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This Sunday: YaYa’s Go GA GA!
Come join Derrick Mustelier, fresh off representing our congregation as a delegate at General Assembly, as he shares with us all the inspiration and ideas he’s brought back with him. This year was the 50th Anniversary of both General Assembly and of the merger of the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church of America into the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. Much was made of the last 50 years but much was also made of the next 50 years. Join the Young Adult group in celebrating the Young Adult Movement as we share our passion and our vision for the next 50 years.

TALKBACK Hey, remember talkbacks?  Well, for all interested, Derrick Mustelier will be holding a talkback after the service for anyone who has any questions about his specific experience at General Assembly (questions about the broader perspective on GA are also welcome but he can’t guarantee he’ll be able to answer them!) from 1pm to 2pm on July 24th in the Emerson Room. Derrick Mustelier What is General Assembly? Unitarian Universalist General Assembly is a meeting of all the congregations in the Unitarian Universalist Association. Congregations send delegates to this meeting to represent their congregation and vote on UUA business and governance matters in sessions known as Plenary...but GA is so much more than that!   They offer a wide range of worship services, lectures, workshops, public witness, and other fun and enriching activities as well as a myriad of opportunities to network, exchange ideas, build community, and just plain make friends! Why should I care about General Assembly? In five short words: it will change your life. It certainly changed mine. I came back from this year’s GA more passionate about Unitarian Universalism than I ever thought possible. The people you meet alone will change your life but so will the ideas to which you’re exposed. The old saying goes: “The hardest thing about GA is trying to decide which workshops to go to.” If you’d like to take a closer look at what GA has to offer, the Program Guide from this past year can be found online here: http://uua.org/ga/programming/18214.shtml ! and I will also have a hard copy available to view (and only to view!) for the July 24th service.  Also, General Assembly affords delegates a unique opportunity to play a vital role in the decisions of the foremost governing body of our faith, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.

FLOWERS Have you ever wanted to donate flowers for our sunday services but just couldn’t find the time to arrange it? Please call Iris Massey who is taking donations toward Sunday flowers and she will arrange everything. (305) 661-8482 CHOIR NEWS There will be no choir rehearsal over the summer. Rehearsals will resume on August 25th. SUMMER PASTORAL CARE Reverend Drew has been on vacation since June 15th, and Reverend Wendy does not officially begin her work here until August 1. Between those days please call the office to relay any pastoral needs. Susie will have a list of nearby ministers who are available and she will assist in making contact as needed. DOCUMENTARY The film profiles three south Florida families, including the story of a long-time lesbian couple (Summary attached). WLRN will be premiering the documentary August 25, and HealthyState.org will be hosting outreach events in Miami and Broward that will feature a prebroadcast screening of the film and filmmaker/subject panel. All are welcome to attend. August 22 – Screening and Panel at Temple Israel of Greater Miami 137 NE 19th Street Miami, FL 33132-1095 6:30pm-8:30pm www.templeisrael.net   August 23 – Screening and Panel at Congregation Etz Chaim 1881 NE 26th St., Suite 100 Wilton Manors, FL 33305 6:30pm-8:30pm

Note From The Board
Good news: We have engaged a part-time professional bookkeeper, Gisela Llorens. She has experience working for churches & small nonprofits. Gisela should help out a lot in keeping our finances in order. We also have a new treasurer, member David Jacobs. David is a CPA & chief accountant of the firm Jacobs, Nones & Carney.   Thanks as well to Joyce Anderson for her contributions. To our Canine Friends: Please let your human companions know that much as we love you, dogs are not allowed in the sanctuary unless you are service dogs or have the minister's permission. A wrrrd to the wise-- (woof).





Thursday 21 NE

Friday 22 NE

Saturday 23 10am- Gentle Yoga, R3

24 9:30am- Spiritual Reality, ER 11am- Worship Service, S 1pm- General Assembly Talkback with Derrick Mustelier, ER

25 10am- Gentle Yoga, S

26 6:30pmBuddhist Reflections, ER

27 10am- Gentle Yoga, R3 12pm- Lunch Bunch, ER

28 NE

Legend: ER = Emerson Room S = Sanctuary NE= No Events


1pm- Drumming Classes, R3

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION OF MIAMI 7/21/11 ¡Hola, UUCM! I hope you are all busy making your summer plans a reality and enjoying them in good health. My original plan was to be settling nicely in Miami at this time. Instead, I find myself in Massachusetts attending to a family medical emergency. Consequently, my relocation plans are delayed and I now hope to join you sometime in mid-August. I may have to rearrange any August appointments I might have made with some of you. On Friday, July 8, 2011, my son, Jason, was diagnosed with a brain tumor which was removed on the 13th. There will be more testing to see if there are other tumors elsewhere. The results of these tests along with the pathology report will determine the course of treatment going forward. At this writing, my son is progressing slowly but steadily. In a few weeks he will probably be back to most if not all of his regular activity. He and I are most appreciative of the kind thoughts, good wishes, and prayers you have sent our way. I am in the process of arranging emergency pastoral care for the congregation during my absence. I am accessible to all by email and have notified Kenn Hurto, our district executive, and the board of my delay. Barbara Woshinsky and I are in email and telephone communication about this and congregational matters. There is a lovely home waiting for me to move into and lots of discoveries and adventures to be had. Most of all there is also a wonderful congregation with which to do ministry as we live our Unitarian Universalist values within and outside our religious community. May we walk together in the ways of truth, justice, compassion and love. En paz y fe, Wendy Rev. Wendy Pantoja Young Adult Group Happenings
 Saturday, August 13th the YA group will head out for an evening of art and culture, all are invited. We can meet at church to carpool at 7pm (I said 7:30pm, but that's when it starts). Some of Miami's gourmet food trucks attend so, think about having dinner there. Any questions call or email Laura Hadden 305-775-9636 grewnlaura8@yahoo.com


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