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LESSON PLAN Subject Date Time Class Theme Topic : English Language : 14 March 2011 : 10.15 am 11.

.15 am : Year 2 Kreatif : The World of Self : Family and 2 syllable words 2.1.2 Pronounce other mono-syllable and 2 syllable words 2.3.2 Give one word replies when identifying 3.1.2 Identify letter shapes by their sounds 3.2.2 Read and learn the meaning of 5 keywords for each topic 4.1.1 Copy letters of the alphabet in clear and legible print 4.4.1 Complete missing letters in text Language Skill Focus : Speaking, Writing Sub Skill : Listening, Reading Visual-Spatial Moral Value Aim : Appreciate the different colours and shapes around us : Understand the different colours and shapes Educational Emphases : Multiple Intelligences : Verbal-Linguistic, Musical,

Learning Outcomes : 1.2.1 Listen to and repeat the pronunciation of mono-syllable

Behavioural Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to :1) Say aloud the words associated with colours and shapes 2) Read the text withth the correct pronuncation 3) Trace and write legibly the words associated with colours and shapes 4) Unsramble the words and colour the boxes correctly 5) Fill in the blanks with the correct article Teaching Aids Word lists Sentence Patterns : A laptop, video clip, slideshow, handout, worksheets : family, father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle : This is my father, this is my mother

LESSON PLAN Stages/ Time Induction Set ( 5 mins) Multiple Intelligence : - Visual-Spatial - Verbal-Linguistic - Musical Presentation ( 15 mins) Multiple Intelligence : - Verbal-Linguistic - Visual-Spatial Teacher shows a video Content, EE, Values Teacher/Pupils Activities Teaching Aids/ Comments clip Laptop Video clip

containing song about family - Teacher asks the pupils what they see in the video clip

- Teacher distributes handout to the Laptop pupils containing pictures and words Slideshow about family members - Teacher shows a slideshow about family member while the pupils refer to the handout - Teacher says aloud the words that appear in the slideshow, followed by the pupils - Teacher distribute worksheet that Worksheet contains a picture of family tree - Teacher asks the pupils to complete the family tree - Teacher will call out pupils to talk in front of the class about their family using the family tree Handout

Practice ( 15 mins)

Multiple Intelligence : - Verbal-Linguistic - Visual-Spatial Method : Individual


Stages/ Time Production ( 20 mins)

Content, EE, Values

Teacher/Pupils Activities

Teaching Aids/ Comments Worksheets

Multiple Intelligence : - Visual-Spatial - Verbal-Linguistic Method : Individual

- Teacher distributes two worksheets to the pupils - The worksheet contains pictures and words of family members. Pupils need to trace and write legibly - The other worksheet contains crossword puzzle and missing letters clue - Teacher discusses the answer with the pupils - Teacher shows a video clip containing song about appreciating parent of appreciating parent - Teacher concludes the lesson for today

Closure ( 5 mins)

Lesson review Moral Value : your parent

Laptop Video clip

Appreciate and love - Teacher talks about the moral value

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Complete the family tree.

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