaborating with Radio Fm channels where winners can get free visits and some limited period coupons. 3) Toll free telephone for customer feedback: Presently verka products have a telephone number printed on their packs but this is not toll free. A toll free number should be there and printed in such a color or font that is easily differentiable from the rest of the text on the pack.

Recommendations regarding pricing:

Following suggestions can be considered for improving pricing strategies of companies: 1) Introduction of coupon system; Milk is the commodity that is daily bought and consumed within households. It is cumbersome for consumers to make payment daily as change for currency is not available at times. There are offered candies in return for change which many of the consumers do not like. This problem can be solved by introducing milk coupon which can be bought from agencies. Coupon system has been successfully implemented by several individual distributors in their respective areas. It is needed to be implemented in entire city.

2) Pricing in round figures:

Milk sellers often do not have fifty paise coin or change with them so they often sell milk at higher prices .this problem can be curbed by keeping the prices in whole number multiple of rupee. People buying milk using coupons can be this discount of fifty paise. This will encourage more people to for milk coupon.



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Dr. N. Kathirvel and Dr. N Chandersekaran ( 2008) , Indian journal of marketing. J.V Rangeswara Reddy (2009) , Indian journal of marketing.



Dear Sir/Madam I am a student of, GJIMT, MOHALI conducting a marketing survey on study on consumer behaviour about verka products I. I request you to fill this questionnaire & I assure that this data will be used only for study purpose & it will be kept confidential.

Name: Address:

. ....

Telephone No:

1. Kind/source of milk purchased? Packed Dairy Milkman

2. How you ever used verka product? Yes No 3. From the following which verka products you have used? Milk Ice cream Lassi All & others 4. since when you are using verka milk products? One year 1-5 years More than 5 years

5. Do you think whether the price is reasonable for veka milk products? Yes No

6. What do you think about the packing of different verka products? Good Ok Satisfactory Poor 7. In your opinion taste of verka products are? Good Average Satisfactory Poor 8. What is your opinion about the quality of the various verka products? Excellent Good Satisfy Poor

9. Are you aware that full cream milk is best for growing children & sports persons as it contains 6.0% of fats? Yes No 10. Have you ever seen the advertisement of verka products? Yes No 11. When you like to buy verka products? During traveling For break As a health tonic For enjoy