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promisc property on raw sniffer object todo : add advanced filter mode in ethernet mode v1.

60 added added added added fixed fixed fixed added fixed added : : : : : : : : : : 3 capture mode : raw ip / winpcap / ndis advanced filter mode in ethernet mode in ethernet mode, pcap filter is used play/stop in capture analysis smtp client "already connected" error tracert, if ip/hostname cannot be resolved no tracert timeout no longer freezes app. in tracert start/stop button in tracert send not triggered in tcp client if not connected ndisprot service automatically started

v1.61 added : ip sniffer renamed to ip tools (wmi does not like the name sniffer...) fixed : thread is freed in tracert fixed : thread is freed after stop in ndis mode tofix : ndis/readfile waits for one last packet after thread is stopped todo : drvipflt ? added : add ip address (non permanent) tofix : one thread is created each time ndis is checked added : 1 thread to monitor ip changed (ballon tips) added : 1 thread to monitor route changed (ballon tips) todo : check balloon tips on w2k and below fixed : app (because of threads?) was preventing end session fixed : enablerouter is used instead of modifying setipstatistics/dwForwarding added : mac2ip on a thread added : ping on a thread added : resolve ip on a thread added : resolve hostname on a thread added : wmi remote lan monitor added : process/modules with exported/imported functions, unload modules, termin ate process added : netbios names on a thread todo : nbt names does not free thread v1.62 changed changed added : added : fixed : added : todo : fixed : fixed : 2k) fixed : 2k) added : added : added : fixed : added : : delphi 5 to delphi 7 : tnmudp to indy components winsquery listens on a thread dhcpfind listens on a thread thread.waitfor instruction removed (because of delphi7?) exitthread in all created threads dns query(error 87) getprocesses is done thru psapi, not thru NtQuerySystemInformation winsquery / checkbox for binding udp src port 137 (ok on w2k3 / nok on w nbt spoof / checkbox for binding udp src port 138 (ok on w2k3 / nok on w popupmenu synched on tools menu ping handles timeout wmi remote process reset to rewrite in save selected/all frames (compiler options?) source ip random ip tcp/icmp/udp spoof

v1.63 added : tcp ping (syn / fin / xmas / null) added : tcp syn scan

todo : tcp syn scan multi thread todo : tcp ping range todo : tcp syn scan range added : add capture filter in netstat //added : show socket id in ports by process on nt4/w2k added : jump to regkey in netword cards v1.64 added : ndis properties added : netbios names table fixed added : smnp query added : Process creation Monitor added : ICMP Information request added : dns parser more detailed todo : add capture filter fix for *.* in netstat added : message text for dns errors added : udp tools / mssqlping? todo : stop sharedaccess on xp if started? necessary for spoofing added : winsnmp apis dynamically linked v1.65 added added added todo (march 2005) : udp tools / ntp client : ndis will be grayed out if not installed : howto install ndis driver : capture to file (done for ndis/winpcap)

v1.66 added : CryptUnprotectdata api added / decrypt password in rdp files added : decrypt passwords in mdp added : password reveal added : dialup password added : protected storage todo : lsa secrets (with dll inject) todo : dialup password dynamic link todo : protected storage dynamic link v1.67 added : dialup password dynamic link fixed : hashes are now correct added : ntlm hash added : delete in protected storage added : refresh in protected storage added : mac to ip use local arp cache before scanning subnet added : enum windows server added : remote execution via wmi todo : active routes remote toto : nettomedia table remote todo : remote properties on windows server v1.68 added : remote properties on windows server added : kill remote process via wmi added : launch computer management from enum windows server added : shutdown remote windows added : remote time of day added : fake net send todo : uptime, ports todo : other ms products cdkeys todo : snmp scan

v1.69 added added added added added added added added added added

: : : : : : : : : :

snmp ping memory and vmsize in remote process list of wireless networks in ndis properties exclude non connected card from ndis tcp scan host & range in same window tcp syn scan host & subnet in same window tcp ping host & subnet in same window snmp ping host & subnet in same window ssdp ping parse LLC in 802.3

v1.70 //added : start sharedaccess on XP when spoofing //removed : works only on xp sp 1 added : all icmp spoofs function in same window added : resolve ip/hostname in same window todo : all sending forms with raw/winpcap/ndis (tcp spoof ok) todo : check sendit functions (lib/tsniffer unit?) fixed : send tcp/udp spoof via winpcap ( was wrong, macs were wrong) //modified : sendit in lib //removed Socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, PIP_Header(@buf[ 0]).ip_protocol ); todo : wincap/ndis has sometimes an incorrect frame len (??) added : temporary workaround for winpcap/ndis incorrect frame len todo : ndis read/write at the same time (createfile/openexisting...?) todo : promiscan added : flush dns / dns query in same window todo : tracert / ping in same window v1.71 added added added added added added added added added (may 2005) : querydns with more options : incomplete snmp decode : getnext in snmpget ! mini mib browser in snmpget : syslog client/server : snmp get -> snmp get & set : snmp ping on a specific community : telnet client & server : tcp server & client in same window

v1.72 added : sql login test fixed : mssql ping (data was truncated) added : tcp/udp bounce modified : tcp & udp spoof in same form todo : hexeditor on tcp/udp spoof added : filter displayed in main window using pcap syntax added : capture mode displayed in main windows (raw ip, winpcap, ndis) v1.73 added : additional ndis stats data in ndisstats added : ndis stats graph modified : wins query & locate user in one form added : decodenbt now decodes query type added : add arp entry in arp entries form added : mac dest field added in arp reply added : arp spoof works with winpcap AND ndis todo : pnp capabilities of ndis device todo : implement GetIpAddrTable

todo : implement ndisuio to snif (not possible : filter 888e frames... and non p romisc) fixed : replay frame was crashing in winpcap mode if not capturing fixed : ndissniffer frees thread correctly (has to go thru the execute method to be freed) v1.74 added : exception handled by madshi exception handler. bug report more detailed. added : new ip is displayed in systray balloon tip v1.75 added : list of interfaces entries via SNMP added : snmp switch port mapper / BRIDGE-MIB RFC added : snmp MAU table (medium attachment unit) added : goto web site & mail the author added : export to file from listviews will export columns headers as well added : default button in many (most?) screens added : decode IE history modified : can open cap file with ethernet type only to do : snmp route table to do : wmi remote ipconfig to do : find hidden ports bug fix : dynamic link to netapi32.dll (should work again on w9x) added : decode frames with ethernet type=0x2452 (centrino promiscuous) added : snmp net to media table added : mac address discovery (ip, mac address, vendor) multi threaded added : mac prefixes as resources to do : use pcap to open/save a cap file? bug fix : click twice on lan monitor was causing an error bug fix : dump file saved always get a dmp/cap extension bug fix : dump file is not created when cancel is pushed in the savedialog box bug fix : invalid selstart or invalid selend fix v1.76 added : master browser and domain master browser types added in EnumServers added : enum WTS processes added : enum WTS sessions to do : implemente WTSWaitSystemEvent / WTSShutdownSystem added : impersonate client bug fix : wmilanmon create form fix bug fix : save a single frame on toolbar button was using the wrong procedure added : dhcp release spoof (raw socket, winpcap & ndis) added : more details on dhcp parsing bug fix : tcp ack/seq number decoded correctly (network byte to endian byte) added : time server (tcp & udp) added : daytime server (tcp & udp) modified : dhcp discover uses only one socket bug fix : filter applies to ndis as well now (same logic as raw sockets) v1.77 added : dhcp server added : dhcp options parsing in dhcp discover window todo : http server added : follow tcp stream (display text & hexa, modify and save hexa) v1.78 added : credential dump (via injection, not via credenumerateA) bug fix : wins query should not crash anymore (again...) modified : winsock hook-> one dll only for both winsock version (param via openm ap).

modified : winsock hook easier. dll included in main exe as ressource. added : inject dll in processes window bug fix : follow tcp stream was blocked to 255 frames bug fix : numeric field allow numerics only added : decode SMTP & POP3 added : dump process and module from processes window added : view memory for process and module from processes window added : display if client is directly connected to internet everytime ip changes or route changes added : event viewer, shared folders, AD users, services MMC from servers window added : smtp client can send HTML. added : smtp client automatically retrieves outlook info if available bug fix : AbstractErrorHandler fix on stats toolbar button click v1.79 added added added added fixed : : : : : tftp server pxe boot options in dhcp server tsize option support in dhcp server can open URL from decode IE History window List index out of bounds (4) when "copy all lines to clpbrd"

v1.80 modified : recompiled with jcl 1.95+jvcl 3.00 fixed : exception class : EZeroDivide, exception message : Floating point divi sion by zero. added : enum print ports added : enum print drivers added : enum drivers added : enum AT jobs added : enum scheduled tasks added : can associate / disassociate a wifi spot from ndis properties form (usin g ndisuio to set oid) v1.81 info : sniffing on centrino does not work in promiscuous mode with driver 9.x added : enum wep keys (xp only via wzcsvc) fixed : snmp tools work with any community added : kill process, hook process, add filter in open ports added : wifi stumbler form added : stop wzcsvc service in wifi stumbler to set/unset ssid added : wifi stumbler use wzcsvc if started (quicker), else set oid=list_scan todo : implement OID_GEN_MAXIMUM_TOTAL_SIZE & OID_GEN_MAXIMUM_FRAME_SIZE fixed : snmp rewritten with indy component fixed : help/goto web site works on w9x added : get all cdkeys in windows properties added : get full display name for installed apps in windows properties added : external scripts can be called from enumsrv passing the hostname as para meter added : try..except for all udp tools fixed : ping host does not crash anymore added : ttl option on ping host. added : icmp ping with replies<>success are displayed v1.82 added added added added fixed : : : : : tcp tcp can dns rdp scan half connect works with both raw and winpcap mode ping works with bot raw and winpcap mode choose another dns server in dns query form query will handle properly dns_type_text entries decode works on rdp where password is not at the end of file

added : resolve ip in tcpsyn scan added : resolve ip in snmp ping scan added : tiny dns server (only A & PTR type) fixed : PAGE_READWRITE to PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE in dump credentials form (for x psp2) added : open hosts, lmhosts, services file modified : recompiled with delphi 7.0 build 8.1 todo : check all declarations (move to implementation) v1.83 added : can load and decode 802.11 frames (mac header + mgmt frames) can be used along with aircap fixed : all unit scope variables moved to implementation block (to avoid scope c onfusion) added : rarp client todo : rarp daemon added : wmi process display username v1.84 added : sessions, opened files, connections, remote disks modified : moved to netapi services :logged users , netbios names , at jobs, rem ote tod added : add connection modified : enum ports & enum printer drivers moved to winspool services todo : try catch in frmnetapi added : choose font menu for main screen, setting will be saved/restored modified : main screen can be resized added : toolbar view menu (will keep only the toolbar visible) fixed : no more "Invalid SelStart" added : snmp requests for ms services (shares, users, processes, disks) modified : enum servers is multi threaded modified : add connection is multi threaded added : ping first in netapi services modified : lowered level for netshareenum and netsession enum (no remote admin r ights required anymore) modified : ping first in add connection todo : multi thread netapi services added : enum users in netapi services added : will ask to switch to PTR if ip is type in DNS form added : regular expression filter in enum windows servers added : run an external script on all selected hosts in enum windows servers added : enumerate connections between local host and remotenames + del local con nection added : ms time between 2 frames in follow tcp stream added : sharedservice started on demand fixed : will not crash anymore while capturing on unknown ip protocol added : enum printers in winspool window v1.85 added : host report will make a detail html report on a remote host added : add services tab in drivers window todo : add tasks, at jobs to reports todo : rewrite & share enumprinters code added : local and global groups in netapi services added : local and global groups in reports added : printers and remote windows properties in reports added : save to file in html format fixed : config.ini was incorrectly parsed and filters were not working anymore added : spoof net send will check if local messenger is started added : a set of vbs files included in _scripts directory

fixed : additional checks in dhcpfind todo : look at HNetCfg.NATUPnP com object added : loaduserprofile option in impersonate user form added : in netapi services : getlocalgroupmembers,getgroupusers getuserlocalgroups,getusergroups deluser,adduser unlock user (lock user not possible) disable/enable account reset password change Homedir / ScriptPath todo : edit user added : deleteprinter, deleteport, deleteprinterdriver added : deleteprinterdriverex (delete associated files) added : can be installed/run as service (under system account) added : can launch a process (from list processes), useful when run under system account v1.86 added : added : added : added : fixed : fixed : fixed : added : added : added : added : fixed : added : fixed : fixed : fixed : reezes) new version wep keys decoder (wzcsvc api no longer works) ping button in toolbar enable/disable proxy menu monitor if internet proxy is enabled or not EConvertError / 'xx.xx.xxxx' is not a valid date. Canvas.TryLock in frmping (thread would sometimes crash) report filenames end with htm add persistent route in add route ping gateway in route print route print button in toolbar arp entries in toolbar userenv.dll dynamically linked (for w9x compatibility) Canvas.TryLock in wins query form (thread would sometimes crash) does not check if launched by services.exe (for w9x compatibility) Canvas.TryLock in frmdhcpfind (thread would sometimes crash) no more getdomains in enumsrv windows (non threaded and does sometimes f

v1.87 modified : get open tcp/udp ports (native) reviewed added : choose between native api and xp api in open ports fixed : dcsock will not report non connected state (whois, etc...) added : context menu on ping subnet modified : lock in arp scan added : added enum print jobs added : delete print job modified : rewritten netstat fixed : try except implemented in wins subroutine Access violation at address 00552076 in module 'iptools.exe'. Read of ad dress 000001D8. ufrmwinsquery 243 Tfrmwinsquery.query fixed : canvas.lock in pingthread (ping subnet) Access violation at address 004F0D69 in module 'iptools.exe'. Read of ad dress 6DEB12D1. UfrmPing 214 PingThread fixed : open all in main menu exception message : File not found. Umain 2799 TFrmMain.open_all fixed : checked snmp fields in snmpget Access violation at address 00592769 in module 'iptools.exe'. Read of ad dress 00000000.

Ufrmsnmpget 665 Tfrmsnmpget.Button2Click todo : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\de faulttl Specify the Default Time to Live for TCP/IP Packets / check with router fonction EnableICMPRedirect to 0 to disable modifying routes for client todo : ie decoder by cookies/files/history, with profiles dialog & open file dia log todo : file system handles open by a process todo : check threadvar updated : mac prefixes added : dhcp manager added : windows handles added : thread system handles fixed : wep keys decoder added : mac vendor in dhcp manager added : flush table in arp window modified : tracert in ping window fixed : tracert is more accurate (timeout in the path are handled) v1.88 added : notification of dropped packets in firewall added : stats in firewall todo : upgrade to indy10 todo : add proxy support to tcp clients todo : check dot3StatsDuplexStatus / added : save to html in ip stats and ndis stats added : save to html in arp scan added : save to html function now copy style.css nearby the htm file todo : add html suffix in html function added : percentages in ndis stats fixed : snmp interfaces and mau table fixed : getdomain on a separate thread in enumsrv added : can save frames to a file directly added : udp client/server fixed : resolve name to ip first and return false if name cannot be r esolved fixed : get adapter names works ok with multiple lana (was taking the last one b efore) fixed : cannot choose xp api in 'processes opening ports' window fixed : inputs are controlled in filter window todo : check IP_HDRINCL for ip spoof functions only (remove from tcp scan functi ons?) todo : check RCVALL_OFF / RCVALL_IPLEVEL added : QueryServiceConfig in drivers window todo : check firewall support for more than one filter todo : implement rasapi hook fixed : ConvertErrorFmt in write_cap_packet v1.89 modified : madexcept upgraded to 3.0b added : logged on users (remote and local) added : option to display local frames with colors fixed : checksum was incorrect for odd length frames fixed : wol fixed (dest port number 7 specified) added : show/hide hexa & decode panels fixed : wep hexa key decoded with 2 chars per hex code added : lsasecrets , local and remote added : remote wep keys modified : cannot load or save a file during capture

fixed : tsize support back (regression) fixed : tcp host syn scan ok in winpcap mode (with the right dest mac) fixed : tcp host ping in winpcap mode (with the right dest mac) todo : implement remote arp cache todo : OID_TCP_TASK_OFFLOAD=0xFC010201 for sniffing incoming packet with sio_rcv all under xpsp2? fixed : wifistumbler ok with more than one ssid todo : check NotifySecurityHealthChange & CancelSecurityHealthChangeNotify added : parse dns answer (1st one) todo : keep view settings in config file v1.90 added : raw ip tools option DisableTaskOffload to re enable sniffing of outgoing packets with raw sockets added : mssql enterprise manager dump fixed : cosmetic designs (all windows to bssingle) fixed : faster loading (all forms are created on demand) added : icmp ping are marked with iptools added : event threads can be disabled in config.ini fixed : will not ping an internet host every time route or ip change added : will display internet gateway when systray icon is clicked added : closeall / minimizeall windows todo : migrate config file to xml added : (most) view settings and capture settings can be configured via config.i ni file todo : iptools web server fixed : dhcp server sends ip filled in opt54/dhcp server field as server address added : dhcp server + pxe tested with vmware+ghost in bridged & host only mode fixed : cannot close ping subnet window anymore until all threads are closed fixed : call process hook from netstat would crash fixed : can add dest ip in filter window fixed : pcap filter (if one) is displayed in advanced tab in filter window fixed : tcp subnet syn scan ok in winpcap mode (with the right dest mac) fixed : tcp subnet ping in winpcap mode (with the right dest mac) added : display some details about packet sent in tcp syn scan and tcp ping fixed : ip spoof works with ndis and winpcap, source and dest mac addresses are displayed, full packet in displayed in the replay frame added : dropdown list for local ips in dhcp server and subnet according to the i p class todo : hunt all getlocalip other than text fields v1.91 fixed : bind ip in tftpd window and dhcpsrv window fixed : dhcpd:offline button will create memory access error anymore (canvas/thr ead...) fixed : dhcpd:closing the window wil not create memory access anymore (if nul... ) fixed : tftpd:ip is binded before socket is activated fixed : tftpd:sends correct tsize when file is readonly added : tftpd:blocksize is sent per client request fixed : tftpd:interface is binded correctly on 1st start added : enumsrv:one thread at the time added : tcpscan:check ping first option added : addip can also delete last added ip added : create proxy arp address todo : look on netsh routing ip nat / install / add interface "xxx" full / add portmapping "xxx" tcp 1234 1234 added : filename field for dhcp server (for compatibility with older computer) added : opened files (using driver) todo : crc32 & md5sums for files

added : performance counters with graph options fixed : trylock in tracert form fixed : cannot launch a thread anymore while running getdomain thread v1.92 fixed : dynamic link for native apis in openedfiles windows for w9x compatibilit y fixed : List index out of bounds (0) in showinfos proc added : resolve ip in ARP scan added : nt event logs (local & remote) fixed : memory leak in savelistview function fixed : createthread replaced by tthread/synchronise in dhcp discover added : export to xml function with xsl stylesheet added : cipher encrypt/decrypt added : new section in ini file to start iptools as a different user todo : generic wmi loop function (classname and properties to fetch) added : ftp server (stor ok, retr ok, dele ok, rmd ok, mkd ok) added : filter ftp commands in ftpd added : http server fixed : removed setcurrentdir/getcurrentdir from tftpd (modified idtrivialftpser ver with tftppath var) fixed : removed useless setcurrentdir from httpd/ftpd added : settings gui. decoders settings missing. added : ftp proxy v1.93 removed : telnet server added : telnet proxy modified : mac vendor codes loaded in an array intead of tstrings modified : mac vendor codes loaded on 1st call not on main form create modified : mac vendor codes updated (10199 items) modified : can choose subnet in mac2ip window added : upnp services added : dump user (using LookupAccountSid to bypass rights to enum users) todo : fake netbios ns added : default password list added : change service config added : EnumDependentServices added : display all ip (ok and failed) in ping subnet added : color scheme in ping subnet todo : fingerprinting modified : improved tcp scan (connect) scan (linger = hard reset) modified : improved tcp scan (half connect) scan (sendarp for each node, but slo wer) modified : use snoop filter in tcp syn scan (faster) modified : disable raw feature in tcp syn scan/ping todo : use snoop.filter in tcp ping fixed : windows properties works locally with remote reg service disabled todo : generic form oncreate/onclose todo : quicker mac to ip in tcp syn scan/ping todo : checkout IdNetworkCalculator added : removed mac to ip (can be done from arp scan) modified : more reliable rarp client (use snoop.filter) added : rarp server added : rarp frames decoded todo : passive monitoring via arp reply/request sniffing added : crc32 & md5 file sum added : netservergetinfo in netapi window todo : check [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Paramet ers]\TcpTimedWaitDelay

added fixed used added fixed added

: local & remote devices using setupapi.dll : buffersize in wep key decrypt using cryptoapi (note : wpa psk key can be with wpa_supplicant) : wep keys decrypt using wzcapi : mac dest was wrongly set to 0 in arp reply : ip changed notification when mode<>raw

1.94 added : msqql processes + kill added : close opened file added : trup ip filter in arp & icmp scan added : dns cache added : eventlog monitor added : getbestroute added : getrttandhopcount added : setcomputername added : http proxy fixed : revisited openports function todo : put all reports in ureport unit added : iptools web interface added : rrd tools gui added : bandwidth tester added : can enabled/disable items in tools menu added : can add toolbar buttons added : grahviz frontend todo : review getcurrentdir / GetCurrentExeDir added : ndis5pkt capture engine (works from nt4 to w2k3 and is included in the e xe) todo : ndis5pkt in tcp scan half connect added : remote arp scan (compressed xml over tcp) added : snmp network stats added : snmp connection table modified : ip spoof works in all capture mode todo : move all buffers to a separate unit todo : review prepare_header in icmp spoof v1.95 added : one unique service for all remote functions added : save main form pos and size added : one instance only added : AD browser modified : cleanup & compressed ressources for a smaller exe (below 5mb) todo : right click / send mail added : mapi mail client added : lpr client added : setacl added : net shares level2 added : search function on menus added : find duplicate ip or mac in arp scan fixed : lease time in dhcp manager fixed : minor fix in frmfirewall (icmp handling & ip) added : size of remote share in netapi - shares level 2 added : DhcpEnumSubnetElementsV5 in dhcp window (ip ranges) todo : bi directional arp spoof (switch victim with router) todo : check jcl hookimport todo : check fixed : bugs in ftpd added : option to send mail on balloon notifications added : monitor changes in a directory added : test download speed from internet (http & ftp) / http proxy ok

todo : check IdMultiPartFormData & idhttp fixed : ADSI apis are dynamically linked fixed : lsa apis are dynamically linked fixed : runs ok on win98se (and should be ok on wine) todo : put idantifreeze on main form todo : replace custom icmp code by idicmp 1.96 added : vbs script editor modified : use tscriptcontrol to launch vbs scripts todo : check wmi(msndis) vs GetIfEntry added : wmi browser added : possibility to run vbs scripts on object(s) in ad browser added : bookmark with dynamic columns/cells modified : ping -> check icmpsendecho<>0 (instead of =1) added : citrix console added : CoInitializeSecurity before run to be able to use citrix mfcom remotely added : clientip,appname,logontime,idletime in terminal services added : ntlm hash added : ping -> option to retry once on ping host fixed : ping -> bad replies were not displayed added : up/down in snmp interfaces added : 2 different graphviz views in snmp port mapper, plus some extra menu ite ms updated : refresh mac prefixes (10972 items) added : add script option in dhcp manager fixed : improved snmp subnet scan fixed : ColumnClick modified when sorting (all sortorder set back to false excep t the clicked column) fixed : patched comserv.pas to avoid severe crash on vista (because of tlb for m sscript) fixed : getosversion support for vista (should unlock many features) added : oid enterprise numbers (30416 items) updated : allocate memory for portnumbers & macaddresses on demand (2.5mb mem sa ved on startup) fixed : removed cafree on close in main form added : new function savelistviewtoxls added : snmp ethernet stats updated : snmp disks added : cygwin nfsd in tools folder added : ln & junc gui fixed : dhcp message buffer was too small (60bytes=bootp) with some dhcp clients (gpxe) fixed : winspool services for job managers (enum jobs ok, delete jobs ok) fixed : setacl bugs added : find oem drivers in use in devices added : pjl client added : lp daemon 1.97 added : , mysql added : fixed : fixed : added : added : ) added : fixed : savetodb/loadfromdb function in bookmark window (tested with mssql oledb odbc, excel odbc (dont forget the [])) database objects browser bugs in rrdtools gui support of double values in perfmon can graph an oid value in snmpget block url's based on keywords in http proxy (todo : filter meta keywords can filter while loading a capture file filter for ndis5pkt engine

fixed : capture_mode=raw by default added : toolbarview & stayontop stored in config.ini added : debug option in config.ini (hookwindows, hookGetProcAddress, hookmem) modified : update to latest madexcept version 3.0h added : arp watch added : stp decoder added : dot1stpporttable & stp datas added : delete arp entry in snmp arp table added : flood option in arp spoof todo : mitm (handle router & victim redirection) , ipconflict (reply with ipsrc= victim & macsrc=other) attacks added : WTSWaitSystemEvent / WTSShutdownSystem / WinStationServerPing / WTSQuery UserToken (must run as localsystem) modified : raw_sniffer is created only on start action fixed : print spooler is stopped/started including dependencies added : geo locating using and googlemaps todo : check TcpTimedWaitDelay added : remote capture (rpcap) support in main window todo : crc32 progress bar added : can retrieve upnp contentdirectory added : perf counters screen also displays suffix and scale for returned value modified : lighter main lib unit, 3 new units (decode, convert, storage) fixed : empty column in xls file would crash the bookmark window 1.98 added : loadfromdb and savetodb will keep table history added : save cap file with same link type as loaded cap file added : find user / computer in ad browser added : lastlogontimestamp in ad browser added : update/add/delete db one item in bookmark added : add/delete/create group & user in ad browser added : winsock hook will display traffic added : winsock hook can save datas to cap file added : more reports : devices, printers ports/drivers/monitors, local admins added : reports from a list of servers added : update line from vbs in bookmark window added : new unit = hashes added : SIO_RCVALL IOCTL option (to be tested against different nics) added : modified savetreeview to be able to reload via loadlistview added : remove column, search and replace in bookmark fixed : winsock hook (recv functions were nulling the buffer) added : snmphelper class modified : snmp scan / ping subnet / arp scan -> thread uses postmessage (more t hread safe) added : xpath functions in bookmark window / load-save from-to xml http added : can choose returned properties of ldap search query / dump query to xml / dump children to xml modified : md5 hash used to cipher. 3des encryption added. hexa/text switch. vnc encrypt/decrypt (need 3des.dll) modified : uses clause cleanup with icarus modifed : zlib updated to zlibex 1.2.3 system crash : reinstall mrubox, hstbox, hexedit, jvcl+jcl (had to recompile setupapi.pas with win2000_up in windowsversio latest masdhi version added : one "extra option" field in dhcp server (to support keep-san option in g pxe) added : can send empty filename when gpxe user class is detected (to allow boot on san)

fixed : will work on windows 7 fixed : bug on iplen fixed : bug in getiftable in win7 added : can load and save royal ts files in bookmark window fixed : in bookmark window, update line from script will not update columns with empty values added : in bookmark window, if xsl next to xml, xml will be transformed added : add ipAddrTable (IP-MIB) added : utrayicon unit (to experiment a separate thread monitoring hung app) added : resolve auto in arp scan added : devices in snmp host-ressources added : printhtmlinIE function added : wmi scan (fields from win32_computersystem,win32_computersystemproduct,w in32_operatingsystem) added : snmp scan and wmi scan in toolbar added : include style.css and xsl in binary fixed : "<unknown ip>" to "unknown ip" to avoid '<>' html/xml interpretation modified : listview2html to write cleaner html added : bookmark can load a structured table from an html file modified : macprefixes updated to nov 2009 added : can load a sql query from bookmark window added : firefox3 secrets modified : macprefixes updated to may 2010 added : arpwatch can act as http server added : http server can serve a listview modified : ip stats and interface stats improvements fixed : many bugs in tcp scan added : smart scan in tcp scan (most 1000 common ports) todo : load excel 2003 excel file (xsl in progress) todo : processors in snmp host-ressources todo : xmldoc.txmldocument.create(nil) versus xmldoc.txmldocument.create('') long term todo's... todo : decrypt/encrypt vnc without 3des.dll todo? : switch to virtual view in progress : winspool helper with ureport unit in progress : snmp reports (interfaces and forwarding ok, stp left) in progress : mask <> 255 using IdNetworkCalculator todo? : consider CDPMIB ( todo : consider Q-BRIDGE-MIB (vlan's) and/or rcVlan MIB (. todo? : consider SNMP-REPEATER-MIB (hubs) todo : scan switches (thru bridge table or stp table?) todo : graphical traceroute todo : ttl result in tracert todo : ipforwarding et basenumports todo : smtp/fax/etc prefix in mapi mail todo : wsck - f_packet_no ?? todo : consider IP_RECORD_ROUTE in progress : alternative boot filename for a specific userclass