Ek sahi faisla. Ek sahi shuruvaat.

ADVANTAGES Fulfill your children’s dreams or plan your retirement Small savings to meet your varying needs Regular bonuses Easy application:
Simple documentation No medical tests* Hassle–free sign-up

Premium payment options:
Yearly Half-yearly Monthly (through ECS only)
* Conditions apply

Life is unpredictable, but the earlier you start planning for your future, the more likely are you and your family to reap the rewards. Sukhi Jeevan is a long-term savings and protection plan that keeps pace with your changing needs at every step of life - be it saving for your kids’ future, or your retirement. This plan helps you prepare for important milestones in your life. And, most importantly, it ensures your family is secure when life dishes up harsh misfortunes.

Zindagi se ek kadam aagey

Savings for your needs
Save small amounts regularly each year and accumulate a sizeable lump sum.

Enjoy bonuses
Bonus will be declared each year and would be paid on maturity of the policy or in the event of death. Interim Bonus, in case of a death claim during the course of the year. Special Bonus (Terminal Bonus) may be paid by way of a reward for loyalty, if you have paid all your premiums regularly for 15 or more years.

On maturity
You will receive the sum assured along with all the bonuses declared on the policy. For your kids’ dreams For your children’s needs of higher education, career and marriage, you can take your maturity proceeds by way of half-yearly installments over a 5 year period. The guaranteed amount of each half-yearly installment would be Rs. 108 per thousand maturity benefit and would be increased depending on prevailing interest rates. You can also choose to withdraw the entire maturity proceeds and the policy would terminate. Enjoy your retirement As the years roll on, you may choose to cease working or slow down your business activities, and there may be expenses that need to be met. If you decide to use this money for planning your retirement, you may avail of a cash component of 1/3rd of your total maturity proceeds and utilize the balance to avail of an annuity (pension). Protection for your loved ones In the event of death of the life insured during the policy term, from the second year onwards, the beneficiaries will receive the full sum assured along with the bonus declared and interim bonus, if any.

If you wish to know more, please contact our Life Advisor or email us at: lifeexpert@kotak.com

Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd. Regn. No.: 107. Regd. Office: 6th Floor, Peninsula Chambers, Peninsula Corporate Park, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 400 013. Website: www.kotaklifeinsurance.com Form No.: SJ01. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. The leaflet gives only the salient features of the plan. Please refer to the specific product brochure / policy document for details on all terms and conditions.

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