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The Time is at hand for Starpeople/nightworkers to unite and awaken. Those of all walks
of life are awakening their spiritual faculties and acknowledging their heritage and
identity through phylogenic memories encoded in their DNA for proper spiritual

The question is often asked "But how do you really know you are one of them?"

I was given this information that perhaps will give the reader an indication of what
characteristic or aspects pertain to you. If more than 50% of the following apply, you too
might be an awakening Starperson.


-Feeling a great urgency in finishing an important task or special mission.
-Had unseen companions as a child.
-Compelling eyes and charisma
-Get by with little sleep and work best at night.
-Have natural or unusual abilities in subjects such as art, music, healing, acting, math and
natural sciences.
-Their artwork or dreams often involve an alien, multi-moon planetary environment.
-May have "mystic crosses," "mystic eyes" or "mystic stars" on the palms.
-Often exhibit empathic tendencies.
-Have a strong attraction to natural crystals and certain rocks.
-Have flying dreams or out of body experiences.
-Children and animals are attracted to them
-Was an unexpected child.
-Being reborn in cycles such as 1932-38 1942-48 1952-58 etc.
-Feeling that that their earth parents are not their true, real parents and they long for their
true place of origin.
-Have unusual abilities which are considered paranormal by others.
-Have continued contact with beings such as angels, master, elemental nature spirits,
spiritual teachers or openly declared UFO intelligence.
-Have a strong feeling to past eras of Ancient Egypt, Atlantis & Lemuria and the natural
ability to remember past life experiences during these periods.
-The planet Venus has a strong drawing as well as "knowing that home is somewhere
beyond the stars"
-They usually are starry eyed romantics.
-Have recently received the message from inner guidance or from their UFO contacts that
-Feel that they are one of the 144.000
Physical Indications.

-Compelling eyes and personal charisma.
-Lower than normal body temperature.
-Extra vertebrae, transitional vertebrae or fused vertebrae and lower back pains.
-Unusual blood type, or even a combination of blood types.
-Lower than normal blood pressure.
-Ribs that are extra or misplaced.
-Unusually sharp hearing and eyes very sensitive to light.
-Chronic sinusitis( irritation in nose or nostril)
-Hypersensitive to electricity, electromagnetic force fields.
-Experience buzzing ears, or ringing or a clicking noise or high pitched mechanical whine
in the ears prior to, during or after some psychic/spiritual events or a warning of

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