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Fiber Art
"Chromatic Constructions: Contemporary Fiber Art" Opening Night VIP Reception Meet the Artist, Dora Hsiung Date: Friday, September 11 Time: 6:00 ... 7:30pm " Location: Chinese Culture Center Gallery 750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94108 All CCC Members and Guests are welcome! You are cordially invited to an intimate dinner with Dora Hsiung on Opening Night of "Chromatic Constructions"
The Universe, Dora Hsiung

Chinese Culture Center Newsletter
The Center for the Advancement of Chinese and Chinese American Art and Culture

Chromatic Constructions: Contempora~

GGG's New Exhibition Featuring Dora HSlUng

Friday, September 11, 2009 at 8:00pm Special cuisine prepared by Chef Ni of J ai Yun Restaurant C3-minutewalk from Chinese Culture Center) Limited seats, RSVP today! Please call: (415) 986-1822, ext. 21 $100 per person Inside this Issue
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By: Pat Tseng For more than 30 years, Dora Hsiung has been adapting the traditional yarn wrapping techniques of China and other countries to develop complex fiber constructions that have caught the eye of technology leaders interested in their precise, but warm geometry. Now, fifty of Hsiung 's wall hangings, installations and sculptures, many large-scale, are on view at the Chinese Culture Center (CCC) in San Francisco as part of its Xian Rui (Fresh and Sharp) exhibition series. First Encounter with Dora's work While attending a fabric art convention in Vancouver, British

Columbia during the summer of 2002, my eyes were drawn to an unusual- but familiar shape. As I approached the artwork, I began to see a sequence of small threedimensional pyramid-like shapes that reminded me of the Chinese The "zong zi" is a large sticky rice dumpling that is wrapped in bamboo leaves into a unique form and is specially made to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. On this wall hanging, each of the "zong zi" was meticulously wrapped with yarns of exquisite and subtle color gradations, such that at different viewing angles, the color scheme changed and created an optical illusion.


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Official Announcement from the CCF Board of Directors
We are pleased to announce that Mabel Teng was appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Chinese Culture Foundation as of April 1, 2009. Mabel started her career in education as an ESL instructor at S.F. Community College ln1980. For more than two decades, she continued her commitment in education and the non-profit community serving as the Executive Director of the Asian ~nerican Donor Program (AADP), Career Resources Development Center (CRDG) and as Director of Planning and Development at San Francisco State University. During her tenure as a member of the S.F. Board of Supervisors, she established the City's Art and Music Task Force and passed legislation to fund arts and music programs in public education. In the tradition of celebrating diversity and Chinese heritage, Mabel sponsored City Hall's firstLunar New Year Festival. As a lifelong community advocate, N,[abel has been honored for her contributions by a long list of organizations including the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Associariojr;" Chinatown Youth Center, Wu Yee Children's Services, National Organization for Women and the Women's Foundation. Mabel has had a successful career in education, non-profit management and public service. We are happy that she has returned to the community as the Executive Director of the Chinese Culture Foundation and Chinese Culture Center.

Message from the Executive Director to the CCC Family

a moment to enjoy the cornucopia of art and Cbinese culture at CCC's Gallery. Left to right: (front) Abby Chen, Fengyuan Ji, Onilda Cheung, Mabel Teng, Mengxuan Liu, (back) Ruth Young, Catherine Le Pape

Russell E. Leong, MD.
President of the CCF Board of Directors

SlIDJU1eris here and we have been busy working on a series of exciting programs for the next few weeks. Coming up are a music performance on August 22 and the grand opening of Dora Hsiung's "Chromatic Constructions: Contemporary Fiber Art" on September 11. We would love to see you at one or all of these wonderful events! On a serious note, the economic downturn has hit everyone, including our funders, contributors and supporters. In taking on this challenge, we have been reviewing our work in order to be more strategic, effective and prudent as we plan for the balance of 2009 and into 2010. Out of this process, we are happy to share that we will launch three education and outreach initiatives this Fall through the coming Spring. We will: 1) Re-brand our Chinatown Heritage Walking Tours to reach out to local schools and educational institutions, businesses and visitors. We want the participants to gain a better understanding about history and heritage, and how Chinatown became one of the most vibrant centers for arts and culture in America. Launch an Artist-in-Residence Program in collaboration with community youth organizations to engage children and youth in performing arts. Sponsor an annual Chinatown Music Festival in Portsmouth Square where the community will be treated to a free concert that will feature a mix of professional and student performers.

Welcome Esther Li and Susan Tom to theeCF Board of Directors!
The Chinese Culture Foundation is very happy to announce that Esther Li and Susan Tom have joined our Board of Directors. They would like to introduce themselves to the CCC family. Esther Li: "I am a certified public accountant with a Master's degree in Taxation. Currently, I'm the Finance Director of 3 related environmental non-profit organizations based in Sausalito. I was also past president of the Board of Directors of World Arts West (nroducer of the annual San Francisco Ethnic val). With many years of professional experience in accoUnting and taxation in the commercialand non-profit environmenfI joined the Board of the Chinese Culture Foundation in hopes of helping in the compliance and finance areas. Born and raised in the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown, I'm privileged to be able to return to Chinatown and help with an organization that promotes Chinese culture." Tom: "Throughout my life and career, I always been interested in being Chinese Iearning about what encompasses the experience. I was born in San and spent my elementary years in I have taught Chinese immigrant ","""-",,",,u and Chinese immigrant adults. I am the Family Liaison at LincolnElementary School in Oakland's Chinatown and served as the Director of Hip Wah, a Chinese cultural program that introduces young children to the traditions and culture of China. Through the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, I hope to reach out to the young folks to let them explore and discover what was our past, what can we bring to the present and what can we give to the future."
Newsletter Credits Editors & Layout: Ruth Young, Mabel S. Teng, Fengyuan Ji, Catherine Le Pape Contributors: Abby Chen, Catherine Le Pape, Dr. Russell E. Leong, Esther Li, Irene Yee Riley, Mabel S. Teng, Susan Tom, Pat Tseng, Ruth Young Translation: Xiaomei Li, Mengxuan Liu Printing: Axon Printing



We're also proud of our visual arts exhibition, Present Tense Biennial, which has already drawn over 2,500 visitors to the Center's gallery and over 40 tours by students from the Bay Area. The exhibition has also received major media coverage from the Chronicle, NPR, KQED, Com cast, Examiner, SF Weekly, Bay Guardian, Sing Tao Daily and the World Journal. In recognition of our efforts, we were awarded a stimulus grant by the National Endowment for the Arts and we would like to thank Senator Dianne Feinstein for her steadfast support. However, as you may realize, 2009 is a very difficult year and everyone has felt the economic hardship. Your membership and your generous contributions have enabled the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco to continue our service to the community. We promise to continue to work hard to get through these tough financial times and take great encouragement from your partnership in making the Chinese Culture Center a vital destination for us all to connect, explore and envision progressive perspectives in Chinese and Chinese American art and heritage. Thank you,

Mabel S. Teng

Fundraising/CCC Pictures


By: Irene Yee Riley, Harmony & Bliss 2009 Co-Chair It's that special time of year again. Yes, it's time for the Chinese Culture Center's Harmony & Bliss 2009 Wine Tasting Fundraising Dinner and Auction! This year, it will be held Saturday evening, November 7, 2009. This signature event is known for featuring great Western wines paired with Eastern cuisine. This fundraiser is an opportunity for families and friends to come together for a night of fun, great food, good friends, and fond memories .
•••••• s-n.·u·u ·•·. · · ... •• • · ·O-.-.-u · •••• ' ••••••• ·· •• -.n ·u •••••••• ' ·

Harmony & Bliss 2009
Most of all, proceeds from the event are an important part of what enables the Chinese Culture Center to present free exhibitions, free concerts in Chinatown, heritage tours to school children and visitors, classes in Mandarin, Chinese painting, calligraphy, and our "In Search of Roots" program. Last year's menu included such tasteful selections as "roastsoy hoisin pork medallions with sweet chile ginger glaze." Last year's guests also had an
· ••• · '.·.· ·•· •• •••••••••• · •••• · · ·.n.oO-u ••• · u

opportunity to bid on many wonderful items such as: a rare 1983 Masi Mazzano Amarone wine from Italy, Kistler Chardonnay, and Cathay Pacific airplane tickets. I would like to invite you to make this year's Harmony & Bliss a success by doing any of the following: donating in-kind silent and live auction items, purchasing tickets, and just telling anyone you know to purchase tickets to the event.
u .. · •••

t....!:~~~~~j~~~~~E.!!~E~~!1~ .. .~J!! ~ .. .. .~~~.~~~! ~~~!.~.~~p.!~~.~~~~~.~~.~!!~J2..~.~!~~~.~!..?~~~~:~~.J?.~ ~ ~~~ .. ~!!.~~~~~.~.. ~ .. ..... j
O'O ••••••••••• · •• · ·

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Teamwork at the CCC!

Left to Right: CCC Board EVP Helen Hui, Fiona Ma's Representative, CCC Board Pres. Dr. Russell Leong, Supervisor David Chiu, Senator Mark Leno, CCC Board Chairperson Dr. Colin Wong, Mayor's Office Representative, and Present Tense Lead Curator Kevin B. Chen celebrate the opening of the Present Tense Exhibition at our VlP opening reception.

Left to Right: Artists Justin Hoover, Irnin Yeh, Julie Chang, Ken Lo, and Vivian Chang (from CCDq discuss contemporary art, community, and public space at July 25, 2009 Panel Discussion in conjunction with Present Tense.

Excited students from Oakland's Hip Wah Summer Program (led by new CCC Board Member Susan Tom) visit CCC on July 10,2009.

Author presents her new book "Gold Mountain Wives," which focuses on the lives of the women in Taisban whose busbands traveled thousands of miles to Gold Mountain (California). Left to Right: Maurice Chuck, Author Ho Ping Ng, Liu Huang Tian, Consul Wu Gang of the People's Republic of China ..

CCC and KSW welcomes S.F. Foundation. Left to Right: Abby Cben, Mabel Teng, Tatwina Lee, John R. Killacky, Vanessa CamarenaArredondo, Ellen Oh, Kevin Seaman.

20094'9.F.111 EI

Chinese Translation



•• OO

~rB'/±&JJi : "f!j=6JJi3Z{t~/t,\.J$ / ~11:~~
20094'9.F.111 EI

~ •• *~*~!~~4 ~r..'/±&JJi~..t.8JJi {ill : / ~11 : 1007t~i)L

Dora ti ~ c~4i~~~.~_#a~~~~ rrm~o~~~,~ffl~~~ •• ~~W,m ~~~n~~~~~~W{)L~o ~~~~/J\~ ~~~,*~~~~tt=M.~~~#.o Dora"i!itJ7U~Ji~~tt*lI!..t."~~"ij m~~.o*~~~m~~~"ijm~=~ fta~.~,~*~~~m.~~~ft~~h

Russell E. Leong,.¥~± JI$*3:~

# • .z~, ~¥3t{t~/L\m.1t~-~~J~~

~.m,~~*R~~~~o~~mKm~3Z {t~/t,\~ (1If#t) ~9IJmK.z- 0

~*~~~~~,~~~~~~ •• .. ,~~

Pat Tseng ~*~=+~* ,~*~!~ (Dora )1iia7~ ~&.~~*~.~".~"I.,~~~. ~~o.~~~~,~~~@ ~~~.~,~~~~~~~MA±m~~D ~o.*~~¥3Z~~~.J$W.m~E+~

~~_~.* ..


=+~*, Dora It•• ~t9:A~)!:m~*)1ll ~o~~~~~*~I~~.~~ •• ~~ ~,~~~±n~.~$D, ~±n~~~~ %*.PA&*fi"~ i11I~~o Dora~~~. •• ~=~~:h~1t.F.I += EI£tt.*~~¥3Z{t ~/t,\.J$m~ , ~~.±&l!&~~.1it~~~~ "~ho~K~=~-~~-.F.I+EI.*o

•• *~~*, j\.F.I=+=EI~~$~~ ; 1t.F.I+-El~*~ .~~K~IOO.o#~.~~~~~~W


~ir'~;$'§'~fH'iJDIlit~~~¥3Z{t~**rr ~Ho DIlit.t$~~~, ~FI,I~IJ ~J,I!.;I.. •• ti~~~~ •• &~~D&5~~~.J}]~flo DIlit.~~~ Bo~~6~~,~~~.*-m~¥~,~ .~~5Jl~~1980~tt=5iiPtl~*¥.ff ~ "**T "tt~¥1t3Z{t~.~.~*;!jtJi~ ESL~mo tt20~~~~rB'~ , ~-iIj(h ~~o ~~.~tl~t'~~* "~*~~" ~,W T~~~~F'inUtl~D&50 ~~~lIffAsian nz;a~/J\ : ~~iiii~¥~ , ~..I3..m~[!l+E AmericanDonorProgram(AADP)~rr~ ~M~tt1Jt~U~1Jt*!J~ ~~! ~iM:j>.Utl~r.., .~ ,Career Resources Development -£ll!\llJJnllj~ , ~~K EI *o ~ Center (CRDC )~rr~.~, !.;I..&=5iiP ~~.z. ,~~tl~±U:~:hc-l'~~ I~:I:jj, ~ft*¥mJlJam~±ffo Dora ~~~tl~~I~~~1f.o ~~*~Ji~/\. DIlit• ff=5iiP~~~~~j[_7mH~$ • +~M~~~mTo Dora ~7t~:m~~IW,. .~/Nft , B~7ltNJ~ft~~D.~~$

=~~=~~.~,~tt~~¥~D~.mK *~,~*~-~~~~~~~~~affl~ 510jEliB-~fiiIij~~~B.~ , ~DlJ!.B~~ -~~***~=~¢~.~o~~~~"* ** "~~~!t£7~~~.~1t~ "**T" 0 tt~~,**T~~~~~.*~,~~.mfiilij !j=W~~~.~o~~~~tt~..t.~"**T" W~ffl~~.B~~~~~.~~.,tt~~ ~~~D.~~~.*~~~~~~,~~* ~~1ilo

~ ~±tt~~..t.~~~,~tt~~~~~* ¥~~±n*¥~~~ ••• ¥±~~±¥ {)Lo ~*~~~@lAm~3Zft~/t,\ (1If#t) ~ 9tl~~~=~mK , m~m-~.~Hmo *~ , ~~.~*itl~tft~~Am~ (1If#t) ~9IJmOO7ff;.0.*~~¥3Z{t~/t,\~JJ~ -~9IJ~Jl~ ~ ~.!{IJ~~ 71tJlfl'*BiI~~¥ ~ii~*,;$7M~ir'~~~ ,m f.Utm5F~{-\:~¥3t{t~~ll11o =ftj\~ (151ft) ~~J!lJl~JlJ 7 Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation ~JUtlo • ts . j[_ ••

~jJUJiiWW74i~A~~~, ~~3t{t~/L\ ~ffl~t'~~M't' 0 ~ 7 b!Jt~~tj~¥1 , ~ir' mm*fi"H73Z{t~/L\~I~, ttrrlJ=~~ 1t~~~=~-~~~~~~~,~~~Dm ~~~~,~.~.,mH~.o~~,~iM m* •• ±&rE.I**~~~~=~~~~~*fi"rr IJ:

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h~~*~ilo~~~~~mM*~~ •• ~ ,alJ!. 7±A~~~0 =.~jEJ$sl~~ Dora ~I~~ ,A~~~iIJjtE1J~~*~~~Jl
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±&m~~~~Ma~,..t.e#~~~~~.~ ±&~~3U~~9tltt..t.~0 ~I~.15.7mrdl Dora ~-l'~1io

.~~.D&~, 1I*~~*MlJ;l.&~ ~~~*o ~ir'~DI!it.:hcA~¥3t{t~/t,\)*

IEtt3Zft~/L\m~~ "lJ!.1-\:~!!~m"B~:ji ~7~~ES~~D~,~~*~.~~~+ ~~¥*±&±~~aM~<.*~e ~*ll) ,~~.1I1;1I (NPR) ,KQED , •• Comcast~m=m, <.*~.~*ll~ , 01* ~~*ll~ , <.~iJ*!O , UL!; EI ll~~ <1!t * ~EI~~.Jt~~m.lirr7*ll~~fl'*Bo~ A~I1~~, 3Z{t~/t,\~~h~~itl7.5Z~~ 1l11I, ~*jiT3Z{t~/t,\-~)!: JIlJ•• ~_gtllt* , ~ir'~tt~/L\~$~~llJta ~~~~~~4h~M'0@~,~m-m*. iUtl , =~~1t~~~_gtlD~~-~ , .R~«X ~T~!¥g.ffl~~M', .*~~¥3Z{t~/t,\::t "~tl~D&~o ~iM~~~ ~ , 3Z1t~/t,\tt.~~M'~jtJllJ"f , ••• ~ h , ~~~m~~¥3Z{t.~&.~¥~3Z1t ..~*fi"m~o
~ 0

~* ••

itJitJo II!~~

Chinese Translation



Esther Li ~ Susan Tom

&:to.tliffD •••

J!2itIFIiIJc-ft Jc-ftIF/t.'5!. , 2009~B.F.I22S


~¥3t1t,~ti*~$~1il Esther Li1IlSusan Tom~~*fiiHll~o p',rf~tm1rl=iJz.tJDA~¥ .3t1t,~/C,,*~,JgB'il~fi'~o ~ Susan Tom: "1:E~-1:.'=~ , ~~~I1!l~ ¥AlIl¥H¥AB'iI~~.~.~o~~tt~~ m,tt¥~~.~~~o~~~~~~~~ lIlft!l1rlB'ilT3l:~3to ~fB~.ff HipWah B'iI*l ~ , ~~-~[O]~ftAfi'~~¥.toe3t1t,B'iI. tfito~~M~ Oakland ¥~ LincolnIJ'¥B'iI~ .ft1l*1rjlo ~~f~l!~ r;p¥3t1t,~/C,,)f4l! ~ft -1~, iI»tmir'*~~lIlfUi!¥AB'iI~* ,m ttlll**o " Esther Li: "~~-~i};J:I;*itm , ti1if~5tHi~ ±¥iJz. , ~MJl Sausalito 3 ~ ~!iIMIIB'iI~~ '!i~JJl1~iH\wIB'ilti;t*l~0~fB~l1tff World Arts West ( ~~m~.M~MIlW$tJ~ ) B'iI~ ~ 0 ti~1:Eif6~lIl~~'!i~J • tb~.#*itlil • ~~~~B'iI~,*~~~1:E~~»~lIltiM~ ~.UjJ~¥3t1t,~ti*0 ~~1:E~~m¥~B'iI ~J!!~.~I:EIM~1! , ~1!)]ii1!B'iI ~M;I~ •• ¥3tit,o " =ft~lJZ" Irene Yee Riley, =~~1L~~5ftSf.j;. ~~~"ft:!=!;Ii5]::E~ IltiU-l~¥3t1t,~/c,\-~-.MB'iI.~~;j; <It S§t5ftSf*;j;} ~+-JH:;S!Ull~~rro ii@l5!lbB'il~~~ ".i\15ftlll~¥§t~B'ilt5r) :m1G",fB~~lIl~A.M~~D-~B'iI~. *0 • .i!!I!B'iI~, ~~.~~B'iI~~ , ~~¥3t1t,~ /c,\B'iI~!I!~.*~o ~/c,\B'iltb~3t1t,5!1b ~ , ffi~ •• ~~J(,**, iM[O]¥~ 1Ill1ft~B'ilr;p~~3t1t,~l1ft, "4J~ "5!1b , PAR ~3t, 11_, .~~~jU£~~~TiiJx.~5!

~J(:~1:E~~~~i}~5!JJJ:~6~(§t. .~.~~III~*B'ilil*~)lt ) ~~/~~ : rq:2~ 1.3t1t,~/C,'tb:tJJ~ff ~11:~. 2009fF.9.F.112 a

~ra'/~&": rq:2~

:=f'7tmo "---- ~4J~} ¥jl AprilYee B'iI~ a, Nancy Lim-Yee " ~ ittl , ~1ti$B'iI~-EP~~.~~i$f&;g 7-~~i$~~~S,~~Jl75!nlllil ~o "----=~~t~ <~~} ¥jl , Derek Emmons " ~ iltl~iHiB'il~* , )~it~B'iI,E~t*!~ , fB~ -@l~iI~B'ilA 0 "----7i:~!;~~~/C,\~ti *rr~~ff, Eddie Wong

I ~JllJJ(~~B'iltMJ[

~1I:~ft 2009fF.10.F.I10a Gordon Chang - §t1l¥~.VIIj ~ra'/~&": ~JlJJ(~ir'B'iltMJ[ ( ) ~11:~~


~§tIl.i!I ;gB'il¥~o 1:E~&tb AB'ilUN.MB~Jl71J11~~ ~o r;p1l~B'ilIl!l+~~/Ni~lIlsIAA~B'iI~~ ~~ , :=f'1l~..§tIl.~.8~B'ilm~ "zlilio

9.F.126a~12.F.110S: .3t1t~,c,~*" ~A~~*(Wm,~m,~m*), ~~*~~J!, ~_!:gIDII*,.~!:gID"J!, .toe IltEt:;tti*


~¥3t1t,r;p/C,,-rCJj..;I.~~B'iI.toe~{! fB~n , ~l1ft~tl~)~A 7 M¥$lIl~@I¥'$3t 1t,B'iI. *0 ~1rlB'il~~~~~3t1t,l1ftfJilb , :=f'{i~~ ~~~¥~:=f'~A~B'iI-iM,m~[O]~fi'~~ ¥3t1t,.toelll¥~~~1:E§tIlB'il.I"l~~0 1:E*~ft11l~~jjB'ilif6~~z9~ , ~h.*ft *HI.~~~~Ji5~B'iI S ~~5!0 ~ir'B'iI~l1ft~ 3t1t,~/G'OO~, ~~q~~~~ •• lIl~fet 3t1t,~~B'iln~~Jl~, ~~~JJPA&~$~~ ~o 1:Em@l/J\~. , ~~j..::J.±*fiB'ilDN~1[*fi~ ~~~iJ£ , 7M!=p¥3t1t,B'iI~iI, 1I*~f~lIl tl*B'iI»~,¥H~~¥~B'iI~~~~o ~ir'B'iI~lnt~Mjl~~ •• , ~~:tt~~~11 iJ£,tmir'Wl~tf~~Jt~J1~II~B'ilII~o ~ Mjl Lynn~: ..i.t'l'~l!,l1ft~ir'mW~~~B'iI ~m*HIWl, fi'~7i:Ji§iJtij, r;p.mlllm~~, ft!lir'!~ ~~.~~, tul~»m 7*fi*i!i-~0 "1Xill!j~ *~1JD~IIiJ£~~3t1t,~ , -jE*PU,~.$ B'iI@J1io ~~~~ , ~D~~B'iltMJ[ http:// www ijE~ H ~11 (415) 986-1822 , ~iiJl!lITJjl#-:¥ •••
¥A~~¥~~.~=~~n~n.F.I=+S~~o~.F.I=+S,nstb~tl~~~~ 1±~¥3t1t,~/C" , ~~tiifj~ittlB'il-~o tm :=f'{i{i~-iJz..i!!I!B'iltl~~1Ib, 11!=p¥3tit,~ ,C,\B'iI~~fB~m*B'ilJj.o ~iI~-:hJ\~ ~~-nj\n~Wlra' , j..;I.&-nj\n~ , ~ff )Z:1t,~/C,\fi*.$0 tmm~1:E-ntn~:¥
-nj\n~, -nj\.t~~-nnll!l~,-n

*~<~5ft~*;j;}B'iI~.~~~~§t~ ii~, m~-:hJ\.~~.*~tl Masi Mazzano Arnarone, KistlerS.i\15ftlllll.AA:~i}~B'iI .~~~.~,~A1rlagft~,.~~~o ~~¥~#~~~~~~~~W~~B'iI.~ 5!Jho ~iiJ~.Jlr~~,m.~.~ , 9t~a~ ir'.JlrU~o ~:=f'!I!h~t,;.*B'il5!JJJ , n ~iiJj..;I.~.3t1t,~/C,\, ~liI~ (415 )98618220

n~~~=~~-~Wlra'Jt}j~.ffr;p¥3t1~ ti*.~**~1Il~~0~ittlm~7~¥3t 1r.~ti*B'iI~~ , ~~tJ~7 OJ~} fJiJb , :tt-&im~~1JD5!JJJB'iI¥i!i~ , &i:¥(Pl~otm tbJ!A:*m1i:~3t1t,~/C" , ~~r;p/c,'B'iljjrc'o3t 1t,r;p/c,'B'iln~i!iir'1Il~~Jt~It~ittlB'iltj ~1Il1:E11i: ..~ iltl~§tIl5l:~B'iI~$o ~~ A~1~B B'iI~~, m-jE*~~&$AJlfjil~, J.a~i$ B'iI.lEmo~i:!!!i$B'ilti\JlIl.iltJo "----=~ ~ ~-I=~~=~ <4J~} ¥jl , cce .~* .~ , BrianYee ..~ •• $B'iI@l1i~~1JD <.~} 5!JbB'il~~ zrrJi§i , ~~ Alan,Sondra, m~ Trisha~JiJ~ittl*5ntf:itmo tmlllLaura-~M~ 7~ir'1!!tJj:B'ilrc'90"----=~~t~ <. ~} ¥jl , Frank Lee " ~ iltl~~ir'tl~B'iI~lI , tmB'il±/c,,*.ti. 1!!t~~*~¥~tl~~*~mB'ilJj.o~~$

IF.JcitlF~' ...


B~.~~*fi~~Wlm~~~~B'iI~~,~~ ~OO~~~~B'ilM~IT~fB~~~1!!t*o~:=f' ~!}fj~lIJlJiJ7t~B'iliI~~? 3t1t,~/C,'.iiil ~m~~=~~n~+=.F.I+=S~~-~* ti*B'iln~~~5!Jb,m~±$if6~~jlt ~W~o U~~B'iI~., ~.~~, 5e•• ~, i!I., .toelntll1,!=p/C,\~J(.fffi, Jl-F, ~ ~ -F, JiI~JfH~~ , m~$J&Jl ~ ,t±t~£l5iHoit ~m.~~rdl~~1:+~~rq:1l!l1! ,~ir'm ~~~/J\~lIlP£*Wl~ , .~B'iI.~Z~J!!1JD ftJ1111tr~0


Exhibition Updates Chinese Culture Center Family
Board of Directors
Colin C. W9ng, D.D.S. Russell E. Leong, M.D.

Dora Hsiungs Chromatic Constructions
three-story atrium. Dora originated the technique of off-loom weaving on wooden frame with multi-layered yams. The horizontal and vertical wrapping and winding of the yams create a three dimensional textured effect that gives an illusion of motion and vibrancy to subtle gradation. Over the last 30 years, Dora has been prolific and passionate in her work. Her artwork can be seen at numerous' prestigious institutions and museums such as: The Boston Symphony Hall, John Hancock, Boston, and Newport Art Museum. On September iz", 2009, you will be able to see it here at the Chinese Culture Center's gallery. It will be on view in CCC's gallery from September 12t\ 2009 to January 10th, 2010. I invite you all to come experience her artwork.


Executiye Vice President


Vice Presidents
Darlene Chiu Irene Yee Riley Kimberley A. Wong

Brian Yee


Board of Directors
Kerwin Chan Y. Mei Lam Esther Li Rolland C. Lowe, M.D. Jonas Miller Doroteo Ng Susan Tom Eric Tong Ronald Wu Yarn wrapped on tetrahedron with 6-sided triangular surfaces, Dora Hsiung
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Executive Director
Mabel S. Teng

Art Advisory Committee
Manni Liu, Chair Terese Tse Bartholomew Tsung Woo Han, S.FA Tatwina Chinn Lee Gang ~itu Pat Tseng

Staff, Interns & Volunteers
Betty Chang Abby Chen Albert Cheng Onilda Cheung Michelle Chung Fengyuan Ji Kitty Kao GwenKuo Catherine Le Pape Richard Leung Mengxuan Liu Audrey Kim Ngeow Steve Owyang Ruth Young SimoneYu YongceZhou

I also admired the artist's attention to detail and fine precision of execution. Instinctively, I felt that the artist had to be Chinese because the "zong zi" is such a common and recognizable shape in Chinese food culture. And to my great surprise, when I read the artist name "Dora Hsiung," not only was she Chinese but I also realized that she was a former schoolmate of mine from the University of Illinois some 45 years ago. We managed to meet for coffee to reconnect and to rekindle our friendship before each of us returned home. Years later in 2007, I was in Boston attending a fabric dyeing workshop. Dora invited me to visit her studio in a lovely, quaint neighborhood of Newton Center, a town near Boston. Her home is an eightyyear old house which her architect husband had renovated and transformed into a charming living space. It is filled with many kinds of art and objects that reflect their eclectic taste and style. Going up to the second floor around a corridor to the front of the house was Dora's studio; I was amazed by how she could create such large artworks within this small work space. The walls are fully stacked with hundreds of hues of colorful yams that are neatly arranged in shelves and cubby holes extending from floor to ceiling. She creates her designs on a desk that tightly fits into a comer alcove. Her planning entails much thoughtful and precise calculations of the overall color scheme. She uses color pencils to draw out details and exact placement of each colored yam for the composition. The sizes of her fabric art can be as small as a few inches to creations that hang tall in a

Yarn wrapped on square woodframe,

Dora Hsiung

August 22, 2009 Present Tense Biennial Public Program: Celebrating Youth (Musical Performances by Star Valley Children's Choir) Time/Location: 2:00 PM lAuditorium Admission: Free September 12, 2009 Workshop with Artist Dora Hsiung Time/Location: 2:00 PM/Check website Admission: Free October 10, 2009 Gordon Chang - Special Presentation ofCbinese American Contemporary Art Time/Location: Check website ( Admission: Free September 26 - December 10, 2009 .Fall 2009 Class Sessio Mandarin for Adults: ,3; Mandarin Learn and Play for Children, Brush.Painting, Calligraphy, Traditional Chen Taijiquan

Hsiung was born in Shanghai, China and obtained her BFA and graduate degrees from University of Illinois and Boston University. Hsiung's solo show is the second in CCC's Xian Rui (Fresh and Sharp) series and is its first fiber art exhibition. Last year, CCC highlighted the work of installation artist Beili Liu. The title of the series, 'xian' meaning fresh and 'rui' meaning sharp, the series is designed to bring visibility to the work of exceptional, but under-recognized Chinese artists in the US and to give viewers a renewed appreciation and fresh perspective on contemporary Chinese culture. 2008 - 2010 Xian Rui exhibition series is funded by Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation. Chromatic Constructions is co-sponsored by Hilton Hotel, S.F. Financial District.


Celebrating the Life of Him Mark Lai
Him Mark Lai, known as "The People's Historian," passed away on May 21, 2009. On June 20, 2009, over 500 people gathered at the Chinese Culture Center to pay respect and celebrate the life of Him Mark Lai. In addition to his role as an important community pioneer, Him Mark Lai's impact was always felt at the Chinese Culture Center. He served on our Board of Directors in 1983-1985 and 1989. He was also CCF Board President and Chairman in 1975-85, 1987-1994 and 1996-200l. As the dedicated historian that he was, he authored the official history of the Chinese Culture Foundation and was co-founder of the In Search of Roots program and continued to co-lead it until early this year. Him Mark Lai was also a generous donor and. key adviser to the Chinese Culture Center. Here are some of the CCC family's memories of Him Mark: "Him Mark Lai; you were truly a hero for Asian Americans. You will be greatly missed. Nobody will fill your shoes but I am sure many will try the daunting task you did so willingly and with such compassion. I thank you for the help you gave me and the wisdom you so willingly imparted to me." - Brian Yee, 2001-2002 Roots Intern and CCC Board Member "One of the fondest memories I have of Him Mark was when Alan, Sondra, Trisha, and I visited him and Laura at their home following our journey to China with In Search of Roots. Him Mark and Laura helped us sort out all of our new discoveries and answered the many questions we came back with. " - Frank Lee, 2007 Roots Intern "Him Mark was such an icon in our community. I am so grateful for all of his contributions which will undoubtedly have long-lasting impact. He will be sorely missed by all." - Nancy Lim-Yee, Mother of Roots Intern (April Yee) "Him Mark, when I met you, my first impression was that you were old - but also that you had a lot of spunk, experience, and passion." - Derek Emmons, 2007 Roots Intern

Pictured above: Him Mark Lai

"Him Mark Lai will always be remembered as a serious scholar, a deep thinker, and a compassionate man." - Eddie Wong, Executive Director of Angel Island Immigration Foundation Project

Chinatown Heritage Walking Tours
By: Catherine Le Pape Established in the 1850s, San Francisco's Chinatown - the oldest Chinatown in the United States - has often been considered a mystical place by many. With its fascinating history, its many shops and its forty-three alleyways, Chinatown has become one of the most unique neighborhoods in America." Today, it reflects a vibrant center for art and culture in America. Our two-hour docent-led tours will take you beyond the popular, tourist-oriented shopping avenues and will give you the chance to take a closer, more intimate look at the culture, history and achievements of Chinese in America. A typical tour begins at the Center and then takes you to various places of historical, architectural and cultural interest, such as: Portsmouth Square, Buddhist temples, and Chinese food markets. You will see where Dr. Sun Yat-sen worked and the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee's place of birth. You'll also learn about the historical impact of the foreign miner's tax imposed in the 19th century. Our tours are led by passionate, professional docents who will share with you their interest and knowledge about this amazing neighborhood: "When I point out the architectural features of the buildings, the Tin How Temple, an herbal pharmacy, and the live food markets, visitors are amazed to see a side of Chinatown they never noticed before," says Lynn, one of our amazing docents. Our Chinatown Heritage Walking Tours are part of the Center's educational programs. Our tours are suited for school groups, staff development activities, fun corporate outings and visitors. By taking one of our tours, you will see Chinatown through fresh eyes, while learning about the cultural achievements, social progress and history of the Chinese Americans. Please visit our brand-new webpage at: http:// For reservations, please call us at (415) 9861822 ext. 24 or send an email to:

David Lei shares his insights and knowledge of Chinatown for our Heritage Walking Tour

The Chinese Culture Foundation would like to thank our donors and corporate sponsors. Your generous contributions have funded arts and cultural enrichment programs for the community.
Contributions Received Feb. 25 to July 18,2009: Present Tense Exhibition & Xian Rui Exhibition Series Chinese Performing Arts Foundation (David Lei & Calvin Li) Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation Tower International, Inc. (Henry Koo) Harmony & Bliss 2009 San Francisco Chinatown Lions Club General Donations Kerwin Chan Mary Chan RickyHo HelenHui Laura Lai Y.MeiLam Dr. Richard & Mrs. Tatwina Lee Dr. Eric & Mrs. Kay Leung Norton & Shirley Louie Dr. Rolland C. & Kathryn Lowe Jonas B. Miller PG&E Company Portsmouth Plaza Parking Corporation Blossom F. Strong Dr. Colin C. Wong Ronald Wu Dachuan Zhang In-kind Donations BenQ America, Inc. Betty Chang iD Ventures America (Ronald Chwang) Kitty Kao Alan Man-Dat Liu KeeFungNg Carol Peckham Pat Tseng Pro Bono Architect Services Lawrence Mock & Ronald Wallace ofMockiWallace Architects Pro Bono Legal Services Smith Reed LLP Him Mark Lai Heritage Fund & In Memory of Him MarkLai Kenneth B. Au Cam Chan Carolyn Chan Mary Chan Amy Chen Gregory Chew Monica Chew Candace J. Chin Ching (only name given) MayChoi Dr. & Mrs. Edward Chow Cynthia Choy Jean Chu Vyolet Chu Maurice H. Chuck Eugene & Winifred Ho VictorHui Italian French Bakery E.H.Kim Frank & Marilyn Koehler William & Ruby Lai ChuckH. Lam Peter & Y. Mei Lam Raymond & Irene Lam Emory Lee Dr. Richard & Mrs. Tatwina Lee Shee Kwan Lee Dr. Eric & Mrs. Kay Leung Nancy Lim- Yee Norton & Shirley Louie Dai Sue & Victoria Low William Lowe May Morishima Sui Sun Ngai Jeffrey Ow Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ow-yang Carol Peckham Capt. Stuart and Debra Quan Marjorie D. Quon Betty Xudong Shi Richard Springer Blossom F. Strong & Family Hing Wai & Bonnie Tong Olivia Tong Women's International Film, Inc. Flo OyWong Peggy & Edwin Wong Carson & Lillian Woo In Memory of Daniel Chu Kenneth D.H. Chong Bill Irwin Regina & Billlrwin Dr. Rolland C. & Kathryn Lowe Dr. Ronald Ruggiero Peggy Tom Wong & Edwin Wong
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Hilton fInanclaI



In Honor of Eva Lowt Peter & Y. Mei Lam Barbara C. & Jackie Vee Miguel Yuen





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CCC Gallery Shop's Pre-Holiday Sale
The holiday season is still months away, but it's not too early to get your shopping plans in order. Looking to save money and find the perfect gift? The Chinese Culture Center's Gallery Shop is having its biggest sale of the year on Saturday, December 12, 2009! CCC members save 30% off every single item in our shop. Shoppers can choose from our selection of unique jewelry, Chinese cuisine cookbooks, children's books, antiques, Chinese puzzles, catalogs of CCC's past exhibitions, greeting cards, zodiac cards, papercut bookmarks, and more! In addition, there will also be refreshments and entertainment to make your shopping experience a fun and relaxing one.

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