ROBE COLORS YELLOW is an excellent color for those involved with divination.

PURPLE is favored for those who work with pure divine power (magician's) or who wish to deepen their spiritual awareness of the Goddess & God. BLUE suited for healers & those who work with their psychic awareness or for attuning with the Goddess in Her Oceanic aspect. GREEN empowers herbalists & maqickal ecologists. BROWN worn by those who attune with animals or who casts spells for them. WHITE symbolizes purification & pure spirituality, & also is perfect for meditation and cleansing rituals. It is warn for Full Moon celebrations or to attune with the Goddess ORANGE or RED robes can be worn to Sabbats, for protective rites or when attuning with the God in his fiery solar aspect. BLACK robes are quiet popular. Contrary to popular misconceptions, black doesn't symbolize evil. It is the absence of color. It is a protective hue & symbolizes the night the universe & a lack of falsehood. When a Wiccan wears a black robe, she or he is donning the blackness of outer space - symbolically, the ultimate source of divine energy.