Before You Cast Source Unknown Creating your own spells and practices should reflect individuality.

There are many lovely rituals and spells available but a Witch should be able to write his or her own. I read somewhere that using another's spell/ritual was like wearing someone else's underwear. Your own spells and rituals are tailored to your own needs and use of energy. Although a pre-made spell will work, spells and rituals created by your own hand will have better results. Writing your own rituals and spells can be very fulfilling. It allows you total freedom to worship the God and Goddess the way you want. You can be assured that you can create a ritual or spell for all needs and times. Along with this freedom there does come responsibility! If you create a spell or ritual, eventually you'll want to cast it. Well, have you thought about it? There are plenty of people who cast spells everyday. Some are Pagan and others are from a variety of different religions. Wicca believes that everything you do will return three times stronger. If you send out positive energy with your spells, eventually you will receive positive energy in response. This is true for negative energy too. So, before you cast that spell to give your enemy a boil in an uncomfortable place, think! Is it really worth it? Usually it isn't. Ethics in spell creation are important considerations. Before any spell is created, you must think of the spell's implications. There really are just two rules for spellcrafting and they are to do no harm and to not remove someone's free will. Why should we magically remove another's free will or harm someone when mundanely those actions are considered terrible crimes? It never ceases to amaze me how many people think it's okay to do a negative act magically that they'd consider wrong if committed mundanely. So, think before you put pen to paper! Another thing to keep in mind is whether you really need to use magic. It's easy to start casting spells and conducting rituals for every little thing. Magic is powerful but it's not always necessary or the best alternative. Often spells work in unexpected ways. They can also work less promptly than we'd like or have interesting side affects. Magic can also make a situation more complicated. First brainstorm and work out mundane solutions to your problem. Generally it takes less time and less energy to follow through with the mundane solutions. Magic isn't a cure all. The caster has to take an active role. For example, if you do a spell for prosperity, then don't expect money to appear in your wallet or purse. You shouldn't keep spending your money and doing the things you know are not conductive to prosperity. That just defeats the purpose of the spell. Instead create a situation that can take advantage of your spell. Nor should you think that because you did a spell that it will automatically work. There are many reasons why spells don't work. Even the most experienced of Wiccans cast spells that don't work. I believe that most of the time when a spell doesn't work that it is because we have to learn a lesson or that the

spell wasn't needed. If you are ready to take on magic's responsibilities and accept its disadvantages, begin creating. It is a joyous experience to work with magic and to create the means to work with it. Just remember that it's also a force to be respected. I do not recommend that you cast any will binding spells, unless you are willing to accept the karma. I do not recommend that you cast any spells that will harm people unless you are willing to accept karma. I do not recommend that you cast any personal gain spells, but rather spells that will help you achieve the means, but not give them to you like a gust of wind. You need a job, so you say that you will do a job spell. Before you even think about casting try all mundane aspects to find that job. Look in the classifieds, ask around etc. If this doesn't work, after a reasonable period of time, then, and only then consider casting a spell. If you do a job spell, think that someone else might need it more. A man with a wife and three children who is struggling to make ends meet is competing with you for a job. You cast a job spell, and you get the job. He is evicted from his home, his family starved and his children can't go to school. Think of the consequences before you cast. When you actually decide to cast, make sure you harm none, don't change freewill and don't do a lot of personal gain. When you have almost finished the spell, add a couple of lines that make sure its for the good of all, harms none, won't have any bad effects etc, after all, it's your karma. Spells and rituals is an important step. Paganism embraces individuality and personal exploration. For example you want to d a love spell, but you *KNOW* that that is a no no, but there are ways around that, not in that you will end up casting it onto someone else, but the fact that it might work. But before you do that, you'd have to try and talk to the person, remember the first question, you have to try the mundane way. If that doesn't work, you decide to do a spell, but don't try and bind them into loving you, instead, do a spell onyourself so you can accept love more freely. Remeber: Ask yourself these three questions before you decide to cast a spell: 1) Have I done everything I can to resolve the situation without magic? Try all the mundane methods of attaining your goals before resorting to spellcraft. If you want a job, send out your resume before you break out the green candles and patchouly. If you want to meet someone special, try reading the personals or signing up for an adult ed class before you reach for the aphrodisiacs. If you're having conflict with someone at

work, try talking to them about the problem before you go looking up binding spells. As one experienced witch put it to me, "this way, you can be sure that your intentions are pure." 2) Will this spell harm another, or bend someone's will to mine? Please refer to the Wiccan Rede. Witches do not cast spells meant to harm someone else. Nor do they cast spells on other people without their permission, no matter how honorable their intentions. There's a good reason for this: harmful and meddlesome spells have a nasty tendency to backfire on the people who cast them. When you're watching someone close to you suffering, it can be hard to consider the situation objectively. One reader asked me about spells to help alleviate anger. When I dug deeper, it turned out that spellcraft was entirely inappropriate. If possible, discuss the matter with another trusted pagan friend. If there's no one around to consult with, try asking someone in the chat room or the Forum. 3) Am I prepared to accept the consequences of this spell, whatever they might be? Think long and hard about this one. As I've said before, you may cast a spell with the best of intentions, but end up with unexpected consequences. Meditate a bit on it before you decide to cast the spell. Talk to other witches and see if there isn't a better solution. Either way, your spell has a better chance of success if you fully "own" it, and anything that results from it. The best way to avoid unforseen consequences is to follow the guidelines set out above -- and, most importantly, to cast the spell with love in your heart. Making magic is a powerful and transformative experience. In the midst of the spell, you become the subject, and you become the result. Make sure that what you're asking for is something you'd like to become. For example: Wiccans are prohibited from doing harm to others. This is generally interpreted as forbidding any spell that seeks to dominate, manipulate or control another person without their expressed wishes. Consider a love spell as one example: A Wiccan could design a spell to make a specific person fall in love with her. That would be a negative spell, because its intent, goal and effect would be manipulative -- to control the other person for the benefit of the spell caster. A Wiccan would be forbidden to perform such a spell. A Wiccan could design a general spell to make a specific person more open to love in his life. That again is excessively manipulative. The target person could be trying to avoid romantic relationships at this stage in their life, for whatever reason. However, this type of spell might be allowable, if the Wiccan first obtained the permission of the target of the spell. A Wiccan who is desirous of starting a romantic relationship could cast a spell to make themselves more open to love in their life. That would not manipulate anyone else; it would not harm others; it would not harm the spell caster. It would be acceptable under the Wiccan Rede.

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