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Distance between Dhaka and Delhi

Miles: Kilometers:


 Distance between Delhi and London 4,175 miles o

/ 6,720 km

Distance from Dhaka to London via delhi- 8144 km

Distance between Dhaka and dubai

2,209 miles

/ 3,555 km

Distance between Dubai and London

Miles: Kilometers:


Distance from Dhaka to London via Dubai- 9020 km.

Thus for cargo moving from Dhaka to London via Delhi has to cover less distance as compared to travelling via Dubai.

At below is the study of Dubai airport that on what measures it may be preferred by the airlines.

Dubai Airport an overview

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Air Cargo Trader Havayollari Avient Aviation (Pvt) Ltd Azerbaijan Cargo Cargolux Airlines Intl Cathay Pacific Click Airways Deccan Cargo & Express Logistics DHL International E.C. Eastern Express Expo Aviation Federal Express Falcon Express Cargo Airlines Jett8 Airlines Cargo Pvt Ltd Kalitta Air LLC Payam Aviation Ukraine Cargo Airways United Parcel Services 8D FX FC JX K4 Z3 J2 CV CX 4C 3C ES




2F 6Z 5X

Cargo Mega Terminal

Since opening its doors to the world in February 2008, Dubai Airports Cargo Mega Terminal, built on a 43,600 square metre site and with a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per year, handles all types of cargo from one central location. The terminal has fully-automated workstations and is one of the most technologically advanced cargo terminals in the world. Dubai Airports is serviced by over 130 airlines flying to more than 220 destinations across six continents. More than 35 cargo airlines have offices at the Dubai Airports Cargo with around 17 air cargo parking slots for freighters. While the cargo warehouse has a total of 56 truck docks for import, export and perishable cargo, and seven docks dedicated to sea-air traffic; the storage facility includes small warehouse pallets with 902 positions, regular 1,698 positions, large 1,126 positions and mini shipments 760 (single positions), as well as 18 positions for storing perishables. Dubai Airports Cargo has won over 25 awards since 1991, including Air Cargo News UKs Best Airport (Cargo) in the Middle East, and the Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA) for Best Airport (ME) for 15 consecutive years.

Facts and figures

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Over 1.2 million tonnes annual throughput 3,600 sq. metres handling area (with 35,000 sq. metres footprint - floor area) 46 Truck docks for acceptance and delivery of loose cargo 78 airside ULD entry and exit gates 133 workstations for cargo break-down/build-up 10,000 locations for loose cargo storage, with equal number of large storage pallets General cargo storage for 2064 ULDs Perishable storage for 218 ULDs

ULD - area per floor = 11946m * 7 stories for a total = 83622m Five storey parking area of 28225m
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1st mezzanine = 116 cars 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors = 120 cars per floor

Roof level = 112 cars

Ground floor leasable area: (Area 1 = 1264m) + (Area 2 = 1491m) Mall on 1st floor: Total area = 5645m, Shops = 2858m, Food court = 617m

For special cargo, general cargo and unit load devices, we accommodate:
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Special Cargo such as Perishables, Live Animals, Valuables, Human Remains and Dangerous goods including Radioactive materials General Cargo Intact Unit Load Devices Intact Unit Load Devices with Perishable Cargo

Perishable handling area:

4623 square metres floor space, with 3927 square metres of 218 individual cells of temperature zones.

This state-of-the-art cargo commercial and terminal handling system integrates all processes across our network and global operations, in real-time. Information is transparent to both internal and external players across the global supply chain through industry-standard messaging or web interfacing.
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Cargo Community Systems (CCS) Wireless Network Radio Frequency Network Security/Safety Systems Building Management Systems

Landside acceptance, delivery and storage

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Perishable cargo: 12 General cargo: 25 Intact bridge systems: 9

Loose cargo storage

10,000 locations with an equal number of Large Storage Pallets (LSPs)

Key contacts: 24 X 7
David Gould - Senior Vice President, Cargo Operations Worldwide P.O. Box 686, Dubai, UAE Kiran Luthra - Executive Assistant to David Gould Tel: +971 (4) 216 3095/3097 Fax: +971 (4) 283 4169 Sunimal Fernando - Manager Cargo Hub Operations (EK) P.O. Box 686, Dubai, UAE Flory Villanueva - Executive Secretary to Sunimal Fernando Tel: +971 (4) 216 3302/3301 Fax: +971 (4) 283 4169 Ramesh Mamidala - Manager Cargo Hub Development (EK) P.O. Box 686, Dubai, UAE

Erma Nuraida - Executive Secretary to Ramesh Mamidala Tel: +971 (4) 216 3244/216 3092 Fax: +971 (4) 283 4169 P Balasubramanian - Manager Cargo Global Operations Services (EK) P.O. Box 686, Dubai, UAE

IGI Airport an Overview

TOTAL CARGO MOVEMENT (2009-10) 0.46 Million Tonnes (MT)

Cargo Terminal
The Cargo Terminal is managed by Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd. and handles all cargo operations. The airport received an award in 2007 for its excellent and organized cargo handling system. It is located at a distance of about 1 km from the main terminal T3
Cargo traffic to reach 1,000,000 tons a year Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, where elebi Ground Handling began serving airlines, is India's biggest airport in terms of passenger numbers and the second biggest in terms of cargo traffic. Cargo capacity demand and supply have been growing rapidly in India in parallel with the huge growth experienced by the country's aviation industry in recent years. At Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, the rate of growth in cargo traffic has been 10% a year on average since 2001. According to current projections, the total volume of cargo traffic at the airport will reach 1,000,000 tons/year within the next ten years.

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Two-year Contract with M/s Honeywell Airport Systems for AGL Maintenance at T3, the new runway at IGI Airport, New Delhi (since Sep 2008) Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 450 GRP Feeder Pillar Boxes for Runway 10/28 and 09/27 at IGI Airport, New Delhi Laying (trenchless), Splicing, Testing and Commissioning of Fiber Optic Cable for ILS (ATC) at IGI Airport, New Delhi Installation, Laying, Testing and Commissioning 11Km of 100 Core Control Cable for AGL System of Runway 10/28 and 09/27 at IGI Airport, New Delhi Installation of Inset Fixtures and related Primary and Secondary cabling work for Cargo Apron at IGI Airport, New Delhi Coring, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Inset / Elevated fixtures and related Primary and Secondary cabling work for Alfa Taxiway at IGI Airport, New Delhi Dismantling and Re-Installation of Inset Fixtures at Bays 08 - 12 at IGI Airport, New Delhi Coring, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Inset / Elevated fixtures for various circuits including Primary and Secondary cabling work for New Runway at Amritsar Airport Installation and Laying of 3km armoured control cable from BPCL Tank Farm to International Airport Bay No.91 at IGI Airport, New Delhi Installation and Laying of 865 mtrs of armoured control cable from Apron 2 to International Bay No.41 at IGI Airport, New Delhi Installation of Cable Tray Fixing, CABLE Laying, Glanding,Wiring, Raceway fixing, Termination & associated works at New Terminal Building -3 (pier c & pier d), ABB LTD.New Delhi

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Installation of Inset Light Fixture at ALPHA Taxi Lane & Bay 8 t0 Bay13 Ligths on Domestic Apron at IGI Airport New Delhi, GMR, New Delhi Repair works on Runway 09/27 including refurbishment of wind cones and Landing T at Delhi International Airport

Cargo services

Multi-Tier Parking at T3 Airlines Destinations Bahrain, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Leipzing/Halle, AeroLogic Sharjah, Singapore Air India Cargo Mumbai Ahmadabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bagdogra, Bhopal, Chennai, Coimbatore, Blue Dart Aviation Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Nagpur Raipur, Ranchi, Patna British Airways World Cargo Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London-Stansted operated by Global Supply Systems Cathay Pacific Frankfurt, Hong Kong Cargo China Airlines Luxembourg, Manchester, Taipei-Taoyuan Cargo Deccan 360 Dubai, Hong Kong [both temp. suspended] DHL Express Worldwide Etihad Crystal Cargo Abu Dhabi operated by World Airways EVA Air Cargo Taipei-Taoyuan, Vienna[26] Anchorage, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Guangzhou, Hong FedEx Express Kong, Memphis, New York-JFK, Shanghai-Pudong, Toronto-Pearson Hong Kong Hong Kong [begins 19 July] Airlines

Jade Cargo International KLM Cargo Lufthansa Cargo Martinair Cargo Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines Cargo Thai Airways Cargo operated by Southern Air TNT Airways Turkish Airlines Cargo

Barcelona, Frankfurt, Shenzhen Amsterdam Frankfurt, Dhaka, Guangzhou, Krasnojarsk Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sharjah Doha Singapore

Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Dubai, Liege Istanbul-Ataturk

Initiative for enhancement of facilities for Cargo.

Congestions, lack of proper warehousing, movement of goods, cumbersome custom procedures, limited gate timings, always down electronic systems which are supposed to accelerate the customs clearance and movement of the goods are some grave issues which are faced and negotiated on daily basis by the logistic movers. After years of fighting for better infrastructure the patience of freight forwarders is no more to be put on test, as facilities addressing these very issues listed above are soon coming up at the IGI airport. Indeed it is good news for the industry that the air cargo services are going to be privatised soon as per information shared by Sanjiv Edward, Associate VicePresident, Delhi International Airport (P) Limited (DIAL). According to him a joint venture company; comprising the Bangalore headquartered global infrastructure major GMR Group, Airports Authority of India, Fraport and Malaysian Airport Holdings. DIAL has signed a 25 years concession agreement with Celebi Hava Servisi of Turkey to upgrade, modernize, finance, operate and maintain and manage the existing Cargo Terminal on an area of approx 70,000 sq. m. at IGI airport.
DIAL plans to develop world class cargo infrastructure with an aim to make the airport into a major international hub for cargo operation with most modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment. The future projects as part of the cargo master plan include Logistics Complexes, Specialized Cargo Zones, etc. Proposed Future Plans for Cargo DIAL, since it took over the charge of the IGI airport it has been constantly looking into improvising its structure and facilities. The proposed future plans for cargo is gigantic.

The proposed plan will house a Greenfield Cargo terminal (in 20,000 sq. m. area), additional express terminal, warehouse and logistics complex and additional perishable centre. There will be additional nine parking stands for wide-bodied aircraft. (See the layout in the box). A cargo village is also in the plan which would be a kind of a comprehensive package with two cargo terminals along with putting up special zones.
The amount of space we have, we need to optimise its usage to the best level. We are basically in midst of market assessment; looking at the demand, which industries are going to grow like IT, pharma and garments based on that we ll create special zones, explains Sanjiv. According to Sanjiv DIAL is looking at proper warehousing; presently the warehouses of the respective logistic providers are far off from the airport and they have to ferry goods on trucks to the airport. Warehousing facility within the airport premises is the common demand from the freight forwarders. Sandeep Wadhawan, Head Vertical Industry Retail & Fashion, Panalpina while talking about the warehousing problems suggests that Bonded Ware Housing should be introduced at IGI which would make things so easy. Bonded ware housing is as good as custom s facility where custom officers come at the ware house and clear the goods at the facility itself, defines Sandeep. Timing is a major concern with freight forwarders as of now according to P.K. Koul, Air Freight Head, North India at Jeena & Company, At 6 p.m. the custom officials shut the main entry gate of the airport; which is a big problem for us. Earlier the time limit was 9 p.m. and if they revert to the same limit that would be great, suggests Koul. When asked about the timing issue Sanjiv says, We are working closely with the customs and they seem to be quite open to the idea of extending the timings. There has been a lot of participative effort like giving 20% discount in the terminal processing charges as an incentive for the exporters to come in before lunch but hardly 18-20% people are utilising this incentive. If the exporters come before noon it will help to de-congest the ware house and make processing faster, informs Sanjiv. Besides the above, DIAL is also considering at benchmarking the cargo prices to be at par to the international prices. The company targets completing the master planning exercise by December so that by early next year the execution of the plan starts which would be in phases.

The New Air Cargo Facilities to be functional by mid 2010 yGreenfield Cargo Terminal yAdditional Express Terminal yAdditional 9 Parking Stands for Wide-Bodied Aircraft yWarehouse and Logistics Complex

yBonded Ware Housing might be considered yAdditional Perishable Centre yStrong Room for Valuable Cargo yCold Storage Facility for Imported Cargo High Capacity and Latest yPick and Carry Cranes yForklifts yHigh Reach Stackers yElectronic/Mechanical Weighing Machines yPower Pallet Trucks yCargo Trolley (4 wheel & 2 wheel) ULD Parking Lazy Rollers/Multi Level Racks y

Reasons why Dhaka-Delhi-London Route would be preferred over Dhaka-Dubai-London Route

Dhaka-Delhi-London Route, covers a distance of 8144 km, which is shorter than Dhaka-Dubai-London Route which is 9020 km. Thus the via delhi route for the cargo movement from Dhaka to London would be less time taking and would be more cost efficient. The technological facilities at IGI airport would prove time and cost efficient, like:y y y y Forklifts Pick and Carry Cranes High Reach Stackers Electronic/Mechanical Weighing Machines etc